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is posted in voluntary compliance with federal regulations NOTICE: The posting of this document shall be proper and sufficient public advisory that THE ANIMAL(S) SHELTERED IN OR ON THIS PROPERTY ARE REGISTERED WITH THE UNITED STATES DEPARTMENT OF THE INTERIOR, in accordance with HR-FY2008 / 44356 ("Dangerous/Deadly Animals") act.

E N TR Y AN D /OR P RE S EN C E IN O R O N T HIS P R OP ER T Y CO NS TI TUTES CO NS ENT TO FO R F EITU R E OF A L L R IGHT S , P U BL IC OR P RIV A TE I N TH E EV E NT OF IN JU RY OR DEATH RES ULTI NG F RO M CO NTACT W I TH DANG ERO US / D EAD L Y A N IMA LS . Date of Issue:________________________. Valid for one year from date of issue when signed by animal owner/keeper and countersigned by United States Department of Interior Deputy Director or Agent thereof. Owner Name (Print or type)

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Keeper Name (If other than owner)

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THIS COMPLETED DOCUMENT [NOT A COPY] IS TO BE DISPLAYED IN A PROMINENT AND CONSPICUOUS MANNER AT ALL POINTS OF ENTRY TO PROPERTY. D ocum ent D I-03-23-93-44756. P enalty for m isuse, private use or forgery of this docum ent is a m inim um of 2 years in the federal penitentiary. Severe penalties are also applicable for im proper display or display of expired or im proper docum entation. If you have any questions about this docum ent or the D epartm ent of the Interior's D angerous/D eadly Anim als P rogram , contact the D epartm ent of the Interior, 4415 W yom ing A venue, W ashington D C , 20506. EM E R G E N C Y O N LY: (202)208-3100.


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