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TOOLS Technology at TJ can be a pencil, a laptop, a whiteboard, or a SmartBoard—the teachers utilize whatever tools best enhance instruction and support our learning. •

Technology is used to enhance instruction.

During class, we tend not to use our computers or other devices unless it’s for research or some other academic purpose.

As a G Suite for Education school, TJ can remain true to its liberal-arts core while implementing a 21st-century approach to learning. Google’s system provides products such as Gmail, Docs, and Calendar that enable our community to communicate, share, and collaborate.

The most important part of the TJ experience is the direct engagement we have with our teachers and with each other.

ADVISORS Every student has a faculty advisor, who is like our TJ parent.

THIS IS A FACT: TJ’s median SAT and ACT scores place us among

every Thursday afternoon. •

the top boarding and day schools not only in Missouri but also in the US.

Advisory groups (usually 8 students, from various grades) meet We touch base informally with meetings throughout the week, to check in on how we’re doing, both in our classes and generally.

Advisors keep in close touch with our parents.

Thomas Jefferson School Prospectus  
Thomas Jefferson School Prospectus