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Brad Gebhard Inspired by passion for the outdoors

Brad Gebhard is an executive in consumer products who has over two decades of experience in growing internationally-recognized athletic apparel brands such as Nike, Salomon, Adidas and more. His business acumen and ability to sniff out target markets is supported by the results he has produced for these companies and more, but it is safe to say his inspiration to succeed in this industry is rooted in a genuine passion for adventure and the outdoors.

As a native of Oregon, Brad Gebhard grew up in an area where the opportunities for exploration were virtually limitless. Oregon’s geography provides residents and visitors with mountains, beaches, and thick forests, all blanketed with the cool mist and precipitation pushed inland from the Pacific Ocean.

Gebhard grew up with an affinity for outdoor adventures, namely skiing and cycling. His passion for cycling especially took off when he became a member of the U.S. National Cycling Team, a position he held from 1985 to 1988.

From then on, it was a successful career in athletic and outdoor apparel that followed as Brad Gebhard’s vessel to continue his involvement in the industry. He started with Nike in 1990 as a product developer, and then went on to work for Adidas, where he helped the company through their acquisition of Solomon.

He later switched companies to become the Vice President of footwear at Columbia Sportswear, where he organized the acquisition of Montrail shoes into Columbia’s product offerings. His positions following Columbia include: Senior Vice President of Speedo USA, Senior Vice President of Calvin Klein Swim, CEO of Intelliskin, CEO of Hi-Tec Sports USA and CEO of Magnum footwear.

Brad Gebhard’s skills and hard work may have gotten him where he is today, but it was his Oregon upbringing and his passion for the outdoors that ultimately helped steer the ship.

Brad Gebhard - Inspired by Passion for the Outdoors  

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