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BWG council proceeding alone on OPP costing



Despite Innisfil’s decision to hit pause on the joint OPP costing for police services last week, Bradford West Gwillimbury will forge ahead alone. Addressing Bradford council Tuesday, police services board chairperson Lori Boudreau explained that delaying the costing would provide South Simcoe Police’s new Chief, Rick Beazley, an opportunity to find as many efficiencies as possible prior to the OPP coming back with a figure. Chief Beazley, who was hired in March, told council members that a committee of 24 officers and police civilians have already found up to $800,000 in efficiencies and “put more boots on the ground” through reassignments, including the retirement of a staff-sergeant. The inclusive approach to hunting for efficiencies has already bolstered the force’s morale, Chief Beazley said, adding he, too, is concerned about the rising cost of policing in See page 8

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Diana W. squeezes mustard on a pair of hotdogs held by Alice Chai as a crowd of lunchtime diners make short work of the hamburgers and hot dogs served up during the Bradford Board of Trade’s free Summer BBQ held last Friday in the clocktower court yard.

Farmers battle hot, dry weather BY SEAN PEARCE

It’s not easy being a farmer right now. The hot dry conditions have been hard on many over the past several weeks, but the conditions are especially harsh for those growing food down in the Holland Marsh. The rich, black soil amplifies the temperature, Holland Marsh Growers’ Association executive director Jamie Reaume

explained, and the scarcity of rain this summer has forced most growers to irrigate their crops on a near-constant basis. “Once we start (watering), it’s pretty much for the whole day,” he said, adding irrigation at least gives farmers some measure of control. “It’s the reality, but it’s a good reality, because it’s far easier See page 4.

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Thursday, July 19, 2012


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Thursday, July 19, 2012, 2

Remember law, be responsible party host BY JOE FANTAUZZI

Find the noise bylaw that applies to your community: Bradford West Gwillimbury: visit www.


A seven-part series on the art of barbecuing

July 26:

By L.H. Tiffany Hsieh The

grill and the drinks

Grilling veggies and Texas smoker party


AUG. 2:

Condo grilling; All-natural barbecuing

AUG. 9:

How to buy a grill; Choice cuts for the Gas versus coal

AUG. 16:

Every municipality in York Region has a bylaw prohibiting excessive noise that interferes with residents’ quality of life. The specifics of what kind of noise and when and where it can be made differ from community to community. For example in Aurora, yelling, shouting, hooting, whistling, singing, playing musical instruments or any other noise is forbidden between 7 p.m. and 7 a.m. the next day. Consider yourself informed if you want to add some live-music merriment to your party.

Barbecue Rubs and

If you live in Markham, meanwhile, the city’s noise bylaw states all outdoor functions on private property require a permit and loud parties are not allowed. There may be even more restrictions if you live near Markham Stouffville Hospital or Shouldice Hospital, because they are in quiet zones. A Markham customer relations representative suggested contacting the city’s bylaw department if you are planning a large gathering to determine if you require a permit.

Wines, beers can provide perfect complement to your grilling experience


JULY 19:


While summer is a time to entertain in the back yard, you need to remember laws and how you could be liable if you are not a responsible host.

Smart Serve Ontario, which trains and certifies alcohol servers in the province and has been endorsed by the province’s Alcohol and Gaming Commission, has a list of suggestions for a savvy party host. Some things you can do as a host: • Monitor alcohol consumption by your guests during the party; • Stop serving alcohol well before the end of the party. It can take 20 minutes for people to feel the alcohol they’ve consumed and that could mean the difference between safe and unsafe driving; • Don’t take risks: Serve alcohol yourself, get a responsible family member or friend as a barkeeper or hire a professional with a Smart Serve designation. And don’t serve to the point of intoxication; • Make sure no one drinks on an empty stomach and serve high-starch, high-protein snacks, which assist the body in processing alcohol and; • Choose drinks with lower alcohol content or pour one ounce drinks instead of 1.5 oz.


maintenance; marinades

AUG. 23:


AUG. 30:

Going whole hog Comfort food on your grill

and other cultures

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The art of tasting should apply to more than what’s on the grill during a back yard barbecue gathering. Just ask Markham connoisseur Dean Christofilos, who has been in the wine, spirits and beer industry for 23 years, with numerous certificates and training in hospitality and tourism. “In today’s rule, we drink what we like,” Mr. Christofilos said. “I taste one thing, you may taste something else.” While there is still the general rule of thumb that white meats and seafood go with white wine and red meats go with red wine, Mr. Christofilos encouraged people to be open-minded when it comes to trying new drinks, especially when invited to a back yard barbecue. “When it’s free, you should be all over tasting different things,” said the self-proclaimed “seasonal drinker”, who is the GTA represen-

tative for Coyote’s Run Estate Winery in St. David’s village in Niagaraon-the-Lake. “I enjoy and respect what I drink,” Mr. Christofilos said. “If I want a beer and it’s warm, I’ll put ice cubes in. If you are cracking open a $90 bottle of wine, treat it as such. It’s about the experience of the moment.” If you are hosting a back yard barbecue, Mr. Christofilos suggested offering a few whites and a few reds to let your guests mix and match according to their preferences. “There are no hard and fast rules when it comes to pairing wines with your grilled foods, just generalities that can get you going,” he said. “Ultimately, it is your palate that you are seeking to please by the wine-pairing.” If you are a guest of a barbecue and are unsure of what to bring, Mr. Christofilos said a safe wine would be unoaked chardonnay. “You still have the characteris-

tics of buttery, creamy and wellbalanced on the tongue, but you don’t have an oak feeling,” he said. Another safe option is pinot noir, which is a food-friendly pairing wine, Mr. Christofilos said. “It fits a food chart whether it’s grilled fish or a big, fat meaty burger,” he said. In addition to wines and beers, always have non-alcoholic options for non-drinkers and to be a responsible host, Mr. Christofilos said. “Typically, it’s one drink per hour or follow it with water,” he said. But before you serve your guests, Mr. Christofilos said it’s worth investing time to find out some of the untold stories behind the bottles. For example, there are actually coyotes on the Coyote’s Run Estate Winery, where each grape is handpicked, but that’s something you’d likely only learn if you visited the winery.

Wine pairings Dean Christofilos’ wine-pairing suggestions: Grill-friendly reds 4Merlot – Complements spicy sauces, goes well with grilled pork chops, chicken, garden-variety salads with lighter dressings. 4Shiraz/syrah - Delicious with just about any red meat. 4Cabernet sauvignon - Made for steaks with a higher fat content and beef or turkey burgers. 4Pinot noir - Ideal candidate for grilled fish, especially salmon, burgers and chicken. Grill-friendly whites 4Chardonnay - Works well with grilled fish (including shellfish), chicken with creamy sauces and grilled corn on the cob with lots of butter. 4Riesling - Perfect for grilled brats, shrimp, chicken, pineapple and veggies.


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Thursday, July 19, 2012

York is sizzling this summer. And temperatures that seem to be melting heat records on a daily basis may have you thinking about opening up the back yard and throwing a party. But even a well-intentioned host can get into a tough spot if a party gets boisterous, the tunes begin booming or the guests get pickled in booze. Violations of noise bylaws can raise the ire of your neighbours and flouting alcohol laws could result in legal problems. So, here’s a primer on what every responsible host must know before the party begins. If you over-serve a guest with booze and that guest gets into a collision related to impairment, you may get a knock on the door, York Regional Police note. It’s fair to say as the host/server, you would be investigated and spoken to as witness, but not a suspect, Const. Rebecca Boyd said. Legally, you would not be held a party to the crime, but the force argues hosts have a responsibility to ensure guests get home safely — including calling police if a driver is suspected to be impaired, she added.


THRILL OF THE GRILL: A good host is a responsible host when it comes to alcohol

Thursday, July 19, 2012, 4


AGRICULTURE: Marsh farmers can deal with hot, dry weather, but hail is real threat

Irrigation keeps marsh crops growing while other areas deal with drought From page 1.

to put the water on and deal with that than it is to have torrential rain.” Naturally, the vast majority of farmers’ fortunes are dependant on the whims of the weather. Rain has been a rarity and the relatively small amount of precipitation that has fallen has been of little help. “With that bit of rain we got on Sunday, a lot of the water ran right off the ground,” Mr. Reaume said. “That’s how dry things are.” The Holland Marsh grows some 60 dif-

ferent crops, Mr. Reaume said, noting some and many parts of central and eastern Canare more sensitive to the soaring tempera- ada are currently parched and experiencing tures than others. The heat also brings with it searing heat. increased costs due to irrigation and an influx of hungry pests, he added. ‘A three-minute hailstorm inside the The majority of growers likely won’t be able to recoup those extra expenses and their marsh will wipe us out for the year... pain may only intensify. After all, there’s still Hail is the most devastating thing that plenty of summer to go. Still, the Holland Marsh is faring far better can happen.’ than many other agricultural areas. More than 1,000 counties in 26 American Jamie Reaume states are in the midst of a drought being -Executive director with the HMGA referred to as a “natural disaster” by experts


Markway Homes (905) 476-1952

serve as food for livestock. However, most of those farmers won’t see their profits increase, because they simply won’t have much of a yield, Mr. Reaume continued. If there’s a small harvest, there’s that much less crop to sell, he added. And while Holland Marsh farmers are able to mitigate many of the impacts of the heat and the dry conditions by turning to the canal and irrigating, there is one thing that gets them anxious: hail. The weather has been extreme and very unpredictable, Mr. Reaume said, adding that with any thunderstorm comes the possibility of hail. “A three-minute hailstorm inside the marsh will wipe us out for the year,” he said. “Now imagine what a 10-minute hailstorm with golf ball-sized hail could do. “Hail is the most devastating thing that can happen.” Regardless, the farmers continue to work the fields while crossing their fingers that the hail stays away. Asian vegetables, green and romaine lettuce, carrots and onions are all coming out of the marsh or will soon be on their way. Everything is about 10 days early this year, Mr. Reaume said, but, either way, the farmers will still be out working well into the fall.

The farmers in the marsh, and by extension local residents, are fortunate the canal system is there to help ensure that there will still be crops to harvest, Mr. Reaume said. “Certain parts of the province are really having a tough time,” he said. “They’re literally watching crops wither and burn before their very eyes.” Especially hard hit by the hot, arid conditions are crops such as corn, soybeans, wheat and other grains, Mr. Reaume said, adding that hay and straw are also suffering. The price of processed foods may rise as a result, he said, as will meat as some of those crops

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TIM HORTONS CAMP DAY RAISES A RECORD $11 MILLION! Coffee sales and generous donations will help send more than 330 deserving kids from Simcoe County to camp this year

SIMCOE COUNTY, ON – July 12, 2012 – Thanks to loyal Tim Horton’s guests and generous restaurant owners, this year’s Camp Day raised a record $11 million across Canada and the United States, which will help send more than 15,000 deserving kids from economically disadvantaged homes including over 330 from Simcoe County on a once-in a-lifetime camping adventure.

On Camp Day, owners of more than 4,000 Tim Horton’s restaurants in Canada and the United States, generously donate all proceeds from coffee sales to the Tim Horton Children’s Foundation (THCF) and hold numerous fundraising events to raise even more money for the camps. Last year, the popular event raised $9.9 million and contributed significantly to sending kids from local schools and community groups to year-round camps

The Tim Horton Children’s Foundation started in 1975 in Parry Sound, ON and now operates six year-round camps across North America. Since its inception, more than 165,000 kids participated in the Foundation’s programs.

Our telephone & fax numbers have changed


Children are selected to attend the summer camp program by Tim Horton’s restaurant owners who work closely with local youth organizations and schools in their communities to identify kids who would most benefit from an experience at camp. For more information about the Tim Horton Children’s Foundation, please visit


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905-551-6555 905-551-8555 905-551-7655

Bradford Medical Centre 157 Holland St. E., Bradford


Councillor Ward #6 James Leduc (left), Wayne Kovacevich (owner), and Mayor Doug White toast to Fellini Fine Wines 10th Anniversary.

What’s going on around town? Are you having a Grand Opening, Anniversary or a special Fund Raiser?

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Thursday, July 19, 2012

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Thursday, July 19, 2012 6


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Time for tough love with teachers, Premier Dad

Editor Tracy Kibble

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General Manager John Willems


feel for you, Premier Dad. You spoil them rotten, giving them practically everything they ask for — in my case, that means constantly handing out money to the kids for movies and the mall; driving them all over at all hours of the day and night and/or allowing them to drive the car, full of gas I paid for; buying $90 sweatpants and $200 slouchy boots, fancy phones and laptops; and forking out for countless sports tournament trips and vacations to warm climates. In your case, that means giving teachers a 12-per-cent wage increase over four years in 2008, making Ontario’s teachers the second highest paid in the world, ranging from $41,000-plus to nearly $93,000 for elementary teachers and $94,600 for secondary teachers. Heaven forbid, Premier Dad, that you should ask for something in return when you’re up against the wall and what you get is whining, wailing, rolling eyes and slamming doors. Oh, that’s me. But you’re paying the price, Premier Dad, for making teachers your pets during the last eight years. The economy has tanked, leaving most of us grappling with a higher cost of living on the same or decreased salaries. Yes, it’s time for tough love, with teacher contracts expiring in August and a $15-billion deficit to face. And it is love. We admire and respect our teachers, most of whom are caring, committed and passionate about their profession. By no stretch of imagination could you call their jobs easy. For most of us, this isn’t about bashing teachers; it’s about Ontario’s economic reality. So, Premier Dad, it’s fair you are seeking appreciation in the form of a two-year wage freeze and changes to the salary grid, pension plans and payouts for banked sick days. These aren’t grievous requests — even the unions admit a wage freeze may be in order — but the unions are “insulted” by the ultimatum. Do it or I’ll take away your cell-

Debora Kelly phone ... er... or I’ll legislate it, you’re telling them, Premier Dad. I’m just saying, this do-it-orelse gambit typically backfired for me, so I now feign parental rationality. We agree, Premier Dad, it’s only fair teachers — and anybody else making a living on the taxpayers’ back — should do their part. The fact is teachers will still have job security and perks out of reach of most Ontarians. Nobody feels sorry for teachers. So hats off to the Catholic teachers union, which brokered a deal last week, after convincing Premier Dalton McGuinty to approve negotiation. The two-year agreement includes a wage freeze, loss of sick days and three unpaid days, equal to a 1.5-per-cent pay cut that will finance the $7,000 “grid” hike new teachers will still get. If all the unions got on board, the province would save $790 million over two years. Admittedly, a drop in the $15-billion-deficit bucket. The high school and Frenchlanguage teachers unions have decided to meet with the government, while elementary teachers are still just threatening to hold a one-day walkout if the province legislates a deal. While the unions say teachers will be back at school, strike votes will take place this summer or early fall. Premier Dad, we agree, teachers, too, have to help Ontario get back on its fiscal feet, regardless of whose fault it is. But give them a chance to talk about it before you ground them ... er... legislate the terms of the deal. And teachers, get back to the bargaining table, and if you don’t like the result, at least you get to vote against this Dad in the next election.


Why is council hell-bent on decimating Bond Head?

crediting those concerns. The lack of corporate or industrial investment in our town — you can only ride the ineffectual Toromont pony for so long and low-paying retail won’t cover the costs of living here — proves the focus is to increase the residential tax base, with the development of typical cookie-cutter townhouses and duplexes with postage stamp yards. Quality of life, be damned; developers need to squeeze as much profitability from each square acre, while the town rakes in the ever-increasing taxes. I guess we have comfort in knowing the countdown is on to the next municipal election. In the meantime, anyone in Bond Head interested in secession from BWG?

Re: Town remains focused on Hwy. 400 for future jobs, July 12. Reviewing the recent mailing from our beloved Town of Bradford West Gwillimbury regarding the “proposed” decimation of the hamlet of Bond Head, I can’t help but shake my head. Our town council is hell-bent on bulldozing its taxpaying residents’ overwhelming opposition to the senseless residential developments, at all costs. Those costs, by the way, will be in the form of increased taxation to help fund the delivery of services across the highway and Roberto G. Sales the loss of a uniquely intimate and ruralBradford based community. Residents a stone’s throw away from these “proposed” developments are paying the highest rate of taxation in Simcoe County as it is, despite the fact they have no water or sewage services, gas lines and limited access to broadband services. As we watch the heart of Bradford being neglected and eroded, with essential services and retail being pushed to less accessible locales (or shut down altogether), council If you are passionate sits on its hands and unabashedly caters to and knowledgeable about an issue developers’ whims before concerning itself and can present a good argument, with the community already residing here. we invite you It goes through the motions of holding to write a guest column. town hall meetings to listen to the concerns E-mail of its citizens and pay lip service while dis-


Word of mouth is good


pairs of eyes are much better! don’t underestimate the power of our readers to help you grow your sales.

Thanks to Sylvia Bevan for supplying this week’s flag photo. The colourful image was taken at Maple Lawn Farms near 3rd Line and County Road 27 in Bradford. If you have a photograph that captures the flavour of life in Bradford West Gwillimbury and you want your shot at front page fame, e-mail it to Topic editor Tracy Kibble at

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Thursday, July 19, 2012




Thursday, July 19, 2012, 8


COUNCIL: Bradford going it alone on OPP costing

Town tenders everything, policing should be no different: mayor From page 1.

Canada and stressed his desire to work with both municipalities to deliver an efficient and cost-effective service. “I believe South Simcoe (Police) is sustainable for the future,” he said. “I wouldn’t be speaking to you today, if I didn’t believe that.” The majority of council commended the chief on finding so many efficiencies so quickly, but also stated their intent to move forward on the costing.

Ward 4 Councillor Carl Hordyk, who got the ball rolling on the costing last year, thanked Chief Beazley for his work so far, but suggested that he still had a “long way to go”. The most recent figures indicate that New Tecumseth pays about $2.6 million less for OPP service than Bradford does for South Simcoe Police, Mr. Hordyk said, while Innisfil is paying an additional $5 million or so. “I think we should be looking at continuing forward with the OPP costing,” he said. “We’re not proposing to make any changes, but I think we should continue with the pro-

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the ground 25.Actress Ryan 26. Brew 27. 20th US President 34. Speech 35. Genuinely 36.Thrashed 38. Read superficially 39. Reviewed harshly 40. Leave me alone (text) 41.Thin continuous state of 10. 33 1/3 records marks pregnancy 11. Incombustible 42. Romanian 19. Holiday bells fire residue airport code organization 12. Hops drying 43.Auto 21. General’s kiln 44. Spring ahead assistant, abbr. 14. Light in a time protective case 22. Side sheltered from the wind 15. Canarium 23. Cook in hot oil CLUES DOWN luzonicum 1.Auras 24. Deep hole in 17. Concluding

cess and be accountable to the taxpayers of Bradford West Gwillimbury.” Beyond that, Mr. Hordyk inquired if South Simcoe Police would be able to forward the necessary data to the OPP by their deadline of July 30. Once the OPP have South Simcoe’s information, it will take another eight to 12 weeks to learn how much it would cost the provincial force to provide the same level of service.

‘Everything we do we go to the market for, whether telephones and computers, or big things, like roads and bridges... This is the single biggest expense for our taxpayers.’ Doug White

-Mayor of Bradford West Gwillimbury

Chief Beazley responded that South Simcoe should be able to forward all of information the OPP requires by July 30 “or thereabouts”. Ward 1 Councillor Raj Sandhu echoed Mr. Hordyk’s sentiments on the costing and stressed that the exercise wasn’t about switching forces, but rather getting a better handle on how much it costs to serve and protect the community. That being said, Mr. Sandhu had a few concerns. “Are you telling me that we’ve paid $600,000 to $800,000 more, maybe for the last 17 years,

2.Antelope with ridged curved horns 3. Mortarboard adornment 4. 1/100 Senegal franc 5. Impolitely 6. Consumer 8.A mosque tower 9. Sea eagle 11. ___ King Charles spaniel 13.Tobacco mosaic virus 14. Local area network (abbr.) 16. Farm state 17. Orderly & neat 18. Mythological bird 20.Aimed at object 23.Those bearing young

24.A course of action 25. Navigator of a ship 26. Gone by or past 27. One of Regis’ daughters 28. Comedian Ceasar 29. 12 inches (abbr.) 30.Tax collector 31. Greek mathematician 32.Artiodactyl mammals 33.A hereditary ruler 36. Burns gas or wood (abbr.) 37. Of a layperson

because no one bothered to look (for savings)?” he said. “I think we need to continue looking for efficiencies and get a costing from the OPP.” Councillors James Leduc, Gary Lamb, Ron Simpson, Peter Dykie, Del Crake and Deputy Mayor Rob Keffer took turns voicing their support with continuing the OPP costing. “The decision to take on the costing was made by both Innisfil and Bradford,” Mr. Crake said. “I think it behooves Bradford to move ahead with this costing. “I think the public requires that.” For his part, Mayor Doug White stated that there were always three options in play: one costing for Innisfil, one for just Bradford and then a joint venture between the two municipalities. Last week’s decision by Innisfil Council negated two of those, he said, but it didn’t preclude Bradford from proceeding solo. If Bradford has the opportunity to reduce its policing costs by $2.6 million, then council owes it to the residents to at least explore it, Mr. White continued. The decision to pursue the costing is the easy part, he said, noting the hard part will be determining a course of action once all of the facts are in. “At the end of the day, if we move forward on this, we need to have all of the information before going ahead,” Mr. White said. “Everything we do we go to the market for, whether it’s small things, like telephones and computers, or big things, like roads and bridges. “This is the single biggest expense for our taxpayers.” -with files from Rick Vanderlinde

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Thursday, July 19, 2012

If you or a loved one is having difficulty hearing, we can “stop the mumbling” and improve the clarity of speech. Often hearing problems lead to family frustration. The individual “sits on the sidelines” of family conversation, socializes less and can become depressed. We can help. Like all areas of technology, hearing aids have changed dramatically in the last 3 years. If someone is unhappy with their hearing or their current hearing aids, it may be that newer technology could do a better job in helping them understand speech clearly. Advances such as artificial intelligence, Bluetooth, feedback control and noise management have improved the ability to hear well in a noisy background. If appearance has been your concern, you may be pleased to discover that there are many invisible and nearly invisible styles of hearing instruments to choose from in all price ranges. If you are a veteran, you are eligible for full coverage for all your hearing health care needs including hearing aids. If you have worked in noise and feel that your hearing has been affected, you may be eligible for a WSIB. claim Hearing Sciences is a full-service Audiology and Hearing Aid clinic that offers hearing assessments, hearing aid sales and service, batteries, swim plugs, custom noise protection and TV accessories. All price ranges of hearing aids are available with flexible payment options, insurance claims, and submission to WSIB, VAC, and ODSP. We offer COMPLIMENTARY HEARING TESTS for adults (55+). To book an appointment, call Hearing Sciences at 905-778-2002


Sonya Di Vito DD,HBsc Licensed Denturist

We have a wide range of solutions to enhance • Loose Denture? your smile and quality of life ! • Difficulty Chewing? • Worried about your appearance? Call now for your FREE CONSULTATION. ON SITE LAB for emergency repairs and same day relines

67 Holland Street West • Bradford


or 416-520-7304 Walk-in’s Welcome • No dentist referral necessary


your health matters

Assessment & Treatment of Muscle, Nerve, & Joint Pain From: Work & Sports Injuries Motor Vehicle Accidents Shockwave

Physiotherapy Orthotics/Braces Massage Therapy Manual Therapy Aquatic Therapy Acupuncture And Much More... Covered by most extended health care plans • New Patients are Always Welcomed

Alessandro Rosatelli, Registered Physiotherapist • Sonia Rosatelli, Registered Physiotherapist Kirsten Mullin, Registered Massage Therapist • Susan Redgrave, Certified Acupuncturist 52 Holland St. E., Bradford 905-778-9959

Thursday, July 19, 2012, 10

ENVIRONMENT: Money helps groups protect watercourses

Ontario Streams receives $10K grant BY DAVID FLEISCHER


You can get support in helping the environment thanks to a $10,000 grant to Ontario Streams. The money will help the organization support community groups in protecting watercourses throughout Simcoe County and York Region. “When we get the community involved, people begin to see the impact our activities have on the environment,” Adopt-a-Stream program co-ordinator Deborah Silver said. It’s her program that received the grant that will be used to improve volunteer training. It’s those volunteers, about 30 groups, who keep an eye on streams across the region.

‘When we get the community involved, people begin to see the impact our activities have on the environment.’ Deborah Silver

-Adopt-a-Stream program co-ordinator

Among the participants are Holy Trinity School, York-Simcoe Naturalists, Aurora High School and Aurora Bassmasters, the Richmond Hill Naturalists and Girls Inc. of York Region. Ontario Streams, based in Aurora, was one of 11 organizations across Ontario to receive


York Region Media Group

Celebration of the


July 6, 7, 8, 14, 15

*July 8 & 15: 2pm Showtimes

For more information, visit or call 905-713-7399. a grant from Sobeys’ Earth Day Canada Community Environment Fund. The grants are awarded to applicants with the greatest need, most innovation in addressing the environment and best chance of making an impact in their community. “It is exciting to see the important work being done in communities across Ontario,” Earth Day Canada president Jed Goldberg said of the $93,000 handed out. “These organizations continue to improve the state of the environment in ways that educate and galvanize the local community.” Any group of five or more people — it could be a family, school group, church group or environmental club — can take stewardship of a local watercourse. They are trained by Ontario Streams staff to do everything from cleaning up garbage to planting trees, bank stabilization and removing obstacles to fish habitats. Most of Ontario Streams’ funding comes from a provincial Trillium Grant and the group is always looking for more participants, Ms Silver said, but the main effect of the money will be providing better education and making participant groups more self-sufficient. For more information, visit or call 905-713-7399.

Than Bursa ks to ou witho ry Spon r sors ut not m you we c , come ake dre ould am tru we h e! Since s $322 ave awar 2001 ,000 ded to 21 in bursar ie 7 win ners. s

July 20 & 21

œœŽÊœ˜ˆ˜iÊ>ÌÊÜÜÜ°˜iܓ>ÀŽiÌ̅i>ÌÀi°V>ÊÊUÊÊNewmarket Theatre, 505 Pickering Crescent, Newmarket Newmarket Theatre Box Office Hours: Monday to Friday, 1:00-5:30pm and Saturday, noon to 4:00pm 24-hour Ticket Order Hotline: 905-953-5122 ÊŜÜ̈“iÃÊ>ÀiÊÇ\Î䫓IÊUÊ/ˆVŽiÌÃÊ>ÀiÊf£x°ääÊ«iÀÊ«iÀܘ° To inquire about becoming a sponsor or donating to a bursary please contact Debra Weller at


11, THE TOPIC | BRADFORD WEST GWILLIMBURY | Thursday, July 19, 2012


Ron Burrell (pictured) and business partner Ron Ryan took over Cook’s Bee Supplies in Aurora, which has catered to beekeepers since 1923. The store belonged to Aurora resident Jim Cook’s family since it opened almost 90 years ago.

Old-fashioned honey business still buzzing By Chris Traber

Other than personnel, not much has changed at Cook’s Bee Supplies since it was established on Aurora’s Edward Street in 1923. The original building exists, albeit with an addition. Former owner Jim Cook, whose father and grandfather were in the bee business, lives across the street in the house where he was born. The retired senior still drops by the shop to see how the new guys are doing. The public, business end of the shop is small. A wooden counter supports a phone and computer, the only hints of 21st-century technology. A plush toy bee hangs from the ceiling, turning silently in the heat. An antique rope-coiled skep (a beehive-shaped structure once used to house colonies) shares the shelves with bee motif collectables and the tools of the beekeeping trade — apiary starter kits, hats and protective netting, stainless steel collection vats, devices to emit smoke, honeycomb frames, industry magazines and how-to books. Cook’s is now owned by two Rons — Burrell and Ryan. Friends, beekeeping hobbyists and partners in the niche market supply enterprise, the men have long shared a fascination and respect for the indefatigable bee and its unher-

alded place in the food chain. “From the first time you uncover a bee hive, you realize theirs is an entire civilization on its own,” Mr. Burrell said. “They’re a wild swarm and they’ve built the combs perfectly and by themselves.” Their admiration for the creatures is immense. Honey bees are the main insects that make food for humans, they said. Flowering plants rely on pollinators, such as bees, for reproduction. Without bees, there would be dangerously low fruit and vegetable harvests. Bees have been around for some 30 million years, largely unchanged, blindly dedicated to their queen and colony, working themselves to death. East Gwillimbury’s Mr. Burrell and Toronto’s Mr. Ryan, decided to transform their hobby into a profession in 1994. Out of work, Mr. Burrell heeded his accountant’s advice and opted to take over Cook’s with Mr. Ryan. “We kept bees on the farm as a hobby and that kept us in touch with the community,” the droll 70-something, with a shock of luxuriant white hair said. “The business is a good fit.” The enterprise draws customers from all walks of life and corners of the GTA, Mr. Burrell said. It serves hobbyists, sideliners and people who love native bees and the honey, wax and royal jelly they produce. Commercial operations

Old School A periodic series on people who keep old-fashioned craftsmanship alive

with thousands of hives and millions of bees buy their gear in bulk elsewhere. The two Rons sell equipment and can source queen bees, drones, workers and “nucs” — the nucleus of a beehive where cells contain eggs that become the brood. The men dispense advice on how to counter recent problems, including colonies faltering due to pesticides, disease and mites. Of course, the shop also sells honey and coloured wax for candle craft. If you’re keen on keeping a bee colony, you have to ensure bylaws are observed. Most urban areas ban beekeeping due to liability. Once established with a starter package, nucleus and protective gear, you can farm the flying critters for about $500. “The biggest mistake people make is giving all the honey away,” Mr. Burrell said with a chortle. “Then they complain how expensive it is.” Mr. Ryan has been a bee devotee “since before Kennedy was assassinated”, he said, placing his passion to the early 1960s. He admires bees’ work ethic and loyalty and their colonies’ hierarchy.

“I like their intelligence,” he said. “Beekeeping is a tremendously fascinating experience.” While there are different species, there are three kinds of bees in a hive: queen, worker and drone, the men explained. Only the queen lays eggs, approximately 1,500 a day. She communicates with her hive with her own special scent, called pheromones. The worker bees are female and perform all the tasks in the hive, including cleaning, feeding babies and the queen, packing pollen and nectar into cells, building and repairing honeycombs, guarding and fanning to cool the hive. The workers also gather nectar and pollen from flowers. They’re also the only bees with stingers. The stingerless male bees are drones. While it doesn’t seem fair, their sole job is mating. Bee society balances the scales, the men said. In winter, to ensure survival, the workers execute many of the drones. People need to be vigilant when bees are present. If a hive loses a queen, the bees become distressed. If their space is threatened, they will defend. Mr. Burrell knows the ire of an angry swarm. He recalled a warm August day when he went to clean a hive. “All of a sudden, they were over me like Jack the Bear,” he recalled. Stung often, the bee’s venom

BEE FACTS 4Bees have two stomachs — one stomach for eating and the other for storing nectar collected from flowers or water so that they can carry it back to their hive. 4If a worker bee uses her stinger, she will die. 4Bees are classified as insects and they have six legs. 4Bees have five eyes — two compound eyes and three tiny ocelli eyes.

poisoned him. He suffered anaphylaxis, a severe, whole-body allergic reaction. He was rushed to the hospital. “About five kilometers down the road, I saw the light,” he said. “It was close.” He survived and has no ill will against the insects, just a heightened respect for the strength of their numbers. The men toil six days a week and worry about the bee supply industry. “As the older guys retire, fewer young folks are taking it up,” Mr. Burrell said.

Thursday, July 19, 2012, 12


PROVINCE: Local riding not listed among those affected by breach

York-Simcoe not impacted by Elections Ontario breach so far BY JOE FANTAUZZI

A review of the province’s elections agency is required in the aftermath of a privacy breach, Newmarket-Aurora MPP Frank Klees said. Mr. Klees’ riding is one of 49 named this week by Elections Ontario as potentially impacted by the breach, which involved voters’ personal information on USB keys that vanished at the end of April when two of the agency’s employees failed to secure them. York-Simcoe has so far not been named

among the ridings impacted. Mr. Klees plans to speak to his opposition caucus colleagues about introducing a motion to conduct the review, which he believes should examine Elections Ontario from top to bottom. “The fact is, this should never happen,” he said of the breach. “It’s a wake-up call for us. This is the last thing people should have to worry about when they go to cast a ballot.” Results of an investigation into the breach launched by the information and privacy commissioner’s office are expected to be released within several weeks. Elections Ontario is co-

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Ben’s Pharmacy Bouclair Stretch Thrift Outlet Lowes Centennial Windows Shoppers Drug Mart Bath Fitter Pharmasave Drugs Michaels Future Shop TC Direct Home Depot Pharmasave Plus Store

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Check out Note: Not all flyers are booked for all areas For more information or to book your flyers call Veronica Annan or Alexis Reinhardt at 905-853-8888

operating with the investigation. In the last provincial election, a person recommended by Mr. Klees to be a returning officer refused to carry on due to what she believed was disorganization at Elections Ontario, he said. Every system is only as good as the people overseeing it, he added. Mr. Klees is also concerned Premier Dalton McGuinty will not take the issue seriously. “I will not be surprised if Dalton McGuinty shrugs his shoulders about this one as well,” he said. Mr. McGuinty was informed of the breach late Monday through a letter, the same way as the other political leaders, according to the premier’s office. He called the breach unfortunate and noted the government takes privacy matters very seriously while in Guelph Tuesday. Chief electoral officer Greg Essensa must assure this won’t happen again, he added. Meanwhile, the Elections Ontario employees linked to the data breach were let go, Mr. Essensa said during a news conference at Queen’s Park Tuesday. “I take this matter extremely seriously and I sincerely apologize to all Ontarians for any concern this notification may cause,” he said. The information on the USB keys was not encrypted, but can only be accessed in an “intelligible form” by Elections Ontario proprietary software or specialized commercial software, according to Elections Ontario.

Elections Ontario employees were working with copies of personal information from 49 of the province’s 107 ridings, the agency said. Work was completed on 20 to 25 of the 49 ridings, but Elections Ontario and forensic experts can’t confirm which of the 49 ridings are impacted. The privacy breach potentially impacts as many as 2.4 million people. The information includes full names, genders, birth dates, addresses, whether or not a person voted in the last provincial election and any other personal information updates voters provided to Elections Ontario during that period. It does not include how people voted, which is not monitored. The information does not include Social Insurance Numbers, health card, driver’s licence, credit or banking information, telephone numbers or e-mail addresses. While there is a potential for difficulty whenever personal information is released, thieves interested in stealing identities typically require more than what Elections Ontario said is contained on the missing USB drives, according to police. Elections Ontario has recommended residents in the potentially-impacted ridings monitor and verify their transaction statements from governments, banks and businesses for any suspicious activity. Mr. Essensa has ordered a review of policies and procedures and a review of Elections Ontario technology infrastructure, management policies and oversight.

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$39 for 18 Holes for 2 Including Cart at Big Cedar Golf Club (a $90 Value)




$20 for a Golf Tour 2012 Package from MediaScene Inc. that Includes 18 Holes of Golf at 3 Courses and 1 Hr. of Virtual Golf (a $135 Value) $20


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To advertise your course or for more info please call 905-727-0819 ext 224


BIG event


Farmers market It’s almost the weekend and no Saturday is complete without a stop at the Bradford West Gwillimbury Farmers Market. As per usual, the weekly farmers market will be in full swing at its new location in the Bradford West Gwillimbury Library and Cultural Centre’s parking lot located at 425 Holland St. W. The market is open from 7:30 a.m. until noon every Saturday from now until Oct. 6, so stop by ad pick up some fresh, locally-grown products and have a look at all of the other great wares on sale. For more information, visit and click the farmers market link or e-mail the vendors group at You can also find their blog at bradfordf a r m e r s m a rk e t .

First aid/ CPR First Aid and CPR save lives. Come out on July 21 and 22 and learn how to administer first aid and CPR properly. A basic one-day session is offered as is a comprehensive two-day course for those

will consist of a BBQ, raffle and prizes, and eight teams competing to be crowned the inaugural Tourney for Testes Champion! The good times don’t end with the last out! The TTOC is excited to present two-time Juno Award nominated band, Hollerado, live at The Village Inn Bradford. The show starts at 7:30 p.m. Tickets will be $20 in advance and $25 at the door and can be purchased through Brendan McCardle at 289-383-1757, on Facebook, by email at, or at the BCC during the tourney from 9 a.m. to 7 p.m.

who need training for work or want more information on how to respond to emergencies at home. To find out more, contact Anita Horlings of SIMPLE First Aid at 905-775-8024.


Museum Sunday The Simcoe County Museum is hosting Summer Sundays from July 1 to Aug. 19, 2012. Summer Sundays take place at the Museum and run from 1 to 4:30 p.m. every Sunday afternoon. It is a great opportunity for visitors to learn about Simcoe County’s past while enjoying heritage demonstrations and historical treats. On Sunday, July 22, you and your family are invited to come out and partake in a Victorian Tea. Regular museum rates apply: Museum members and preschoolers are admitted free, Adults $6, Students/Seniors $5 and Children are $4.


Writers’ Circle The BWG Writers’ Circle is now


Babysitting course Teens interested in babysitting are invited to attend the upcoming course provided by Anita Horlings at SIMPLE First Aid. Participants aged 11 to 15 will learn basic first aid and caregiving skills for younger children in a variety of age groups. The course will also cover preventing and responding to emergencies. The course will run from 9 a.m. to 5 p.m. on Thursday, July 26 and Thursday Aug. 16. It will be held at the Bradford Alliance Church. Preregistration is required. To sign-up or learn more contact Ms Horlings at 905-775-8024.


Charity concert Joined by friend Lindsay Traichevich. singer Danielle Aaron, will be conducting a series of 10 Charity Concerts in order to raise money for the Winnipeg Inner City Mission (WICM). Both have gone to school for music, and are very talented musicians. Danielle is also a part of the Ontario Provincial Police Chorus, and has been for the last three years. The concert series, entitled Takin’ A Trip on Broadway, will feature many hit songs from Broadway shows. During the performance, there will also be a presentation on the Winnipeg Inner City Mission and the services that it provides. The tour comes to town on Friday, July 27 at 7 p.m. at the Bradford Presbyterian Church (2940 Sideroad 10, Bradford). There is no cost for admission to the concert, but there will be a free-will offering being collected in order to support the Winnipeg Inner City Mission. Danielle and Lindsay have set a goal of raising $20,000.00 to help purchase a new van to transport the at-risk youth and families to social, spiritual and community events. All donation over $20.00 will be issued a tax receipt from WICM.



Thai cooking

Peacekeepers’ Day

The Tec-We-Gwill Women’s Institute is hosting a Thai Cooking Workshop on Saturday, July 28, 2012 at the WI Hall in Newton Robinson. Registration and coffee/tea will be at 9:30 a.m. and then the presentation on Thai cooking by Steve Morse will run from 10 a.m. to noon. Lunch will be provided. The cost is $10 for members of the WI and $20 for all others. Nothing to bring but your interest and enthusiasm. Call 705-458-8576 to book. Space is limited.

A flag-raising ceremony will be held in downtown Bradford next month to recognize the contributions of Canadian Peacekeepers. The hoisting of the United Nations flag will take place at 6 p.m. in front of the Bradford West Gwillimbury Court House and Council Chamber at 61 Holland St. E on Tuesday, Aug. 7. Mayor Doug White and members of council have proclaimed the week of Aug. 7 to Aug. 14 Peacekeepers Week to help highlight National Canadian Peacekeepers Day, which is observed Aug. 9. The ceremony comes in response to a request from the Canadian Association of Veterans in United Nations Peacekeeping to raise and fly the UN flag on Aug. 9 and every year thereafter. That date was chosen in memory of the nine Canadian Peacekeepers killed when their plane was shot down over Syria 38 years ago. That incident remains the largest loss of Canadian Peacekeepers in a single day. Among the dead were Cpl. B. K. Stringer and Warrant Officer C. B. Korejwo, both of whom resided in the area. Beyond that, the hope is that flying the UN colours will honour the memory of all those Canadians who have given their lives in the service of peace, including Bradford’s own Sapper Brian Collier, and all of the brave men and women currently on active duty in foreign lands.


Museum Sunday The Simcoe County Museum is hosting Summer Sundays from July 1 to Aug. 19, 2012. Summer Sundays take place at the Museum and run from 1 to 4:30 p.m. every Sunday afternoon. It is a great opportunity for visitors to learn about Simcoe County’s past while enjoying heritage demonstrations and historical treats. On Sunday, July 29 and Sunday, Aug. 19, you and your family are invited to bring along a stuffed friend for the Teddy Bear Picnic. Regular museum rates apply: Museum members and preschoolers are admitted free, Adult $6, Student/Senior $5 and Children $4. The Simcoe County Museum is located at 1151 Highway 26, Minesing, just minutes north of Barrie.



Programs closed

Museum Sunday The Simcoe County Museum is hosting Summer Sundays from July 1 to Aug. 19, 2012. Summer Sundays take place at the Museum and run from 1 to 4:30 p.m. every Sunday afternoon. It is a great opportunity for visitors to learn about Simcoe County’s past while enjoying heritage demonstrations and historical treats. On Sunday, Aug. 5, you and your family are invited to a demonstration of baking in the bread oven. Regular rates apply: Museum members and preschoolers are admitted free, Adult $6, Student/ Senior $5 and Children $4.

The Community Action Program for Children is advising that the Young Parent Program and the Mother Care/Next Steps programs are currently closed. Meant for pregnant and parenting youth ages 14 to 24, Young Parent is closed for two weeks, beginning July 16, and will resume on July 30. Mother Care/Next Steps, for pregnant and parenting women of children two years and younger, will be closed two weeks starting July 16 and will re-open Aug. 1. Both are held at the Bradford Ontario Early Years Centre located at 118 Barrie St. For more information call 905-775-1498.

Comfort Stride Foot Clinic Services include:

• athletic injuries • athletes foot infections

• arch & heel pain • arthritis • biomechanics • bunions & warts

• claw & hammer toes • corn & callus care • diabetic foot care • foot pain

• fungal & ingrown nails • general nail care • geriatrics & pediatrics • orthotics


Call to book an appointment:

1-877-852-3668 • 647-989-7794 Services covered by most insurance plans

Stephen Chu

B.A.(Hons), Kin D.Ch Chiropodist Foot Specialist

239 Holland St. West BRADFORD

Thursday, July 19, 2012

The inaugural Play Balls: Tourney for Testes, a 3-pitch softball tournament, will take place at the Bradford and District Memorial Community Centre on July 28. The tournament’s primary goal is to raise awareness about testicular cancer, an often neglected issue among young males, who, incidentally, are the most susceptible. The tournament has been organized by the Tourney for Testes Organizing Committee (TTOC), which is made up of Brendan McCardle, Vince Cancelli, Quinn Gill, Drew Kuntze, and Rachel Parke. The day

July 28

meeting socially every Tuesday from 7 to 9 p.m. at Coffee Culture in downtown Bradford except for the third Tuesday of the month when they meet at the Bradford Public Library. A space is reserved by the fireplace. Come out whenever you can. To learn more about the group, contact Patricia Miller at

For more community events, visit



Send your event information to


HE TOPIC |B RADFORD EST WILLIMBURY|| Thursday, Thursday, July July.19, 19,2012, 2012,14 14 THETT OPIC | B RADFORD WW EST GG WILLIMBURY



Every community has natural areas filled with many varieties of plant and animal life. We encourage you to send us your artwork (or pictures of it) inspired by Bradford West Gwillimbury’s wild spaces, be it photography, painting, poetry, video or another medium, and we’ll publish it on and, in many cases, in the Topic. Send your creations to

Reader Luanne Edwards sent in this image of the Foxtail Lily growing in her two-year-old garden. Last year, the plant had just one flower stalk, she says, but now has a total of seven.

Career Development

Career Development

Career Development

Career Development

Career Training




LAW OFFICE MANAGER/BOOKKEEPER ($45K to $70K) Vaughan law firm requires a full-time office manager/bookkeeper to handle various administrative, book-keeping and general office management responsibilities. Applicants should have (i) at least 3 years experience working in a law office in an administrative capacity, (ii) knowledge of bookkeeping and accounting principles, and (iii) considerable working knowledge and experience with PCLAW and Quickbooks as well as an understanding of law office financial procedures. All applicants must be eager, energetic, detail oriented, computer literate, and have access to a vehicle. Expected salary range is from $45K-$70K (depending on experience).




Vaughan law firm requires a full-time real estate law clerk. Applicants must have (i) at least 3 years experience dealing with residential real estate law, (ii) an extensive working knowledge of Conveyancer, Teraview and E-Reg, and (iii) an ability to independently handle residential and other real estate transactions from start to finish. Expected salary range is from $40K-$60K (depending on experience). Please e-mail all resumes to NEWMARKET 16 Convenient Locations in Ontario




Busy salon requires 3 HAIR STYLISTS We are looking for DZ DRIVER/ LOADERS For our Aurora location. Previous waste experience an asset but not required. Please email your resume, abstract and CVOR to or fax to (905) 713-2445 Here we grow again! We require


Providing Quality Education in Ontario for More Than 40 Years

Salon & Spa

Full & Part –Time positions Also YARD/ STORE HELP Apply in person or email

To apply please email salonresume Blow dry bar seeks someone to do make up and hair styling, located in Aurora. Send resume to info@

Classified Hotline: (905) 853-2527




Technical/Skilled Trades

Technical/Skilled Trades

Technical/Skilled Trades

Sales Opportunities

Sales Opportunities

Sales Opportunities


AUTOMOTIVE SALES REPRESENTATIVES FOR NEW CAR SALES SPECTRA is an ISO registered full service aluminum parts supplier with 4 plants in Ontario with an opportunity in our Bradford facility for an:


BRADFORD WEST GWILLIMBURY LANDFILL SITE (PERMANENT, FULL TIME) The Equipment Operator is responsible for the operation, cleanup, and maintenance of heavy equipment involved in waste management operations. Specific duties include fine grading operation, ditch excavations, slope trimming and construction, and site grading. Equipment used includes compactors, bulldozers, and wheel loaders, as well as other equipment as required. The successful candidate will have at least 3 years experience in the operation and maintenance of heavy equipment with specific experience working to establish set grades. Good oral and written communication skills are required and a valid DZ license with a clean abstract is a must. Salary: $20.98 - $22.92 per hour (as per Collective Agreement)

Please submit your resume quoting posting number 12-05-481-09 by July 26, 2012 4:30pm to: Human Resources Department County of Simcoe, 1110 Highway 26 West Midhurst, Ontario L0L 1X0 Fax: 705-792-7609 Email:

RECEPTION AND ATTENDANCE ADMINISTRATOR Under the direction of both Assistant Heads of School, the Reception and Attendance Administrator has the responsibility of managing the day-to-day operations of the Reception Office, in addition to monitor, track and follow-up daily on student attendance for the school. In this role, you will also manage the school's switchboard, greet visitors and manage office equipment and purchasing, while maintaining a professional customer service oriented manner. You are required to have a minimum of 2 years experience working in an administrative or reception capacity, preferably in a school environment. You are required to have strong organizational, multitasking, interpersonal and customer service skills. You take initiative and willingly seek process improvements, and are able to react calmly in pressured situations. You have strong computer skills and are comfortable with all office equipment (fax, telephone system, photocopies, postage meter). The Reception and Attendance Administrator works 12 months of the year. Qualified and interested candidates are invited to send a resume no later than July 30, 2012 to:

The County of Simcoe thanks all applicants but only those selected for an interview will be contacted. Personal information provided is collected under the authority of the Municipal Act (2001) and will be used to determine eligibility for employment. The Corporation of the County of Simcoe is an Equal Opportunity Employer.

Salon & Spa

Salon & Spa

PRODUCTION MANAGER Required by a well-established, rapidly expanding Medical Co. in Richmond Hill. Applicant must understand the assembly of custom manufactured products. Knowledge of mechanical and electrical systems a must. Experience in Support and Troubleshooting essential. Strong oral and written skills, leadership experience req'd. Must manage priorities & meet deadlines. Excellent benefit pkg. available. Please send your resume to: AMICO CORPORATION Fax: 905-764-0862 Email:

The incumbent will be hands-on with a strong mechanical aptitude and experience with PLC (preferably AB), hydraulics, and troubleshooting and read electrical schematics. Possess ability to manage multiple projects. Please reply in confidence to:

Build a career starting day one. Aurora location • hourly wage plus commission • excellent benefits package • full and part-time positions • flexible working hours • equipment provided • advanced training program • no clientele required Call Cristina 905-727-6359 a world of choice

HAIR STYLISTS Full time/Part time 135 First Commerce Place, Aurora Be a part of the fast pace and energetic environment of a SmartStyle salon that thrives on teamwork. You’ll get the chance to work with other talented individuals and use all of your skills and talents, creating the latest styles for a wide variety of clients. SmartStyle also offers you the rewards, educational opportunities and benefits to help you succeed as a top stylist. Call Laura at 905-841-7459



AZ DRIVERS to work in construction industry hauling asphalt and gravel. Please fax resume to 905-775-2721 or call 905-775-4866


We offer: •Top Selling Import •Includes company vehicle plan •Established dealer

•Bonus incentives •Medical and dental plan •Centrally located

Candidates should possess: •Automotive sales EXPERIENCE •Drive for success •Strong communication skills •Team spirit If you are looking for a challenging career, please contact us to arrange a confidential interview. Fax or email your resume to:

Dave Robitaille: Fax: 905-898-7955 75 Mulock Dr., P.O. Box 150, Newmarket ON L3Y 4W3


Technical/Skilled Trades

Technical/Skilled Trades

Rymar Mechanical Ltd. Local commercial HVAC service contractor, is currently looking for •LICENSED JOURNEYMEN and •REGISTERED AIR CONDITIONING APPRENTICES 3rd-5th year. Confident & motivated applicants with clean driving record should send resume to:

Experienced Welders Wanted For a busy welding shop. Pipe & tank welding experience an asset. Must know TIG , MIG & stick. Full time hours. Fax 905-830-9160 or email

Experienced MIG Welders

As a condition of employment, the successful candidate must provide a current Vulnerable Sector Screening Police Report. We thank all applicants for their interest, but we will contact only those selected for an interview.


Would you like to be treated with respect? Would you like to have an opportunity to earn what you’re worth, and work in a team atmosphere? Come join our successful organization.

Office/ Administration

Office/ Administration

a division of Insureit Group Inc.

is looking for a RIBO licensed

Personal Lines CSR This is for a one year contract which could lead to a full time employment opportunity! Three years experience is preferred and knowledge of Agency Manager is an asset. If you are committed to service excellence, we look forward to hearing from you! Please forward your resume in confidence to Marlaine Miller at Sales Opportunities

Sales Opportunities

Newmarket company looking for an office/accounting person. Duties will include reception, filing, data entry and also some basic accounting tasks. Must have proficient computer skills and knowledge of excel and word a must. Please fax resume to 905-836-2736.

Accounts Payable / Accounting Clerk Steel Art Signs has an opening for the above position. Responsibilities include payable invoice processing and payments, banking and other related accounting duties as required. Strong computer working experience along with good communication and organizational skills is important. Candidate should have a minimum of 2 years experience. Please forward resumes with salary expectations to

JUNIOR COLLECTIONS REPRESENTATIVE/ ACCOUNTS RECEIVABLE We currently seek a Jr. Collections Representative with 2-3 years of experience in commercial accounts. This is a 1yr. mat-leave contract with the possibility of a perm. position at end of contract. This role should be filled by a team player with a positive attitude, strong attention to detail, and who possesses superior customer service and follow-up skills. The successful candidate will also require excellent communication skills, both written & verbal, in English. Hwy 7 & Dufferin area. Email at:

Over the past 34 years Aurora Overhead Door has established a solid reputation as the leading supplier of garage doors and accessories in York Region. We are currently expanding and require an additional

SALES REPRESENTATIVE. The successful candidate should be a self motivated, team player, with mechanical aptitude and have a related background in door or construction sales. We offer an excellent remuneration and benefit package.

Please call Ian at 905-727-1382 for further information. All applications will be treated with strictest confidence.

Sales Opportunities

CUSTOMER SERVICE MGR Office/ Administration

Sales Opportunities

Tupling Insurance Brokers Limited

F/T & P/T for Trailer fabrication. Experience preferred. Mechanical knowledge an asset. Schomberg area. Please e-mail or fax resume 905-939-9592 Office/ Administration

Sales Opportunities

Customer Service Manager req'd by a well-established, rapidly expanding Medical Co. in Richmond Hill. Applicant must be organized, reliable and must have experience supervising at least 3 employees at one time. Duties include order entry, invoicing and quoting. Excellent written and communication skills req'd. Please send your resume to: AMICO CORPORATION Fax: 905-764-0862 Email:

$15 Per Hour + Bonus Seniors to Students Welcome Fun part time canvassing lead generators needed 905-294-3811 Dental

Restaurants/ Hospitality

Edward Street Market. JOB FAIR •Cashiers •Barista's •Cooks •Meat Counter Monday, July 23rd. 2-4pm 14785 Yonge St. Aurora Dental

Fantastic Career Opportunity! Newmarket practice seeking a highly skilled experienced

DENTAL ASSISTANT Sales Rep/ Account Manager Requirements: • Knowledge of landscape maintenance and snow clearing services for commercial and industrial locations. • Excellent communication, problem solving & presentation skills • Valid, clean driver's license • Knowledge of MS Office Must be able to work flexible hours Please fax resume to: 416-291-6792 or email

Must love dentistry and connecting with people. If you are an organized, self-driven leader who wants to fully use your skills and be appreciated come interview with us. Please call Kim at 289-383-1024 or send resume to: Health Care/ Medical

Health Care/ Medical

RN/RPNs SALES REPRESENTATIVE For Newmarket based freight brokerage Requires perfect English and Computer skills. Salary + Comm. Email resume to:

• Shift Nursing Over Nights Facility • Shift Nursing Private ~ Days, Evenings and Weekends

Competitive Pay - Signing Bonus Must have vehicle Fax: 905 895 7353 Email:

15, THE TOPIC | BRADFORD WEST GWILLIMBURY | Thursday, July. 19, 2012


THE TOPIC | BRADFORD WEST GWILLIMBURY | Thursday, July. 19, 2012, 16

Health Care/ Medical

Health Care/ Medical

Health Care/ Medical

Part-time Opportunities

Part-time Opportunities

Part-time Opportunities

Part-time Opportunities








Our Personal Support Workers provide personal care, meal preparation, respite car, home help and social interaction with seniors in the community. Location: Focusing in Bradford, Alliston, Beeton, Tottenham & Holland Landing Requirements: • PSW certificate • Experience working with seniors • Ability to communicate effectively in English (verbal/written) • Vehicle and valid Ontario driver's license • Certification in CPR and First Aid an asset Other: • Paid travel time and gas allowance • Paid training and development • Additional language(s) an asset Send resume to Include 12-123 in the subject line. Fax to 905-713-1705 or fax toll-free to 1-877-613-6111 Restaurants/ Hospitality

Teaching Opportunities

Teaching Opportunities

EXP. CHEFS for new Hungarian Restaurant in Newmarket. Detailed knowledge of cuisine and bilingual in Hungarian and English a must. Start at $15./ hr. Call Judit at 905-806-4721

PART-TIME OPPORTUNITIES Employment with The Town of Aurora offers an opportunity to make a positive difference in our community. We are a progressive, forward-thinking organization that is focused on continuous improvement, innovation and providing exceptional customer service. With us, you will enjoy a collaborative team environment with a dynamic culture and a drive for progressive excellence. We invite you to join our team. We are recruiting for the following positions for Fall 2012. Applicants must be available to work flexible hours including daytime, evenings and weekends, must have Standard First Aid and CPR-Level C Certification as well as the ability to deal courteously and effectively with program participants, staff and the general public. Skate Patroller(s) ($11.56 to $13.14 per hour) You will be responsible for the on-ice patrol of public, adult and pre-school and parent recreational skating programs, as well as monitoring and ensuring a safe environment. You possess the advanced ability to ice skate and to manoeuvre on ice in a controlled manner as well as good interpersonal and communication skills. Program Leader(s) ($11.56 to $13.14 per hour) You will be responsible for the delivery of birthday parties and child and youth programs, including assisting with program research, planning and instruction, parent liaison duties and ensuring a safe environment. You have completed Leaders-in-Training/ Counsellor-in-Training, a babysitter course, experience working with children preferably in recreational programs, creative program instruction/delivery skills as well as good interpersonal, organizational and child supervisory skills. Skateboard Attendant(s) ($13.64 to $15.51 per hour) You will be responsible for the transportation, set-up and take-down of our mobile skateboard park including skateboard ramps; patrolling recreational skateboarding, in-line skating, BMX biking and scooter programs; monitoring and ensuring a safe environment and ensuring the provision of music during the programs and the proper operation of the snack bar. You have demonstrated experience in cash handling, skateboarding and in-line skating skills. Lifeguard(s) ($13.64 to $15.51 per hour) You will be responsible for monitoring and supervising recreational swim activities including patrolling the pool deck; scanning the water to ensure a safe swim environment; emergency rescue as required; completion of incident reports; responding to enquiries resolving issues and associated public education duties regarding safe swim habits; tidying pool deck area; conducting, monitoring and logging water quality and temperature; providing swim instruction as directed and providing guidance and supervision to Assistant Lifeguards when assigned. You have demonstrated lifeguard experience with NLS, AED and Standard First Aid certification. Aquatic Instructor(s) ($16.44 to $18.69 per hour) You will be responsible for instructional duties for assigned aquatics programs, including parent/participant liaison duties, skills testing, awards processing, ensuring pool maintenance complies with health regulations and assisting with program design. You have demonstrated experience as an aquatics instructor and possess NLS, RC/LSS Instructor Awards, AED and Standard First Aid certification. If you are interested in joining our dedicated team of municipal professionals, please forward your resume specifying the position(s) of interest to: Human Resources, Town of Aurora, 100 John West Way, Box 1000, Aurora, ON, L4G 6J1 or email We thank all applicants and advise that only those selected for an interview will be notified. The Town of Aurora is an equal opportunity employer that is committed to recognizing and celebrating the diversity of opinion, talent and expertise that make each person unique.

General Help

Town of Aurora 100 John West Way, Aurora, ON L4G 6J1


General Help

General Help

General Help

General Help

Teaching Opportunities

Teaching Opportunities

Join York Professional Care & Education ✔ RECE & Assistants for before and after school programs Applicants must: • Have a recent vulnerable sector screening • Have experience with children 4 -12 yrs old • Be available to work split shift ✔ On Call Supply RECE & Assistants for child care centre/before & after school. Applicants must: • Have recent VSS & First Aid/CPR certificate • Have exp. with children 18 months - 6 years • Be able to work flexible days and shifts Please specify in your covering letter which position you are applying for. Email cover letter and resume to: Only those applicants of interest will be contacted

General Help

General Help

5 BELOW JEANS & MORE located in Aurora requires FULL-TIME SALES HELP Retail experience an asset. Call (905)841-7762

Superintendent Couple for excellent senior style 63 ste bldg. in Barrie Handyman skills with knowledge of simple electrical & plumbing repairs. 2-BR apartment, all amenities + salary. Suit (semi) retired couple. Send complete CV for both husband & wife to or fax to 705-739-8816

Sandgate Women's Shelter of York Region is looking for individuals to fill a Relief Women's Advocate paid position and for Volunteers to support its Shelter and Community Programs. Please visit for details and job descriptions

Supervisor for Child Care Centre Looking for an energetic, creative, RECE to teach half time and take charge of a Child Care Centre. Excellent written & oral communication skills required. Familiarity with Emergent Curriculum an asset. Email cover letter & resume to: Only those applicants of interest will be contacted.

Rental & Repair shop looking for

COUNTER HELP No experience necessary. Good communication skills. Will train. Competitive wages. Full benefits.

Apply in person to: Leslie Street Rentals 17775 Leslie Street, Newmarket



Required for local school aged childcare centres. Part-time Split shifts, Mon- Fri. Must be available to work Sept to June. Email: amongfriendsdaycarecentres

Please fax or drop off resume Att: New Car Sales Manager 75 Mulock Drive, Newmarket Fax: 905-898-7955

VEHICLE OPERATORS 3 + years of commercial driving experience • Clean recent driving abstract • Insurance Experience Letter with no claims in 5 years • Excellent customer service skills is a must Please forward your resumes to •

LIVE-IN COUPLE Needed for Group Home in Newmarket. Supervision, medication management, cooking & cleaning.

416-518-7508 johngas@ Career Development

located in Aurora requires a FULL-TIME SALES ASSOCIATE Retail experience an asset. No Sundays. Call (905)727-9391 --------------------------------------------------------

Rental & Repair shop looking for

requires: • F/T LOT PERSON Monday - Friday • P/T EVENING LOT PERSON Monday to Thursday &/or Saturday for Sales Department

General Help

No experience necessary. Good communication skills. Will train. Competitive wages. Full benefits.

Apply in person to: Leslie Street Rentals 17775 Leslie Street, Newmarket


P/T LABOURER Fax: 905-898-4006 Email:

MAKE A Difference! Get the career training you need to become an Addictions and Community Services Worker at Everest College Call Now! 1-866-424-8742 Newmarket (In the Tannery Mall) Career services assistance available to graduates. Financial assistance may be available for those who qualify. Day and evening classes available.

Technical/Skilled Trades INSERT OPERATOR for Transcontinental PLM in Aurora. PM shift (4x10hours). Minimum 5 years experience. B and H & P. Bowes experience preferred. Experience with in-line folding, cameral and matching systems. Please send resumes to Glen Burnie: No phone calls please.

Office/ Administration FRENCH CUSTOMER Service/ Accounting for Shadex in Markham. Must be fluent in French and English. Accounting background, QuickBooks knowledge an asset. Send resume to:

Apartments for Rent AURORA- 1 bedroom, bright, 2nd floor, water and heat included. Parking, laundry. $775 +hydro. Immediately. No dogs. First, last. 905-478-4486 AURORA- 2 bedroom lower level, fridge, stove, laundry hook-up, $950.+ Available August 1st. 905-836-0962 AURORA- Bright spacious 1 bedroom basement. All appliances. Shared laundry. Parking. Non-smoking/ pets.. Suits single/ couple. $950 inclusive. Steven (905)505-6967 AURORA- DOWNTOWN Yonge upper bright 1 bedroom with heat, appliances, non-smoking, no pets, no parking. Immediate. $1050 plus hydro. 416-605-7457 AURORA GROVE- 3 bedroom, 2 bath townhome, walkout bsmt, overlooking conservation. 5 appliances, yard. $1985/mo. inclusive. August 1. Lori 416-433-7424. AURORA- SPACIOUS, 1+ bedroom basement, separate entrance, new carpet. Suit professional. Nonsmoking/ pets. $925. 289-221-6910

Apartments for Rent

Condos for Rent

Rooms for Rent and Wanted



AURORA TOWERS- 90 Temperance. 1 bedroom. Small building. $1000. inclusive. Parking. August or September 1st. No dogs. 647-321-5930 BRADFORD- 3 bedroom, 2 storey detached house, upper, garage, private deck, backyard, non-smoking/ dogs, $1695 inclusive. Sept. 1st. Nathalie 416-272-8584 BRADFORD- 3 bedroom, main-floor bungalow, 3 parking, laundry, fenced yard, non-smoking/pets $1,450 includes heat, a/c, hydro. First/ last. Immediately. 905-895-9019 BRADFORD- BRIGHT 1 bedroom basement, separate entrance, no smoking/ pets. Suits single. First/ last/ references required. $775. inclusive. 905-775-5671 BRADFORD- BRIGHT 2 bedroom walkout, 2 parking, laundry area. Nonsmoking/ pets. $750.+ 40%. August/ September 1st. 905-775-6852

NEWMARKETRENOVATED, immaculate 2 bedroom. Open concept. Appliances, balcony, parking, storage, gym. Great building. $1350.+ September 1st. No pets. NEWMARKET- 2 bedroom (905)727-8308 upper, great area, nice view, private laundry, parking, central a/c. Non-smok- Houses for Rent ing/ pets. Available August 1st. $1050+. 3BDRM, RAISED country (905)233-1186 bungalow, near Bond NEWMARKET/ BRAD- Head. $1300/mth +hydro. FORD1 bedroom, No pets or smoking. bright, spacious, private 705-250-1285 entrance. Parking, nonsmoking. Laundry hook-up. AURORA 3 bdrm townFrom $775+ utilities. Im- house. 6 appliances, AC, Open concept, fenced mediate. 416-751-3368 yard. Close to school, and all NEWMARKET (HOSPI- shopping TAL) 2 bedroom base- amenities. 416-476-3855. $1,550 ment. Separate entrance, laundry. Non-smoking/ pets. $1000. inclusive. BRADFORD- LARGE 1 bedroom semi-detached 905-535-3436, after 6pm. house. Central, near SoNEWMARKET- LARGE 2 bey's. 2 parking, laundry, bedroom, walk to hospital. backyard, deck. $960. all Immediate. New kitchen, paint, balco- inclusive. ny, parking. Quiet building. 905-726-5965 $1150 inclusive. No dogs/ CLOSE TO lake. 3 bedsmoking. 905-836-6328 rooms, 1.5 baths bungaNEWMARKET- LARGE 3 low, private w/beach bedroom, walk to hospital. access, marina. AppliancNew kitchen, paint. Park- es, a/c. $1200.+ hydro/ Rocky Madsen ing. $1250 inclusive. No gas. dogs/ smoking. 905-722-5425 905-836-6328 HOLLAND LANDING- 3 NEWMARKET- LUXURY bedroom bungalow, air, loft. 1+ den. Cathedral high efficiency furnace, ceilings, open concept. Pri- appliances, full basement, vate laundry, parking. His- walkout- deck. September toric home. Sept. 1st. 1st. $1375+. Non-smoking/ pets. 905-478-2051 905-895-9942

HOLLAND LANDINGCentral, spacious 2 bedroom upper. Private entrance, appliances, parking. Near amenities. $875+. Non-smoking/ pets. Available Aug. 15th. (905)830-4151 NEWMARKET MINUTES/ hospital. Large 1 bedroom JACKSONâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;S POINT/ Sut- walkout, private deck, ton, 2 bedroom, new appli- large backyard. Separate ances, deck, coin-laundry, entrance, parking, laundry, well-kept, suits profession- fireplace. (905)715-8945 al/ couple. Lapsized pet friendly, $1099inclusive, NEWMARKETQUIET Aug 1. 905-251-5483. building, private balcony new kitchen, 2 bedroom, KESWICK- BRIGHT 1 near hospital. Parking, bedroom, 1 bath walk-out laundry on premises. No lower apartment, fireplace. dogs. $1100. 4 appliances, ensuite laun- 905-953-9683. dry. $1100/mo. inclusive. August 1. Gord NEWMARKETQUIET 416-419-4607 building. Heating, parking included. Large 1 & 2 KESWICK- LARGE 1 bedroom. open-concept kitch- bedroom apts. Non-smoken/ bathroom, walkout ing/ pets. 647-930-6347 beautiful garden. Laundry. RENONon-smoking/ pets. Suits NEWMARKETmature. $900. inclusive. VATED, large 1 bedroom, 1st floor. Close to hospital. Must see! 647-221-9996 Appliances and laundry. KESWICK- LARGE 2 bed- $900 inclusive. Available room upper, 1200 sq.ft. August 1st. 647-242-6046 balcony, parking, laundry. First/ last, $1200. inclu- NEWMARKET- YONGE/ sive. Aug./ Sept. 1st. No Davis- bright, spacious 2+ bedroom basement, pripets. 905-251-0204 vate entrance/ laundry/ KETTLEBY- (HWY#400/ yard. Appliances. Parking. 9) 1 bedroom, main floor, Non-smoking/ pets. Refer$950. Non-smoking/ pets. ences. Sept. $900+. (905)727-7790 905-717-6232 LESLIE/ GREEN Lane- 2 bedroom basement. Livingroom, dining room, separate entrance. Laundry, 2 parking, A/C, non-smoking/ pets. $1100. 905-967-0425, 289-500-9911

PEFFERLAW- 2 bedroom, with yard, appliances, laundry, no smoking. no pets. 1st/ last/ references. $1050 inclusive. Available August 1st. 705-437-1757

PROFESSIONAL 2 bedroom, heart of Newmarket. Open concept: kitchen, livingroom/ dining. 4pc bathroom. Own balcony. Hospital, walking trails+ restaurants. Laundry. Parking. Non-smoking/ pets. August 1st. $1150+ NEWMARKET- 1 bedroom, excellent condition, hydro. 905-715-5106 6-unit building, new appliances, air, skylights, laun- Unregistered apartments could be unsafe. dry facilities, 1 car parking Non-smoking/ pets Ask to see your landlordâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;s registration certificate. $900+hydro 905-478-2051 Town of East Gwillimbury. NEWMARKETDAVIS/ Lundy. 3 bedroom main. YONGE/ WELLINGTON- 2 Newly renovated. C/A, bedroom, 4th floor, a/c, parking. Non-smoking. fridge, stove, 1 parking, $1350 inclusive. August $1000+ utilities. No pets. 1st. 905-853-1550 416-743-5601 MOUNT ALBERT areaNature lover. 1 bedroom lower level, patio. Suits 1. Non-smoking/ pets. $800. inclusive. Available August 1st. (905)473-7023

JACKSON'S POINT- Resort setting, large, spacious, newly decorated 3.5 bedroom, large deck. 100ft from lake access. Immediate. 416-535-4141.

KESWICKROOM available. Share kitchen, bath. Parking, laundry. Mature non-smoking professional male only. $450. (905)989-0496. NEWMARKETFURNISHED basement room. Fridge, microwave, toaster oven, Yonge/ Davis. Smoking outside. First, last, references. Prefer 40+ male. $450. 905-853-7091 TENANT/ ROOMMATE. Sutton West. (Lake access). $480/ month. References required. No pets. 905-235-3833

Shared Accommodations LOOKING TO share my home with a clean, quiet, respectful, non-smoking female. Utilities, cable and parking incl. Available August 1st. $800 MT. ALBERT- 3600sq.ft. executive house, laundry, A/C, internet, cable, hardwood, non-smoking/ pets; 2 bedrooms, private bathroom, $950. August 1st. 416-707-4038 YONGE/ DAVIS- 2 upper rooms available in house. Share washroom/ kitchen. Laundry. A/C. Non-smoking/ pets. Parking. $500 each. Immediately 647-931-2598 YONGE/ MAJOR Mackenzie- room in quiet townhouse. Cable/TMN, internet, parking, transit. Amenities. $540 Inclusive. Suits mature female 416-948-2973

Storage Space for Rent INDOOR/ OUTDOOR Storage- Half price! good security. Open 7 days. 905-642-2689

Articles for Sale

KESWICK- ALL brick, clean, 4 bedroom, steps to CARPETS- I have several beach, gas heat. August thousand yards of new 1st. $1395. 905-717-0012 stainmaster & 100% nylon carpet. Will do living room NEWMARKET- 2 storey & hall for $389.00. Inhome, 2240sqft., 4 bed- cludes: carpet, pad, instalrooms, 2 bath, appliances, lation (25 yards). Steve situated on attractive prop- 289-464-6049 erty. Non-smoking. $1800 inclusive. Sept 1st. Pet Supplies/ 905-251-3068


NEWMARKET- 3 bedroom, 2-storey semi with full basement, laundry. $1350+ utilities. No pets. Available September 1st. Call after 1pm (905)715-3105 NEWMARKET- 4 bedrooms, 3 bathrooms, appliances, near hospital, schools, shopping, 404. August. $2200+. In-law suite extra. 416-662-1241

BOUVIER DES Flanders pups- CKC. Large, nonshedding/ hypoallergenic. Great family/ working dogs. 416-875-0027

Vehicles Wanted/ Wrecking $300 TO $1000Dead/ Alive. Cars/ trucks/ vans. Fast Free towing. We sell parts. 416-500-5050

NEWMARKET- (ALEXANDER/ Davis) 3 bedroom Domestic backsplit, 50' lot. $1400+. Help Wanted Parking. New kitchen/ appliances. Available imme- A CAREGIVER (PSW) rediately. First/ last. quired for severe ABI gen905-762-2260 tleman. Must be flexible; evenings, nights, weekNEWMARKET- SEMI, 3 ends. 905-868-8452 bedrooms, close to all amenities & transit, Mortgages/ Loans $1160+ utilities. 905-830-2915 $$MONEY$$ CONSOLISOUTH EAST Keswick- DATE Debts Mortgages to Quiet, rural, 2 storey, 3 90% No income, Bad credbedroom, 4 appliances, 1.5 it OK! Better Option Mort#10969 baths. Non-smoking/ pets. gage Available Aug. 1st. 1 - 8 0 0 - 2 8 2 - 1 1 6 9 $1100+. 905-478-2141

Rooms for Rent and Wanted BRADFORDFURNISHED room. Mature male only. Own entrance. Bus route out front. $475. Immediate. (905)775-2237 Call after 2pm

Painting & Decorating ABSOLUTELY AMAZING painters at bargain prices! Spring special $100/ room. Quick, clean, reliable. Free estimates! Call toll-free 1-866-325-7359.

Leo Francis Post January 9, 1943 - July 14, 2012 Leo has begun his new journey. He was welcomed home by his parents Mary and Gerald, brother Tom, grandparents Thomas and Mary, and William and Eleanor. Leo will be forever loved and missed by his brother Bill Post (Kay), and his sister Sharon Post. Leo's niece Barbara Kolterman (Post), her husband Jon and Leo's great-nephew, Tyler will remember Leo with great affection and smiles. Leo's nephew, Tommy Post will fondly think of Leo, and smile that little smile that so resembles his wonderful Uncle. Many, many friends will think of Leo whenever they hear an Elvis song. Our family has lost another ray of sunshine, which only means the skies will shine brighter. Many thanks to the wonderful staff and housemates of 404 Selby Crescent, Newmarket (Community Living Newmarket-Aurora District) for the friendships which bloomed over the years with Leo. Thank you to the amazing ICU staff at MacKenzie Richmond Hill Health (York Central Hospital), and especially to Dr. Szacky for keeping Leo as comfortable as they could the last few days. "Fly with the Angels and Sing with Elvis, Leo" We will always love you and think of you often... A Memorial Service will be held at the Roadhouse & Rose Funeral Home, 155 Main Street South, Newmarket on Thursday, July 19th at 1 p.m. In lieu of flowers, the family would appreciate donations made to: Community Living Newmarket-Aurora District, 757 Bogart Ave, Newmarket, Ontario L3Y 2A7.

JANSE, Doreen Peacefully passed away at Hospice Simcoe, Barrie on Friday, July 13, 2012. Doreen Janse of Innisfil and formerly of the Holland Marsh at 62 years of age. Beloved mother of Kirk (Erin) Helleman, Andrea Helleman and Adele Helleman. Proud grandmother of Kiefer and Mariah. Loving sister of Effie (Jim) Geertsema, Art (Pat) Janse, late John (Madeline) Janse, Jim (Jenny) Janse, Ray (Janet) Janse, Bob (Betsy) Janse, Nancy (Dave) Rupke, Ken (Mary-Ellen) Janse, late Harriett Janse and late Marvin (Kathy) Janse. Doreen will be fondly remembered by her nieces, nephews and friends. Friends called at SKWARCHUK FUNERAL HOME, Bradford for visitation. Funeral service was held at the Collier Street United Church, Barrie on Tuesday, July 17, 2012 at 11 a.m. Interment Mt. Pleasant Cemetery, Bradford. LANGLEY, William Passed away peacefully on Friday, June 13, 2012 at Toronto General Hospital at the young age of 65 years. Beloved husband of the late Wendy Langley. William will be deeply missed and forever cherished by his children Taunya (Roger) and Troy (Jodi), adoring sisters of Mary (Albert) and Sarah (Andrew), loving brothers and friends of Ed (Cathy), Hughie (Nancy). Treasured "papa" of Rory and Nolan. A special thanks to all the extraordinary medical teams and ICU nurses at Toronto General Hospital. At William's request, cremation has taken place along with an intimate family gathering. If desired, donations in memory of William can be made to The Lung Association. "Breathe easy snowman."


WINDOWS AND DOORS NEWMARKET- LARGE 2 bedroom highrise condo apartment. Fitness/ party room/ transit. $1395+. Tony Mendes, (905)715-4951, Century 21.


Doors, Windows, Enclosures, Awnings Bow & Bay Windows Energy Star Rated Windows, CSA Approved

Bradford 905-775-0927 Cell # 905-716-0760 Bernie Shaw


Presented P t db by Th The B Bradford df d T Topic i

905-853-2527 Ask for Sue Deaths

TRUSLER, Margaret Irene (Rene) Passed away on 13 July, 2012, at Aurora Resthaven in her 95th year. Born 6 April, 1918 in Eastborne, England. Loving wife of the late "Jim" Trusler, dear friend of the late Gerry Hoare. She will be sadly missed by her daughters, Susan Trusler of West Vancouver, Jane Weiss of Cochrane, Alberta and Anne Smith (Rob) of Newmarket. Predeceased by her son Robert, (1956) and daughter, Sally Switzer (Gary), Ottawa, (2009). Beloved grandmother to Tracy (Dave), Robyn (Don), Stephen, Todd, Scott (Leah), Jill, great grandsons Aidan, Declan and Fraser. She truly was a unique lady who leaves a huge legacy of warm and unforgettable memories. The family wishes to express heartfelt thanks to the staff at Aurora Resthaven for compassionate and dedicated care and support of the family. A private family "Celebration of her life" was held on Tuesday, July 17th. Memorial donations in Margaret Trusler's name may be made to the Heart & Stroke Foundation. DEIGHAN, Beatrice Elaine Passed away suddenly, at home in Newmarket, on Monday, July 16, 2012 in her 78th year. Predeceased by her husband Richard. Beloved mother of Paul and the late Mary Jo, Mary and her husband Barry Hyde, Chris and his wife Susan, Anne and her husband John Easton, Rita and her husband John Jeffries and John and his wife Tania. Proud grandmother of Jennifer, Andrea, Andrew, Laura, Mark, Jonathan, Christopher, Alicia, Ryan (deceased), Stephanie, Kayla, Matthew, Luke, Joshua, Daniel and Michael. She will be greatly missed by her siblings, nieces and nephews. Friends may call at the Roadhouse & Rose Funeral Home, 157 Main St. South, Newmarket for visitation on Wednesday, July 18, 2012 from 7-9 p.m. and Thursday, July 19, 2012 from 2-4 & 7-9 p.m. A Funeral Mass will be held at the St. John Chrysostom Church, 432 Ontario Street, Newmarket on Friday, July 20, 2012 at 11 a.m. Interment at Queen of Heaven Cemetery.



DEMMY, Joanne Passed away peacefully at Southlake Regional Health Centre, Newmarket on July 15, 2012 in her 54th year, after a short battle with heart disease. Beloved eldest daughter of Leonard and Alice Demmy (both deceased). Loving sister to Christine, Brian and Shelley (Hadfield). Dear aunt to Dalton, Brandon Clarke. Joanne loved art and literature, especially reading her Bible. As a former Sunday School Teacher, she fondly remembered and prayed for many children (students) each by name. A heartfelt thank you to all staff and friends at Revera Eagle Terrace nursing home where Joanne lived and thrived for the last 12 years. Joanne was past president and vice president of the resident council group. Friends may call at Roadhouse and Rose Funeral Home, 157 Main Street S., Newmarket, Ontario on Friday, July 20th, 2012 from 1-3 and 7-9 p.m. There will be no service at Joanne's request. Cremation and a private family interment at the Newmarket Cemetery will follow. If desired, a donation may be made in Joanne's memory to Eagle Terrace Resident Council.

BRADFORD- 1879 SideRoad 10 (South of 5thLine/ Sdrd10) Saturday, July 21, 8am-1pm. Chairs, fridge, chair frames, brand new tool, lots more! GIGANTIC MULTI-FAMILY sale- Sat. July 21st. 8am. Lalien Dr. Bond Head. 7th Line, west of 27. Raindate: Sunday. Musical instruments, antiques, electronics, golf carts, china, toys, jewellry, furniture, etc.

17, THE TOPIC | BRADFORD WEST GWILLIMBURY | Thursday, July. 19, 2012

Apartments for Rent



Thursday, July 19, 2012, 18






BWGMHA Needs your Help! The BWGMHA is seeking Volunteers to help with their 75th Anniversary plans this fall. Currently they are working on plans which include the Santa Claus Parade, a 75th Anniversary Golf Tournament as well as a couple of surprises. All of you hockey fans, moms and dads if you have some spare time then send an email to and give a helping hand. High school students, you can receive Community Service Hours.

Back row: Cassandra Twardowski, Amanda Pezzolesi, Olivia Quesnel, Julia Bingham, Jennifer Joyce, Morgan Beaulieu, Kevin Summers (coach), Frank Marrelli (assist. coach). Middle row (kneeling): Allie Cotter, Teagan Iverson, Melanie Dias, Emily Jonkman Front row (sitting): Kristina Marrelli, Natalia Burgos, Rachel Koost, Emily Turchi, Amanda Summers

U17 GIRLS BRADFORD EAGLES 2012 CAMBRIDGE HERITAGE TOURNAMENT CHAMPIONS This past weekend (July 7-8) the U17G Bradford Eagles won their division U17/U18 in the Cambridge Heritage Tournament. First game tied 0-0; 2nd game lost 2-1; 3rd game won 1-0; to place 2nd in their pool. They advanced to the semis with a win 2-1 over Cambridge United which sent them to the final game vs Stoney Creek. The final was a tough game with a tie of 0-0 at end of regulation time sending the girls to penalty kicks which was won by Bradford 4-2; our goalie Natalia Burgos made 2 oustanding saves earning her player of the game. Under oppressive heat, an injury ladened bench these young women fought through injuries with 1 sub on the bench and achieved the ultimate reward.

Stay tuned for more information in the coming weeks.

Congratulations to the team and coaches.



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Thursday, July 19, 2012

“Connor James” steals home after the ball gets away from the catcher during the July 16th game Fox Racing VS Innisfil

Close play at second base by “Nicole Robinson” just missing the lead off runner during the July 16th game Fox Racing VS Innisfil

T – BALL July 9 Team #1 – 12 Team #6 – 11 Both teams showed tremendous heart playing to 1 run win for team #6. Charlee Brunette hits a monster over 1st base. Charly Natale hits double. Mason Melo gets the out at 2nd to save a potential run. July 11 Team #2 – 10 Team #3 – 15 The difference here is defense. Mateus Carreiro makes 4 outs.Tyle Haughton looks like a Blue Jay owning the back catchers position. Aaron Lomas hits a monster to help with winning runs. Park Pickard awesome at short stop. Lucas “Speedy Gozales” Occhuito runs the bases and leaves dust trails. Noah Ribbons hits like a champ. July 12 Team #4 – 10 Team #5 – 12 Close game has parents on their feet! Team #5 comes from behind to close win. All players deserve a pat on the back with entertaining game. Gregory and James field like champs. Matteo hits a home run and Liam back catches like a pro. July 16 Team #2 – 14 Team #1 – 14 TIE game…..parents riot in the stands to exciting finish. Everyone plays like an all star. Lucas Cabral makes his Eve first fir ever double play! Adyson Savage bats like a pro. Taya Tay Wood fields like Joe Carter. Seth and Nicholas both hit doubles. Aaron has 2 awesome hits. MITE/SQUIRT MIT July Jul 4 A & W High Voltage – 11 Decorators Edge – 13 This Thi nail biter was came down to the last inning. Rylee Wilks Wil and Owen Mavin go 3 for 3 to bring in deciding runs. Great game by both teams Excellent game by both run teams. tea July 4 Jul Wal-mart – 10 Home Hardware – 15 Wal Home Hardware scores 5 runs in last at bat to bring home Hom victory. Both teams play hard fought game till the end. vic July 11 Jul Home Hardware – 18 Decorators Edge – 6 Hom Complete team effort gives huge victory. Com

Softball Scores Week #9 July 11 Wal-mart – 12 A & W High Voltage – 9 Wal-mart’s entire line up hits and scores for close finish at end of the game. A & W’s rally in last inning comes up short for bid to tie.

ATOM June 25 No Frills – 7 Ryan’s Landscaping – 12 Depth on Ryans Landscaping proves to be to much for No Frills. Great team effort both offensive and defensively. July 3 Video Quest – 12 No Frills – 13 No Frill scores deciding run at bottom of the 4th for a comeback win. Both teams played like champs! Chrysthyan Carvalhyais and Frank – Anthony Ciaetta both go 3 for 3 at the plate. July 9 State Farm Ins. – 22 Bradford Dental – 18 State Farm’s batting scores 5 at bottom of the 5th to bring home deciding runs. Michael Flynn hits GRAND SLAM in 1st. Both teams play hard fought game that could have gone either way. July 16 No Frills – 11 State Farm Ins. – 16 Braeden Maclean and Anthony Nascimento go 3 for 3 at the plate. No Frills players improving and will see more W’s soon. PEEWEE June 4 Century 21 – 7 East Gwillimbury – 11 East Gwillimbury team effort gives easy win over Century 21.Reece Brenham and Jack Flynn put on display in fielding. Damon Thackery hits double to mount come back. June 11 All Star Sports – 11 E.G. – 12 Barn burner till the end. Last at bats give East Gwilimbury 1 run win with Chad hitting deciding home run. June 18 All Star Sports – 21 Innisfil – 13 Complete team effort gives All Star Sports win over Innisfil. Jason Burton hits triple. Andy “Wild Thing” Cowley goes 3 for 3 knocking in important RBI’s.

July 3 All Star Sports – 20 Innisfil – 7 Innisfil strands 14 base runners giving All Star Sports dominating win. Cameron Gardiner and Maddie Ng go 4 for 4 at plate. July 9 All Star Sports – 6 Times Design – 9 Reid Tsingos goes 3 for 3 leading Times Design to victory. July 12 Innisfil – 14 Century 21 – 15 Innisfil comes up shy in come from behind victory. Century 21’s Lucas Billfuchi scores winning run to give upset victory. Both teams deserving of win. Innisfil improving should be there for playoffs. Damon Thackeray make triple play to save the day. July 12 Times Design – 10 Dr. Chan – 11 Chan’s lineup bats for come from behind win. Josh Wheatley brings home the winner in nail biter.Grant Tsiagos, Madison Cote, Cooper Hollett and Ryan State all hit 3 for 3. July 16 Century 21 – 17 All Star Sports – 13 Exceptional game by all players. Reece Brenham and Evan Mott both catch pop fly balls. Marcel Ladierre, Callum Sharp and Mckenna Peters both hit 4 for 4 to lead team to victory. BANTAM July 9 Tottenham #2 – 8 Fox Canada – 12 Both teams share lead in come from behind victory. Collin Borg goes 3 for 3 at the plate. Brandon Cox pitches to save the game.Tottenham threatens to be contender, look out in playoffs. July 16 Innisfil – 9 Fox Canada – 25 Nicole Robinson pounds the ball 3 for 3 leading Fox to overwhelming win. Bryce Mercier hits out of the park home run.Travis Laidlaw hit homer. 7 players in total hit 3 for 3. Great heart shown by all Innisfil players. Innisfil would like to thank Ryan “Gazoo” Fisher for AP’ing on Innisfil.


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Thursday, July 19, 2012, 20


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