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Cloud Based Services Cloud based archiving is simply a cloud based method whereby data that is no longer needed to be accessed on a daily basis is stored and managed in a centralized online repository provided by a cloud archiving service provider. Because of the sensitive nature of data, the cloud archiving service provider ensures that the data is in a safe and tamper-proof location. Cloud based archival makes enables easy search and easy end user access and enables e-discovery. The main benefits of cloud based archiving are it expedites research of information online. Cloud archiving also does not require hardware, software or end user client plug INS. The concept of cloud based email archiving also applies in cloud based email archiving. In the case of email archiving, emails sent to and from an individual. Today, people have long left using letter boxes to send mail. Almost everyone uses a cloud based email service such as Google or Yahoo for email. They are fast, reliable and enable access of data in real time anywhere. Email archiving is preserving all emails from and to an individual/organization etc. It involves storing the emails in a magnetic storage device such as a flash drive etc. and is indexed to make future searches easy. Email archiving services are normally required with to store very important information sent via email. It is also a means of backup in case of natural disasters and loss of documents. Organizations are required to provide a record of account for documentation done. Cloud service providers help keep such organizations in check when it comes to record keeping and compliance of company policy. Email archiving reduces the cost of printing and physical storage making it financially efficient. Because of securities implemented by the cloud service providers, cloud email can be considered safe with the use of anti spam email filter services. Even though cloud service providers have put all kinds of security measures in place, there are always things that can jeopardize the safety of the data. In place, they have developed anti spam filter software to act as a sieve for genuine data. They identify and alert the user of the existing malware and also neutralize the threat. It should offer centralization of emails so that one is sure that the email use complies with company policies. Email storage software enables you to offer virtually unlimited email storage to end users and at the same time still keeping mailboxes compact which ensures email exchange runs smoothly.

Good email storage will allow you to search through an entire archive. Emails have to be screened before they are put into the virtual email storage software hence the use of anti spam filter appliances. Email spam filter service is designed to provide protection against all kinds of viruses. There is a difference between anti spam software and hardware. The hardware has its own internal software. This hardware device helps protect all the computers in a network as well. It comes between the firewall and email server and thus prevents viruses, spam and other threats from reaching the email server. For more information, Visit the

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Email archiving is preserving all emails from and to an individual/organization etc. It involves storing the emails in a magnetic storage de...

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