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Congratulations BAHS Class of 2010!


VOL. 170 NO. 22 BRADFORD JOURNAL/MINER THURSDAY JUNE 3, 2010 Bradford Journal/McKean County Miner/Mount Jewett Echo Phone 814-465-3468

American Legion Serves On Memorial Day


AREA NEWS NOTES by Debi Nichols

Bradford Journal Photo Bradford’s American Legion Post #108 color guard pose for us in Veteran’s Square during the Memorial Day ceremonies held there following the Parade May 31st. From left to right are Clair Butler, Adjutant; Kenneth Owens, Sgt. At Arms; Pete O’Donohoe, Commander; Kim Brandt, Finance Officer; and George Lindy, a member and an all around nice guy.

Little People Wait For Excitement To Begin

Kristin Taylor Class of 1998’s valedictorian, will give the commencement address during graduation ceremonies to be held on June 4 at Smethport Area High School. Also speaking during graduation will be this year’s valedictorian, David Taylor, the brother of the keynote speaker, and salutatorian, Jarod Hughes. Since 2006, Kristin Taylor, who resides in Gorton, NY, has been a civil engineer in nearby Ithaca, NY, where she designs and inspects roads, sewer and water systems and stormwater facilities....Marilyn Brown and Fred Lunden were crowned queen and king during the fourth annual “Senior” Prom sponsored by the Bradford Area Education Association (BAEA). The prom is held for area senior citizens in the BAHS gymnasium......McKean County Commissioners have voted to rescind the May 11 action to award the contract to replace the top tier of the courthouse steps to C.D.M.S. Architectural & Engineering Consultants of St. Marys, who have balked at furnishing a 100% performance bond, at its own expense. The commissioners will now offer the job to the second lowest bidder, Bob Cummins Construction Co. of Bradford, whose bid was $48,268, and who is also willing to provide the 100% performance bond at their own expense......A fire that destroyed an uninhabited house located at 277 Congress Street in Bradford last Monday was an act of arson, according to a state police fire marshal. Two city firemen suffered minor injuries in the blaze that destroyed the two-story wood frame house (Continued on page 2)

INDEX Local News Comments & Opinions Obituaries Social News Comics Classifieds Senior Information page Bradford Journal Photo Left to right, curbside, twins Makayla Lee and Miranda Lee both 8; and Lily Papinchak 4, and Violet Papinchak 2 sit along Main Street waiting for the Memorial Day parade to begin. At their ages the parade is simple- commotion and candy.

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Page 2 Bradford Journal & Miner Thursday June 3, 2010


(Continued from page 1) owned by John VonBergen. VonBergen, 59, does not reside in the area. The estimated damage was listed at $50,000..... Work is currently underway on the Route 50/Bingham Road waterline extension project. The project will extend water service from Bradford Regional Airport on Route 59 to the Pennsylvania Department of Transportation facility located on Bingham Road. The project will make fire protection and public water available to around 15 residences along the project route. In addition, the interconnection project between Lang Maid Lane and West Washington Street is reportedly running on schedule. The main line project costing $178,000, is being installed by Cummins Construction Co., and will provide an alternate line to provide additional water into the City of Bradford on an asneeded basis......Members of the Tuna Valley Council of Governments recently discussed conducting feasibility studies for consolidating the sewage systems for all five local municipalities in the effort to reduce costs and increase efficiency under a single authority.....Smethport will play host to Wooly Willy Wonderdaze June 22-26 at Hamlin Lake Park to celebrate the popular toy, Wooly Willy. The opening ceremony will begin at 5 p.m. on June 22 at the McKean County Courthouse steps. Five days of food, fun and entertainment will follow. There is a nominal fee to attend with children under 12 years of age admitted free.....Diane Sheeley recently completed a four-week training program for her new position as director of customer relations at Bradford Manor, and received her certificate of achievement. Diane had most recently served as executive director of the Bradford Area Chamber of Commerce for the past eight years........Jacob McMurtrie and Margaret Geary have been named winners of the Reba Y. Maben/William “Mr. Bill” Runyan Scholarships presented by the VFW Post 212 and Frances Sherman

Auxiliary in Bradford. Each scholarship is worth $1,000. Jacob is the son of Art and Sue McMurtrie of Derrick Road. Margaret is the daughter of David and Susan Zande Geary of Manlius, NY and granddaughter of Robert Zande of Derrick City and Lewis Run......The Otto-Eldred School Board has approved an intent to award bids for new construction at Otto-Eldred Jr./Sr. High School and the elementary school......Amanda Candace Tanner graduated on May 15 from Purdue University, earning a doctor of veterinary medicine degree. She is the daughter of Mr. and Mrs. Norman Tanner of Eldred, PA....... East Resources, a Pennsylvania oil and gas exploration company, which started locally in 1983, is being purchased by Shell Oil for $4.7 billion, the companies announced on Friday, May 28. Terrence Pegula, chief executive of East Resources, if formerly of Allegany, NY. The company is now based in Warrendale, near Pittsburgh, Pa, and is one of the biggest players in the natural gas exploration of the Marcellus Shale, controlling 1.25 million acres across an area from West Virginia to New York.......The spray park and pool at Callahan Park will open at 1 p.m. on Saturday, June 5. People wishing to sign up for swim lesson, swim team and season passes may do so from 4:30 p.m. to 6:30 p.m. Tuesday, through Friday in the pool office.

Local Oil Prices:

American Refining Group (ARG) Chart for Price Paid Per Barrel for Penn Grade Crude Oil:

Price: $63.75 $64.00 $62.50 $65.25 $68.25

Date: Tuesday, May 25, 2010 Wednesday, May 26, 2010 Thusday, May 27, 2010 Friday, May 28, 2010 Saturday, May 29, 2010

Ergon Oil Purchasing Chart for Price Paid Per Barrel for Penn Grade Crude Oil:

Price: $64.00 $62.50 $65.25 $68.25 $68.25

Date: Tuesday, May 25, 2010 Wednesday, May 26, 2010 Thusday, May 27, 2010 Friday, May 28, 2010 Saturday, May 29, 2010

Remembering The Past

Bradford Journal Photo From the left are Heather Sutherland and her 7-mos-old son Jermaine Lewis, and Heather’s cousin Megan Buterbaugh watching this year’s Memorial Day parade. She tells us she is thinking about her grandpa Richard Buterbaugh who died only a couple days before. “He always came to this parade,” she said.


Supplied by Fred H. Lewis, M.D. Olean (NY) Medical Group Thursday May 27: Total Pollen Count: 65 Season: Tree

Predominant Pollen: Grass Pollen Level: Moderate

Mold Level: Low Fri./Sat./Sun. May 28-29-30: Total 3-day Pollen Count: Not Available Average Count Per Day: N/A Season: Tree Predominant Pollen: N/A Pollen Level: N/.A Mold Level: N/A Monday May 31: Total Pollen Count: 127 Season: Tree Predominant Pollen: Pine Pollen Level: High Mold Level: Moderate


Thursday, June 3: Mostly cloudy today with a chance of showers and thunderstorms this afternoon. High of 73°. Thursday Night: Cool and cloudy with a chance of showers and thunderstorms tonight. Low of 50°.

Friday, June 4: Partly sunny today with a chance of showers and thunderstorms. High of 71°. Friday Night: Mostly cloudy tonight with a chance of evening showers and thunderstorms. Low of 52°.

Saturday, June 5:: Partly sunny today with afternoon showers and thunderstorms. High of 73°. Saturday Night: Mostly cloudy with a chance of rain tonight. Low of 53°.

Sunday, June 6: Mostly cloudy today with a chance of showers and thunderstorms. High of 72°. Sunday Night: A chance of showers and thunderstorms tonight. Low of 51°.

Monday, June 7: Partly sunny and pleasant today with a high of 68°. Monday Night: Rain tonight with a low of 50°.

Bradford Journal & Miner Thursday June 3, 2010 Page 3


by Grant Nichols


Always Watch Parade

-by Vince Vicere

Memorial Day weekend was filled with photo opportunities but, as usual, we concentrated on the parade and memorial services in Veteran’s Square. While a small number of pictures are found on the pages of this issue, most of the 130 pictures taken can found in our photo gallery associated with the online version of the paper………Other photos included in this week’s edition are one of Mike Brown, a rock musician coming to town to entertain at three different locations here, a couple from the ongoing Monte’s Monster Challenge, and two that display a kiddie carnival 12-seater swing to be found at the Marsh residence on Lee Driver Road……..The Memorial Day parade seemed better this year than in the past. It was not a particularly long parade but there were many interesting quality divisions. And it seemed like there was more music in the air for the entire parade. More notably, while not quite successful, an attempt was made to use the loudspeaker system along the parade route. In all, a decent parade………While Veteran’s Square wasn’t quite as crowded as usual, the Memorial Services went smoothly and seemed to flow quickly from verbal messages, music, laying of the wreaths, through the gun salutes……..It was a wonderful experience over the last week to ten days to see gasoline prices fall in Bradford from nearly $3.00 per gallon to $2.75 per gallon. That should dispel any rumors that price of gasoline goes up over major holiday weekends. This doesn’t mean to say that the price of gasoline isn’t still sucking much of the previously already limited disposable income out of our local economy. But it does mean that this Memorial Day weekend brought with it the warmth and best weather of summer and also an unexpected drop in gasoline prices which was like a breeze on a hot day- it wasn’t much of a change, but it was refreshing………Most recently President Obama is under attack for “being a politician”. What a pity! To set the record right, while it’s true he said he’d bring more than the same old politics to the Presidency if he were elected, he didn’t say anything about quitting as a politician when he took office. We would like to see him be able to lubricate the flow and consolidate the more egalitarian and progressive agenda found in Congress. And politics is how this manipulation is accomplished. A conservative is a man with two perfectly good legs who, however, has never learned how to walk forward. -Franklin D. Roosevelt

Spill Baby SpillCriminal! The 2008 campaign slogan was “Drill Baby Drill.” And if responsible procedures had been in place, off shore drilling would have been the ticket to lessoning of our dependence on foreign oil. Everything seemed to be going well along these lines until hell broke lose in the Gulf with an oil loss and contamination disaster of a magnitude greater than ever seen before. For years, Wall Street, including big oil, has pushed for deregulation of business and has encouraged a laissez-faire attitude by government. And for years big oil has been taking advantage of their newfound liberty. For example, Transocean registered their drilling platform, Horizon (which is really a ship with a drilling rig and pipe racks) in the Marshall Islands where maritime safety regulations are lax. To maximize profits, there has been a significant cut back on preventative maintenance. BP has been cited in the past for the Alaskan pipeline leakage, and the fire and explosion at the Texas City, Texas refinery, both attributable to poor maintenance. Leading up to the Gulf disaster, it’s important to note that big oil has showered $1.7 billion on the White House, Congressional candidates, and members of Congress from both parties. While some have seen this as influence pedaling, others including The New York Times columnist Tom Friedman have called it bribery. Over the years, congress has in this way been coerced to turn down most proposed legislation that would bring more stringent standards for big oil. But even laws that did get passed or remained in place to exact at least a minimal amount of control on oil company activities were corrupted and subdued by the Federal Mineral Management Service, the Agency that was there ostensibly to administer such controls. As the President has said, the time for blame and fancy footwork is over. What is needed is immediate and successful action on plugging the leak, and immediate action to take care of the cleanup.

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Bradford Journal Photo Kim Jordan and her daughter Morgen 9 wait for the Memorial Day parade to begin, May 31st. They tell us they always attend this parade.

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OBITUARIES Patrick Musolino Patrick A. Musolino, 86, formerly of 48 Jefferson St., died Sunday, May 23, 2010, at the Pavilion at BRMC. Born April 20, 1924, in Bradford, a son of Pasquale and Ernesta DeLorenzo Musolino. On Aug. 19, 1950, in St. Francis Church, he married Doris M. Bradish Musolino, who died Jan. 17, 2005. After the Navy, he was employed as a car salesman at Rink Brothers, then at Dresser Manufacturing prior to his retirement as a car salesman at Mascioni Auto Sales in Limestone, NY. He was also a self-employed painter. He is survived by one daughter, Joan Musolino of Bradford; two sons, Thomas P. Musolino of Lewis Run and David B. Musolino

of Tampa; one brother, Silvio Musolino of Newark, NJ; two grandsons; one great-grandson; and several nieces and nephews. Burial was in St. Bernard Cemetery.

Attend Parade- Proud To Be Americans

DEATH NOTICES: ALICE SNYDERAlice I. Heasley Snyder 92, of 577 Summit Road, Rew, PA, died Friday, May 21, 2010, at the Bradford Regional Medical Center. Burial was in McKean Memorial Park, Lafayette. GALEN SMITH Galen A. Smith, 90, of 1454 South Ave., Lewis Run, died Monday, May 24, 2010, at the Bradford Manor. Burial was in McKean Memorial Park, Lafayette. JOHN GAINESJohn B. Gaines, 67, of Annin Creek Road, Port Allegany, died Sunday, May 23, 2010, in Lakeview Senior Care & Living Center, Smethport, after a brief illness. MARGARET BARGERMargaret S. “Soozie” Price Barger, 68, of 464 Main St., Limestone, NY, died Sunday, May 23, 2010, after a courageous battle with

Bradford Journal Photo Familiar faces populate this group of long time Bradford residents, Monday, just before the Memorial Day parade began. In no special order are Judy Blanchard, Beth Baney, Nancy Tanesky, Jackie DeHaven, Lisa Bridge, Joan Bridge, and Ray Louk. Judy tells us that it’s at times like these that we’re especially proud to be Americans. cancer. Burial was in St. Patrick’s Catholic Cemetery. JAMES GOLDJames E. Gold, 86, of Fowler Brook Rd., Eldred, died Thursday, May 26, 2010, at the Bradford Regional Medical Center. Burial was in Lamphier Cemetery, Eldred.

PATRICIA HARRISPatricia J. Wilson Harris, 83, of Windfall Rd., Eldred, died Thursday, May 26, 2010, at the Bradford Regional Medical Center, following a brief illness. Burial was in Lamphier Cemetery, Eldred.

RICHARD IRWINRichard J. Irwin, 31, of 1518 South Ave., Lewis Run, died Thursday, May 27, 2010. SARAH KOSSACKSarah Ruth Robinson Kossack, 105, of Mt. Jewett, formerly of New

BRADFORD AREA BUSINESS DIRECTORY Kennedy Street Cafe 11 Kennedy St., Bradford, PA

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Castle, died Wednesday, May 26, 2010, while at Sena-Kean Manor, Smethport. STEVEN CROWLEYSteven H. Crowley, 60, of Turtlepoint, died Thursday, May 27, 2010, in Charles Cole Memorial Hospital, Coudersport. Burial was in St. Mary’s Cemetery. USPS-062-740 Postmaster: Send address changes to: Bradford Journal P.O. Box 17 Bradford, PA 16701-0017 Phone: 814-465-3468 Copy Deadline: Noon Saturday Published every Thursday at 265 South Ave. Bradford, PA 16701, Except for the third Thursday in the month of June. Subscription In Advance (By U.S. Mail) Yearly/$50.00 Within County Yearly/$68.00 Outside County Internet Color Version $15.00 yearly

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It’s Time - Let Them Spread Their Wings Another school year has gone by and graduation day is here. By the time your child becomes a senior, you’ve had a fair amount of experience with letting go. You might even believe that you’re adequately prepared for your teen to leave home. You know you’re a sensible, rational adult who’s done a better than average job of parenting. So maybe you can handle the grief of letting go. You have much to be prod of; you’ve raised an independent child who can think for themselves.You’ve been supportive and enthusiastic as they make their plans to leave home. Maybe they’ll get a job, gent an apartment, join the service, or travel through Europe. Whatever your teen’s dream is, you’ve both shared in it. You’ve known from the very first day you became a parent that your child would be leaving you, venturing out on their own. This is the main teenage theme, your teen’s struggle for independence and

your struggle to keep them close and protected. You know you’re supposed to let go. This has been your goal to launch a happy, confident and productive individual into society. This letting-go tuggle-of-war starts around twelve, and depending on how hard you’re holding on, pulling, and dragging, it keeps escalating until you give in and finally let go. In the end, your child will win, as they should. Although at times you may feel like you’ve lost, friends of mine with older children reassure me that the kids won’t leave and desert you forever. Letting go takes courage, for both of you. More and more, you feel sadness as you realize just how quickly your child has grown up. Parenting never stops, it just changes directions and intensity, and these after-highschool years begin another chapter. No, I wouldn’t’ want to relive the physically exhausting “zombie tired” toddler years. And I really enjoy having a child that can carry on an intelligent conversation and is

fun to spend time with. You’ll have a lot of self doubts. Have I taught them what they need to know to live independently? Will they use the common sense they have? Will they make good decisions regarding friends and their future? Will they trust the wrong person? Will they still value my opinion? I’m reminded of a favorite column written by Erma Bombeck. She tells a story which equates launching children to flying a kite.There are many attempts until the kite gets launched into the sky; several times the kite will nose-dive and need retrieved from a precarious situation. Finally, the kite catches the wind just right, and you continue to let out more an more string, launching the kite high into the sky. Now it’s time for you to let out more string and launch your “kite” high into the sky!

WE SALUTE Bradford Area High School Class of 2010 Graduates HAPPINESS AND SUCCESS TO YOU All of your friends will be going their separate ways. Whole new worlds will be opening up for you, full of fascinating and sobering discoveries. But your paths will cross from time to time, bringing back all of the warm and funny memories. As you choose your individual roads to travel, we want to wish you all the happiness and success in the world!



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AREA SOCIAL NEWS BACC Calendar of Events Bradford Area Public Library June 2010 Schedule of Events:


fax: 814-362-4168

JUNE / JULY 2010 Wednesday, June 9 6:30 pm Friends of the Library Book Discussion Group A Tree Grows in Brooklyn by Betty Smith Friday, June 18 10:30 am Preschool Story Hour: Celebrate Dad’s Day Sponsored by the MOMs Club of Bradford SATURDAY JUNE 19 SUMMER HOURS BEGIN Monday & Wednesday 10-7 Tuesday, Thursday & Friday 10-5 Saturday 10-2 Saturday, June 26 10 am – 2 pm First Day to sign up for Summer Reading Challenge “Make A Splash @ Your Library” First Day of our annual Bookmark Design Contest Saturday, June 26 6 pm Summer Reading Challenge sign up and Big Splash Program with the Bubble Man, Doug Rougeux Tuesday, June 29 10:30 am Water Crafts with Joan and Barb Saturday, July 3 Library Closed for Independence Day Thursday, July 8 10:30 am Michael Morton’s Petting Zoo Friday, July 9 11 am What lives in the Water? Presented by the Pfeiffer Nature Center Made possible by the Bradford Naturalist Club Limited to the first 50 who pre-register All programs are free and open to the public.

June 3: Last Day of School Bradford Area School District Legislative Luncheon 11:30am Mukaiyama University Room, Frame-Westerberg Commons, PittBradford, 300 Campus Drive, Bradford, PA . $15 BACC members, $18 non-members. Buffet lunch, followed by moderated Q&A with Rep. Martin Causer, Rep. Kathy Rapp, County Commissioners and more. Reservations required. Sponsorship available. Contact BACC for reservations and more information at 814-368-7115 June 4 - 5: Bulbs, Brooms & Bags Sale Bradford Lions Sight Conservation’s bulbs, brooms & bags sale will be held Friday, June 4 from 9 a.m. - 5 p.m. and Saturday, 9 a.m. to Noon inside PNC Bank on Main Street in Bradford. June 9: Lunch in the Square 11:30am–1pm Veterans Square, Downtown Bradford. Enjoy menus from various Bradford restaurants, live entertainment and fun. Open to the Public For more information call or email Anita Dolan, Main Street Manager, at 814598-3865 or June 10: Annual Rotary Spring Concert 7:30pm Bromeley Family Theatre, Blaisdell Hall, University of Pittsburgh at Bradford. “Music for a Summer’s Night” featuring Helen Welch.

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Clubs & Organizations News: Bradford TOPS PA#16

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There were 28 weigh-ins and a loss of 18 pounds at the weekly meeting of Take Off Pounds Sensibly. Pat Wester was the loser-in-waiting. Liz Tanner was officer of the week. Bev Hannon’s thought for the day was, “Keep your heart open for as long as you can, as wide as you can, for others and especially yourself.” Jean McAdam’s fashion tip was, “ Spring Clean your closet, donate clothing you don’t wear to charity or send them to a consignment shop and earn money for a new wardrobe.” Vickie Johnson’s helpful hint was, “Bounce Dryer Sheets help keep ants away.” Maryann Kahle , employed by Hamot Medical Center was the guest speaker. The topic discussed was “Fiber” , “Portion Control” and “Slow Down Eating, to give the body time to respond to feeling full.” She also discussed classes for children ages 6 to 14 to help them get in shape. ARD will be September 18th at Togi’s Blue Room. The theme will be “Exercise Raffle.” Details will be discussed at a future meeting.

Collecting Used Bibles The children of the East Smethport United Christian church in East Smethport, PA are collecting used Bibles for redistribution to countries in Africa, Pakistan, and the Philippines, among others. The distribution is done through an organization called the Bible Foundation. Bibles go to hospitals, nursing homes, inner city churches, prisons, homeless shelters, schools, and bus stations in over 75 countries around the world. Information online can be found at : Old Bibles and even portions of Bibles are delivered in a variety of ways to those wanting them. The church will continue to collect the used Bibles until August. Any questions can be directed to the church at 814-887-2255.

BIRTHS DAUGHTER, May 22, 2010, to Katie and Michael Johnson, Port Allegany, PA. DAUGHTER, May 20, 2010, to Jennifer height and Cory Hendrickson, Smethport, PA. SON, May 24, 2010, to Crystal and Jason Connor, Smethport, PA. SON, May 25, 2010, to Autumn and Robert Sutherland, Eldred, PA. SON, May 26, 2010, to Joy and Shane Harless, Bradford, PA. SON, May 26, 2010, to Jessica and Ryan Walker, Smethport, PA. SON, May 27, 2010, to Julie Harrison, Smethport, PA. DAUGHTER, May 28, 2010, to Bradford Journal Photo Jody Killed and Christian Nathaniel Gabe Eger stands along Main Street with Lindquist, Bradford, PA. his sons Josh and Olindo as they watch this DAUGHTER, May 28, 2010, to Ashley and Joey McCabe, Bradford, PA. year’s Memorial Day Parade, May 31st.

Bradford Journal & Miner Thursday June 3, 2010 Page 7

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AREA NEWS & OPINIONS One Beat Other But Monster Got Them Both

Karen’s Korner -by Karen Cassin State Farm® Agent

Keep Your Backyard Pool Safe Photos Provided Taking part in the man vs. food contest April 3rd at Monte’s Restaurant with their respective Monte Monster Burgers in hand are Devin Grice, on the left, and Matt Johnston on the right in each photo. The photo on the left depicts the contestants with the normal amount of macho bravado as they face off. The photo on the right shows both contestants, nearly whipped, fifteen minutes into their struggle with Monte’s monster. Devin surrendered at 19-minutes with a quarter eaten, while Matt made it to the 22-minute mark with one-half eaten. While Matt bested Devin, the Monster got them both.

Many Nights Practice Pays Off For Band

Bradford Journal Photo The School Street Elementary School Band marches down Main Street during this year’s Memorial Day parade held May 31st. They sounded good and looked good- the result of many nights of practice.

The Sostakowski Family Waits For Parade

Bradford Journal Photo Waiting for the Memorial Day parade to begin, Mary 31 are (l-r) Mike Sostakowski holding 3-year-old David Leonard, Sue Sostakowski, and 10-year-old Hunter Sostakowski. The weather was pleasant and they were expecting a great parade.

Taking a dip in your backyard pool can be a great way to beat the heat during the dog days of summer. It can be an excellent way to relax with family and friends or be a part of a regular exercise routine. As much fun as a pool can be, it can also be a source of danger. Unsupervised or poorly protected swimming pools and hot tubs can be very inviting to young children. A curious child can enter a pool area before an adult realizes he or she is missing. The Consumer Products Safety Commission (CPSC) reports an estimated 350 children under age five drown in swimming pools each year. Another 2,600 are treated in hospital emergency rooms. Nationally, drowning is listed as the leading cause of death to children under five. That doesn’t mean you shouldn’t have a pool in your backyard. There are a number of preventative measures you can take to ensure a safe and enjoyable backyard.With available self-latching gates, safety covers and underwater alarms, you can prevent young children from having access to the pool without appropriate supervision. The CPSC has a number of publications available through to help you. When the weather heats up, a backyard pool can be a great way to cool down. Make sure yours is safe as well as enjoyable.

Business After Hours Event (Bradford, PA )-- The Option House will host a Business After Hours event from 5:00 pm to 7:00 pm on Monday, June 7, 2010, at 41 Main Street as part of the 2010 Bradford Area Chamber of Commerce Business After Hours series. Business After Hours events are open to all area businesses and organizations. In order to prepare accordingly, The Option House requests that those planning to attend please RSVP to 814-368-4780. Business After Hours gives the business and professional community an opportunity to come together in a relaxed, social setting for networking. An array of Option House Signature Tapas will be provided; there is no charge to attend. A business card drawing will be held for a door prize.

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Trendsetting Desserts (NAPSI)-Perfectly portioned, colorful and delicious, cupcakes are everywhere. You can find them in bakeries and coffeehouses, on dessert menus and at weddings. It’s not just professional bakers who are getting into the cupcake movement. Home cooks are whipping up tasty creations for their family that look as good as they taste. One easy way to add pizzazz to your baked treats is with baking cups. For example, fashion-inspired Reynolds® Baked for You® StayBrite™ Baking Cups are unlike other paper baking cups--the patterns won’t fade during baking. Their brilliant colors and designs are still visible even on chocolate cake after baking. Here’s a fun idea using a monkey-andbanana theme to help make your next party a jungle of delight. CHOCOLATE BANANA CUPCAKES

Makes: 24 cupcakes

Baked for You StayBrite Baking Cups in muffin pans. Place cake mix, eggs, milk, oil and 2 teaspoons banana extract in a large bowl. Beat with mixer on low speed 30 seconds. Beat on medium speed 2 minutes. Stir in banana. Spoon batter into baking cups, filling about 2/3 full. Bake 20 to 22 minutes.

Stir 1 teaspoon banana extract into 24 Reynolds® Baked for You® StayBrite™ chocolate frosting. Spread on cupcakes. Top with banana-shaped candies. Baking Cups 1 package (18.25 oz.) chocolate cake mix Reynolds Kitchens Tip: For extra 3 eggs flavor, add banana extract ¼ teaspoon at ¾ cup milk a time to frosting until desired flavor is ½ cup oil reached. 3 teaspoons banana extract, divided 1 cup mashed ripe banana Learn More For more information, recipes and in1 container (16 oz.) chocolate frosting spiring ideas for making your own personBanana-shaped candies Preheat oven to 350°F. Place Reynolds alized cupcakes, visit

Your Ice Cream Dreams Fulfilled

(NAPSI)-Here’s the scoop--Amercians really love ice cream and novelties. People living in the United States indulge more than those in any other nation in the world, averaging a whopping 48 pints of ice cream per person, per year. Some additional “cool” facts: • The first ice cream parlor in America opened in New York City in 1776. • It takes 12 gallons of milk to make one gallon of ice cream. • The most popular flavors are vanilla, chocolate, butter pecan, strawberry and Neapolitan, followed closely by chocolate chip and French vanilla. • Cherry is the No. 1 popsicle flavor. Twin popsicles were invented during the Depression so two children could share one treat. Remember to make the ice cream aisle your last stop, keep your frozen purchases in a separate section of the cart and pack your ice cream in an additional brown paper bag for the ride home. To make an easy, elegant dessert for family and friends, try a simple sauce over ice cream. Ice Cream with

Raspberry Sauce ½ gallon vanilla ice cream or frozen yogurt 12 oz. (1½ cups) frozen raspberries 1 tablespoon cornstarch 2 tablespoons lemon juice 1/3 cup sugar Fresh raspberries and mint (for garnish) For sauce, combine raspberries, cornstarch, lemon juice and sugar in small saucepan and bring to boil over medium-high heat. Cook until berries have broken down (about 5 minutes). Remove from heat and cool. To serve, place three large scoops of ice cream in each dish and top with raspberry Sauce, a few fresh raspberries and mint leaf. Serves 6. Find special deals in the frozen aisles during the annual Summer Favorites Ice Cream and Novelties celebration of the National Frozen & Refrigerated Foods Association.Visit www.EasyHomeMeals. com or the Easy Home Meals Facebook page for recipes and prizes.

Display A Restored 12-Seat Carnival Swing

Bradford Journal Photo On Saturday, May 29, over the Memorial Day weekend, friends and relatives pose at a 12-seat kiddie carnival swing at the Rob and Marsha Marsh residence on Lee Driver Road. Wayne Marsh, Rob’s father, purchased the swing in 1958 for $50.00 for his kids and the neighborhood kids where Rob and his brothers and sisters (eventually 10 in number) enjoyed it during their childhood years on Erickson Drive. They would sometimes have a carnival of their own and charge 10 cents a ride. Following the passing of Wayne Marsh in 2002, the swing, which originally sported a Wyatt Earp figure, was moved to Rob and Marsha’s place where Rob has spent the last four years restoring it. Included in the photo are Sally Sposato, Breyan Wesmiller, Brian Wesmiller, Paula Butler, Owen and Justin Wesmiller, Janet and William Wesmiller, Troy and Jack Mead, Barb Marsh, Tommy and Corrine Butler, McKenzie Mead, Tyler Sposato, Carrie Abrams, Rob and David Marsh, Reese Kinney, Aiden Butler, Lydia Sposato, Alanna Mason, Domenic Quinn, and Luca Quinn. (See other photo page 14 in this issue.)

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An Open Letter to New York Citizens and City Officials Concerned About Air Quality:

Air quality is a critical concern for Central Boiler, the leading manufacturer of outdoor wood-burning furnaces, along with other manufacturers. Manufacturers have invested significant resources to develop state-of-the-art furnaces that today can heat a home while producing extremely low particulate emissions. You may have received misinformation about outdoor wood furnaces. The recent technical advances – made in concert with the federal Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) – are not understood by critics of outdoor wood-burning furnaces. Instead, their concerns are based on isolated incidents caused by improperly installed outdoor furnaces, which can be remedied by correcting the installation issue. Central Boiler has worked with the EPA since 1995. More recently, the company, along with other hydronic heater manufacturers and state air regulators, worked with the EPA in establishing testing standards for measuring emissions and efficiency while providing education about proper installation, use and maintenance of its products. The advances in outdoor wood-burning furnaces are the result of the new EPA standards developed under the agency’s voluntary Phase 2 “Hydronic Heater” program. According to EPA’s proposed schedule, federal emission rules will be enacted that limit sales of outdoor hydronic heaters after April 2012 to those that are Phase 2 models, which are 90 percent cleaner than unqualified models. Air quality is important to preserving life. Producing heat with renewable resources such as wood creates energy independence and carbon neutral heating options for people. Central Boiler is committed to innovation, education, testing and public-private partnerships that preserve both. For more information regarding outdoor furnaces, including a sample ordinance, visit Please call Central Boiler if you have questions regarding outdoor wood furnaces. Sincerely, Rodney Tollefson Central Boiler 20502 160th Street Greenbush, MN 56726 1-800-248-4681

Sudoku Solution

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ON THE HEALTHY SIDE Girl Scouts Of America Float Down Main

Martha Simpson D.O. Assistant Professor of Family Medicine Ohio University College of Osteopathic Medicine

“Brain Attack” New Term For Stroke

Question: My husband’s doctor told him he might have a “brain attack” if he doesn’t control his high blood pressure and diabetes. What is a “brain attack”? I have never heard of this, and I am 75-year-old former nurse. Answer: A “brain attack” is a new and increasingly popular term for a stroke, and it’s catching on among physicians and the general public. The idea is that, since everyone seems to respond to the term “heart attack,” people might pay more attention to the risk of stroke if it had a similar name. After all, the two disease processes are quite similar, as you know from your nursing days. In a heart attack, the arteries that carry blood to the heart muscle either rupture or become blocked. In a brain attack, the arteries servicing the brain rupture or become blocked. Once these critical arteries fail, the heart or brain is deprived of blood, and therefore, oxygen. Without oxygen, heart and brain cells both begin to die. Strokes are the leading cause of disability in adults, and they kill more than 150,000 people in the U.S. each year. Risk factors for both strokes and heart attacks include high blood pressure and diabetes, as you mentioned, plus smoking, elevated cholesterol and heart trouble. Although the causes of strokes and heart attacks are similar, the symptoms differ widely. Heart attacks cause shortness of breath and pressure, squeezing or pain in the chest and upper body. A brain attack or stroke, on the other hand, usually causes sudden, partial paralysis and/or an inability to walk, talk, eat or swallow. One common warning sign of a brain attack is a transient ischemic attack, or “mini-stroke.” These come on with the same symptoms as a full stroke, but last short periods of time. Other stroke warning signs include difficulty speaking or understanding speech, problems walking, severe visual disturbances -- often in one eye, and sudden weakness or numbness on one side of the face or in limbs on one side of the body. Any of these symptoms should be viewed as medical emergencies, even if they fade away within hours or even minutes. Immediate treatment can prevent a full stroke –- and potentially, death or permanent loss of function. One possible problem with the terms “heart attack” and “brain attack,” is that while the phrases sound serious and familiar, they somewhat obscure the source of the problem. There is no “attack” on the heart or brain, and neither do these organs “attack” the body. Instead, as I described above, the problem occurs within the arteries, or the vascular system. Perhaps the bigger issue here is that many people do not understand terms

Bradford Journal Photo Local members from various Girl Scouts of America troops floated down Main Street, Bradford during the Memorial Day parade held May 31st. This photo shows only a small number of those on the truck since it covers only twenty per cent of the length of one side of the flatbed carrying them. related to the vascular system, such as atherosclerosis –- the leading cause of both strokes and heart attacks. Atherosclerosis is the build-up of dense, fatty

plaque in the arteries. Avoiding this condition, through a healthy diet, exercise and regular doctor visits, will help you prevent both heart and brain attacks.

AICR HealthTalk Karen Collins, MS, RD, CDN

American Institute for Cancer Research


Q: In order to turn my fat to muscle, should I focus on exercise or

A: Fat and muscle are actually two completely separate tissues that can’t turn into one another. So you are looking at two separate goals: losing excess body fat and increasing muscle. You burn more calories when you include regular physical activity in your life than when you are sedentary, which helps maintain weight and can slowly lead to weight loss. But the amount of physical activity that most people with excess body fat can work into their lives doesn’t usually lead to as much weight loss as they hope.Work physical activity into your lifestyle if you haven’t already, but you’ll probably be more successful at weight loss if you also change eating habits to decrease calorie consumption: lower calorie drink and food choices, smaller portion sizes or some combination of these. To build more muscle, it’s important that you eat a healthy diet that provides enough protein and other nutrients and doesn’t cut calories too low. However, diet alone can’t build muscle. Regular physical activity, including strengthtraining two or three times a week, is the recipe for more muscle. Q: Is sprouted brown rice really a healthier choice than regular brown rice? A: Sprouted brown rice (also called germinated brown rice) is regular brown rice that has been soaked for 12 to 24 hours and allowed to germinate before it is cooked. Fans of the product say that it’s less irritating to the digestive tract and less likely to promote allergic reactions than regular rice and believe that its nutrients are better absorbed. However, all rice is generally considered a non-irritating food and is unlikely to produce allergic reactions in most people. Rice is a good source of water-soluble B vitamins, and because the water in which the rice soaks is discarded, we might be concerned about loss of those nutrients. I can’t find a complete nutrient analysis to see whether or not there is a significant loss. Emerging research suggests that sprouted brown rice may contain compounds that promote blood sugar control. However, the studies showing an advantage for diabetes are generally comparing sprouted brown rice to refined white rice; there’s usually no difference compared to regular brown rice. Whether or not it’s actually healthier than regular brown rice, some people prefer it simply for its softer texture and mildly nutty flavor. People who have trouble making the move from white to brown rice may find the taste and texture of sprouted brown rice a good mid-point between the two.

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1. Potato chip to a Brit 6. Salt in Mexico 9. To turn into a liquid 13. Carries blood away from heart 14. Between id and superego 15. Ancient doctors drew blood with it 16. A silver one means inherited wealth 17. ___ de toilette 18. _____ Adler, she outwitted Sherlock Holmes 19. *She repeatedly asked, “Who is John Galt?” 21. *Like Hester Prynne’s letter 23. “Ostrich” of Australia 24. Common office plant 25. It holds ashes 28. Speaking platform 30. Adornment often found on drapes 35. Lives in a bog 37. Mistakes 39. 1991 hit “Rico ___ __” 40. *Pulitzer Prize-winning poet, James ____ 41. Wealthy man in the

Orient 43. Arch on the face 44. Elipses 46. Infamous Roman tyrant 47. Usually served hot in sushi restaurant 48. *Laura Ingalls Wilder’s childhood nemesis 50. On top 52. The Chiffons hit “___ So Fine” 53. Pitcher 55. Small lump 57. *He showed us “An American Tragedy” 61. Make insane 65. *The Grinch carved the _____ beast 66. *He wrote “Fahrenheit 451” 68. Jimmied 69. Plural of ostium 70. Spermatozoa counterparts 71. Leaf feature 72. Hallway permission 73. *”One Fish Two Fish ___ Fish...” 74. Exalt to the skies


1. A home in Mexico 2. Thready or stringy 3. *Pulitzer Prize-winning William Kennedy novel, “____weed” 4. *Where Malamud’s “The Assistant” takes place 5. Republic in Central America

6. *William March’s “The Bad ____” 7. Title for Turkish military leader 8. A nasty person 9. Territory, abbr. 10. Achilles’ weakness 11. It’s dreaded by teens 12. Make more acute 15. Tarzan’s swings 20. Spirit inhabiting an object 22. Tube in old TV 24. Your grandfather, e.g. 25. *This Sinclair proclaimed to “hit their stomachs” 26. Steal goods 27. Type of unit at a hospital 29. Cereal roughage 31. *Setting of “The Hunt for Red October,” pl. 32. *She is plain and tall 33. Call forth

54. World Series mis- 58. She’s famous for not taking a back seat take 56. Sacha _____ Co- 59. Grub 60. Egyptian goddess of hen fertility 57. To fall

34. *This Sinclair took us to “Main Street” 36. “Wilhelm ____” by Friedrich von Schiller 38. Arrange by categories 42. Pioneer Daniel 45. Afternoon nap 49. Female sheep 51. *This color won Alice Walker a Pulitzer


ARIES - (Mar. 21 - Apr. 19) Prepare the rocket launchers, for the rebellious Uranus joins your sign for the next three months. This can be a liberating vibe, asking you to shake things up and be less hamstrung by convention. TAURUS - (Apr. 20 - May 20) Saturn ends a backward journey in your sector of fun and romance. If life has seemed to have been thin on the ground in either of these two areas of late, there can be an easing. GEMINI - (May 21 - June 20) Your sheer willpower and upbeat mood can help you overcome any difficulties at home. Someone may need joshing along but if anyone can show the leadership needed, it’s you. CANCER - (June 21 - July 22) Your love of stability can be challenged.Yet, ironically it can be you who rocks the boat as much as anyone else. LEO - (July 23, - Aug. 22) As long as you balance lashings of common sense with your more gogetting instincts, this can be a better time financially. VIRGO - (Aug. 23 - Sept. 22) Saturn has been urging you to cut the deadwood out of your situation, not just recently, but over the last three years. LIBRA - (Sept. 23 - Oct. 22) This is a dramatic week, as the planet of unpredictability sweeps into your opposite sign. This can bring a racier edge into your love life. SCORPIO - (Oct. 23, - Nov. 21) Saturn ends an unhelpful rewind in the future zone of your ‘scope, and on the face of it, your options would become clearer. But if anything, you can start to feel even more restless. SAGITTARIUS - (Nov. 22 - Dec. 21) You can find yourself lusting for a livelier social life. You may also find yourself attracted to a new and quite dashing person. In fact, the next three months can be a time of real opportunity. CAPRICORN - (Dec. 21 - Jan. 19) Some surprises are very much a possibility, not just this week but in the next three months too. These can relate to a sudden decision to move home, to sell up or to have a child. AQUARIUS - (Jan. 20 - Feb. 18) Both your ruling planets of Saturn and Uranus are active this week. Bright themes can see you hit the jackpot, but it is essential that you carefully consider who you are dealing with. PISCES - (Feb. 19 - Mar. 20) Big ideas are all very well, but you need to look to the details.You could run into someone who is much more demanding than you expect and they’ll soon put you on the spot.


61. Two of a kind 62. Writing point of a pen, pl. 63. Oddball 64. Whirlpool 67. ___ Maria

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THAT’S ENTERTAINMENT! VIDEO SELECTIONS VIDEOS RELEASED MAY 25: Costa Rican Summer R Dear John PG-13 Finale Not Rated Hanged Men Not Rated Mystery Team R NYC: Tornado Terror Not Rated Rain Fall R Royal Pains: Season One Not Rated Shadow Within R Tell Tale R The Road R True Blood: The Complete Second Season TV-MA UFC 111: St-Pierre vs. Hardy Not Rated -by Justin Borus and Andrew Feinstein White Wall

Not Rated VIDEOS RELEASED June 1: Alice in Wonderland (PG) Bare Knuckles (PG-13) Cornered! (R) Rampage (R) Red Baron (PG-13) Small Town Saturday Night (R) Stranger (R) Undisputed III: Redemption (R) Wild Things: Foursome (R) Wolfman (R) VIDEOS RELEASED June 8: 41-Year-Old Virgin Who Knocked Up Sarah Marshall And Felt Superbad About It WS;Unrated (R)

Coach (PG-13) Cop Dog (PG) Cry of the Owl (R) From Paris With Love (R) Nic & Tristan Go Mega Dega (Not rated) Power Kids (R) Shinjuku Incident (R) Shutter Island (R) StarStruck Got to Believe (TV-G) VIDEOS RELEASED June 15: Adopted (R) Book of Eli (R) Circle of Pain (R) Happy Tears (R) Horseman (R) Lewis Black: Stark Raving Black (Not Rated) Something Like a Busi-

ness (R) Terror Inside (Not Rated) Unthinkable (R) When in Rome (PG-13) Yo Gabba Gabba!: Clubhouse (Not Rated) Youth in Revolt (R) VIDEOS RELEASED June 22: Good Guy (R) Green Zone (R) Last Station (R) Remember Me (PG-13) Riverworld (TV-14) Rock Slyde (PG-13) She’s Out of My League (R) Thirst (R) Timer (R) Wolf Moon (R)

KENNEDY STREET CAFE 11 Kennedy Street- Ph 362-6040

Q: Born in Trafford, PA, actress Lauren Tewes portrayed what character on ABC’s “The Love Boat”? A: Julie McCoy, the ship’s cruise director.

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CHRONOLOGICAL LISTINGS Engagements, Marriages, Births & Deaths ENGAGEMENTS:

MILLER/DARRAH Hannah M. Miller of Smethport and Jonathan Darren of Coudersport are engaged and plan to wed on Aug. 28th. She is the daughter of Gregory D. and Jennifer M. Miller of Smethport. He is the son of Grant and Janice Darren of Coudersport, PA. MARRIAGES: DUNKERTON/ JOHNSON Lisa Marie Dunkerton and Charles Robert Johnson were wed May 15th at Hearts Content Recreation Area. She is the daughter of Tom and Ann Dunkerton of Smethport. He is the son of Chuck and Tish Johnson of Parkersburg, WV. KNIGHT/CONA Lt.j.g. Emily S. Knight of Smethport and Ensign Frank W. Cona of Baldwin, NY

were wed in a double-ring ceremony on April 10th at Hilltop Baptist Church in Gifford. She is the daughter of Mary Anne Knight and Terry L. Knight, both of Smethport. He is the son of Dr. and Mrs. Louis Cona of Georgetown, Grand Cayman. The couple will reside in Jacksonville. BIRTHS: May 20, 2010: SON, to Heather Young and Russell Long, Olean, NY. DAUGHTER, to Jennifer Haight and Cory Hendrickson, Smethport, PA. May 22, 2010: DAUGHTER, to Katie and Michael Johnson, Port Allegany, PA. DAUGHTER, to Cassie and Joel Rockwell, Kane, PA. May 23, 2010: DAUGHTER, to Ashley and Joshua O’Dell, St. Marys, PA. May 24, 2010: SON, to Crystal and

Children Enjoy Carnival Swing At Marshes

Bradford Journal Photo Children in attendance for the Memorial Day gathering May 29th at the Rob and Marsha Marsh residence along Lee Driver Road enjoy a ride on a bona fide, recently restored 12-seat kiddie carnival swing. Rob’s dad, Wayne Marsh, purchased the swing in 1958 for Rob and his brothers and sisters (of which there were 10) and the neighborhood children where they lived on Erickson Drive. Rob has spend the last four years restoring it (See other photo page 9 in this issue.) Jason Connor, Smethport, PA. May 25, 2010: SON, to Autumn and

Robert Sutherland, Eldred, PA. DAUGHTER, to Brandon and Lauren McKay, Olean, NY. SON, to Andrew and Stacy Gayton Silvis, Olean, NY. SON, to Patrick and Kersten Scott Hardy, Salamanca, NY. SON, to Ryan and Jennifer Smith Ferguson, Olean, NY. SON, to Amy and Marvin Morris, Johnsonburg, PA. May 26, 2010: DAUGHTER, to Brian Miles and Karen Fahnestock, Olean, NY. DAUGHTER, to Gary Miles and Alecia Aquino, Olean, NY. DAUGHTER, to Jesse Green and Stephanie Gassman, Olean, NY. SON, to Joy and Shane Harless, Bradford, PA. SON, to Jessica and Ryan Walker, Smethport, PA. May 27, 2010: SON, to Julie Harrison, Smethport, PA. SON, to Frederick Russell and Brittany Joyce, Olean, NY. SON, to Jesse and Jessica Lollier Woolston, Olean, NY. SON, to David and Jacqueline Rivera Fischer, Olean, NY. May 28, 2010:

DAUGHTER, to Jody Kille and Christian Nathaniel Lindquist, Bradford, PA. DAUGHTER, to Ashley and Joey McCamey, Bradford, PA. DEATHS: May 13, 2010: PUPO, Salvatore A. – 89, of Quebec, Canada. May 17, 2010: ADKINS, Lois Marie Retzer Adkins – 86, of Waterford, Conn., formerly of Kane, PA. May 21, 2010: SNYDER, Alice I. Heasley – 92, of Rew, PA. BOVA, John H. – of Duke Center, PA. May 22, 2010: ROBUCK, Louis A. Sr. – 88, of St. Marys, PA. FELDBAUER, Scott M. – 46, of St. Marys, PA. YOUNG, Merlin F. – 55, of St. Marys, PA. May 23, 2010: MURONE,Adeline M. – 90, of St. Marys, PA. BARGER, Margaret S. Price – 68, of Limestone, NY. MUSOLINO, Patrick A. – 86, of Bradford, PA. GAINES, John B. – 67, of Port Allegany, PA. KLAHR, Nancy K. Keyser – 85, of Coudersport, PA. WELSH, Nancy J.

Swanson – 66, of Kane, PA. May 24, 2010: SMITH, Galen A. – 90, of Lewis Run, PA. HERZING, Peter A. – 77, of St. Marys, PA. MCDONALD, James H. Jr. – 68, of St. Marys, PA. May 25, 2010: PORT, Betty E. Erickson – 87, of Kane, PA. HILLEBRAND, Anna Mae – 90, of St. Marys, PA. STONEKING, H. Daniel – 68, of Mechanicsburg, PA. SUMMERSON, Arlene Jean – 85, of Emporium, PA. BARBER, Genevieve – 92, of St. Joseph, Mich., formerly of Mt. Jewett, PA. CURTH, Otto E. – 85, of Northbrook, Ill. May 26, 2010: KOSSACK, Sarah Ruth Robinson – 105, of Mt. Jewett, PA. GECI, JoAnn – 67, of St. Marys, PA. GOLD, James E. – 86, of Eldred, PA. May 27, 2010: CROWLEY, Steven H. – 60, of Turtlepoint, PA. HARRIS, Patricia J. Wilson – 83, of Eldred, PA IRIWN, Richard J. – 31, of Lewis Run, PA.

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JOURNAL CLASSIFIED ADS Heat, New Windows. NO LAND CONTRACTS!! $40s. Call 368-3577 for appoint1998 Buick Century, ment. 4-door sedan, loaded w/options. Runs good. FOR SALE BY Inspected into 2011. OWNER: $995. Call 368-4324. 675 Minard Run Rd., 3BR House with gaFOR SALE: rage, 1.2 acres, newly 1999 Dodge Intrepid, remodeled, new septic, 86K - Ready to drive. electric and furnace. $3,700 FIRM! Call 814- $64,500. Call 814-368368-2277. 2229. AUTOMOBILES:

The First To Arrive In SPCA Staging Area


Nice location in Derrick City for this 2 1991 Cargo/Utility story, 3BR, 1 1/2 BA Dodge Ram Van V6 - home. Finished base56,000 mi, very nice. ment, 3 car garage w/ $2,500 362-4764. storage. Low $100s. Phone 814-362-6898. 1999 Ford Explorer XLT, V6, 4.0 HC, 4x4, Rental Property new tires and more! for sale: LOADED. $2,500 OBO, 2 Apartments. Call 716-357-2864. 814-598-1541. APARTMENTS FOR RENT: 2BR $250/mo. + sec & refs. No Pets. 814-5580147. Nice large 1BR, $650/ mo, all utils incl. 3685750.

Take a look at this large home on Main Street in Lewis Run, PA: 4-6 BR, 2BA - could be converted into two apts., nice lot, low taxes. Asking Price $94,500. 3623817.

26 Brennan, 2 BR nice house, See 1st, call Very nice upper 2BR. 368-8465. $425/mo plus sec. 3623387; 558-4738. MISCELLANEOUS: Exceptionally nice, 2BR, 1BA, furn., $875 incl. all 368-6801. HOMES FOR RENT: 1-2 BR, kitchen appliances, garage, 43 Edgewood. 362-7750. 2 BR in city, $450 + sec., incl city utils, 5582583 or 598-4254. 3 Bedrooms, 1 1/2 baths, big yard. 814366-1447.

FOR SALE: White - DSi Like New! In original box with charging cable and instruction manual. Asking $120. Call (814) 465-3468, ask for Sarah.

Bradford Journal Photo A part of the McKean County SPCA contingent sits in the staging area and waits for the rest of the gang to arrive for their march down Main Street, Bradford, during this year’s Memorial Day parade, May 31st. Seated left to right are Mary Hervatin, Suzanne Jimerson, Robby Jimerson 9, Jade Jimerson 7 and Linda C. Kemick with 3-year-old Casey the Border Colley. moval too! 598-8453. TFN-Ex.

Need help? I will do light hauling and all around handyman work. Also, will do mechanical work for cars PIANO by Wurlitzer. and machinery Call: (48” console). Excel- 465-2315. lent condition!! $550/ OBO. 814-331-7552.

FOR SALE: 16’x 24’ above ground Kayak Pool with aluHOMES FOR minium deck, all covers SALE: & equipment included. Must Move! Best Of3BR Home on cor- fer. Call 814-837-8557 ner lot close to UPB, after 6 p.m. many updates throughout. $40s. PETS: 2BR one story with new heating & electric. Completely remodeled, 2 stall garage Low 30’s.

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Don’t Let Falls Trip You Up: Tips On Avoiding Falls (NAPSI)-An activity as simple as falling down can have a number of serious consequences for an older person. For example, some say a fear of falling can be a very real factor when it comes to a loss of mobility in the elderly. Fractures of the hip or forearm are also common results of falling among the elderly. Hip fractures in particular can lead to other health problems because of prolonged immobility and risks associated with surgery. To help, here are some general tips to reduce your risk of falling: • When you first wake up, sit on the edge of the bed and make sure you are not dizzy before you get out of bed. • Eat breakfast every morning. Skipping a meal could make you dizzy. • Use a cane or walker if you are unsteady, and replace worn rubber tips. • Never grab a towel rack, shampoo holder or soap tray for support in the shower. These will not support a person’s weight. • Let the soap suds go down the drain before you move around in the shower. Don’t turn suddenly. • If you are not close to the telephone when it rings, don’t rush to it. Fast moves can throw you off balance. • Make sure you have access to a telephone that you can reach to call for help if you fall. Consider carrying a portable phone. According to a leading national provider of home care--Interim HealthCare-some medicines may also increase your risk for falling, particularly if they have side effects such as drowsiness, fainting or extreme weakness. However, it suggests that people should never discontinue taking such medicines on their own without consulting with a doctor. The types of over-the-counter drugs that can cause problems include: • Antihistamines. These are medicines

commonly bought to control allergies or when you have a cold and include Benadryl Allergy, Dimetapp Allergy, Aller-Chlor and Chlor-Trimeton. These drugs can cause drowsiness and increase the risk of falling. • Cough Medicines. A drug called dextromethorphan is common and is in Delsym, Drixoral, Pertussin CS and Robitussin. All these medicines have the risk of

some sedation or making you very sleepy and unsteady on your feet. • Decongestants. Pseudoephedrine is a primary ingredient in allergy and cold medicines such as DayQuil and Sudafed and can cause dizziness. To learn more, visit: or call toll free (800) 944-8888.

Mike Brown Tours The Tuna Valley Mike Brown is from the Geneseo NY area and has a recording studio, called Temperamental recordings, in an old church he bought a few years ago. You can check out his myspace page at http://www. I met Mike some 3 years ago when I invited my friend Scott Anderz to play a private party, he invited Mike. I was instantly amazed, by his music but also by the fact that he lived and worked as a full time musician- no 9-5 job, just music. And he looked it too; tall and scrawny, ratty clothes full beard, and very calm and soft-spoken. Time flew by, as it often does, and after a year or so I contacted Mike to

“Mike Makes Music” see if he wanted to come and visit again. He ended up playing a last minute gig at Lewie’s Lounge, fell in love with the Bradford area, and stayed in town for almost a week this time around. More recently, this March, when Mike messaged me on Face Book and said he wanted to do another gig in the area. I said “Great! When?” He said, Find a place and pick a date- let me know and I’ll be there.” So that’s how I came up with ‘Mike Brown Tours

the Tuna Valley’, 3 venues, 4 shows, 4 nights. We open the tour at Lewie’s Lounge, Thursday, June 3rd, in Bradford (the first place Mike played. So it’s only fitting that Lewie’s is the tour Host). Then it’s off to the Model T Inn in Derrick City Friday night, June 4th. Saturday, June 5th takes us to Your Place in Limestone NY. And finally, Sunday, June 6th we go round trip back to Lewie’s to close out the tour (All show times are from 10pm - 1am)! When choosing venues for this tour, I selected places that were laid-back

-by Jay Coder

and comfortable so that people could be right there with Mike as he played, and venues which compliment his music where he says people often find comfort with their sad thoughts in a small bar with a cold drink or a stiff shot. While these landmark bars and restaurants are off the beaten path, they have a lot to offer. And the atmosphere is FREEthere is no cover charge. Says Mike about all this, “I’m so stoked and excited to get back to the Bradford Area and play again. I just love that place!”

Mike Brown’s Tour Schedule Thurs. June 3 Lewie’s Lounge, Bradford Fri. June 4 The Model T Inn Derrick City Sat. June 5 Your Place Limestone, NY Sun. June 6 Lewie’s Lounge No Cover Charge All Show Times 10 p.m. - 1 a.m.

Community Blood Bank of Northwest PA Union Square 24 Davis St., Bradford, PA

Bradford Journal Issue June 3, 2010  

First Issue June 2010

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