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Turn to LVM for your Fleet Management Needs

Most big businesses have to maintain a convoy of cars and vans to service their clients and executives. Employee pick up and drop facilities also involve a fleet of cars and so do other regular operations. This is why company heads opt for car lease deals as opposed to outright purchase as it greatly reduces the burden on the company finances as well as the balance sheet!

But maintaining this huge fleet of car lease Guildford cars and vans is no easy task either. You have to do everything from keeping track of the monthly lease payments and replacing the vehicle when the lease expires to the regular running, maintenance, servicing and

everything in between. And at the end of the day, most companies realize that they are weighed down by huge fleet administration costs despite using the best and cheapest car lease deals.

And this is where professional fleet management services enter the picture. This service is offered by many car leasing companies in addition to the leasing services. For instance, LVM - Best Car Leasing Deals solicitously offers an ideal way to manage the day-to-day running of your fleet. It has fleet administration services that can take care of vehicle purchase and disposal,


management, accident



strategy and policy

management. It will reduce costs, save time and lead to better fleet control as well.

So, the next time you are looking for business car lease Guildford do not forget to add fleet management services to your purchase basket. LVM’s fleet management services will take the headache out of managing your fleet, and you and your employees will be free to enjoy the numerous cars and vans that are always at your disposal!

LVM – Best Car Leasing Deals is an established contract hire and car leasing broker in the UK that partners with some of the largest suppliers in the industry. It specializes in bringing the best and cheapest car leasing deals in the market for customers requiring car leasing, business contract hire, business car leasing, personal contract hire, personal car leasing, private car leasing and general car lease products. It is open from 8.30 am – 6 pm all days of the week. For further details, email at or call on 01727 260666.

Business Address: Leaseline Vehicle Management Ltd Tel: 01727 260666 Fax: 01727 260999 Email: Website:

Car leasing deals– Best Car Leasing Deals is an established contract hire and car leasing broker in the UK that partners with some of the...

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