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D​o​g​s​ ​L​i​f​e Frankie Love your Dogs  

“Hi”, it’s me the dog you heard about. The one with white fur, with my sister Millie. I have always wanted to be adopted, but every time I bark or cry my words don't make sense. When I was adopted I was just born, my owner's name is Dennis. When she first touched me I jumped feeling nervous and panicky. I was so scared I almost couldn’t hold myself together. After another cuddle from my new owner, I felt fine. When I was on my way home I looked at Millie who was sitting right next to me in a little bag, She was adopted. When I and Millie first got into the Taxi we were petrified, we never went on a car before. The Taxi didn’t smell really nice but I didn’t care about the taxi I only cared about home.

Brother & sister

Right now I’m telling myself repeatedly “why my other sisters and brothers won't come, only me and Millie are adopted”. My owner named me Frankie, for how cool I look from a far view. Millie was my favorite sister while my favorite brother was Tommy. I'm quite sad that I am

leaving my mom and dad but I know that there is a safe place for my brothers and sister helping our parents stay alive. I have always dreamed of being the cutest dog in the world, but I don’t seem like it, Millie does. But my sister always told me that if you think your not just remember that you are. And by that day I was crying so hard asking myself why I'm not pretty after being bitten by a dog that called me “ugly”. I could not stand listening to all those whispers behind my back. Until my little sister came, she saw me at the corner of the room crying "wake up, wake up, earth to Frankie” Millie said to me. I woke up seeing her look at me right in the eye, She shouted at me “THERE IS A GREAT ADVENTURE GOING TO START!!!” And I jumped straight up like a puppy.

The Hike

When my sister said that, I was feeling awkward, crying than being happy all of a sudden. When we went out of the house we walked into a big, long path leading to a river. This river was my favorite place in DB Where I and Millie sometimes play and jump at. After that, we hiked a bit more finding lots of rubbish. So I and Millie went playing while Sophie, Sophie’s father (Christian), Sophie’s mom (Florence) and my Human family, My brother, My sister, my Mom and my dad were picking up all the rubbish. Finally, after cleaning all the dirt off our bodies, we hiked up intel we got to the little cottage where we sat down and drank water. Then I heard my mom tell us all about

what things she did when she was young and things she did in high school. After a long talk and some water. We all stood up, Did a little stretch and started walking. But then we found ourselves walking around and around in circles, till we took a different path to a deep dark forest with mosquitoes and moths flying all around us everywhere. Then from nowhere, a snake appeared slithering around my dad I was incredibly shocked that he did not even get a little nibble on his body. Sophie got a stick and gave it to her dad, he used it to get the snake off my dad. After a terrifying attack, we walked down back to my house

Sad thingsÂ

When my sister (Millie) last saw me she was two years old she was the cutest sister the world could ever imagine. But then my owner told me we have to leave, just as Sophie was seeing me. It was so sad cause I never even touched Sophie. It was only on my birthday I got to get pat on the back by Sophie.


Cuteness changes everything

“Hi I’m Millie, Frankie’s sister all the dogs in this book are all my friends, every day I have a new friend waiting outside to play with me and I love being the most famous dog in DB. I will be here in DB every day just go to the fountain and you will see me running like mad ”. My life is the luckiest life in the world, here is why, I got the best owners in the world,(Sophie and her parents)Sophie is the best owner ever she would play tug of war and I get another person to take care of me her name is Lina. I was named Millie because Sophie wanted me to be the cutest (dog) Millie. Day after day I have been walking through the park meeting my friends Tigger, cocoa, pepper, and cookie, sadly Ranger my boyfriend died of cancer and I miss him so much!!!. Anyway, I meet all my friends and we all played and played and played and played until we dropped to our feet. when I first went to the beach I was going crazy, it was my first time. but usually some dogs don't go crazy their first time at the beach. After going on that long hike with Frankie I came home sleeping and eating all the treats my parents had. The next day I was told that “THE WATER HAS BEGUN WAR”


By the water When I heard this I knew what would happen next, I barked as loud as I voice would go and then stopped. When Sophie opened the door, I was thrilled to see Sophie bring a small little box that smelled like “HERE IS THE BDAY GIFT FOR” I waited for the perfect moment to begin “MILLIE” shouted Sophie. I barked almost crashing my mom's most precious jar, But when I opened the gift with my tongue I saw nothing just a paper. Sophie took the paper from the box and read it out loud “Dear Millie your special present is a playdate with all the dogs at the beach”. I barked as Sophie was getting the collar and putting it around my neck. Then I ran down to all the dogs on the beach and I played, fetched balls and I swam in the water, It was awesome until. A big man in a police costume looked at us in a strict way. I was terrified and shocked I never seen a big, fat guy stand right in front of me looking like he is about to smack me. Then we were all silent Sophie was terrified so she knew what was wrong and told the police officer “I’m sorry, This was a present for this dog” Sophie pointed at me I was embarrassed. I barked “Ruff, ruff, ruff” I knew if I barked than the police guy would run away. But he didn’t then I told all the dogs to scare the police

away, we all barked “RUFF, RUFF, RUFF, RUFF” We barked until he ran away. Sophie hugged us all and we all got home safely accept the police. Who got chased by a snake through the wood and into the woods. “HAHAHAHAHA” we all laughed. Then we came home looking innocent, our parents never noticed.


voice of the woods  

“Hi, I’m pepper the excited dog and the loving dog. I sometimes call myself Cupid for how loving I am, But when people call me a mixed, I feel like I could be fixed. First I got adopted by a girl named Victoria, she is amazing she always kept me company and when I was sad she would always cuddle me up until a new member of the family came along his name was Tigger. I didn't like him at first, mostly because he kept annoying me. But then I got used to him. Now we have a big family and we will never split apart. When we had the other part of our sofa I could sit and look out the window, I could chill, but now that it's gone we have an even wider space for us to look out the window.

The Stranger

When I saw Victoria putting her backpack on I was on fire I couldn’t stop her, I thought she was going to leave me. when she left I was haft broken I was crying all day until someone came through the door it was a strange looking man with brown hair, he came up to the aircon and took off the top of it, he said something like “ oh it’s very broken ” or something like that but then something weird happened when I went close to him, The stranger said ”If your dog comes anywhere near me I will kill him/her”. Then I sprung into action and started barking and biting him until he left the building. Anyway later that day he left, but then not long after someone else came through the door, IT WAS VICTORIA!!!!!!! I was so happy I jumped up on her and started licking her like it was the last time I was going to see her. Then a few days later the same man came and did the exact same thing, but when I barked this time he pulled his knife out I ran to auntie five (the auntie of Victoria) and she called the police to arrest him but when the police got here the weird man tried to kill fevi but I was lucky enough to be there, I bit his pants and pulled him to the door, luckily the police were outside, he was taken away and thrown in prison.

Tigger Another dog

“Hi my name is Tigger and I am going to be telling you a bit about my life”. When I was adopted there was a strange looking man his name was Dennis. When we got to my new home I meet a girl named Victoria and I also meet a girl named Natalia, Victoria was so excited that she squeezed me so tightly that I almost died. But then I noticed another dog her name was pepper, for many weeks I begged her to play with me but then I learned to not disturb her unless she says so. So basically my life is the best life in the world with my big happy family.I have had many owners in my life I think about 5-6 owners may be more but they all have one thing in common, they all gave me away. I don't know why but it broke my heart until I came to this home. It is the best home that you could ever have I even have my sister here I thought that she died but she was here all along. When I arrived here I was a bit nervous but after a few months, I got used to it. When I went out for a walk for the first time with a new owner I felt a little weird doing my business in front of them so I hid behind a tree and did my business. But after a while, I got used to it and I didn't mind anymore. I'm always used to hiding away from my dog so I won't be seen. but one day I was found by a lady called Yelena. She took me to a place called “HOME?” I was confused what home was. I Thought that

home was a green type of fruit, I live in the jungle so I didn’t understand anything. After a little time staying at Yelena’s house I found a sister, she was the cutest toy poodle I had ever seen. Wavy hair, perfect shaped face. I, of course, was all messed up. One day my sister told me “Oh you can be just like me if you want. But be yourself for today” She said this because it was my birthday. They made up a birthday for me cause they didn’t know what my real Bday was. After that, I felt normal just a dog that was an Abandoned.

Cheese Gangster dog

“Hi, You know that gangster dog walking down the street or seen in a car with my cool owner oh... it's fun, let me tell you about my secret life”. You know being a gangster dog is hard work but It’s easy for me. When my owner picked me up from the pet shop I fell in love with him straight away. I know this life is getting off to a great start. When I was still in the pet shop I was the most popular dog there everybody loved me, but when I was picked up I was the gangster of the neighborhood.

The splash of art

Once, my owner was painting a picture and dropped some paint on the floor, I licked it. “worst mistake in my life,” I said. I ended up in the hospital the next day. I was lying on the floor in my room, then out of nowhere I fainted, when I woke up there were a tone of people around me, I was in the hospital crying and barking asking myself “why I dared myself to eat paint”. I was moaning. Everyone was in a rush just for me, I had never been in a place that I was so important. I was petrified, I couldn't believe that I have just done something only a little bit naughty and this is what happened to me. I was confused and nervous, “Omg whats going to happen to me now,” I said. After a little rest I felt much better I saw stitches in my belly. I then saw a dog beside me


The growing bean

“Hi my name is Tina the dog that almost got eaten oh I was scared that coriander blew my socks off”,I’m one

Sophie’s favorite dogs,she was the light of my life but that all ended when I was taken by the soreness, boy he hurt me a lot I could’ve died. But I made it out alive, and now I am so happy to be back with my rightful owner.

The snake attack  Once I was having a walk with my owner and we were at the dog playground and then I decided while I was off leash I might as well take advantage of it and go into the woods, worst decision of my life, when I was in the forest I see something moving on the tree and on the floor, I stay as still as a rock, when it started moving closer I was so scared the I ran over it but what I didn't know was it was following me but it wasn't only that one snake it was both of them. I was running for my life until this puddle of Mudd got in my way, I quickly ran the way that the snakes were but I managed to get passed them but I almost got bitten by one of the snakes because when I was running I accidentally got too close to a snake and it opened itś mouth and tried to bite me but luckily when I ran to my owner. When I came home I quickly ran to my water bowl and chugged it all down and made sure the there was not a

single drop left. That night I was I couldn't sleep because I was thinking so much about the incident but guess what I'm so glad that actually didn't get bitten by that snake. but the night I had The worst nightmare I had a bite on me because of that incident But after that night I never had that nightmare again thank God I didn't have that nightmare again.

Dogs from gods We all know that anything can’t be perfect but we still believe that you can change the world, Not with one person but with a full group you can. If you ever want to be someone just remember that life is life and love yourself. “WE ARE ALL DOGS!! And nothing can change that, not even a wizard or a witch” Pepper said. “Ha Ha like they really exist,” Tigger said “any way we are all a team and we will never fall apart” “we are strong and tough like a rock,” Frankie said “And nothing can stop us from being who we are” And all the of us shouted….. “WE ARE DOGS AND NOTHING CAN CHANGE THAT “!!!!!!!!!

Dog life  

Hey, guys, this is 365 days of dog life

Dog life  

Hey, guys, this is 365 days of dog life