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Wallpaper Roomset

With all of its rich patterning, jewel-like palette and glowing metallic highlights, our Persian-styled wall and ceiling papers have been designed to capture the exotic feel of the “Luxurious East.�

Wall Elements

Ceiling Elements

Persian Frieze PR-FZB-1

Persian Ceiling in Vanilla PR-CLG-1

Persian Fringe Border in Cream PR-FRG-1

Cream PR-CLG-3

Apricot PR-CLG-2

Persian Enrichment in Ink PR-ENR-7

Persian Wall Fill in Cream PR-PWL-3

Cadet PR-ENR-6

Terra Cotta PR-ENR-4

Persian Fringe Border in Apricot PR-FRG-2

Apricot PR-PWL-2

Terra Cotta PR-PWL-4 Persian Corner Ornaments PR-CRN-1

Persian Wall Fill in Cream.

Burgundy PR-ENR-5

Persian Ceiling Border PR-CBD-7

Persian Jewel Trim PR-JWL-1

Persian Star Fill in Ink PR-STR-7

Example of an ornate ceiling with corner ornaments, a center medallion and pendants.

Persian Star Fill in Cadet PR-STR-6

Persian Roundel PR-RON-1

Persian Pendant PR-PND-1 Persian Medallion PR-MDL-1

Persian Fringe trimmed along its edge and paired with Persian Wall Fill in Cream.

Persian Roomset: Product Information

How to Order

The icons below illustrate how each pattern is hand printed on an untrimmed 30-inch wide roll of paper.

Orders are accepted by phone, fax and mail. To order via fax or mail, you may use our Sample Order & Printing Reservation form. Extra forms may be downloaded from the Services section of our website.

Persian Wall Fill Sold by the single roll. Each roll contains 30 sq. ft., roll dimensions: 27" x 15'. Repeat: 13.5" Straight Match, Price code: B

Persian Frieze Sold by the yard. 18" high, Repeat: 13.5", Price code: T

Persian Fringe Sold by the yard. 14.5" high, Repeat: 13.5", Price code: T

Our Persian Frieze can be used alone or with the Persian Fringe below it for a richer, more opulent effect.

This elaborate border is best used below and lined up with the Persian Frieze. The Fringe can also be trimmed along its zig-zagging edge for a die-cut effect.

Persian Corner Ornaments Sold by the yard. 19.5" wide x 28.5" long (each), Two per yard (left and right facing), Price code: T

Persian Ceiling Border Sold by the yard. 26" high, Repeat: 27", Price code: T

Persian Enrichment Sold by the yard. Repeat: 3.375", Straight match, Price code: N

Persian Ceiling Sold by the single roll. Each roll contains 30 sq. ft., roll dimensions: 27" x 15'. Repeat: 6.75" Straight Match, Price code: B

Persian Corner Ornaments are designed for the inside corner of the Ceiling Border. They can also be used to form arches on walls for a panelized effect. Persian Star Sold by the single roll. Each roll contains 30 sq. ft., roll dimensions: 27" x 15'. Repeat: 27" Straight Match, Price code: A

Persian Star can be used for panels, enrichment or anywhere you want a celestial touch of the night sky. Persian Jewel Trim Sold by the yard. 3.625" high, Repeat: 3", Four borders per width, Price code: R

Persian Pendant Sold by the yard. 9" wide x 12" high, Four per yard, Price code: T

The Persian Pendant is a small ornament that complements the Persian Medallion. We recommend that you order samples for color matching, as photographs cannot accurately recreate the effects of our metallic inks and flat pigments. Samples are available to order online at or by calling 707.746.1900.

Printing Reservations Our Persian Wallpaper collection is printed by hand in our Benicia studio. Although we keep some patterns in stock, most of our designs are printed to order and lead times may vary. Printing reservations are scheduled upon receipt of full payment. Design Service For a reasonable fee, our in-house Design Service can help you plan a unique ceiling and wall layout for your interior. The service includes a detailed scale drawing which can be used as an installation guide, as well as for accurate quantity and cost estimates. Call for a free Design Service Kit or download it directly from the Services section at Any Questions? We are a small firm and take great pride in giving individualized attention to our clients. If you have a question, please give us a call or e-mail us at We guarantee our craftsmanship. Any defective printing may be returned for replacement or a full cash refund.

Bradbury & Bradbury Art Wallpapers


Persian Medallion Sold by the yard. 25" wide x 36" long, One per yard, Price code: T

Persian Roundel Sold by the yard. 7.5" wide x 10" high, Six per yard, Price code: T

The Persian Roundel is designed for one use: to cover the miter cut where the Ceiling Borders join.

P.O. Box 155 Benicia, CA 94510 707.746.1900 fax 707.745.9417

Persian Wallpaper Collection