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o doubt we were all saddened by the devastation caused by the Swinley Forest fires early in May. The area is a favourite for walking our dogs and many other leisure activities, and its beauty has been the subject of 100s of photographs, a number of which have been featured on the front page of this magazine. This month we have included a report on the fires and, as you will see, our front cover picture, taken by local photographer, Ian Emery, is an eerie reminder of the damage that was done. I would like to dedicate this edition to our Emergency Services and all those who supported them during their quest to get the fires under control.






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Cover Photograph by Ian Emery © 2011

editor 3


Swinley Forest Fires


here is probably no-one in the Bracknell or Crowthorne areas that wasn’t affected in some way by the recent devastating fires in Swinley Forest. Whether we usually walk our dogs there, cycle or run through, or simply drive past, everyone will have been touched by it. The fire started on Wednesday 27th April, in the woodland near Foresters W ay bet ween Cr owthor ne and Bracknell, but it escalated on Monday 2nd May. At first, the attending Fire and Rescue crews were hopeful that the main fires, in four different areas, would all be under control by the Bank Holiday weekend, but there was little or no rain and flames continued to rage for over a week.

extinguished apart from some remaining underground hotspots. Swinley Forest is a mixed (coniferous and broadleaf) forest, the majority is owned and managed by the Forestry Commission with areas owned by Crown Estates. The area affected by the fire covered 300 hectares, of which 55% was damaged by fire and forestry clearing operations.

The Stop message for the forest fire at Swinley Forest, Crowthorne, was issued at 17:43 on Sunday 8th May. This was the largest incident, in terms of resources and length of operations, ever dealt with by Royal Berkshire Fire and Rescue Service.

Resources used:


A Stop message is sent when an incident is being scaled down, i.e. no additional resources are required and existing resources on scene have been reduced. The fire was now largely 4

Twelve fire and rescue services (Royal Berkshire, London, Surrey, Hampshire, Wiltshire, Buckinghamshire, Oxfordshire, West Midlands, Gloucestershire, Hertfordshire, Northamptonshire and wildfire experts from Northumberland)

• • •

• • • • • • • • • • • •

Deputy Chief Fire Officer Olaf Baars said: “This has been an exceptionally difficult and challenging operation. I would like to pay tribute to the contribution of our fellow fire and rescue services, who have been unstinting with their support. I would also like to thank the volunteers of the Women’s Royal Voluntary Service (WRVS) who staffed the catering unit when Hampshire’s catering unit was not on site and produced literally thousands of sandwiches and hot drinks, on a round the clock basis, which helped to maintain morale.

Eighteen Jets Twenty-one hose reels Two High Volume Pump (HVP) 6.5 kilometre water relays (ie 13 kilometres) from open water supplying three water supply lines One water relay of three pumps from 21” towns main, four hydrants, four fire and rescue service Water Bowsers and three Forestry Commission Water Bowsers Four portable dams Eight Light Portable Pumps Ten HVPs Ten various off road pumps One Urban Search and Rescue (USAR) Module One military fuel tanker Forestry Commission resources: One large mulcher One tractor mounted mulcher Three 360 degree slew excavators Two tractor mounted excavators Four forestry teams involved in felling operations

“ T h a m e s Valley Police, Bracknell Forest Council, the Forestry Commission and Crown Estates have s h o w n outstanding support and have helped us in managing the impact of this incident. I would also like to thank members of the public in the area for their patience and understanding. Most of them took notice of our requests to stay away from the area and many local people provided sweets, cakes and biscuits for the crews, which was much appreciated.

By the Monday 9th May it was been possible to reduce the level and intensity of the operational response, there was a continuing risk that remaining hotspots may flare up, particularly as temperatures rose and the strong winds continued. RBFRS handed the forest back to land m anagem ent on T uesday 10th May. Once fire and rescue service operations finished there was an ongoing presence for a few days whilst recovery of the HVP assets were completed.

“This is one of the largest incidents that the fire and rescue service has dealt with since World War II and I am proud of the way in which we have all responded.” Article reproduced courtesy of




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M T Mof Y G ake







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Many residents think the housing target is based on obsolete data (87%), and want to see it reduced to reflect the economic recession and consequent downturn in the local housing market (92%)

Local Residents' Survey has been carried out by three local residents' groups to try to establish an accurate picture of local opinion on Bracknell Forest Council's planned housing developments up to 2026.

The results also showed poor notification of the public consultation by the Council (69% did not see or receive any notification); that a majority of residents (51%) found the consultation portal website difficult to use; and that many (68%) therefore did not submit their views in this way.

1,681 local residents responded to the joint survey conducted between February and May by the Binfield Village Protection Society, the Crowthorne Village Action Group and the Northern Arc Action Group. The groups joined forces to seek the views of local people in response to widespread concerns that the council's own public consultation on its proposed new development sites did not make residents aware of the issues effectively, and that the approach being used to gather opinion was flawed.

Comments demonstrated that many residents understand the need for additional housing but are strongly opposed to overdevelopment, and to the loss of surrounding countryside which was a major reason for many to move to Bracknell Forest. They want to see a m o r e c a ut i o u s h o us i n g development programme that rolls out gradually within the time frame across the whole borough, in line with the new recession-hit scaled back plans for the town centre.

The council proposes to build over 10,000 new homes in the borough between 2006 and 2026. In addition to Jennetts Park and Amen Corner South, which are already approved for housing, it is also planned to build on Blue Mountain golf course and the circus field (Amen Corner North) at Binfield; Quelm Park, Warfield; and the TRL and Broadmoor sites in Crowthorne.

It was clear that a vast majority of residents believe it is time for the Council to take a responsible stand and fight robustly against moves by developers to build on the remaining free land in the Bracknell Forest countryside and on green gaps between communities.

The ten survey questions were designed to address the difficult issues involved in development of this scale and not the specific sites proposed for development by the council. The survey was available online and via paper copies of the questionnaire distributed through public places such as shops and libraries, as well as door to door in some places.

The three residents' groups are calling on the Council to respond to the wishes of local residents, and to re-think and scale down their major housing development programme to meet today's changed needs, just as they have needed to do with the town centre regeneration.

Responses received were broadly consistent across all local postcodes, and prove that Bracknell Forest Council's housing development plans are very much out of line with what residents want.

By developing the two programmes hand in hand, the town centre regeneration would be boosted by the redevelopment of old, empty office blocks and commercial premises into modern homes, which would bring continuous life into the town centre and transform it into a vibrant hub. This would meet the overwhelming demand shown by the majority of residents to see aged empty eyesores redeveloped as first choice sites for new housing instead of countryside and green gaps between communities.

A clear indication emerged of the way in which an overwhelming majority of residents responding to this survey want to see future housing develop in the borough up to 2026. The most significant findings of the survey were:

The three groups involved in the joint survey wish to make it clear that they are not politically aligned, do not support NIMBYism, and are not against new homes being built in Bracknell Forest. They have a responsible attitude towards trying to solve the issues raised by the need for additional housing in Bracknell Forest, and would like to work with the Council in trying to achieve this in line with the wishes of local residents.

A vast majority of residents want the countryside and green gaps between established communities protected from building (97%), and empty office blocks and commercial premises redeveloped as first choice sites for new homes (96%) Residents want new housing spread more evenly across the borough (78%) to disperse its impact on the local infrastructure. Most (97%) are seriously concerned that the current infrastructure would be unable to support the large concentrations of additional houses proposed

A free copy of the full Survey Report can be downloaded from



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Men are notoriously backwards at coming forwards when physical symptoms suggest they may need to see a doctor. While that's not a problem if they've got man flu, it can be life-threatening if their symptoms are caused by something as serious as cancer. Prostate cancer is the most common male cancer in the UK, killing 10,000 men a year, yet many are ignoring its potential symptoms, or don't know what they are in the first place. The same can be said for testicular cancer, and the much rarer penile cancer. New research released by Orchid, the male cancer charity, has found that 68% of men either don't know or are unsure about how to check for the signs of male cancer. More than a third of those surveyed admitted that they wouldn't go to their doctor unless they were "ill enough", with a further 33% preferring to "tough it out". It's this life-threatening procrastination, as well as the failure to recognise symptoms, that has prompted Orchid to launch the new campaign 'His Health In Your Hands' which marked the annual Orchid Male Cancer Awareness Week (April 11-17).

The campaign is calling on women to be proactive in encouraging their man to be aware of the symptoms of the three male specific cancers - testicular, penile and prostate - so they seek advice as early as possible. Orchid found that one in five men would rely on their partner to make their GP appointment should they discover a lump in their testis, for example. However, 53% of m en s urveyed wouldn't go to their GP if they suspected a health problem, preferring to try the internet or family and friends for information first. Rebecca Porta, chief executive of Orchid, says: "Male cancer awareness is a significant problem in the UK today and it can still be a challenge to get men to take their health seriously. "As this research shows, we all have a role to play in working together to fight male cancer, whether it's to encourage selfchecks or to seek medical advice and information. "We're calling on all women to be proactive in encouraging the man in their lives - their husband, father, son, brother - to be more male cancer aware."


The big three


Prostate cancer mainly affects men over the age of 65, and in nearly half of cases the disease will have spread before diagnosis, making it far harder to treat. Symptoms of prostate cancer are similar to benign prostate enlargement, which can be cured fairly easily. They include passing urine more frequently and having difficulty (and occasionally pain or blood) when passing urine. Testicular cancer is the most common cancer among men aged 15-45, affecting 2,000 a year. In more than a third of cases, the disease has spread before diagnosis. The usual symptom is a lump or swelling in a testicle, most commonly found on the front or side. Other symptoms can include a dull ache or sharp pain in the testicles or scrotum, a dull ache in the lower abdomen, or a sudden collection of fluid in the scrotum.

20 or 30 years. There's a huge spectrum and that's why it's so difficult to treat." However, he says that older men with prostate cancer should be aware that the disease is extremely common, and there are many treatment options, including simply monitoring the cancer, and hormone therapy. Other treatments are similar to those for testicular and penile cancer, and include surgery and radiotherapy. Chemotherapy may also be an option, but is generally used only for advanced prostate cancer. Powles says women are needed to encourage men to seek help simply because "men are so bad at it".

Research has shown that less than 4% of testicular lumps are cancerous, but it's vital to see a doctor straight away to have it checked as, if caught early enough, testicular cancer has a cure rate of more than 95%. It can also mean a man's fertility is usually preserved, although it may be affected when there's been a late diagnosis and chemotherapy is used. Penile cancer is much rarer, with less than 400 cases annually. It mainly affects men over the age of 60, although there are younger cases. A quarter of those diagnosed with this won't survive.

With regards to testicular cancer in younger men, he adds: "Young men feel pretty indestructible. They don't want to worry about a cancer diagnosis, and many don't realise how curable testes cancer is if you catch it early. "If a woman's partner notices a lump, she shouldn't let him ignore it."

The first sign of penile cancer can be a change in skin colour and skin thickening. Later symptoms include a growth or sore on the penis. There may also be discharge or bleeding, however, these symptoms are more likely to be other benign conditions.

Tips for women: • Make it easy for him - give him the number and address of the GP, and go with him.

Being body aware Men of all ages should make sure they know what's normal and what's not. Dr Tom Powles, a senior lecturer in medical oncology at the Barts Cancer Institute, explains: "There shouldn't be any lumps in the testis itself. The problem is that testicular cancer is painless and goes slowly, so men don't tend to worry about it too much - they think it'll go away."

• Remind him that ignoring a worrying symptom won't make it go away. A visit to the GP will reassure him everything is OK, or will ensure prompt attention.

He says he's seen men with a cancer making the testicle the size of an orange, and stresses: "They thought it would get better with time. It doesn't happen as much as it used to, but it still happens."

• Encourage him to write down any questions before going to the GP and make sure he gets the answers.

Powles says prostate cancer is far more common, and points out that there are many different varieties, and it's not clear how lethal early prostate cancer is. "There are types of prostate cancer that can rage like a forest fire, and others that don't cause any problems at all for

• If all else fails use guilt - tell him you're worried.

• Try to understand what the obstacle is - is he worried about receiving bad news, or is there a family history of illness? Let him know you understand.

• Find out as much as possible about his symptoms and talk about them - but don't diagnose.

• Avoid nagging. Be supportive, encouraging and determined.


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Berkshire Search and Rescue Dogs News about the activities and achievements of Berkshire’s Canine Heroes and their Owners

Monthly Update


Haven't we had an eventful time recently with fantastic weather and the terrible fire at Swinley Forest? Unfortunately a lot of the area affected by the fire we use for training, so we are still on the look out for some new areas to use. If anyone knows of anywhere please do get in touch. We have only been on one callout, which was in Berkshire, since the last edition so hopefully people are enjoying our early summer! Many of the team have been making the best use of this and taking part in lots of extra training and having mock assessment to prepare themselves for future assessments. Lots of fun events are coming up for us. There is a "friendly" Search & Rescue Olympics being held soon which we are taking part in and hope to do quite well. This should be a great family day for lots of the Search & Rescue teams and some friendly rivalry at the games too! Hopefully not too many injuries though. We will also have a stand and be doing some demonstrations at the Hurst Horse Show weekend on 25th and 26th June. If you are nearby please do pop along as it is a lovely event for families with lots of varied stalls and demonstrations to keep everyone entertained.


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Parks and Countryside Events

A wide range of events and activities take place in the parks and countryside sites of Bracknell Forest throughout the year including walks, talks, volunteering and educational activities for the public.

Walking Events for May 2011

Other Events for May 2011

Discover the Countryside

Volunteers Week 1- 7 June 2011 Discover volunteer opportunities for yourself. Why not try your hand at step building with the Bracknell Conservation Volunteers at Bill Hill, Bracknell on Tuesday 7th June 2011 between 9.30am - 3pm. For more information contact: 01344 354441 Friday 3 June 10am – 12pm WildOnes: Pond dipping delights at Sandhurst Community Hall 5 – 11 year olds Craft: Dip into the world of ponds by discovering the bugs living underwater. Bring: A plain t-shirt for painting on, suitable clothing & footwear. Cost: £3.50 for materials. Meet: Sandhurst Community Hall, Sandhurst Memorial Park, Yorktown Rd, GU47 9BJ. Booking required. Saturday 4 June Anytime between 10am - 10pm Northerams Wood Bio-Blitz Suitable for all ages. Conservation: 12 hours of non-stop wildlife recording at this ancient woodland site. Hunt for birds, wildflowers and bats alongside local experts. Bring: Wildlife books and binoculars if you have them, suitable footwear. Meet: Northerams Wood next to Ringmead Playing Fields, car parking at Great Hollands Allotments, off Ringmead, opposite Wheatley, Bracknell, RG12 8UF. Grid ref. SU856 680. Sunday 12 June 11am – 4pm Open Farm Sunday at Jealotts Hill Farm, Warfield, RG42 6EX Activity: Cows, calves, sheep and crops – a day for all the family to see a working farm. For further information see: Saturday 25 June 2pm – 3pm South Hill Park - tour of the grounds Suitable for all ages. Walk: Guided walk to discover the progress of the exciting Heritage Lottery funded restoration works to the grounds of this Grade II Registered Park of Special Historic Interest. Meet: South Hill Park Art Centre main entrance, Ringmead, Bracknell, RG12 7PA.

Mid-week walk, starting at 10:30am Tuesday June 28 - Rambler Around Cabbage Hill Meet: Jocks Lane Recreation Ground car park, off B3018 Binfield Road, Bracknell, RG12 2BH. Map Ref: 859 704

Walk with the Rangers Get active and keep fit. Take a steady walk for 3 miles at 3mph. On the second Wednesday of the month at 10am: June 8 – Copse, ponds and woods Meet: Domesday Copse car park, Wildridings Road – Opposite Crossfell, Bracknell, RG12 7RX.

Litter Busting Events - Take Pride in Bracknell Forest Conservation: Litter pickers to the ready! Join the site Ranger in a clean up of these wildlife havens. Suitable for all ages. Refreshments, gloves and tools will be provided. Saturday 18 June 1pm – 3pm Take Pride: Worlds End and Farningham Ride Clean Up! Meet: Forest Park Shops car park, Horndean Road, Bracknell, RG12 0XQ.


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July 16th & 17th 2011



N aerobatic display team that attended the second International Air Tattoo in 1972 is set to return to the UK this summer to mark the 40th anniversary of what has since become the world’s largest military airshow.

aircraft from the NATO Tiger Association. ‘Tiger’ aircraft come from NATO squadrons that have a Tiger or Big Cat in their emblem and their association marks its 50th anniversary in 2011. The ‘operational’ spotlight STAR 11 will focus on aircraft and equipment involved in the roles of Strike and Reconnaissance.

Les Diables Rouges (The Red Devils) aerobatic display team, part of the Belgian Air Force, will be taking part in the Air Tattoo at RAF Fairford in Gloucestershire on July 16 & 17. In 1972, the two-ship team took part in the airshow when it was staged at North Weald airfield. The pilots flew Fouga Magisters. Five years later, the team disbanded. However, the Red Devils have now reformed, flying SF-260 aircraft, and they plan to return to the Air Tattoo in the summer to celebrate their historic links with the airshow. A spokesman for the Red Devils said he was delighted the new team would be taking part in the Air Tattoo. He said: “I hope our participation will serve to emphasise not only our historical links but also the enduring relationship that exists between the Belgian Air Force at the Air Tattoo.” Air Tattoo Chief Executive Tim Prince, who helped found the airshow in 1971, said the Red Devils’ would help conjure up a wonderful sense of nostalgia at this summer’s event. He said: “We had some good times at those early shows and I recall the Diables Rouges, with their Fouga Magisters, performed beautifully. It is a great honour to see them return for this special occasion.”

Tickets are available by visiting or calling 0800 107 1940. All tickets must be purchased in advance. All accompanied under-16s go free.

In addition to celebrating its 40th anniversary, this summer’s Air Tattoo, on July 16-17, will host a gathering of specially-decorated ‘Tiger’



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Millions could receive

PPI Payout As many as three million customers who took out credit cards or unsecured loans from 2005 onwards could collect compensation payouts running into four figures, although many might not know it and have yet to make a complaint. A key High Court decision rejected a challenge from the British Bankers' Association (BBA) and ordered the banks to review 1.5 million compensation claims so far for mis-sold payment protection insurance (PPI). It means PPI could now generate more complaints than any other financial product ever sold. At stake for individual consumers is a share of ÂŁ4.5 billion which high street banks might eventually have to pay out for their mis-selling of PPI. The potential bill is so huge that bank customers could be squeezed by higher fees and charges. Campaigners, naturally, are cock-a-hoop at this latest victory in a long-running battle. Mart in Lewis, at his website M oneyS avi ngEx pert .c om, say s: “Systemic mis-selling of loan and credit card PPI is one of the biggest financial services scandals ever. And it just got tasty. "The banks got a whupping in court. Banks were in the High Court to kibosh the regulator, the FSA's attempt to make them contact people they've mis-sold to, even if they haven't complained. But the judge kicked the case out.


Finance “As this could mean shelling out £3 billion to three million people, banks are likely to appeal, which could sadly take years.”

In the first instance, consumers who think they were mis-sold PPI should contact the organisation which sold them the insurance. If the claim is rejected, or no answer provided in eight weeks, consumers can go to the Financial Ombudsman Service.

More than 16 million PPI policies were sold - and the Financial Ombudsman Service (FOS) is receiving about 5,000 new claims each week. Its caseload on PPI rocketed from 833 cases in 2005 to more than 49,000 in 2010.

In deciding their case, the ombudsman will focus on the sale process - whether providers met all their obligations in providing the right advice and explaining how the policy would work.

The FOS upholds the great majority of PPI claims, with an average payout of £2,750. In theory, PPI pays out when borrowers lose their regular income because of accident, illness or unemployment.

The ombudsman has criticised providers, and specialist claims management companies who take up cases for clients, for failing to address key issues.

Policies have been sold alongside mortgages, credit cards and unsecured loans, often with a lump sum premium added to the amount borrowed, so interest is charged on both amounts from the start of the policy.

To make the complaint by themselves, consumers can download a template letter from consumer group Which? at A similar guide is available at

Shane Craig at Paymentcare, an independent broker selling PPI, said: "If sold responsibly, PPI has a respectable role to play, particularly in recessionary times when circumstances for households can change drastically and without warning.

The High Court decision could also boost the workload for claims management companies, which typically take a 25% slice of any payout, and often also an upfront fee. At claims firm Brunel Franklin, managing director Sally Bowyer says: "The High Court decision is a triumph for consumers and for common sense. We always believed the banks' legal arguments were flawed and we are pleased that consumers now appear free to claim refunds we believe they were always entitled to.

More than 16 million PPI policies were sold and the Financial Ombudsman Service (FOS) is receiving about 5,000 new claims each week. "For some people, PPI is an essential safety net. But the key distinction with our service is that consumers must voluntarily apply for a policy because they believe it is in their best interest.

"Invariably, these are consumers whose credit worthiness or financial stability is of a lesser standing, who often think there is no real alternative to taking a PPI policy."

"Of course the legal process may continue with a further appeal. The net result of these expensive legal proceedings is that no stay exists on PPI cases, and consumers can continue to claim refunds against missold PPI in the normal way." Bowyer maintains that specialist claims companies know best if a claim will succeed and how to push it through what could be a log-jam of cases.

In tens of thousands of cases, however, PPI was sold to people who would not have been able to make a successful claim in any case: The self-employed, stayat-home mothers and pensioners who would not be able to claim on a policy designed to cover unemployment. In other cases, previous medical history would have invalidated claims arising from poor health. Some borrowers, particularly those with in-store credit cards, may not have realised they bought PPI by ticking a box.

"If a monthly repayment figure was quoted when you took a loan or credit card and the phrase, 'you are fully protected' or 'it includes protection' was used, there is a chance you may have PPI and were mis-sold it," she says. "Even if these phrases were not mentioned, it is still possible you have PPI which was mis-sold; check your paperwork as soon as possible on credit card agreements, loan agreements and agreements for any other finance taken out in the last six years."

In effect, the High Court decided that banks and other sellers of insurance had a duty of care to treat customers fairly and must contact consumers who may have been mis-sold PPI.

There is no fee on unsuccessful cases. The Financial Ombudsman Service claims to have refined its documentation to speed its complaints procedure but it could be massively busy in this area for years to come.

"The mis-selling claims, by contrast, result when PPI policies are forced on to somebody - usually by providers of credit cards and unsecured loans.




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Doctors Crownwood Medical Centre 4a Crown Row Crown Wood RG12 0TH Tel: 01344 310202 Forest End Medical Centre Ringmead Birch Hill RG12 7PG Tel: 01344 421364 Ringmead Medical Practice – Birch Hill Birch Hill Medical Centre Leppington Bracknell RG12 7WW Tel: 0844 477 3609


The Waterfield Practice Ralphs Ride Harmans Water RG12 9LH Tel: 01344 454626 Boundary House Surgery Mount Lane Bracknell RG12 9PG Tel: 01344 483900 Dr Arora & Partners Great Hollands Square Bracknell RG12 8WY Tel: 08444 773867 Ringmead Medical Practice Great Hollands Great Hollands Health Centre Great Hollands Square Bracknell RG12 8WY Tel: 0844 4773614


Dr Tay Skimped Hill Lane Bracknell RG12 1LH Tel: 01344 306936 Balfron Practice Skimped Hill Health Centre Skimped Hill Lane Bracknell RG12 1LH Tel: 01344 306613 The Waterfield Practice Warfield Green Medical Centre 1 County Lane Warfield RG42 3JP Tel: 01344 869771 The Gainsborough Practice Warfield Green Medical Centre 1 County Lane Warfield RG42 3JP Tel: 01344 428742

Dentists Crown Wood Dental Surgery 10 Crown Row Bracknell RG12 0TH Tel: 01344 482882 The Dental Centre Ltd (PDS) 50A Ripplesmere Harmanswater RG12 9QA Tel: 01344 425522 Dental Surgery 12 Bywood Bracknell RG12 7RF Tel: 01344 425477

The Dental Centre Ltd (Bracknell) Dental Surgery 28a Charles Square Bracknell RG12 1DF Tel: 01344 427321 Park House Dental Surgery 20 Park Road Bracknell RG12 2LU Tel: 01344 425522 Crossways Dental Surgery 11-13 High Street Bracknell RG12 1DL Tel: 01344 484466 The Dental Centre Ltd (Broadway) Broadway Dental Surgery 114a The Broadway Bracknell RG12 1AR Tel: 01344 423881 Community Dental Clinic Skimped Hill Health Centre Skimped Hill Bracknell RG12 1LH Tel: 01344 458125 Rounds Hill Dental Practice 8 Wokingham Road Bracknell RG42 1PB Tel: 01344 640022 Dental Surgery 129 Binfield Road Bracknell RG42 2BD Tel: 01344 426000 Warwick House Dental Surgery 104 Moordale Avenue Bracknell RG42 1SY Tel: 01344 423884

Chemists Birch Hill Pharmacy 97 Liscombe Birch Hill Bracknell RG12 7DE 01344 423828 Easthampstead Pharmacy 8 Rectory Row Easthampstead Bracknell RG12 7BN 01344 421755 Great Hollands Pharmacy 6 Great Hollands Square Great Hollands Bracknell RG12 8UX 01344 420293 Bullbrook Pharmacy 3 Bullbrook Row Bracknell RG12 2NL 01344 454012 Lloyds Pharmacy 3 Market Place Bracknell RG12 1DT 01344 489188 Lloyds Pharmacy Terrace Road North Binfield RG12 5JG 01344 868486 Moss Chemists 5 The Square Harmanswater Bracknell RG12 3LP 01344 425599



Deepfield Road Dental Practice 68 Deepfield Road Bracknell RG12 2NX Tel: 01344 454874


Churches Church Groups Living Word Community Fellowship 61 Brownrigg Crescent Bracknell RG12 2PY Tel: 01344 442659 Great Hollands Free Church P.O Box 3975 Bracknell RG12 8ZE Tel: 01344 426861

Church & Community

St. Michael & St. Mary Magdalene (Parish Office) Crowthorne Rd Easthampsted Bracknell RG12 7ER Tel: 01344 425205 Easthampstead Baptist Church South Hill Rd Bracknell RG12 7NS Tel: 01344 487744 Kerith Community Church The Kerith Centre Church Rd Bracknell RG12 1EH Tel: 01344 862699 St. Pauls United Reformed Church The Square Bracknell RG12 9LP Tel: 01344 304626 Emmanuel Chapel Netherton Bracknell RG12 7DX Tel: 01344 451693 Bracknell Methodist Church Shepherds Lane Bracknell RG42 2DD Tel: 01344 411417


St. Joseph R.C Church Stanley Walk Bracknell RG12 1HA Tel: 01344 425729 Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints Ringmead Hanworth Bracknell RG12 7AT Tel: 01344 455839 St. Margaret Clitherow R.C Church 202 Ringmead Hanworth Bracknell RG12 7AT Tel: 01344 423093 New Covenant (Pentecostal) Church Crowthorne Rd North Bracknell RG12 7AU Tel: 01344 300018 Newbold Church (Seventh Day Adventist Church) Popeswood Road Binfield Bracknell RG42 4AN Tel: 01344 401792 The Redeemed Christian Church of God Bracknell Victorious Assembly Parish (BVA) Easthampstead & Wildridings Community Centre Rectory Lane Bracknell ,RG12 7BH. Tel: 07932609035 Email:

Warfield Church Congregations

Parish Office Langley Hall The Ring Bracknell RG12 1HD Tel: 01344 867383

St Michael the Archangel Warfield RG42 6EG All Saints Warfield Church of England Primary School Warfield RG42 3SS

Holy Trinity Church The Ring Bracknell RG12 1HD

St Peter's Whitegrove Primary School Westmorland Drive RG42 3QS

St. Andrew's Church Priestwood Court Road Priestwood Bracknell RG42 1TU

Eternity Bullbrook Holly Spring School Bullbrook RG12 2SW

St. Paul's, Harmanswater Lowbury, Harman's water, Bracknell, RG12 9HY

Eternity Youth Church St Michael the Archangel

Contact Warfield Church Office for details: 01344 886900

Community Centres Great Holland Neighbourhood Organisation

2 Great Hollands Square Bracknell RG12 8UX Tel: 01344 422170 Martins Heron & The Warren Community Centre

Whitton Rd Bracknell RG12 9TZ Email: community.centre@

Birch Hill Community Centre

Leppington Bracknell RG12 7WW Tel: 01344 302660 Hanworth Community Association

The Pine Community Centre Hanworth Rd Hanworth Bracknell RG12 7WX Tel: 01344 423487


Crown Wood Community Association

Opladen Way Crown Wood Bracknell RG12 0PE Tel: 01344 451822 Forest Park Community Centre

Horndean Road Forest Park Bracknell RG12 0XQ Tel: 01344 302872 Email:


Bracknell Team Ministry

National Help Lines

Help Lines and Support Groups

Fire/Police/Ambulance NHS Direct Aids Helpline Alcoholics Anonymous Age Concern Childline Cruse Bereavement Counselling Disability Drugs Helpline Environment Agency Family Tracing Family Planning Assoc Gamblers Anonymous Lone Parent Missing Persons National Debt Line NSPCC Rape & Abuse Line RSPCA Samaritans Shelter Line Victim Support Women’s Aid

999 0845 4647 0800 567123 08457 697555 0800 009966 0800 1111 0870 167 1677 01302 310123 0800 776600 0800 807060 020 7367 4747 020 7837 4044 020 7384 3040 0800 018 5026 0500 700700 0808 808 4000 0800 800500 0808 8000 123 0870 5555 999 08457 909090 0808 800 4444 0845 3030 900 08457 023468

Support Groups Ostomate Support Group Martins Heron & The Warren Community Centre (Near Tesco) Whitton Road, Martins Heron Mondays 2.00-4.00pm Contact: Jackie Dudley 01344 426652 E-Mail: Bracknell Area Deaf & Hard of Hearing Club Meeting every first and third Monday 2-4pm Kerith Centre off Church Road, Bracknell

COFFEE BREAK SOLUTIONS Across: 7 Limpid, 8 Voyage, 10 Servile, 11 Fling, 12 Envy, 13 Adorn, 17 Batch, 18 Dial, 22 Robot, 23 Nucleus, 24 Drowsy, 25 Tousle Down: 1 Fluster, 2 Improve, 3 Vigil, 4 Conform, 5 Panic, 6 Beige, 9 Mendicant, 14 Fantasy, 15 Diverse, 16 Bluster, 19 Pride, 20 Abhor, 21 Actor


The Alzheimer's Society in Bracknell and Surrounding Areas

2 regular weekly meetings Singing for The Brain Each Monday, 10.30am to 12 noon Langley Hall, Holy Trinity Church The Ring, Bracknell Town Centre. Drop In Service Every Wednesday, 10am to 12 noon The Look In Cafe, 44 The Broadway Bracknell Town Centre.

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