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Byun Young Geun Meryl Booth

“A Wet Fog” - watercolor, 2016


Illustration is described as being far more commercial than other disciplines of art, but the clear line distinguishing arts, and consequently valuing one above the other, is slowly fading. Defining what it means to be an artist is also becoming a bit harder to pin down. Illustrator Byun Young Geun says he doesn’t completely identify as an artist due to the commercial core still existing at the heart of illustration. He simply paints what he wants to without any hidden message. However, upon viewing his striking paintings with their beautiful palettes and intriguing compositions, it is difficult to imagine that there is no ‘artistry’ involved. The use of negative space, light and soft detail make his paintings seem like a dream or a memory. His paintings are honest and unassuming allowing an observer to easily understand and enjoy the narratives. Byun developed his keen sense of visual storytelling by drawing inspiration from the cinematography of music


[b] june2016 online  
[b] june2016 online  

Byun Young Geun / Drawing Clown / Ha Ji Won / Olga Dermendji / VS / Andrea DeJong