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“X”- Digital Drawing, 2016

“Internet Sexual Abuse”- Digital Drawing, 2015

“Men”- Digital Drawing, 2015

“Stand there for a Moment ”- Digital Drawing 2015

“Diet”- Digital Drawing, 2015

Drawing Clown


“Ping Pong”- Digital Drawing, 2016

Gum is good. Well, that is, when it’s not on the bottom of your shoe. As seen in “Stand there for a Moment” (page 11) gum is indicative of all that is wrong with our society. Consumerism, waste and the human footprint. Woo Suk Hoon takes this world-weary and sometimes humorous approach with graphic illustrations that depict his surroundings. The artist, also known as Drawing Clown, creates impactful, striking images. Each one looks like a depiction of still life in presentday Korea captured in pop art.

The subject matter ranges from table tennis, men in business suits, religion, small dogs and dieting. With his medium of choice, Woo hints at the digital age of Korean culture that has emerged rapidly over the last few decades. In many ways Woo’s work is characterised by consumerism, not unlike the work of Barbara Kruger, Richard Hamilton and Andy Warhol. By using simple imagery and text he emphasizes blind consumerism in contemporary culture. In one image titled ”Trolls” (page 12) a small dog

stands amidst a backdrop of steely blue. Instead of a face, one human hand clasps over another open hand to form the dog’s head. Perhaps this image is a symbol of our power over animals, and the unfortunate trend of treating small dogs as objects or accessories. With ”Trolls,” Woo recognizes the struggle that these animals endure from their tiny glass confinements in the pet shop windows around Korea. In another piece titled “Diet” (page 11) the word DIET covers a donut, which is a single link in a large chain. People all over

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[b] june2016 online  

Byun Young Geun / Drawing Clown / Ha Ji Won / Olga Dermendji / VS / Andrea DeJong