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s e m i T r e g i T Volume 1, Issue 3

April 24, 2007

Northward Elementary

Current Events

by: Jeff Johnson

Inside this issue: Movie, Restaurant, & Book Reviews


What I Want to Be When I Grow Up


My Memory








A Word from the Editor


Teacher Interview


The Pig and the Elephant


Only one more month until schools gets out. I think it’s the best day ever unless you are getting held back. Midterms will be sent home on Thursday. The last report cards will be sent home on the last day of school.

on Friday, April 20th at 6:30pm. I went and thought it was fun, but what did you think. Feel free to take the Family Fun Night Test.

Family Fun Night Test What did you think of family fun night? A It was fun. B It was OK. C It was bad. Give your answer to Jeff Johnson, so that it can include it in the

Family Fun Night was a huge success. It kicked off

next issue.

Major League Baseball

by: Grant Boyd

The St. Louis Cardinals play May 4-6th at home against the Houston Astros. Then, May 7-9th they play in St. Louis against the Colorado Rockies.

April Birthdays By: Michelle VanCleave, Madison VanSicle, & Alli Moss

Austin Rexroad-Campbell Eric Ponder Kaleigh Smith

North Ward Memories My favorite memory is when the teachers do funny things. My favorite week was teacher institute week. To all the teachers you were all great! When the fourth grade students go to East Prairie, most students will miss you all a lot (I

by: Grace Hardwick

know I will). North Ward is a great school!

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Tiger Times

What I Want to Be When I Grow Up I want to be an art teacher because I love art. Art is really fun. I love to draw. My favorite thing to draw is animals and my family. I like coloring with colored pencils and crayons. I sometimes draw about my vacations. I wish I could draw all the time. When I have free time I sometimes draw. My favorite art project this year is making a Victorian House. I think Victorian houses are very beautiful and amazing. I drew a family portrait last year. It was very pretty. Mrs. Flavin is the person that inspires me to be an art teacher. I hope I can be an art teacher just like Mrs. Flavin. I think she is the best art teacher in the whole world! By: Noura Sutton When I grow up I want to be a country singer. I love singing because I think it builds character. I sing basically everyday. I sing in the shower and at bed time (when I should be going to bed, but I don’t). My goal is to make fifteen records by the time I’m thirty. I already wrote my own lyrics. My parents and my brother probably wonder if this is every going to end (I know my brother does). My lyrics tell basically who I am and what I do. I am very proud with what I want to accomplish in my life. By: Morgan Little

Movie Review

by: Michelle VanCleave & Madison Vansicle

Happy Feet is a movie about a penguin’s life. His dad dropped him when he was in the egg. The penguins should not drop the egg. When his Mom came home she loved him, but he wasn’t the normal Emper penguin. His dad tried to make him normal, but it didn’t work. When he went to school he didn’t have a heart song. When the other penguins graduated he didn’t, but he when ton the trip that they had for the ones that did graduate. He got broken from the others. He met other penguins, which he called them the little dudes. They were nice to him. They thought that humans were aliens. The “aliens” came to get him. And when he came back he had a blinking thing on his back. The reason it is called Happy Feet is because he likes to dance. So when the “aliens” came back they did the dance. The penguin dance!

Restaurant Review

by: Savannah, Lani, and Lindsey

We went to McDonald’s. The food was delicious. We all had a number 9, which is a 10 piece chicken McNuggets. To wash it down, we had Coke with Sprite in it. The service was terrific and fast! The bathrooms weren’t so clean. It was a good day to sit outside and eat. When we got our food it was warm and not at all cold. We recommend McDonalds to others.

Book Review

by: Ty Stanfield

The book, Bud Not Buddy by Christopher Paul Curtis was outstanding. It is about a black boy in the 1930s. He was an orphan. His mom died of a sickness. During his orphan time he gets to go with weird families. I would recommend this book.

Volume 1, Issue 3

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My Memory

by: Tiffany Blankenship The most memorable memory would have to be the teachers, especially when they do funny things. I would like to thank them all, so here THANK YOU! I would like to thank the students for keeping a good attitude and spirit, the classrooms, hallways, extra classes like art, music, and PE, and the counselor for being there for all problems. I’ll miss them. I hope when my little brother, Dakota gets to fourth grade he can have Mrs. S. Smith for a teacher. Thank you all. Survey: What is your favorite thing about spring? By: Grace Hardwick and Bridget Smith Storms– 7 Warm Weather– 21 Nature– 6 Riding your bike– 12 Fashions– 5 Spring Colors– 2


by: Bridget Smith Q: Where does a turtle go when it is raining? A: A shell-ter!

Q: What cake do mice like? A: Cheesecake! “Knock, Knock.” “Who’s there?” “Mountain.” “Mountain who?” “It’s Mountain Dew!”

A Word from the Editor Sports by: Kaleigh Smith & Maria Meyer

The Tuscola Baseball Team is off to a great start! Broc, Clayton, and John are very good players.

Thank you to everyone who has come out and written for The Tiger Times. I believe that everyone had a wonderful time writing for the paper. Let’s hear what some of the writers thought about the newspaper. Kaleigh Smith said, “I enjoyed writing for Tiger Times because I thought it would be

by: Miss Sniegowski

nice to be able to do something and make a difference.” Lani said, “I enjoyed making new friends from the articles that I wrote with them. The articles I did with them was a lot of fun!” Grant Boyd said, “The thing I enjoyed most about The Tiger Times newspaper is writing articles for the newspaper. Merci beaucoup for writing for the newspaper. Au revoir!

ry Northward Elementa

1201 North Prairie St. Tuscola, IL 61953 217.253.2712

“We’re on our way to becoming amazing authors, one month at a time.” ~Miss Sniegowski

Teacher Interview

by: Sarah Lemke and Dak ota Little

Mrs. Stanfield Where did you go to college ? Eastern Illinois University Do you have any hobbies? Reading, visiting with friends , spending time with my family. What is your favorite foo d? Lobster

If you could travel anywhe re, where would you go? The Rocky Mountains

We’re on the Web! ssmith/sniegowski/index.htm

What is your favorite spo rt to play? Baseball What is your favorite sub jects to teach? English and Science What is your favorite sea son? Fall What is your favorite anim al? White Harb Seal What is your favorite colo r? Robin egg blue What is your favorite state? Illinois

Last newspaper will be issued in May!

The Pig and the Elephant

by: Mark Timlin