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Business & Financial Mathematics 1911-2011 | Wilfrid Laurier University

1911-2011 | Wilfrid Laurier University

Business & Financial Mathematics


his program takes great advantage of the mutual support Financial Mathematics and Business can lend each other.

In the business courses, students learn about the many different internal and external business structures and relations, especially in management. In the mathematics courses, students gain the quantitative expertise needed to analyze risk in business and industry. The overall effect is to give successful graduates the

understanding of business practices, and the knowledge needed to understand the complex modern financial instruments used to manage risk and generate profits.

About the program

The academic program for the double degree BBA/BA Financial Math requires a minimum of 10 full-time academic study terms and successful completion of a minimum of 52 one-term (0.5-credit) courses, normally taken over a period of five years. These 52 courses (which are identified

and described in the Laurier Undergraduate Calendar at must include 24 specified business-related courses and 24 specified mathematics courses. The remaining four 0.5-credit electives can be chosen from business, mathematics or any other area of study.

Sample schedule: Honours Business & Honours Financial Math: Co-op Option Year 1


SEPTEMBER – DECEMBER • Introduction to Business Organization • Introduction to Programming • Introduction to Microeconomics • Introduction to Differential and Integral Calculus (two terms) OR Calculus I • Introductory Linear Algebra • Organizational Behaviour I • Multivariable Calculus • Differential Equations I • Set Theory • Introduction to Probability and Statistics

JANUARY – APRIL MAY – AUGUST • Functional Areas of the Organization Summer vacation • Introduction to Macroeconomics • Introduction to Mathematical Proofs • Introduction to Mathematics for Finance

• Calculus II • Introductory Linear Algebra • Introduction to Analysis • Financial Mathematics I • One non-business elective



• Introduction to Financial Accounting • Introduction to Complex Analysis • Introduction to Probability Theory • Computational Methods in Mathematics and Statistics • One non-business elective


• Intermediate Macroeconomic Analysis for Management • Business Law • Managerial Accounting • Two non-business electives



• Introduction to Marketing Management • Human Resources Management • Financial Management I • Operations Management I • Introduction to Stochastic Calculus • Financial Mathematics II

• Building and Managing Products, Services and Brands • Financial Management II • Operations Management II • Organizational Behaviour II • Introduction to Management Information Systems OR Information Systems Development, Control and Audit


• Business Policy I • Measure and Integration • Partial Differential Equations • Stochastic Processes • Four business elective courses (to be completed at any time during Year 5)

• Business Policy II • Optimization • Financial Mathematics III

A great learning experience

Laurier’s co-op advantage

Co-operative education, which provides an opportunity for participants to integrate their academic studies with work experience, has been offered at Laurier since 1976. Participation in co-op is strongly encouraged for students in the business and financial math double degree program, and entry is automatic for those students who satisfy the requirements to progress into Year 2 of this program. Students in the double degree program accumulate 12 months of practical experience through three work terms, and graduate in 4 and 2/3 calendar years. Participants receive training in job search techniques and assistance in finding employment related to their studies or career goals. They set goals for their

learning and prepare a report for each work term. Each co-op employer provides supervision and evaluates his or her student’s performance. Laurier’s co-op coordinators conduct a work-term visit with each student and employer to discuss their experiences.

Why should you consider co-op? • • • • •

Put theory into action Apply your technical skills Clarify your career goals Develop marketable skills Gain valuable contacts

For more details about applying to or participating in Laurier’s Co-op program, visit

Strong reputation In the 2009 Maclean’s reputational survey, Laurier ranked in the top three in our category nationally for Best Overall, Highest Quality, Most Innovative and Overall Reputation.

Dr. Joe Campolieti came to Laurier as the SHARCNET chair in financial mathematics.

This program opens up significant career opportunities for students with strong analytical skills.

Prior to joining Laurier’s Mathematics Department, Campolieti served as an adjunct professor in the Master of Mathematical Finance program at the University of Toronto. “Financial mathematics combines advances in computer technology with innovative and exciting developments in pricing sophisticated derivative products and in risk management,” says Campolieti. “This program opens up significant career opportunities for students with strong analytical skills.”

100 years Laurier is celebrating its 100th anniversary as an institution this year!

Laurier Student Investment Fund (LSIF)

The Laurier Student Investment Fund is a student-managed investment fund. The Fund is an initiative of the The Financial Services Research Centre. The Centre was co-founded by Dr. Ben Amoako-Adu and Dr. Brian Smith in 1994. In 1995, the Mutual Group committed to provide the Centre with $50,000 annually for five years. The seed capital for the investment fund was set aside in early 1999 when $130,000 of the Mutual Group donation was transferred to a TD Asset Management account. In the Spring of 2001 the first group of students were admitted to the LSIF.

Your career starts here

Career opportunities

Financial institutions throughout the world compete for graduates of financial mathematics programs, including commercial and investment banks, brokerage firms, insurance companies and financial consulting firms. There are significant

employment opportunities in the aerospace, software design and utility industries, in universities and research institutes, and in government agencies and ministries. Students may also continue their studies in graduate programs at institutions throughout the world.

Admission information For the most up-to-date information about admission to Laurier, go to

Support for grads

At Laurier, support for our students doesn’t end when we hand them their degree. Our Career Development Centre continues to offer career decision-making, career management and job search services to all our alumni for a lifetime. Alumni are also encouraged to attend workshops and programs offered through the centre, including the largest career fairs and job fairs of their kind in the country, which Laurier co-sponsors.

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1911-2011 | Wilfrid Laurier University 1911-2011 | Wilfrid Laurier University

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