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Volume 1, Issue 3 September 2012

The Achiever

Business and Professional Women of Tennessee

Steeped in Tradition—We are Building Progressing, and Working For the Future of BPW!! From the President; How do you spell C-O-L-L-A-B-O-R-A-T-E? In a recent email I received from Yvonne Wood, who is coordinator with the TN Economic Summit for Women, she confirmed one of the things I constantly “preach” to others. The way to accomplish something is to COLLABORATE with other groups. We all know that, as women, we have to work twice as hard, for one-third less money, to achieve better results.

Constantly seeking other groups with similar goals will open many doors. Opinions shared, but differing opinions respected will broaden our outlook. Love your neighbor should always be the guideline for your daily life. Like what you do and you will be successful Attitude is EVERYTHING! I went to a workshop where that was the only topic and it's true! Be friendly to everyone because you never know who will be your next, best connection to success. Openness to new ideas can't hurt, and it may reap many benefits. Rarely are connections with others a waste of time and effort. Amazing results can be had from connection with others. Trends these days are there's more success in working with others. Every group can benefit from being friendly with at least one other group. When we get protective of our programs because they are so good, and successful, we lose potential friends who might take it to the next step. I've been guilty of thinking that because I had such a good idea, I'm not going to share it with others, and our local club will get all the glory. The problem with that reasoning is that I've also lost potential supporters for our programs. When I opened up the opportunity to help with our project was when we achieved greater success. A simple thing like co-sponsoring an event with one of your greatest sources of “competition” could mean losing the opportunity to achieve something even bigger and better. At our Interim Board meeting in November, I plan to have discussion groups where we will share ideas for success. Collaboration will be one of those discussion groups. I hope someone from every local (3 people would be better to take advantage of all the discussions) plans to attend IB on November 9-10. I think you'll be happy you did, and will come away with some fresh ideas to take back to your local.

Inside this September 2012 Issue: Page 1 From the President Page 2 Fall Planning Meetings Information Page 3 Individual Development Page 4 Women’s Summit & NBWW Page 5 Economic Summit Oct.22, 2012 Page 6 Officer, and Committee Reports

Terri Curran, President, 2012-2013

From the Editor: Hello everyone, School is back in session and it’s back to work for teachers and school system employees. I hope you enjoyed the summer months, now it’s time to get back to WORK!!! September will come and go quicker than we think and then it’s NBWW and Interim Board and then the Holidays. Please send me your information for upcoming events by the 25th of each month to be in the next Achiever. This is a great way to spread news across the state. Please send pictures and a brief article of your activities. Best Personal

Page 7 Local News


Page 8 Thought for the Month and Calendar

Until next month. Sharon Taylor-Carrillo

BPW/TN 2012 Fall Planning Meetings & Photo’s. The Region I, District 2, Fall planning meeting was held on Saturday August 4th. District 2 Director, Jean Loveday, presided over the meeting.

Region II Planning meeting was held August 18th at the Purple CafĂŠ in Gallatin. Region II Director Joyce Brokaw presided over the meeting.

Jean Loveday, Region I , District 2 Director

China Willoughby has GONE WILD for BPW!!!!

Region I, District 1 Planning Meeting in Elizabethton, TN and will be held on Saturday

September 15th Region III Planning Meeting Conference Call **September 8th at 10:00AM** Participants call: 877-594-8353 Participant Code: 62279178

If you have questions about the Region III Conference Call, please contact Region III Director Beth Bates

“Individual Development Program” In the past there was an emphasis on taking the courses and competing in a speech contest. The emphasis today is using the Individual Development modules as a recruiting and training tool. Offer one or two courses as a special meeting, or all day for several courses for specific training. I have developed other types of classes i.e. Dressing for Success. Call me for additional information and the name of an ID trainer. Deborah Turner Brasfield (901) 652-7517

Please note new email:

Module Topics Module 1: Past. Present and Future: Historical Perspective and current opportunities of BPW defining membership, objectives, mission, vision, and legislative platform. (can be a stand-alone for membership recruitment.) Module 2: Developing Confidence Understanding peers and employees behavioral and personality styles – managing for improved performance. Participants will learn to identify stereotyping as well as receive an overview of the DISC Model of Human Behavior to recognize communication differences. Module 3: Workforce Interpersonal Skills… Reviewing behavioral styles and learning to recruit the right person for the program/task. This module builds on information in module 2 through identifying listening skills understanding perceptions and receptions of others, discusses the importance of body language, appearance and dress. Module 4: Taming the Tension Tyrant. Become familiar with presentation elements and aspects, learn techniques to inspire audiences and to overcome anxiety, and learn how to create a powerful presentation. Module 5: Standing Up & Standing Out. Learn to give oral presentations. Participants will learn public speaking and presentation skills, how to review in a constructive manner, and how to prepare for an impromptu presentation. Module 6: Define and Shine! Networking – A Skill for Life. This module instructs participants in the skills of networking with individuals and groups by reviewing the elements of effective networking. Module 7: Yours for You to Use! (Interviewing) You don’t have to be a musician to blow your own horn! Participants will review DISC behaviors and examine their own strengths, talents, and abilities, and to prepare for, practice, and review interview techniques. Module 8: Meet Me in the Middle! Negotiating skills for the workplace and beyond. Participants will learn skills for successful negotiation, how to deal with difficult people, and role-play negotiation scenarios. Module 9: Best in Class: Be the Leader You Want to Be developing leadership qualities that will raise you to the top! Participants will discover keys to effective leadership; learn what others expect of them as leaders, and o utilize prior information of behavioral styles in leadership. Module 10: Get Into It and Out of It! Running a meeting is parliamentary. Using parliamentary processing will streamline any meeting and committee. Participants will learn to effectively and efficiently chair a meeting, amend a motion, and cover basic parliamentary process and terminology. Module 11: Business Etiquette:: standing out from the rest by knowing how to be the best! Module 12: Right to write! Understand your civic role in contacting legislators, lobbying and reviewing legislation, and organizing grass roots voters.. Module 13: Reach for the Stars! Goal Setting. Participants will participate in creating a personal mission statement, establish values and goals, and receive a plan to develop short and long-term goals. Module 14: Memories are made of this! Media relations for your business and organization are studied. Participants will learn about media outlets, how to dress for media interviews and how to create media packets and press re-leases.

SOUTHEAST TENNESSEE WOMEN'S SUMMIT CHANGING the Present....... IMPACTING the Future SAVE THE DATE — FRIDAY, SEPTEMBER 21, 2012 Chattanoogan Hotel – Chattanooga, TN The Tennessee Economic Council on Women - Southeast Tennessee Development District Advisory Council* and the Tennessee Women’s Political Caucus invite you to become part of the conversation as women from all over Southeast Tennessee come together to empower, encourage and inspire current and future women leaders. The Summit will offer a forum for women to: * learn, discuss and network with leaders in the professional community * discover new ways to achieve their personal and professional goals * connect with other women and resources in their communities * help other women and their communities prosper Breakout Sessions will focus on: * Making It at Any Age * Political Empowerment * Girl Enrichment Special Keynote Speakers Dr. Arun Gandhi Mayor Kim McMillan, City of Clarksville, TN Mark your calendars and make plans to attend the Southeast Tennessee Women’s Summit

Friday, September 21st

What is NBWW?

“National Business Women’s Week”

The idea for the National Business Women’s Week® (NBWW) originated with Emma Dot Partridge, Executive Secretary of the National Federation of Business and Professional Women's Clubs from 1924 - 1927. The first annual observance was held April 15-22, 1928, when Business and Professional Women/USA President Lena Madesin Phillips opened NBWW with a nationally broadcast speech. In her remarks, she stated that the purpose of the week was "to focus public attention upon a better business woman for a better business world." BPW Local Organizations implemented daily programs designed to call attention to the mission and achievements of BPW. Reports about activities for those early observances tell of many successful events throughout the country including: Legislative Day devoted to national, state and local legislation of interest to women; Education Day emphasizing the need for equitable educational opportunities; Club Rally Day for prospective new members; Community Day honoring leaders in the community; and Goodwill Day devoted to working with other women's organizations. From this early effort, NBWW has grown into a nationwide salute to all workingwomen, as well as an opportunity to spotlight issues of importance to workingwomen. In more recent years activities have included Women of the Year Awards, Employer of the Year Awards, Individual Development workshops, and issue panel discussions. NBWW was moved to the third full week of October in 1938 so that Local Organizations could use NBWW as a springboard for their new year's programs. U.S. President Herbert Hoover was the first president to issue a letter recognizing NBWW and the contributions and achievements of workingwomen. Presidents since then have always issued a letter acknowledging the important role women play in the nation’s economy.

NBWW October 22 – 26, 2012

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T h e Ac h i e v e r

Ninth Annual Economic Summit for Women Presents “Smart Negotiating for Women” Keynote Laurel Bellows – President-elect of the American Bar Association – Will Speak on Equality Relative to Compensation, Incentives and Workforce Restructuring The Women‟s Economic Council Foundation (WECF) today announced the nationally esteemed Laurel Bellows will keynote the 2012 Economic Summit, highlighting proven strategies for women executives to negotiate promotions and raises. She is Managing Partner of the Bellows Law Group, P.C., based in Chicago, Ill., and will assume the presidency of the American Bar Association on August 7. The Summit takes place October 22 at the Nashville Airport Marriott, with the theme “Charting the Course Toward Economic Equality.” Bellows will join two other outstanding headliners including Lilly Ledbetter, responsible for the Lilly Ledbetter Fair Pay Act that was signed into law in 2009, and Deb Sofield, renowned Executive Speech and Presentation Coach. The women on this year‟s program offer complementary approaches to „chart the course‟ to equitable wages. Bellows has counseled senior executives and corporations on a wide range of employment matters, and brings a wealth of experience involving incentives, pension, retirement and workforce restructuring. Her many professional distinctions include Crain‟s Chicago Business annual list of Power Players and one of Working Mother Magazine‟s 25 Most Influential Working Mothers in the country. “We are very fortunate to have Laurel Bellows join us as a speaker this year for the Summit.” said Yvonne Wood, Chair of the Economic Council on Women. “It is commendable that as President of the American Bar Association, Laurel selected gender equity as one of her significant initiatives. She is the past president of the American Bar Association Commission on Women. Bellows is an inspiration showing how the quality of our lives is correlated to the quality of the laws that govern us.” About the Economic Summit for Women The Economic Summit for Women is an annual event established to help Tennessee women become economically self-sufficient. It is presented by the Women's Economic Council Foundation. Since the event began in 2004, thousands of women have gathered at the Summit to hear expert speakers discuss women's economic issues such as medical costs, financial planning, literacy, business ownership and development, and political participation. Speakers have included Patricia Schroeder, Marie Wilson, Sandra Day O'Connor, Robin Gerber, Helen Thomas, Gail Evans, Governor Phil Bredesen, Jean Chatzky, Dee Dee Myers and Gloria Steinem. The 2012 event will take place on October 22, with featured speakers including Lilly Ledbetter, Advocate for Equal Pay, Laurel Bellows, President of the American Bar Association, and Deb Sofield, renowned Executive Speech & Presentation Coach. As in previous years, the program will be robust and provide a high-level view of women‟s empowerment in Tennessee.

For info or to register visit

Contact us at (615) 253-4266 or 615-444-9663

SAVE the DATE October 22, 2012, Nashville, Airport Marriott

Keep the following BPW members in your Thoughts and Prayers: They need our support Karen Cradic-Nowell—Rogersville Brenda Risner—Lawrence County Phyllis Clingner—LaFollette Jo Anne Smith—Rockwood

Foundation All the Local organizations are Legacy Organizations and part of the BPW Foundation family, here is a link to the BPW Foundation grassroots toolkits that members may find useful: Deborah L. Frett, Chief Executive Officer for the Business and Professional Women‟s Foundation sends her sincerest thanks for BPWTN continued support of the Business Foundation‟s mission.

Issues Management

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Girl Scouts ToGetHerThere, powered by Girl Scouts, is rallying the nation around the cause of girls' leadership. Together, we can do better for girls, setting in motion a generational change, so that every girl born today blossoms into her full potential. Together, we can transform the leadership landscape, so that every girl, in every zip code, stands up, stands out, and stands tall. Together, we can get her there.


The Kay Culbertson Mentor Award will be awarded again this year. Members wishing to submit a nomination for the award should fill out On your calendar of events, it suggests political forums or voter registration events. This is the application and send it, along with supporting documents, to the one of the important things we do as BPW members. We are an advocacy organization which means we engage in political processes to influence public policy and resource allocation 2012-2013 chair, Geraldine Wallick, 327 S. Front Ave., Rockwood, TN decisions. First and foremost is ensuring that the women of our community know about their 37854, by April 30, 2013. Jean Loveday will also serve as co-chair of the right to vote. Yes, that should be a given. Sadly, not all women understand or believe that they committee. really do have the right to freely vote. I will never forget hearing several different women This award is established to recognize a BPW/Tennessee member who refuse to sign-up because they would just have to vote as their husband told them to. Please think about hosting a voter registration booth somewhere where the public will be congregating has been an outstanding mentor and role model in the organization. this month. The purpose of the award is to encourage members to share their Hosting a political forum is another option. They do take some work, and you need to give the politicians three to six weeks advance notice. The closer it is to election time, the less free time knowledge of BPW and offer their special leadership skills and support to other members. A plaque will be presented to the “BPW Mentor of they have. You can have a political forum with as little as two candidates if it is a hotly contested race. People will come - especially if they know that they will have the opportunity the Year” and The Kay Culbertson Mentoring Award roving trophy to ask questions. Make sure that you have at least a dozen questions prepared to start the debate will be presented for the organization year. with and to keep things going if it starts to slow down. Lawrence County does a lot of these The criteria established for the award are that: and we really enjoy them. Feel free to email me if you wish to get a more detailed how-to 1. Nominee must be a BPW member for at least three years and be in ( If your club prefers to not get involved directly in either a forum or voter registration, this is good standing. still a great month to invite those running for office in to speak to your members directly about 2. Nominator must complete the nomination form and essay about her how they view women's issues. Sometimes a smaller, more intimate setting will help you mentor and return it to the Mentoring Committee Chair by April 30th. understand that candidate's opinions better. Good luck to everyone as you embrace the advocacy nature of our organization.

Breakfast Omelet Recipe (Tressy Hart ) 1 1/2 pounds sausage 8 slices bread (white, wheat, french, etc) 3/4 pound grated cheddar cheese (approx 3 cups) 1/2 cup chopped onion 1/4 cup finely chopped green peppers 6 eggs 1/2 teaspoon salt

1 1/2 cups milk 1/2 cup half-n-half or cream 1 tablespoon mustard

1 can condensed cream of mushroom 1/4 cup sherry (dry white wine, dry vermouth, or milk;-) 5 ozs sliced mushrooms (can be canned)

Spray inside of 2 qt casserole dish (or 9 x 13 cake pan) with nonstick cooking spray. Crumble sausage into pan to brown over medium heat. While sausage is cooking, cut the crusts from the bread. Cut remaining bread into one inch cubes. Toss them into the bottom of your dish. Drain the fat from the sausage. Put drained sausage on top of bread cubes. Sprinkle grated cheese over the sausage. Sprinkle the chopped onions and then the green peppers over the cheese. Whisk eggs with salt, milk, half-n-half (or cream) and mustard in a bowl. Pour the egg mixture over the top of the casserole, cover it tightly with plastic wrap, and refrigerate overnight. The next morning (2 hours before you want to serve), preheat oven to 350 degrees with rack in middle position. Take casserole from refrigerator and remove plastic wrap. Place it on a baking sheet with sides (just in case!). Mix the condensed cream of mushroom soup (undiluted), the sherry (or whatever you choose), and the mushrooms in a mixing bowl. Pour this mixture over the top of the casserole and bake for approximately 1 1/2 hours at 350 degrees. Remove the casserole from the oven and let it stand for 10 minutes before serving.

Questions on the nomination application will also help to establish what the award is intended to recognize.

Legislation Senators and Representatives will be home in their districts until after Labor Day in September. If they are going to pass VAWA when they return from August recess and before the elections, they need to hear from constituents that passing VAWA is a priority! Please contact your Senate and House members while they are in their home district to encourage them to move VAWA forward. Set up a face-to-face meeting and seek out opportunities to catch them at local events including town hall meetings. A few talking points to keep in mind: Congress has precious few legislative days left in which to work on passing VAWA; VAWA funded programs and VAWA protections are important to our community and the improvements in VAWA are essential to ensure that all victims can find safety; and We need every Representative and Senator to work with their party leaders and colleagues to reach an agreement on a VAWA bill that safely and effectively protects all victims and that each chamber can pass when they return on September 10th. With out VAWA’s passage, important improvemenrs will be lost. Passing a strong, bipartisan VAWA immediately means that survivors do not have to wait for safety or for justice. Tennessee Coalition to End Domestic and Sexual Violence 1-800-289-9018


Milan BPW Helping Make Dreams Come True Representatives of the Milan Business and Professional Women visited The Dream Center in Jackson, TN, on July 22nd, and delivered monetary and other donations. Executive Director, Gail Gustafson, Pictured LtoR: Joyce Feger; Gail Gustafson, Executive Director took the group on a tour of the facility and showed of Dream Center; Lydia Hubble; Denise Oliver; Frances Wadley; changes that had been made since the group’s last visit. Jo Carolyn Tickle; & Joyce Jones. Gail stated that there are now about 63 women and children living at the Dream Center. The Center houses, feeds, and trains the residents while helping them to start over and build a new life. The women and children living here are virtually homeless due to having been deserted, losing jobs, losing their homes, and various other reasons. The Dream Center has classes for the adult women such as GED preparation, budgeting, interviewing, computer training, and Bible classes. The staff helps the women find jobs so they can be self-supportive. Gail and her staff do a tremendous job caring for the women & children housed in the Center. They welcome tax-deductible donations, food, clothing, toiletries, and volunteers.

Rogersville BPW lends a hand (bag) During the month of July, 2012, the two local authorized Brighton dealers in our area, Kingsport and Morristown, had a purse drive for young ladies graduating from our surrounding adult trade schools and the community colleges.

Congratulations! To you, and on your new Career & your new path. We wish you the utmost of

As it was explained to me, by a Brighton representative, success, and are so honored to help you not only there was the option to bring in an old purse for a $50.00 look professional but feel professional as well. discount on a new Brighton Bag. This purse has been donated to you from the Rogersville, TN Business & Professional Well, as you will come to know me, I have a fetish for purses, shoes, & jewelry, as do many of my close friends. Women.

Our members reached out to women who were not even a part of our local, we acquired 28 purses, wallets, etc. In speaking with Lauran, the Manager of yet another Brighton store located in Pigeon Forge, this is one of many programs they have to assist their local women in the community that are either entering the workforce for the first time after college or a re-entry after being out of the workforce for a while.

We are a small group of Professional women who strive to empower, educate, and strengthen our working women thru advocacy and education. Please visit our website. and if you have any questions, or would like to become a member of Rogersville BPW email me at

I must admit that I did take the $50.00 discount on a new purse, and I love my new bag. However in the name of Rogersville BPW, 28 other bags were donated for this Thank you cause. To follow is the letter I included with each purse. Rogersville Business & Professional Women

2012 BPW/TN UpComing Events September 8

Region III Planning Meeting, by conference call

September 15

Region I, District 1 Planning Meeting, Elizabethton

September 25

Deadline for Newsletter submissions

October 1

Deadline for submitting bylaws amendments to be considered at Interim Board

October 19

Deadline for LOs to submit candidates for Nominating Committee to President Deadline for Reports for IB to Pres

October 22

Women‟s Summit

October 25

Deadline for Newsletter Submissions

October 22-26

National Business Women's Week

November 9

IB Executive Committee Meeting

November 10

Interim Board of Directors, Holiday Inn Express, Mt. Juliet

Very special Birthday Wishes for everyone having a Birthday in the Month Of September. Best Personal Wishes This year and many more to come!

Opt for the very best. Make Choices. Have it your way. These 10 little words are worth repeating: “If it is to be, it is up to me”. Accentuate the positive. Be like “the little engine that could” who kept repeating, “ I think I can, I think I can, “ until he did. Lets put our best foot forward as we continue to work toward our goals.


Thought for the Month: Steeped in Tradition—We are Building Progressing, and Working For the Future of BPW


om TN.c

718 Thompson Lane Suite#108-323 Nashville, TN 37204 Business and Professional W omen of Ten nessee

BPWTN Achiever 09-2012  

September's issue of the Business and Professional Women of Tennessee's Achiever

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