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Volume 1, Issue 1 July 2012

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Business and Professional Women of Tennessee

Steeped in Tradition—We are Building Progressing, and Working For the Future of BPW!!

Terri Curran installed as BPW/TN 2012-13 President in Pigeon Forge, TN Since most of you were not able to be at convention, I thought I'd share my remarks from installation with you as my first message. Besides my family, I have 3 passions KIDS – I worked for 25 years in a school district, about half of those year with at-risk kids. After moving to Tennessee I found I wasn't ready to retire yet so I took a job as director of a mentoring program in Crossville. I find that kids don't deserve the life they've been given sometimes, and so I try to put a little fun in their life. I've been mentoring the same young lady for 8 ½ years, and, obviously, we are very close. MILITARY – As a very proud Navy Mom, I support all things military. I cry during the Star Spangled Banner! That's why I'm particularly interested in BPW's Women Joining Forces programs, and I hope we can continue to network with the Tennessee Women's Veterans Summit. And my 3rd interest is -

We've come a long way, but when we still struggle to get something like the Paycheck Fairness Act passed, and the Breast Cancer Patient Protection Act took 12 years to pass, it's pretty obvious that there is still much to do. I think part of our job as an organization is to EDUCATE women that they can make changes. I'm not sure we're doing a good job at that when we are losing members at the rate we are. Last week I was checking other BPW websites around the country. I was so impressed with what a truly awesome organization this is. There are great things being done out there. I think there are great things ahead for BPW/TN and that's why I'm glad the Past State Presidents have taken on the challenge of getting us back on track by rewriting the bylaws.

Page 1 Installation of New State President Page 2 2012-13 BPWTN State Roster Page 3 Local Officer Information Form Page 4 2012 Convention Awards Page 5 2012 Convention Photo’s Page 6 Title IX turns 40 Page 7 Legislative Platform and Calendar of Events Page 8 Thought for the Month and Important Info .

I want to focus on making our programs work, and that means being more interested in WHAT we do instead of HOW we do it. We need to do the programs we have well before we take on too many new projects. Collaboration with other groups such the Economic Council on Women, Tennessee Women's Veterans Summit, and Day on the Hill give us good exposure as well as credibility. Because this is the 21st century, it's critical that we get our website and computer presence more useful and attractive. Like it or not, those we are hoping to attract to BPW/TN are on the computer and we either get on board or we'll be left behind. What a privilege it is to belong to BPW! We need to start getting excited about what we can do to help women! Let's get fired up about BPW/TN! TERRI C.

WOMEN'S ISSUES – and that's why I joined BPW.

Inside this July 2012 Issue:

My own goals for the year include visiting as many local clubs as I can to find out what their members want and how we can help them not only continue but to thrive.

Passing of the gavel 2011-12 State President Phyllis Clingner to

2012-13 State President Terri Curran

From the Editor: First of all “Thank you” for the opportunity to serve as the Achiever Editor for this new year. I encourage you to send articles and pictures to share with your BPW sisters across the state. The deadline for article submissions each month is the 25th at 4:00pm. I would like to have an article from each of the state officers and one from each local each month. This will be a monthly duty but I will not be emailing you and calling for articles. If you make the deadline it will be in the Achiever if not, well maybe next month. I encourage you to send your information early in the month if you have articles or photos. I want to provide pertinent BPW information to you and I hope you will help me spread the BPW word. Until next month. Sharon Taylor-Carrillo

Name Terri Curran Jacque Hillman Tressy Hart Karen Cradic-Nowell Leeann Gadis Carol Turpen Phyllis Clingner Joyce Brokaw Beth Bates Marilyn Boeker Jean Loveday Chairs Martha Ervin Carolyn Beverly Karen Cradic-Nowell Deborah Brasfield Tressy Hart Beth Bates Chairs Charlotte Buchanan Sharon Taylor-Carrillo Margaret Heath Sharon Taylor-Carrillo Charlotte Buchanan Berdena O'Neal Susan Jakoblew Pamela Atkins Appointments Records-Beth Bates Mary Jo Middlebrooks Zulfat Suara Pamela Atkins

Position President President-Elect 1st Vice President 2nd Vice President Secretary Treasurer Region I Director Region II Director Region III Director Region I, District 1 Region I, District 2

Standing Committee Finance Foundation Membership Individual Development Leg/Issues Mgnt Young Careerist

Special Committee Bylaws/Handbook Historian Parliamentarian Publication Editor 2012 Interim Board 2012 IB Registration 2013 State Convention 2013 State Registration

Task Forces and Custodian of Financial Volunteer Attorney Day on the Hill Equal Pay Day

35 Walnut Grove Rd P.O. Box 1985 P.O. Box 824 109 Antler Ridge Cir

7005 Lennons Village#C-6 2403 Gold City Road 912 Northfield Blvd 2403 Gold City Road 7005 Lennons Village#C-6 362 Morris Drive 333 Leo Lane 109 Antler Ridge Cir

1360 Baskins Road 18 Penny Lane 121 Ridge Street 2095 Exeter #80-274 132 Warren Hollow 35 Walnut Grove Rd

Address 2354 Deep Draw Rd 127 Fairmont Ave. 132 Warren Hollow 121 Ridge Street 1258 Joiner Hollow 2355 Lanier Road P.O. Box 1311 1013 Connie Drive 35 Walnut Grove Rd 1238 Thomas Blvd 1521 LeConte Drive

Jackson, TN 38305 Jackson, TN 38302 Bolivar, TN 38008 Nashville, TN 37214

Nashville, TN 37211 Franklin, KY 42134 Murfreesboro, TN37130 Franklin, KY 42134 Nashville, TN 37211 Ringgold, GA, 30736 Nashville, TN 37211 Nashville, TN 37214

Burlison, TN 38015 Jackson, TN 38301 Surgoinsville, TN37873 Germantown, TN38138 Minor Hill, TN 38473 Jackson, TN 38305

City, State, Zip Crossville, TN 38555 Jackson, TN 38305 Minor Hill, TN 38473 Surgoinsville, TN37873 Rockwood, TN 37854 Alamo, TN 38001 LaFollette, TN 37766 Gallatin, TN 37066 Jackson, TN 38305 Elizabethton, TN 37643 Maryville, TN 37803

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Email n/a

2012-2013 BPW TN Roster

731-427-0465 731-668-5139 731-658-6808 615-883-6078

615-834-4261 615-319-6531 615-893-5903 615-319-6531 615-834-4261 706-891-0490 615-333-9613 615-883-6078

901-419-8655 731-421-9964 428-921-4798 901-652-7517 931-556-2604 731-427-0465

Contact # 931-456-6799 731-554-1894 931-556-2604 428-921-4798 423-562-5024 731-667-4102 423-907-9631 615-452-9279 731-427-0465 423-512-1283 865-982-5425

2012-2013 BPW TN Roster

2012--2013 BPWTN Local Officer Information Local Organization Name:__________________________________________ LO Website:______________________________________________________ President-_______________________ Mailing address __________________ City, State, Zip__________________ Contact Phone #________________ 2nd Phone # ____________________ Email – ________________________

1st Vice President_________________ Mailing address __________________ City, State, Zip__________________ Contact Phone ___________________ 2nd Phone # ____________________ Email – ________________________

President-Elect__________________ Mailing address __________________ City, State, Zip__________________ Contact Phone ___________________ 2nd Phone # ____________________ Email – ________________________

2nd Vice President-_______________ Mailing address __________________ City, State, Zip__________________ Contact Phone ___________________ 2nd Phone # ____________________ Email – ________________________

Secretary-_______________________ Mailing address __________________ City, State, Zip__________________ Contact Phone ___________________ 2nd Phone # ____________________ Email – ________________________

Treasurer-_______________________ Mailing address __________________ City, State, Zip__________________ Contact Phone ___________________ 2nd Phone # ____________________ Email – ________________________

Foundation Chair ________________ Mailing address __________________ City, State, Zip__________________ Contact Phone ___________________ 2nd Phone # ____________________ Email – ________________________

Membership Chair _______________ Mailing address __________________ City, State, Zip__________________ Contact Phone ___________________ 2nd Phone # ____________________ Email – ________________________

Legislation Chair ________________ Mailing address __________________ City, State, Zip__________________ Contact Phone ___________________ 2nd Phone # ____________________ Email – ________________________

Local Email Contact _______________ Mailing address __________________ City, State, Zip__________________ Contact Phone ___________________ 2nd Phone # ____________________ Email – ________________________

Local Organizations whose president does not have e-mail access may designate an E-mail Contact, a member who will agree to receive communications for the organization. Please indicate whether this contact is to be use: _____In emergency situations only. _____For communications, not emergency, with prior approval by the LO president (to be used to transmit information too extensive for printing and mailing or not suitable for printing (Membership reports, e.g.) _____For any Communication Send to: BPWTN 718 Thompson Lane Suite #108-323, Nashville, TN. 37204 Or email to:

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T h e Ac h i e v e r

Meet the 2012-2013 BPWTN Leadership Team President—Terri Curran President Elect– Jacque Hillman 1st Vice President—Tressy Hart

Front Row— Tressy, Terri, Jacque, Karen

2nd Vice President—Karen Nowell Secretary— Lee Ann Gaddis Treasurer—Carol Turpen

Back Row— Phyllis, Joyce, Beth, LeeAnn, Carol

Region I Director Phyllis Clingner Region II Director Joyce Brokaw Region III Director Beth Bates

Foundation Foundation Friends: Billy Strickland—Jackson Area BPW Sharon Taylor-Carrillo—Greater Nashville BPW Geraldine Wallick—Rockwood BPW Melinda Yager—Rockwood BPW

Joy Turner recognized 43 years as a BPW Member

Winner—Jackson Area BPW 1st Runner Up—Rockwood BPW

Issues Management

Great work by 2 locals equals a tie for 1st Place therefore—Excellence Awards were presented to both: Rockwood BPW and Jackson Area BPW

Torch Bearer (Silver) are for Donations between $500.00 and $999.99 “Beth Bates and Ann Hiegel” ~*~*~*~*~*~*~*~*~*~*~*~*~*~*~*~

Highest State Award for Foundation Donations went to “Beth Bates”


Silver Award: $16.00 per capita Greater Nashville BPW Gold Award: $25.00 per capita Jackson Area BPW Gold Award:$64.00 per capita Rockwood BPW

Public Relations “Jackson Area BPW”

Membership 100% Retention: Columbia, LaFollette, Milan, Maryville/Alcoa

Special Certificates of Appreciation were presented to: Charlotte Buchanon for stepping in as the 2012 Convention Parliamentarian Jean Loveday for serving as the 2012 Convention Chair China Willoughby for serving as the 2012 Convention Registration Chair

Iris Award Winner “Rogersville BPW”

June 8,9,10

2012 Convention Pigeon Forge, TN

Volume 1, Issue 1

Title IX Turns 40! Title IX’s birthday, June 23rd, calls for a celebration of the hard fought battle for gender equity in educational programs and activities. Title IX is a simply stated federal law, “no person in the United States shall, on the basis of sex, be excluded from participation in, be denied the benefits of, or be subjected to discrimination under any education program or activity receiving federal financial assistance.” Some examples of discrimination that are covered under Title IX include subjection to sexual harassment, the failure to provide equal opportunity in athletics, denying admission to an academic program, and unequal treatment based on pregnancy and/or parenting. The focus of Title IX is to ensure equal opportunity in education for all students, from kindergarten through postgraduate school regardless of sex. Title IX was passed by Congress as part of the Education Amendments of 1972, but the policy interpretations were not issued until 1979. The Department of Education, Office of Civil Rights was given oversight responsibilities in1980. Throughout the years since its enactment, Title IX has been challenged with many attempts to weaken it such as trying to exempt revenuegenerating men’s sports, trying to limit coverage to only programs that actually received federal funds (which excluded many athletic departments), and trying to exclude monetary damages for lawsuits alleging a violation. All of these attempts to change the most recent positive development in Title IX occurred in 2011 when the Department of Education issued policy guidelines which make it clear that Title IX’s protection against sexual harassment and sexual violence applies to all students, including athletes. Title IX has been responsible for great strides in breaking through barriers for women in educational programs and activities. While the improvements in the athletic arena for women and girls has been Title IX’s best-known results in the eyes of the general public, the law has made a positive impact on women in almost every area of education.

Page 6

The days where girls were told they couldn’t take shop classes or advanced math classes rarely occur. The proportion of females in science, technology, engineering, and math (STEM) has grown in some of these areas, but a gender gap still exists. Girls have proven they have the interest and aptitude to excel in these areas, but stereotypes and discrimination holds them back. In mathematics and computer science, the proportion of women has actually declined from 31% in 1983 to 25% in 2009. The Department of Education data shows that women earn the majority of bachelor’s, master’s and doctoral degrees, but only 17% of engineering degrees and 18% of computer science-related degrees. In the workforce, women make up only 25% of STEM positions. Although progress has been made, challenges still exist that hinder true equality in education programs and activities. Raising awareness of Title IX protection and ensuring compliance with regard to equal access to STEM education and careers is essential to take full advantage of our country’s best and brightest minds to advance technology and scientific innovation. Everyone benefits from Title IX. Title IX is not an entitlement program nor does it offer special benefits or advantages for women and girls as some critics of the law attest. It is a gender-neutral piece of legislation designed to eliminate barriers and prohibit discrimination in education for all students. It benefits women and girls who want to achieve their maximum potential and men and boys who want equal access to all education and career options. However, even after 40 years, there is still work to be done. Equal opportunity in education is imperative, and we should all protect and strengthen Title IX by insisting on enforcement in both athletic and academic areas; working to end sexual harassment, sexual violence, and bullying in schools; opposing sex-based tracks and genderstereotyped courses and instruction; and making sure that local schools and universities are in compliance. Pat Pierce,

Retired Administrator, Vanderbilt University Immediate Past Chair, Board of Commissioners, Tennessee Human Rights Commission

Business and Professional Women of

2012-13 BPW/TN

Tennessee, Inc. (BPW/TN)

State Calendar of Events

Legislative Platform


PREAMBLE The Equal Rights Amendment, as authored by Alice Paul, shall stand first, foremost, and above all other items which may appear on the platform of this organization until equal, legal rights for women and men become guaranteed in the United States Constitution, because all statutory law derives from there.

July 7

Board Retreat, Lebanon

August 4

Region I, District 2 Planning Meeting, Rockwood

August 18

Region II Planning Meeting, Gallatin

August 18

Region I, District 1 Planning Meeting, Elizabethton

September 8

Region III Planning Meeting, by conference call

October 1

Deadline for submitting bylaws amendments to be considered at Interim Board

October 22-26

National Business Women's Week

October 19

Deadline for LOs to submit candidates for Nominating Committee to President Deadline for Officer & Committee Reports for IB to Pres.


November 9

IB Executive Committee Meeting

November 10

Interim Board of Directors, Holiday Inn Express, Mt. Juliet

January 1, 2013

Deadline for Alt/YC profile and entry


Women's History Month

March 8, 2013

International Women's Day


March 9, 2013

Region III meeting

Economic Equity

March 16, 2013

Region II meeting

March 23, 2013

Region I meeting

April 5, 2013

Deadline for nominations for State Officers and Regional Directors to Nominations Committee (60 days before opening of convention)

April 5, 2013

Approve all committee appointments for 2013-14

Equality of rights under the law shall not be denied or abridged by the United States or by any state on account of sex.

Ensure pay equity, equal educational and economic opportunities at all stages of life; and promote affordable, quality dependent care to help ensure economic selfsufficiency for women. Health Ensure reproductive choice and full access to all reproductive health services and education; ensure funds for research into and protections for women’s health care needs; and encourage the development of a national health care plan recognizing the special health care needs of women.

(60 days before convention) April 9, 2013

Equal Pay Day

April 25, 2013

Deadline for awards entries

May ?

Deadline for Room Reservations for Convention

May 15, 2013

Deadline for qualifying for State ID speak-off to Deborah Brasfield

May 24, 2013

Deadline for all reports to State Pres. for Convention Deadline for all reports to Pres-Elect for Post Convention EC and Board

Civil Rights June 6, 2013

Ensure equal rights and remedies for women in all phases of their lives; support affirmative action; eliminate June 7-9, 2013 sexual harassment and violence against women. June 9, 2013 The organization supports issues of importance, which promote the goals, objectives, and mission statement of the Business and Professional Women of Tennessee, Inc. (BPW/TN). The placement of the Platform items in no way indicates importance or priority of one item above another.

Pre-Convention Executive Committee Meeting BPW/TN Convention, Doubletree Hotel, Murfreesboro Post-Convention Board of Directors


Deadline to submit material for Achiever is the 25th of each month.. Each club is asked to submit at least one article during the year about their most successful program . Achievers will be sent on the first Monday of the month by either email or regular mail.

HELP WANTED - Administrative Assistant to work with large women's professional Friendly Reminder for Local Treasurers for filing organization. Duties include website maintenance, updating records, manage online 990N: Here is link to the IRS store and checking post office box and email correspondence, and forwarding to list of published revocation of appropriate persons. Must be a self-starter and have ability to work independently. exemption status due to non filing. This is a contracted position @ $10 per hour. The list is by state. Check to see that a group you are affiliated with is not listed. The site also has instruction on reinstatement. article/0,,id=240099,00.html

HELP WANTED - Website Design Specialist - Help is needed to take current website of a professional organization and make it shine. Creativity and ability to make our website more user friendly, timely, and interactive is a plus. Follow-up maintenance may be required. This is a contracted position. Email your resume to: Career Plus/Individual Development participants and instructors held June 23, 2012 in Jackson. Front row: Jan Bynum, Carol Turpen, Deborah Turner-Brasfield, Rebecca Robinson, Stephanie Wiggins, Evelyn Austin, Beth Bates. Back row: Jennifer Ward, Mallory Cole, Summer Crewse.

Anyone wishing to be on the mailing list for legislative updates should send an email to : with the subject of : Weekly Legislative Updates if they wish to receive a weekly update or Monthly Legislative Updates if they wish to receive one email a month The updates, beginning in July, will be sent every Wednesday for weekly updates and the monthly email will be sent on the last Wednesday of the month. Tressy Hart, Legislation Chair, BPW/TN

Thought for the Month: Too often we stop ourselves from taking action and getting involved in a challenging project or situation because we sometimes doubt our ability to make a difference as just one individual. We have a tendency to think small rather than let our light shine. You and I can do so much more than we ever thought possible, especially when our cause is just and the outcomes we help generate through our actions inspire others to follow. Steeped in Tradition—We are Building Progressing, and Working For the Future of BPW


om TN.c

718 Thompson Lane Suite#108-323 Nashville, TN 37204 Business and Professional W omen of Ten nessee

BPWTN Achiever 07-2012  

July's issue of Business and Professional Women of Tennessee's Achiever