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Belfast Print Workshop (BPW) is a membership-focused atelier, established in 1977 to welcome artists interested in the practice and promotion of the art of printmaking. It is a registered charity and funded principally by the Arts Council Northern Ireland. BPW provides a fully equipped and purpose-built printmaking studio in the heart of Belfast city centre and has a current membership of over 50 artists.

Prism was founded in 2012 by artists John Read and Nigel Oxley who were both painting students at Camberwell School of Art in the late 1960s. Oxley has a long career behind him as a master etcher and printmaker, having worked for both White Ink and Kelpra before teaching at the London Metropolitan University. Read's career embraced art and design - teaching at the Cambridge Art School and running a design business, as well as making artworks.

BPW offers an extensive programme of practical courses, alongside open studios and demonstrations, and exhibitions designed to enhance public knowledge, understanding and appreciation of printmaking as an art form. BPW also provides opportunities for residencies, exhibitions, skills and professional advancement to support the income, wellbeing and livelihood of its artists-members. We welcome visitors during staff hours (Monday - Friday 9.30 - 5) where guests can view a selection of work for sale in the studio exhibition and print browsers as well as selected work from the BPW archive.

Through Read's close association with Japan and Oxley's deep roots in the world of printmaking, their interest in cultural exchange has firm foundations shaping the aims of Prism to bring understanding and appreciation of diversity through art. Prism Print International acts as a forum for cross-cultural exchange through fine art printmaking and international exchange exhibitions. It wishes to expand its connections with other printmaking organisations and individuals internationally to give participants of all backgrounds opportunities to be seen as widely as possible across the world. Prism is currently an unregistered 'non profit' organisation.

305-985-3865 | 1116 WARNER STREET BIG PINE KEY, FL 

HOW COLLABORATIONS HAPPEN.... Back in 2016 Nigel Oxley, joint founder of PRISM, was invited to Belfast Print Workshop to give a talk about his work as a master printer for both White Ink and Kelpra during the 1970-2000 period. His happy experience of meeting the print workshop members, and their generous encouragement, led to discussions about a possible joint exhibition between PRISM and the artists of BPW. It was a very exciting idea for PRISM because we had never shown jointly with a combined workshop membership, and it offered a new role for PRISM acting as a platform for groups to consider their work in an international context. We were therefore extremely delighted and honoured to be invited to share an exhibition with the long-established Belfast Print Workshop - and at the exquisitely beautiful Oriel Gallery! PRISM now hopes this exhibition might perhaps provide a catalyst for interaction with other workshops and form a ‘snowballing’ touring exhibition which gathers together elements of each workshop’s joint exhibition for a final largescale exhibition alongside PRISM’s international membership in future. PRISM follows its mission which is ‘to promote cultural exchange through the medium of fine art printmaking worldwide’. 

We seek out artists whose work is not only artistically and technically excellent but also contains interesting residues of their inherited cultural background. We wish to stimulate awareness of the rapidly disappearing differences, inherent richness and relevance, and the precious cargo of histories among the world’s cultures. It is an exciting artistic and cultural project, and we believe an important social one. This project with the Belfast Print Workshop, where PRISM has generously been invited to exhibit with some of their fine artists at the Oriel Gallery in Antrim, Northern Ireland in November, is a fascinating revelation of distinctive personal and collective world-views. PRISM is run by artists for artists; everything we do as a non-profit, non-commercial organisation is geared towards helping artists to meet each other and to be seen as widely as possible. This aim would not be achievable without the very generous support we receive from various organisations and individuals. We are thus deeply indebted to the Belfast Print Workshop members and management committee for this wonderful opportunity to share this unique artistic adventure with them.

John Read (Curator and Co-Founder of Prism)

305-985-3865 | 1116 WARNER STREET BIG PINE KEY, FL 

ARTISTS Alison Fitzgerald Anushiya Sundaralingam Coby Moore Dolores De Sade Dónall Billings Dora McCavera Eamon McCrory Fiona Ní Mhaoilir Hideki Kondo Ian Brown Ivan Armstrong Ivan Frew Jackie Crooks James Allen James Millar Jim Monson Jin Hirosawa Joanna Piech John Read Jonathan Brennan Josephine McCormick Karen Daye-Hutchinson Linda Barbour Linda McBurney Lisa Murray Lynda Hamilton

Marcus Patton Maria Chiara Toni Mary Martin Masahiro Kawara Maura Lynch Mikael Kihlman Min Jie Zhang Tsutomu Morita Nigel Oxley Norman McBeath Pauline Aitken Pauline Clancy Raquel Amat Parra Rebecca Jewell Ritsuko Ozeki Sophie Layton Sumi Perera Susan Aldworth Tomasz Kukawski Toshihiko Ikeda Vladimiro Elvieri Yolanda Eveleens Yuuichi Kashima

ALISON FITZGERALD MEMORIES OF SAKMAKHAND Multi-plate collogrpah and chin-collé Alison Fitzgerald is an artist and educator based in Belfast. She studied Surface Pattern at the University of Ulster before becoming interested in printmaking. She currently teaches Art and Design at second level. Interested in the texture and pattern of found and borrowed images, her chosen medium is collograph print. Often the printed ‘panels’ you see are connected and box framed. She uses a combination of pattern and texture with bold subjects from the world of natural history – brought together to give the feeling of an ancient, rediscovered ‘scrap book’.

ANUSHIYA SUNDARALINGAM ENTWINE Drypoint & Collograph Anushiya Sundaralingam is an artist and arts facilitator, originally from Sri Lanka. Trained originally as a printmaker at Belfast School of Art she now work primarily using mixed media. Her work is influenced by the connected notion of a ‘self’ in transition and the challenges of identity, belonging and place. She is interested in how natural and cultural environment shapes a sense of self and works with a range of media to reflect the intricate and layered nature of these topics. She has exhibited internationally and throughout Ireland and her work is represented in numerous public and private collections. 305-985-3865  | 1116 WARNER STREET BIG PINE KEY, FL 

COBY MOORE THE DARK HEDGES Photopolymer etching Coby Moore originally trained as an illustrator at the Royal Academy of Art in the Hague. She holds an appreciation the technique and value attached to the printmaking process and drawing is an important element in her practice - when a drawing moves to a plate it transforms and evolves. Inspiration for her work is drawn from life experience, social environment, memories and timelessness.

DOLORES DE SADE SRI POON ROAD Etching Dolores De Sade studied Fine Art at Sir John Cass School of Art, and MA at the Royal College of Art, London, in printmaking. Musing on the manipulation of perception and meaning of landscape in post-industrial Britain, she appropriates sources from period book and magazine illustrations. www.doloresdesade.com

305-985-3865  | 1116 WARNER STREET BIG PINE KEY, FL 

DÓNALL BILLINGS TÍ Digital Print Dónall Billings is a Fine Artist with experience in challenging and extending the potential of Printmaking. Current and developing technologies entice him to work while allowing him the opportunity to apply traditional skills in creating emotional and provocative works of art. Conceptually, he am interested in personal and societal behaviours that reflect witnessing living change within culture and beliefs. How this is reconciled within and without is a challenging question which has further potential for investigation.

DORA MCCAVERA GARDEN LEAVES Etching with Aquatint Dora McCavera has been a member of BPW since it opened at Riddel Hall in 1977. At that time she was in teacher training and was encouraged by her tutor, TP Flanagan to join. She began classes in etching, silkscreen and lithography. In these early years her interest was landscape, while she still has a love for this subject, more recent work has moved closer to home and now her focus is on what her garden has to offer for inspiration for her prints.

305-985-3865 | 1116 WARNER STREET BIG PINE KEY, FL 

EAMON MCCRORY GIN CAT Collograph, Collage, Watercolour Eamonn McCrory is Belfast based cartographer and printmaker. He normally works on a particular theme to create a series of images and maps based on exploratory walking. This work seeks to challenge the inherent authority of official maps by depicting a more recognisable sense of the places that he inhabits. www.emccrory.co.uk  

FIONA NÍ MHAOILIR SMACT (CONTROL) Photo Etching Dublin born Fiona Ní Mhaoilir has lived and worked in Belfast since 1998. Ní Mhaoilir studied Fine Art in D.I.T, Crawford College of Art, and the University of Ulster. She is a former co-director of Catalyst Arts and Platform Arts, Belfast. Fiona is currently completing a PhD in Agenda-Based Visual Art Production in Post-Conflict North of Ireland. Her work is held in both public and private collections nationally and internationally. 305-985-3865  | 1116 WARNER STREET BIG PINE KEY, FL 

HIDEKI KONDO SECRET FOREST 3 Lithograph Hideki Kondo holds an MA from Musashino Art University in Kodaira, western Tokyo. His chosen medium is lithography, with its subtle grain and softness. With a deep fascination and empathy for nature, he seeks the secret worlds hidden from everyday existence in the forms of plants. www.hidekikondo-works.blogspot.com

IAN BROWN SEVEN SEAS: MEDITERRANEAN 20 Colour Screenprint Ian Brown studied at Canterbury and Camberwell Colleges of Art, graduating in printmaking. He confronts the dichotomies of today’s hyper-mediated life experience, examining through his work how representational process and systems inform, and often distort, the received impression. www.volcaniceditions.com 305-985-3865  | 1116 WARNER STREET BIG PINE KEY, FL 

IVAN ARMSTRONG DIVIDED CITY: JOINED IN MUTUAL SUSPICION Etching Ivan Armstrong has been an academic and arts administrator. Since his retirement he has focused on his own work which is generally concerned with the relationships between people and their social and political environment. He exhibits regularly in Ireland in solo and group shows.

IVAN FREW FUSION SERIES (GREEN/YELLOW) Woodcut Frew's colourful prints are often inspired by the animal form, and regularly depict solitary farm animals in saturated, primary and secondary colours, as well as still life motifs. He has exhibited nationally and internationally and his work has been included in a wide range of corporate collections.

305-985-3865 | 1116 WARNER STREET BIG PINE KEY, FL 

JACKIE CROOKS UNDERCOVER Silkscreen Jackie is an artist and teacher working in Belfast. She has a BA in Fine Art (Paint) and a Post Graduate Diploma in Art Therapy from Hertfordshire College of Art and Design, St.Albans. She is interested in collections, the placements of objects and found pieces. www.jackiecrooksartist.com

JAMES ALLEN NORTHERN SEA V Etching/Aquatint with Drypoint James Allen studied painting at Belfast College of Art 1961-65 and Brighton College of Art, 1965-67. He taught printmaking at Goldsmiths College of Art and Ravensbourne College of Art, London . In 1977 he was awarded 3 year ACNI Fellowship to establish and manage Belfast Print Workshop. He was Director of BPW from 1980 - 2002 and is currently Chairman of the board of trustees. He has exhibited widely and his work is included in many public and private collections in Ireland and abroad.

305-985-3865 | 1116 WARNER STREET BIG PINE KEY, FL 

JAMES MILLAR ORSON WELLES: XANADU Etching/Aquatint James Miller has been a professional artist since approximately 1967. Self-taught, drawing has always been the backbone of his artistic life. His work is interested in the largest themes of life - death, birth, re-birth, resurrection, sexuality, religion and mythology. Joining BPW in 1989, Miller’s is one of the studio’s longest standing memberships. In the course of his career he has shown work in many national and international exhibitions and is included in significant collections.

JIM MONSON HARLEQUIN Woodcut Jim Monson moved to Paris from the USA in 1969, becoming assistant at Atellier 17 to S. W. Hayter. Formed by his encounters and the litho processes, he has slowly shifted towards mastery of the reduction woodcut as his favoured medium. He was a university lecturer in the USA and has exhibited all over the world, but now makes his home in the south of France. www.jim-monson.com 305-985-3865  | 1116 WARNER STREET BIG PINE KEY, FL 

JIN HIROSAWA AFTERNOON Silkscreen, Beeswax. Jin Hirosawa was born in Yamaguchi, Japan, and graduated from Musashino Art University Tokyo, finishing with the Master’s Programme. He follows a pure form of art, associating birth and death life-cycles with materiality in his print process when he symbolically over-prints in melted beeswax.

JOANNA PIECH BROKEN DIALOGUE Linocut Joanna Piech studied in the Academy of Fine Arts in Krakow and in the Faculty of Graphic Art in Katowice, Poland. Piech’s large-scale linocut prints embody her sensations in a dialogue with life. Serious or humorous, reflecting the surrounding world, making them is a demanding enterprise.

305-985-3865 | 1116 WARNER STREET BIG PINE KEY, FL 

JOHN READ SONGS OF THE EARTH OUT OF THE WOODS VI Intaglio John Read studied Fine Art at Camberwell School of Art and later acquired an MA in communication theory from UEA Norwich. Interested both in design technology and historical origins of ideas, he explores in print and sculpture residual spirituality and overlooked traces of existence within the work of time. www.john-read.co.uk

JONATHAN BRENNAN MOUNTSANDEL FERNS Screenprint Jonathan Brennan has been based in Belfast since 2012. Originally from Dublin, he spent most of the prior decade in Brussels, Belgium where he studied painting. He has a BA in History of Art & Architecture and Spanish from Trinity College Dublin and an MSc in Multimedia Systems. Jonathan works with printmaking, painting, photography and video. Drawn to nature and landscape as subject matter he is fascinated by how urban and rural rub against each other in our cities. His works are in private collections in Europe and the US.. 305-985-3865 | 1116 WARNER STREET BIG PINE KEY, FL 

JOSEPHINE MCCORMICK FLAX FIELD Viscosity Print Dr Josephine McCormick is an artist and educator. She received her MA in Fine Art Printmaking from Camberwell College of Art and her PhD from the University of Ulster. Specialising in fine art print, Josephine’s interests include investigating the potential between sonic technologies and print processes towards producing a hybrid body of sound embedded print work. She values collaboration and has worked with multi-disciplinary groups of engineers, scientists and sound artists in the making of print work. Her work has been represented in the UK and in various international print exhibitions. 

KAREN DAYE-HUTCHINSON THE ONLOOKERS Etching Karen Daye-Hutchinson studied Fine Art in both Belfast and Manchester. Her work reflects her interest in habitat, architecture and literature. Printmaking, artists books and exploring imagery on sculptural jewellery are her chosen mediums. She uses line and colour as a language to explore the perimeters of printmaking and painting with symbolism as an allegory, deconstructing situations, fairy tales, nursery rhymes or poetry that are part of childhood and adult culture. 305-985-3865  | 1116 WARNER STREET BIG PINE KEY, FL 

LINDA BARBOUR LARRY THE BIRDMAN Screenprint Linda Jane Barbour started her path as an artist studying at the London College of Printing, 1992 . Linda enjoys experimenting more to find depth with the screenprinting process using opaque liquids or inked backgrounds with print on top, to create a more painterly feel. She likes to work from photographs of interest and video stills, to represent moments in time that might otherwise pass by unnoticed.

LINDA MCBURNEY WHERE THE LIGHT GETS IN Etching with Aquatint Linda McBurney is a printmaker and artist at Belfast Print Workshop and the Vault Artists Studio. Linda specialises in copper plate etching and experimental work using waterless lithography. She is currently focused on developing new work with a print process using soapflakes.

305-985-3865 | 1116 WARNER STREET BIG PINE KEY, FL 

LISA MURRAY CONTAINED Photo-intaglio Stillness, order and conflicting emotions are recurring themes in Lisa’s work. She is drawn to natural objects, arranging them so as to reveal meanings through metaphorical interpretation.  Natural history illustrations and flat motifs of surface pattern are her main sources of stylistic influence.

LYNDA HAMILTON A PROMISE MADE Photo-intaglio Lynda completed a BA at the University of Ulster in Fine Art Print in 1992 and a post-grad diploma in Fine and Applied Art in 1993. The landscape itself has always been the basis of her work. She likes to travel, especially by motorbike and take innumerable photographs which she uses as a type of sketchbook. Natural structures and those made and shaped by man can appear like primeval symbols suggestive of animism. ’ 305-985-3865 | 1116 WARNER STREET BIG PINE KEY, FL 

MARCUS PATTON LA MER INCONNUE Screenprint Marcus Patton has worked as an illustrator for over forty years, working in pen and ink and watercolour as well as screenprints. He has produced around 400 posters for the BBC and the Ulster Orchestra among others, and illustrated a number of books, mainly of a topographical or architectural nature. He is an Academician of the Royal Ulster Academy and served as chairman of the Belfast Print Workshop for a number of years.

MARIA CHIARA TONI ABELE Roulette & perforation on Forex Maria Chiara Toni graduated from the State Institute of Art, Mantova, Italy. Simultaneously evolving experimental approaches to printmaking and exploring the complexities of social conditioning and its corruption of innocence, she represents the quandaries as warnings. www.elvieri-toni.com 305-985-3865  | 1116 WARNER STREET BIG PINE KEY, FL 

MARY MARTIN DOUGHABEGGA EAST 1 Screenprint Mary studied at the University of Ulster from 2005 to 2010 and received a BA and MA in Fine Art. Since then she has worked as artistin- residence at the University of Ulster Print Department and shown paintings and prints in exhibitions in Ireland, Canada and Bulgaria. She was awarded the Turner Prize for Drawing by the University of Ulster in 2007. Her work is included in private and public collections including the University of Ulster and the Department of the Environment.

MASAHIRO KAWARA STRUCTURE XIV Lithograph Masahiro Kawara graduated from the Tokyo Zokei University, becoming a Master Printer shortly after. Although he collaborates with artists in his print laboratory, his own work explores ambiguity arising from the elaboration of process, in decay in the real world and in his representation of it.

305-985-3865  | 1116 WARNER STREET BIG PINE KEY, FL 

MAURA LYNCH CORBEAU Cyanotype Maura Lynch holds a degree and post-graduate degree in Ceramics/3D Design. She also has an M.A with honours in Ceramics and Print. She has been a  member of BPW for more than 20 years and worked as a lecturer in 3D Design for 30 years at Belfast Met. Her practice is interdisciplinary and her specialisms include ceramics  and life drawing.  She has exhibited nationally and internationally in print, ceramics and bronze.

MIKAEL KIHLMAN MARKET IN CRACOW Drypoint Mikael Kihlman is a dedicated engraver living in Sweden. Despite his profound curiosity regarding light and shadow in damp streets, or low-angle light bouncing off the surfaces of cars in his established mode of street views from across northern Europe, it is the sublimely seductive act of drawing into copper with the drypoint needle which is his core motivation. That and his reverence for the old masters of the technique. www.kihlman.net 305-985-3865 | 1116 WARNER STREET BIG PINE KEY, FL 

MIN JIE ZHANG UNTITLED SERIES NO. 10 5 Colours Silkscreen Min Jie Zhang, living in Tangshan in China, was caught in the dramatic earthquake disaster of 1976, nearly losing his life. Undoubtedly shaping his outlook and sensibility, he became a master wood cut artist, lithographer and oil painter finding ways to express himself through complex and often large prints and paintings. These frequently feature multitudes of figures engaged in curious ritual-like activities, seemingly without purpose, and constrained by walls. He is very well known in China. wwwzhangminjie.zxart.cn

TSUTOMU MORITA GARDEN EARLY SUMMER BREEZE 2 Woodblock Tsutomu Morita has a BFA in painting and an MFA in printmaking from Tokyo National University of Fine Arts and Music. This painterly vision shapes his aesthetic with traditional Japanese printmaking technique in softer and gentler colour, recalling classic works in utopian naturalism. 305-985-3865 | 1116 WARNER STREET BIG PINE KEY, FL 

NIGEL OXLEY PT 1. THE MUHLBERG SUITE - LOOK AT ME AND REMEMBER ME Etching Nigel Oxley studied painting and printmaking at Camberwell School of Art before starting a career as a Master Printer/Etcher for White Ink, then Kelpra Studios in London. Creating prints for many well-known artists pushed Oxley to evolve new techniques which he now utilises in his own works.

NORMAN MCBEATH AS NIGHT FOLLOWS DAY Photogravure Norman McBeath is a Scottish photographic artist exploring place and the traces of human behaviour who has latterly turned to translating his photographic imagery through photogravure into works brought to life by the touch of the hand. Originally studying psychology and spending time in other countries as an educator, he discovered his passion for the lensed image while living in Oxford. www.normanmcbeath.com 305-985-3865 | 1116 WARNER STREET BIG PINE KEY, FL 

PAULINE AITKEN SYMBIOSIS Etching Pauline Aitken studied painting and printmaking at the Slade School of Fine Art, UCL, London. She followed with postgraduate studies in printmaking. Her interest is in the interdependence and interrelationship of life forms, structures and botanical processes of plants, and the flux of life. www.paulineaitken.com

PAULINE CLANCY SYNTHESIS I Screenprint Pauline Clancy is a PhD researcher, designer, lecturer and printmaker based in Belfast. Her practice explores the relationship between language and typography and is primarily realised through the screenprinting process. Approaches include how experimental typography can be explored as a means to generate typographic images where cropped elements and overprinted areas create other abstract forms. She consideres the experimental/making process is of equal importance to the finished artefacts. www.paulineclancy.com 305-985-3865  | 1116 WARNER STREET BIG PINE KEY, FL 

RAQUEL AMAT PARRA TWO FACES ONE SOUL Lithograph Raquel studied Fine Arts in Spain and completed a Printmaking MA in Wroclaw, Poland. She is currently the Studio Technician at Belfast Print Workshop. Her influences are many and range from surrealism to abstract minimalism. She is an interdisciplinary artist who experiments with technique - often using mixed media and combining processes. www.raquelamatparra.co.uk 

REBECCA JEWELL FRAGMENTATION 1 (BLUE AND ORANGE) Print on Feathers Rebecca Jewell spent a year in Papua New Guinea before studying social anthropology at Cambridge University, then illustration at the Royal College of Art, London. Drawn to symbolic and ritual functions of bird feathers in tribal societies, she developed means of printing directly on them. www.rebeccajewell.com

305-985-3865 | 1116 WARNER STREET BIG PINE KEY, FL 

RITSUKO OZEKI LANDSCAPE AND POND Etching with aquatint Ritsuko Ozeki holds an MA in painting and intaglio printmaking from Musashino Art University, Tokyo. Ozeki shows widely across the world where her oblique grasp of the transience of being captured in etched metal finds shared recognition despite its origins in a Japanese childhood. www.ritsukoozeki.com

SOPHIE LAYTON VISITING EDITH II Colour etching Sophie Layton gained her BFA in printmaking from the University of Brighton. She experiments freely, combining means such as photo etching on steel with monotype on aluminium. The unpredictability of combined techniques encourages spontaneity guided towards the uncanny. www.sophielayton.com

305-985-3865 | 1116 WARNER STREET BIG PINE KEY, FL 

SUMI PERERA REBUILDING THE BUILT XII’ Etching, aquatint & hand tinting Sumi Perera began her career in her native Sri Lanka in medicine, but eventually followed her stronger urge into graphic arts, often inspired by architectural matters - her secondary passion. She took a Masters at Camberwell in London in Book Arts and this aspect informs the structural impetus of much of her printmaking. www.saatchionline.com/sumiperera

SUSAN ALDWORTH RESPONDENCES 7: LOVE LETTERS TO VICTOR (A commission from the Guy’s and St Thomas’ Charity) Multi matrix planographic print with blind embossing Susan Aldworth studied philosophy at Nottingham University, then Fine Art at Sir John Cass, London. Aldworth is particularly engaged by the nature of the Self, exploring its construction and many manifestations, and the ramifications of failures within the supporting biological body. www.susanaldworth.com  

305-985-3865 | 1116 WARNER STREET BIG PINE KEY, FL 

TOMASZ KUKAWSKI PRINTSBOX II JOY & CHASM Linocut Tomasz M. Kukawski lives and works in Bialystok, Poland. He studied at the Department of Architecture, Bialystok Technical University, and the Faculty of Graphics, the Academy of Fine Arts, Warsaw in printmaking. Universally engaged in design, he also continues his powerful and enigmatic printmaking.

TOSHIHIKO IKEDA THE OLD MAN Q COMFORTABLE POLKA DOTS Etching Toshihiko Ikeda graduated from Tama Art University, then the graduate school of Tokyo University of the Arts. His work is distinctive for melding Westernstyle etching on copper with Japanese sensibilities towards highly laborious graphic techniques depicting deeply felt emotional responses.

305-985-3865 | 1116 WARNER STREET BIG PINE KEY, FL 

VLADIMIRO ELVIERI FRAMMENTI IV Engraving on Forex Vladimiro Elvieri – engraver, designer, printer, curator – graduated from the State Institute of Art in Nove, Italy. He is a prolific experimenter with print methodologies, deploying novel techniques to express his complex concerns about humanity and our bad attitude towards Mother Earth. www.elvieri-toni.com

YOLANDA EVELEENS LITTLE WINGS Etching Yolanda Eveleens graduated in printmaking from the Rietveld Academy of Fine Arts, Amsterdam. Compelled to identify herself with primal nature and natural processes, her constrained work on zinc plates yields sympathetic incidences which are turned to advantage, completing synthesis. www.yolandaeveleens.nl

305-985-3865 | 1116 WARNER STREET BIG PINE KEY, FL 

YUUICHI KASHIMA BANDAI BRIDGE Woodblock Yuichi Kashima has an MFA from the Tokyo University of the Arts. He pursues a single-minded path along the route of the great Japanese woodblock tradition, resisting outside influences while struggling to revivify vague impressions of the fleeting world of reality through dynamic imagery. www.gallery-goto.com/artists/kashimaYuichi

305-985-3865 | 1116 WARNER STREET BIG PINE KEY, FL 

GRAPHIC EDITIONS An Exhibition by Belfast Print Workshop & Prism Print InternationalÂ

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Graphic Editions - Exhibition Catlogue  

Belfast Print Workshop in partnership with Prism Print International are pleased to present this exhibition showcasing ambitious and excelle...

Graphic Editions - Exhibition Catlogue  

Belfast Print Workshop in partnership with Prism Print International are pleased to present this exhibition showcasing ambitious and excelle...

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