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Your #UniLife Bucket List - From the Student Representative Council


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Exploitation or valuable experience? Climate change: Myth-busting the deniers

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The truth about university students’ mental health

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Rachel Hardie (Penrith Campus).

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Meg Gannon (Parramatta South).

Georgia Free (Campbelltown Campus).

Catlin Lyons (Hawkesbury Campus).

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n o y l F l l a W e h t

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Global warming leads to disastrous effects on the environment and if allowed to continue may be irreversible. Photo: Pixabay

As global temperatures continue to rise, more glaciers, icebergs and sea ice are lost.

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“When you look at the range of mental health distress in university aged students, it’s significantly higher than their comparative age group in the general population.”

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Photo by Abigail Nash.

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At the Party At the party you can skim rocks across the sea of heads that bob and roll to the ebb of music. Sepulchral lighting shows contours of cheeks chiselled with foundation. Pinpoints of neon in eyes ink black like a thermonuclear fusion of hydrogen and helium burning eternal in the vacuum of eternity. This space between us is an ocean of pressing flesh; song pulls at the crowd in great celestial tides. You rotate, accelerating out of orbit, in paradox. Centripetal force withers against you, elemental independence like man-made spires withstanding the pull of entropy and becoming sand. Each body now a drifting segment in a belt that straddles the vacuum left by your hale exit. This relationship between us like moon and sea; distantly drags one after other, the physics of lust, an unrequited dance demonstrating the way of all things. – by Luke Bartolo

I am not scared I am scared, I am afraid, I am terrified. Of the daily scrutiny, The frequent bully, The constant oppression. For every step I take, They pull me back two. Forcing me to hide and never try. They try to find a fault, A pathetic attempt. To feel a little better about themselves. Putting us closer to the ground, Makes them feel a little closer to the sky. All this does is make us never want to try. – by Jihan Mujahid

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Which campus are you? Hawkesbury Campus

Online Students

Lithgow Campus • The friend everyone forgets about. • Usually the first one to disappear on a night out. • Gives great advice. • Always anxious.

• Always complaining about their bad connection. • Hasn’t left their house in three days. • Leaves everything until the last minute. • One energy drink away from a heart attack.

• Wakes up every day to watch the sunrise. • Thinks the whole world should go vegan. • Watches animal documentaries in their free time. • Favourite dessert is a salad.

Parramatta City Campus • Leaves you on read even though they messaged first. • Only drinks almond milk. • Spends all their money on clothes even though they’re broke. • Afraid of birds.

Western Sydney University

Penrith Campus • Looks intimidating but is actually really nice. • Says yes to invitations but never shows up. • Always lost. • Obsessed with dogs.

Parramatta South Campus

Western Sydney

Sydney Olympic Park Campus

• Hasn't slept since 2009. • Can’t parallel park to save their life. • Will spend $50 on food but not on textbooks. • Always running late.

Sydney City Campus

• Goes to the gym just to take selfies. • Always in sports gear. • Wants to be an Instagram model. • Doesn’t know how to drive.

• Has to be the centre of every conversation. • Wears a blazer even in the summer. • Always ready for a photo shoot. • Looks like they have their life together but is slowly falling apart. Campbelltown Campus

Nirimba Campus • Hasn’t registered their car for two years. • Takes a cigarette break every five minutes. • Shows up to their 1pm lecture in pyjamas. • Has changed their degree five times.

• Always on their phone. • Says they’re being honest but they're just being rude. • Has a new group of friends every semester. • Pretends to hate drama but secretly loves it.

Bankstown Campus • Owns at least 20 pairs of shoes. • Always yelling. • Will fight you to pay for lunch but will ask for the money back later. • Hasn't been to class in four weeks.

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