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Rhino meets your heating, drying and cooling needs with a wide selection of solutions. Manufactured from robust components every appliance is made tough to stand up to the demands of tough applications. The changeable UK climate ensures that Rhino equipment is always in demand - especially in times of crisis such as floods, cold snaps and heat waves. From the office and home to the warehouse and on-site portakabin, Rhino gets the job done. Rhino is owned by Birchwood Price Tools (BPT). QUALITY ASSURANCE BPT is registered as an ISO 9001:2008 organisation. The processes we have in place support our ambition to continually improve, understand and deliver customer and user needs. Our products are rigorously tested prior to launch to ensure optimum performance in use. For more information or to become a distributor and enjoy the business opportunities delivered by our range of products and recognised brands, contact: T | 0115 938 9000 E | sales@birchwoodpricetools.com Order Online | birchwoodpricetools.com

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CONTENTS HEATING TQ3 Heater Fan Heaters Space Heater Ceramic Heater Convector Heates Oil Radiators

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COOLING Crowd Cooler Air Raid 500

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DRYING Dehumidifier 12 Airmover 12

EXTRACTOR Fume Extractor






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The TQ3 Heater warms objects and people rather than the atmosphere. This results in lower running costs because heat is not lost through drafts or pre-heating.

• Voltage / current 110V~ 26A / 240V~ 12.2A

The TQ3 Heater is constructed from a high-grade material, so it withstands up to the rigours of industrial use with ease.

• Heat output 2.8kW (9554 BTU)

• Cable 110V-3M 3G 4mm2 H05 VVF / 240V-3M 3G 1.5mm2 H07 RNF • L amps - 2 x 1.4 kW slim line ruby quartz halogen • Heater body - medium density polyethylene • Weight 14.3Kg

110V H02072 | 240V H02071

Replacement parts: Page 14

• Size 500 x 460 x 1000mm

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• 2800W element

Tough steel construction to withstand the rigours of site conditions. Ideal for heating larger areas across industrial and leisure settings.

• Lifting handle for easy mobility

• 3 Heat settings • Can be used as a cooler without element • Weight 5.8Kg • Size 260 x 340 x 385mm


• PTC ceramic heating element 1200W/2000W

Stylish & efficient 2KW PTC heater. Stands vertically with oscilating mode, digital display and remote control.

• Safety tip over switch

240V H03612

• Automatic oscillation

• 2 Heat settings • LED display • 24 hours timer • Remote control

110V H02072 | 240V H02071

• Weight 3.5Kg • Size 745 x 277 x 282mm


• 2 Heat levels 1kW & 2kW

Delivers a dry heat widely without condensation, gas or fumes. Stands both vertically and horizontally to suit the application and space available.

• Overheat protection

240V H02073

• Selector for ambient, warm & hot • Neon Indicator • Weight 1.3Kg • Size 255 x 125 x 255mm


Powerful gas space heater provides immediate heat to any large space. 50kW H02247

• 240V mains supply • 170,000 BTU • 1.5bar Propane regulator included • 2M gas hose fitted • Illuminated ON/OFF switch • Piezo ignition system • 50kW Heat output • Heating Area: 100-150sqm • Weight 14Kg • Size 615 x 280 x 440mm

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• 2 Heat settings

A tough, steel cased ceramic heater that’s designed to provide instant warmth everywhere from the office to the production line.

• Integral cable tidy

110V H02700 | 240V H02701

Replacement parts: Page 14

• LED ‘power on’ indicator • M  echanical safety tilt device switches off when tipped (240V Model Only) - twin 1400W ceramic elements • Heat output 2800W • Weight 6Kg • Size 260 x 115 x 385mm


• Thermostat control

A portable radiator with 3 settings that delivers various warm air to suit the users needs. Ideal for both domestic and industrial applications.

• 3 Heating settings

240V 1.5kW H02240 | 240V 2kW H02241

• Weight 10.05Kg (1.5kW) 11.5Kg (2kW)

• Overheat protection • Tip over safety switch • Cable storage • Integrated timer (2kW Model Only) • Size 675 x 385 x 160mm (1.5kW) • Size 675 x 465 x 160mm (2kW)


• 3 Power settings 750/1250/2000W

Portable, silent running room and site heater. Provides instant heat that’s adjustable with 3 power settings and thermostat control.

• Overheat protection

• Adjustable thermostat control • Illuminated switches • Weight 3.6Kg • Size 625 x 140 x 440mm

240V H02218


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• Thermostat control • Overheat protection • 3 Heating settings


• 3 Heat settings - 750/1250W

Deluxe remote control featuring digital applications. Automatic room temperature sensor. Eco mode, silent running room heater.

• Adjustable room thermostat

240V 2.5kW H03613

• Digital 24 hour timer

This portable heater can be easily mounted onto the wall or used as a free standing heater. Turbo fan to push warm air around the room.

• Heat Output 1300-1500W

240V H03615

• Size 325 x 550 x 135mm

• Overheat protection • Freestanding or wall mounting

• Tip over safety switch • Cable storage • Child locking function • Weigh 13.Kg • Size 725 x 675 x 210mm

• 1.00mm x 2M power cord • 24hr timer • Weight 4Kg

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RHINO COOLING CROUD COOLER The Crowd Cooler takes large area cooling to new levels of performance. With a tough polypropylene base, it can withstand the most demanding conditions. The powerful height and tilt adjustable fan is ideal for high output air circulation in large areas to dissipate heat and clear the air of smoke, dust and steam. Variable height to 2.1M.

• 5 Blade 50cm diameter balanced fan • V  ariable output from 1400m3/hr to 9100m3/hr • Motor 780W • Supplied with 3M lead • Noise level 70dBA • Height adjustable to 2.1M • Weight 40Kg • Size 800 x 600 x 1450mm

110V H-CROWD110 | 240V H-CROWD230


The Air Raid 500 - a fully portable industrial cooler that stands up to the rigours of site use - it’s as tough as they come. From moving dust and steam in factories to creating wind on film sets the Air Raid provides high performance cooling in commercial and industrial applications. 110V H-MAN110 | 240V H-MAND230

• 5 Blade 50cm diameter balanced fan • Adjustable tilting fan body • Heavy duty fan guards • Robust tubular stand with rubber wheels • Enclosed 780W flush fitted sealed motor • Variable airflow output 1400m3/hr to 9100m3/hr • Ideal for warehouses, factories, marquees and offices • Supplied with 3M lead • Weight 32Kg • Size 960 x 435 x 850mm

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• Dual voltage 110V & 240V

The powerful 0.7kW motor means that drying times are minimised - it can remove up to 48 litres a day that make it a must for the modern hire fleet. Fully stackable, with a plastic body that eliminates dents and rust, the RD48 is a quiet running unit can be used in a domestic or site environment.

• Min water removal 25 Litres

110V / 240V H03610


Engineered airflow outlet for faster, consistent drying in 5 operating positions. Low noise only 65db and weighs only 10Kg.

• Max water removal 48 Litres • Airflow 350m3/hr • Centrifugal pump • Refrigerant R-417A • Compressor 6.670 BTU Rotary • Weight 43Kg • Size 850 x 500 x 510mm

• Motor 0.124kW • 3 Heating settings

• 6 Blade 31cm diameter balanced fan • 700W motor

• Easy maintainance

The Fume Extractor is a heavy-duty 3-in-1-air movement system that cools, ventilates and extracts air in both restricted and open environments. Ideal for removing steam and even pungent smells from inaccessible areas. It eliminates large volumes of contaminated air quickly through durable non-collapsible ducting.

• Weight 10Kg

110V H03033 | 240V H03034

• Stackable • 4.6M cable with tidy function • Robust rotomoulded housing • Integral kwh counter - know the real costs • Power 0.53 Amps • Single speed

240V H03753


• Single speed output: 3250m3/hr • D ucting purchased separately. 305mm D x 5M L. Comes with carry-all • Weight 12Kg • Size 410 x 500 x 420mm

Ducting: H03036

• Size 584x457x229mm

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RHINO SPARES 1.4KW CERAMIC REPLACEMENT ELEMENT For use with CH3 Ceramic Heater. 110V H02115 | 240V H02111


240V 14M/1.5MM/16A LEAD

• For use with 240V heaters

Defender extension leads are fully certified - designed and manufactured to perform in harsh conditions.

• BS EN 60309 plug and socket

• IP20 Rating • Cable 1.5mm, 3 Core H05 VVF VDE Low-temperature arctic

240V 16A E85221

For use with Rhino TQ3 Heater. 110V H028602 | 240V H028702


• Outlets 1 x 16A 1 x 32A

Ideal for use with the 100V heaters.

• Cable 2M, 2.5mm, 3 Core H05 VVF VDE

110V 205062

• BSEN 61558-1

• Continuous rating 1500W • No plug fitted

DUCTING For use with Rhino Fume Extractor. 305mm x 5m H03036

110V 14M/4MM/32A LEAD

• For use with 110V heaters

Defender extension leads are fully certified - designed and manufactured to perform in harsh conditions.

• BS EN 60309 plug and socket

• IP44 Rating • Cable 4mm, 3 Core H05 VVF VDE Low-temperature arctic

110V 32A E85240

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HEAD OFFICE Birchwood Price Tools, 

Sales: +44 (0) 115 938 9000

Birch Park, Park Lodge Road,

Email: sales@birchwoodpricetools.com

Giltbrook, Nottingham NG16 2AR

Website: www.birchwoodpricetools.com

Defender Power & Light - designed and distributed by Birchwood Price Tools. Birchwood Price Tools is a trading name of the BSS Group Limited. DISCLAIMER: The Company’s standard terms & conditions apply and are available upon request. All product descriptions are correct at the time of printing. Images are for guidance only and do not necessarily represent the goods on offer. The company reserves the right to modify products and withdraw promotions without prior notice. All promotional and value added FOC items are subject to stock availability, and may differ occasionally from those advertised. The Company endeavors to ensure that the information in this document is correct, but does not accept any liability for any error or omission herein. All rights are reserved. No part of this publication may be reproduced or transmitted in any form without written permission of the copyright holder.


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