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GET READY FOR COLLEGE Personal, innovative and fun pre-college summer programs for students entering grades 9–12

We Know Why You’re Here You’ll be going to college soon. For real! And with that comes independence, new opportunities, and a whole lot of changes. This is such an exciting time!

But there’s more to it than that, right? There’s also the stress – of keeping your grades up, taking the SATs, maintaining all those extra-curriculars, deciding which schools to apply to, and figuring out how to pay for all of this. It’s a lot to think about. On top of all that, you know there are some huge decisions ahead of you, and you don’t want to mess them up – but you’re not sure how to do it “right.” Where you go to college puts you on a path that affects the rest of your life. It’s also a big investment of both money and time, and no one wants to waste either. No pressure... Are you freaking out yet?!

We get it. And we’re here to help. Over the past decade, we’ve developed a system for addressing the challenges that come with the transition from high school to college. We know that an immersive on-campus experience is the best way to learn how to navigate through this stage in your life. And we believe it should be fun! At Blueprint, we create a stress-free environment where students can enjoy scenic campuses, explore an area of study, make amazing friends, and try new things. In a nutshell, we know you’re here because you want to get ready for college AND have a fun summer. Well, you’ve come to the right place!

“The Blueprint experience was unique and fun. It has helped me in preparing not just for college, but life in general.”

Responses taken from summer 2017 parent and student surveys.


What You Get With Blueprint INSPIRING COURSES Curious about forensic science or considering a career in architecture? Each of our locations offers a range of academic courses to choose from so you can dive into something that really interests you. All of our courses are taught by top-notch instructors, but come without the stress of tests and homework. Flip to p.17 to learn about our courses!

Business Computer Science Film Studies Forensic Science Psychology SAT Prep

Careers in Architecture Careers in Engineering Careers in Law Careers in Medicine Careers in Vet. Science Careers in Writing

AMAZING LOCATIONS We know that location has a huge impact on your college decision. Whether you want to stay near home or venture far away, try a private university or a big state school, we’ve got you covered with our campus options. Flip to p.21 to check them out!

Georgetown Univ. Howard University Lehigh University

UCLA University of Florida University of Virginia

COLLEGE & CAREER READINESS (CCR) We understand the importance of College & Career Readiness (CCR) and build it into everything we do. Each class day starts with a CCR Seminar, and each program has one whole day dedicated to our CCR Summit, where students learn about resumes, public speaking, interview skills, finding scholarships, and leveraging unique strengths and talents. Read more on p. 4, 7, and 9!


”Not only were the Blueprint courses enlightening for my daughter, the program showed her what college life would be like on campus. She experienced traveling across country on her own, making new friends and trying things she’s never thought to try before. Blueprint was life-changing for her and really helped her to mature and get prepared for college. I can’t thank the staff enough for making this a summer she’ll never forget!”


”I absolutely loved this summer program. Living on a college campus gives you an experience you’ll never forget. It shows you what it’s like to live like a college student, eating in the dining hall and having a roommate. It was easy to make friends and we had a ton of fun. I just wish I had stayed a second week.” 2

You’re Here To Have Fun & Get Ready For College It’s summertime. The school year is finally over. You’ve got some breathing room to step away from the academic grind and enjoy some downtime. There’s no doubt that FUN is an essential part of your summer break. But you also know that college will be coming up soon. There are lots of decisions to make and tasks to do. And you may have some anxiety about all the changes coming your way:

• How will I make new friendships that are as strong as the ones I have now? • How will I balance the demands of coursework with an exciting new social life, and maybe even hold down a parttime job? • What if I don’t get along with the roommate that I’ll have to spend a whole year with? • How will I adjust to the culture shock of being in a new kind of place far away from home? • What if I don’t know what I want to major in or can’t decide what courses to take? The good news is there’s no reason you can’t get ready for college AND have fun! We know this can be a stressful time for families, with a lot to juggle. So our programs provide the practical tools to help you prepare for success in college, along with a healthy dose of adventure that will leave you even more excited about life after high school. Together, let’s make this a summer you’ll never forget.


OUR APPROACH TO COLLEGE READINESS “College readiness” is different for everyone. Some students will struggle with living away from home for the first time; others will have challenges with study habits. There’s not one way to “get ready,” which is why our pre-college recipe has lots of different ingredients. We value each student’s unique background, strengths, personality, goals and challenges – and provide a wide range of activities, opportunities and information to address as many of them as possible.

College demands new academic skills. In college, being successful in your coursework means honing some skills and gaining new ones. But there’s no 101 course for that stuff! So in our College & Career Readiness (CCR) programming, we’ll help you brush up on time management, note taking, critical thinking, listening skills and coping with test anxiety. So when you get to college, you’ll be ready to jump into your academic life with fewer bumps in the road.

Your social world is about to expand. Many of our students tell us that they’re amazed at the friendships they form during their Blueprint program – tight bonds formed in days, with people from all different backgrounds. We hope you’ll take this knowledge with you when you go to college. With a Blueprint “trial run” under your belt, you’ll start your college career with more confidence to introduce yourself, join a club and take that first step toward new lifelong friendships.

Take advantage of on-campus and off-campus life. Being a college student also means being a member of a larger community. Every Blueprint evening includes supervised on-campus activities that help students understand the importance of engagement outside the classroom. Additionally, whenever possible, we arrange off-campus outings, including road trips, community service and visits to local highlights.


”Blueprint was a great opportunity for my ninth grader. Hannah was able to have a real college experience: engaging classes, diverse group of students and wonderful dorm accommodations. The non-competitive admissions process and lack of pressure was a wonderful change that made Blueprint a positive experience for both of us!”


”My time at Blueprint has been one of my favorite experiences so far. In just 2 weeks, I made a bunch of new friends and had a lot of fun! Not only were the activities great, but the classes were also. Blueprint helped me learn more about college admissions, plus discover the many career opportunities available in engineering. I would totally recommend Blueprint to anyone. It was a fun and amazing experience!” 4

You’re Here To Choose the Right Major The closer you get to your senior year in high school, the more you’ll be hearing this question: “What are you going to major in?” It’s a big question, right? It can feel pretty intense to commit to a major when you haven’t taken a single class in it yet. What if you choose a school based on a specific major – only to find out it’s not for you? No one wants to mess up one of the biggest investments of their life!

This is why pre-college programs are so essential. By taking a Blueprint course, you get to try out an area of study in a meaningful way – before you go all in on a degree. (And heck, if you stay for two weeks, you can even try two different subjects!) By the end of your Blueprint experience, you’ll be able to make a more informed decision about what you want to study for the next four years.

“It was a life changing experience

that will help shape my future! I found out how much I enjoy studying Computer Science.”


What You Get With Blueprint TOP NOTCH INSTRUCTORS Our amazing teachers provide engaging and rigorous lessons while offering support, knowledge and encouragement to reach your future goals.

STRESS-FREE COURSES Since you’ll want to spend your time outside of class doing fun things, our instructors never give any homework or tests. Finally, you can explore your interests without pressure – maybe for the first time ever.

A BIG OVERVIEW IN A SHORT TIME Sure, you’ll only be in class for a week or two, not a full semester. But with 18 class hours per week, you’ll be amazed at how much we can cover together!

CUSTOM-DEVELOPED CURRICULUM Our courses are specially developed by our very own Blueprint staff who are experienced instructors and/or professionals in their fields.

HANDS-ON LEARNING Blueprint courses offer opportunities for learning by actually doing, instead of just reading and taking notes. We know that an engaging curriculum is a more effective curriculum.

VARIETY OF CLASS SIZES We make an effort to keep our classes small (averaging 15 students per class) with a low student-teacher ratio so you receive lots of individual attention. But we also offer some larger lecture-style courses – just like you would have in college.


”Before investing in colleges out of state, we wanted to find out how our son would react to living so far from home. The Blueprint team talked with me for quite some time and helped hand pick the perfect location for Kevin! The counselors and teachers were all professional, warm and caring, and the experience was well worth the investment in time and money. If I could do anything differently, I might have sent him after his sophomore year so he could go again. ”


”This program gave me such an amazing look at what college will be like in the near future. I made great friends, had an awesome instructor, and got to live in a dorm. We were even able to get off campus and explore Charlottesville! Definitely a great way to spend two weeks of my summer. ”


You’re Here To Decide Where to Go to College You want to go to a school that will look impressive on your resume and help you launch a great career. There’s certainly a lot of noise out there about school rankings, and those lists are always topped by the big name schools that we all associate with excellence. Maybe you’ve even heard that getting into certain schools will make or break your career. Hey, no problem, it’s just your whole future at stake here! Ok, first of all, take a deep breath. Now, here are a few things to keep in mind:

IT MUST BE RIGHT FOR YOU The “right college” for you won’t be determined by the school’s name or ranking. Instead, it will be based on a very personal set of standards: the location, the majors offered, the feeling you get on campus, the kinds of students it attracts and the financial support available. If you align your choice based on those things, you’re more likely to be happy and successful in your college career.

How We Help: Spending a week or two on a college campus is an incredible opportunity to learn about what you like and don’t like – whether it’s about exploring a major, a campus or a locale. By the end of your Blueprint experience, you’ll feel more empowered to choose a college that’s best for you – not just because it’s a big brand name or “top rated,” but because you now have the confidence and tools to be choosier about what you want in a college experience.

EDUCATION IS A BUSINESS, AND YOU’RE THE CUSTOMER The truth is that colleges are competing for students, and most schools need you more than you need them. Let that sink in for a moment... You’re actually in the position of power! You’re not just in an educational funnel where you automatically go to the school with the best name recognition. Instead you get to shop around and choose the college that’s right for YOU.

How We Help: Blueprint helps students and their families become educated consumers. Instead of applying to big name schools you actually know nothing about, we’ll help you go “shopping” to identify 5 to 8 colleges that best match your goals, budget and personality. We won’t overwhelm you with too many options or leave you feeling like you’re missing out. And since Blueprint is an independent company (i.e. we don’t represent any specific college or university), we don’t bring any bias to the table.

IT’S NOT ALL ABOUT THE COLLEGE Your future success is more about what you do in college than about where you go. Getting good grades, becoming involved in activities, connecting with professors, building your personal network – these things will help you progress in your career more than the alma mater on your sweatshirt.

How We Help: While Blueprint offers stellar courses, we also focus on more than just academic achievement. After all, career readiness includes other social-emotional skills like understanding your strengths, public speaking, leadership skills and working with a team. Our College & Career Readiness programming will round out your Blueprint experience so you’ll know how to get the most out of college.


“Blueprint was awesome!

A great way to meet people and experience life at a college.�

y Universit Howard



You’re Here To Rock Your College Applications Ah, college admissions… They don’t make it easy, do they? There’s the test prep, test taking, application forms, essays, personal statements, deadlines, fees, early decision, waitlists, scholarships, financial aid, interviews… and on and on. It’s a lot to figure out, especially when you’ve still got all of your high school stuff going on: honors classes, APs, sports, music, clubs, community service, family obligations, a social life... Phew, we’re sweating just thinking about all of this!

There’s so much to do! If you don’t have an action plan, it can feel paralyzing. But who’s going to help with that? Your high school counselors are overworked, your teachers are focused on helping you graduate from high school and your parents are learning how to do all of this along with you.

Blueprint to the rescue!


College Admissions Demystified Our proprietary College & Career Readiness (CCR) curriculum untangles the admissions process and helps you make a plan for selecting and applying to schools that are the best fit for you. No matter which campus and course you choose, every Blueprint experience includes a ton of CCR content – every class day (M, Tu, Th, F) starts with an hour-long CCR seminar and the first Wednesday of every program is fully dedicated to our CCR Summit. You’ll participate in a range of fun, hands-on activities and workshops and cover topics like:

YOUR TOP LIST OF COLLEGES With around 5,000 colleges and universities in the U.S., it can be tricky to narrow down the list to the ones you should apply to. Blueprint will help you identify 5 to 8 colleges that match your unique needs and preferences.

BLUEPRINT COLLEGE CHECKLIST Get organized with an academic checklist and timeline that includes deadlines, reminders, and other key information for the tasks that are relevant to your current grade level.

ESSAYS & PERSONAL STATEMENTS We’ll look at some of the toughest application questions and discuss how to prepare great answers. We’ll also help you write your response to the personal statement section.

SCHOLARSHIPS & FINANCIAL AID We’ll cover how to search out and apply for scholarships, demystify FAFSA and discuss other creative ways to ease the burden of paying for a college degree.

COLLEGE INTERVIEWS If you find yourself in a position where you’re going to be interviewed, whether for a selective school or a scholarship, we’ll give you tips and tricks for knocking their socks off.


What Makes Blueprint Different We know there are a lot of pre-college summer programs to choose from. But most of those programs serve as marketing tools for the colleges, which need to fill undergraduate admissions quotas.

Blueprint was born a decade ago with a different philosophy. Instead of recruiting students to a specific school, our mission is to help students succeed at any college from day one. Why? Because we know what it’s like to flounder during our first year of college, experience the culture shock of living away from home, choose a school that’s a bad fit or feel adrift when it comes time to declare a major. So we’ve developed programming that addresses as many of those challenges as possible — and wraps it all up in a fun, summer-worthy package.



To read more about the Blueprint Story, see a letter from our founders on p. 29.

What We Believe In STUDENT EMPOWERMENT We’re passionate about helping our students and their families become educated consumers. The world of higher education can feel overwhelming, and there’s a lot of pressure out there to “prove yourself” so you can get into the “right school.” The reality is that higher education is a business and you’re the customer. That means that many colleges are competing for students, and you get to choose a college that’s right for YOU. We’ll show you how.

TRANSITIONS MATTER Most of life’s milestones – like heading off to college – don’t come with a how-to handbook. Blueprint’s here to help. No one focuses on the transition from high school to college the way we do. Through a decade of running pre-college programs, we’ve developed a solid blueprint (get it?) that guides you and your family through the college selection and application process – so that this time of your life is filled with more excitement and less stress.

HOLISTIC APPROACH We’re proud to be part of the College & Career Readiness (CCR) movement. We know that “college readiness” means something different for each student, and that the college experience isn’t just about academics. So our programs aim to highlight the multifaceted nature of college life. Our daily schedule balances class time, free time and social activities.

INCLUSIVE & WELCOMING You’ve probably noticed that other pre-college programs out there have complicated application processes – forms, essays, fees… and then you wait to see if you’re “accepted.” Well, that’s not how we work around here. We believe that a pre-college experience is so important that we make ours as accessible as possible. We welcome students from all backgrounds, encourage diversity and offer programs at a variety of locations and price points. And we don’t have an application process – all you have to do is register and you’ll be guaranteed a spot!



”Blueprint balances academics and fun, flawlessly. It’s the perfect summer program! My daughter felt welcomed immediately when we arrived and quickly made friends! On the last day, they even shed tears of sadness and joy as they departed, but continue to connect via social media. She shared so many great stories of her college readiness classes and group activities. She became empowered by the Blueprint program and is now confident going into her senior year of high school.”


”Blueprint has given me a positive outlook on college and a better idea of what I want to do in the future. The teachers were very helpful and explained the material so that everyone could understand. It was an incredible experience for me that I will never forget.” 13

Your Next Steps One big way that Blueprint is different from other pre-college programs is that we don’t have an application process. (No stress, remember?) No essays to write, no transcripts to submit, no application fees. All you have to do is register. Woo-hoo! Here’s how to do it:

1. CHOOSE YOUR COURSE(S) We’ve created a stellar lineup of courses for you to choose from – so you can dive into something that really interests you! Students registering for two-week programs can take two separate courses – one each week – or extend their original course with a second week of new material. > See details on p. 17

2. PICK YOUR CAMPUS Out of the thousands of schools in the U.S., Blueprint has selected six very special schools, each with a distinctive personality and its own unique approach to education. They represent a variety of locations (from coastal to urban centers to small towns), sizes (from private research universities to giant state schools), and price points. > See details on p. 21

3. DECIDE HOW LONG TO STAY You have the option of staying for one or two weeks, with each week running from Sunday through Saturday. Students registering for two-week programs may continue in their same course (with new material) or take a different course in the second week. Week one is jam packed with on-campus activities and a whole lot of college readiness. But, look out 2-week students! We hit the road on Sunday with an optional trip (usually to ride some coasters at an amusement park!). Then we venture out again on the second Wednesday to explore local highlights and really get a taste for what living on campus would be like.

4. REGISTER! You can register online at bpsummerprograms.com. The process only takes about 15 minutes, and does not require high school transcripts or letters of recommendation. You can opt to pay in full or set up a monthly payment plan. Blueprint will follow up with a confirmation email that includes your registration details, along with instructions for how to get ready for the adventure of your life.

Questions? Give us a call - 877.415.1111


Read on to choose the Blueprint program that’s right for you!



Bethlehem, PA


Washington, DC



Univ. of Virginia

Los Angeles, CA

Washington, DC

Charlottesville, VA

Univ. of Florida

Gainesville, FL

Georgetow n of Florida University UCLA



Veterinary Science




Careers Courses


SAT Prep


Forensic Science

With this comparison chart, you can easily identify which courses are offered at each location, along with start dates and prices.



Film Studies

Program Comparison

Computer Science

Classic Courses

Programs Starting June 24th Georgetown University | Washington, DC (1 Week $3499, 2 Weeks $4899)

Univ. of Florida Session 1 | Gainesville, FL (1 Week $2299, 2 Weeks $3399)

Programs Starting July 1st Howard University | Washington, DC (1 Week $2799, 2 Weeks $3999)

UCLA Session 1 | Los Angeles, CA (1 Week $3199, 2 Weeks $4599)

Programs Starting July 8th Lehigh University | Bethlehem, PA (1 Week $2599, 2 Weeks $3699)

UCLA Session 2 | Los Angeles, CA (1 Week $3199, 2 Weeks $4599)

Univ. of Florida Session 2 | Gainesville, FL (1 Week $2299, 2 Weeks $3399)

University of Virginia | Charlottesville, VA (1 Week $2699, 2 Weeks $3899)

*Students registering for two-week programs may elect to take one course each week. Your student may also stay in their original course and cover new material. The second week of a course is not a repeat of the first.


Choose Your Courses! We’ve created a stellar lineup of twelve courses for you to choose from – so you can dive into something that really interests you! Course descriptions are coming up next. Those will give you an overview of what you might expect during your college stay. Our Classic Course options are a basic 101 style course. They represent many of our tried-and-true courses that our students have loved for years. We also offer six Careers Courses, which dive deeper into the many career paths available in certain fields. These courses take advantage of campus and community amenities when available, and have highly limited availability. Courses vary by location. All of our courses are fun and rewarding, with top-notch instructors who love to teach. No homework. No tests. No stress! At last, you can explore your interests without pressure – maybe for the first time ever. Keep in mind that courses are custom developed by Blueprint Instructors – the descriptions below are just examples of what may be covered in each course.

Stay 2, Pick 2 Students registering for two-week programs can take two separate courses – one each week – or extend their original course with a second week of new material. Interested in a Classic and a Careers course? Take both! Ready to dive deep into one topic? Go for it! You make the call, we make it easy.


2018 CLASSIC COURSES – A Great Introduction To The Subject Business (Available at All Campuses) Have you ever dreamed of starting your own company or running a business? Learn some tricks of the trade this summer at Blueprint! Course topics can range from conceiving adventurous ideas, planning and executing your goals, marketing and selling strategy, how to build strong business relationships and more! Students will be immersed in all that goes on in the fast-paced business world, and special attention will be given to maintaining market value in this rapidly changing economy.

Computer Science

(Available only at Univ. of Florida)

PC gamers and gurus already know: our tech-driven economy and environment has given rise to an entirely new level of opportunity for computer science majors. Forget endless hours of keying code. Software engineering, app development, game design, information management, data and network security, and web development are just a fraction of the possibilities! Many of these positions didn’t even exist a generation ago, yet emerging technology continues to drive demand – and compensation – throughout the industry. Please note: Students taking this course will be required to bring their own laptop.

Film Studies (Available only at UCLA) UCLA embodies the spirit of Los Angeles – one of the world’s most progressive and influential cities. It’s also a moviemaking paradise overflowing with famous actors, venues, locales and memorabilia. What better place to learn about making movies than Tinseltown itself? Here you’ll tackle script work, story arcs, and filming and editing. Welcome to Hollywood, baby!

Forensic Science (Available at All Campuses) Go beyond prime time and take a closer look at the real-world professionals who make a career out of solving crimes. This hands-on course investigates the origins of forensic science and criminology, the impact of modern technology and the breakthroughs that are on the horizon. Oh, yeah – there’s also crime scenes, blood spatter and cases to solve. Topics can include high-profile cases and the role that forensic science and criminology played in their outcomes.

Psychology (Available at All Campuses) Psychology is a favorite choice among college students – and Blueprint students – for obvious reasons. (Body language! Experiments! Forensic Pyschology!) Students will spend their time focusing on the ins and outs of behavioral science. Syllabus topics can include the history of the field, advances in mental health and practice, and new theories that are changing the way we look at the brain and each other. Students will dive into research, discussion, lectures and cool readings.

SAT Prep (Available at UCLA & UVA) Go deeper than a list of tips and tricks. Work with our Blueprint SAT specialists to develop the real skills you need to succeed. Time management. Step by step practice problems. With pre and post tests given in class, you’ll see just how far you’ve come in two weeks. Find your confidence and score higher! Please note: This course is only available as a two-week course.

“A valuable experience for high

school students to get a glimpse of college life!”


Choose Your Courses! (continued)


2018 CAREERS COURSES – Explore Your Future Possibilities Careers in Architecture

(Available at Georgetown & UF)

Careers in Engineering

(Available at Howard, Lehigh, UCLA, UF & UVA)

Think of every school, sports stadium, hospital, library or office you’ve ever set foot inside. No matter how big, it was once just a tiny idea in the mind of an architect. Art, science, engineering and math – these are all skills in the architect’s tool box, and they are used to create literally any structure you can imagine. With a pre-college summer program in architecture, you learn more than just how to inhabit our world – you learn how to build it. Discover the many career options available to architects!

Engineers don’t just understand our world. They design it. If you have an inquisitive and analytical mind, engineering could be your perfect path. This course will explore the different disciplines within engineering, from mechanical and marine to electrical and environmental. You’ll also learn about core requirements, the latest in engineering technology and some seriously cool opportunities.

Careers in Law

(Available at UF & UVA)

It takes everyone within the legal system – lawyer, judge, bailiff, stenographer, police officer, prison guard and more – to help uphold the common good and ensure justice is served. Where might you fit in? This intensive course will provide an overview of our legal system. Even more importantly, though, it will provide you with insights and a plan for your future education and career.

Careers in Medicine

(Available at All Campuses)

If you’ve got a head for healing, this course is for you. Future doctors, nurses, physician’s assistants and even athletic trainers will love this hands-on course, covering everything you need to know to take the first steps toward a career in medicine. You’ll earn first aid and CPR certification and get hands-on experience. Get ready for a healthy dose of ah-mazing.

Careers in Veterinary Science

(Available at UF)

Love animals? Then you might love a career in ensuring their health and wellbeing. Discover the many areas of specialization (wildlife medicine, animal training and more) in both the public and private sector, plus learn from leaders in the field. This is a humans-only course – no animals will be making an appearance outside of field trips – but it’s an excellent first step toward all things fin, feather and fur.

Careers in Writing

(Available only at Lehigh)

There’s more to being a writer than penning the great American novel. Professional writers are highly sought after as bloggers, journalists, travel writers, advertising copywriters, scriptwriters, songwriters, speechwriters and more. Not surprisingly, the crushing demand for digital content is opening doors to writing careers faster than ever before. And that great American novel? It’s still important, too. Creative writers, take this course to hone your skills and work on personal projects (screenplays and song lyrics, anyone?), all while learning how to pursue your passion and get paid to do it.

“Blueprint was a great chance for my sons to experience college life. It also gave them the opportunity to explore future career options.” 20

Pick Your Campus! Blueprint has selected 6 very special schools, each with a distinctive personality and its own approach to the kind of education you want to explore.

No matter which campus you choose, you’ll get the same, great Blueprint experience! The only thing different is the backdrop. Want a lively adventure in the big city? You’ve got it at Georgetown! Want the more laid back feel of a rural college town? UVA is the perfect selection! What about experiencing a big state school? University of Florida is the choice for you! Just as there’s a college for everyone, there’s a Blueprint program to fit every student’s needs.

Georgetown University | Washington, D.C. Georgetown is one of the oldest and most prestigious U.S. universities. In 2017, it ranked on Forbes’ Top College List at #14 amongst Research Universities and #20 amongst Private Colleges. The school is located at the epicenter of U.S. law and government, with campuses in close proximity to political mainstays such as the White House, the Lincoln Memorial and the Washington Monument. Explore Washington, D.C., and learn what college life is like in the nation’s capital!

Lehigh University | Bethlehem, PA This serene campus, located in Pennsylvania’s scenic Lehigh Valley, features 2,358 acres of award-winning architecture and landscaping, making it one of the largest private universities in the country. U.S. News and World Report ranks Lehigh #28 in the Best Value Schools in the country for 2017. You won’t just explore the expansive campus. Two-week students will hop a bus to Philly to check out the University of Pennsylvania and other local attractions.

Howard University | Washington, D.C. Located in the heart of Washington, D.C., just blocks from the National Mall and Capitol Hill, Howard is a vibrant and eclectic setting to explore the college experience amidst an unparalleled cultural and historical background. The Princeton Review considers the Howard School of Business 1st in opportunities for minority students and in the top five for most competitive students. Howard is also the only HBCU (Historically Black Colleges and Universities) ranked in the top 75 colleges by Bloomberg Businessweek.

UCLA | Los Angeles, CA The cultural diversity and tenacious energy of Los Angeles come alive on UCLA’s campus. The school and its alumni boast 11 Nobel Prizes, 12 Rhodes Scholarships, more NCAA titles than any other university and an impressive collection of Olympic medals. Of course, graceful palm trees, sunny skies and sandy beaches also make UCLA a favorite destination for high school students across the country.


University of Florida | Gainesville, FL The University of Florida is an educational powerhouse and was added to the prestigious “Public Ivies” list in 2001. In 2017, the school took the 9th spot amongst Top Public Schools in U.S. News & World Report’s 2017 rankings. University of Florida’s Division I “Gators” are a powerhouse in their own right, having won 33 national team championships. Stepping off campus, students will explore Gainesville, the ideal college town! *Students attending Blueprint at UF have the opportunity to stay up to 4 weeks. Visit our website for more details!

University of Virginia | Charlottesville, VA Charlottesville is the perfect place to be if you love life in a classic college town! Just a couple hours outside of D.C., the University of Virginia was founded by Thomas Jefferson in 1819 and is one of the eight original “Public Ivies.” It is the only university campus in the United States that is designated a World Heritage Site by UNESCO. The University is highly competitive academically with more than 90% of incoming freshmen ranking in the top 10% of their high school classes.


For details on courses, dates, and prices, flip to p. 16 or visit bpsummerprograms.com

Georget own

a of Florid y it s r e Univ

Lehigh Universit y

inia of Virg y t i s r e Univ



Weekly Schedule Opening Sunday Programs start on Sunday afternoon. Get registered, meet the staff, meet your roommate and get moved in! Enjoy an opening session with your program director and staff, take a tour of campus and join in the day’s festivities. Head back to the residence hall, get settled and psyched for your first day of courses! *Note that schedules, activity times and access to facilities may vary by campus; please contact us if you have any campus-specific questions.

Monday, Tuesday, Thursday & Friday 7:30 – 8:30 AM


8:45 – 10:15 AM

CCR Seminar

10:45 – 12:30 PM

Morning Class Time

12:30 – 1:30 PM


1:45 – 4:45 PM

Afternoon Class Time

5:00 – 6:00 PM


6:00 – 7:00 PM

Campus Time & Activities Relax and hang out with your friends! Go for a run around campus, explore local coffee houses, play tennis, hang out on the quad, go swimming, chill out at the library with a good book, get to know your professors and much more!

7:00 – 9:00 PM

Evening Activities (Tue, Thu) Blueprint RAs specially plan activities their students will love! Frisbee golf, Rock-Paper-Scissor competitions, bowling, movie nights, college life Q&As and much more!

7:00 – 9:00 PM

Premier Events (Mon, Fri) Guest speakers, open mic nights, theater, casino night, campus runway, Blueprint cooking competition and much more!

9:00 – 10:00 PM

Free Time In The Dorm

10:15 PM


11:30 PM



Saturday & Sunday

Week 1 – College and Career Readiness Summit

Weekend Options & Community Service

An entire day devoted to college readiness? You bet!

Saturday is about exploring and giving back. After an

Discover scholarship opportunities. Write your personal

afternoon of community service, spend the weekend

statement. Attend a mock college interview. With

getting to know your campus more. Hike local trails,

Blueprint’s signature CCR Summit, you’ll come out

explore your city, see the sights, go bowling, go

feeling more prepared than ever!

shopping, hang out on campus with new friends and

Week 2 – Community Engagement

much more! Need to get away? Experience the thrills of

Spend the day diving deeper into the local community. Tour other colleges. Visit city highlights. Build critical skills through leadership and team building activities.

roller coasters, soak in the sun or challenge your friends to some arcade games with the optional Super Sunday trip (unique for each campus!).



“Let me start off by saying that I am ‘that’ parent who is always concerned and, at times, over-protective. What made the transition easier was the personal touch – there was constant communication during the entire process. The total experience from beginning to end was amazing! I was able to let go with ease, and our daughter was able to have a productive yet fun-filled experience.”


“I had such a great time at UCLA this summer. I was able to meet people from all over the world and really prepare for college. The only part I regret is not having gone to Blueprint before my senior year! I definitely recommend it for any student, especially if you’re confused or worried about college admissions. I definitely was before coming here!”



FAQs are coming up! Still have questions? Call us at 877.415.1111

Frequently Asked Questions HOW DOES BLUEPRINT PAIR ROOMMATES? We put careful consideration into pairing up our students. In May, we e-mail out our Student Blueprint questionnaire to registered families, which helps us get to know each student better. We match roommates by gender, age and similar hobbies/interests, and we try not to pair roommates that are signed up for the same course. You also have the option of requesting a specific roommate, if you happen to have a friend joining the same program as you.

WHERE WILL I SLEEP AND EAT? Just like a real-life college student, you will reside and eat on campus. Blueprint partners with our host universities to offer our students the best experience possible. You’ll stay in a college residence hall with other Blueprint students and staff (female staff live on the girls’ floor/wing and male staff live on the boys’ floor/ wing) and enjoy three meals a day at a campus dining hall. We believe on-campus immersion is an essential part of getting a true taste of college life and getting to know your host university! For school-specific information, please visit our website.

WHAT HAPPENS IN THE EVENINGS AFTER CLASS? In addition to dinner and some free time, evenings include scheduled activities so you can continue to have fun and engage with other students. Past activities have included relay races, movie nights, trash bag fashion shows, frisbee golf competitions and various sports and games.

WHAT IS PROGRAM SAFETY AND SUPERVISION LIKE? When you get to a Blueprint program, you enter the Blueprint bubble! This means that we make every effort to ensure every student’s physical and emotional safety at all times. Classes, seminars and all other activities are specifically and exclusively for Blueprint students. Each program has a director, health professional, instructors, RA’s and more, to ensure a fun and safe environment. Students may explore campus during their free time, but must notify a staff member and bring a buddy with them.

ARE STUDENTS ALLOWED TO LEAVE CAMPUS? Students are not allowed to leave campus unsupervised. However, if you have friends or family in the area who would like to “sign out” your student for a few hours to attend a dinner or other familyspecific activity, then special arrangements can be made.

“I had so much fun and learned a lot about forensic science!”


Frequently Asked Questions (continued) DO MOST STUDENTS ATTEND THE PROGRAM ALONE OR WITH FRIENDS? The majority of students do come alone, which is a fantastic way to practice a real college experience. But friends and family members are absolutely welcome and specific roommate requests are available during the registration process. Either way, we know you’ll have a great time!

IF I TAKE TWO WEEKS OF THE SAME COURSE, WILL THE CONTENT REPEAT? You will cover new content in both weeks, but your experience may differ depending on the class size. If the class is large, during the second week the instructor will present new material but may review some material from Week 1 to get new students up to speed. If the class is small, you will typically work on an independent project (with instructor oversight) during the second week.

WILL I RECEIVE COLLEGE CREDIT? While our courses are academic in nature, we strive to eliminate as much stress as we can from our programs, which means no tests or homework. As a result, we cannot award college credit – only a rewarding experience!

DO YOU OFFER SCHOLARSHIPS? Blueprint works with many non-profits every year to provide groups of underserved students the opportunity to attend one of our pre-college programs. We currently do not offer scholarships to the general public. However, payment plans are available, which enable families to divide their balance into monthly installments. Just select the “payment plan” option during the online registration process.

WHAT ARE THE APPLICATION REQUIREMENTS? We work hard to create an accessible and low-stress environment for both our students and families. So that means no applications! You don’t have to submit transcripts, essays, or application fees. All you have to do is register.

IF I REGISTER TODAY, DO I HAVE TO PAY THE FULL TUITION UP FRONT? All that is due upon registering is a $500 non-refundable deposit. You may choose to pay the tuition in full at that point. But if you choose not to, you will be automatically enrolled in the payment plan option, which will divide your remaining balance into monthly installments that are automatically drafted on the 5th of every month, up until June.



Blueprint’s Story Back in 2007, I co-founded Blueprint Summer Programs with my lifelong friend, Justin Laman. We had both worked in pre-college summer programming for a few years and knew there was an opportunity to do it better. At the time, pre-college summer programs were mostly a chance to spend some time on a college campus, maybe take a course or two – but not much else. They had no apparent purpose or goal, beyond exposing kids to a college setting.

But we saw potential for programming that could really change lives. We knew from our own experiences that the transition from high school to college is a critical time, that can have big impacts down the road if not managed properly. We both had every advantage in high school and still felt vastly unprepared for our college careers. We defaulted to attending colleges based on very little research, and both of us struggled during our freshman years. We want to help today’s students to find the best school for them, and succeed from day one. The difference is that now there’s even more on the line... the admissions process is more arduous and a four-year degree is more expensive. So it’s arguably even more important to find a school that’s the right fit – and more overwhelming to do so. But students from all backgrounds are struggling to succeed once they arrive.

At Blueprint, we’re building a better way. Justin and I have surrounded ourselves with team members who are sharp, thoughtful, and passionate about education. We make it a practice to question the conventions of the pre-college program world. And every day we work to find new ways to help students and their families navigate the high-school-tocollege transition with more knowledge, confidence, and ease. The bottom line is that you have a lot to look forward to. Heading off to college should be a time to get excited about your future – not something that families dread. We see our role as providing an easy-touse blueprint for navigating this transition, so you can focus on the fun parts instead. I sincerely hope you’ll join us on that journey this summer! Yours,

Michael Dodson Co-Founder & CEO


“My son was apprehensive about leaving home, but the Blueprint staff made him feel at home within hours.”

How Can We Help? We know all of this college stuff can be totally overwhelming. So we want you to know that we’re here to answer your questions – not just about our programs, but about pre-college programs in general, or anything else having to do with the college selection and application process. Please call me any time! I love speaking with students and parents and connecting them with resources that can help. Reach me at (877) 415-1111 and we’ll figure it out together.

Justin Laman Co-Founder & Chief Enrollment Officer

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Blueprint 2018 Brochure  

Learn more about Blueprint's personal, innovative and fun pre-college summer programs!

Blueprint 2018 Brochure  

Learn more about Blueprint's personal, innovative and fun pre-college summer programs!


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