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It has become a worldwide trend to get paid by just answering and filling out survey forms online. You get paid simply by giving your opinions online. It is possible to earn plenty of cash with this opportunity right in front of you. Whether you are a student, a mom or someone who already has a job but just want to earn extra cash. But before you reap the benefits you have to know how it works. Overview Online paid surveys are the marketing research arm of the company. Companies conduct their surveys of their particular product or service through the phone, the mail (snail mail that is) and through online surveys. The marketing research arm of the company (or a third party marketing research company) pays consumers to answer surveys. But because of the internet, companies can directly reach consumers and collection of data is more efficient. There are many kinds of legit online paid surveys. How much will you get out of it? How much will you earn if you spend your spare time answering Paid Online Surveys? The answer is obvious: IT IS UP TO YOU! You have to choose the right site. There are online paid surveys that pay high but they will demand more of your time. Answers are lengthier than other surveys. There are also surveys with multiple choice questions. Just a rough estimate, you will earn about $5-$275 for every completed survey. Some pay higher, and some pay less. There are surveys that do it on a monthly basis, weekly or even daily basis. In short, before you commit answering to paid surveys choose wisely which surveys would give you much benefit. If you know how to choose quality surveys and know where to get them, then you will be financially free to do whatever you want. Friendly Caution Some companies will promise you to earn as much as $35,000 per month. If this were true I would resign from my job and do this on a full time basis. If you think that what these companies are offering is too much then you are right! They are scams. You have to steer clear of those sites. You need to know which are realistic and which are really just far fetched.

Here is a free Top 5 List of Legitimate Survey Sites [] to Answer Surveys, paying $5-$275 for each survey taken. Kathleen is an expert on Paid Surveys and author of this article and runs the resource site Highest Paying Surveys [], which features a top 7 list of the 100% free paid

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==== ==== Great Info for ON LINE Surveys ==== ====

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