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There are two potential sources of income from paid surveys. Firstly, you can sign up to one or more UK survey sites. Each time they have a survey that you can fill out; they will email you and send a link direct to your inbox. Every time you participate in paid surveys, you earn money. The other method is to act as an affiliate for these UK survey sites. Each time you refer a new panelist, you are paid a set amount as a bonus. You may not make enough cash to retire this year, but you can make money from home using surveys - enough to stay at home and kiss your job goodbye. The easiest way to have access to multiple paid surveys is to go through a paid review advertisement. These are the adverts that offer you various ways to make money from home. If you want to earn money from taking surveys, this is your best bet. Paid review links generally have a collection of survey sites on their lists. Try to find one that has the well-known survey site names amongst its list. It is also a good idea to ensure it has as many UK survey sites as possible, as then you will never be short of surveys filling your inbox. The first step is to sign up. If you use a site with numerous paid surveys in their collection, you should start to receive several surveys a day. Dependent upon how many survey sites your main host is linked to, you might receive between two and fifteen surveys a day. You can earn money for most of these, although some offer alternative prizes or draws. Creating your own paid review site and listing links to a collection of UK survey sites can also bring in the cash. You can earn money by offering your personal affiliate link URL behind each survey site you belong to and advertise. Opening a free website through an online host that provides free hosting, you can create your own webpage with links to every site that you are a member at and sit back and watch the cash roll in from your affiliate earnings. It is quite easy to make money from home in this way, combining the actual participation in surveys with grouping your own collection of affiliate links. Many of the direct survey websites will offer affiliates a logo widget that can be applied to a web page. If you do not fancy the hassle of setting up your own website, even a free hosted one, you can stick these widgets on your profile page at community websites that you are a member at. If you join a few survey groups, your friends and colleagues that check you your page may just follow the link and sign up. This is a simple way to make money from home without any sales or hunting down sales leads. You may not get rich instantly, but it is money that is simple to obtain and can build up fast with a little effort.

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==== ==== Great Info for ON LINE Surveys ==== ====

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