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Yard moles can destroy the appearance of your lawn. Desperate homeowners and gardeners have tried an astonishing range of supposed solutions to their mole problems. Some homeowners stuff human hair or pet fur into the tunnels to try and get rid of yard moles. Does this really work, though? It is doubtful. Hair might repel a mole now and then, but this method has not proved itself out in controlled tests. Moles eat grubs, so some people assume that if you can get rid of all the grubs in a lawn, the moles will pack up and leave. Certainly, you can buy pellets that are fairly effective in eliminating grubs. Problem is, grubs are not the main constituent of a mole's diet. Earthworms are. And you wouldn't want to kill off those highly beneficial earthworms, would you? Some breeds of dog were made to go after burrowing critters such as moles and gophers. Almost any type of terrier could likely be trained to get rid of yard moles. Wiener dogs are said to be useful for this, too. Nonetheless, dogs are a rather hit-or-miss solution. Don't count on even the besttrained among them to completely solve your mole problem. There are poisons that are aimed at killing moles. Your local hardware store or garden shop can advise you as to which ones work well in your area. I personally do not want to use poisons against moles, gophers, or other such pests. Not only do I have environmental concerns, but I am leery of the risks to children and pets. Finally, it is not proven that any of the generally available poisons really work as well as their manufacturers claim. What about sticking a hose down the nearest mole hole and turning on the water full blast? This often works to flush out those otherwise hard-to-get-at yard moles. The problem is that you can ruin your lawn with this method! Trust me. Mothballs? Some claim that scattering these around all your mole hills and stuffing them into tunnels will get rid of yard moles in no time at all. In my experience, and that of friends who've tried it, it's not actually very effective. But give it a try if you want to; it won't cost you very much. Gasoline? The idea is that you pour the stuff down the holes and tunnels and the fumes will kill the moles in short measure. I do not recommend this! The risks in using this method to get rid of yard moles should be clear. Do you really want to have rivers of gasoline running beneath your yard? I only mention it because, sooner or later, someone is bound to advise you to try it. Please don't. Traps are the only consistently reliable way to get rid of yard moles. Some people who have tried traps might dispute that. However, there are a number of different mole trap designs on the market, and some work better than others. And, even the best ones must be used according to

very particular directions to be effective.

It is possible to get rid of yard moles. You don't have to put up with unsightly molehills dotting your yard or dangerous tunnels creating safety hazards to you, your guests, your children and your pets. Most of the so-called remedies floating around either work inconsistently, or not at all. Or, they are too expensive, too dangerous, or sometimes flat-out illegal. There is one method that works every time. Using a special trapping technique, more than 10,000 homeowners have eliminated all moles from acres of landscape, including planting beds and lawn spaces, in just a few minutes of work each day. Even if you've tried mole traps before without success, you should know that there is one model that is more effective than all the rest. When combined with the exact technique discussed at, you can trap your mole (or gopher) every time, without fail. I've also created a page with more information on this subject, here: Get Rid of Yard Moles. Please check it out, and don't put up with destructive moles or gophers any longer.

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==== ==== Information for Home Gardening ==== ====

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