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Dummy security cameras are a low cost security solution. These cameras imitate popular camera companies and popular models. Dummy security cameras are an excellent way to prevent theft. Dummy security cameras look real and there is no need to store video images. Installations of dummy security cameras are relatively easy. The use of dummy cameras could save hundreds or thousands of dollars per year. There are many types of dummy security cameras such as fake dummy security cameras, dome security cameras, motorized motion detector fake security dummy cameras, imitation dummy dome cameras and eye toy cameras. Fake security cameras help to prevent crime at your home, office or retail location with a flashing indicator light. It is the most realistic simulated video camera on the market. These theft-deterring video cameras are designed both for indoor or outdoor use. Dummy dome cameras are one of the best dummy security systems. These dummy security cameras can be effectively used in homes or businesses. These dome cameras provide security at a reasonable price. The dummy dome cameras have cables and they have a connection to a control room where they show on screen whatever image they catch. The motorized dummy dome cameras rotate side to side when they detect motion and the LED light comes on and flashes. The motion of the cameras makes them appear to work as actual security cameras. The added flashing LED and wire make them seem very realistic. These cameras can be easily mounted and aimed due to their adjustable bracket. No wiring or installation is required. The flashing LED light acts as a deterrent. This is a great visual deterrent to shoplifting, theft and damage. It is perfect for any domestic or commercial use such as an office, retail space, business or home.

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==== ==== Security Cameras at the Deal Of the Day ==== ====

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