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Showroom Rebuild Badalona Store April 2009

Opening Date 15/05/1996. Located in Badalona Sharing market with L´H store. Barcelona Spain Total built : 32.000 m2 Commercial areas : 15.950 m2 Showroom : 5.100 m2 Market place : 4.168 m2 Self-serve : 2.180 m2 Semi self operations 1.735 m2 Restaurant : 304 rest Cash line : 22 desks and 20 ECO Opening hours : 10h00 - 22h00 Mon-Sat Visitors: 3,5mill a year TurnOver: eu 150mill

Compacts and Studios Sofas,Coffee Tables,Armchairs,TV Solutions,Living Room Storage, Best채 Studio, Billy Studio

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We first decided together with the Commercial Team space allocations and commercial priorities in accordance to our market Com-In adjusted the Layout to the space allocations and define the best possible layout And then together with the Commercial Team looked at CSP solutions to be able to copy, compare, adjust and paste the solution to our store for our costumers.

Then we build it!

Thanks to: Paz Vilches ID Badalona Elena Delgado ID Badalona Monica Pascual ID Badalona Pablo Massimilla 1st ID Badalona Peter Hone 1st Mk Badalona Laia Moret SSA and Activities Resp. Andrea Reutner CI Mgr Badalona Esther SSA and Activities Badalona Ana Roser SSA and Activities Badalona Viveca Gonzalez ID Freelance Henrik Stacy Consultor Jeannete ID Freelance Germany Cristina ID Oporto Ines ID Asturias Sergio VM Badalona Sandra Platero: BA03 BAM Eli Recasens: BA03 BAM Jordi Esquinas BA04 BAM Elizabeth Morgado BA04

Roger Del Rio SignWritter Badalona Juan Carlos Rio Signwritter Badalona Manuel Cantero Carpenter Badalona Carlos Serrano Carpenter Badalona Juan Electrician and Maintenance Pablo Paliwoda Carpenter Freelance Majcheck Carpenter Freelance Blanca Castel BAM BA 01-02 Laura Samos Product Specialist BA02 Rosa García BA01 Jonathan Garriga BA02 Ana Nogues BA02 Carme Gea BA01 Pau Creus BA02 Juan Garcia Sales Manager Badalona Montaplus Team For a great team spirit……………….!

Questions? Pablo Massimilla 1st ID (PABM) Laia Moret SSA and Activities (LAOT) Peter Hone 1st VM (PPHH)

Retail Range Presentation Merchandising SH  
Retail Range Presentation Merchandising SH  

Planification and Implementation of Compacts and Studios for IKEA.