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B. Prabhakaran - Offering free Kitchen at Keonjhar Hospital 8th November 2013, India: Thriveni Earth Movers Private Limited (TEMPL), under the leadership and guidance of Mr. B. Prabhakaran, has set an outstanding example of social welfare initiative by offering free kitchen to the patients and the attendants at Keonjhar Hospital of Odisha. Free Kitchen at Keonjhar Hospital this initiative by the company has experienced a warm welcome by the hospital and its patient’s family as it provides a comfortable and stress-free hospital stay environment. Mr. B. Prabhakaran is the Director of TEMPL. He is 38 years old and is always on the lookout for newer ways to make life easier for the common masses of Odisha. With this initiative, he has brought the concept of hospital comfort stay within reach of the poor and needy as well, after all why should this kind of necessary facility be just present in ‘5 star hospitals of the metro cities’ when it’s the poorest of India’s population who struggle the most when their loved ones are in a hospital stay.

This project of free kitchen at the hospital includes breakfast, lunch and dinner for every attendant of the respective patients. This has led to a much needed respite for all patient’s attendants and by starting this process, Mr. B Prabhakaran, the managing director of this company also known as Thriveni, has yet again become the social and welfare messiah of the public especially the poorer common masses. This is an ongoing project, and involves an

investment of a huge amount of money and resources, as announced by the Senior General Manager of TEMPL, Mr. Col. Sangram Mahapatra. This unique initiative has attracted media’s attention on a large scale. This has also seen Mr. B. Prabhakaran openly come forward and talk more about his views & ambitions focused towards humanity, social inclusiveness and the overall development of India.

An overview of the contributions of Mr. B. Prabhakaran is worth a mention here as he is now a recognizable personality among the Odisha’s common masses. Mr. B. Prabhakaran with his vision and disciplinary works in the field of mining has taken Odisha and its assets to the global stage. He is primarily responsible for attracting clients from the overseas to Odisha’s mining scenario; his company Thriveni experiences massive turnovers every year. They heavily focus on the latest technologies in the field of global mining and endeavor to bring the world’s best techniques to their mining practices. Mr. B Prabhakaran’s exhibition of honesty and hard work has made his company flourish and his business has grown many folds. This project of free Kitchen implemented by his company has, thus, seen many dignitaries like Suptd. of Police, Keonjhar Ms. Kavita Jalan and Jt. Secretary Indian Red Cross society, Mr. A. R. Khan at the hospital during the inauguration ceremony. Other major attendees of the inauguration ceremony were IPS. Chief Dist. Medical officer, Dr. B. N. Maharana, Mr. Balaji P. Rao, AGM, Manager CSR Ms. Dipty Mayee Panigrahi, Mr. Sibaji, Dr. C. R. Sethy and Ms. Yathariti Mahanty among many others. It is worth noting here that Mr. B. Prabhakaran and his company Thriveni Earth Movers are on a path to not just express the goodwill of the state and the country, but also to actively participate through primary implementation of various social developmental projects. This strongly denotes the progressive yet socially cautious mentality of Mr. B. Prabhakaran, who has left no stones unturned in his attempt to balance the business growth with the social growth and welfare in Odisha. It is no wonder that the business of this company enjoys such a high repute not only business wise but also is widely and socially recognized and accepted by the common masses.

B prabhakaran offering free kitchen at keonjhar hospital  

Mr. B Prabhakaran, the overseeing chief of this organization otherwise called Thriveni, has once more turned into the social and welfare sav...

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