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Coimisiún na Scrúduithe Stáit State Examinations Commission

2013. S54P

Junior Certificate Examination, 2013

Materials Technology Wood Coursework - Design Briefs Ordinary Level and Higher Level 200 marks

The Design Briefs for the Certificate Examinations 2013 are given overleaf



REGULATIONS FOR EACH CANDIDATE: 1. The coursework you submit for assessment must be your own individual work. 2. Your coursework must be executed in school under the supervision of your teacher. If you submit coursework which cannot be authenticated by your teacher, you will not receive any marks for either the artefact or the design folio. 3. When using research sources, including the Internet, the sources must be acknowledged. Research material copied directly from the Internet or from other sources and presented as your own work will not receive any marks. 4. You must submit your own individual, distinct coursework – both artefact and design folio. 5. Your artefact must not be removed from the school setting under any circumstances as doing so may result in such coursework being considered invalid.

Instructions to Candidates: 1. Select one design brief from either the Ordinary Level or the Higher Level design briefs opposite. 2. The completed coursework should include a design folio which should contain: • Analysis of the selected design brief • Investigation/research relating to the proposed solution • Development of design ideas, their evaluation and preferred solution • Sketches, notations and working drawings required for the completion of the preferred solution • Evaluation of the design, its completion and the finished project. 3. The completed coursework - both artefact and folio - must be available for assessment by 26 April 2013. 4. Your Examination Number should be written clearly on both the completed artefact and on the design folio.


Coursework - Design and Realisation Design Briefs - Ordinary Level 1.

Design and make an elegant artefact to display a maximum of three tea-light candles on a table. The artefact should be designed to be safe when in use. Your design should be hand-crafted in solid wood and should have a storage facility for six additional tea-light candles.


Design and make a money box to be displayed on a desk or shelf. The money box should be attractive in appearance and should include a facility to display a small photograph.


Design and make a decorative artefact to hold three small potted herb plants. The artefact should be designed to be wall-mounted in an outdoor setting. Your design should be elegant in appearance and should reflect the theme of ‘grow your own food’.

Design Briefs - Higher Level 1.

The most cherished objects are often those that are simply crafted and easy to use. Design and make a stand that will support an open cookery book on a kitchen worktop. The stand should express the elegance of handcrafted joints. As a secondary function, the stand should be suitable as a visually attractive wall mounted display.

2. The spirit of welcome is a cultural trait which is valued and celebrated worldwide. Design and make an artefact which could be presented to welcome a visitor to your local community in 2013. The finished artefact should be elegant in appearance and its design should express an aspect of culture that is unique to your community. 3.

An organised environment enhances a young person’s bedroom space. Design and make a slimline, wall-mounted storage unit for use in a bedroom. A portion of the unit should provide a means of concealing a number of personal items. The unit should be of elegant proportions, enhanced by the natural beauty of solid wood. Your design should reflect the sustainable ideal of doing more with less. The maximum dimension of the unit should not exceed 500mm.


INFORMATION TO CANDIDATES Allocation of Marks - Ordinary Level and Higher Level Marking Headings Analysis of Brief Investigation/Research Design Ideas/Solution Sketches/Working Drawings Evaluation Folio Total

Ordinary Level 10 10 10 10 10 50

Higher Level 10 10 20 20 10 70

Fitness for Purpose Appropriate use of Materials Creativity Demonstration of Skills Quality of Finish Overall Appearance Realisation Total TOTAL

20 10 20 60 20 20 150 200 marks

20 10 20 40 20 20 130 200 marks

A simple model of a design process is shown below. It is recommended that you follow the sequence of such a design process.

Analysis of selected brief Evaluation of design and artefact

Investigation/ Research

Development of design ideas

Manufacture of chosen solution

Sketches, notations, working drawings


MTW Brief 2013  
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