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Dear Parents Free talk on “Tips for Parents, Chinese for children: How do English speaking parents teach their children to read Chinese” It is a well known fact that parents play an important role in the children’s education and researches all over the world have shown evidence that children perform better when parents are actively involved in their education. As educators, we know that one of the greatest challenges that parents face is how to help their children to be proficient and passionate readers. In collaboration with the National Library Board, Singapore Centre for Chinese Language is playing the role of helping parents with their children’s education. This talk “Tips for Parents, Chinese for Children” is specifically organized to cater to the English-speaking parents to equip them with the essential knowledge and strategies so that they could help their children to cultivate their love to read Chinese. We hope that you as parents could learn and benefit from the nationally recognized educators, author and parents as they discuss innovative strategies to promote reading practice in children. Ms Sim Ann, Senior Parliamentary Secretary, Ministry of Communications and Information, and Ministry of Education, is our guest-of-honour for this talk. We believe that your participation in the children’s education will make a difference to your children’s path of education. We look forward to seeing you at the talk. For more information on the talk, see Annex A. Registration for the free talk is based on first come, first served basis. For registration, please log on to the website below: .aspx

Thank you. Yours sincerely

Ong Soon Seng (Senior Manager) Strategic Development Department

Annex A Programme Schedule Date:04 May 2013(Saturday) Time:2.00 pm – 4.50pm Venue:Woodlands Regional Library Auditorium (900 South Woodlands Drive, Woodlands Civic Centre, #01-03, Singapore 730900) Language medium: English



1.30 – 2.00 pm


2.00 – 2.10 pm

Opening Address


Dr Connie Lum: Fun in Reading, Fun in Learning (30 min) Q & A Session & presentation of token of appreciation Break Mdm Ng Lay Hoon: Selection of Appropriate Reading Materials for Children (30 min) Presentation of token of appreciation Q & A Session Dr Petunia Lee: Potato Chinese®: A Chinese-Illiterate Parent's Way of Teaching Chinese (30 min) Q & A Session



Annex B 1) Dr Connie Lum Dr Lum holds a Doctor of Education from the University of Western Australia and has more than 20 years of experience in the early childhood education. She is a key member of the Pre-school Education Working Group of the Committee to Promote Chinese Language Learning (CPCLL) that aims to support and enhance pre-school teaching and learning of Chinese language. Under CPCLL, Dr Lum spearheads the “I Love Reading” (我爱阅读) programme where she conducts trainings for pre-school teachers to equip them with the essential skills to conduct after-reading activities effectively so as to improve children’s interest in reading and learning Chinese. Dr Lum is currently a Principal Curriculum Specialist with My First Skool as well as the Dean of Pre-school Department at the Singapore Centre for Chinese language. She leads a group of Chinese curriculum specialists and works closely with pre-school principals and teachers in the design, development and implementation of the curriculum. Her repertoire extends overseas where she has led training workshops for early childhood educators. 2) Dr Petunia Lee Dr Petunia Lee is not the sort of doctor that prescribes antibiotics. She has a PhD in Business Studies and specializes in the science of Human Motivation in organizations. For many years, Dr Petunia Lee researched and consulted in organizational psychology. She focused entirely on issues of Human Motivation. She ran workshops for middle managers teaching them how to motivate others. On occasion she delivered one-to-one coaching interventions for managers whose team demonstrated high stress and high turnover. Dr Petunia Lee authored the book Internal Drive Theory®: Motivate Your Child to WANT to Study. She used the strategies in her book to motivate her son to willingly memorize, recite and write from memory 2000 word Chinese compositions. Dr Lee coined the term Internal Drive Ignition® to describe the process of firing up and stimulating human motivation levels. She also compiled a set of motivation strategies that are collectively termed Internal Drive Theory®.

3) Mdm Ng Lay Hoon Mdm Ng Lay Hoon is a mother of three children. She used to be a teacher, but had stopped working since her first child, Irene, was born. However her passion in educating the future pillars of Singapore has not diminished. She continued to engage in voluntary work in schools and free-lanced for the Ministry of Education. One of the greatest challenges parents face is getting their children to be proficient, passionate readers. With more than a decade of experience in parenting, Mdm Ng has found a variety of materials and teaching aids which have proven successful in cultivating her children's interest in reading Chinese storybooks.



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