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ZING Revolution Announces New Artist LA Pop Art ZING Revolution ( a leading provider of high quality, pop culture protective eDevice skins and clear cases, is announcing their collaboration with art company LA Pop Art, founded by Joseph Leibovic. LA Pop Art designs highly recognizable pop culture and historical images with micrography, a technique that creates images out of words. From the Statue of Liberty to President Obama, LA Pop Art has given ZING the chance to offers tons of unique images for ZING skins. Whether you want to skin your iPhone or laptop with a Navy skin, or a Brooklyn skin, a peace sign skin or a sugar skull skin, ZING Revolution and LA Pop Art make it possible to do right now. ZING Revolution strives to bring you the greatest in eDevice personalization with the most unique offering of fresh, fun iPhone skin images, laptop skin images, tablet skin images, any anything else you can skin and LA Pop Art only enhances that offering. And now you don’t just ZING your stuff once, you can ZING it for life with the brand new ZING Revolution ZING for LIFE pack. ZING Revolution is now offering a clear hard case with your first skin so you can protect you iPhone and still cover it with your favorite skin image. ZING Revolution wants to give you a chance to protect and personalize; now making it possible with ZING for LIFE. Interchange your skins and collect all your favorites this summer with our HBO skins collection. About - Z!NG Revolution Z!NG Revolution is the industry leader in music, fashion, art, television, and pop culture premium quality, vinyl skins and other accessories. It has the biggest collection of images in the world. In addition to skins, the company also offers hard cases, clear cases to put over skins, bumpers and more. It offers the highest quality skin products on the market. To know more about their offerings please visit Contact Address 140 58th Street Building A, Suite 3M Brooklyn, NY 11220 646-827-4264

ZING Revolution Announces New Artist LA Pop Art  

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