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NOVEMBER 20, 2013



Towards creating

your dream home T

H E BOR N EO POST always takes delight in coming out with our special supplements, and this year we went all out for our Real Estate and Home Furnishing Supplement, coming out with a whopping 36-page pullout this time around! Whether you’re a new homeowner, a p r o s p e c t ive hou s e buye r o r ju s t looking to renovate your home, you’ll find the latest trends in homes, homefurnishing, electronics and interior décor that should suit your needs from top to bottom. The diverse range of housing we have this year should suit various budgets, requirements and even localities. I f you’re looki ng for a new home there are loads of new and upcoming developments to choose from: Bandar Samariang by CMS Property Development Sd n Bhd ; Ta ma n Uni-A la m, Dusu n Bayu and Taman Sejijak from Borneo Development Corporation; Fortune Park by KNK Development Sdn Bhd; Venela Park by Hwa Ling Realty Development Sdn Bhd; Fullerton Villa from Heng Leong Construction Sdn Bhd; Taman Sri Permai by Petra Jaya Properties; Taman Greenwoods by Inspire Realty and so many more.





Equip your kitchen with Min Yang’s kitchen appliances Min Yang Sdn Bhd


Safety and aesthetics come together at Wachong Wachong Glass Sdn Bhd


White: The new black in office decor Akasep Sdn Bhd Houstop helps homeowners create dream homes Houstop Furniture Sdn Bhd Enjoy comfort living with Godiya Asia Godiya Asia Sdn Bhd Put a roof over your head with unique textured steel YKGI Holdings Berhad




E06 Nourish your home with



For t hose who a re looki ng for apartments, check out The Republic by Elica Sdn Bhd, a high-rise development which promises enhanced security and high-living in Kempas Heights. If you’re looking to combine work, play, and family life all in one place, Jazz Suites 4 above the upcoming Vivacity Mall is open for booking. Samajaya Apartments is just minutes away from the city centre, and its locality is ideal for young families as its in close proximity to schools, private hospital and shopping centres. For those who want to get away from the bustle of city-living, The Santubong Suites will offer a seaview and access to Kuching’s popular beach destinations – perfect for empty-nesters or those looking for prime property. For home f u r ni shi ng, Casa Reka Gallery, Zenova Home, Metro Home Living, Houstop Furniture, Akasep, Godiya Asia will offer the homeowner a dizzying variety of furniture ranging between rustic, minimalist, modern and cosy, home stylings. Floorings and soft furnishings from The Floor Shop, Am Home Flooring and Saujana Pesona among many others will add a more complete look.

positive energy World of Feng Shui Kuching Bandar Samariang:Redefining Township Living CMS Property Development Sdn Bhd BDC developments ensure quality living in the state Borneo Development Corporation (Sarawak) Sdn Bhd




UFO to provide for East Malaysia’s security needs United Factor KNK’s Fortune Park banks on modern design and ease of travel KNK Development Sdn Bhd DML-Malaysia’s leading manufacturer of metal ceilings and louvres DML Products (Borneo) Sdn Bhd Elica to add video intercom in The Republic Elica Sdn Bhd Sharp TVs, air purifiers and lucky draw in store for November Grand Audio Product Sdn Bhd Wegahome targets mass market for higher sales Wegahome Electrical Sdn Bhd Get the most out of your sound system at Sound Fusion Sound Fusion Sdn Bhd Great deals at Chin Hup Hin Chin Hup Hin Electrical Shop

Venela Park triumphs on strategic location Hwa Ling Realty Development Sdn Bhd






Top it off with a visit to the World of Feng Shui, and you will have a touch of auspiciousness in the home. Our selection of entertainment and ele c t r on ic s pr o duc t s w i l l pr ov ide something for everybody. If you were looking to build up your home entertainment room, then Sound Fusion will be the best option for you. Wegahome Electrical, Chin Hup Hin Electrical Shop, Grand Audio Products, Alpha Ida Electrical, Soon Hup Lighting, and Min Yang should provide for all your household needs. Head over to United Factor for you r home su r vei l la nce needs. Between Wachong Glass, DML Products, My City Landscaping and YKGI, the exterior of your house from roofing, sun louvres, glass windows, sliding doors and landscaping will be seen to. If you’re not the outdoorsy type, Gainful Landscaping’s range of artificial grass would be perfect for those who are too busy to tend to the garden and yet desire a touch of green in the home. Whatever you are looking for, we hope this year’s edition of Real Estate and Home Furnishing Special Supplement will help you create and build the home of your dreams.

Heng Leong upcoming projects begin next year Heng Leong Construction Sdn Bhd Smart home living with Amazing Innovations from Alpha Alpha Ida Sdn Bhd Solve your flooring needs at The Floor Shop The Floor Shop Create your ideal home with Zenova Zenova Home Soon Hup brightens up homes with LED lighting Soon Hup Lighting & Electrical Trading Various projects in the works for Petra Jaya Properties Petra Jaya Properties Live within easy access of amenities at Taman Duras Blessed Realty Sdn Bhd Get a home with a view at Santubong Santubong Suites Sdn Bhd Travilion Group focuses on Gateway, TRV I-Park Travilion Group




Let My City create the perfect garden escape My City Landscaping Sdn Bhd Casa Reka Gallery – Your local teakwood specialist Casa Reka Gallery

Glory Interior offers a wide range of choice Glory Interiors Decoration

Make daily living a cinch at Jared Kitchen Jared Kitchen and Electrical Enterprise




Gainful Landscaping presents simple options Gainful Landscaping Resort-like lifestyle at Taman Greenwoods Inspire Realty Sdn Bhd Complete the look of your home with Amh--ome Flooring Amhome Flooring (Kuching) Sdn Bhd

Your last chance to own a Jazz Suite Coramax Sdn Bhd








Saujana Pesona caters to all soft furnishing needs Saujana Pesona (Kuching) Sdn Bhd Gree Electric ensures quality products KTS Trading Sdn Bhd Combine style and function with Sorento fittings Hue Home Appliances Sdn Bhd

Be spoilt for choice Metro Home Living

Sarawak continues to see exciting developments from Naim Naim Holdings Bhd Kindo offers specialised interior design ideas Kindo Interior Design Matang 51 provides access to quality living Yumark Sdn Bhd Construction works start for Polar-Link’s Samajaya Apartments Polar-Link Sdn Bhd


NOVEMBER 20, 2013


The benefits of having an Acxing Smoke Guider is that it can prevent lung cancer and respiratory diseases by protecting the user from inhaling the harmful fumes generated.



ACXING SMOKE GUIDER: The before and after effects of using the Acxing Smoke Guider.

Equip your kitchen with Min Yang’s kitchen appliances M i n Ya n g S d n B h d ( M i n Yang), a kitchen appliances and household accessories supplier, has much to offer to customers especially with the well-known brands available at its outlet. A mong t he most not able products being showcased is the Acxing Smoke Guider: a s moke g u id i n g i n s t r u me nt that helps to reduce the risk of inhaling hazardous airborne contaminants (dust, gas, vapor, fume, and hot air) generated f rom a st at ion a r y emi ssion source. It can be used in domestic or commercial kitchens, l aboratories, fac tories, a nd others. It generally isolates smoke by using an air curtain generated f rom t he device which t hen sucks kitchen fumes into the hood above the stove. The hood will then smoothly discharge the smoke outdoors. T he benef its of havi ng a n Acxing Smoke Guider is that it c a n pr event lu n g c a nc er a nd r e spi r ator y d i s e a s e s by protecti ng t he user from inhaling the harm ful fumes generated. In addition, with this effective isolated gas stove heat, the user will not get hot or greasy while cooking. It can also prevent bacteria and mold growth which are the major causes of skin allergies and diseases. The kitchen will thus remain clean and spotless as there will be no more grease and smell of oil fumes in the room. Sylvester Liew, ma nag i ng director of Min Yang, pointed out that Acxing Smoke Guider has been a popular product in Taiwan to remove cooking oil fumes generated in domestic kitchens. Another well-known brand Min Yang is introducing is Fotile which has a range of kitchen p r o du c t s i nc lu d i n g c o oke r ho o d s , c o oker hob s , oven s , microwave ovens, steam ovens, and sterilisers. Fotile’s cooker hoods have high

WIDE VARIETY: Various products on display at the outlet. efficient smoke collection as they have extra deep smoke collection chambers. They also have high efficiency in smoke filtration whereby the oil filtration rate is at 92.2 per cent, while the odor reduction rate is at 98.3 per cent. In terms of cooker hobs, they have the patented 5-Nozzle Drive Burner and the patented 25.5 Degrees Flame Angle Burning Technology, which allows these devices to achieve high burning efficiency. As for Fotile’s ovens, some of t he high lights i nclude having an advanced connection system, independent cooling passageway, precise temperature control, eco-friendly features ( E ner g y C l a s s A) , a double layer glazed door with low- e glass, and 3D circulatory baking technology. With their steam ovens, they have featu res including independent steam generator systems, dynamic steam b a l a nc e s y s t e m s a nd ei g ht preset cooking programmes. The

microwave ovens have, among others, functions which include m i c r ow ave a n d l i g ht w ave heating systems, independent ventilation systems, eight instant cooking menus, and others. Last but not least are t h e s t e r i l i s e r s wh ic h h ave comprehensive germ-kil ling technology: patented u-shaped UV lights, negative ions, autosensor techniques, and other functions that help keep things hygienic and give users peace of mind when they want to clean their utensils. In addition to Acxing Smoke Guiders and Fotile products, M i n Ya n g a l s o h a s va r iou s kitchen accessories (sink taps and stainless steel sinks) and bathroom accessories (basin taps, basins, and others) being showcased at its shop. Min Yang is located at Lot 5506 (SL 10), Ground Floor, Phase 5, Kuching City Mall Commercial C ent r e, 9 3 2 5 0. For f u r t her enqu i r ie s , c a l l 01 9 - 8 8 6 018 8 (Liew) or 082-531818 or email

Safety and aesthetics come together at Wachong By Jonathan Wong

With an increasing awareness for style and practicality among Kuchingites, Wachong Glass Sdn Bhd (Wachong Glass) offers a practical yet appealing product to cater to this demand. Jasline Chen, sales manager for Wachong Glass noted that the company is currently emphasising on the value of laminated glass and the company’s folding doors as well as the window frames. Chen explained that unlike tempered glass, laminated glass is a lot more durable and offers much more safety. Chen explained that laminated glass was layered like a sandwich. “It is a layer of plastic between two sheets of glass so when it

breaks, the glass remains adhered to the plastic, making it much safer compared to tempered glass that would shatter. “The laminated glass also proves to be an excellent option when it comes to break-ins. The strength of the glass makes it difficult to break as the glass anneals together rather than shatters, warning the families or neighbors of a potential break-in,” said Chen. “Even when trying to cut laminated glass we have to cut it from both sides, that’s how strong it is.” Another great aspect of the glass is that due to its strength and durability, it could be cut in large sizes without fear of putting too much stress on the glass itself. Chen said that the glass could easily be cut in 10 to 12 feet in length without fear of the glass bending or potentially breaking as well. Chen also stressed that if the frame holding the glass was not up to par, it could provide a weak link for thieves to break in hence the company’s choice of frames are not only made to look sleek but also provide an additional safety measure. “Our frames have hidden hinges. What that means is that it would give the illusion of the windows being a fixed window and the fact that there aren’t any screws, means that it would be extremely difficult for robbers to try and break in. “The fact that both our doors and window frames are seamless means it is very contemporary looking, which fits the current demand for items that are not only practical but also appealing to the eyes,” Chen highlighted. She added that the company’s folding doors also allow for a great view as when it all folds together, it creates more space in the room and allows more light to come in. “Items like these are rather difficult to find in Kuala Lumpur but over here we’re fabricating it ourselves so we could custom make orders for all our customers. The hinges and rollers for the door and windows are heavy duty and unlike traditional sliding and folding doors/windows, can be opened with ease. “It is all multi-locking, adding another safety feature while also making it easy to open from the inside.” Wachong Glass can be contacted at 082-335446 or you can visit their office at 1147, Section 66 Jalan Kisar, Pending Industrial Estate, 93450, Kuching.

The name could well speak on its own as each piece is crafted in almost pure white tones. They are now one of the most sought after as the colour can easily match and complement existing furniture.

PRACTICAL: Special designed office tables to save space without compromising comfort.

NOVEMBER 20, 2013

EXCLUSIVE: The director’s set from Artak Design.

White: The new black in office decor By Jeremy Veno

AKASEP Sdn Bhd is offering a massive line-up of sleek, modern and classy furniture to complete the look of any home or office without sacrificing comfort and quality. Featuring furniture made up of a wide colour scheme, the ones that stand tall are the white range of furniture from Artak Design’s ‘W hite Solution’ and G -Top’s ‘White Series’. “The name could well speak on its own as each piece is crafted in almost pure white tones. They are now one of the most sought after as the colour can easily match and complement existing furniture,” said Akasep showroom manager Ling. She a l so said t hat white furniture also reflected a modern

l i fest yle wit h a sh a r p cle a n look. Besides their white furniture range, Akasep also boasts several line-ups from Artak Design which is the leading brand in home and office solutions. The size of each table according to Ling can be customised to the preference of customers. “We also have several options for the table metal legs,” said Ling. For the office leather chairs by Artak Design, each product is covered by a three-year warranty while local brands are given a oneyear warranty from Akasep. Akasep is also selling wall and table partitions from Spira. Visit their showroom at Jalan P Ramlee from Monday to Saturday at 9am to 6pm. For more information, please call 082-248211 or fax 082-251211.

SLEEK: The all-white coloured cabinet.

DIVERSE: Some of the leather chairs on display at the Akasep showroom.


NOVEMBER 20, 2013

DIYERS DREAM: Houstop Furniture has modular kitchen cabinets for your home, as well as take custom build orders.

E04 Houstop helps homeowners create dream homes A home will not achieve its optimum level of comfort and lifestyle until several necessities are in place, namely a place for everything you need or own.

By Georgette Tan

A home will not achieve its optimum level of comfort and lifestyle until several necessities are in place, namely a place for everything you need or own. Nobody thinks about moving into a new house until there are places to hang their clothes and put their pots and pans. So if you’re looking for a comprehensive storage system with a reasonable price tag, Houstop Furniture Sdn Bhd is where you need to be. The store specialises in three things - designer chairs, a modular kitchen system, and an open concept wardrobe system. T he Excel Open Concept Wardrobe banks on the increasing popularity of a central walk-in closet for the family, where a spare room serves as the storage and changing area. W hi le people may be more accustomed to a wardrobe set in the bedroom, the open concept is catching on, especially when the buyer can customise it to their speci fications or preference, creating sections to hang long dresses or standard-sized shirts. The system is so flexible that you can build the basic necessities now, and upgrade by adding more later - a chest of drawers or more shelving. DIYers can even choose to do their own installation. In the rare event that a single component needs replacing, a new one can be easily obtained for a reasonable price.

The best thing is that this system seven handles will cost RM2,295. is not limited to the wardrobe The same set up with 3G Piano only Gloss (no door hand les) wi l l Prices start for as low as RM530 cost RM3,800. Meanwhile, the for outfitting a simple 1800mm x 3G Frosted Glass set will cost accessories like novelty shelves. 2700mm wardrobe space. RM4,250. Their designer chairs also range Mea nwhi le, t hei r modu la r The prices include installation from aesthetically pleasing chairs kitchen cabinet system should fee, and delivery within Kuching and bar stools, to a delightful appeal to homeowners who want town area is free. magazine stool where owners to go the mix and match route, or Houstop Furniture will advise can repurpose their collection of have better control over exactly the buyer accordingly depending magazines. what they want in their kitchen. on t he measu rements of t he Houstop Furniture is located at Their various individual units room. the mouth of Jalan Tun Ahmad consist of cabinets in various The store also offers interior Zaidi Adruce, and overlooks configurations - tall units, oven desig n (fu r nitu re on ly), and t he T hi rd Mi le rou nd about . units, corner units, and units h a s a n i nter e st i n g a r r ay of Contact them at 082-420211 or with two to four drawers. Get your office furniture and whimsical kitchen measured and pick out the cabinets that suit your space and needs. The cabinets come with three door laminates - the classic High P ressure Laminate (HPL) in maple or wa l nut , t he mu lt icolored 3G Piano Gloss, and the decorative 3G Frosted Film. HPL is usually in stock and can be installed upon order. Customised 3G Piano Gloss or Frosted Film wil l require two weeks to complete your order. For an idea of the price difference between the three finishes, a HPL set comprising of a wall unit with flip up door, a base unit with double doors, a base unit with single door, a wall unit single door, a tall cabinet, maica top and ONE OPTION: An idea of what you can do with your HPL cabinets.

FLEXIBLE: The Excel Open Concept Wardrobe

Enjoy comfort living with Godiya Asia

Conventionally, for the past few years, those materials produced for roofing is usually with a smooth, flat surface. However, now we have launched a type of steel that is different, with a textured surface, called EnvioTex.


Put a roof over your head with unique textured steel

By Adrian Lim

By Sharon Kong

their home and living expectations,” he told The Borneo Post. He pointed out that one of the popular types of sofas certain customers are looking for is the ‘Kubus’ chair. Designed by Austrian architect and designer Josef Hoffman in 1910, for customers who order a set of sofas from other countries or even Peninsular Malaysia, the same quality of sofa can be found at Godiya’s outlets which are for sale at reasonable prices. “We also allow customers to buy a one-seater or two seater sofa depending on their needs. “We emphasise on quality and

Customers who are looking for a set of new sofas at our outlets can expect to choose from a wide range of over 30 various designs especially from France, Spain and some other European countries. Sim Seng Chai, Godiya Asia managing director

we also provide after sales service to customers,” Sim added. Besides sofas, the company also provides other home accessories, decorative items and furniture products ranging from lighting, chairs, photo frames and bar stools. Godiya Asia is located at 18H Ellis Road, the shoplot opposite Trinity Methodist Church and the same row as Richmond Place. The outlet is open from Monday to Sunday at 10am to 6pm. For more information, contact Sim at 012-8878899 or the company at 082-259979, visit their website at or e-mail


Godiya Asia Sdn Bhd, a home furnishing distributor which focuses on custom-made furniture hopes to provide a sense of freshness, artistic and contemporary designs to the home. The company that specialises in distributing imported sofas from European countries believes that its products are top quality and on par with those sold overseas besides offering them at reasonable prices with additional benefits. Godiya Asia managing director Sim Seng Chai said, “Customers who are looking for a set of new sofas at our outlets can choose from a wide range of over 30 various designs especially from France, Spain and some other European countries. “The sofas which we sell don’t get wet easily if water is spilled and are easy to clean. Godiya also provides customers the service to tailor-make their sofas from the choice of material such as fabric or leather, to the colour. “ T h i s i s b e c au se we c a n request those services from our manufacturers as we have a good working relationship with them. “In addition, customers will be able to get what they want and meet

NOVEMBER 20, 2013

YKGI Holdings Bhd (YKGI) is introducing a new product to the market called EnvioTex. Just launched this year. EnvioTex is 55 per cent aluminium-zinc alloy coated textured steel which provides an elegant finishing equal to premium conventional roof tiles. “Conventionally, for the past few years, those materials produced for roofing usually has a smooth, flat surface. However, now we have launched a type of steel that is different, with a textured surface, called EnvioTex,” YKGI senior manager of business development, Fong Fui Yee said. EnvioTex steel is engineered to be ultra-durable due to its painted finishing. Compared to other painted steel products, EnvioTex steel has an impressive colour performance and high scratch resistance. The textured feature enhances the aesthetics of any building it’s installed on. EnvioTex textured steel is not solely just for roofing, but it can also be installed on internal or external walls, and even for fencing. “It basically gives a different look, instead of just using wallpaper,” he added. “Instead people can choose to have materials which are textured or have a ‘3D’ surface.

TEXTURED STEEL: Fong holding up a sample of an EnvioTex textured steel. Having a textured surface gives the impression of a not-so-dull look.” There are no limitations to designs preferred by customers, as long as the steel can be folded into the shape they desire. The di f ference between t hi s tex t u re d su r fac e a nd a conventional brick wall is that dirt can be wiped off easily, allowing for easy maintenance which is

why this is considered another option for building materials for both roofing and walls. Overall, with a warranty of up to 25 years, roofs made with EnvioTex steel are more robust and versatile for contemporary design when compared to conventional tiles roofs. For more information, contact them at Tel: 082-433888 or Fax: 082-433889.

NOVEMBER 20, 2013


Feng shui is based on the understanding of nature and applied through the basic principles of yin and yang as well as the five elements - wood, fire, earth, metal and water.

Nourish your home with positive energy By Karen Bong

WEALTH ENERGISER: The Maple Wealth Tree with its charms can be placed at the Northwest direction of the home to harness wealth and prosperity opportunities.

ENHANCE PROTECTION CHI: Liew shows the Home Protection Plaque which can be fixed to the front door or placed at home to prevent unfortunate events from occurring.

Happiness in all aspects of life can be achieved if there is a balance between the physical, the mental, the spiritual and the social or emotional spheres in our lives. World of Feng Shui Kuching boutique director and Feng Shui consultant Liew Shaw Pin shares the basics of feng shui in creating a better home environment and elements to observe when choosing a property. Liew said that feng shui is about creating balance and harmony to enhance the flow of positive energy in our living and working space. “Everything has to be balanced, not too much and not too little,” he highlighted. “Feng shui is based on the understanding of nature and applied through the basic principles of yin and yang as well as the five elements - wood, fire, earth, metal and water,” Liew explained. “In feng shui, we aim to achieve a balance within the environment by getting as many of the five elements working together as possible,” he added. For those looking to buy a house, Liew

said that prospective homebuyers should take note of some things before signing on the dotted line. “The direction the house should face has to take into account the astrology of the owner and also reading the ‘bagua’ which is an essential tool to assess the feng shui energy of the space,” he said. Also, Liew said it was important to select a house with a bright hall and high ceiling with enough windows and doors that are proportionate to the size of the house in order to allow the ‘chi’ or energy to flow. “Take a good look at the house to see if the house receives good energy from its surroundings because narrow and cramped space will block the energy,” he emphasised. On potential bad feng shui set-up, Liew pointed out that a toilet on the upper floor should not be aligned with the main or front door. He also added that the staircase should not be facing the front door. As for the kitchen, Liew said that there should not be open flames in the northwest direction so it is not an ideal space for a stove. “The northwest represents the ‘patriarch’ direction and you don’t want to put ‘fire on

WELCOME: World of Feng Shui Kuching is located at Wisma Ho Ho Lim at Jalan Abell.

heaven’s gate’ as it will affect the luck of the breadwinner,” he elaborated. The shape of the house is also very important, Liew added: “Ideally the house should have a regular rectangular and flawless plan shape.” “House buyers should also avoid houses with the front door directly facing the back door as the energy that enters your home will be rushed out instead of slowing down and nourishing the space,” he said. Meanwhile, Liew will be holding a ‘Fortune and Feng Shui Talk for the Year of the Wood Horse 2014’ on Dec 14 from 2pm to 4.30pm at the 9th floor Auditiorium of Crown Towers in Jalan Pending here. Tickets are on sale now and can be purchased directly at World of Feng Shui Kuching located at 289, Ground Floor, Sub Lot 1, Wisma Ho Ho Lim, Jalan Abell. Early bird tickets are priced at RM20 and being offered until end of November while regular price tickets (RM25) are available until Dec 14. For more information about the talk or to get further feng shui advice, contact Liew at 012-8666160 or call and fax to 082259188 or email to fortunestar.kch@gmail. com.

Bandar Samariang: Redefining Township Living

Q : How bi g i s t he B a nd a r Samariang project? A: For decades, the best properties followed the adage of location, location, location. Bandar Samariang follows this adage with 5,226 acres situated w i t h i n t h e 2 5 k m r a d iu s o f Kuching City Centre. Today’s property owners aren’t just seeking location, they are a l s o s e e k i n g a c c e s s i bi l i t y, c onvenienc e a nd i m mer sive leisure. Ba nda r Sa ma ria ng ’s close proximity to the Satok Bridge and Zecon Toll Plaza, the upgrading of Jalan Sultan Tenga h to dua l ca r riageway and t he new outer ri ng road connecting Jalan Sultan Tengah to Jalan Bako makes accessibility smooth. This is going to be fur ther complemented by the Federal Administrative Centre Access Road, connecting road users from Matang to Bandar Samariang, via Jalan Sultan Tengah roundabout to Jalan Demak and Jalan Bako, all the way to Pending, Kuching via Tun Salahuddin Toll Bridge or the newly completed Isthmus Bridge.

Q : What is the residential, retail and commercial mix for the Bandar Samariang project? A : We k now t h at prop er t y buyers are looking for location, accessibility, convenience and immersive leisure. B a nd a r S a m a r i a n g , a s we ex pl ai ne d e a rl ier add resses t he f i rst t wo considerations extremely well however, it is the way we answer the third and fourth considerations of property buyers that really sets us apart from other townships. The first parcel we are developing is Phase #1 which is 665 acres in size and comprises nearly 1,800 residential units which are available in various styles and designs. These residential units are served by 160 lots which house commercial, retail, culinary and entertainment offerings. To that, we added the successful negotiation a nd ent r y for hypermarket giant MYDIN to come up, next to our commercial units. With location, accessibility a nd convenienc e add ressed, we turned out attention to the immersive leisure element of property owners’ needs. For that, we were delighted to welcome Sentoria Berhad and their plans to develop a further 500 acres just a stones’ throw from Bandar Samariang. The project, dubbed Borneo S a m a r i a n g Resor t Cit y wi l l comprise water t heme pa rk, hotel complexes, safaris, wetland river cruises, eateries and retail outlets. Q: What percentage of Bandar Samariang is developed todate? A: Over 85 per cent of Bandar Samariang Phase #1 has already

been developed. As a comparison to the whole Bandar Samariang riverine township however, Phase #1 represents less than 13 per cent of the whole project. Phase #1 has single storey terrace houses named Cahya Damai which range in size from 767.49 square feet to 967.7 square feet and start from RM235,000. The second phase of single storey semi- detached houses Cahya Suria is Open For Registration now. Ca hya P ut ri double storey terrace houses range in size from 1,431 square feet to 1,755 square feet and start from RM325,000. T he double storey semidetached houses Alam Oasis are 1,710 square feet and start from RM450,000. The latest phase of three and four storey shoplots within the S a m a r i a n g R i a C om merci a l Centre starts from RM768,800. The 24 units of 3 and 4 storey shoplots are well suited for banking institutions, educational centres, corporate offices, fast food outlets, homestays, entertainment as well as pharmacies. Q : W hat percentage of the Bandar Samariang project has been sold to date? A: We are very proud of how wel l Ba nda r Sa ma ria ng has been received which reflects that our plan, development mix and efforts to bring in MYDIN and Borneo Samariang Resort City is what the property buyer of today wants. Out of all the Phase #1 units launched, 92 per cent have been snapped up and there is already interest in the next elements to be launched. Q : What is the key driving factor behind the success of the Bandar Samariang project?

A: I think it goes back to our ability to answer the four demands of today’s property buyer, which a r e lo c at io n , a c c e s si bi l it y, c onvenienc e a nd i m mer sive leisure. All of these things combined with high quality materials, high standards of workmanship, detailed finishing, well t hou g ht out t ow n pl a n n i n g a n d d e si r abi l it y o f d e si g n , make Bandar Samariang a hot property. Ba nd a r Sa ma ri a ng i s a l so within a stone’s throw to a myriad of faci lities such as schools, higher learning institutions and government agencies. Wit h so ma ny exciti ng developments in the pipeline, now is the right time to buy properties in Bandar Samariang. Whether it is the shopping, amenities or just simple fun and relaxation, everything wi l l soon b e avai l able right at your doorstep. I nt er e s t e d p a r t ie s are advised to take advantage of these opportunities and invest wisely. B a n d a r Samariang is floodfree and sited on a Mi xed Z one L a nd with an attractive 86-year leasehold.

NOVEMBER 20, 2013


Dato Richard Curtis

F o r m o r e information, visit our Sales and Marketing Office from 9am to 5pm weekdays, call 0 8 2 311 8 8 7 / 013 811 3277 / 012 817 7388 or email sales @ cmsp.cmsb. c om .my. O ur website is www. cmsproperty.


In a blossoming and highly competitive property market, it t a kes a lot to st a nd out a nd b e not ic e d , but B a nd a r Samariang is doing just that and it is setting the benchmarks for other aspiring townships to follow. But wh at ex ac t ly a re t hey doing that is catching the eye of homeowners, property buyers and property investors? We c a u g h t - u p w i t h D a t o Richard Curtis, Group Managing Director, Cahya Mata Sarawak Berhad (parent company of CMS Property Development Sdn Bhd) and asked him all about Bandar Samariang.

Bandar Samariang, as we explained earlier addresses the first two considerations extremely well however, it is the way we answer the third and fourth considerations of property buyers that really sets us apart from other townships.

NOVEMBER 20, 2013


Dusun Bayu housing estate is located next to Demak Laut commercial centre along Jalan Bako, Kuching. The housing estate covers an area of about 42 acres and has been approved with 395 units of terraced and semi-detached houses and 192 apartment units, to be developed in 10 phases.

Taman Uni-Alam double-storey terrace house.

Taman Uni-Alam double storey semi-detached house.

BDC developments ensure quality living in the state Over the last few years, Borneo Development Cor poration (Sarawak) Sdn Bhd (BDC), with the strong support of its Board of Directors, has been identifying and planning numerous projects throughout the State. The effort has borne much fruit and over the next five years, BDC is expected to play a major role in property development in the State. Together with its associate companies and project partners, major development projects will be implemented in the Limbang, Miri, Bintulu, Sibu, Sarikei, Sri Aman, Samarahan and Kuching D iv i sio n s . Wit h i n t h e n e x t five years, Gross Development Value (GDV) of projects being implemented is estimated at RM2 billion. Sites for potential development a r e a l s o b ei n g identified in the Mukah and Kapit Divisions. As recently as Sept 1 this year, Chief Minister Pehin Sri Abdul T a ib M a h mud l au nche d t he proposed state government office complex cum shopping mall in Lawas. In early September, BDC’s Chairman Datuk Abdul Karim Rahman Hamzah launched the Dusun Bayu Phase 6 & 7 housing project in Demak Laut. Besides these projects, several other smaller projects are currently in the construction stages. Dusun Bayu housing estate is located next to Demak Laut commercial centre along Jalan Bako, Kuching. The housing estate covers an area of about 42 acres and has been approved with 395 units of terraced and semi-detached houses and 192 apartment units, to be developed in 10 phases. All the residential properties in the project are of the medium cost category, mixed zone and has tenure of 60 years. With its prime location within a mature housing area and a stone’s throw away from the upcoming Isthmus City development, properties in Dusun Bayu will definitely experience appreciation in value over the coming years. The latest addition to Dusun Bayu project, Phase 6 and 7 of Dusun Bayu features 104 units of

Dusun Bayu Phase 6 Ruby.

Taman Desa Sejijak double-storey detached house. double storey terraced houses. Two different designs will be offered in the project, each with a gross floor area of at least 1600 sq. feet. The Phase 6 units (Ruby) are of modern design and those in Phase 7 (Ivy & Lily) have attractive classic designs with touches of modern features. During the promotional period, the 48 units in Phase 6 (Ruby) are priced from RM390,000 for an intermediate unit and up to RM480,000 for a corner unit. The units in Phase 7 (Ivy) have prices ranging from RM380, 000 (intermediate) to RM470,000 for a corner unit. The ‘Lily’ units in Phase 7 have slightly larger floor area and are priced at RM400,000 for an intermediate unit. Corner

units are priced at RM500,000 upwards each. Taman Uni – Alam located on a prime location adjacent to Unimas and other government establishments are exclusively for Bumiputera consumers. The project is located within indispensible amenities such as educational institutions (UiTM, Uni mas, I nstit ut Perg u r ua n Tun Abdul Razak, primary and secondary schools), supermarkets and retail shophouses. Other faci lities located wit hi n t he vicinity of the housing scheme are clinics, banks, pharmacy, laundry services and tuition centre which are easily accessible. Apart from the said facilities, the project is strategically located opposite Wisma Salcra and Intan

Sarawak Campus. The project offers a choice of two fashionable house designs including double storey terrace and double-storey semi-detached houses. For those who dreamt of building their own homes, they should grab the vacant detached lot which is part of the same scheme. The land size for the doublestorey Terrace ranges from 4.30 points (174.10 square meter) to 13.60 points (550.20 square meter), while the double storey semi – detached land size is from 7.52 points (304.10 square meter) to 10.0 6 points (407.20 square meter). The vacant detached lot is approximately 18.11 points (732.90 square meter). The built-up area for double storey terrace is 1515 square feet

Dusun Bayu Phase 7 Ivy and Lily.

and as for Double Storey SemiDetached, the built-up area is ranging from to 2170. Based on public response, BDC is very optimistic about the sale of both the Dusun Bayu and UniAlam projects. Taman Desa Sejijak single storey terrace purchasers have already moved in to their houses. As for the available two (2) units of double storey detached houses, they are desig ned to provide comfort as the area is very spacious with land sizes from 22 points. The property is completed and ready for occupation. Surrounded by serene atmosphere, the double storeydetached house is definitely a house with its own class and style. For those who are looking for a large area, the double storey

detached at Taman Desa Sejijak will be a good choice. A p a r t f r o m t h e blo o m i n g residential projects, BDC is also having commercial property for sale. BDC is currently marketing their three – storey shophouses at Jalan Muara Tuang (Stakan Junction) priced from RM840,000, vacant industrial land is priced from R M 215,378 and factory building is priced from RM870,000 in Limbang. The newly launched Lawas Shopping Mall is now open for registration. For more information on BDC properties the member of the public are invited to contact 016-8631638 (David Chiam), 016 – 889 0991 (Warda), 013 – 8390727 (Joanna), 016-8631839 (Mohd Dollah Saet) or 082-452958 (Office).

NOVEMBER 20, 2013



NOVEMBER 20, 2013


UFO has been around for 11 years and since 2003, we have made a name for ourselves especially on the CCTV camera front.

UFO to provide for East Malaysia’s security needs By Jonathan Wong

With crime rates on the rise, security has been an ever growing concern for home owners and establishments with close circuit television (CCTV) being one of the most popu lar medium to monitor the premise. United Factor (UFO), an alarm security network and consultancy firm has stepped up to the plate and is offering Kuchingites the best possible CCTV the industry has to offer namely the Luxriot video management system (VMS) and A recont Vision security cameras. Roger Din of UFO noted that Luxriot is an open architecture V MS that accepts M J P E G, M P E G 4 and H.264 as well as HD and Megapixel v i d e o streams f r o m

network cameras. Luxriot has integrated over 18 0 0 dev ic e s f rom a l l m ajor m a nu fac t u rer s, c ombi ne d w it h it s op en a r ch it e c t u r e, t his enables t he sof t wa re to build hybrid scalable solutions from a single point or multiple server that handles thousands of cameras. “With such software, it is only apt to combine its ability with a camera of similar performance,” Din said. Din explained that Arecont Vision is exclusively focused on megapixel technology and, as the industry leader, has contributed more to t he advancement of megapi xel i mag i ng for professiona l secu rit y applications than any other

compa ny i n t he secu rit y market. Arecont Vision is the world leader in megapi xel network (IP) video which also offers the largest selection of megapixel cameras available worldwide. All the Arecont Vision products offer superior price/performance ratio and integration with best in breed VMS platforms. “UFO has been around for 11 years and since 2003, we have m a d e a n a me for ou r s e lve s especially on the CCTV camera front,” Din boasted. “A nd in 2 0 0 8/2 0 0 9 we were actually the world’s number one in terms of camera megapixels. Today, despite no longer leading the pack, we’re still rated No.14, among the top 20 worldwide.” Din highlighted that among the company’s most prominent projects was the Four Points By Sheraton hotel in Kuching which has 147 cameras installed. “To show the quality of the cameras t hem s elve s, u nt i l today, not a single one of the cameras h a s b e e n f au lt y, or pro duc e d a ny problems since its installation five years ago.” UFO is the only d i s t r ibut or o f Lu x r iot and Arecont Vision in east Malaysia. For more i n for mation contact UFO at 082627663/574663.

TOP-OF-THELINE: Arecont Vision is the world leader in megapixel network (IP) video which also offers the largest selection of megapixel cameras available worldwide.

KNK’s Fortune Park banks on modern design and ease of travel By Adrian Lim

KNK Development Sdn Bhd hopes that ease of access to various amenities surrounding its first property development known as Fortune Park will be favoured by housebuyers. T he c omp a ny ex p e c t s t he project, located at 38th Mile of Kuching-Serian road and between Tarat and Serian, will receive good response due to its close proximity to a hospital, town, school and other commercial centres. With more areas along KuchingS er i a n r o ad op en i n g up for development, the company believes that Serian town is booming and it is a matter of time before prices of the property there will increase in future. It s ch ief exe cut ive of f ic er Stephen K ho believes t hat Fortune Park, which is a mixed development project made up of commercial and residential properties will have good takeup rate due to the ease of travel

for homeowners. “Our project is just within five minutes’ drive to the Serian Hospital and Serian Town. There is also a food court behind the residential houses and a jogging track nearby,” he said, adding that there was a school nearby which would be an added bonus for parents looking for schools to send their children for study. “As for travel, there is a two-lane highway which connects Serian to Kuching, so travelling by road is fast and convenient,” he said. For its residential properties, he said there are 24 units of singlestorey terrace houses and 44 units of double-storey terrace house. For its commercial segment, he added there are 10 units of two- and three- storey shophouses being built. He added that there were about 60 parking bays being drawn up for the convenience of shoppers. Furthermore, he noted that there was a road which connected For tu ne Pa rk to a nea rby residential housing area known

MODERN: There will be 44 units of double-storey terrace houses at Fortune Park.

We firmly believe in our responsibilities to the purchasers and clients. We always make sure resources, time and energy are committed to provide our customers with the highest quality of work and timely delivery of products.

ACCESSIBLE: Fortune Park’s commercial segment will have 10 units of two- and three- storey shophouses. as Taman Pasir. Some of the building specifications applied for the project include reinforced concrete framework, fiber plaster ceiling to living, dining, kitchen all bedrooms and car porch, concealed piping with quality sanitary ware, concealed electrical conduit and

wirings and others. He highlighted that the design of the project is being drawn up by Richard Wong, an eminent architect. As for the pricing of the units at Fortune Park, Kho cited that the single-storey terrace houses are being sold between RM230,000 to

RM320,000 while the double-storey terrace houses are priced between RM330,000 to RM420,000. For its two- and three-storey shophou ses, K ho note d t h at the units are being priced from RM700,000 upwards. F or t u ne P a rk , wh ic h ju s t started construction in June 2013

MODERN: There will be 44 units of double-storey terrace houses at Fortune Park.

NOVEMBER 20, 2013


is expected to be completed in the middle of 2015. C u r rent ly, t he projec t has achieved 30 per cent completion. W hen asked on a ny futu re projects, Kho said the company is planning to build another m i xe d d eve lop me nt p r oj e c t consisting a two-storey educational institution and a four-storey service apartment located at 34th Mile along Kuching-Serian road. Currently, the project is still awa it i n g approva l f rom t he relevant authorities. For more information about Fortune Park and KNK Development’s upcoming projects, contact Kho at 012-8876983 or the company at 082-575381. T he compa ny is loc ated at Heights Drive Commercial Centre, 2nd Floor, Sublot 22, Jalan Stutong here. The company also has a branch office in Serian which is located at 34th Mile Kuching-Serian road, BSLD (Tarat Jaya), 1st Floor, Sublot 11, Lot 50, Block 8.

NOVEMBER 20, 2013


Their range of products is highly recommended for interior and exterior projects such as residential houses, high-rise buildings, hotels, showrooms, offices, signage, toll plazas, airport terminals, LRT stations, bus terminals, walk-ways and so much more.

DML – Malaysia’s leading manufacturer of metal ceilings and louvres DML Products Sdn Bhd (DML) was incorporated in February 11, 2000 by a group of highly qualified a nd ex p er ienc e d M a l aysi a n business professionals offering very specialised metal ceiling and sun ventilation louvre systems, at t he s a me t i me pr ov id i n g management for custom-made desig ns for al l kind of metal ceilings and louvres. DML manufactures galvanised steel or aluminium strip ceilings using high technology techniques and up-to-date designs for its products to ensure that industrial specifications are maintained. The company of fers a wide range of high quality and ideally designed panel strips that are durable, highly reliable and easy to install. T h ey m a ke e n a m e l - b a ke d ‘Colour- Coated’ galvanised steel or aluminium strips, famous for their excellent coati ng qua lities a n d d u r a bi l it y

that complements and enhances any building. T hei r ra nge of products is highly recommended for interior and exterior projects such as residential houses, high-rise buildings, hotels, showrooms, of f ices, sig nage, tol l pla zas, airport terminals, LRT stations, bus terminals, walk-ways and so much more. The company made a turnover of RM150, 000 in 2000 which grew to R M25 million in 2008. Today it has b r a n c h e s throughout Malaysia,

Singapore, Vietnam and The Philippines. Its head manufacturing facility i n R awa n g I ndu st r i a l Pa rk, Selangor spans 60,000 sq. ft. All metal strip ceilings and sun louvres are made in Malaysia, and their unique designs and s y s t e m s c o m e w it h 10 -ye a r warranties. DML has a good track

record as one of t he leadi ng manufacturers of metal strip c ei l i n g s a nd su n louv r e s i n M a l aysia dea li ng i n qua lit y products, competitive pricing a long wit h st rong tech nic a l support on designs and installations. T o d ay t h ei r p r o du c t s a r e ISO - and Sirim-certi fied and meet Bomba and government standards.

DML has been recognised as one of the most reliable leaders supplying metal strip ceilings and sun louvres nationwide and has been contracted by the Ministry of Works Malaysia (JKR). With a pool of highly experienced personnel and more than 10 years in the market, DML has positioned itself as a premium manufacturer and an excellent one-stop centre ready to uphold its promise to deliver a more

effective and satisfying range of products and services to all its customers. For more information, they can be contacted at DML PRODUCTS (BORNEO) SDN BHD (742099 D) Lot 113 8, Block 15, M T L D, Jalan Kuching Ranger Depot, 9 32 5 0 Kuchi ng, tel : + 6 0 8 2 6 1 3 0 9 9 , f a x :+ 6 0 8 2 - 6 1 310 5 or emailed at Alternatively, you can check out their products at their website:

The Republic is concerned about ensuring the security of our residents. Therefore, we wanted to invest in the video intercom system.

NOVEMBER 20, 2013


THE FUTURE OF MODERN LIVING: The Republic is expected to be completed by quarter of 2015.

Elica to add video intercom in The Republic By Jonathan Wong

T h e R e p u b l ic, E l ic a S d n Bhd’s (Elica) premium high rise condominium that is slated to be one of a kind, now offers even more additions to the already impressive package -- a video intercom system as well as iPad-compatible smart home system. T he Republic, featu ri ng only 48 units with unique and contemporary layout designs of four bedrooms and five bathrooms, has only about 29 units left. With about 40 per cent of the units sold, now’s the time to grab your opportunity of a lifetime to own your piece of urban living.

According to Sun Suk Ping, property sales manager for Elica, the new system is set for additional security for an already very secure development. She noted that this system would enable the tenants of the condominium to identify visitors that enter the area to ensure that only those that they are familiar with can enter. “The Republic is concerned about ensuring the security of our residents. Therefore, we wanted to invest in the video intercom system,� said Sun. H o n e y w e l l V i d e o /A u d i o intercom system with GUI and IPad touch screen, will allow the residents to communicate with the guard at the guardhouse and

able to check the availability of the facilities. Such a system would make it easy for residents to book or reserve facilities such as function rooms and meeting rooms making life so much easier and efficient. Elica also has another package for those who want to add a more futuristic touch by offering to add a smart home system to the unit. The Smart Home System enables the owner to control everything from lights to air conditioning to even their curtains via I-Pad. “This enables the resident to turn on the lights at home while he or she is still at the office or even turn on the air conditioning if they

are expecting guests later on. This ‘techy’ add-on may be attractive for the younger generation which may find the system more convenient as they are living a more hectic lifestyle,� Sun explained. W h i le t he v ide o i nt er c om system is installed in all units of The Republic, the Smart Home System comes at an additional cost for those who wish to have it added to the existing system. Besides the additional functions of the Smart Home System which enables residents to cont rol t h e l i g ht i n g , c u r t a i n s a n d temperatures in their rooms, they can monitor their kids from the CCTV in common areas like the swimming pool.

The Republic has beautifully tiled marble f looring at living, dining and kitchen areas, split u n it d u c t a i r - c o n d it i o n i n g systems, concealed central hot water systems for all bathrooms, b r a n d e d s a n it a r y w a r e a n d fittings, solid timber engineered f loor for all bedrooms and all bedrooms come with its own walkin wardrobes. The living area is set to gain t h e b e s t v i e w c o mp a r e d t o another units and even the toilet is designed with ‘his’ and ‘hers’ vanity stations. This development will be the first luxury development from awa r d-w i n n i n g de si g n f i r m ZDR in East Malaysia who have

designed properties such as Le Meridian Hotel Kuala Lumpur as well as the Shangri-la Hotel Putra Jaya. Elica’s showroom is currently located at the third floor of Four Points Sheraton Hotel Kuching. The development is expected to be completed by the first quarter of 2015. Promotional free gifts and discounts are available for limited units. To experience the beauty and elegance of The Republic, please visit our show room on level 3 at Four Points by Sheraton Kuching. To make an appointment please call our Property Sales Managers at 016-8887959 (Ms Sun) and 0128352223 (Ricky).




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#$$$)$% % $%#!&!&% #*!!#$ '   #$ #*!!#  #!!$ &%)$ %#)(#$  &# $ % "" $ &%  %$  (##!$%!#!!$

NOVEMBER 20, 2013

E14 Wegahome targets mass market for higher sales For those who buy RM500 worth of goods and above on credit, we allow customers to pay by installment with the repayment period between six months to three years’ time. Wong Kin Soon, Wegahome Electrical Sdn Bhd managing director

By Adrian Lim

Wegahome Electrical Sdn Bhd is targeting the consumer mass market to deliver higher sales for the company. The company will be holding a promotional sale for its electrical products as well as home appliances from November 21 to November 30. In conjunction with the sale, the company will also be dishing out some ‘goodies’ to customers. T he c omp a ny ’s m a n a g i n g director Wong Kin Soon hopes that through the event, more customers will shop at its outlets. “Basically, during the sale, the more (products) the customers buy, the more rewards that they will get.” Besides that, customers who buy more than RM500 worth of goods and above will be given goodies worth between RM20 to RM400. “For those who buy R M50 0 worth of goods and above on credit, we allow customers to pay by installment with the repayment period between six months to three years’ time. “There is an installment payment plan for them to subscribe but with an interest of below one per cent charged and no guarantor is needed,” he said. Me a nwh i le, some of t he renowned brands that the company distributes include Panasonic, Samsung, Sony, Sharp, Acer and so on. The electrical products and home appliances that the company

supplies include, LED television, computer, microwave, washing machine, refrigerator, fan, rice cooker, smartphones and so on. Wo n g p oi nt e d o u t t h a t i f customers buy its goods in cash terms, there will be more rewards given. He added that the company also has a membership subscription programme to enable customers to gain more from buying goods at its outlets. He encouraged customers to signup for its membership programme during the promotional sales so to enjoy more benefits.

Established 15 years ago, Wong appreciated the support from his regular customers who throng his shop to purchase goods all these years. Wegahome Electrical is located at Sublot 57 & 58, Ground Floor, Block F, Synergy Square, Jalan Matang here. The company also has a branch located at Lee Ling Commercial Centre, No.6 & 7, 6 1/2 Miles, Jalan Penrissen here. For more information, contact Wong at 012-8835831 or the company at 082-645617.

Sharp TVs, air purifiers and lucky draw in store this November Grand Audio Sdn Bhd, Sharp’s distributor in Kuching will be organising a Christmas exhibition at tHe Spring from Nov 21-24. This four-day event will be showcasing the whole series of Sharp home appliances where they will also promoting Sharp’s 90” 3D LED HD TV and also 60 – 80” Quattron Tv Series. They will also be selling 70” and 60” LED TVs at a promotional price. At the same time , they will be taking the opportunity to introduce Sharp’s Plasmacluster Ion air purifier. Plasmacluster technology is also included in their refrigerator and airconditioner ranges. Plasmaduster air puri fiers reduce germs, bacteria, viruses, odours, mold and fungus through Sharp’s Patented Plasmacluster Ion technology. With their air purifiers, make your house and work environment clean and healthy besides boosting your family’s health. Besides introducing their airpurifying products, there will be a smoke room to demonstrate its air cleaning capabilities. They will also be introducing t h ei r H e a l s i o S u p e r h e a t e d S t e a move n l i n e wh ic h w i l l be demonstrated by a famous chef. Look out for Sharp’s dual-swing refrigerator with Plasmacluster Ion technology. There will also be a lucky draw at the exhibition worth RM12,000. For more information, please contact Alex Hue or visit Grand Audio Products Sdn Bhd located at 4 ½ Mile Jalan Stephen Yong, Kuching City Mall. MARK THE DATE: Watch out for Grand Audio’s four-day exhibition at tHe Spring where they will be showcasing a whole series of Sharp home appliances which include Sharp’s 90”3D LED HDTV and also 60 – 80” Quattron Tv Series, refrigerators and steamovens.

As for us, we do provide free consultation service because we always believe in customer’s satisfaction and whenever they buy our equipments we want them to be happy and most of all fully satisfied. Tan Chung Wei, the owner of Sound Fusion Sdn Bhd

Get the most out of your sound system at Sound Fusion By Johnson K Saai

H av e you ever noticed your eardrums ringing or a booming bass that starts to fracture when you play the music too loudly on your home theatre or hi-fi system? According to Tan Chung Wei, t he ow ner o f S ou nd F u sion Sdn Bhd, the answer “is quite straightforward but can also be very complex - the answer is distortion.” He said this happens when a person stresses the equipment beyond its tolerance level, bringing the system into the distortion level which could either damage one’s ea rs or t he equipment itself. “This is because the user has no clue or zero knowledge in the equipment and how it should be set up. Most dealers or installers literally just sell whatever your budget allows even if they know there’s a potential of damaging your equipment if stressed beyond the limit.” Tan said many people think that expensive branded equipment will produce a good sound, which is actually not the case. “A lot of systems a re ver y c ap able but when i n s t a l le d and the setup and settings are wrong they can either spoil the equipment or damage your ears,” he explained. Therefore, he said, the next time anybody decides to purchase a sound system, it is advisable that they drop by Sound Fusion at Lot

115, 1st Floor, Crown Square, No. 88 Jalan Pending, Kuching for some advice or tips before spending their hard-earned money. With his vast experience and his certification as an audio and video calibrator possessing BSc in computer science, Tan said that people can still get the best results out of their sound systems by spending less, provided that the equipment they buy are suitable for the room environment.He added that for any equipment to last long it must first suit the environment which only professionals can judge. Tan, who started the business as a hobby since 1997, said that

as a professional, he would never tell a person to buy his system or equipment without knowing the sizes of the rooms in which they will be installed. “My advice to customers is: while Ferrari cars are very, very expensive they are not suitable for all road conditions. So if we know that our roads are not suitable why should we waste money on buying such cars? We might as well we buy smaller and cheaper cars which can be more comfortable when driven in such road conditions. The same thing goes with our home theatre system, Hi-fi system, projectors, karaoke system or Bluray Media Player for that matter.

“If the system is too advanced of course it will not be suitable for small rooms and likewise a cheaper system will not suit bigger rooms. I am not saying it is impossible but certainly the result will not worth the money you spend,” said Tan. He said t he bot tom li ne is that customers should get some professional advice before they decide to buy any equipment. “As for us, we do provide free consultation service because we always believe in customer’s satisfaction and whenever they buy our equipments we want them to be happy and most of all fully satisfied.”

NOVEMBER 20, 2013


NOVEMBER 20, 2013

E16 GREAT deals at Chin Hup Hin In addition to the standard warranty period, customer can purchase an extended warranty period up to 5 years.

CHIN HUP HIN Enterprise S/B is holding Year End Special at No 11 & 25 Jalan Palm, Kuching (Jalan Tun Ahmad Zaidi Adruce) Business hours is from 9am to 8pm. During this period, customers can enjoy special deals with attractive gi fts and goodies. Currently, Chin Hup Hin is also having a Panashop Lucky Draw C ont e st wher eby cu stomer s purchasing up to RM300 will be entitled to one Lucky Draw ticket. The Lucky Draw will be held on January 3, 2014. Chin Hup Hin Enterprise S/B is one of the earliest electrical companies in town. It started in the 1960’s selling charcoal

and gas and later ventured into electrical business in the 1970s. Chin Hup Hin Enterprise is the only Panashop in Kuching selling all Panasonic productsranging f rom home applia nce, audio visual, living and beauty care. Panasonic is a Japanese brand that first started as an entrepreneurial venture that first began manufacturing lamp products and light bulbs, and whose products today include a wide range of of fice or household goods, i nclud i n g ref r i gerator s, ai r conditioners, microwave ovens, washing machines, televisions, hair dryers, electric cookers, digital cameras and more. Currently, Panasonic’s main

products are air conditioners, washing machines, refrigerators which a re u si ng i nver ter technology. Their microwaves can save up to 50 per cent energy , while the Panasonic TV, compared to three years ago, can save up to 60 per cent’s worth of electricity! It is also an authorised Panasonic Service Centre whereby customers who purchase from the company will not have to worry about maintenance service or after-sales service. In addition to the standard warranty period, customers can purchase an extended warranty period up to 5 years. For Panasonic customers, to become a member of Panaclub

is free. You c a n accu mu late points to exchange free gi ft. Customers will also be informed of a ny Pa nasonic activities and promotion through Short Massaging Service, e-mail and so on. If you are interested to purchase Panasonic products, you can visit No 11 & 25ďźŒJalan Tun Ahmad Zaidi Adruce 9340 0 Kuching, Sarawak. For more information, please contact 082-251241/243669, or fax 082-258669, or send your email to panashop11@ g mail. com. Payment through Public Bank, Maybank and AeON-X PR ESS will enjoy 0% instalment up to 36 months.

EXTENSIVE RANGE: Chin Hup Hin is the only Panashop in Kuching selling all panasonic products rangging from home appliances, audio-visual, living and beauty care.




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VENELA Park triumphs on strategic location

NOVEMBER 20, 2013

E17 HENG Leong upcoming projects begin next year

By Adrian Lim

Hwa Ling Realty Development Sdn Bhd believes that strategic location wi l l ensu re that its property development will be fully taken up in the near future. T h e c o m p a n y ’s h i g h - e n d p r o p e r t y p r oj e c t k n ow n a s Venela Park, consists of 25 units of residential houses located at Jalan Stutong, Muara Tebas Land District or more precisely behind Lion Nursing Home is a good selling point to housebuyers. The project is divided into 12 units of three-storey semidetached houses and 13 units of double-storey terrace houses. Currently, most of the threestorey semi- detached houses have been sold and only limited units are available while all the units for the double-storey terrace houses have been sold. Hwa Ling Realty managing director Vong Tze K hin said “We believe that our property development, Venela Park is easily accessible to various facilities a nd t hi s wi l l provide hou se buyers the convenient to travel. “Going to the airport is just five minutes away and there are various facilities nearby such as the Giant supermarket, school and eateries around. “This will enable house buyers to source for goods and services with ease,” he told The Borneo Post. A s for Venel a P a rk , Von g ex pl a i ne d t h at t he bu i lt- up area for a unit there is around 3,20 0 sq ft and the land sizes for the houses ranges from 8.62 point being the smallest to 13.14 points the largest. He added that the size area for the ground floors for most of the units measure 7,500mm X 15,500 mm and 24.6 feet X 50.8 feet. On the Venela Park’s building specifications, Vong observed that Hwa Ling Realty uses 6”x6”, 7”x7” or 8”x8” precast reinforced concrete piles which is among the most efficient and economical fou nd at ion syst em s appl ie d

Another factor which I pride myself in is the materials used for the project. We only use red bricks even for the wall fence. I believe in quality and the end result would speak for itself in that manner.

By Jonathan Wong

STRATEGIC LOCATION: Venela Park is divided into 12 units of three-storey semidetached houses and 13 units of double-storey terrace houses. throughout the industry for its piling. The structure of the house is made of red clay bricks for the main building and colorcoated metal roofing sheet. For flooring, the company used 2 1/2’ x 2 1/2’ China ceramic tiles for living, dining, kitchen and study room, 1’x1’ or 1’x2’ ceramic tiles for bathrooms and washing area, 1’x2’ ceramic tiles for car porch and drive way and parquet floor (3”x2’) for first and second floor bedrooms. “One of the significant features available at the semi-detached houses at Venela Park is that each bathroom in the master bed room is equipped wit h jacuzzi bathtubs,” Vong said. As for plumbing, he pointed out that Hwa Ling Realty uses concealed piping and stainless w at e r t a n k wh ic h i nc lu d e s power pump system. The developer also provides conduit and concealed three phase electricity service, telephone poi nt , A st ro poi nt , doorbel l point, heather point (central control system), gate post lighting point, ai r- conditiona l point (living and all bedrooms). Besides t hat, some ot her building specifications available

at the houses at Venela Park include closed circuit television (CCTV) service which can fit four cameras, alarm system,fish pond (with water circulating system) and anti-termite treatment. Vong noted that at present, 60 per cent of the project has been completed and Venela Park is due for completion before the end of 2014. The three-storey semi-detached houses at Venela Park are being sold from RM1.28 million being the lowest to R M1.69 million being the highest. Furthermore, he revealed that the company is also developing another housing project located at 12th Mi le Kuching- Serian Road near the Road Transport D ep a r t ment ’s o f f ic e k now n as High Park Phase Eight. The project which consists of 44 units of houses is divided into eight units of single-storey semidetached houses and 36 units of single-storey terrace house. For High Park Phase Eight, the project is due for completion in June 2015 with 80 per cent of the project sold. For more information of Hwa Ling Realty’s properties, contact Vong at 019-8890521 or the company at 082-240602 or 082-233059.

Heng Leong Construction Sdn Bhd (Heng Leong) is set to start its fourth and fifth project in Kuching soon at Arang Road and Batu Kawa Road. The company’s managing director Philip Tan explained that at the moment the company was in the process of starting two new projects which was slated to commence next year. The two projects, the 20 -unit Fullerton Villa at Arang Road and the 39-unit development at Batu Kawa is set for two different market segments. The Fullerton Villa starts at RM788,000 and above while the Batu Kawa project is set from RM250,000 upwards. Tan noted

that the price is yet to be finalised a nd may be open for review when the project commences. W hen asked the reason for this, Tan noted that, “while most properties nowadays range in 22 to 23 feet in width, our projects are at 26 feet wide and that’s the walled-in area. We are talking about 1,835 square feet (sqft) of space in the house without looking at the yard. “Another factor which I pride myself in is the materials used for the project. We only use red bricks even for the wall fence. I believe in quality and the end result would speak for itsel f in that manner,” Tan noted. The Fullerton Villa project is open for booking with freebies that includes alarm systems,

au t o m a t e d g a t e , c o n c e a l e d air- conditioning piping, two units of air conditioners, tiled car porch, water tank, water pressure pump as well as a three-phase electrical system. The Fullerton and the Batu Kawa developments are on 60 years title while the project at Muara Tuang is 99 years. The company which has been around for four to five years has been involved in a multitude of projects around Kuching. These projects include the Lot 817 Taman Muara Tuang project wh ich on ly h a s t h r e e u n it s left at the moment. For more information, call Heng Leong at 082-626229 or visit its office at Lot 2058, first floor, Block 223, KNLD Jalan Penrissen.

NEW PROJECTS: An artist’s impression of the Fullerton Villa, one of the two projects Heng Leong will commence next year which also includes the Batu Kawa Project.

NOVEMBER 20, 2013


Alpha is proud to enrich your modern living with cutting edge innovations for a difference. With Alpha you can now discover a whole new world of possibilities for your home décor.

SMART home living with amazing innovations from Alpha also incorporated with Line Fault I n d i c a t o r, a n extra safety feature that checks on your home’s earth wiring system. You will be alerted if there is an improper electrical connection when the indicator light changes from green to red, giving you double the protection. When ‘smart living’ is paired with ‘green living’, life becomes exceptionally meaningful. SMART 18i boasts the next-generation eco-friendly factor with efficient energy consumption, intelligently. Leave the task of choosing either high-power water pressure or economical energy consumption to SMART 18i. Its sophisticated new DC pump is far superior to outmoded AC pumps, ensuring a powerful water delivery with ma xi mu m energ y savi ngs (up to 5 5 per cent) . You may look forward to enjoying your showers in whisper-quiet silence, t h a n k s to a n u lt ra- ef f icient motor. Wonderfully, the RainShower feature of SMART series lets you unwind in a relaxing and lu x u riou s shower wit h a n ex t ra-l a rge 6 -i nch overhe ad showerhead. Putting things in perfection, SMART outshines the ordinary desig ns wit h a posh looki ng lacquer finish cover in five chic colours ie. Metal Black, Ivory White, Misty Silver, Elite Blue and


Starlit Pink. C ei l i ng fa n s are another cutting edge proposition from Alpha. Alpha’s elite new ceiling fans are driven by a strong character of its own, each Alpha ceiling fan blends with your home décor theme with a delightful sense of sophistication. The Axon series (model Axon 1 and Axon 2) embodies tasteful minimalism with a distinguished touch of a casual design. The h i g h ly e f f icient c ei l i n g f a n delivers heaps of air movement that covers a lot more area than a conventional ceiling fan. Axon 2 is equipped with two fan motors and each has three blades of a 15.5’’ sweep. Axon 1 has a single motor and is a great fit for smaller spaces. Axon’s motors swirl in a 360deg ree circu lar motion with the five speed options to deliver perfect airf low in any room, a function never thought possible in ceiling fans. The motor can also be held in a static position for airflow to a specific position, with just a click of the remote control. Axon 1 is available in two contemporary finishes: Satin and Oil Rubber Bronze while Axon 2 is

available in Satin, and both are equipped with wooden style blades. Axon 2 also comes with additional lighting with dimmer function for illumination. F180 shall be the most anticipated series among all. Armed with only two blades, everybody must be wondering how it can propel. Rest assured, the contour and aerodynamic of the blades has been specially design to deliver maximum airf low as high as 9000 CFM, which is far more superior to any other fans in the market. It i s a l so e qu ipp e d w it h a light that can be dimmed as well. F180 comes with the option of black or white and is able to accentuate any modern living space with class. The favorable first impression one gets from the new Ferro never wanes. The 15.5 inches wide mini fan blades catch your attention just like that. Surprisingly, the new Ferro is even smaller than the previous AlphaFan Micro. This tiny fan is packed with a

punch, reaching up to 1200 R PM for opti ma l w i n d d e l i v e r y. I t comes fully equipped w it h a r emot e c on trol for functions like timer, natural wind, 70 degree oscillation and an 8-notch option for multiple head-direction adjustments. Ferro comes with a s at i n hou si n g a nd wa l nut colored blades. C S 5 del iver s a si mple ye t elegant class in your living space. While it won’t dent a hole in your pocket, it serves up practical functions especially the ‘super’ wind delivery. Operationa l wit h a contemporary remote control, it is packed with a five speed selection, timer and a natural wind option. Spanning 56’’ in width, CS5 is available in the classic colours of black and white. The Viva is yet another darling. With a combination of a circular body and blades in bold colours like orange, cyan or a subtle choice of white, black, ORB and transparent blades, Viva is extraordinary. It possesses a compact figure with great wind delivery, thanks to the aerodynamic blades. Viva is

nicely geared up with a mu lti-f u nc tion remote control. The Viva design profile and its colour scheme present a fashion statement in itself for the free-spirited by spinning up the youthful energy within you. Riding on the highly successful Q Series, the enhanced GT Series now comes in five speeds, an improvement over the previous three speed series. GT Series is equipped with a l i g ht k it t h a t u t i l i s e s 4 0W double circular tube electronic b a l l a s t , g iv i n g you a sup er bright lighti ng condition without the flickering problem. GT Series is available in A B and PWT colours and models available are the 56’’ GT16 and GT8; and the 42’’ GTM8. Du ri ng t his festive season a nd for a l i m it e d t i me on ly (Nov 20 - Dec 20, 2013), purchase of A lpha X5 now comes with Standard Insta l lation. Don’t miss out on this great offer! *This offer is limited within Kuching only, terms & conditions apply. Find out more about Alpha i n n o v a t i o n s a t w w w. a l p h a or contact Alpha Ida Sdn. Bhd. at +6082-348848.


HOME LIVING is all about going ‘SMART’ nowadays. ‘Live Smart’ is now the buzz word. As we embrace the digital era, ‘smart’ living represents the inexorable ma rch of tech nolog y. A lph a is proud to enrich your modern living with cutting edge innovations for a difference. With Alpha you can now discover a whole new world of possibilities for your home décor. The SMART 18 Series, Alpha’s best- sel li ng master piec e, delights with both technological a dva nc ement a nd ae s t he t ic value. The revolutionary shower heaters aspire to transform your home living into an enjoyable experience with their sleek and ultra-modern designs. Be amazed by the most crucial incorporation of SMART through the AUTO TEST technology, which redefines safety in shower heaters with a new benchmark. Powered by a sophisticated microchip, each time Auto Test is turned on, SMART will run a self test on the internal circuit to check if there is any current leakage on all electrical components and parts. If all is functioning well, the indicator lights turn green to show that the system is in ‘safe’ mode. If a problem is detected, the five indicator lights turn red and blink, alerting users to call for servicing or repairs. It is the ‘peace of mind’ proposition that ‘SMART’ is championing. In addition, Alpha SMART is

SOLVE your flooring needs at The Floor Shop By Yvonne Tuah

For those looking to impress with exclusive and professionallooking f loors, The Floor Shop offers all that and more with its high-quality floor tiles from Inovar Malaysia. Inovar Malaysia, which was established in 1996, is a pioneer in Asia in the laminate flooring industry. The company ensures the sustainable quality of its products including resistance to environmental factors. A b r a n d l e a d e r, I n o v a r M a l aysi a h a s won t he A si a Pacific BrandLaureate awards for five consecutive years from 2007 to 2011, and in 2012, the company won the BrandLaureate Singature Brand Award. The Floor Shop offers three Inovar Malaysia products: its r e n o w n e d , aw a r d - w i n n i n g laminate floor tiles, luxury vinyl tiles and Inovar Malaysia’s latest product; bamboo floor tiles. Inovar Malaysia’s laminate f looring are made of various layers that include aluminium ox i d e p a r t i c l e s , m e l a m i n e resin, fibreboard made from compressed tropical hardwood f ibres ( produc ed by Dai ken Sarawak), balancing film, and Waxguard Plus. The Floor Shop manager Ken Ling highlighted that these layers are to enhance its resistance against termites, scratches, cigarette burns and water. The Floor Shop of fers four series of laminate flooring. The Ti mberli ne a nd T ra f f iczone series’ panels are 12 mm thick, and are placed under the AC5 utility class, the highest rate by European standard for the resistance level towards abrasion. These series come in five wood sculptured designs with ‘V-grove’ patterns for Timberline, and seven wood embossed options for Trafficzone. The original Classic, inVogue a nd or i g i n a l F a m i l i s er ie s laminate f loors’ panels are 8

When it comes to customisation with Zenova Home, it is all about you and that is what makes their custom-making service so great. Zenova Home offers you more than just a kitchen, they work in collaboration with their clients, creating pieces that fit their idea of an ideal home.

NOVEMBER 20, 2013


CREATE your ideal home with Zenova QUALITY PICKINGS: The Floor Shop offers high-quality floorings from Inovar Malaysia. mm thick and are classed under AC3. The Classic series has a choice between wood embossed and wood grain with six colour options while inVogue and the Famili series comes in four and six colour options, respectively, for its wood grain design. Besides easy i nst a l l ation, these tiles are embedded with an antibacterial coating called Nano Silver Technology which prevents infestations of bacteria, viruses, molds as well as odours caused by bacteria and mold. The Floor Shop will also be i nt r o duci n g I nova r ’s l at e st product; Solid Bamboo f loor tiles. Harder and stronger than conventional timber panels, Inovar Bamboo flooring fits well in residential and commercial interior. With an eight colour option that ranges from mild to darker shade, Inovar’s Solid Bamboo flooring will fit any interior styles. The company is committed to using sustainable materials t o m i n i m i s e t h e lo n g - t e r m impact on the environment. Inovar’s luxury vinyl tiles are made with more than 67 per cent recyclable materials that

meet Green Building Council designation. Inovar Malaysia’s products come with various warranties. For its laminated flooring, there i s a 15 -ye a r ma nu fac t u ri ng defects, lifetime termite resistant, di rect ma nu factu rer’s, fade resistant, stain resistant and wear resistant warranties. As for its vinyl tiles, there is a 20-year manufacturer’s warranty for residences and a five-year warranty for commercial floors. It also comes with a lifetime termite and water resistant warranty as well as a noise absorption technology and wear resistant warranty. Inovar Malaysia’s vinyl tiles are premium grade and product guaranteed. The Floor Shop will also be having a month-long promotion with attractive prices pegged on its laminated f loor Famili series, The Floor Shop is open 8.30am to 5.30pm Mondays to Saturdays. For more i n for m at ion, c a l l 012-8999255 (Ken Ling) or 082243255. Visit The Floor Shop at Ground Floor, Lot 2792, Block 10, Jalan Tun Ahmad Zaidi Adruce, Kuching.

Z E N O VA H O M E , w h i c h i s actively involved in the design industry for both residential and commercial projects, offers various kinds of possibilities t o c r e at e you r d r e a m home through its customisable kitchen, wardrobe, living hall dividers, as well as renovation works, finding ways to individualise and remodel everything and make it the way you want it to be. When it comes to customisation with Zenova Home, it is all about you and that is what makes their custom-making service so great. Zenova Home offers you more than just a kitchen, they work in collaboration with their clients, creating pieces that fit their idea of an ideal home. The unique line of modular kitchen system, Kubiq, is also obtainable at Zenova Home. “Zenova Home has been the of ficial authorised dealer in Sarawak since September 2012,” s a id Z enova Home bu si ne s s executive Cynthia. She mentioned that the high quality yet affordable modular system employs the ‘no -frill’ concept much like low-cost airlines a nd sel f-ser vice food chai ns wher e you p ay on ly for t he c omp onent s t h at you wa nt . I f you want to achieve g reat savi ngs, Kubiq is one of t he largest furniture manufacturers i n M a l aysi a de a l i ng wit h modular furniture through bulk purchases and mass production resulting in an extremely costeffective solution.

Kubiq also enables complete hands-on experience by consumers themselves through their ‘self-involvement’ concept using Ezikit (patented 3d kitchen miniature modeling kit), which a l lows you to be involved in the desig n stage, and able to preview the final outcome of your kitchen design until the final installation yourselves. Zenova Home also offers Kubiq wardrobe in three different door styles other than Kubiq kitchen alone. Customers will be given the freedom to mix and match your own door materials which consist of melamine ABS, spray painted and acrylic high gloss and other accessories to create your dream kitchen.

“There will be a Christmas sale on Tuscani Italy high-end kitchen electrical appliances- cooker hood, hob, oven, wine cellar, BBQ grill grande and others- with ultimate free gift available such as Korea brand ‘Happy Call’ Special Double Pan starting from November 11, 2013 and it is a great opportunity to brighten up your home for the festive season,” said Erika, Zenova Home sales executive. Interested parties may visit Zenova Home’s showroom at Plaza Merdeka, L3-10 & L3-11, third floor (beside Sony) to enjoy attractive offers and free gifts for this festive season. Kindly contact Erika, 082-429911 or 012-8760911 or email for more information.

CUSTOM-MAKE YOUR DREAM KITCHEN: Director / Principal Designer Sharon Chan shows Kubiq Kitchen and Ezikit at Plaza Merdeka Showroom

NOVEMBER 20, 2013

E20 SOON HUP brightens up homes with LED lighting For those who prefer some decorative items in the house such as lights with wonderful designs added with some European flair, they can find them at our shop here.

By Adrian Lim

WITH the revolution in lighting technology, Soon Hup Lighting and Electrical Trading Sdn Bhd believes that the use of Light Emmitting Diode (LED) lights at ho m e w i l l p r ov i d e m o r e power in terms of brightness whilst at the same time generating more savings for their bills. T h e c o m p a n y ’s m a n a g e r Brandi Soo is optimistic that the advancement in lighting technology has given consumers more benefits in terms of power output and monetary savings. He observed that there was an increasing demand for LED

lig hts due to its adva nt ages a nd t he cha nge i n ma rket trend towards environmentally friendly products by consumers. “ G e n e r a l l y, L E D l i g h t s generate less heat because the heat produced is absorbed into a he at si n k . It pr ov ide s mor e savings on yearly electricity usage than incandescent lamps.” Compa red to i nca ndescent lamps, moreover, LED lights have more luminous efficiency. “We provide LED lights with power capacity ranging from a few watts to 2 0 0 watts,” he told The Borneo Post. He also observed that LED lights are more durable, versatile and long lasting. He p oi nt e d out t h at L E D s

are “directional” light sources which mean they emit light in a specific direction. Un li ke i nc a ndesc ent a nd c o m p a c t f lu o r e s c e n t b u l b s which emit light and heat in all directions, LED lights are able to use light and energy more efficiently in many applications. Other than LED lights, Soo said Soon Hup a lso supplies spotlights with power from 10 watts to 1,0 0 0 watts, halogen light bulbs, tiffany lights, ceiling lights, wall lights, table lamps, standing lamps, desk lamps, gate lights, garden lights, remote control fans, water heaters and others. He s a id t her e a r e va r iou s types of lighting with different designs, patterns and colours available at its outlet. For instance, customers can choose between white, warm white, blue, red, yel low a nd green lighting. “Some of the lights that we have are designed in European countries such as Italy, France, Spain and the Middle East “For those who prefer some decorative items in the house such as lights with wonderful desig ns added with some European f lair, they can find them at our shop here,” he said. W hen asked on the general preferences by consumers, Soo said “Nowadays, most of the customers a re looki ng for products which have modern features, economica l and

simple,”. He revealed that most of his customers are walk-in customers whi le he a lso supplies some products to certain property projects by worki ng wit h property developers. Wit hout d i s c lo si n g much , he said he supplies some of Soon Hup’s products to certain residential, commercial and small and

medium industries around the city. Realising the need to provide customers with the latest design and innovative lights and lamps, he explained that normally the company will make fresh orders once or twice a year to attract customers.

Meawhile, some of the famous bra nd s for l i g ht s which a re available at the shop include Philips and Toshiba. For more information, contact Soo at 013-8151115 or visit its outlet located at No.18, Ground Floor, Jalan Tun Ahmad Zaidi Adruce here.

Other than LED lights, Soo said Soon Hup also supplies spotlights with power from 10 watts to 1,000 watts, halogen light bulbs, tiffany lights, ceiling lights, wall lights, table lamps, standing lamps, desk lamps, gate lights, garden lights, remote control fans, water heaters and others.

This property will only be rented out. For this project, we are targeting for government offices, commercial tenants, as well as corporate offices. Petra Jaya Properties

NOVEMBER 20, 2013


Petra Jaya Properties Various projects in the works for Petra Jaya Properties By Sharon Kong

PETR A Jaya Properties Sdn Bhd (Petra Jaya Properties), a preferred provider of premium properties throughout Kuching, currently has projects ranging from residential, shoplots, to multi-purpose buildings. In terms of its residential projects, there is the Taman Sri Permai which consists of single storey terrace houses. Since its launching in 2012, 94 per cent of its units have been sold off already. The houses, which are in a flood-free zone, are for Sarawak Bu m iput r a buyer s on ly. I n add it ion, it i s wit hi n close

vicinity to schools, market, and government offices. Located at Jalan Pasir Pandak, the site for the development has reached about 20 per cent of construction stage. Completion date for this project is expected to be at the end of 2014. As for its new housing project, Taman Sri Maya, it has already had its soft launching at the recent Sarbex event. It consists of 114 units of single-storey semidetached houses. Petra Jaya Properties added that while the official launching for this project is expected to be in early 2014, it is already open for registration. Other projects the company is


96% SOLD Limited Units Left

undertaking is the industrial lot, Industri 87, located at Jalan Batu Kitang. The site will house 26 units of two-storey semi detached industrial lots. As for Wisma Lagenda, located at Jalan Sultan Tengah, it consists of a four-storey multi-purpose bui ldi ng wit h f ive sepa rate tenancies all served by a lift facility. “This property will only be rented out. For this project, we are targeting for government offices, commercial tenants, as well as corporate offices,” Petra Jaya Properties said. For more information on the properties above, contact Petra Jaya Properties at 082-250088.




Semi Detached House


2nd Floor, Menara Zecon, Jalan Satok, 93400 Kuching, Sarawak

Tel: +6082 250088 | Fax: +6082 250099 | Website:

Live within easy access of amenities at Taman Duras BLESSED Realty Sdn Bhd’s Taman Duras development located at Mile 16 along Kuching-Serian Road is currently in its third phase. T h e d eve lop m e nt c o mp r i s e s 10 units of single-storey semi-detached h o u s e s , o u t o f wh i c h f o u r u n it s remain. “Each unit of the semi- detached houses boasts spacious living space of four bedrooms, living room and d i n i n g r o o m ,” B l e s s e d R e a l t y spokesperson Wong Seh Ho told The Borneo Post. “In addition, other features of each unit include 600mmx60mm floor tiles, concealed conduit wiring and plumbing, timber main door and plaster ceiling board among others.” Taman Duras is in a convenient location where the housing development

is located near SMK Siburan Bazaar putting future homeowners within close proximity of amenities such as supermarkets, eating outlets, banks and more. “ T he pr ic e for e ach u n it of t he semi- detached houses sta r ts from R M 3 6 0,0 0 0 onwa rd s wit h Phase 3 expected to be complete by this year end,” Won g s aid, add i n g t h at t he development is currently at 80 per cent completion. “For those who purchase the unit, the sales and purchase agreement, legal fee and stamp duty costs will be waived whle those who would like to purchase via government loans are also welcome.” E nqu i r i e s c a n b e m a d e at 0 16 8092781(Alfred Phua) or 012-8885121 (Beatrice Sim).

SPA Approval No: P/1D/421-07 Development Plan Approval: DBKU/10/2010, DBKU/11/2010, DBKU/12/2010, DBKU/13/2010 Developer’s License No: L1824/KP/HD/01/672-R1 Advertisement & Sales Permit: P1742/KP/HD/01/672-R1 Validity Period: 13.6.13 - 12.6.14 Validity Period: 13.6.13 - 12.6.14


Blessed Realty

Travilion Group focuses on Gateway, TRV I-Park

NOVEMBER 20, 2013


Get a home with a view at Santubong Nestled in the foliage of an age-old rainforest and close to a beach and exotic mangroves is a haven not to be found elsewhere. Santubong Suites Sdn Bhd is highlighting its seaview condominium Santubong Suites, which is less than two kilometres away from resort hotspots like Damai Beach Resort, Damai Puri Hotel, Sarawak Cultural Village and Permai Rainforest Resort. Santubong Suites has two towers, namely Santubong Tower and Sejinjang Tower, each of which has 66 units. While Santubong Tower has been sold out, Sejinjang Tower units are now available for sale for those who appreciate nature. There are penthouse units available at levels 14 and 15, while the premier units are at levels 10 to 13. The suite units are on levels two to nine. Overall, Santubong Suites is very exclusive, with various nationalities currently staying at the condominium. Further highlights for interested buyers are the facilities available at the condominium complex which include among others, a 25 metre swimming pool, gymnasium, a common lounge, and ample car parking. For more information on the properties above, contact Petra Jaya Properties at 082250088.


Experience the Difference

For further information, please contact:

+6012 8890321 +6082 250088


Exclusive seaside condominiums at the foot of Santubong Mountains in Kuching, Sarawak. Invest and gain the right to reside in Malaysia. Quality living and value for money.

L o ca l p r op e r t y d evelop e r T r av i l io n G r oup h a s m a ny successful projects within its portfolio in a myriad of segments, such as the commercial, i ndu st ri a l a nd residenti a l sectors. In the commercial division is its Gateway project, comprising 46 three-storey shophouses with spacious i nter mediate u nits measuring 20 times 66 feet located at Kota Sentosa. Kota Sentosa vicinity is being pegged by the Padawan Municipal Cou nci l ( M PP) as one of si x urban growth centres – part of the council’s transformation programme. MPP will continue w it h t h e si x u r b a n g r ow t h centres until December 2015. With limited units remaining, investors are encouraged to grab this opportunity to invest in this growing locality with great visibility. F o l l ow i n g t h e s u c c e s s f u l completion of Phase 1 and 2, TRV IPark is in a very strategic location in Kuching as it is not only near to town but also closely located to the Sama Jaya Free Industrial Zone. Occupying a strategic location wit hi n less t ha n 10 mi nutes d r iv i n g t i me to S a m ajaya Industrial Park, Kuching Port at Pending and Petra Jaya toll bridge, and located off the main trunk road of Jalan Setia Raja, owners of TRV I-Park 3 will be able to better serve their customers in Kuching particularly nearby Sa majaya, Tabua n Jaya a nd Stutong. The modern façade designed by award winning architects A K DI, and spacious internal layout measuring 18.5 metres or 20.5 metres (length) by 7.5 metres (width) on land sizes ranging from 0.135 to 0.335 acres, allows the industrial buildings to serve a dual purpose of commercial (offices or showrooms) and light industrial (warehousing, manufacturing and processing). TRV I-Park is less than four kilometres away from Sama Jaya and well positioned to pick up on spillover demand for support

STRATEGIC LOCATION: A map showing TRV I-Park’s location. This project occupies a strategic location within less than 10 minutes driving time to Samajaya Industrial Park, Kuching Port at Pending and Petra Jaya toll bridge, and located off the main trunk road of Jalan Setia Raja.

GROWING VISIBILITY: Travilion director Peter Lau (left) and Wang posing with the model for Gateway at their offices. industries. For enqu i r ie s, ple a s e c a l l Travilion at 082-235776 or 082-

235778 or call Keith Wang at 0168782809, Vivian at 016-8988909 or Yien at 016-8505353.

NOVEMBER 20, 2013

GREENERY: Some of the trees available at My City Landscaping Sdn Bhd suitable for home and commercial areas.


Let My City create the perfect garden escape By Karen Bong

Have you been dreaming of a little garden escape in your backyard for some time? Imagine a tranquil outdoor space beautified with a blend of natural elements and well-tended

beds of vibrant plants and flowers splashed across freshly mown grass. Beauti fu l la ndsc api ng c a n provide you with an outdoor retreat at the end of the day when you simply want to unwind, relax and de-stress. Apa r t from beauti f yi ng

you r home, landscapi ng can dramatically increase the market value of your home and property as well. My City Landscaping Sdn Bhd provides a full range of services that can help clients transform and enhance their home exteriors as well as commercial areas.

My City also supplies all kinds of plants and flowers including grass, trees, palms, ferns, houseplants and shrubs, apart from pottery ware of various size and shape. T he high ly ski l led and experienced team at My City will work personally with clients to create a design that best suits

their unique needs, preferences and budget. My City can help you with your dream design from initial concept through to completion including maintenance, lawn cutting, paving stones, hard and softscapes, patios, and much more. Their notable landscape projects

include Summermall, KTS Garden and Sarawak Energy Berhad. My City, located at SL12, Lot 789, Jalan Hup Kee, opens daily from 8am to 5pm. For more information, contact My City at 082-452543 or fax to 0 82 - 4 525 39 to email

LUSH PLANTS: My City Landscaping also supplies various potted plants and leafy plants.

POTS: Pottery ware of various size and shape are also available.

COLOURS: A wide range of vibrant plants and flowers to create a beautiful garden.

UNIQUE: Some of the unique decorative trees to beautify the frontyard and garden of home.

NOVEMBER 20, 2013


The teakwood furniture available at Casa Reka – both indoor and outdoor – are all imported from Indonesia, and are customisable.

Casa Reka Gallery—Your local teakwood specialist By Sharon Kong

CASA REKA Gallery (Casa Reka), an established furniture shop, is confident in the quality of its solid teakwood furniture and that these materials have a longer life span than mass produced furniture. T he tea kwood fu r nit u re available at Casa Reka – both indoor and outdoor – are all imported from Indonesia, and are customisable. Whether it’s for the living room, dining room or the bedroom, they sell all types of furniture suitable for the entire house. The gallery takes pride that it does not sell furniture made of plywood or medium density fibreboard (MDF). The difference between local and teak furniture at Casa Reka is that the latter is made entirely from solid wood. Even the drawers of their cabinets are made of solid wood. While most cabinets found in Kuching have plywood-backing, Casa Reka’s are all-round solid wood furniture which is also being sold at the gallery at reasonable prices. The gallery owner noted that

the highlight of owning such solid wood pieces is that perhaps 50 to 100 years down the road, these furniture will be considered antiques, and can be resold at very high prices. In addition, another benefit of owning solid wood furniture i s t h at it i s r ep a i r able a nd maintainable, unlike those made from plywood, which will likely need to be replaced every two to three years. For example, if people moved hou se a nd t hey accident ly scratched the teak furniture in the process, these pieces can be touched up. In ter ms of customisation, Casa Reka will follow customers’ instructions on the design or rely on the drawings given by them. Generally, they are able to do any classic or modern designs, accordi ng to t he customers’ preference. Casa Reka Gallery, which is located at No 68, Jalan Satok, is open from 9.30am to 8 pm daily, and is closed on Sundays. For further enquiries, call 082422271 or email casareka@gmail. com.

FIT FOR EVERY ROOM: Whether it’s for the living room, dining room or the bedroom, they sell all types of furniture suitable for the entire house.

At Glory Interior Decoration, we offer a wide selection of curtain fabrics, different types of blinds and wallpaper.

NOVEMBER 20, 2013

E25 Glory Interior offers a wide range of choice By Joash Kong

EXTENSIVE: Jared Kitchen and Electrical Enterprise’s 2nd branch located at Lee Ling Commercial Centre at Matang.

SPOILT FOR CHOICE: A wide range of kitchen stoves that a customer can look for at Jared Kitchen and Electrical Enterprise.

Make daily living a cinch at Jared Kitchen By Joash Kong

CAN YOU imagine a day without the modern conveniences that we have today? If anyone of us had to spend a day without electrical fans or airconditioning to cool us down on a hot day, or to clean up the amount of oil splatters after an entire day of cooking, we would be rather upset! These home furnishings are just so integral to our daily lives, and at Jared Kitchen and Electrical Enterprise, one would be spoilt for choice. Wit h a ra nge of elec t ric a l appliances ranging from fans, ceiling fans and refrigerators, one can spruce up the home to suit their liking and create the perfect ambiance at home. They also provide a wide range of kitchen appliances to cater to

One of our main selling appliances are the Rubine kitchen hood and hob. Chong Kuet Hau, Jared Kitchen and Electrical Enterprise, manager

their customers’ needs. “O ne o f ou r m a i n s el l i n g appliances are the Rubine kitchen hood and hob,” said the manager of Jared Kitchen and Electrical Enter prise Chong Kuet Hau, adding that Rubine specialises in kitchenware. This branch at the Lee Ling Commercial Centre (Matang) is the second branch for Jared Kitchen, with another in the Emart Commercial Centre also in Matang and another branch in Kuching Sentral Commercial Centre. Aside from the kitchen hood and

hob, the other kitchen appliances that are offered here range from rice cookers to stoves and built-in ovens. “We are also having a promotion throughout the whole month of November until the end of December as part of our yearend sales. Ninety per cent of the products sold here will be on sale, with 10 per cent to 40 per cent discount,” Chong said. He added that a limited amount of Despicable Me 2 Minions radio and mp3 players will be given away with every purchase of a Rubine kitchen hood and hob. Apart from Rubine, they also carry appliances from Sharp, Elba and Cornell. Jared Kitchen and Electrical Enterprise opens from 9.30am to 9.30pm and members of the public who wish to look into more kitchen and electrical appliances are advised to call 082 - 648 901.

NOWADAYS, creativity can be expressed through many different ways. O ne of t hese ways i s by decorating your home, and with choices like wallpapers, curtains, blinds and carpets, it has never been so simple before. Like choosing an outfit, you can decorate your home in a variety of ways and at Glory Interior Decoration, you would have a hard time trying to pin down one look for a certain room! “At Glory Interior Decoration, we of fer a wide sele c t ion of curtain fabrics, different types of blinds and wallpaper,” said Sales Executive Mandy Tay. W h e n s e le c t i n g c u r t a i n s , one must consider between an opaque fabric suitable for keeping sunlight out, a sheer fabric or even both. “The bestselling fabrics are usually in a more neutral tone,” Mandy continued. “We also have a selection of curtain rods so customers can real ly choose how they wish the f ina l look to be,” Mandy enthused, noting the different types of curtain rods that ranged from wood to metal in different diameters. In the blinds category, one can choose between Venetian or Roman blinds. In terms of wallpaper selection, t here a re so ma ny di f ferent varieties to choose from that range from mock-stone finishes

ELEGANT: Curtain rods to dress up your curtains. t o jov i a l Jap a ne s e -i n spi r e d wallpaper. If you, the discerning customer, are having trouble coming to a finished look, don’t worry for Glory Interior Decoration has t hei r ow n i n-hou se i nter ior designers to assist you in any way. Located at the Lim Liang Kee Commercial Centre going down the 4 1/2 Mile Penrissen Road, they also offer servicing should you have any problems with the blinds, curtains or wallpapers. Currently, they are having a promotion of 40 to 50 per cent on selected items and a flat rate of RM 780 for three rolls of selected wallpaper. Members of the public who wish to find out more are advised to call 082 - 571 808.

PRETTY: One of the best-selling curtain fabrics here at Glory Interior Decoration.

ORIGINAL: A mock-stone finish wallpaper that is just one of the many choices you can find here.

NOVEMBER 20, 2013


Our artificial grass is not only visually-appealing; it is more practical when it comes to installation, maintenance and landscaping.

Gainful Landscaping presents simple options By Jonathan Wong

AS SARAWAK is moving forward, so is the populace’s taste in terms of decorations for both the interior and exterior of their houses. G a i n f u l L a n d s c a pi n g , a n aut hor i se d d i st r ibutor for Inspire Grass is set to bring in a new option for local Kuchingites with artificial grass as a solution to the increasing demand for landscaping as well as interior decoration. T h e c o mp a ny ’s m a n a g i n g director, Steven Chai explained that, “I’ve been in the industry for over 10 years and been involved in numerous projects all over Kuching and quite a number of high-end clientele. “What I noticed is that there’s a growing trend where homeowners view their yards as an extension of the feel of the interior, a spillover ambience so to speak.” Chai noted that there is an increasing demand for greenery in today’s corporate lifestyle but due to the same lifestyle most are unable to properly maintain it. “If you look at it from a practical point of view, our artificial grass

is not only visually-appealing; it is more practical when it comes to installation, maintenance and landscaping. “The texture is near similar to natural grass but is able to endu r e t he wei g ht of he av y obje c t s wit hout le avi n g d r y patches or discolouration. Our product is also treated with an ultraviolet (UV) inhibitor which helps to shield it from drastic fading and degradation from UV exposure making it a good option for outdoor use,” Chai enthused.

The product has an eight-year warranty and is safe to use around children. Chai a lso ex plai ned t hat depending on the use, they have a few options in terms of artificial g rass ranging from 12mm to 40mm. The artificial grass is made from recycled material making it an environmentally sound investment and reduces the need for pesticides and water wastage. For more information, call 0168861368.

Resort-like lifestyle at Taman Greenwoods By Yvonne Tuah

ENJOY a peaceful, resort-like lifestyle at Taman Greenwoods, located along Jalan Matang-Batu Kawa. Developed by Ganda Hasrat Holdings Sdn Bhd, developer of Heritage Mall in Kota Tinggi, Johor, Taman Greenwoods is a model development with the latest state-of-the-art, contemporary design. Sited at the emerging residential zone of Kuching, it is also within three minutes’ drive to town. Furthermore, with the upcoming Federal Highway, a second bridge crossing Sarawak river, potential residents of Taman Greenwood can enjoy the convenience of traveling to all parts of Kuching in a short amount of time. T he neighbou rhood is a lso surrounded by various amenities such as SMK Sains, SMK Teknik, a police station, Kuchi ng Polytechnic, government offices, Normah Specialist Hospital and the upcoming Moyan mall. In addition, the neighbourhood is located in a peaceful area, ideal for a get-away from the hectic city life. Overall, Taman Greenwoods consists of 75 units of exclusive single storey terrace houses (51 units) and semi-detached houses (24 units).

Residential units at Taman Greenwoods feature structures that are reinforced with concrete, interlocking concrete roof tiles/metre roof, and ceilings are constructed with fibrous plaster or ‘UAC’ superflex. Semi-detached units at Taman Greenwoods are equipped with four bedrooms, a dining and living area, a kitchen, two toilets and a land size of 54 feet by 23 feet, while terraced units have a master bedroom, two bedrooms, a dining and living area, a kitchen, two toilets, a store room, on a land size of 48 feet by 20.6 feet. Residential units at Taman Greenwoods feature structures that are reinforced with concrete, interlocking concrete roof tiles/ met re roof, a nd cei li ngs a re constructed with fibrous plaster or ‘UAC’ superflex. Ceramic tiles will be used for living, dining, bedroom, kitchen and hallway f loors while other floorings will be constructed with cement screed. Additionally, units at Taman Greenwoods will also have glazed wall tiles for its kitchens and bath/toilet while the remaining wa l ls a re pai nted wit h good quality paint. T r ue t o it s c ont emp or a r y design, windows of residential u nits at Ta ma n Greenwoods

are made with tinted glass and framed with aluminium frames. Front and rear entrance doors come with double leaf decorative HW made with timber. To ensure optimum security, units at Taman Greenwoods are surrounded by brick wall fencing with a metal front gate and mild steel grill. The entire Taman Greenwoods project is managed by Inspire Realty Sdn Bhd (Inspire Realty). The project is expected to be completed by end of next year or beginning of 2015, director Kelvin Sim of Ganda Hasrat Kuching branch revealed. He further said that there are plans to develop the land adjacent Taman Greenwoods and with that, more exciting developments will come to Taman Greenwoods. Interested par ties can ca l l Inspire Realty at 0 82 - 6 4 54 58, 016 - 8 6 3 2 7 8 8 , or 016 - 8 8 817 8 8 . A lt er n at ively, v i sit I n s pi r e Realty at No.298, 1st Floor, Lee Ling Commercial Centre, Jalan Mat a ng, Kuchi ng or emai l

Am Home’s latest, i-Face, emulates the texture of natural wood grain giving it a very authentic look. It is also the first of its kind, truly made in Malaysia, Hybrid Tech Green Lable top class real wood grain laminate flooring.

Complete the look of your home with Am Home Flooring By Irene C

YOU’VE bought your dream home and the next step is choosing your flooring. Drop by Am Home Flooring for your flooring needs as it has a wonderful selection of timber floorings. Timber f looring has characteristics that most homeowners agree on: it gives a natural warmth, beauty that is hard to tire of, comfortable to walk on and to touch, durable yet easy to care for. It not only adds value to the home, it also promotes a healthy living environment as its surface does not collect dust or attract dust mites which contribute to asthma or other respiratory ailments. A m Home’s l at e st , i-F ac e, emulates the texture of natural wood g rai n g ivi ng it a ver y authentic look. It is also the first of its kind, truly made in Malaysia, Hybrid Tech Green Lable top

class real wood grain laminate flooring. It presents a totally new surface pattern with its stylish design, long-term durability and high performance floors. It is made to resemble old, well-used floors in look and feel, and its distressed and crystal-aged lines offer a livein look to newer spaces. Besides the world renowned super water resistant tropical hardwood high density fibreboard, i-Face creates a n additiona l cha racter to each a nd ever y product design and comes with full colour-matched professional flooring accessories. It c a n a l s o b e c u st om i s e d to suit the customers’ design to synchronise with the environment. Plus, it has 25-years warranty for abrasion, fade, moisture, termite and stain. The benefit of laminate flooring is that it is most durable, scratch

PERFECT: The benefit of laminate flooring is that it is most durable, scratch resistant, highly attractive and easy to install plus lower maintenance.

r e si st a nt , h i g h ly at t r ac t ive and easy to install plus lower maintenance. Laminate f loors are relatively lower in price than solid hardwoods, but comparably du rable a nd aest hetic a l ly pleasing. The laminate floor is composed of several layers which have been fused together to form durable boards. The top layer is transparent

and is specially treated to achieve high wear resistance against scratches, bu r n s, dent s a nd stains. The decorative layer gives the laminate f loor its aesthetic look ranging from wood species to ceramic or stone designs. A core (central) layer, made of high or medium density fiberboard, supports the weight and stress of foot traffic. Strength and stability is further ensured by the bottom stabilising layer. The laminate floor now comes wit h click joi nts, or locki ng

systems. The change from glue joints to mechanical click joints enables the easiest and quickest installation process in any wood f looring. Most laminate f loor options are glue-free. The material is available in different ranges of patterns and surface structure, well adapted for various needs and demands. Pre-finished engineered timber f looring on the other hand, is composed of two or more layers of wood in the form of a plank. The top layer is the wood that is visible

NOVEMBER 20, 2013


when the flooring is installed and is adhered to the core. Such structure promotes stability that completely prevents potential problem that house owner might face with solid timber flooring such as gapping, warping, cupping. Its stability and durability is manifested in the lifetime structural warranty. This stability also allows the product coating to be applied at the factory, hence avoiding the need for leng thy installation and messy on-site grinding and subsequent varnishing. An added bonus is that the coating can be UV-cured at factory, making the product surface many times more durable than the conventional hand applied PU coating used for on-site varnishing of solid timber floors. The tough UV coating makes maintenance very easy as well: a normal squeeze- dry mop is all that is needed to maintain the surface at factory condition. The other option is solid timber floors, made of planks milled from a single piece of timber, available in pre- or on site- finish, solid timber flooring is also available in a variety of sizes and timber species. Solid timber flooring delivers unmatched beauty, durability, structural strength, and overall long life to your home. Solid timber flooring is in a class by itself; not just a choice in flooring, but more like a tradition. Am Home has its own laminated flooring plant. It offers installations, servicing and customers need not worry about the quality of the work because Am Home has its own team of professional installers. Am Home is located at No. 15, Ground Floor, RH Commercial Centre, Lot 5391, Block 16, New Airport Road. Contact number is 082-571985 and opening hours is from 8am to 5pm on Monday to Friday and 8am to 4pm on Saturday.

NOVEMBER 20, 2013


Coramax has arranged DIBS for its purchasers of Jazz Suites 4. With DIBS, purchasers pay only the down-payment and do not have to pay anything until they get the keys; it is the best way to invest to take advantage of the escalating prices of properties..

Your last chance to own a Jazz Suite SINCE its launching on October 25 this year, Coramax Sdn Bhd h a s r e c eive d over whel m i n g response for Jazz Suites 4, the last block of the Jazz Suites exclusive condominium that sits on top of the Vivacity Megamall. Coramax has received 50 confirmed bookings for the Jazz Suites 4. Coramax recently announced the signing up of Parkson as its major anchor for the Vivacity Megamall which is tipped to be the largest premium shopping mall for Sarawak, which when fully completed will have a net lettable area of 1,200,000 sq.ft. Coramax is expected to make more announcements for brands in December this year. Imagine you and your loved ones strolling along a beautifully landscaped garden at the Level 6 Lifestyle Pavillion with the cool evening breeze blowing on your face. After work, jump into the lap pool or have a workout at the gym to de-stress. Your kids will have lots of fun over at the fun pool as you watch over them while sipping your favorite drinks at the Jazz Bar. Have a birthday celebration for your child at the function room facing the lap pool and conduct your meeting in the meeting room provided at your doorstep. All these will be happening at the Jazz Suites.

Treat yourself to the gast ronomica l abu ndance of Vivacity Megama l l that wi l l feature the largest food street in Kuching on Level 4 and shop for your fresh food daily at the LG level. Chill out at the Alfresco CafĂŠ on the Ground Floor or watch a movie at the IMAX theatre on Level 3 before retiring to your bed upstairs. Coramax has arranged DIBS for its purchasers of Jazz Suites 4. With DIBS, purchasers pay only the down-payment and do not have to pay anything until they get the keys; it is the best way to invest to take advantage of the escalating prices of properties. In terms of rental, Coramax expects Jazz Suites to perform exc ep t ion a l ly wel l w it h it s location right in the heart of the education hub of Kuching where Swinbu r ne University, SEGi College, Inti College and Sunway are just minutes away. Retailers are expected to take up a portion of the Jazz Suites for rental. For those who are interested, kindly visit Coramax Sales Office at Jalan Pending (opposite Toyota showroom) call Coramaxâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;s friendly marketing team for enquiries, Alan Chan (016 808 4000), Michelle Teo (012 828 2006), Shirley Sia (016 567 6757), Tomas See (016 865 4448), Robin Chong (010 980 0080) and Danny Tan (012 885 8882).

SHOP AT YOUR DOORSTEP: Coramax recently announced signing up Parkson as its anchor mall, and is expected to make more announcements for brands next month.

OPTION APLENTY: Vivacity Megamall will feature the largest food street in Kuching, Alfresco Cafe on the Ground Floor and an Imax theatre.

Gree Electric ensures quality products PRESIDENT of Gree Electric, Dong Mingzhu announced in May earlier this year that all Gree products will no longer have after-sales service a year from now and “will be upgraded to zero service.” Dong explained that, “the highest level of service is no after-sales service, which is both the most demanding and challenging part of our industry.” D on g ad m it t e d t h at f r om 20 01 to 20 0 6, after six years of st reng thening the Gree experience, the company had established a perfect service system. Dong’s remark immediately attracted industry attention. What did ‘zero service’ mean for Gree? I n recent yea rs, Gree had focused on product upgrades and improved after-sales service, making the next move to ‘zero service’ a profound leap. Many years ago, Dong said that in a number of occasions that Gree reflected a ‘product first’ business philosophy. It’s a well-known fact that Gree standards are higher than the national standards and meet international standards. Gree’s high standards can best illustrate the company’s drive for high quality. According to national st a nda rds, capacitor li fe ex p e c t a ncy of 6 0 0 hou r s i s considered efficient, but for Gree, 600 hours is substandard. Dong said that Gree’s capacitor mu st b e en su re d of a 2 0 0 0 hours lifespan, and 600 hours is insufficient. According to public data in 2 012 , Gree ai r- conditioni ng s a le s exc e e de d 4 0 bi l l ion yuan. The industry believes that excellence in product quality is the root cause of Gree’s success as a market leader.

On Aug u st 1, 2 01 2 , t he Asian Quality Network organisation awarded the Kaoru Ishikawa - Kano Award to Dong , in recognition of her progress in the Chinese air conditioning i n d u s t r y a n d m a k i n g ​​a n outstanding contribution to the quality . Appliance industry veteran observers said that Chinese home appliance enterprises have made significant progress in quality ma nagement , a nd t he gap i s get t i n g sm a l ler b et we en international brands. Gree’s proposed ‘zero service’ is a reflection of Gree’s confidence in its products. As such, ‘zero service’ does not mean that consumers will be refused service, but is testament t h at a goo d ma nu fac t u ri ng i ndust r y wi l l produce good products that will not need aftersales service. D on g ’s c onc ep t o f ‘z er o service’ emphasises ‘quality first, ser vice second’ business philosophy to produce superior products. B a s e d o n s t r o n g p r o duc t competitiveness Dong is positive about Gree’s 2013 sales target. “Unless something significant or unpredictable occu rs, G r e e’s 2 01 3 s a le s t a r g e t o f 12 0 bi l lion yuan is sti l l not changed.” How will Gree ensure its 120 billion yuan sale goal? Dong gave three measures: First, the rapid increase in per capita efficiency which aims to upg rade t he whole pl a nt efficiency per capita per year; Second is to streng then the ranks of cadres; Third, with the progressive realisation of the target enterprise automation, and good staff retraining . She also said that the central air conditioning Gree would become one of the main growth points.

NOVEMBER 20, 2013

We only deal with designer collections and we can cater to all designs ranging from classics, modern as well as contemporary.


Saujana Pesona caters to all soft-furnishing needs By Jonathan Wong

Saujana Pesona Sdn Bhd (Saujana Pesona) was incorporated on Aug 22, 1992 with the intention of providing an avenue for various types of interior and exterior building products, catering to every professional need. A lice G oi and A lber t Tan, managing partners of the Saujana Pesona noted that, “During this period of time, we received strong support from our suppliers and clients.” G oi e nt hu s e d t h at at t h e establishment, there is literally something for everybody due to the diverse range of products that they have. “We only deal with designer collections and we can cater to all designs ranging from classics, modern as well as contemporary.” She explai ned t hat t hey handpick all of the company’s carpeting products when they go overseas once a year to gather new collections as well as to restock popular ones. “Our carpets are sourced mainly from Paris, Korea, India, China and Abu Dhabi.” Tan added that after being in the industry for 21 years, they’ve seen numerous companies offering very similar products in Kuala Lumpur and Singapore for triple the price. The reason they kept the prices low was because, “we’ve been doing this for so long, quite a number of our clients are recurring clients. To keep ever yone happy we decided to keep the profit margin to a minimal.” The company’s clientele is rather impressive with buyers from England, Australia, Singapore and even Hong Kong coming over to buy carpets and other soft furnishing the company has to offer.

HIGH QUALITY: All their carpets and rugs are handpicked. What makes the company even more unique is that the company has a very special underlay product called ‘Eza Superlay’. This special underlay patented by Saujana Pesona, is made from cross linked polyethylene that has a high resilient quality and exhibits no water absorption. “The water resistant feature of the material will not in any c i r c u m s t a n c e s a b s o r b a ny water which is the main cause of bacterial odour and fungus growth underneath the carpet. It also allows the underlay to resume its original thickness although it has succumbed to heavy items and pressure. “Eza Superlay ensures that regardless of the weight or the amount of time the pressure has been there, it will decompress, preventing the appearance of unsightly ‘pot-hole’ marks,” Goi

DIVERSE: Saujana Pesona also has unique PVC flooring called Vinyl Vista. said. Apart from these features, Goi noted that Eza Superlay has a flame retardant feature. Aside from the carpets and underlay, Saujana Pesona also has unique PVC flooring called Vinyl Vista. It is made from recycled PVC and replicates the look of either wood or marble.

Saujana Pesona also has a range of wallpaper, blinds and curtains at their establishment. “At the moment we have over a hundred series of wallpaper (which equates to a few hundred to a few thousand different designs) and I’m very sure we could cater to any demand any Kuchingite is seeking for their decorative needs.”

NOVEMBER 20, 2013


Combine style and function with Sorento fittings Whether you’re renovating your house or buying a new one, the bathroom is one of the most important rooms in the house. It’s not just a bathroom, it’s a place where we can soak our cares away. What better way to combine style with function than with top-of-theline bathroom finishings at Hue Home Appliances. Hue Home Appliances is the sole distributor for Sorento Sdn Bhd products which range from decorative and commercial faucet fittings, kitchen accessories, bathroom accessories, massage bathtubs, Jacuzzi, glass basin and other sanitaryware products. Sorento was first incorporated

in Malaysia in 2005 as a private limited company. The commitment of Sorento is driven by producing superbly desig ned, high-per for ma nce products. The Italian desig n with creativity and innovation in performance, functionality and reliability make Sorento a trusted brand with numerous recognitions in the industry. The products are very tough and long-lasting and also Sirimapproved. For the past seven years they h ave b e en work i n g h a r d i n managing Sorento expand from Pahang to the whole of Malaysia with over 80 showrooms across

the country. In modern house design, kitchens and bathrooms have become integral to improved lifestyle and living quality especially now that customers are looking for faucet fittings that not only need to last long but also combine style with functionality. Sorento tap fittings are made with international quality copper and produced using advanced methods and material technologies to ensure that their products have an even and uniform thickness. Sorento faucets and mixers are tested above 500,000 times respectively to ensure excellent functionality. The cartridge inside

is tested over 800,000 times and can ensure an even and steady water flow as well as filtration system. With electroplated Sorento tap fittings, they are not only aest het ic a l ly-ple a si n g but smooth. Sorento comes out with creative faucets every two years with five to 10-years warranty for bathrooms and kitchens. Sorento’s kitchen sink series come with intelligent desig n and accessories to make food preparation and cleaning easier. Sorento kitchen sink thicknesses range between 0.8 to 1.2mm. Made of stainless steel, they come with 25 years warranty.

Be spoilt for choice By Joanna Yap

A house is more than just a home – it is a personal sanctuary where a person can find refuge and rest from the harries and worries of the outside world. Thus, it’s not surprising that homeowners can be very particular about how their homes should look and feel. More and more, they are looking for furniture which not only looks good, but is of good quality and suits their individual personality and tastes. Wit h more t han 2 0 yea rs of experience in the business, Metro Home Livi ng Sd n Bhd k nows exactly what today’s homeowners are looking for when it comes to modern, well-designed furniture that is not only functional but comfortable and affordable. The company which is headquartered in Brunei has more than 300 self-owned design patents and 200 furniture design awards. Its team of designers collaborates with 11 renowned design teams from around the world, including Italy, Germany, France and Japan. It recently opened its Kuching branch last September to meet the local market demand for quality home furniture and lighting. Reflecting the company’s slogan of ‘Life is full of choices’, the store’s three floors are tastefully laid out to show customers the numerous possibilities they can opt for when considering furniture options for their living rooms, dining rooms and bedrooms. “We’re not just selling furniture; we’re selling lifestyles,” managing director William Wong said. “Every three months, we bring in new designs. We believe in offering more choices to match our different customers’ needs.” One of the first things which visitors to their Kuching showroom at Jalan Datuk Tawi Sli will notice is the wide range of sofa sets to choose from. Metro Home Living has selections to suit just about every taste and need. At one end of the range are large luxurious Italian design-inspired leather sofa sets equipped with touch buttons that power electrical motion recliners, and with built-in sound speakers compatible with bluetooth and iPhones, cupholders, and small storage compartments. At the other end are compact fabric sofa sets which are not only comfortable, but multifunctional. “People who a re st ayi ng i n apartments and condominiums often don’t have that much space to utilise, so sofa sets which can double as storage space or can be converted into beds are a good choice,” Wong said. Metro Home Living can also custom design and create furniture to suit the specifications of interior home designers and individual customers thanks to its factory in KL where it also creates its leather sofa sets. “We import semianeline bovine leather from Italy, which is thick leather measuring 1.4 to 1.6 mm thickness. We use this for our highend furniture. For normal bovine leather, we use 1.1 to 1.2 mm. We also use high density foam to ensure that the seats are comfortable,” Wong pointed out. In addition to sofa sets and living room furniture, Metro Home Living carries a wide range of dining room and bedroom furniture options. It also offers USA-branded Helux and Serta mattresses for sale. The company exports its furniture to Europe, Hong Kong and Taiwan. To ensure the best options for their customers, Metro Home Living also imports furniture from overseas markets. All its products (sofa and nonelectrical) come with a 5 year wa r r a nt y. E le c t r ic a l mot ion products come with a one-year warranty. In conjunction with its grand Christmas and year-end sale from Nov 20 until Dec 25, Metro Home Living is offering up to 50 per cent discounts on its products as well as special offers on package sets. Mystery gifts such as designer coffee tables, lamps, carpets and other furnishings will also be available. Also available for purchase will be the company’s new models for 2014. Prices start from RM2,990 for a basic sofa set up to RM40,000 for a luxury leather sofa set (prior to discount). Metro Home Living Sdn Bhd i s lo c ate d at Sublot 2 , 3 & 4 , Oscar Commercial Centre, Jalan Datuk Tawi Sli, 93250 Kuching, Sarawak. Opening hours are from 10am to 9pm from Monday to Saturday (closed on Wednesdays). On Sunday, opening hours are from 9pm until 5pm. For more information, please cont act 01 2 6 0 74 277 or

NOVEMBER 20, 2013

SPACE SAVER: This sofa can be converted into additional storage space and also a bed – useful for living spaces which are compact.

GREAT CHOICE: Keeping in line with its slogan ‘Life is full of choices’, Metro Living believes in offering customers a wide selection of quality furniture to choose from.


NOVEMBER 20, 2013


To be developed in two phases, Bintulu Paragon is an integrated development whereby we combine components such as retail, commercial, hospitality, and residential properties all in one area.

Sarawak continues to see exciting developments from Naim By Sharon Kong

Na i m Land Sdn Bhd ( Naim) continues to develop its properties in key growth areas of Sarawak, namely Kuching, Bintulu, and Miri. I n Kuchi ng itsel f, Nai m is currently developing the Riveria Bay Apartments, a residential d eve lop me nt lo c at e d at t h e boundary of the city and Kota Samarahan. The Riveria Bay Apartments is a three-storey walk-up apartment with a total number of 138 units. While construction works for stage 1 of the apartment have completed, construction works are currently ongoing for stage 2. Naim’s Chief Operating Officer of Property Investment and REIT, Yong Kei Seng explained that as Riveria is located at the confluence of Su n g a i Ku ap a nd Su n g a i Merdang, it offers idyllic natural like settings for its residents. ‘Residents will be able to enjoy a good quality of life with their families,’ Yong said. In addition to the apartments, Yong also invited all to find out more about Riveria’s commercial shophouse development called the Riveria Square. ‘ D u e t o R i v e r i a S q u a r e ’s reasonable prices, the shophouse units great investment potential,’ Yong added. Further up north of Sarawak, Naim has the Bintulu Paragon which is strategically located in Bintulu, the epicentre of Sarawak Corridor of Renewable Energy (SCORE). The development components are designed by SA Architects and ATSA Architects, which are award-winning architect firms of world class standards. “ To be developed i n t wo phases, Bintulu Paragon is an integrated development whereby we combine components such as retail, commercial, hospitality, and residential properties all in one area. “Therefore, Bintulu Paragon is in a way like a one-stop hub for everything, providing people with new life, work, and play

RIVERIA BAY APARTMENT: The Riveria Bay Apartments is a three-storey walk-up apartment with a total number of 138 units. experiences,”Yong highlighted. Located in a prime area beside the proposed Bintulu Boulevard on the south with a major roundabout on the east, the development will h ave m a xi mu m ex p osu re to passing traffic particularly from the south of Bintulu. Aside from being surrounded by dense residential and mature c o m m e r ci a l a r e a s , Bi nt u lu Paragon is easily accessible via the proposed Bintulu Boulevard leading to the west, the roundabout leading to the east and a proposed circulation road leading to the north. Bi nt u lu Pa ragon i s on t he whole, well planned with modern facilities. Aside from the ample parking and lighting, it features the largest covered car park and walkway (Street Mall) in Sarawak. In addition, it has excellent

s e c u r it y i nc lud i n g 2 4 - hou r s e c u r it y p at r ol s a nd C C T V surveillance. Yong further highlighted that the management consultancy services for Bintulu Paragon is by a renowned consultant firm in Singapore. Upon completion, it will provide 1.4 million square feet (sq ft) of retail space, 240 small office versatile office (SOVO) suites, 200 office suites, three condominium towers, two corporate office towers and two hotels. Part of the retail space of Bintulu Paragon – Street Mall – is primed to be the most sought-after retail property to emerge in Bintulu. Its location within the integrated development provides distinctive advantages and is well placed to serve the needs of the working and dwelling population in and around Bintulu.

FUTURE PROJECTS: Naim is planning for a highrise development – Sapphire on the Park, Kuching – and invites those who are interested to register for more information with them.

The retail units at Street Mall are designed around a trendy alfresco piazza concept, with every unit visible from the piazza. The landscaped piazza itself is the venue to stage festive events, product lau nches and socia l activities, thus drawing in crowds of visitors. The piazza connects the Street Mall to the retail mall, providing a continuous shopping experience. The Street Mall has an innovative design which creates a visual link for each floor, enabling it to enjoy high visibility. In addition, each floor, connected by a profusion of highly visible bridges and escalators, is as easily accessible as the ground f loor. Unlike traditional buildings with shared staircases, every unit has its own set of stairs to the upper and lower floors. As for Bintulu Paragon’s six-

storey SOVOs, it consists of trendy offices with an innovative design which transforms flexible space into stylish suites. Wit h va ried layouts to meet dif ferent spatial needs, it i s e sp e ci a l ly su it able for entrepreneurs who enjoy a flexible working lifestyle. A s t he S OVO u n it s a r e located above the Street Mall, trendy eateries, entertainment outlets, retail stores and other conveniences which are merely a walk away, buyers can enjoy a vibrant environment in this commercial and retail hub. SOVO A units were launched in April 2013 while SOVO B units were recently launched in October 2013. ‘Those interested in the Bintulu Paragon properties are urged to take advantage of our special X’mas Promotion, which runs

until December 31, 2013 only,’ explained Yong. Last but not least is Naim’s Bandar Baru Permyjaya (BBP) mixed development in Miri. “BBP spans a wide area. Within BBP, it is divided into different segments whereby there is a mix of residential and commercial properties. “For commerical properties, these consist of shophouses while for residential, these consist of landed properties which range from terrace houses, to semidetached houses or even detached houses,” Yong said. He added that the key highlight of BBP is that due to the varying range of properties on site, it generally caters to the different segments of population there, depending on the budget. That is thus, one of the strong points of the development. The various types of properties at BBP include Telstar, Desa Murni (double storey terrace houses), A rista, Desa Murni (double storey semi detached houses), Juniper, Desa Murni (double storey detached houses), and Citrus, Desa Bahagia (double story terrace houses) and Pusat Bandar Phase 5 and 6 shophouses (three-storey shophouses). For those interested who are interested in Citrus, they can view the showhouse which was launched on November 16, 2013 In terms of future projects in Kuching itself, Naim is planning for a h i g h r i s e development – Sapphire on the Park – and invites those who are interested to register for more information with them. “It is important to note that all our developments are located in prime location, and as such, can be good investment potential. We provide 24 months’ warranty period as a stamp of our quality,” Yong reassured. To date, sales of Riveria Bay, BBP and Bintulu Paragon have generally received encouraging response from the public. For further enquiries, c a l l 0 8 2 - 4 2 2 0 01 ( Kuchi ng) , 086-339666 (Bintulu), or 085-491000 (Miri).

BINTULU PARAGON: Bintulu Paragon is strategically located in Bintulu, the epicentre of Sarawak Corridor of Renewable Energy (SCORE).

BANDAR BARU PERMYJAYA: The key highlight of BBP is that due to the varying range of properties on site, it generally caters to the different segments of population there.

Things that we take note of when having a chat with our customers include small details such as their favourite colors, whether they are lazy people, neat people and others.

NOVEMBER 20, 2013


CONVENIENT: Kindo’s showroom office.

EXOTIC: Balinese Style interior design.

MODERN: Supermarket interior design.

CHIC: Budget hotel interior design.

Kindo offers specialised interior design ideas By Sharon Kong

K i n d o I n t e r ior De s ign ( K i ndo) i s u n li ke a ny ot her design firms in town in that it is specialised in interior designing and customising according to what customers really want. The company prefers not to simply copy interior desig ns from other sources when it comes to getting inspirations for their customers’ products. Kindo will first study their customers, get to know their personalities, characters, family background, and other important factors, just to get to know what their preferences are. “Things that we take note of when having a chat with our customers include small details

such as their favourite colors, whether they are lazy people, neat people and others,” Kindo explained. When it comes to designing, it is important for Kindo to know the requirements and needs of the clients. This includes their budgets and the design they want, be it classic or modern, or a fusion of both. A fter understanding the information they have gathered from their customers, the design team will compile everything and proceed to the design phase. They will then present clients with the layout first, drawing up a draft of the interior design of their residence or commercial units based on their analysis. “For example, i f we have a young and energetic customer,

we presume that they can accept futuristic designs. From there onwards, we propose the concept first to the client and slowly start to sketch and draft out the drawings,” the company said. Normally, when the company ha nd les residentia l i nterior designs, it focuses on the style preferences, whether it is Japanese, Zen, modern or futuristic, classic, and others. As for commercial or retail shop interior designs, the design team is able to play with concept themes. For example, if a customer wants to open a restaurant and wants a forest theme, the design team can start with a leaf and develop an idea from there. “Sometimes the leaf has small holes, and from these holes, there

a re usua l ly rays of su n light shining through them. With this idea, I can use the concept of having this ‘leaf’ on the ceiling and use halogen lights to mirror the effects of sunlight been cast through the ‘holes’ in the leaf. “The lights which have been cast through the holes can even be manipulated to show the direction to or through the room,” Kindo explained. Using again the example of the forest theme, the design team can again use the leaf idea and implement it for partitions in a restaurant. “In a forest, sometimes there is rainwater coming down from the leaf itself, and so we can also use this idea when designing partitions in the restaurant. “We can use the water to divide

space. Perhaps we can build a pipe near the ceiling from which water will fall down into a small pond at the floor. With such partitions, people will know that these are separate areas,” Kindo said when explaining how their ideas differed from other interior design firms. Indeed this idea itself is different from those who just usually use the typical, three-column divider that usually separates booths in a commercial or retail lot. Basically, Kindo will brief the customers on the design first, have a small chat with them and from there, draw a draft, and after getting the approval and agreement with the customers, move on to making the furniture for the proposed project. Currently, the company finds that there is market for such

specialised interior designing here in Kuching and has ongoing c om merci a l a nd re sident i a l projects in progress now. On a side note, Kindo does import ready made furniture, although it mostly provides designing and building services for customers. The team often travels abroad to find unique furnitures and also to do research on the latest designs. The company further highlighted that when designing for their clients, they not only take into consideration the price, but comfort and beauty factors play a part in their designs too. Kindo is located on the 2nd Floor, Lot 2785, Block 10, Jalan Tun Ahmad Zaidi Adruce, 93150. For further enquiries, call 082-256115 or email

NOVEMBER 20, 2013


BUILDING UPON YOUR VISION At Naim, we don’t believe in building just residential and commercial properties. We believe in creating vibrant, people-friendly communities, where everyone wants to be. With Sarawak Corridor of Renewable Energy (SCORE) being the main development thrust for Sarawak focused on driving growth in the State, our developments are one of the best investments you could make. So when you become a part of the Naim Community, you don’t simply buy a property. You buy a home or a business premises, in the right location, designed and built to international standards and with good investment potential. In short, you buy a product of your vision. After all, we focus on the most important aspect of all – YOU. Welcome to your world.


Kuching, Sarawak

Bintulu, Sarawak

Kuching, Sarawak

Miri, Sarawak

A Multi-Award Winning Developer & Contractor (Company No.:585467-M)


APEA Outstanding Entrepreneurship Category


The Sarawak CMEA Award: Large Enterprise Category (Construction)


The BrandLaureate Best Brands Awards 2011-2012: The BrandLaureate Conglomerate Awards 2011-2012


The Sarawak CMEA Award: Large Enterprise Category (Construction)


SHEDA Excellence Awards: Top Developer in Residential Development


FIABCI Malaysia Property Award: Property Man of The Year


The Malaysian Construction Industry Excellence Awards: Contractor Award Grade 7


Malaysia Corporate & Social Environment Responsibility Award


17th International Construction Award: New Millennium Award Spain, Madrid


KPMG Shareholder Value Awards


The Malaysian Construction Industry Excellence Awards: Builder of The Year Award


The Malaysian Construction Industry Excellence Project Awards: Medium Scale Project Engineering Category


Malaysia Canada Business Council Excellence Awards: Industry Excellence for Construction Award



SCCI Annual Corporate Report Awards: Best Annual Report Award


The Malaysian Construction Industry Excellence Project Awards: Medium Building Category

CIDB Builders Building Works Category Awards: Institutional Building Project

KUCHING 082-422001 | BINTULU 086-339666 | MIRI 085-491000 QUALITY MANAGEMENT



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Registered with Pusat Khidmat Kontraktor (PKK) under Class A (Bumiputra); Unit Pendaftaran Kontraktor Negeri Sarawak (UPK) Under Class A (Bumiputra); CIDB Under Grade 7; PETRONAS under ‘LOCAL’ status forservices/ supplies in building and civil engineering & maintenance; Perbendaharaan Malaysia Sarawak in the scope of new supplies/ servicing and member of Sarawak Housing Developer’s Association.


Kuching Office: Sublot 12, Rock Commercial Centre, Jalan Green, 93150 Kuching, Sarawak, Malaysia. | Tel: 082-411667 | Fax: 082-429869 | Email: Miri Office: No. 223-226, First Floor, Permy Mall, Bandar Baru Permyjaya, 98100 Miri, Sarawak. | Tel: 085-491000 | Fax: 085-491958 Kuala Lumpur Office: No A-39-1, Level 39, Menara UOA Bangsar, No 5 Jalan Bangsar Utama 1, 59000 Kuala Lumpur. | Tel: 03-2288 1601 / 03-2288 1602 | Fax: 03-2288 1603 Bintulu Office: No.1 Old Airport Place, 97000 Bintulu, Sarawak. | Tel: 086-339666 | Fax: 086-311009 Fiji Office: NAIM ENGINEERING CONSTRUCTION (FIJI) LIMITED, Level 3, Stage 2, RB Patel Jetpoint Supercentre, Martintar, Nadi, Fiji Islands. P.O.Box 11591 Nadi Airport.| Tel: 679 6726676/ 679 6726677|Fax: 679 6726675

Matang 51 can be found in one of the most strategic locations and fastest growing areas in Kuching.

NOVEMBER 20, 2013


Matang 51 provides access to quality living By Georgette Tan

Matang 51 double-storey semi-detached house

Matang 51 double-storey terrace house.

Be the first in line for an address at the up-and-coming Matang 51, developed as part of Phase 2D of Yen Yen Park at fourth mile Jalan Matang. Scheduled for completion in December next year, Matang 51 is a 51-unit estate being developed by Yumark Sdn Bhd. It consists of 2 4 double storey terrace houses and 2 0 double -storey semi- detached units. The remaining seven units are detached houses being developed separately. Matang 51 can be found in one of the most strategic locations and fastest g rowing areas in Kuching. L ocated wit hi n wa l ki ng distance of E-mart, Matang 51 lies near a major road, Jalan Matang, and has easy access to public transportation. It i s ne a r m a ny scho ol s, including SK Matang Jaya, SMK Matang Jaya, SMK Sains Matang, Sekolah Pendidikan Khas (Buta) and Sekolah Sains. T he double - stor ey t er r ac e hou s e s h ave fou r b e d r o om s and three bathrooms, including the bathroom which is attached to the master bedroom.

T he double -storey semidetached units also have four bedrooms and three bathrooms, wit h a n additiona l d ressi ng room included with the master bedroom. The homes of Matang 51 are built with reinforced concrete framework/red brick wall, and selected metal roofing sheet with insulation. T he cei li ngs i n t he livi ng, dining, kitchen and bedrooms are made up of fibrous plaster. Meanwhile, quality floor tiles will be under your feet in the living, dining, study room, dry and wet kitchen, bathroom and toi let, ba lcony, ter races a nd entrance. Heading upstairs, you will find timber flooring on the staircase/ foyer a nd i n a l l of t he f i r st floor. The external walls are protected with weatherproof paint. The bathrooms, toilets and kitchen walls get floor to ceiling ceramic wall tiles. T he double stor ey t er r ac e hou s e s t a r t s at R M4 0 8 , 8 0 0 , while the double storey detached house star ts at RM518,800. For more in formation, call 082-271246 (O), 016-8898038, or 019-8888869 (Jan).

NOVEMBER 20, 2013


In addition to the 544 units which have already been completed and handed over to the purchasers, there will be another 240 units of apartments once the remaining three blocks of Phase 2 is done.

Construction works start for Polar-Link’s Samajaya Apartments By Sharon Kong

Polar-Link Sdn Bhd (PolarLink) has started construction works on remaining units of the Samajaya Apartments. Located in Kuching at Jalan Usa hajaya (Ja l a n Mua ra Tabuan), this project is just mi nutes away from t he city cent re, schools, private hospital, and shopping centres. “In addition to the 544 units which have a l ready be en completed and handed over to the purchasers, there will be another 240 units of apartments once the remaining three blocks of Phase 2 is done,” Polar-Link said. Each unit has a built up area of approximately 65 square metres (700 square feet), and comes with a living room, three bedrooms, a kitchen /d i ni n g a re a, one bat h room, one toi let, a nd a drying area. The structure of the apartments consists of reinforced concrete f ra mework wit h re d cl ay brickwall, while the roofs are made of metal sheets on steel trusses. For these three blocks, the mai n ent ra nce of each u nit includes a one hour fire door and mild steel grille gate. A s for t he b e d r o om s a nd drying areas, each has a solid t i mb er do or c omplet e w it h

metal door frames, while for the bath and toilet rooms, the doors are hardwood timber complete wit h met a l door frames. I n t er m s of t he w i ndows, the living rooms, bedrooms, and kitchens are all equipped with aluminium frames with glass panels. As for the baths and toi lets, t hey have f i xed glass louvres with aluminium frames. The ceiling finishes for units on levels 1, 2, and 3 will consist of concrete slabs while those on level 4 will have fibrous gypsum plaster ceilings. As for wall finishes, weat herboa rd pai nt wi l l be used externally, while emulsion paint will be used for internal walls. The kitchen, bath and t oi let s w i l l h ave c er a m ic tiles all the way up to ceiling height. “The floors of the living room, bedrooms, and kitchen/dining area on Level 1, 2, 3, and 4 are all finished with 24” by 24” ceramic tiles,” Polar-Link added. The bath, toilet and laundry f loor has 12” by 12” non-slip MML tiles, while the staircases are also finished with the same tiles. T he kitchen wi l l have a concrete cou nter top, finished with

ceramic tiles on the top and front. In addition, there will be a half glass/gypsum board partition between the kitchen and dining area, complete with a timber door. In terms of air conditioning for t he u nit s, t here wi l l b e aluminium grilles available for outdoor units, designated for bedroom air conditioners. Additionally, there will be four sets of gas and drain pipes for these air conditioners. A unit of instant water heater (with pump) will also be installed in each bathroom. As for the electrical specifications, each unit will have single-phase electricity supply. There will be concealed wiring for lighting points, power points, air conditioner points, water heater point, telephone point, and TV point. With the construction work well in progress, the developer estimates that all works will b e c omplete d by t he end of 2014. For further enquiries, call 082368919 or stop by at their sales office along Lorong Usahajaya 1, Jalan Usahajaya (Jalan Muara Tabuan).

Real Estate and Housing Supplement 2013  

Real Estate and Housing Supplement 2013

Real Estate and Housing Supplement 2013  

Real Estate and Housing Supplement 2013