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Wednesday, June 19, 2013

An Affirmation of Love T

here comes a point in life when you find that having found that special someone, you are ready to spend the rest of your life with that person. Indeed, there is something overwhelmingly beautiful about weddings. Whether it is the union of two families, the celebration of life,

or the consecration of love between two people, there is no doubt that weddings are happy moments that everyone looks forward to. Relationships are not easy. It’s not easy to find that special someone who understands your quirky ways and accept you who for

Andrew Misong & Phoebe Kebing IT was towards the end of 2007 when Andrew Misong and Phoebe Kebing first met in cell group. “The first thing I saw was how pretty she was,” said the soft-spoken Andrew Misong, 30, who had later asked her cousin, Balan whether she was single. Luckily for him, she was, and when she received his text inviting her out to lunch, she thought, ‘Why not?” What ensued after was a friendship that blossomed into a relationship, but it wasn’t until the death of her grandfather in 2008 that got Phoebe thinking about wanting to settle down and start a family of her own. “That’s when I started to bring Andrew back home to Miri with me to meet both sides of my family,” said Phoebe, adding that she made it a point to bring him back every Christmas and long holiday. The second child of four siblings, being of mixed Berawan and Kelabit parentage meant that family came first. “We like to eat together… because we say Grace for the food, we start the meal together, and finish it together,”

who you are. Many of us are lucky enough to have found that special someone to continue on with this journey called life together. We ourselves were lucky enough to have met a few of these couples to share with our readers:

June 8, 2013

explained Phoebe. Although Andrew is the second youngest among five siblings, Andrew had to get used to dealing with a big family. “The first time I proposed marriage to her, she said ‘No’,” he admitted candidly. Although she wasn’t prepared to marry just yet, her traditional family values had come to the fore: “Of course I wanted to marry him, but if you hadn’t asked my parents consent first, how could you ask me?” Balan, the couple’s first match-maker, jokingly suggested that Andrew created a Powerpoint Show to present to her father outlining why they should get married. Andrew did one better: In 2011, he brought his family down to Miri to ask her parents for their consent in marriage, which is when the arrangements for the wedding got underway. “While there is no dowry, his family had to look for ‘barang keras’ for the wedding,” said Phoebe. After their engagement in April 2012, Andrew’s family began to look

for a ‘tawaq’ (gong), ‘pukoq’ (parang) and ‘talam palateng’ (a bead bangle symbolic of marriage like the conventional wedding band) which would be used during the traditional Berawan wedding ceremony on the day. Although Andrew is of Biatah ancestry from Bengoh, he dressed in traditional Berawan clothing for the ceremony. They wed at The Regency Rajah Court Hotel, their ceremony solemnised by Phoebe’s uncle-by-marriage, Pastor Doraisingam Manikam from the Full Gospel Assembly, KL. Family flew in from overseas and Bario, some turning up last minute, bumping up the original guest list from 300 or so people to 407. Despite the hiccup in seating arrangements, the couple were happy to see everyone enjoying themselves. Her mother cried on the day. “It was my parent’s first big wedding from my side,” said Phoebe, explaining that she her siblings didn’t do their weddings traditionally. “We are grateful that those involved did it so freely, and in their own special way.”

Cyril Donovan & Zoee Hillson Tami IT wasn’t really love at first sight for Cyril Donovan and Zoee Hillson Tami when they first met during their matriculation studies in Labuan. According to the bubbly Sarawak Energy Berhad executive, “We couldn’t really stand each other back then. But we started to meet again when I often visited my very close friend who was studying in Melaka as Cyril was her unimate.” Luckily for Cyril, she had kept an open mind, discovering later how much she really enjoyed talking and hanging out with him. “I secretly wished that I’d have a husband like Cyril one day… and that wish turned out extremely accurate!” In Cyril, she met a man with whom she could share a deep connection with: “What I like most about Cyril is his mind. He is a very smart man who can

Noriezam Drahman & Siti Zulaikha Kaderi

June 4, 2013

express himself very well. This is very important to me because I believe meaningful conversations enrich relationships and make it stronger.” When asked how or when he knew she was ‘the One’, Cyril admitted that he had a feeling earlier on, but it wasn’t until a year into their relationship when he knew for sure. Today, he admits that the thing that he will cherish most about their marriage is that despite being husband and wife, they are still best friends. Although there was no romantic proposal, just the Malaysian way where they had talked randomly about it, the year after their engagement in January 2012 leading up to their wedding saw family members going all out to assist and plan it, “Especially the father-ofthe-bride who pulled many all-nighters to ensure that the wedding was planned as well as it could be,” said

May 25, 2013 A promotion about Zue Kek Lapis Sarawak on Facebook would bring Noriezam face-to-face with the love of his life, Siti Zulaikha. An administrative assistant, Siti Zulaikha was helping her mother out at the kek lapis shop when he showed up in response to the promotion. He was immediately struck by her friendliness, and the two began a friendship on the social network, going out on their first date on March 3, 2012 at Starbucks, and a second date – his birthday – at Matang. Hailing from Kampung Gita, Siti Zulaikha, 23, is the eldest daughter of four siblings, and the hopes of her family. Not long after their second date, her mother, Zubaidah Sahadar, would approach Noriezam and ask him to formalize their relationship. Dutifully, Noriezam went to meet everybody on her father’s side, and the two were engaged on September 29, 2012. They would ‘baca nikah’ on May 24 this year, followed by the wedding on May 25. They married at the bride’s house in Taman Mawar Gita, surrounded by family and friends. Although Noriezam grew up in Kampung 3, Datuk Ajibah Abol, his birth family hails from Kabong, where the couple will hold another wedding on August 11, 2013.

Zoee. The all-nighters seemed to pay off though; when it came to the wedding day, neither bride nor groom felt any anxiety or apprehension. “Surprisingly, we weren’t nervous at all. We felt very excited, at peace and very dreamy.” The wedding, Zoee said, was absolutely perfect as she’ll always remember the immense support and love their families put into the wedding, as well as the outpouring of support and love from friends and families who came. Only a few weeks after their wedding, Cyril has already learnt a few things: “That the old cliché is true and stands in good stead, love, trust, honesty, understanding and reciprocity are the key ingredients in making a marriage a long and blissful one.”



Wednesday, June 19, 2013


Have the wedding of your dreams with D’Loves By Eve Sonary Heng

Wedding planners are no longer just for the rich and famous. These days, many people can afford to hire a wedding planner who can provide various packages to suit each couple’s budget. As such, D’Loves can be your best option for your upcoming wedding day. Established in 2011, D’Loves is a full service agency specialising in the A to Z management of weddings. With their creative professional crew, couples are assured of having a dream wedding come true. Furthermore, D’Loves has established contacts for wedding gowns, decorations, photography, videography, make-up and other services. “We provide one-stop wedding service that includes wedding events decor, custom made wedding gowns, dinner wears and cheongsams, door gifts, wedding supplies, actual day photography and videography, and bride’s makeup,” said professional wedding planner, Rina. “Creativity and exclusivity are key words for our wedding planners, along with a good eye for detail. We will make your precious moment of your life a memorable one!” she added. She said customer satisfaction is always their top priority and they want to provide the best services. She also pointed out

that they provided outdoor photo shoot for couples. The moment a couple walks into D’Loves, they can be assured of getting professional consultation service, said Rina. D’Loves is open from 9.30am to 6pm daily from Tuesdays to Sundays and public

holidays. It is located at First Floor, 213 Ban Hock Road and it can be contacted by calling 0128978897. Those who want to find out for more information can also visit D’Loves in their Facebook page.

C R E AT I V E A N D EXCLUSIVE: Among the photo collections of D’Loves’s wedding planning services.

Themed weddings becoming a trend By Jane Moh

The trend of holding themed weddings is beginning to catch on in Sibu. “The trend existed because people want something different, a way to express their personality, maybe tell their story,” said Melissa Wong from The Room. For many young couples nowadays, wedding receptions go beyond cake-cutting and attending to guests as they strive for a touch of romance on their special day. They are working with their wedding planners to transform typical venues into something magical. Everything - dresses, cakes, decorative items and lights - must be ‘connected’ to create the desired mood. Wong said such clients are increasing in Sibu and that the trend demands lots of communication with clients. “We have to know their fantasies and dreams before working on the decoration,” she explained. The hard work begins in the

THE CREW: Melissa (centre) with her workers. planning stage which sometimes involve a few meetings and discussions. She would listen to what her clients want before giving her own ideas on how to create a better ambience, coming up with themes likely to suit the clients’ personality. Among the themes she did were ‘Spring Time in Paris’, ‘Timeless Elegancy’, ‘Vintage’ and ‘Enchanting love’. She said the wedding is a culmination of a love story so

couples want to make it a special moment. Everything has to be taken into account from the table for signing the marriage contract, to the entrance and photo session. “The wedding arch is becoming more creative and the decoration more grand,” she said. She said some couples like the western style of having cocktails while waiting for the event to start. Behind the scene, workers worked around the clock to ensure the best presentation.

DIFFICULT TO DO: Melissa’s favourite decoration.

COLOUR-COORDINATED: Everything even the cake’s colour has to match with the decorations to create the desired mood and environment.

IN ANOTHER WORLD: ‘Spring Time in Paris’ a recreation of a street in Paris.


Dream-like photography for a dream wedding BESIDES the wedding cake, the wedding gown and the wedding venue, another feature that makes for a fairytale wedding is the wedding photography. Philip of Phil Art has a distinctive style, striving to capture the best moments in every couple’s lives for their own memories. In conjunction with Phil Art’s fourth anniversary, clients will get to pose in three wedding gowns (one costs RM380) for free, another gown on the wedding day itself, while shooting on the wedding day will only cost RM1,200 and two make up sessions for the mothers of the bride and groom worth RM160. Phil Art endeavours to make their photos look beautiful and natural, and is equipped with advanced shooting equipment from Carl Zeiss to capture the best shots in their outdoor photo shoots. The photo studio maintains good quality control of their photos as they process the photos themselves. The Phil Art studio provides a spacious and comfortable shooting area for photo shoots and has improved its wedding costumes especially its VIP wedding costumes. Apart from wedding photo shoot, Phil Art also takes family photos. Priced at RM288 and above, clients will also get one 16-inch colour photo and two 8-inch colour photos free. A personal album costs RM98, with complimentary sets of 8x12 photos and three 4R photos provided. For more information, call 082-460379. It opens from 9.30am to 7pm from Monday to Saturday.


Wednesday, June 19, 2013





Wednesday, June 19, 2013

MY TURN: Melissa (left) feeding her husband cake.

DREAM WEDDING: Happy couple Mellisa Mullen (left) and Mandover Minasum (right) cutting their wedding cake at their reception which was held at the hotel recently.

HAPPY LIFE: The happy couple pouring wine together.

Celebrate your special day at Kuching Park By Irene C

Want to hold a moderate wedding reception but don’t know where to go? Drop by Kuching Park Hotel to select the perfect Wedding Promise Packages which are affordable, yet fulfill all your needs. From an affordable rate of RM359 per table for bookings with minimum of 15 tables and above, the packages offered from the hotel include all the necessary elements of a wedding reception while at the same time, ensuring that quality is not compromised. For a start, couples will be given the option to choose from a wide selection of eight to nine-course menus comprising delectable, sumptuous Chinese dishes that will no doubt please the wedding guests. “On top of that, we have more than 14 menu variations available so the bride and groom will be able

to choose one that falls within their budget,” said Kuching Park Hotel sales and marketing manager Lyana Lee. Also inclusive in the packages for the reception are free flow of soft drinks and Chinese tea, complimentary titbits (peanuts) and wet tissues for every table, complimentary use of an LCD projector during dinner, while special corkage charges for beer and hard liquor, wine and champagne will be waived. “In addition, we will also be providing in these packages a decorative wedding cake for the cake-cutting ceremony, a bottle of sparkling juice for the champagne fountain, a decorative wedding arch for the bridal march with smoke effect among others,” she said, adding that there will also be a complimentary three-day, two-night stay at the hotel inclusive of breakfast for two.

On the other hand, special packages extras will be included for bookings of 30 tables and above and these include complimentary wedding invitation cards (70 per cent of total confirmed attendance), one complimentary guest registration book, waived corkage for 10 cartons of beer, and additional one-night stay in family suite room (subject to room availability). “We have function rooms which can cater to bigger receptions of a maximum of 60 tables to smaller ones at a maximum of 20 tables respectively. Couples can also book for their wedding this year but hold it next year,” said Lee. To make your special day perfect with these affordable wedding packages, please call the hotel sales line at 017-8097011, 012-8097011, 012-8877889 or 082-239888. Alternatively enquiries can also be made via email at kuchingparkhotel@ or visit the hotel’s website at

TO OUR NEW LIFE: The couple lifting their glasses for a toast.



Wednesday, June 19, 2013


Stage your fairytale wedding at GMH and RMH

Create Memories of A Lifetime At Pullman Kuching WALK down the aisle at Pullman Kuching and celebrate your big day with elegant decorations, banquet menu, wedding cake and the finishing touches all tailored to perfection. The wedding packages include light snack items during the predinner cocktail session and special wedding giveaways for all guests. Exclusive benefits include two days, one night stay for all newlyweds in the Pullman Junior Suite with bridal set up and breakfast for two. Couples will also get to choose their theme

wedding to pair with any of our delicious menus and bask in these magical moments. The menus for the wedding are exclusively selected and customised to suit elegant weddings of different tastes. Newlyweds get to pamper themselves at our Fit & Spa Lounge after their long day of wedding preparation with an exclusive complimentary Spa voucher. They also get a complimentary first-year anniversary stay of two days, one night with breakfast for two persons

and dining at our restaurants. Our Colosseum Ballroom – the largest banquet hall in Sarawak – measures 3,660sqm and is able to accommodate up to 1,500 people for a sit-down banquet. It is fully equipped with technological facilities, making for the ideal setting for all magical weddings and impressive events. Pullman can accommodate for both small and big weddings, so when creativity counts let Pullman Kuching make your big day special.

FOR anybody who’s grown up watching Western romantic comedies or Disney cartoons like Cinderella, there’s something truly heartwarming about an outdoor wedding. With the opening of Macam-Macam Bistro at Grand Margherita Hotel (GMH) last year, your options for a truly romantic wedding have just opened up. Stretched along the Sarawak River on GMH’s riverfront, Macam-Macam Bistro (MMB) is an outdoor venue that offers the wedding couple the scenic backdrop of riverine life and expansive skies against which to hold their wedding ceremony. The outdoor venue also offers the couple a chance to arrive to their wedding ceremony or reception in style, whether by boat, jetski, dragonboat, longboat or even sampan as the waterfront bistro also has a jetty. If you’re a bit nervous about water transport, the bride and groom can choose to arrive on a Vespa, trishaw, or even on horse (if available) by way of the Kuching Waterfront. The addition of the Wedding Gallery earlier this year offers the couple-to-be a practical solution to your wedding planning questions. Located in the GMH lobby, the gallery is an exhibition room where you can discuss the options for your wedding reception with GMH’s

GRAND ENTRANCE: With the jetty leading up to MMB, couples can make a grand entrance from the river, whether it’s by jetski or sampan.

Create Memories of A Lifetime At Pullman Kuching


For more information, call Pullman Kuching at 082-222 888 or email us at

dedicated Wedding Planner on service providers for food menus, florist, photographers, videographers, cake designers, musicians, singers and or DJs. You can even look at the choices available for wedding gifts, wedding cakes, or even guest books on display in the gallery. For the wedding reception itself, the Poolside Pavillion is a popular outdoor venue, capable of entertaining a maximum occupancy of 300 pax. For those looking for a more intimate dinner reception, the Pelagus Room caters for up to 200 people. For couples with a more extensive guestlist, GMH also has other venues like Dewan Asajaya and Meisan which can cater for up to 630 people, while the Sarawak Chamber Ballroom at Riverside Majestic Hotel has a maximum occupancy of 1,000 pax.

Thai Set Wedding package at RM850.00 nett per table At Riverside Majestic Hotel (RMH) the wedding packages are as follows: Chinese Set wedding package from RM728.00nett per table Malay Set Wedding Package from RM728.00nett per table Western Set Wedding package from RM138.00nett per person Buffet Set Wedding package from RM88.00nett per person Their new package offer for 2013 is: Chinese Thai Fusion Set Wedding Package at RM1,050.00nett per table

If you’re feeling more adventurous, GMH’s latest wedding packages for 2013 are: Japanese Set Wedding Package at RM850.00 nett per table

Apart from the invitation cards and floral arrangements, wedding couples have the option to select one set performance by the in-house band, additional dessert items (which would bring their wedding reception menu to a total of nine dishes), a function room for the Tea Ceremony, a two-dayone-night stay at GMH, among other perks. Pick up your wedding planning kit from GMH or RMH, and discover why they’re the perfect wedding venue for you. To get started with your planning, make an appointment with them at +6082423111 or email them at my.

GET INSPIRED: At the Wedding Gallery, couples can get inspired by the choices on display and plan for their big day, whether it’s about their wedding themes, menus, wedding favours, and invitation cards.

VARIETY: Couples have a wider choice of wedding favours for their guests.

GMH offers extensive wedding packages including: Chinese Set wedding package from RM728.00nett per table Malay Set Wedding Package from RM658.00nett per table Buffet Set Wedding package from RM88.00nett per person




Wednesday, June 19, 2013

WEDDING DECOR: Couple signing up for the wedding package at The Regency Rajah Court Hotel are in good hands as the function room will be spruced up for the wedding reception. - Photo courtesy of The Regency Rajah Court Hotel

Have a wedding dinner with a view By Georgette Tan

Make a reception to remember By Marilyn Ten

Wedding receptions are typically a costly affair and it’s not unusual for the engaged couple to end up spending more than what they had in mind for their wedding budget. However, couples do not necessarily have to shell out more than what they can afford as wedding packages at The Regency Rajah Court Hotel are tagged at an affordable rate to cater for those with a certain budget in mind. Available in three packages starting from the reasonable price of RM488 per table for bookings with a minimum of 25 tables and above for the Blissful Wedding Package, RM588 per table (minimum 25 tables) for the Golden Dragon Wedding Package and RM688 (minimum 25 tables) for the Eternity Wedding Package, the wedding packages offered by the hotel provide everything that is required of a wedding reception. Each of these packages feature a scrumptious eight-course menu where the couple will have the option to choose from an assortment of delectable Chinese dishes to create the ideal matrimonial dinner for their esteemed guests. Also included are first course food presentation, free flow of soft drinks or Chinese tea as well as waived corkages for liquor or

wine per table and five to eight crates of beer depending on the chosen package while upon payment of 50 per cent deposit, food tasting for five to ten persons will be provided at the hotel’s private dining room. MATRIMONIAL ARCH: Those who sign up for the In addition, each Golden Dragon Wedding Package or the Eternity package will also Wedding Package will have floral arrangements with include either a an arch and pedestal included in the package. three-tier or five-tier ceremonial cake, a for the couple at The White Rajah bottle of sparkling Restaurant among others. juice for toasting, guest registration Meanwhile, the hotel also signature book, titbits for the preoffers the ‘Cinta Hati’ Malay dinner reception, door or souvenir wedding package for Muslim gifts for all guests, usage of LCD couples with rates starting from projector, complimentary wedding RM388 per table for bookings card printing upon confirmation of with a minimum of 25 tables and 70 per cent guaranteed attendance above. Depending on the selected and more. package, each is inclusive of The function room at the hotel flavoursome Malay dishes which are will be decorated to its finest served a la ‘Dome Set’, free flow providing the happy couple with a of cordial drinks, special balloon red carpet entry to the ballroom, arrangement at ballroom entrance floral arrangements with an arch and stage, cutting of wedding cake and pedestal, fresh flowers for the and ‘nasi temuan’ ceremony and main table, and wedding backdrop others. (choice of five designs). For reservation or enquiries, The packages will also furnish please call the hotel at 082-484799 the couple with a bridal suite at or email theregencykuching@ the hotel for a two-day, one-night Alternatively, visit the stay inclusive of breakfast for two, hotel’s website at www.theregency. special room rates for friends and or its Facebook page at relatives, complimentary fruit TheRegencyRajahCourtHotel. basket, and first anniversary dinner

The LimeTree Hotel Kuching invites happy couples to ‘Eat, Drink and Be Married’ with the view of the city skyline at their feet. LimeLight Rooftop Lounge is quite fittingly referred to as a ‘hidden gem’ of Kuching. Opened in 2012, it boasts a breathtaking view of the city skyline and the river, day or night. The rooftop is divided into three sections. The indoor function room, partitioned from the bar, has a floor space of 750 square feet. The bar area is 400 square feet, while the highlight of the floor is the outdoor seating area with a retractable roof and 900 square feet of space. They can cater to between 30 to 100 guests, perfect for the intimate wedding reception and tea ceremony. Prices start at RM38 per pax. This price tag does not include wedding decorations for the venue. The hotel will be happy to recommend the decorators they work with, but those with a flair for design and their own

idea of how they want the place to look can opt to do it themselves. LimeLight Rooftop Lounge is also a fitting venue for other small gatherings such as birthdays, anniversary, farewell party, engagement parties, after-wedding parties and full-moon parties. On normal days, the lounge

operates from 5pm to 12am on MonSat, and 3pm to 10pm on Sunday. For more information, contact the hotel’s events team at 082-414600 or 016-8893489 or email them at They have an online presence on Facebook, accessible at limetreehotelkuching.

BREATHTAKING: A day view of the city skyline from the lounge.

ROMANTIC:A recent wedding reception held at LimeLight Rooftop Lounge.



Wednesday, June 19, 2013


A piece of cake Pick a standout centrepiece for your wedding at Taka Cake House By Marilyn Ten

Choosing the right kind of cake for your wedding can be a difficult one especially when deciding on the particular style and flavour of the cake that is to be the centrepiece of your wedding reception. However, making the decision need not be a stressful one as a trip to your local bakery such as Taka Cake House (Taka) will be able to assist you in choosing the perfect wedding cake.

The popular cake franchise specialises in a wide selection of wedding cake designs ranging from traditional styles to modern ones including using the more versatile fondant instead of the usual cream and icing. As the person-in-charge of the Taka outlets, Leong Kia Chun told The Borneo Post that most couples who drop by the bakery these days opt for simple cake designs for their nuptials. “The current trend for decorating cakes is to use fondant which enables pastry chefs to create smooth perfect looking

cakes as well as decorations such as roses and ribbons to adorn the cake. “Besides that, today’s wedding cakes feature tiered designs and at Taka, customers can opt for two-tier, three-tier or even nine-tier cakes if they wish,” he said. According to him, these cakes can take between three hours and a day to complete depending on the particular design. Leong also suggested that couples can also bring in the designs they are looking for in their wedding cake be it an inspiration taken from their wedding theme, venue or even details from the bride’s wedding dress.

ROMANTIC: A modern three-tier wedding cake adorned with roses and daisies made of fondant. — Photo courtesy of Taka “Whatever design or style they are looking for, they can always drop by Taka and let us know the details and we will try to accommodate their needs,” he remarked. In addition to wedding cakes, Leong pointed out that the bakery also caters for special occasions such as engagements and proposals. “They can come to any of our outlets and ask for our latest cakes, the ‘Special

Decor Chocolate Cake’ or the ‘Fluffy Sponge Cake’ which we make fresh daily here at Taka. “For the ‘Fluffy Sponge Cake’, there are eight flavours to choose from including blueberry, strawberry, fruity paradise, oreo and so on,” he added. To make a reservation or enquiries, drop by any of Taka’s 13 outlets in Kuching or alternatively call the bakery’s Eastmoore outlet (main branch) at 082-428363.

WEDDING SERIES: Taka wedding cakes are available in a wide range of designs. WEDDING CAKES GALORE: Leong (left) and Taka head chef Samuel Lim displaying some wedding cakes reserved by customers.

SPECIAL OCCASION: The latest cakes available at Taka like ‘Special Decor Chocolate Cake’ (front row) and ‘Fluffy Sponge Cake’ (back row).



Wednesday, June 19, 2013


Have a grand affair at Wei Thian Restaurant By Antonia Chiam

Looking for to host a

CLASSICAL REPERTOIRE: Consider some Chinese chamber music at your celebration dinner from Shangyin Music Centre.

Classical entertainment for a classy affair By Georgette Tan

If your taste in wedding entertainment leans towards classy and classical, then consider some Chinese chamber music at your celebration dinner and enhance the environment with music from a great culture. Shangyin Music Centre, located in King’s Centre, already has a number of years of performance under their belts. Their team of musicians are made up of teachers employed by the music centre, each specialising in a particular Chinese instrument. The 5-7 piece orchestra is comprised of instruments like

the erhu, pipa, guzheng, flute and percussions. They have been providing entertainment at various functions as well as at wedding dinners. Their repertoire is comprised of traditional Chinese music and oldies “recomposed” to be played by a Chinese chamber orchestra. They also play more contemporary music, but this is usually reserved for more mainstream events, like shows. Although still considered fairly new, the group has already been honoured with invitations to perform at this year’s Rainforest World Music Festival and the Borneo World Music Expo. In

contemporary performances, the orchestra includes a sape. The Shangyin team will be happy to be a part of your celebrations. They require a month’s notice and can be reached at 082-463282 or 082-463084, or emailed at Their centre is located at No 41, Ground Floor, Block E, King’s Centre, Jalan Simpang Tiga, 93350 Kuching. They also offer courses on various Chinese traditional (guzheng, erhu, linqin, yangqin, pipa, zhongruan, dizi) and contemporary instruments (piano, keyboard, guitar) for both children and adults.

a restaurant wedding dinner outside the city area is no longer a hassle for those staying in and around Siburan. Wei Thian Restaurant offers an affordable yet delicious wedding package that will satisfy every wedding couple’s banquet needs. Priced at only RM399, the package menu comes with mouth-watering dishes. The eight-course dinner includes a four combination prawn salad dish, sea cucumber soup, steamed tilapia with soya sauce, braised pork leg with buns, lo-han mixed vegetables, lemon chicken, lotus fried rice and fresh fruits platter. Best of all, it comes with a wide range of complimentary items, which will be a sure saver for those who are looking for an all-inclusive deal. The complimentary items offered in the wedding package are free flow of soft drinks and Chinese tea, a dummy cake, champagne fountain, invitation cards, beer corkage, red carpet for bridal entrance, wedding arch and guest registration book. It will be a grand affair that will please even the most

SPACIOUS: The restaurant can hold up to a capacity of 80 to 100 tables.

discerning couple and their guests. Taking into consideration that the guests would like to take part in merry-making and dance in celebration of the joyous occasion, the restaurant allows for extended business hours from 6pm until 12 midnight especially for wedding dinners. The restaurant is able to hold between 80 to 100 tables, an ideal capacity for most people. The wedding package is available

all year round. Wei Thian Restaurant is conveniently located along Jalan Kuching-Serian at Mile 17 Siburan, just above the popular Everrise Supermarket and has ample parking space. For more information on the wedding package or for reservation, contact 082-862966 or 082-862968. Alternately, email to wtrsb@yahoo.

GRAND AFFAIR: Weddings can be grand yet affordable at Wei Thian.



Wednesday, June 19, 2013


Create perfect skin at Allunique

SKIN CARE EXPERTS: Tay (second left) and her team of beauticians will help brides-to-be achieve healthy, glowing skin.

Get glowing skin for your special day By Antonia Chiam

It is every bride’s dream to look beautiful and glowing on her wedding day and it is undeniable that a person’s outer beauty depends on the condition of their skin. At Winnie Tay Natural Beauty Academy, the emphasis to customers is healthy skin and ways to maintain it. According to chief principal Winnie Tay, a healthy skin will bring out the glow in a person so it is very important for their customers to know about the right skin care. “Customers need to determine their skin types before deciding on the types of products to use. “If they are using the right products for their skin, results can be seen within a few days. Their skin will definitely look healthier and younger, which leads to a more beautiful appearance,” she said. Tay pointed out that the right skin care has to be an on-going process not just a one-off treatment. “For those who wish to look beautiful and younger, they must

start by the time they reach their mid-20s as the skin starts aging at about 25 years old. They have to be diligent and consistent in caring for their skin with the right products that are suitable for their skin type. First-time customers are usually advised on the various skin types and then informed on their own skin types. “Only then we will be able to recommend the products for them,” she said. Natural Beauty products, developed by Natural Beauty Biotechnology and Harvard NB Bioscience, are a new generation of anti-aging stem cell-based skin care products known as biomedical antiaging method. These products focus on regeneration and renewal of epidermal cells and improving the inside and outside environment of skin cells, enabling people to delay the skin aging process and have youthful-looking skin. Tay said there are products available that are good for any skin type, depending on individual needs.

“Natural Beauty products are highly recommended even by skin specialists. They contain no harmful chemicals and contain bio-activities that could help to replenish the beauty of one’s skin,” she added. Among some of the popular Natural Beauty products at Winnie Tay Academy are the NB Chlorella range, which includes amino cream, facial essence and tonic lotion, priced at RM380 and the NB Anti-Wrinkle range, which includes age correcting activator, age correcting toning extract and anti-wrinkle firming crème, priced at RM1,690. Those with sensitive skin can choose between two NB Anti Sensitive product ranges, priced at RM1,130 and RM730 respectively. Customers who spend RM1,980 in a single receipt will be entitled to a gift pack worth RM1,365. Visit Winnie Tay Natural Beauty Academy at 2nd Floor, CityOne Megamall as part of the bridal preparation to achieve a gorgeous look on the Big Day. Contact Tay at 019-8261280 or 082-532899 for more information.

A UNIQUE, world class cosmetology and therapeutic rehabilitation brand, Indiba became the leading figure in its field, with more than 150 clinical papers and researches while possessing R & D that sweep across the globe for 30 years. In Europe and Spain, Indiba equipment has already contributed greatly in the cosmetology and sports medical fields. Indiba has also acquired countless awards and honors, including the recent Asia Pacific Excellent Gold Products award. ALLUNIQUE Kuching is the first in East Malaysia to utilise Indiba equipment. Their staff was provided a 4-day training course and had to undergo strict tests and instructions before being able to serve customers. Besides being the elite in cosmetology, famous medical doctors and large cosmetic agencies have heaped praises on it. Their products have sold well in Europe, Japan, Korea and other countries for over 30 years and has been called ‘magical’ equipments. Indiba Asia Singapore’s director Wu Yu Yuan stated that shortly after the launch of their equipment, there are over 80,000 people using it every day. Although it is a simple,

light and portable product, it has an incredible influence. He said that Indiba was unique and had the effect of regenerating cells for treatment, giving skin and body a whole new life. It also uses laser pulsing equipment and electrodes in direct contact with human skin, letting the 448kHz high frequency electricity flow into the deeper tissues of human body for treatment, balancing the cells’ electrodes to increase cell metabolism and regeneration. He stated that clinical research also proves that by raising the temperature within the deeper skin, it can help stimulate blood circulation, supply oxygen-carrying blood, improves regeneration of collagen protein, stimulate cell metabolism etc. Indiba’s deep warming and non-warming treatments are also well sought for by cosmetologists and medical professionals. This equipment can be used to provide slimming, skintightening,

blepharoplasty and wrinkles reducing treatments. In the sports medical field as well as physical therapy and rehabilitation field, Indiba equipments are widely used by European medical professionals and rehabilitation centres. He mentioned that Indiba treatment processes are configured for different purposes, criteria, and courses. There might be some people who are still wary of Indiba products, but he insisted that Indiba always followed the ‘Safety First’rule, and the use of controlled electricity is absolutely safe. A history of over 30 years of use all over the world also proves that the designs, electrical frequencies and courses are in its own class. He deeply believed that Indiba equipment could bring confidence to cosmetology and medical fields, building a solid foundation for expanding Indiba’s market in the future. For more enquiries about Indiba, contact Allunique at Lot 3165, 1st Floor, Batu 2 1/2, Jalan Rock 93250 Kuching. Tel: 082-259119.

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Pamper yourself at Golden Jade By Marilyn Ten

It’s no secret that planning a wedding can be mentally, emotionally and physically stressful as it can get overwhelming for both the bride and groom. To help soothe those pre-wedding jitters before the couple recites their everlasting “I dos”, a relaxing body massage or some foot reflexology will be a wonderful treat to get the mind, body and feet ready to walk down the aisle. At Golden Jade Foot Reflexology Centre, rest assured that you will be under the good hands of the centre’s highly experienced Chinese Masters whose expertise lie in the art of Chinese massage and foot reflexology. Since opening its doors at 431 Height Drive Commercial Centre seven years ago, the centre has become renowned for its foot massages, a form of foot therapy where pressure us applied to reflex points in the foot to stimulate corresponding areas of the body. Those who experience the relaxing foot reflexology treatment, which usually lasts around an hour, will be able to feel their tensions eased, reduction in fatigue and an improvement in their overall physical balance of their bodies. During the course of treatment of the foot massages, the couple will also be able to enjoy the treatment with their family, loved ones and friends while watching entertaining programmes on the flat-screen televisions as the centre also provides rooms that can accommodate between two to six persons. Meanwhile, Golden Jade which currently has 20 Chinese Masters from China each of whom have between three to six years of therapeutic experience at the centre,

also specialises in its range of Chinese massage treatments. With today’s hectic lifestyle, there’s no denying that many experience overworked muscles in causing lactic acid to accumulate, resulting in soreness and stiffness. A massage treatment here is ideal to unwind and de-stress as each massage improves blood circulation while also assisting in eliminating waste products from the body. Those who have recently had an injury or are ill, can also drop by Golden Jade to experience a massage treatment from one of the Chinese Masters who will be able to tend to the muscles in the body to help speed up healing from injury and also enhance recovery. Ladies enjoying some treatments at Golden Jade can now also treat their delicate hands and feet to a manicure or pedicure session. The manicure and pedicure treatments here use renowned brand OPI products and are available in either the classic mani/pedi, rejuvenating or essential mani/pedi or even express for those who are short for time. In addition to the customary manicure and pedicure, the centre also offers other nail services such as glitter gel and gel polish treatments, which are worth it as the gel polish does not chip and can last anywhere between two to three weeks. Those interested to apply for membership for the nail treatments will be able to enjoy member privileges such as discounts as well as a free manicure or manicure worth RM38 upon signing up. Golden Jade Foot Reflexology Centre operates from 10am to 12.30am daily. To make an appointment or for enquiries, please call 082-380899 or 016-8089909.

RENOWNED: Golden Jade Foot Reflexology Centre at Heights Drive Commercial Centre.

PAMPERING SESSION: Ladies can also indulge themselves in a manicure or pedicure session at Golden Jade Foot Reflexology Centre.

UNDER GOOD HANDS: Foot reflexology treatments are under the care of professional Chinese Masters.

DE-STRESS: Massage treatments can also be carried out in rooms available for single, couples and four persons.

RELAXING WITH FRIENDS: The foot reflexology treatments can also be enjoyed with friends in the centre’s room that’s able to accommodate up to six persons.

THERAPEUTIC: Massage treatments at Golden Jade Foot Reflexology Centre are ideal to unwind and de-stress.



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Modern home furnishings for the modern family By Chen Ai Sheh

Houstop Furniture Sdn Bhd (HF) is a locally based company specialising in modular concept kitchen cabinets and customised furniture manufacturing, interior design, modern home decorative items, modern office furniture and so much more. According to person-in-charge Ah Ling, Houstop has ready stocks of the modular concept kitchen cabinets for customers to choose from. She said Houstop stocked wall cabinets and base cabinets. “What is good about this product is that it is up to the customer to choose how many ‘boxes’ they want to buy according to their room space, budget and size of family.” The modular concept cabinets enable homeowners to design their own kitchen. “For medium or small families, they need not to carry the whole set of kitchen cabinets home. They can just buy as many as they want and they can change the arrangement from time to time and slowly add more.” Houstop carries the most current cabinet door designs, the latest one being the 3G Frosted Film cabinet door panel. There are many colours available including bright colours like yellow or red as well as crystal or non-crystal finishes. She said this was a perfect choice for modern home designs or even for offices, shops and commercial

FUN AND FANCY: Modern home decorative items perfect for a home with children. buildings. Apart from kitchens, Ah Ling said some creative customers would place the cabinets in other areas for other purposes. Some mothers, for example, put a few cabinet units in their children’s rooms to keep clothes and their toys while some place it in the living room as TV cabinets. She said Houstop provides site measurements and drawing plans. They have professional interior designers to provide the best consultation and products to customers in order to help them to create the most satisfying result. Apart from kitchen cabinets, Houstop also offers open concept wardrobes from Excel from Singapore.

MODERN: These designer chairs help give the house a contemporary feel.

UNIQUE: Customers are spoilt for choice with their eclectic collection of designer chairs. She said the material was fully aluminium that provides good support and yet not too heavy to

move. She said it was great those who like DIY projects. She said that a separate room for

clothes, shoes, bags and accessories were fast becoming the trend in modern homes with the open concept wardrobe turning the everyday wardrobe into more of a boutique display. She said that the open concept wardrobe was different from the ordinary wardrobe since without doors, it was a space saver and could hold more clothes. “This product is good as you can keep all kind of clothes like dresses, shirts, trousers, short, skirts, socks or even bags; basically everything. “The design allows you to be flexible, as you can either put a bar up to hang your clothes or a shelf for accessories.” She said everything was adjustable

and could be connected in whatever direction according to each customer’s preference. By adding a mirror, it could be turned into a dressing table. Some customers even turned it into book shelves. She said this product is highly recommended for boutiques and home use. Houstop provides site measurement and drawing plans. For those who want to kick up their modern-design home up a notch, Houstop is expecting a new shipment of designer chairs in various colours and shapes. The designer chairs at Houstop are different from others as they would be hardly found elsewhere. Besides the modern home, these chairs were suitable for cafes, hotels, beauty salons and offices. Made of wood and polycarbonate, all the chairs were imported. The company has a strict quality control and only orders good quality products. Houstop Furniture is located at No.17, 18 , 19, first floor, 3rd mile, Jalan Tun Ahmad Zaidi Adruce,93250 Kuching, Sarawak, Malaysia. Open Mondays to Saturdays, 9am to 6pm, the shop is closed Sundays and public holidays according to the Kuching Chinese General Chamber of Commerce and Industry lists of public holidays. For more information, call 082420211 or email houstopfurniture@

IN HARMONY: Design warm and cosy kitchens with the help of Houstop’s professional interior designers.

AUTHENTIC: Balinese wooden and rattan chairs and tables are also available at Houstop.

COLOURFUL: Their vibrantly-hued kitchen cabinets help brighten any home.

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SLEEK DESIGN: Explore the type of Sharp’s refrigerator that will fit into your kitchen.

HOME ESSENTIALS: Haw Electrical offers a unique range of home appliances.

Cutting edge home technologies at Haw Electrical By Karen Bong

Find all the household appliances you need to create a fully functional home at Haw Electrical Trading Sdn Bhd. With six stores located in the busiest areas in Kuching, Haw Electrical has you covered with a massive range of electrical appliances and latest electronics by the brands you know and trust. From entertainment systems for the living room, to large and small appliances for the kitchen, laundry and bathroom, they are all affordably priced. You can also find popular appliances such as LED TVs, coffee makers, food processors, juicers, kettles and toasters, all that can help make life easier. Among the biggest appliance brands they carry include Panasonic, Sharp, Sony, Samsung, Electrolux, LG, Pioneer, Philip, Toshiba, Elba, Faber, Midea, KDK, Joven and Alpha. And this year, home appliances get a lot smaller to make housework easier and more convenient. Haw Electrical introduces Sharp’s latest robotic vacuum cleaner - Cocorobo – with a built-in 1.3 megapixel camera and wireless-LAN support that doubles as a surveillance device, housecleaning is a cutting edge. With ‘Cocorobo’ artificial

GREAT VALUE: Browse through shelves and shelves of small appliances to make life easier. intelligence engine, the RXV100W model has the ability to communicate and interact with the users as well as respond accordingly to the voice instructions either face-to-face or via smartphone. Equip with multiple cleaning modes and sensors, you can leave Cocorobo to clean by itself without supervision. Besides its brilliant cleaning ability with strong suction system, Cocorobo also ensures a clean environment

for the family by providing air purification via Sharp’s patented Plasmacluster Ion (PCI) technology. If you are looking for something conventional, Haw Electrical offers a unique range of handy household helpers from compact to mid-sized and either bag, bagless or tank type vacuum cleaners that suits your every need. In the refrigerating and freezing department, there are several types to

LAUNDRY: Washers and dryers come in various capacity with a choice of Front or Top loaders.

KITCHEN ESSENTIALS: A wide variety of small appliances such as kettles, toasters, coffee makers and blenders are available. choose from including French Door, Side-by-Side or Bottom Freezer that will fit any kitchen. As for washers and dryers, they come in various capacity with a choice of Front or Top loaders and knowing how much laundry you do helps to determine the washer you need. If you are looking to green your home, brands such as Panasonic and Samsung offer you the best of energy efficient appliances.

Look for the ENERGY STAR rated appliances to lower your utility bills and help protect the evironment. In the home entertainment system department, you can find a smart home theater or a 3D home theater system that will transform your living room into a movie theater with incredible surround sound. Credit services such as AEONXpress Easy Payment are available and major credit cards with 0 per cent

interest plans are also accepted at Haw Electrical. All appliances come with warranty and customers can also purchase extended warranty up to five years. Haw Electrical outlets are located at Jalan Tun Ahmad Zaidi Adruce; Hakka Avenue Estate, 5th Mile; Synergy Square, Matang Jaya; Batu Kawa New Township (MJC), Jalan Batu Kawa; and Soho 188, Jalan Wan Alwi.

HOME ENTERTAINMENT SYSTEM: Find the home theater systems you want for the best audio and video performance.

COOKING AND BAKING: Ovens are available with prices starting from RM2,000.



Wednesday, June 19, 2013


Equip your new home with the latest in electrical appliances By Marilyn Ten

FOR FRESH ITEMS: Choose from a selection of refridgerators to fit your household.

COOLING: Air-conditioners from international brands such as Samsung, Sharp and Panasonic.

Electrical appliances are an integral part of every household and for newlyweds embarking on a new journey together in their brand new home, essential items from a simple kettle to the washing machine are among the basic necessities needed for daily living. As one of the more established electrical outlets here, Wegahome Electrical Sdn Bhd (Wegahome) is renowned for its latest range of electrical home appliances having catered to customers for more than a decade. “We have a wide selection of electrical items ranging from small household appliances such as iron, blender, rice cookers to electrical products such as refrigerator, airconditioner, television, washing machine and more,” said Wegahome managing director Wong Kin Soon. The products, he added, are of international prominent brands in the likes of Panasonic, Samsung, Sony, Sharp, Khind and so on. “Besides electrical items, we also have electronic gadgets available such as laptops, computers and smartphones from brands such as Samsung and Sony.” According to Wong, customers are

ESTABLISHED: Wegahome has catered to customers here for more than a decade. — Photo by Jeffrey Mostapa assured of high quality products at Wegahome of which prices for the item are negotiable while purchases of selected products will entitle them to free items. “We also offer Wegahome membership cards where members can benefit from collecting points from their purchases. These points can be exchanged for items or to obtain further discount on their next purchase,” he explained. Wegahome also provides easy payment methods such as the Globest easy payment scheme and Aeon easy payment scheme with interest from 1.5 per cent to as low as 0.8 per cent and loans up to 36 months. “As the key merchant dealer of Aeon Credit Service in Sarawak, our aim is to provide easy payment to our

customers through this easy payment scheme with its low interest, fast approval and requires no guarantor,” said Wong, adding that currently Aeon is having a promotion where customers with approved loans need only pay RM1 as their first payment to receive their purchase. Wegahome has three outlets located at Synergy Square at Matang Jaya, Lee Ling Commercial Centre at 6th Mile and 7th Mile New Commercial Centre at Kota Sentosa operating from 9am to 7.30pm (except Matang Jaya which operates until 8pm) from Monday to Saturday and from 9am to 3pm on Sundays. For further enquiries, please call 082-645617 (Matang Jaya), 082578617 (6th Mile), and 082-618831 (Kota Sentosa).

VIEWING PLEASURE: The latest television sets on display.

CLEAN, CLEAN CLEAN: An assortment of washing machines on display.

Gree’s pursuit of excellence Gree’s spirit of excellence is embodied in its hard work. Whether it is product innovation, channel development, energy conservation or brand management, Gree achievements all these years are based on the hard work by all the staff. Xi Jinping, secretary in his discussion of the “China Dream”, pointed out that to accomplish the great rejuvenation of the Chinese nation is a glorious and arduous undertaking that requires generation after generation of Chinese people to work together. Gree in the air conditioning

industry has attained a lot of ‘World Champion’ accreditations, especially after their sales exceeded the hundred million yuan mark in 2012. “Gree is the leader in air conditioning, something which can be taught, but will never be be overtaken. Any kind of product must aim to be perfect. “Gree’s biggest dream is hoping the 7 billion people in the world can use Gree air conditioner.” Gree spirit of excellence is embodied in its corporate development concepts and values. In their concept of enterprise development, two main principles

underlie its endeavour: First, to be responsible to the country and society and pay more taxes to create more wealth; second is to be more responsible to employees and investors, to mobilise all positive factors for business development efforts, and to all who have contributed to provide returns. Gree’s spirit of excellence is reflected in its first comprehensive restructuring and upgrading process. Some say Gree’s success is due to its technology, or from a particular product. Gree’s workforce believes that this is an incomplete picture, as an

enterprise cannot rely on one point to achieve the level of transformation it has undergone as well as its upgrading and success. One has to take into account every detail in the development and production of every process, every aspect of management, ensure that each chain link in its sales force is effective and at full force, to achieve a truly comprehensive transformation and upgrading. Gree’s spirit of excellence is embodied in its innovation. Through innovativeness and mastering core technology, which is part of Gree’s philosophy, the company hopes to realise the full extent of Gree power.

Even today when a particular Gree product has taken the lead, there will still be milestones to conquer. Gree even dreams of making no wind airconditioning. Gree embodies the spirit of the pursuit of excellence in product quality. In order to maintain its rock-solid market reputation, they can only produce products of good quality. With quality as a lifeline, Gree hopes to achieve a dream through stringent quality control. Gree’s journey is moving forward along with the pace of the revival of the Chinese nation.

“Any kind of product must aim to be perfect.” This is the essence of Gree’s pursuit of excellence. Dreams can only rely on hard work. For example, a country needs to rely on hard work to improve, one enterprise can only rely on hard work to develop. Gree’s dream needs generations to work out together. To be the champion is not easy, to retain the championship is even harder. The best defence is offence. This may be an old saying in sports, but intense competition in the business sector is as relevant as in sports.

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Bringing the spectacle of Find cinema to your own home quality cookware at A&A Buffalo

GOOD QUALITY: Liew showing one of the Buffalo pressure cooker at her shop located at Kueh Hock Kui Commercial Centre.

By Georgette Tan

THE art of home entertainment is at an upwards curve, with quality products and services that can bring cinema quality specifications into your own home. No more jostling around with other movie goers or putting up with mobile phones going off somewhere in the local cinema. If you’re the type who appreciates nothing but pure quality in entertainment, you can get it here in Kuching. Sound Fusion makes that opportunity available with their quality products and their top notched qualified technician, who will work with you to find the best match between your budget and your needs. Tan Chung Wei is a THX certified professional HT2, HAA certified audio calibrator, ISF certified video calibrator. He specialises in setting up sound and video to specifications - calibrating your TV for the perfect display and bringing out the sound the directors want you to hear. “Ever wonder why the image looks very good at the store when buying your TV and not as good when you bring it home?” he said, explaining that a calibration job makes all the difference while the price of the TV is only a part of the factor. “When calibrated, the image will appear more natural.” Modern families today understand the value of creating specific spaces for specific activities. The days when it was acceptable to have the TV and visitors in the same room is becoming a mind-set best left in the past. Tan revealed that a number of this clients invest in an entertainment room for the kids, preferring to host them and their friends at home rather than not know where they are when they are out. But for the one writing the cheque, there are other reasons to get a room. Tan explained that it would boost your entertainment value at home by getting the best sound and picture out of your system. “We can also give your room the acoustic treatment so that whatever music you listen to feels ‘live’.”

By Jeremy Veno

FRONT ROW: No more jostling with other movie-goers for best seat in the house – create a near-perfect cinematic experience at home with Sound Fusion And this is where the money goes: putting an entire experience crafted by directors and producers at the tip of your remote control. “You spend so much so you can get the emotions out of a song or movie. With a very good setup, you feel everything, rather than just hear and see it,” Tan elaborated. “People really want to enjoy themselves.” Sound Fusion will customise the client’s room to specification if the budget is sufficient. “If your budget is limited, we can still plan towards future upgrades until it’s perfect,” Tan said, adding that it comes with full service, calibration and warranty. With full expertise in customising a room into a complete entertainment centre, it isn’t a very far leap into tuning the rest of the house to do what you want it to do, even on remote control. “We also do home solutions, - design lighting and a smart home system.” Tan said it would be ideal to go in during the early stages of building and work together with the architect if a smart home is what the client wanted. Those interested in bringing their home entertainment or their entire home to the next level can contact

‘LIVE’ MUSIC: Have a seat in the Sound Fusion showroom and experience firsthand the difference a good sound system makes. Tan for a full list of Sound Fusion’s services. Sound Fusion is located at Lot 115, 1st Floor, Crown Square. Tan can also be reached at 017-8089020, 082338020 (tel/fax), tcw@soundfusion. asia. Visit their website at http://

BUFFALO kitchenware deserves their hard earned reputation as the new standard of Asian culture kitchenware by producing cutting edge products to meet the modern demands of customers. Their broad range of products is built with stainless steel which guarantees durability and long life span. What makes Buffalo designs unique is their patented design, the ‘Buffalo Clad’, making their products solid, non-stick, not easily burnt and easy to clean. With its broad range of products and extensive manufacturing capabilities, the plus point of Buffalo products is also their excellent aftersales service which provides trade-ins for the same product with as much as 50 per cent off the retail price. “Almost all of the Buffalo products are manufactured here in Malaysia with imported stainless steel from Japan,” said A&A Buffalo Company smart partner Anna Liew Foong Fah. “By enrolling yourself as members, you will be entitled to discounts on all our products. These discounts make them even more affordable,” she added. “Currently, we are selling a threepiece kitchenware set, consisting of a 1.8 litre rice cooker, 40cm cooking wok and a small pot. The set is currently retailing at a market price of RM1,338, but is discounted to RM1,238 for members, and other more offer sets also,” added Liew. Other top range products offered is the Buffalo Smart Cooker specially designed for modern couples seeking convenient ways to cook dishes

without much hassle and preparation. The Buffalo Smart Cooker has built-in multipurpose functions that can intelligently control itself to cook from the simplest foods, such as soups, to complex ones like baking cakes, steam cook or porridge. “It can also cook brown rice perfectly,” she said. “The inner pot and cover is intricately designed from stainless steel.The uniqueness of this patented design allows better heat distribution, therefore cooking dishes evenly,” added Liew. Another item that stands out is the Buffalo ‘i-mix’. The high speed food processor is ideal in extracting nutritious high-fibre fruits and making vegetable juice. With its large two-liter capacity heat resistant jar, the i-mix is able to facilitate ingredients with a variety of sizes. Among the major advantages of the i-mix said Liew, is its stainless steel blade which can rotate at more than 32,000 rpm to ensure better blending. Besides that, A & A Buffalo Company provides product demonstrations every Saturday 10 am at Stutong branch and 2 pm at Jalan Tun Ahmad Zaidi Adruce. Admission is free. To make enquiries on Buffalo products, please contact Liew at 0128885533/013-8035533 or 082-255533. Customers may also drop by A&A Buffalo Company at 55, Sublot 3 (ground floor), Kueh Hock Kui Commercial Centre, Jalan Tun Ahmad Zaidi Adruce, 93150 Kuching or Florr 2, Block A, Sublot 2, Jalan Setia Raja, Tabuan Stutong Commercial Centre, 93350 Kuching.

DIVERSE: A wide selection of Buffalo pots and pans.

COMPLETE: Buffalo also produces kitchen utensils and culinary kits for the kitchen.

HASSLE-FREE:The Buffalo Smart Cooker with its various automatic functions.

GET ONE NOW:The Buffalo Smart Cooker (centre), the Buffalo ‘i-mix’ high speed food processor (right) and the Buffalo quick cooker.



RICH SELECTIONS: BN - imported from the Netherlands - presents as many as six major collections.

EXCLUSIVE materials promise a comfy home, and Goodrich Gallery offers unique and quality-assured materials for home design. The gallery, run by Goodrich Global (E.M.) Sdn Bhd, has a rich collection of imported and exclusive wallcoverings, flooring design and rugs to name a few. Designers and home owners are spoilt for choice as there are over 20 patterns of rugs to pick from. These rugs are no ordinary items in Sarawak since Goodrich is believed to be the sole dealer of Harlequin, a UK-based brand. Harlequin’s 100 per cent wool rugs are imported from the Netherlands. Goodrich takes pride that it is the only dealer in the state to offer rugs made of 100 per cent wool, which is produced in New Zealand. Harlequin rugs, which are available in three sizes - 140x200, 170x240 and 200x280 - are among the latest collections recommended by Goodrich. For those who intend to make the walls at their home or office more interesting, Goodrich has an ample selection of wallcoverings imported from the UK, Belgium, Italy, the US and Japan. One of the brands, Wabi Sabi makes non-woven wallcoverings, which have unique matching curtains. The brand also features the following contemporary designs: Aloha, Dhurrie, Hana, Isamu, Kamili, Passaro, Samaki, Shoji, Takumi, Uzuri, Loop, Meiko and Navajo. Another wallcovering brand, BN - imported from the Netherlands


ONE OF A KIND: Harlequin’s 100 per cent wool rugs imported from the Netherlands. — Photos by Chimon Upon

Quality interior finishes with Goodrich By Lim How Pim

Wednesday, June 19, 2013

- presents as many as six major collections. Goodrich is also proud to recommend quality fabrics, of which a couple of patterns are classy with artistic handwork like stitched design. Goodrich also carries durable flooring from Parador and Pergo - made in Germany and Sweden respectively. All Pergo floor planks have been awarded the Green Label (Singapore), and they are Class 33, a certification for high durability endorsed by the European Producer of Laminated Flooring (EPLF). With a 50-year warranty, Pergo planks are stain resistant, impact resistant, easy to maintain and are 30 per cent faster to install compared to other products. Pergo flooring also boasts a unique sound reduction feature called SoundBloc technology which provides improved soundproofing properties as it consists of a sound-reducing underlay attached to the underside of the board. As far as the Swedish planks are concerned, all designers need to do is fold them down into place for installation. If users happen to change their mind and want those planks installed somewhere else, they can easily unfold the planks. If you’re looking for interesting design and texture, German brand Parador, includes ‘Letters White’ and ‘Wine & Fruits White Rustic’ designs. At Goodrich Gallery, customers can take a look at Parador’s laminated flooring including ‘Oak Rough-sawn Texture’, ‘Oak Patina White Matt-

finish’, ‘Lumberjack’s Oak Roughsawn Texture’ and ‘Oak Silver Mattfinish Texture’. Parador products, which focus more on design, offer 15 years of warranty. Unlike Pergo planks, Parador laminated flooring is categorised as Class 32 with an enhanced abrasion quality. The German products are said to be suitable for the bartender corner, living room and offices. They are not only well tested for quality but also environmentally friendly. Goodrich also has special carpet tiles that are imported from Thailand. The Thai brand Carpets Inter provides modern design of four collections. Each of the collections has three patterns in one. Made of nylon, the carpet tiles are believed to be more durable and ecofriendly too. Notably, Goodrich has supplied quality material for the construction of several public structures throughout the state like the Sibu Airport and Universiti Malaysia Sarawak (Unimas). Goodrich Gallery opens from 9am to 6pm Monday — Friday, and 9am to 3pm on Saturday. It closes on Sunday and public holidays. Visit the gallery at No.527, Ground Floor, Jalan Ang Cheng Ho, call 082-415757 or 425757 or email to gallery_kuching@goodrichglobal. com or view their website at www. Goodrich Global also operates in Sabah where potential customers could drop by at Lot No. S-0-16, Jalan Lintas, Ground Floor, Block D, City Mall, 88300, Kota Kinabalu.

DIVERSE: Thomson Furniture has something for every room in the house.

COSY: One of the white themed bedroom sets available.

Furnish your home with Thomson By Georgette Tan

REPUTABLE furniture companies with a long presence in town, such as Thomson Furniture at RH Plaza Commercial Centre, are some of the best places to get essential household furnishings. This is because they will be around to provide after sales service, and still be there when it’s time for you to pick up new pieces, said general manager June Chai. Thomson Furniture keeps up with current trends, acquiring a few sets of the latest models and moving on to the next new thing when it enters the market. Whenever you drop by to look for your perfect bedroom set or living area sets, you can be sure that you are looking at some of the freshest designs and themes. For example, the colours white and black or dark brown are currently in demand. Solid wood and glass is also the in-thing. Chai said that white conveys class and sophistication, while darker veneers bring an elegant feel to the room. “It depends on what kind of mood you want to create in your room,” she said, adding that bedroom sets are available from RM2,000 to RM6,000. Thomson Furniture will work with their clients in designing the room they want, suggesting colour themes, furniture pieces and accessories to complete the look.

ELEGANT: Dark wood dressers brings an elegance to the bedroom. They do not limit themselves to the bedroom. The 10-year-old company also furnishes the rest of the house, and even have furniture items for the outdoors. Drop by for a visit at their showroom at No 42-43, Lot 5396-5397, Block 16m RH Plaza Commercial Centre, Jalan Lapangan Terbang Baru, 93350 Kuching. Their opening hours are 10am-8pm (MonThurs), 10am-9pm (Fri-Sat), 10am6pm (Sun and public holidays). They can also be reached at 082464339.

CLASSY: White dressers and chest of drawers make the room feel classy.

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Venela Park offers contemporary and accessible living

The three-storey semi-detached house, Venela Park.

WHEN it comes to locality, security, contemporary design and room for a future or growing family, Venela Park housing development is tough to beat. Conveniently situated in the Stutong area, Venela Park comprises 12 units of three-storey semidetached houses and 13 doublestorey terraced houses, 60 per cent of which is already sold. Its placement in the Stutong area provides prospective homeowners easy access to schools like SJK Chung Hua No 2, or commercial outlets like Giant Hypermarket and OneTJ ICT Shopping Complex. It’s also close to BDC commercial centre and a mere eight minutes away to the Kuching International Airport. The semi-detached units offer three bedrooms along with two guest rooms. Each bedroom on the first floor is equipped with a bathroom while the master bedroom enjoys the additional perk of a walk-in closet and a balcony. An expansive family room on the top floor ensures that families get to spend valuable quality time together in the privacy of their own homes. The three-storey semi detached houses also come with added benefits like a CCTV Service System (four cameras), an alarm system, antitermite treatment, a fish pond with water-circulating system and a lift for sublots 24 and 25. This housing project has a modern and contemporary style along with high quality materials and suspended floors. Its three-storey semi detached houses use high quality Chinese floor

tiles in the living room, dining room, kitchen and study room areas. Meanwhile, the kitchen and bathroom are furnished with 1’ by 2’ wall tiles, ensuring ease of cleaning. For those who enjoy an earthier feel, rooms on the first and second floor are equipped with parquet flooring. Meanwhile, their double-storey houses offer three bedrooms on the first floor, each equipped with its own bathroom while the master bedroom also has extra closet space.

An extra room on the ground floor allows homeowners an extra space to allocate as a study room or guest room. Construction on the housing development is 35 per cent complete and will be fully completed by the end of 2014. For more information, contact Hwa Ling Realty Development Sdn Bhd at Tel: 082-240602/233059, Fax: 082-233059 or visit them at their office at Lot 146, 1st Floor, Petanak Road, 93100 Kuching.


WELCOME: Optical City, a subsidiary of Ronnie Group, is located on the first floor of Wisma Hopoh.

All Watches offers elegant timepieces

SOLE SELLER: All Watches is the only watch winder seller in Kuching.

By Irene C

Your once-in-a-lifetime wedding will be perfectly complemented by a fancy timepiece, and how better to stand out in crowd than by adding a dash of refinement with a watch to mark the next stage of your life. Drop by newly opened All Watches Enterprise at CityONE Megamall to select your preferred watch brand, from Rolex, Omega, Panerai or Tag Heuer. A branch of City Time Tabuan Jaya, the company sells higher end watches. “We have experience in selling watches since 2000 and we have a guaranteed buy back of 90 per cent of purchase price for purchases from our shop for trade-ins and 80 per cent buy-back in cash,” said director Benson Beh. The shop also deals in secondhand high end watches. One year

installments can also be arranged with HSBC and Maybank. The shop also provides servicing and polishing for customers. For Rolex watches, All Watches provides two years warranty while a second hand one comes with a year warranty. The company also offers custom diamond bezel for Rolex watches. “If the customer has a specific watch model they want, we can also help to personally order it for them. Our watches are guaranteed original. “Swiss brand Panerai, we have a few and there is only 1,000 pieces of the watch in the world. It is very exclusive. We also offer discounts above 20 per cent for the brand,” he said. All Watches is also the official dealer for Vostok Europe. Since it is a limited edition brand, it’s almost a guarantee that you won’t be bumping into someone else with the same

watch. The shop also offers attractive prices for couple watches which are available for all brands. Those who are wearing automatic watches do not have to worry about their watches stopping as the shop also has watch winders on sale. It is the only seller in Kuching. “Those who have automatic watch do not have to worry about their watch stopping as the winder will ensure that the time shown is accurate all the time. Usually automatic watches will stop working after two days of not wearing it.” Also on sale are watch boxes to store the timepieces safely when not in use. All Watches is located at Unit F26, 1st Floor, CityONE Megamall. Opening hours is from 10am to 10pm daily. For more information, visit www.

SUITABILITY: An eyewear consultant helping a customer pick a pair of eyeglasses.

STYLISH: Eyewear by luxury designer brand TODS.

EDGY: One2One eyeglasses in metallic two-toned frames made with bullet proof material.


Optical City offers eyewear for every occasion By Karen Bong

IMPORTED: All Watches is the official dealer of European brand, Vostok.


Wednesday, June 19, 2013

Whether you’re looking for fashionable eyeglasses, designer sunglasses, prescription glasses and even customised shades, there’s eyewear at Optical City for every situation. Located on Level 1 of Wisma Hopoh, Optical City carries an extensive collection of eyewear that fits all budgets and preferences. Optical City have all the latest styles, among them luxury designer brands like TODS, Guess, Fendi, Versace, Giorgio Armani, Prada, D&G, Gucci and lots more. Rest assured that their stock is always in trend as Optical City receives new stock once every two months. This season, accessorise your wardrobe with shades in classic styles updated with luxe gems and metal embellishments. Vintage lovers will adore retro styles in pop-colours like pink, green, orange, white, red and blue. The most sought-after statement sunglasses this season are the cat-eye glasses or round frames. For performance eyewear for outdoor activities like cycling, golfing, riding and

fishing, Optical City carries brands such as Nike, Adidas and Oakley. Optical City is the authorised dealer for adidas Originals and Customise eyewear. Using an awesome app (available on their website at and on iPad) you can customise your very own adidas Originals eyewear and create a million unique combinations with six different frame shapes, seven lenses, ten colours and eight pieces to choose from. Furthermore, Optical City emphasises on good and fast free service including eye tests and eyeglasses cleaning. Their friendly eyewear consultants will help and guide customers to choose the best eyewear for their purpose and the type of look they intend to achieve. Optical City is a subsidiary of Ronnie Group which has eight outlets in Kuching with the latest one at CityOne Megamall. Two new outlets are expected to open this month at Baitulmal Building and Summer Shopping Mall. In conjunction with the opening of its new outlets, they are offering polarised sunglasses for RM50 only.

THE BORNEO POST E18 Wednesday, June 19, 2013

PERFECTWEDDINGSUPPLEMENT COMPLETED SOON: Wong is seen with the single storey semi-detached model of Taman Duras while on his left is a photograph of Tabuan Square. — Photo by Muhammad Rais Sanusi

Convenience and easy living at Blessed Realty

By Marilyn Ten

NEWLYWEDS or couples about to tie the knot looking to purchase their dream home together can look to Taman Duras developed by Blessed Realty Sdn Bhd for their first home purchase. The housing development located at Mile 16 along Kuching-Serian Road, is currently in its third phase which comprises 10 units of single storey semi-detached houses.

“Each unit of the semi-detached house boasts spacious living space of four bedrooms, living room and dining room,” Blessed Realty spokesperson Wong Seh Ho told The Borneo Post. “In addition, other features of each unit include 600mm x 600mm floor tiles, concealed conduit wiring and plumbing, timber main door and plaster ceiling board among others.” Taman Duras is in a convenient

location where the housing development is located near SMK Siburan as well as 17th Mile Siburan Bazaar putting future homeowners within close proximity of amenities such as supermarkets, eating outlets, banks and more. “The price for each unit of the semi-detached house starts from RM360,000 onwards with Phase 3 expected to complete by this year end,” Wong said, adding that the development is currently at 50 per

cent completion. “For those who purchase the unit, the sales and purchase agreement, legal fee and stamp duty costs will be waived while those who would like to purchase via government loans are also welcome.” Meanwhile, Wong also pointed out that there are two remaining units available at the up-and-coming Tabuan Square. The three-storey shophouses, strategically located along Jalan

Bayor Bukit/Jalan Foochow No.1, which sits alongside the new carriageway linking the Tabuan Jaya area with the Jalan Setia Raja roundabout is poised to be home to trendy eateries, specialty shops as well as office spaces. “The remaining two units are priced at RM800,000 negotiable and measures at 7 x 18.5m,” he said. Tabuan Square is situated within easy access to the city, Kota Samarahan, Kuching

International Airport and is well placed to serve surrounding Tabuan Jaya and Tabuan Desa residential neighbourhood as well as the adjoining forthcoming new integrated development. Those who are interested are welcome to drop by Blessed Realty located at 32 Mendu Commercial Centre, Jalan Mendu from 9am to 5pm (Monday to Friday). Alternatively enquiries can be made at 082-342330 or 082-342331.

UNDER CONSTRUCTION: Taman Duras Phase 3 is currently under consruction and is expected to be completed by year end.

MODEL HOME: A model of the single storey semi-detached house at Taman Duras developed by Blessed Realty.

SPACIOUS: Each unit of the semi-detached house boasts spacious living space of four bedrooms, living room and dining room.



Wednesday, June 19, 2013


Double Storey Terrace House, Taman Uni-Alam.

Find your perfect home with BDC BORNEO Development Corporation (Sarawak) Sdn Bhd (BDC) is a state government-linked company (GLC) and is among the first organisations to be involved with property development in the state. The company was established in 1958 and is widely known for the development of the Kenyalang Park housing scheme, Taman Satria Jaya BDC, Woodlands housing estate and Taman Lebunda in Kuching and Stakan Jaya mixed development project in the Samarahan Division. Currently, BDC is actively promoting and selling projects at Uni – Alam and affordable housing at Taman Desa Sejijak. Uni – Alam, is located on prime location adjacent to Unimas and other government establishments. The project is located within indispensible amenities such as educational institutions (UiTM, Unimas, Institut Perguruan Tun Abdul Razak, primary and secondary

schools), supermarkets and retail shophouses. Other facilities located within the vicinity of the housing scheme are clinics, banks, pharmacy, laundry services and tuition centres which are easily accessible. Apart from the said facilities, the project is strategically located opposite Wisma Salcra and Intan Sarawak Campus. The project offers a choice of two fashionable house designs including double storey terrace housing and double storey semi–detached housing. In addition, those who dream of building their own homes can obtain a vacant detached lot which is part of the same scheme. The land size for the double storey terrace ranges from 4.30 points (174.10 square meter) to 13.60 points (550.20 square meter), while the double storey semi–detached land size is from 7.52 points (304.10 square meter) to 10.06 points (407.20 square meter). The vacant detached

lot is approximately 18.11 points (732.90 square meter). The built–up area for double storey terrace is 1,515 square feet and as for double storey semi–detached, the built–up area is ranging from 1,801 square feet to 2,170 square feet. Based on public response, BDC is very optimistic about the sale of this project. BDC also provides affordable homes at Taman Desa Sejijak, Matang. The single storey terrace is built for a small family and ready for occupation. For those who are interested, two units of double storey detached houses at Taman Desa Sejijak with land sizes of 22 and 23 points respectively are also available. To date, Taman Desa Sejijak single storey terrace received good response from the public and is available for viewing by appointment. BDC is also busy with the upcoming launch of Phases 6 and 7 of

Taman Desa Sejijak, Matang. its Dusun Bayu project in Jalan Bako in early July 2013. Phase 6 consists of 48 units and Phase 7 consists of 56 units of Double Storey Terrace. For more information on BDC properties, members of the public are invited to contact 016-8631638 (David Chiam), 016 – 8890991 (Warda), 016-8631839 (Mohd Dollah Saet) or 082-452958 (Office).

Double Storey Semi-Detached House, Taman Uni-Alam.

THE BORNEO POST E20 Wednesday, June 19, 2013


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Borneo Post Wedding Supplement 2013

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