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Alice’s Horse Whisperers

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Vol. 1, Issue 8/November 2013 A sister publication of

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Twin sisters share love of training quarter horses



hen Belinda and Melinda were just children, they often snuck into the back of their father’s truck as he traveled as a horse trainer to races across the state. Quietly they would sit, careful not to alert him until it was too late to turn back, then out they would jump full of laughter and squeals to announce their presence. Alfredo Garcia Jr. had no choice but to allow his girls to tag along. Those trips to the track left a lifelong impression on the twin sisters of Alice, as both now spend their time training and raising quarter horses of their own and for others. “He was our teacher,” said Melinda Garcia, and just as twins often do, Belinda Perez finished her sister’s sentence saying, “He dragged us everywhere.” Oftentimes, the twins were so rambunctious their mother, Juana Garcia, packed them up and sent them off herself with their father. It is no wonder they have followed in his footsteps and have spent their lives dedicated to the animals they love – quarter horses. Quarter horses are known for running at high speeds in short distances; the classic distance is 440 yards, or a quarter mile. Melinda spends much of her time in Florida, as much as 11 months out of the year, training quarter horses, but also in Louisiana and New Mexico. She has also been on the international circuit, training in Mexico. Belinda, who has now begun breeding quarter horses in Belinda Perez settles “This Jet Got Louisiana, spends the majority of Swagger” in his practice gate.

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Alfredo Garcia, Jr. works as a farrier for his daughter, Belinda.


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Show that Coyote Spirit!


e’re in the middle of another Alice Coyote football season, and as much as the games are a great experience, it is always good to pay attention to the details while visiting the “Sky Dome” for a Coyote football Friday. Visiting the concession stands is a smart way to get ready for the game and is something you must do if you want to get the full experience. Here are a few things that simply are “a Must”as the season goes on and the playoffs approach. Pork Steaks There are few things that are more important

Story by MARK MOLINA Photo by FARES SABAWI Who’s Hungry? certainly have had, or

when watching football than what goes on the grill. If you have been to a Coyote Athletic function in which barbecue is be a part, then you have most

seen, a pork steak. They are one of the popular food items when it comes to Coyote Athletics. They are served in hand on a warm tortilla, ready to go. If food is what you dig, then a pork steak is right up your alley. Stadium seat back support chair Any diehard Alice Coyote fan will stay through the entire game,

Grace Bible Church of Alice presents

“Your Game Changing Year” featuring

J.J. Moses, Houston Texan Ambassador

Kick Returner: Houston Texans 2002-05 The shortest player in the NFL at 5-foot 6-inches, J.J. Moses set a single-season Texans record with 1,355 kickoff return yards in 2003, ranking fifth in the AFC. In his two seasons as a Texan, Moses amassed 2,658 kickoff return yards and 553 punt return yards. A native of Waterloo, Iowa, Moses played college football at Iowa State University. • • • • •

Thursday, Nov. 14

Noon to 1:45 p.m. Lunch with Platinum & Gold Sponsors & VIP’s 2 to 3 p.m. - St. Elizabeth School Presentation 4 to 4:30 p.m. - Boys & Girls Club Appearance 7 to 7:45 p.m. - An Evening with J.J. Moses at Alice High School Gynasium 7:45 to 8:15 p.m. Autograph and Photo Op with J.J. Moses

but spending three hours in a stadium isn’t always the most comfortable of situations. Stadium seating will get to you after a while, but do not fear, the spirit shop has you covered there as well with the Alice Coyote stadium seating back supporters. They are convenient, comfortable and make your stadium experience a much more pleasant one. They also come with a Coyote logo so that it matches the rest of your ensemble. Coyote spirit shirts, hats and visors Who likes going to a Coyote game not looking the part? It’s fun to don the Coyote gear while you cheer. Unfortunately, sometimes you just

don’t have time to hunt down the Coyote gear before the game or you may have just left work and gone straight to the stadium. Who knows; things just happen. If that’s the case, do not fear, there are always shirts and hats on sale when you enter the stadium. Aside from plain Alice Coyote football shirts and hats; you have bedazzled designs and themes. Some expressing “Coyote love” and others simply stating you’re the mother of an athlete. Whatever it is, there are always shirts on hand for purchase. Alice Coyote Wrist Bands uu

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Help Re-ele ct County Jud ge

Arnoldo Saenz!

Early Voting starts Feb. 18-28 Political Ad paid for by Candidate.

November 2013 a Magazine 3


THE LEAGUE of Extraordinary Ladies



eorgia Uribe has a passion for her life - from family to religion. Her greatest joy is finding the message that she feels God is giving her for people in her life. “I teach and lead my family and friends through my actions and my faith and trust in God,” Uribe said. “Families should love each other. I strive to do what’s a blessing to God.” Born and raised in Alice, Uribe grew up poor, beginning her first job at the age of 8. She would wash and iron clothes for her mother. “I was raised to clean because it was my responsibility,” Uribe

said. “I had a choice early on, pick cotton or stay home and clean. I chose to stay home when everyone else went out to the

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fields.” Uribe spent her early teen years babysitting for school teachers after school, cleaning their homes out of the goodness of her heart. “When the kids would go to sleep, I would clean without being asked,” Uribe said. “It made them happy and me, too.” In high school, Uribe played the flute in the Alice High School band under the direction of Bryce Taylor. “All the while I kept working. I worked at Duke and Ayres, the Reynolds Cafe and Austin’s drug store,” Uribe said. “I lived by Ranch Drive near Cecilia St. So I walked home from school and

often felt like my legs were heavy by the time I got home.” Uribe’s parents worked long hours and only had one car. “But as a teen I had one hobby that most people don’t know about - I loved going to dances,” Uribe said. “While I was working, Mr. Townsend asked the owners of the drug store if they would let me go work with him.” It was during that time that Uribe met her husband Henry at a dance. The pair dated for a year and half before he asked her to marry him. “My mother was very strict so we only saw each other at dances,” uu

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4 a Magazine November 2013

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Peace in body, mind and spirit Story and Photos by LOIS STEPHENS


ur modern world can be stressful, and people are always searching for a way to decompress. One of the healthier ways in which to do this is yoga - a combination of physical postures, breathing and meditation - which is not a religion as some people think, but a form of spiritual discipline which melds body, mind and spirit to reach balance within oneself. Or, as Certified Yoga Instructor Dolly Kelley puts it, “People come in here after a major, stressful day, out of whack with just everyone and everything, and they can walk out of here more positive and in a better spirit about themselves, about their surroundings and about their world.” Kelley, who has been a fitness instructor “of every facet of fitness” for more than 30 years, began practicing yoga on her own about 12 years ago and fell in love with it. She became certified as a yoga instructor about 10 years ago, because “It is the missing facet to fitness. It brings everything together. You come and you build strength, and balance, and yes, flexibility; and it just all flows together.” Because yoga is composed

of slow, controlled movements which are never forced, people of all ages and at all fitness levels can use this form of exercise. Her classes are quiet, gentle and peaceful. She guides her students through the poses by explanation and example. Kelley can frequently be heard reminding her students, “Remember, wherever you’re at, is where you need to be. Reposition yourself if you need to, this is your mat, you can do whatever you want to on it.” Kelley incorporates some moves of Pilates - a yoga-based exercise program - within her routines, which she customizes to the individual group. Her sessions end with a meditation which brings students to a completely relaxed awareness of their bodies, and of which several students exclaimed, “I’ve been waiting for this all day.” Kelley offers two classes twice a week at two locations, which currently average 12 to 15 participants per class. People are welcome to drop in and leave at any point during the session. Classes are $5 per session or $30 per month at one location. They meet from 10 to 11 a.m. on Monday and Wednesday at the First United Methodist

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Do people belong on Earth?


his may appear to be a ridiculous question considering there are currently more than 7 billion people living on earth. However the question of whether or not people belong on earth must be asked. We live in a day and age when global planners are contemplating whether the earth can keep sustaining A More Excellent Way so many people. Amazingly, By PASTOR there are some who believe that KATHLEEN G. KASPER people are so detrimental to earth’s environment that their Pastor Kathleen holds degrees from reproduction must be limited Texas Tech University, Valparaiso before earth’s resources are University, and Lutheran School of used up. Astonishingly, there are Theology in Chicago. She is currently even some folks who would like enrolled in the School of the Holy nothing better than to eliminate Spirit. She is an avid reader and vast numbers of people so that enjoys mentoring others in the the earth can be returned to its Christian faith. She is the pastor of pristine or “natural” state. Living Word Fellowship in Alice and What does God say about can be reached at all of this? God is the Creator of everything. He must have an

opinion. So, what does He say? God’s answer is found in Genesis, the first book of the Bible. In chapter 1, we have a record of the order in which God created everything. Here we learn that mankind, male and female, was created last of all that God had created. Mankind wasn’t created last because he was the least of all of God’s creatures, but because he was the greatest of God’s creatures in the earth. How do we know that we are the greatest of God’s creation? We know it because God says so. Here are the words God spoke before He created man. God said, ‘Let us make man in our image and according to our likeness and let them rule over the fish of the sea and the birds of the air, over the livestock, over all the earth, and over all the creatures that move along the ground’ (Genesis 1:26). From this we understand

that not only are we made in the image of God, we also have been given rule over the earth and everything in it! Additionally, after God created mankind, He blessed us with these words, ‘Be fruitful and multiply and fill the earth and subdue it.’ The earth was created to be inhabited by man. The 7-billion-plus people who are already living on planet Earth are filling it because God has blessed us to do so. Contrary to what some people think, we are not in any way foreign to this planet. We belong here by God’s design. We were created to be God’s managers of this planet. We were created to rule this planet as God would rule it. If God were ruling planet earth without us, such rule would have undoubtedly been an extension and expression of His uu

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November 2013 a Magazine 7

am a proud graduate of Alice High School and have

Michael Ventura Garcia Yvonne Gonzalez-Toureilles


ENDORSEMENTS: Baldemar Gutierrez Javier Gutierrez

Ricardo O. “Rocky” Carrillo Frank Alvarez David Davila

Supported and trusted by his colleagues

March 4, 2014


WHY HAVE 67 ATTORNEYS ENDORSED MICHAEL V. GARCIA FOR COUNTY COURT AT LAW JUDGE? √ Garcia is the candidate with EXPERIENCE! √ Garcia has the CHARACTER to be a Judge! √Garcia has a strong WORK ETHIC! √Garcia is DEDICATED to the Community!


Pol. Adv. paid for by the Michael V. Garcia Campaign, in compliance with the voluntary limits of the Judicial Fairness Campaign Act, Jason V. Garcia, Treasurer, 405 Highland, Alice, Texas 78332

For Jim Wells County Court At Law Judge


am a proud graduate of Alice High School and have maintained a general law practice in Alice, Texas since May 2004. I graduated from Texas A&M University in College Station with a Bachelor of Science in Economics. I received my Juris Doctorate from Thurgood Marshall School of Law in Houston, Texas in December 2003. Throughout my years of practice, I have participated as both lead and co-counsel in numerous jury trials. I have also served as local counsel in both civil and criminal cases. Additionally, I have served as lead appellate counsel in civil and criminal matters, and have participated as lead counsel in civil and criminal bench trials. The love and passion I hold for my community is the reason I have chosen to become a public servant.

ENDORSEMENTS: Baldemar Gutierrez Javier Gutierrez Ana Laura Gutierrez-Castillo Marisol Carvajal-Garcia Jason Ventura Garcia Armando G. Barrera Charles L. Barrera Jennifer Barrera-Solis Rumaldo Solis Joel Resendez Jesusa Sanchez-Vera Linda Flores-Resendez Venessa Smithwick-Garcia J. Michael Guerra Giancarlo Nisimblat Jennifer S. Basart David O. Gonzalez Roman Gonzalez John Lemon Joe Torres Kenneth Oden, Jr. Gray Scoggins Mark Paisley Robert Michael “Mike” Appell Clyde L. Wright, Jr. Cristina Rosales-Soliz Christina Z. Flores David T. Garcia Jon Kelly Jaime O. Garza Sam Fugate Nathan Fugate Jaime Carrillo Ricardo O. “Rocky” Carrillo Frank Alvarez David Davila Randy Flores Mark Gonzalez Frank Gonzales Armando Gonzalez Antonio Gonzalez Carlos “Charlie” Garcia, Jr. Mark B. Blackburn Blake C. Erskine, Jr. Michael M. Guerra Alex Benavides Juan Reyna Joe Flores Charles C. Webb Benny M. Cason Catherine Tobin Robert Hilliard Thomas J. Henry Darrell L. Barger Jerry Guerra Patrick L. Beam Jason Hoelscher Randall Pretzer Randal “Randy” Hill Carlos Hughes, Jr. Laura Hughes Victor Ramirez John Guevara Monica Solis Raynaldo “Ray” Rodriguez, Jr. Michael P. Trejo Frederick J. McCutchon

Antibiotic Therapy Women’s



t least once a week, a patient will call the office asking for antibiotics for some type of infection, usually a urinary tract (bladder) infection.  Why do I ask the patient to come to the office to leave a sample of urine before I prescribe mediation?  Not everything that causes burning with urination is a bladder infection.  I will send the urine to be tested and if there is an infection, the lab can tell me which antibiotic is most likely to get rid of the infection.  There are many antibiotics from which to choose, but not every antibiotic will work against every bacteria.  If the wrong antibiotic is given, the patient’s symptoms may get a little better, but come back once the medication is finished or the patient could get a lot worse.  It is important that ALL of the prescribed antibiotics are taken.  When a patient only takes the medication until she feels better, the infection may come back and the medication may no longer work against the bacteria.  I will usually go ahead and prescribe an antibiotic once the patient provides me with a urine sample. I explain to the patient that once I get the results of the culture back, I may need to change to a different medication. I like to use this example to help patients understand why a urine culture helps me to make the right choice of antibiotic.   10 a Magazine November 2013

Treating a bladder infection with a general antibiotic is like using a shotgun.....there is a broad range of coverage and we may or may not choose an antibiotic that will actually hit the target (bacteria).   Once we have the results of the culture back, we can choose the specific antibiotic that is most likely to cure the infection.....similar to using a rifle.....a direct hit on the bacteria with a drug that will kill it.     People have come to think of all antibiotics as “safe” and for the most part that is true.   However, antibiotics are categorized as dangerous drugs requiring a prescription.  Antibiotics are useful against certain infections, but they can also cause problems in some people.  Never take someone else’s antibiotics.  In the first place, that person should have taken ALL of the antibiotics prescribed for them and in the second place, there may be reasons why the antibiotic will not work for you or worse, cause bad side effects.  So, when your health care provider wants you to come in to the office before prescribing antibiotics, just know that we are thinking of your well being. 

Judy Perdue spends four days each week as a women’s health nurse practicioner with Dr. Jason C. Bradford, M.D., at Alice Obstetrics and Gynecology Associates.

Fall into Fruits & Veggies Submitted by: Elaine Montemayor-Gonzalez County Extension Agent-FCS Jim Wells County


ne of my favorite times of the year has arrived! Along with the cooler temperatures and beautiful full moons comes a variety of fall harvest produce. As you visit the produce section in your grocery store, you are reminded of how soon the holidays are approaching. Beautiful colorful fruits and vegetables provide great flavors to your meals as well as vitamins, minerals and not to mention, fiber. Some fruits and vegetables that are found year round in your produce section are actually the ripest during the fall season. Produce such as apples, avocadoes, broccoli, cabbage, carrots, grapes, peppers and spinach are the tastiest at this time. The new seasonal produce making their way into grocery stores and farmers’ markets now are – artichokes, cranberries,

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eggplants, figs, pears, pomegranates, pumpkins, sweet potatoes and winter squash. Not only do these fruits and vegetables brighten meals, but also provide a higher nutrient value. Some of these foods are higher in antioxidants than others. Antioxidants can boost immunity and lower the risk of many chronic diseases. The three major antioxidant vitamins are beta-carotene, vitamin C, and vitamin E. You can find these antioxidants in colorful fruits and vegetables – especially those with purple, blue, red, orange, and yellow hues. To get the biggest benefits of antioxidants, eat these foods raw or lightly uu

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Fruits & Veggies

steamed; do not overcook or boil. Adding spices like cinnamon, allspice and cloves also provides a source of antioxidants. Try adding these spices to your fruits and vegetables for flavor when cooking and preparing meals. Increasing your daily intake of fruits and vegetables also increases your fiber intake. Fruits and vegetables consumed raw, with skin or lightly steamed have the most fiber. Fiber is an amazing nutrient that can help lower cholesterol, protect heart health, aid weight loss, and keep digestion problems uu


love. In this regard, there have been many unfortunate instances where man has not been a good manager of earth’s resources. We have made mistakes in this regard because we’ve forgotten that we are managing this earth, not for ourselves, but for God. Greed and the lust for power and wealth have brought harm to the earth. This we cannot deny. However, in recent years we’ve come a long way in understanding how we are to uu

away. Fiber has also been found to help lower cholesterol and blood sugar levels. Choose your produce wisely. Fresh or ripe vegetables always have bright colors, smell good and have a healthy and firm appearance. Those that are over ripe or close to being spoiled may possess dull colors and are usually soft to touch, give out a strong distinctive smell and may appear wrinkled or droopy. Fruits are soft to the touch, do not have bruising and are deeper in color. Always remember to follow safe food handling practices when preparing your foods. Wash hands

and produce thoroughly before cooking. Try a new recipe this season with flavorful fall fruits and vegetables. Add pomegranate to salads, grill sweet potato wedges,

or substitute eggplant for a chicken breast and make a meatless meal. For more tips or recipe ideas contact the Texas Agrilife Extension Services in Jim Wells County, 361-668-5705.

tend and manage the earth. Even so, mistakes are still being made. These mistakes are not so much being made in the caretaking of the earth but in how we are “revering” the earth. Some have concluded that the earth is our “mother” because sustains us. Others believe that the earth is divine and therefore must be worshipped. But the earth is not our mother nor is it to be worshipped and adored as though it is a god. The earth is not a god. It is a creature designed by God and created by

God. It owes its existence to the same God who created mankind and every other creature that calls earth ‘home.’ It is sustained by the same God who sustains us. The earth cannot exist without God any more than you or I can exist without Him. To think otherwise is to deny the clear Word that has been written down and preserved for us by God Himself. There is no need for us to be afraid that the earth’s resources will run out. It is more than able to sustain us, and billions more,

along with the countless other creatures that live here as well. The earth is able to sustain far more than it currently sustains and supports because God created it to do so. The bustling populations of some cities may lead one to believe that the earth is overcrowded but get out of the cities and there are vast open spaces to traverse and enjoy and fill. Should we doubt this, all we need do is this: Return to what God has said about the earth and believe what He has said. God cannot lie. His Word is truth!


Church fellowship room, with free babysitting available on Monday morning; and the evening classes meet from 6 to 7 p.m. Tuesday and Thursday at the Immanuel Lutheran Church fellowship room. “I wanted to share my love of yoga with others,” Kelley said. “I want people to come in here and feel good about themselves. I’ve had ladies come in here who had migraine headaches, and then when they’re leaving, they feel wonderful, they’re walking out of here and they feel great. That’s my message. I mean, we are all so stressed out... It’s hard to slow down, to quiet the mind and just for once, just let it be. To become

aware of YOU and what’s going on with YOU. “People come in here with back problems, with this, with that, it’s helping them and when they tell their doctor they’re doing yoga, their doctor will encourage them to do it.” She said not only can the practice of yoga breathing be used in daily life when one encounters stressful situations; she has students who are cancer patients, and their oncologists all tell them to “start doing yoga.” Call Kelley at 361-227-1601 for more information. “Yoga can change your life if you’re open to your life changing,” she said with a smile. November 2013 a Magazine 11

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12/17112 Sports Illustrated LDASPG

Hours: Monday-Friday 8:30 a.m. to 7 p.m. Saturday 8:30 a.m. to 6 p.m.

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Uribe said, blushing. “We got married on Sept. 10 by a Justice of the Peace. On April 10, 1967, we validated our marriage through the church.” Uribe was always active, even through more of her working years at JC Penney, St. Joseph’s Church, and 44 Trucking Equipment. She spent 16 years as a records clerk for the Jim Wells County Sheriff’s Department. “I retired on a Friday in June 2006 and started working for the Alice Police Department on Monday. I love my job,” Uribe uu

a Must

You’re not always going to have a hat ready to go, and you probably aren’t going to wear a Coyote shirt every day of the week. Does that mean you can’t show whom you support? Nonsense, all you have to do is slap on an Alice Coyote wristband. With an orange color, it is small and subtle but

said. “I enjoy it. God put me where I was needed because each one of us has a mission.” Whether it is a hug or a prayer, Uribe shares her faith with anyone who listens. “My oldest was 12 when I started being a lecturer in church,” Uribe said. “I was really encouraged by Abel Garza and the priest to start.” In 1990, Uribe was writing the commentary at church. Those have gone away with the change of priests, but Uribe said the experience was very rewarding for her. “I studied and prayed each week to the Holy Spirit for a

message to relate,” Uribe said. “I get feelings and say ‘yes that is the message.’ I would get no’s but they just kept me busy.” Uribe never learned to write in Spanish, so she recruited her niece to translate her commentary. “I was also a Eucharistic minister, and have recently picked it up again,” Uribe said. “I help organize the altar servers. I have worked with a few other programs like Camp Fire, Boy Scouts, Toys for Tots, and all kinds of sports.” Her first child Henry Jr. was born in 1967, Margo was born in 1969, Maricela was born in

1973, Marco was born in 1975 and Georgia was born in 1976. Uribe also has 17 grandchildren and four great-grandchildren. “There were always kids at my house, friends of my kids that called me mom,” Uribe said. “I have always been a big supporter of the band. I had several kids in band. I still support the band by helping raise money and volunteering.” Uribe also performs Rosaries, for which she fasts. “When I perform Rosaries and Masses I want to be open and pure,” Uribe said.

noticeable all at the same time. No matter what you are wearing or where you are going, you will always have a little piece of spirit gear on your person. You may not notice it after a while, but someone else just might. Lanyards You don’t ever want to misplace your keys, but why carry

around a plain old lanyard? Why not purchase an Alice Coyote lanyard? Why should pro teams, advertisements for businesses and beer companies get all the love and exposure when around your neck or in your pockets? Coyote lanyards are just the tiniest detail you need to

show just how far your Coyote dedication goes. Accessorize your keys and pen drives, or just sport one for the look. Next time you’re out at an Alice Coyote football game keep an eye out for these items that will help you get the maximum out of your experience.


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Horse Trainers

Clockwise from top, the family - Alfredo Garcia Jr., Juana Garcia, Alvaro Perez, Belinda Perez and Melinda Garcia; Melinda Perez pictured training a quarter horse; This Jet Got Swagger wins the race; and Melinda Garcia interviewed by TVG Network as featured in Q Racing Magazine.

the year there, or about eight months out of the year. Belinda is a member of the Louisiana Quarter Horse Association, and her son and son-in-law are both jockeys as well. Melinda has had to pay more than her fair share of dues, being one of the few women in a maledominated industry. “Being a Hispaic woman, it’s hard,” she said. “They think it’s a man’s job, but little do they know...You have to be born with it. You have to know every detail

about these athletes.” Her passion and dedication to the sport, and more importantly, to the quarter horses, are evident and come from years of experience. “The horses are like individual kids,” Belinda added. “They are all different. You get to know every single one.” The sisters worked in tandem one September afternoon as Belinda prepped one of her horses - “This Jet Got Swagger” for an upcoming race. He was slowly walked into a

16 a Magazine November 2013

practice gate by his rider, the sisters banging on the sides of it. “It’s noisy in the gates at race time,” Belinda said. “He has to get used to it.” And just as quickly as he settled in, Melinda released the gate and out he shot down a practice stretch of dirt. Melinda is most proud of the mare, This Snow is Cold, which she trained in 2006, winning five major races. She wears the buckle

she earned in November 2006 when This Snow is Cold won the $301,500 MBNA America Challenge Championship (Grade 1, or the best of the best) in a photo finish. She broke from post 10, and led the entire race. She was the only mare in the race. “This buckle will go with me to my grave,” Melinda said. “No one will have it.” Belinda adds, “We can hang with the big boys.” Belinda and her

husband, Alvaro Perez, saw success on Aug. 22 when their horse, “This Jet Got Swagger,” won a purse at the Fair Grounds Race Course & Slots. The twins’ father now works as Belinda’s farrier, shoeing her horses and offering advice. Belinda has set up a staging and training area on her ranch just outside Alice, where she is training her yearlings. Her company is G5, named in honor of the five Garcia children.

A magazine  

November 2013