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A Hub City Thanksgiving


It’s not breakfast if it doesn’t come wrapped in a tortilla! We polled our readers to find the best taquitos in the Hub City. Story on Page 13


Leaving his mark at TAMUK Alice’s J.J. Adams has found his place at this university in Kingsville - as the editor of the campus’ newspaper.


‘ ’ Must for November The Lipan Apache Tribe of Texas shares its heritage with the Hub City every November. Don’t miss out.


Lights, Camera...

Alice Mayor Pro-tem Dorella Elizondo opened up her home and her kitchen to a Magazine to showcase some of her favorite Thanksgiving recipes and traditions.

4 A More Excellent Way 12 The Savvy Kitchenista 7 Women’s Health 12 Frugal Living 7 Health & Wellness



Turkey Time


Go behind the scenes of the City of Alice/ show “Straight Talk.”

ow. That’s the only word I can think of to describe the response we received from our first issue of a Magazine published in October. Wow. Thank you Alice for the warm reception to this new endeavor. Each month we will strive to provide you with positive, uplifting sto-


Welcome to the first of many editions ries that highlight the best places and, most importantly, people in the Hub City. We hope to never disappoint our readers. As always, feel free to share with us your story ideas. In planning this second issue, we wanted to once again capture the uniqueness of the Hub City. I think we’ve done so. Perhaps the most fun I had working on this edition of a Magazine was the time I got to spend with the Elizondo family. What a fun bunch of people!

2 a Magazine November 2012

More love cannot be found in a home in Alice. Much laughter was heard throughout the evening. Folks helped themselves to dinner, dessert and seconds. Children ran in and out. It was cozy. It was fun. It was family. I wasn’t sure how the twins would react in such a large setting. They are used to just mom and dad, and occassionally grandma and big brother when he decides to grace us with his presence. They had a blast! Makes me wish my brothers lived closer to home and weren’t

the eternal bachelors they appear they will always be. Alice’s Mayor Pro-tem Dorella Elizondo was so gracious to allow us into her home and went to the trouble of making an entire Thanksgiving meal a month early just for our article. Thank you so much, Dorella, the meal was wonderful and your hospitality was even better.

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Finding the Missing Piece

J.J. Adams settles in well at The South Texan Photography by JENNIFER CRIST / Story by MARK MOLINA

KINGSVILLE - It is often said that having dreams is a good way to motivate yourself in life, but nowhere are there rules saying that aspirations are required to fall in love with a career.


onathan “J.J.” Adams graduated from Alice High School in 2006 and currently serves as editor in chief for the Texas A&M Kingsville student newspaper, The South Texan. He runs a cool, calm, and collected operation that is driven by a balance of power and presence, but at the same time hopes to lead a team that will be confident and set goals for themselves as individuals. “I feel since he has stepped it up, I have stepped it up,” said entertainment editor Jennifer Crist. “So when he asked me to come aboard, I jumped at it.” Even though he is known for good traits now, he, himself, ironically, did not have them coming out of high school, forcing his trip to the journalism world to be a long one. “I did not really have aspirations coming out of high school,” Adams said. “I figured all I had to do was study technology, learn programming

and go be a great video game programmer.” Adams would eventually hit the road to Dallas and attend DeVry University following graduation where, he took programming and advanced math courses for his first term. Unfortunately for Adams, math was never a subject he was particularly fond of in high school; and it was about to throw a wrench in his career plans, which required a good dose of it early on. “All throughout high school I was just terrible at math,” Adams said. “I told myself that I was going to keep at it, they were going to teach me and I eventually was going learn it, but I just never did.” Adams dropped programming, his advanced math courses and finally, video game history prior to his departure from DeVry after a four-month term, returning to Alice until 2007. The stint at home would not be long, as Adams made his way back to school to attend TAMUK. But he went

through a few changes in both majors and schools before finding a place he felt comfortable. “I did not want to stay in school as long as it would have taken me to become a music major so I went with psychology,” Adams said. “I had a knack for it but when I transferred to Texas A&M Corpus in 2008 I decided to be an English major, because I preferred to write and not study people.” Oddly enough he stumbled into a realm that had hints of both. When Adams grew tired of TAMU-CC after a year, he returned to Texas A&M Kingsville and gained advice from a theatre major - who informed Adams of a path he might want to take which would benefit from his background — the path of journalism through The South Texan. Needless to say, it wasn’t pretty on the outside, but once he opened up and got along with everyone, that would change. “At first I was confused because I came in on a press day and it was hectic and nothing was really done,” Adams said. “I was intimidated at first; but I started working around the office and the staff around xans me would show er Teme the t n i W how toaydeal ropes and lw s Are A with people.” ome! Welc After catching on, Adams sharpened his skills and tasted early success,

becoming chief reporter within a year of joining the staff and excelling in

news writing and photography. “I worked on the craft

and my writing and then started to learn what was uu

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Country Club Terry L. Kreider, General Manager November 2012 a Magazine 3

Can People Change?



Pastor Kathleen holds degrees from Texas Tech University, Valparaiso University, and Lutheran School of Theology in Chicago. She is currently enrolled in the School of the Holy Spirit. She is an avid reader and enjoys mentoring others in the Christian faith. She can be reached at

es, people can change! If change is not possible, then God is a liar, and His entire Word is false. But God is no liar and His Word is perfectly true. Having said that people can change, it must be completely understood that there can be no permanent change unless God is involved in the change. The reason for this is: People are inherently flawed. Our flawed condition is the result of our first parents’ decision to rebel against God. Their rebellion became our rebellion -because rebellion against God is in each person’s DNA. Thankfully, God can change us and wants to change us but He waits for our cooperation. The reason: God created us to be creatures with a free will. To impose His will and ways upon us would make God a dictator and tyrant – and He is neither. So, though God desires to make changes in us, He waits on us to give Him access to our lives. There are claims being made today that people can’t change. The argument is that the way we are born, is the way we will die. But God’s

Word has a different word for the world. The Apostle Paul wrote the following to the people of Corinth, “9 Do you not know that the unrighteous will not inherit the kingdom of God? Do not be deceived. Neither fornicators, nor idolaters, nor adulterers, nor homosexuals, nor sodomites, 10nor thieves, nor covetous, nor drunkards, nor revilers, nor extortioners will inherit the kingdom of God. 11And such were some of you. But you were washed, but you were sanctified, but you were justified in the name of the Lord Jesus and by the Spirit of our God” (1 Corinthians 6:9-11 NKJV). I don’t quote this passage to point to any particular group of people but to point out the verb “were.” Paul makes it plain that some of the people to whom he was writing were at one point participating in the activities and lifestyles which would have disqualified them from inheriting the kingdom of God. However, by God’s grace (grace is God’s unmerited love and favor) and intervention in their lives, these people had changed. By submitting their lives to God, these people were no longer disqualified from

inheriting the kingdom of God, but were now qualified to inherit it. The shift from being disqualified to being qualified to inherit the kingdom of God was not accomplished by any of these people. No, it was accomplished for them by Jesus and they received it by faith in Him. Once these people said ‘yes’ to Jesus, God began to work in them, working to make them the people He had created them to be. God most definitely loves us as we are with all of our faults and flaws, but He loves us too much to leave us in that condition. I must, however, repeat that God’s work within a person is still subject to the will of the person. God doesn’t go around cleaning people up without their permission. There are, unfortunately, two terrible lies being spread in the world which must be addressed. The first lie is this: Since God is love, He will not condemn anyone. The second is: Because of God’s grace, believers in Jesus can do whatever they want, no matter what, and God will ignore their behavior. God most definitely IS love, but He has a total ha-

tred of sin. He didn’t send His own Son to the cross so that people could keep sinning. No, Jesus died and rose again so that the chains of sin could be broken off of us. To say ‘yes’ to Jesus and ‘yes’ to sin is incompatible with what Jesus accomplished through His death and resurrection. To say ‘yes’ to Jesus and ‘yes’ to sin is to say ‘I want Jesus but I want to sin, too.’ The result is the same as if one would never have said ‘yes’ to Jesus in the first place – the chains of sin remain and the person remains in bondage. For the person who is looking for a more excellent way to live and a way out from underneath the burden of sin, the way out is God. Jesus extends this invitation to everyone, “28 Come to Me, all you who labor and are heavy laden, and I will give you rest. 29 Take My yoke upon you and learn from Me, for I am gentle and lowly in heart, and you will find rest for your souls. 30 For My yoke is easy and My burden is light” (Matthew 11:28-30). If you are looking for a way out from underneath the burden of sin, turn to Jesus. He can replace your burden with His easy yoke but only if you say ‘yes’ to Him.

3 Annual Salute to Our Heroes: Our Veterans rd

Saturday, Nov. 11 at the Alice International Airport Featuring musical entertainment by

Ricky Naranjo & the Gamblers

Jon Wolfe Fallback

Jolly Ranchers 4 a Magazine November 2012

A special thanks to these local veterans for their courage, sacrifice and service with a day of recognition. Skydivers • Moment of Silence Food Booths & more 15-minute Fireworks show at dusk Activities for children

November 2012 a Magazine 5

Keeping it Straight City show offers insight to projects, departments, operations Photography by ANDY VILLARREAL and BRENDA POE / Story by BRENDA POE


ouncilman Leo Escobar can’t go to the store without someone approaching him about the City of Alice news program “Straight Talk.” Escobar likes to take his turn appearing on the show, participating in shows at the Water Treatment Plant and at the parks around town receiving upgrades. “It is an excellent show that informs the community about what is going on,” Escobar said. “The show is broadcast into homes and at City Hall throughout the day. I have nothing but good things to say about the show.” “Straight Talk” is a collaboration between the City of Alice and, Alice’s only locally owned and operated newspaper. The show is aired on Time Warner Cable public access channel 5. Escobar thinks the show should continue for years to come. “I like taking my shows outside the booth, so people can see rather than me telling them,” Escobar said. City Manager Ray De Los Santos Jr. says “Straight Talk” is about building trust with the community. “It is imperative that we show the public what is going on in the city,” De Los Santos said. “In the past, things have happened that created a lack of trust. ‘Straight Talk’ allows us to build that trust back.” De Los Santos Jr. said he first got the idea of “Straight Talk” after the council began airing its public meetings on channel 5. “When we began airing the council meetings, we created a more open and transparent government. Along those lines we took the opportunity to

revamp our Web site,” De Los Santos said. “So the show was built on the same concept of providing more content to the public.” De Los Santos said the show is more engaging for the public because it gives them a much closer look at different avenues the city is working to improve. “With ‘Straight Talk’ we are able to take the information to the people in their homes,” De Los Santos said. “It is a candid, casual show about events and projects that are affecting the community at the time. Whether it is about budget and the thought process, to improvements.” De Los Santos said that open format was the idea and focus for the show. “Without ‘Straight Talk’, we wouldn’t be able to get this information to the public as easily,” De Los Santos said. “It has already begun to build back trust in the year it has been in production; because the public feels more comfortable coming and asking questions.” Councilwoman Yvette Johnson feels the show has been very helpful in getting the word out about what the city is working on. “People don’t know their city leaders and now they are able to identify with us,” Johnson said. “It keeps the public up-to-date on different subjects. There is too much negativity and ‘Straight Talk’ is one way of us making it better as a city.” Working behind the scenes on the show is the city’s I.T. staff - Jim Hicks and Mario Escobar, who record and edit the show. Publisher/Editor Nicole D. Perez hosts the show. “It has been exciting to be

part of the show,” said Escobar. “I had never worked on a project like this, so we have been learning as we go.” Hicks had a background in audio work so moving into the arena of broadcasting wasn’t such a tough move. “It has been interesting learning the new video editing,” Hicks said. “When we installed the new cameras and system into the council chambers, I learned a lot. Now with the show, we all feel proud to see the finished product airing on televisions throughout the city and in our lobby.” Hicks said he likes to be behind the scenes controlling the sound while Escobar films the episode. “It shows that the leadership cares and is giving the public feedback,” De Los Santos said. “‘Straight Talk’ is a very informative, engaging conversation about relevant information delivered in a casual way.” The show is expected to continue to keep the open transparency for the public and will continue to expand. “I hope that we never get to a place where you don’t see ‘Straight Talk,’” De Los Santos said. “I got an email just a little while ago from a man in Beeville that had seen the show on Channel 5 in Orange Grove.” De Los Santos issued a challenge to other public entities throughout Alice to contact him to air their meetings as well. “I would love to make an agreement with the education and community boards to air their meetings on Channel 5,” De Los Santos said. “People want to watch the Commissioner’s Court and School Board meetings that they can’t make.”


Your Hometown Pharmacy & More

featuring DEMDACO

designs for the home

301 E. Main St., Alice, Texas 6 a Magazine November 2012


Babies who are breastfed are at lower risk for childhood illnesses Women’s Wellness By JUDY PERDUE


here are many reasons why breast milk is the best food for your baby. For now, let’s talk about childhood illnesses and conditions that breast milk helps to prevent. The risk for developing the following is reduced by up to: 50 percent, ear infection 72 percent, being hospitalized for respiratory infection 64 percent, diarrhea 39 percent, Type 2 diabetes 24 percent, obesity in adulthood 27 percent, childhood asthma with no family history of asthma 40 percent, childhood asthma WITH a family history of asthma 42 percent, skin allergies

36 percent, sudden infant death syndrome (The above taken in part from the Texas Dept of Health, The Health Care Provider’s Guide to Breastfeeding). Most parents would jump at the chance to give their child a drug (pill, liquid or

injection) that would provide so much protection for their babies. Unfortunately, many parents don’t realize that nature has provided them and their babies with the perfect food that also gives them protection against many illnesses. Breast milk is recommended to be your child’s only source of food for the first 6 months of life. After 6 months, breastfeeding should continue and additional foods can be added throughout the rest of the first year of life. Give your baby the very best by giving him or her food that will also help to keep them from getting sick. Judy Perdue spends four days each week as a women’s health nurse practicioner with Dr. Jason C. Bradford, M.D., at Alice Obstetrics and Gynecology Associates.

By All Means Health & Wellness By BILLY SCOGGINS, RN Wesley Nurse

Memory Loss a Cause for Concern: When to Call the Doctor


re you worried about an older loved one’s memory or behavior? Has mom been getting lost while running errands? Has dad started to ask the same questions over and over? The early signs of Alzheimer’s are not always clear-cut and can often be hard to distinguish from normal memory changes that come with age. Many people confuse Alzheimer’s with Dementia. What’s the difference? Alzheimer’s is a disease. Dementia is a symptom of the disease and can be caused by other conditions as well. Although some memory changes are considered normal as you get older, memory problems that interfere with activities of daily living are not. Common early signs for Alzheimer’s/ Dementia may include: Short Term Memory Loss: Anyone can forget details from recent events or conversations. In the Alzheimer’s/ Dementia patient, older memories may seem unaffected and more recent events and conversations can be forgotten. Repetition: Stories may be repeated, sometimes word for word. They may keep asking the same questions repeatedly no matter how many times they’ve been answered. Personality Changes: You may notice sudden mood swings. They may become emotionally upset or angry for no particular reason. You may observe withdrawn behavuu

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November 2012 a Magazine 7

An Elizondo Family Thanksgiving

Andres and Dorella Elizondo surrounded by their loving family and friends as they hosted a pre-Thanksgiving celebration in their Alice home.

Jim Wells County celebrating 100 years of promoting a drug-free community

Jim Wells County encourages the community to take a visible stand against drugs. We together must raise the awareness of drug use and the problems related to drugs facing our community, and we encourage parents, educators, business owners, and other community organizations to promote drug-free lifestyles. Join with us in adopting healthy, drug-free lifestyles. For more information on how you can help, please visit

Our History

Governor Oscar B. Colquitt signed legislation creating Jim Wells County on March 11, 1911. Taken from terriory formerly a part of Nueces County. The new county was named for prominent Brownsville attorney and business leader James B. Wells, Jr. (1850-1923). The first county elections were held two months later and in January 1912 The citizens of the new county approved a bond election to finance the construction of a courthouse and jail. The County Commissioners hired San Antonio’s architect Atlee B. Ayers to design the courthouse. The laying of the cornerstone on July 25, 1912 drew a crowd of more than 2,000 people. Celebration activities included performances by the Alice Concert band and the Alice Symphony Club, as well as a barbecue, rodeo, and baseball game. Although It’s original appearance has been altered, the Jim Wells Courthouse stands as a significant structure in the County’s History and Continues to serve as the Center of County Government.

Judge L. Arnoldo Saenz

Commissioner Ventura Garcia

Commissioner Javier Garcia

8 a Magazine November 2012

Commissioner Zenaida Sanchez

Sheriff Oscar Lopez

Attorney Jesusa Sanchez-Vera

Clerk JC Perez

District Clerk R. David Guerrero

Treasurer Becky Dominguez

Tax AssessorCollector Mary Lozano

District Attorney Armando Barrera

District Judge Richard Terrell


or Dorella Elizondo, Thanksgiving is more than just a holiday. It’s a time to share her tried and true recipes with her entire family. Often starting several days before the actual holiday, Dorella cooks and mixes her own stuffing, preparing it by the roaster-full for several family members. Her Thanksgiving is mostly spent delivering the starchy

goodness to her loved ones before she sits down to her own meal. She wouldn’t have it any other way. Spending time with her family is the most important part of her life. Add good food to that mix and you have a recipe for loving, fun holidays. The banter is quick and witty around the Elizondo table. No hurt feelings when a joke is made at your expense.

The cheer permeates the atmosphere. Family members come and go. The door is not locked during these family gatherings. Come on in, grab a plate, take a seat and join right in to the conversation. “Thanksgiving’s her thing,” husband Andres proudly announces. With an entire table filled with Thanksgiving fare, there is a wide selection. Pies, fruit salad that tastes more like ice

cream (Andres prefers his frozen), yams, mashed potatoes and of course, lots of turkey fill the buffet table. Much preparation went into the meal, and Dorella got busy two days prior. It didn’t look like work, though, as she navigated through her kitchen, her apron covered in food stuff and spatula in hand. “I always wanted a family, a home filled with children,” she proudly beams. She definitely has that in abundance. No one goes hungry or feels unwelcome in her home. Always the prepared hostess, Dorella even provides handy to-go boxes for her guests. And why not? One of the best aspects of Thanksgiving is the leftovers! Dorella offers these tips for a Magazine readers for a successful meal: a Brine your turkey for 24 hours before cooking. There are many recipes available

Jim Dean Homes, LLC

online, or you can purchase pre-mixed dry ingredients as Dorella does. She also adds apple cider to the mix. Brining helps seal in the juices of the turkey while adding flavor. It makes for one tasty and juicy bird! When cooking, keep it wrapped tight until it’s almost done, then uncover it so the skin can get the perfect golden brown.

a Boil your yams with cin-

namon for added yumminess. Use fresh, not canned.

a The secret to a creamier fruit salad? Evaporated milk. It adds a smoothness to the salad you just can’t get from just whipped topping. a Want moist stuffing? Dorella adds eggs to her mixture to create more of a cake-like stuffing. The final product is indeed moist. Photography by ANDY VILLARREAL Story by NICOLE D. PEREZ

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November 2012 a Magazine 9

Student-Athlete Acosta: Running toward a goal Photography and Story by MARK MOLINA


rying to get that full college experience has long been the goal of students when they leave home and get as far away as they can. Only, what most will not tell you is that all the experience depends on you and does not rely on distance, well - unless you run cross country, then distance has a little bit to do with it. Marissa Acosta left Alice following graduation in 2010 with a resume that would probably land her in a big school up north or maybe even out of state, excelling on the athletic field as well as

in the classroom. Acosta was a Coyote Scholar in 2010 (Top 20 of 301), Senior Class Vice President in 2009-2010, a member of the National Honor Society and competed in Cross Country (All District, All South Texas, All State, All State-Academic 2009-2010) and volleyball while being head cheerleader (2006-10). It’s an impressive rundown, one that comes from a strong family mentality and support, a big reason why she chose to go to Texas A&M-Kingsville. “I decided on TAMUK because it is close to home and I am very family-oriented,” Acosta said. “During my


athletic recruitment trip, my freshmen orientation, and other visits, I fell in love with the university and I knew it was the perfect fit for me.” Of course, that was not the sole reason for her choice, TAMUK offered a scholarship to run track and cross country; and her father, Amador Acosta, is an alumnus of the university. With following her father’s footsteps in mind, Acosta decided to study kinesiology and complete her dream of becoming a collegiate athlete, something she now knows takes a lot more at the next level. “Running at the collegiate


level is something I had always dreamed of as a kid. I love my teammates, coaches, and all the hard work that comes with it that make me a better runner and I wouldn’t have it any other way,” Acosta said. “You may think running is just running, but it is very different than high school; because there is a lot of time put into one specific sport such as a.m. and p.m. practices with weights and team meetings. Also, the intensity is harder, the competition is way harder, and the drive and determination relies all on you as an individual.” Like in high school, athletics comes with academics and other involvement and Acosta has not shied away in the least. She is an active member of the Theta Phi Alpha women’s Fraternity (social sorority), works for student activities, participates in the Fellowship of Christian Athletes and is on numerous councils, clubs and committees throughout campus. She even works with student leaders to present leadership opportunities in an effort to help - much as she aspires to do after college with the youth. “My career goal after college is to positively influence as many students’ lives as I possibly can. Children are our leaders of tomorrow, and often people forget that and treat students poorly,” Acosta said. “I plan on doing this by being a teacher and an athletic coach.” With a busy schedule in hand and big plans after college, some might succumb to the pressure; but Acosta likes to take the positive road the entire way, even if being so close to home feels like being

so far. “Most of my motivation comes from the two people that created me, my Dad and Mom (Almador and Elda). Honestly, I don’t know where I would be without them, and I am so blessed to have them both actively a part of my life. They raised me to be the person I am today, and I love them so much!” Acosta said. “They have always motivated me to do better, and to be better. It’s hard being so busy and not being able to see them often even though we are 25 minutes away, but when I do see them hopefully that once a month, it’s an amazing feeling.” Acosta also has three siblings, Cristina Acuna and Cesar and Monica Acosta. Nonetheless, Acosta recommends becoming an active member on campus because it helped her grow up and realize that she could operate in many situations in life. “It’s a bittersweet feeling growing up, but you start to see yourself fitting into ‘the real world.’ It may seem crazy to get involved in many things, on top of school, work, athletics, or whatever it may be, but in my opinion, it’s not” Acosta said. Acosta is the example of “giving it the Ol’ college try,” but in her mind it is all anyone ever needs. “It’s like that saying goes, ‘If you want something done, ask a busy person.’ It’s all about managing your time your planner has to be your best friend! If you don’t know where to start, ask questions! Anything you want to do is doable, you just have to do it. Any goal you want to reach is reachable, you just have to reach for it.”

Photography and Story by LOIS STEPHENS

Extraordinary Ladies

Newest member Lelia Keliehor


elia Keliehor just laughed when she was told she had been nominated to become a member of The League of Extraordinary Ladies - for her unselfish giving. “I bet I know who did that, and I’m going to get her,” she chuckled. “I really don’t do all that much for the community - it’s just within the church. I think they have me on speed dial.” Although she celebrated her 72nd birthday on Friday, Oct. 26, she defies the stereotypes of age. Both her spirit and her appearance remain quite youthful.

“Way past retirement,” as she says, she is still working - with her daughter Kelly Mrazek in the Calculations Department at FESCO, where she was once the department manager.

10 a Magazine November 2012

“I work four days a week, so I get to keep all my benefits. I’d love to retire, but it’s frightening and then I think… I do stay busy, I do lots of other things, but 24-7 by yourself ? I don’t think I could handle it. I’d go spend all my time with my daughter anyway, and it’s easy - I’m just a mentor, so why not?” She is a member of the Catholic Daughters of the Americas Court 2584 at St. Elizabeth Catholic Church, has served as chairperson of the “Special Committee” and is currently serving a twoyear term as the Court Vice Regent. She is also a member of the ACTS (Adoration, Community, Theology, Service) community, served as the director for the Alice Area ACTS Women’s 2012 Retreat and now serves as a Core member.

She is the chairman of the church Stewardship Committee and organizes activities such as “Trunk -nTreat,” cemetery cleanups and a “Date Night” which “just to emphasize marriage,” treats married couples to a night out, including a sitdown dinner and evening complete with babysitters. She also hosts a Faith Sharing group in her home every Monday during which the ladies of the church get together to discuss their personal understanding of the Gospel message from that Sunday’s Mass. When asked why she volunteers, she said with a laugh, “I just learned a long time ago, if you want anything done, you just get out and do it yourself. It’s fulfilling to myself to help others and I’ve just kind of always

been that way. All of the volunteer work I do mainly now is for the church; but I kind of feel like since I’m a widow now, it’s time to give back to God.” She said she learned a lot when she lost her daughter, Pam. Pam was injured and required a transplant, so she went to Pennsylvania with her. “I spent about like three months up there. I met so many brave people and so I don’t know, I was just impressed with all these people - I kind of became everybody’s caretaker up there. I just enjoyed serving and waiting on those brave, brave people. It helps me too, it’s very rewarding.” Do you know an extraordinary lady? Nominate her by calling 361-668-6397 or email nperez@

A message of Hope for Alice


Photography CONTRIBUTED and Story by NICOLE D. PEREZ

local group of church leaders continues to stand “United For Hope” for Alice’s future. The Alice Area Alliance of Christian Churches continues its mission of healing the community through Christ with an incredible event set for 7 to 9 p.m. Saturday, Nov. 17, in Alice’s Memorial Stadium. “We need to send a different message,” Pastor Kathleen Kasper with AAACC said. “We need to stand strong. We have a huge God; we will keep our eyes on Him.” The group is meeting weekly as plans for the communitywide event continue. The purpose? To take Alice back from the element which marred the community over the summer with gang and domestic violence and drug abuse. Serving as Keynote Speaker is John Bowman of Lakewood Church in Houston. Robert Ortiz III, an Alice

native who is involved with Lakewood, has served as a bridge between the two church communities. “When the Alliance asked me to help facilitate the event, I felt I had to ask John Bowman, my friend and mentor, to join forces with us to be the guest speaker that night,” Ortiz said. “He agreed to be the guest speaker. The next day, he called me and said God had really pressed on his heart to go full throttle and get involved. John’s involvement in the event has created much influence in people engaging. I had a handful of volunteers ask if they could come help us. I had no idea I was going to get the level of participation as I am getting today. “ Some 50 individuals have volunteered their time to the purpose of healing Alice, from ushers to greeters to deaf and mute translators, many have agreed to help the cause. “Although this is not a Lakewood event, this is definitely an extension of Pastor

Joel and Victoria Osteen’s message of Hope to the world,” Ortiz said. “This all started basically as the size of a mustard seed. I came in June to give my testimony and developed a great alliance with Pastor Terry (McCoskey) and Pastor Kathleen (Kasper). Every single person involved believes in the Alliance’s vision and are coming to give hope to the City of Alice. This is so much fun and the feeling to be part of something life changing for the city of Alice is priceless!” Also performing at the event is Lakewood’s “Moving Worship” musical group. “Over the years, Moving Worship has become an official ministry of Lakewood Church, under the direction of Craig Johnson, Shirley and John Molina, and leadership of Antonio Manriquez,” Ortiz said. “The band still operates under that vision, providing quality live praise and worship music that encourages the Body of Christ, and

John Bowman of Lakewood Church will be the keynote speaker inspires people to develop a deeper, closer relationship with Almighty God through Jesus Christ.” The members of the AAACC hope to see the stadium filled to hear the messages that will be presented. It’s not about religion. It’s about hope. The group has been perfecting a list of resolutions it will present on behalf of the city. Some of those include: “We

declare the spirit of God and presence of God to dwell in every student and teacher;” “We declare the ‘Topix’ of our city will be the word of God;” and many more. Additionally, local residents will talk about how God changed their lives for the better, whether it was freeing them from drug abuse or from an abusive relationship. “Many people don’t realize there is an alternative way to live,” Pastor Kasper said.

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Indulge without the


3 Ways the Holiday Season will Destroy your Waist Line and How to Avoid It!


s it possible to avoid weight gain during the biggest chow down of the year? The eating season kicks off with fun-sized candies and pumpkin lattes in October, and is a continuous junk food binge until you cheat on your diet with chocolates from your valentine. Do something different this year. When you fall victim to the holiday bulge, you’re left feeling guilty and remorseful thinking of all the foods you should’ve skipped. Losing weight is depressing and makes for a lousy New Year’s resolution. Instead of committing to weight loss on Jan. 1, use these strategies to avoid packing on the pounds in the first place. The weather is colder, and it’s far too easy to use our extra padding as a heating alternative to keep us warm. You can blame Santa, your sweet tooth, or Aunt Mary’s fudge recipe for the added pounds.

THE SAVVY KITCHENISTA Megan Hogan is a Board Certified Health Coach in Kingsville, Texas, and founder of

It all boils down to this: Too Much. Too much of everything from empty calories to mile-high portions will guarantee weight gain, but it doesn’t have to be that way. Diet Destroyer: Eating empty calories You’re surrounded by an overabundance of highly processed, high calorie options that drive you to crave more alcohol, sugar, and refined processed foods. Food is fuel, but empty calories fuels you no further than the couch. The Fix Start your day with a healthy breakfast full of fiber and protein that will keep you satisfied. If you’re properly fueled, you’ll make smarter decisions when faced with sweets and treats. Oatmeal with walnuts and fruit

or a vegetable omelet is an excellent choice. By adding in healthier foods early in your day, you’ll meet a majority of your daily nutritional requirements before the temptations arise. Diet Destroyer: Unbalanced meals Pie is not a food group. Typical holiday spreads include lots of fat and sugar and severely lack in nutrients. When you eat too many carbohydrates found in desserts, stuffing, and mashed potatoes your blood sugar goes up and down like a wild rollercoaster ride - making you tired and cranky. This eventually leads to belly fat. If you keep this up for too long, you can become insulin resistant and develop Type II Diabetes.






t’s a sad fact we have lost the art of preserving our own foods. Have you ever thought about canning your own jelly or freezing your own vegetables right out of the backyard garden but thought it was scary or intimidating? I thought this until a few years ago and WOW, had I been missing out! It is easy as buying used canning jars (not old mayo jars!) and a hot water bath. Jellies can be so very easy to create, even easy enough to have the kids help out. When you involve the children, you are not only creating memories that they will hold dear and pass on, you are teaching them how to rely on themselves and not just a supermarket. That can be a big deal when they get older! When preparing to make a jelly, find a fruit that is either very fresh and just picked, or something that you have frozen ahead of time when it was peak picking time. Find a new favorite recipe, either online or from someone that has an old favorite. I don’t know if anyone noticed this summer, but peaches were 99 cents a pound and they tasted divine! Perfect preserving price! I made many, many

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jars of peach preserves, ready to give as Christmas presents to a few lucky family members in December. Jars are so nice to ‘Pretty up’ when giving as a gift. Find a bright print that can be cut into a circle an inch wider than your jar lid. Place the fabric on top of the lid and screw the rim on top. Use a pretty ribbon to tie it up and place a tag for who it is going to. Make sure they know it was made by you and it will be the talk of the gift giving. On to another method of preserving - freezing! My grandmother always told me to never, ever freeze without blanching. Blanching is a method of boiling something very fast and removing it into ice water to stop the heat from cooking the veggie. It is said that this stops any bacteria or fungus from further decomposing the vegetable and it will freeze better. I have tried both methods - of blanching and not blanching. After going without, John and I learned that in our kitchen, it doesn’t matter! It all looks and tastes the same, even a year after freezing it. It saves a lot of time and makes it easier to get a large quantity done. If you don’t already have one, invest in uu

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The Fix If you know you can’t resist the stuffing and pie, plan ahead to minimize the damage while still enjoying your favorites. Eat a leafy green salad or have a bowl of vegetable soup before your meal. Fill half your plate with colorful vegetables and each additional quarter with starchy grains or veggies (such as corn, bread or potatoes) and protein. Diet Destroyer: Mile-high portions Trying to limit the plate height to one story of food can be difficult when there are so many choices. You can enjoy your favorite sides, desserts, and cocktails without feeling guilty if you can manage to keep your portions in check. The Fix Check out your options before putting anything on

your plate. Take a lap around the buffet to see what’s being offered. Once you know what your options are, you can decide what you’d most like to have. That bread basket may look good at first but if you know the mashed potatoes are just a few plates down, you’ll be less likely to make a hasty impulse decision to grab it mindlessly. Check out the dessert while you’re browsing and ask someone to split something with you. Notice that there’s no mention of the foods to avoid. Holidays are a time to enjoy good food with family, and with a little know-how you can make smart decisions without any sacrifice. By shifting your attention to the success strategies you can avoid the excess pounds that once seemed inevitable.

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TAQUITO Photography and Story by BRENDA POE

If there is one thing Aliceans know the most about, it’s their breakfast taco. So after a recent poll, an “a list” of establishments was compiled and the plan was made. One regular bacon and bean taco and one of each establishment’s most popular tacos were ordered. A few bites later and $27 lighter, the results are in. And while this is just our opinion of the top 5 taquito joints, there is no shortage of options throughout Alice. Enjoy!



Silva’s Grocery in Rancho Alegre had the best tortillas of all the establishments. But the crowd favorite potato and egg suggested when we ordered left us wanting a little more... BACON. The redeeming feature that helped them into third was the perfectly cooked crispy bacon and bean taco. No problem ordering that one again! Definitely make a stop at Silva’s.


Cinco Nortex Bakery, located on Texas Boulevard, had the largest chunks of bacon that were perfectly salted; but the bacon made it difficult to get to the other fillings in the “Suicide.” The tortillas were smaller and slightly tostada - which made our mouths water - until we got the slight hint of sweetness one finds in a bakery. Great stop for breakfast! uu

El Taco Mexicano, located on Highway 281, had a very good sized taco that also had a nice fluffy tortilla. The bean and bacon taco was a nice combination of tasty beans and thick bacon - almost too thick. Their Killer taco was tasty, but the potatoes made it hard to taste the other fillings of egg, chorizo, bacon, cheese and beans. A great choice, Alice!

Big Taco, located on Cecilia, had an excellent balance of flavor in their Suicide taco, but the taco kept slipping and sliding because of the chorizo grease (not that we’re complaining!). The bean and bacon taco could have used a thicker slice of bacon, but YUMMO! Overall, a good taco experience.

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The Jewel of Downtown Alice


good layout and design and what wasn’t,” Adams said. “So I kept with it and over time I began to fall in love with it.” Still, there was a sense the drive wasn’t there and it was apparent. “I always thought J.J. had a lot of talent,” said TAMUK director of publications Don Fisher. “The thing is, I did not see the motivation.” Adams flew under the radar until last spring; but after being approached by former editor and student Philip Perez about applying for the top job at the office, he had a sudden change of heart. “He told me that he thought I had the best grasp on things and knew how things work,” Adams said. “I never really wanted to become editor in chief but Phil asked me, and if he

AJ’s Cafe, located on Highway 281 in the livestock building, had the best “Rey” taco. The taco was a perfect combination of potato, chorizo, bacon, eggs, beans and cheese. The bacon was thick and the tortilla was nice and fluffy. The regular bean and bacon taco was good as well with crispy bacon.

wouldn’t have I probably would not have done it.” Adams won the job and quickly changed the layout -and psyche - of the office, setting up a system that encourages more attendance to staff meetings and staying prepared. “Now we as a staff all have more knowledge as to what is going into the paper,” Crist said. Not only has Adams proven himself wrong on his road to the editor in chief position; but at the same time showed the higher-ups what he can do. “I think the job is what he needed to point him in the right direction. I’ve been very pleased with his work so far.” Fisher said. “The only thing that limits J.J. is J.J.; he can do anything he wants to do.”

is your one-stop shop for antique furniture, bows, handbags, holiday decor and specialty food, including jams, teas & more.

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Lipan Apache Pow Wow Nov. 24 - JWC Fairgrounds


he Lipan Apache Tribe of Texas will be hosting its Fourth Annual Thanksgiving Memorial Pow Wow from 10 a.m. to 6 p.m. Saturday, Nov. 24. This “a Must” attend event will be held at the Jim Wells County Fairgrounds. The day will begin with gourd dancing from 10:30 a.m. to noon with grand entry at 12:30 p.m. “We will be having a small get-acquainted gathering before the Pow Wow,” said Lipan Apache Tribe of Texas Secretary Juan S. Garcia. uu

The Head Man Dancer will be Raul Andrade Jr.; Head Lady Dancer will be Rachel Soto; Head Gourd Dancer will be Eloy Solis; Arena Director will be Danny Villarreal; Master of Ceremonies will be Erwin DeLuna; Host Southern Drum will be Huisache Creek Singer Ruben Soto and Host Northern Drum will be Eagle Point Robert Bass. A special guest performance will include Sayani – Cherokees Jorie and Christine West, of Spring, from noon to 3:30 p.m. The public is welcome to attend this free event.

“This will be a good time to see old friends and meet new ones. We will be entertained by Sayani, a mother/ daughter native singing duo,” said Robert Soto, vice chairman and director of communications. There will be traders of items of a Native American or Southwestern theme. This is a non-alcoholic event.

though we are blessed with a longer season than most areas. What are we going to do with all this time on our hands now that we are not playing with dirt! I think it

will be time to introduce you to another passion of mine, couponing! Next month, I will help you learn how to be a courteous couponer and get the most bang for your buck. Until then, frugal shoppers!


a vacuum sealer. It will keep your veggies a lot longer. I have okra from two years ago still in the freezer and there is zero freezer taste! Gardening season is coming close to an end, even

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iors or refusing activities they usually enjoy. Possible suspicious behavior towards family members. Disorientation or Confusion: Getting lost in places they are usually familiar with. Completing simple tasks of daily living like shaving or cooking proves difficult. Lack of Hygiene: This sometimes can be the most obvious sign. People who have dressed smartly their entire life will begin to wear stained clothing or forget to bathe. Odd Behavior: We all misplace our keys from time to time. People with Alzheimer’s/ Dementia are prone to place objects in odd or wholly inappropriate places. You might find a toothbrush in the refrigerator or the milk may be found in the cabinet under the sink. If your loved one is exhibiting any of these signs, it is not a definite diagnosis of Alzheimer’s. Any errant behavior should be reported to the doctor immediately for evaluation. Memory loss should not be dismissed as an expected part of the aging process. Unfortunately, there is no definitive test for Alzheimer’s but an effective treatment plan can be formulated when family and physician work together. Early intervention is the key. Family preparation for the evaluation The doctor will need some information from you, so go in prepared with details about the following: • List of present medications. Include over-the-counter, supplements and herbal remedies as well as prescription medication. • Any recent diet or appetite changes? • Any alcohol use? • Any important changes in loved one’s life - like retirement, recent move, a death? • What memory loss symptoms have family members observed? • When did symptoms begin? • Are their certain activities or patterns that cause a change in mood? • Do mood swings happen more often at specific times of the day or no set pattern?

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acknowledges the achievements of

Travis Blake Starr and

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wired magazine picked the 2013 Ram 1500’s transmission selector (see RighT) as one of their Top 10 Tech innovations of the show.

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