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ONLINE RUBRIK HOT NEWS BBM Melambung, Angka Kesakitan Masyarakat Indonesia Meroket - Harga BBM yang telah naik pada awal bulan April masih saja menimbulkan kontra dari masyarakat. Imbas yang sangat berpengaruh adalah dengan ikut melambungnya harga kebutuhan pokok masyarakat, salah satunya dari segi pembiayaan kesehatan. Contohnya dari harga obat generik, sebanyak 34 persen dari 498 obat generik mengalami kenaikan harga. Data dari Kementerian Kesehatan menyebutkan, sebanyak 170 jenis obat generik mengalami kenaikan harga. Ditambah lagi dengan anggaran kesehatan di Indonesia selalu jauh dari kebutuhan. Padahal, persoalan kesehatan yang dihadapi sangat beragam. Efisiensi anggaran menjadi pilihan agar program kesehatan tepat sasaran. Kepala Badan Penelitian dan Pengembangan Kesehatan Kementerian Kesehatan Dr.dr.Trihono,MSc mengatakan bahwa sebanyak 130 kabupaten/kota di Indonesia masih mengalami kesenjangan dalam pembangunan di bidang kesehatan. Naiknya harga obat generik dan anggaran kesehatan yang masih jauh dari kebutuhan tentu saja berdampak kepada upaya kesehatan masyarakat khususnya dalam penerapan Perilaku Hidup Bersih dan Sehat (PHBS). Padahal perilaku menyumbang 40% untuk derajat kesehatan masyarakat, presentase tersebut terbilang berkontribusi cukup besar dibanding faktor lainnya, seperti lingkungan, genetik dan akses kesehatan. Jika harga obat generik mengalami kenaikan harga, seharusnya anggaran kesehatan di Indonesia ditingkatkan untuk memenuhi kebutuhan kesehatan masyarakat. Jika tidak, angka kesakitan akan terus meroket hingga sulit untuk diatasi. (Putri, Yudo)

Rubrik on Campus LKMM LOCAL UMS 2012

LKMM held once every 1 year to provide training for Student Leadership and Management

Faculty students in particular. Here I will discuss my experience on LKMM. UMS LKMM Local 2012 held 20-22 January 2012 held at Myrtle, Tawangmangu, Karanganyar regency, Central Java. Day 1: We are preparing to follow LKMM. First, we prepare the items to be taken, well loads of goods .. After the opening, then proceed with our departure for Army Trucks Tawangmangu ride. Arriving there, we were amazed how beautiful the place. Then we prepare ourselves to get the material. On this day we get the material by Ms. Ria of Staff Personnel ISMKI that talks about Human Resource Management and Mr. Angga of the Secretary of Region 3 which deals with ISMKI Nationalism and Mr. Fakih of the Secretary General that discuss ISMKI Team Building. We also have the additional task of Governor BEM, BEM Mr. Iqbal and Treasurer, Ms. Ais. Anyway how to do our job of managing the funds in campus events Day 2: Wooo, Full Content .. From morning to evening .... Yapz, we can first material by Miss Indi from Kastrat ISMKI who discusses Kastrat itself and Advocacy and Negotiation .. Hmm .. sorry I am not familiar with this material, to make sleepy, hhe .. but my spirit back again Because the delivery of which Indi also give a nice lady, we were given the Ice Breaking jg fun and enjoyable which. Next we are given the materials with Mr. Gerry of Danus ISMKI that discusses the Marketing and Sponsorship.. Next, by Mr. Fatnan that talks about Leadership .. Yes, it reminds me with someone who I consider like brothers already own, in which brother who slalu guide and support me (though not often anyway ..) but he is limited to who I was able to provide My motivation to give my best b agi organizations and public interest .. If I'm sometimes down, if there are fewer organizational problems, but I knew back to what we are addressing the problem with feeling upset and mourn? Therefore, I try to face all problems with a cool head.

Then there is Mr. Ade Sofyan which deals with conflict management. Yes, here many of the most liked teman2 LKMM this matter, because in addition we are given a theoretical matter, but also the doctor told us to form a group which we will have to solve a problem scenario which also must be concerned about medical donk. Anyway, before there is Ice Breaking ya, .. pretty loh, can present a stethoscope 800ribu, who could miss tp Maika, hhu .. pengeeennn dah .... Just Cool! Here it is, we give Our Senior matter .. yapzz, Imam mas .. here he is presenting material about Public Speaking .. here we were taught how to speak well in public .. Well, almost sleepy aq wrote in the material master priest, tp not be so, Because we have to much knowledge of it .. we Lha jg Hypnoterapi interchangeable, tp lalgi2 aq can not be hypnotized! hehe .. Day 3: Waaa ... It, Outbound day, guyz Amazing .. yes .... despite some confusing route but it, AOS cool ones. Where, place up and down the hill tea garden, or soak in Keceh near the waterfall, to ask the celebration of the ama, hihi ... But i,'m interested about it ... Here we learn bener2, aq like it when put into practice immediately, krn easy to understand. Yes kelompokqu Antenolol group which consisted aq alone (Rere), Cahyani, Ragil, Wiji, Devi, Nurul, Rudi and Faruq. Aq salute with their spirit within outbound follow .. Sooo, Antenol, 1 Guts! ^ ^ Yaudah, we completed the afternoon, our last meal together before going home, eating cz mantep hhuhut festivity where people like to use banana leaves ... hmm, yummiee. It, AOS all about My Experience at LKMM Local UMS 2012. Next time, i will stay to wait about LKMM Region 3, cihhuuuyy .... Mantapzz .... The spirit teruszzz! ^ _ ^


Tuberculosis (TB) is caused by pulmonary Mycobacterium tuberculosis and has infected a third

of the world's population, so that is one of the world's problems. Incidence of pulmonary tuberculosis in industrialized countries 40 years show that the prevalence rate is very small. It is estimated there are 8 million people are infected with pulmonary TB 3 million deaths per year and 95% of sufferers in developing countries (WHO, 1993). Pulmonary TB in Indonesia according to WHO (1999 and 2004) showed in Indonesia there are 583 000 cases, death is a population of 140,000 and 13/100.000 new patients. The prevalence of pulmonary TB in 2002 reached 555 000 cases (256 kasus/100.000 population), and 46% of which are new cases or new cases increased 104/100.000 population (Ministry of Health, 2002). Consequences that can occur in patients with pulmonary TB who do not take medication, after five years have predicted 50% of patients with pulmonary TB will die. While about 25% will heal itself with high endurance and 25% more as a "chronic cases" who remain infectious (WHO, 1996). Declining quality of human health concerns in the world, WHO finally declared the end of 1993 global emergency pulmonary TB disease. Concerns and the world's attention increasingly obvious as it appears the epidemic of HIV / AIDS, it is estimated that patients with pulmonary TB is increasing. The drums of war against Mycobacterium tuberculosis germ finally done penanggulang programs, including in Indonesia (Ministry of Health, 2002). Tuberculosis Control in Indonesia has been going on since Dutch colonial times but are limited to certain groups. After the war of independence, TB addressed through Polyclinics Lung Disease (BP-4). Since 1969 the response made nationally through the Health Center. Anti-tuberculosis (OAT) which is used is the standard alloy INH, PAS and Streptomycin for one to two years. The Amino Acid (PAS) is then replaced with Pyrazinamide. Since 1977 began to be used short-term OAT alloy consisting of INH, rifampicin and ethambutol for 6 months. Since 1995, national TB control program began to implement the DOTS strategy (Directly observed Treatment Short-course) and apply them to health centers gradually. Until 2000, almost all health centers have the commitment and implement the DOTS strategy to be integrated in primary health care. March 24 is celebrated as World TB Day or World TB Day. This warning is a reminder that TB had been discovered long ago, that is over 100 years ago, medicine has also been found 50 years ago, but the case still remains a threat to the world. In fact, the world community in 1993 declared TB as an emergency world.

World TB Day commemoration (HTBS) this year at the global level the theme of On the Move Against Tuberculosis, Innovate to Accelerate Action to illustrate the need for new innovations to accelerate the strategic efforts against TB. In Indonesia, the theme is translated into the slogan Increase Innovation Innovation, Speed of Action against Tuberculosis. Minister dr. Endang Rahayu Sedyaningsih, MPH, Dr.PH said the control of Tuberculosis (TB) in Indonesia has approached the target of the Millennium Development Goals (MDGs). In 2008 the prevalence of TB in Indonesia reaches 253 per 100,000 population, while the MDG target in 2015 was 222 per 100,000 population. Meanwhile, the TB mortality rate in 2008 has dropped sharply to 38 per 100,000 population compared to the year 1990 amounting to 92 per 100,000 population. That is because the implementation of the DOTS strategy in Indonesia have been carried out extensively with good results. In 2009 the coverage rate reached 71% case detection and treatment success rate reached 90%. Need the cooperation of various stakeholders in TB control in Indonesia, ranging from medical workers and society in general. Success according to the above data needs to be improved in order to reduce the prevalence, incidence and death from TB. (LPM MAESTRO FK UMS) Sources: -National TB control guidelines of RI Department of Health, 2006. -Rusnoto, et al. Factors Associated With Pulmonary TB incidence in Adulthood (The case studies in Central Pulmonary Disease Prevention and Treatment of Starch)

RUBRIK TIPS and TRICKS Let’s Make Them in Balance - "The trick is a Good Time Management. When we organize, we will sacrifice some of our learning time, and that's for sure. This is how we do when we are increasingly crowded with the organization can be used with optimal per hour, minute and second. In addition, sacrifice and spirit of willingness more. So, to change the time to learn our unused because sometimes we have to stay up to organize for learning. Because, Active Sleep Many organizations Destroy Value = Activities and Organizations Active Lack of Sleep = Activities of Public Figures," Edho Biondi Joris, as a Department Head of FK Unsyiah Kastrat BEM, a Division Head of Medical Asyfa Team, Staff of the First ISMKI Region. "Time Management to be precise, self-management is no less important, if it could be both, then it must be balanced against all the affairs of our lives," Irfan Afuza, as a Expert Staff Governor for Marketing Information and Public Communication of FK UISU, KIK Secretary of the First ISMKI Region. "Setting the appropriate time Physical Needs, Worship, Social. With academic organizations should be allotted proportionally. Most importantly, the totality of time to do it and based on the sense of sincerity," Faris Khairuddin Syah, as a Staff of Kastrat FK BEM UNS, Kastrat Secretary of the Third Kastrat ISMKI Region. "It is rather difficult, should select the organizations to participate engaged and principled organization that can not make much of God and the parents,� Erlangga Araditya Satriyo, as a General Secretary of the Fourth ISMKI Region.

So the most important thing from the all of opinions and arguments above is about a time management. Why we should be afraid to say we are an activist? We must to be proud to becoming one part of organization which have well educated. (Rezita Oktiana R-FK UMS)

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Events on Campus ... Don’t miss it, the team reports the spectrum ... Each university's diverse, both of the characteristics, uniqueness, achievements, dedication, and so forth ... Here,spectrum team BPN especially online, to offer and which presents some special events and festive from our colleagues at several universities from western to eastern parts of Indonesia ... Enjoy! 1. Unsyiah (Syiah Kuala University) In collaboration with marketing Unsyiah friends, here we report on the events organized by friends of marketing. According to Mr.Abdullah Azmy, as Minister of Social Marketing Community Unsyiah stated that for this month include Pema organizing visits to the orphanage sosil, Pema Unsyiah Patronage Village Project, Fundraising Tangse Flood, Flood Southeast Aceh, Aceh Focus group discussion Earthquake Disaster Preparedness and Social Activity . 2. Unisula(Sultan Agung University) For the month of April, they held an April Devoted to the theme, which contains the event include the National Nutrition Day, Diabetes Day, the Day Down syndrome, according to Mrs.Rizky Ika Nahdiah staff as the State Department and as Unsyiah BEM FK KIK ISMKI staff in 2012. Nutrition for National Day and the Day of diabetes is dilakukukan to ask for donations to the Ki mangunsakoro road, Semarang to be useful to distribute food 4 healthy 5 perfect for street children. 3. UMS (Muhammadiyah University of Surakarta) Many events organized by the BEM is FK UMS. According to Mrs. Lina Zaenabu, as Secretary of the BEM FK UMS staff and serves as KIK ISMKI 2012 states that activities which are organized by UMS include BEM FK Raker Sertijab and Rakorwil ISMKI 2012, Blood Donor, Social Service Research, tuberculosis and for the day will be held next month GMN (National Parenting Movement) by each student to donate 1000 rupiah per each 2x a week for tutorials will be used to send their children out of school and the Little Doctor program activities. 4. UNS (Sebelas Maret University) On the UNS, this month they held the event more toward pengakraban each board BEM BEM FK UNS called Ours. The event was held at Balekambang containing gathering, closer familiarity inter-board BEM after 3 months of management, said Mrs.Irsalina Shabrina staff as the Ministry of Information and Communication BEM and the Secretary of UNS FK KIK ISMKI 2012.

5. UB (Brawijaya University) UB, which is an extension of his name. At UB, they held a version of the UB School Kastrat called Cadre School of the Nation, to realize a true student, student to optimize the potential and can form the critical thinking and solutionbased, as well as the skill and spirit to achieve kastrat for all students, scoring a strong man and strong kastrat which would be able to resolve any issues and also the most important conflicts of urgency as kastratization media on kastrat school, according to host Mr.Erlangga Araditya Satriyo grants that used to be staff of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs BEM FK UB and now the Secretary of the Region 4 ISMKI 2012. 6. UMY (Muhammadiyah University of Yogyakarta) According to Mrs.Reni Herlinawati, as part of the Student UMY and concurrently served as part of Community Services ISMKI region 3 suggests there are two major events organized by them LKMM UMY ArtDrenaline region 3 and which provides an opportunity for institutions or companies that want to provide for the participation of media promotion in the event. 7. UGM (Gajah Mada University) KM BEM UGM for this month will launch a Mahasaksi (Students and Students Antyi Corruption), familiarization discussion and formation of committees and discussion of energy issues pekanan, research workshops, census entrepreneur, leadership camp for new staff BEM, and the other by the Ministry of Information and Communications Staff BEM KM UGM.

Thus fewer events at several campuses in Indonesia, how exciting, right?? Actually there are many more events on campus that are not mentioned above, but this represents of all. So, yes keep spirit, comrade .. Each of these we do think we both would also be good according to God ... Yapz, Lecturer Life! Press Regardz!! ^ ^

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spektrum online edisi april

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