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EDITOR’S NOTE EDITORIAL CONTRIBUTIONS: Feature Writers and Columnists Mary Honeychild - Mary is a fusion queen, her love for music is defined by her roots of drums, saxophone and deep bass. She discovers the break and combination in genres and takes us on journeys into the origin and amalgamation of scenes such as Jazz, Hip Hop and EDM. The Little Misfit - The Little Misfit is an anonymous observer who has been around the electronic music scene for more years than most. She’s seen it all, done it all and has the tales to tell. Not much surprises her any more although she is still wholly excited by music, dancing and socialising within this scene. It’s with this passion and experience that she casts a slightly jaundiced, feminine eye on the many components that add spice to Cape Town EDM Culture. DJ Raiko – Raiko’s Heads of State - Raiko established himself as a Hip Hop DJ playing in and around Cape Town back in the late 90’s. He is known for his eclectic mix of music and classic 90's Hiphop. He is a regular feature at top events around the country which have included; Boogie Down Knights, Word Life Mc Battles, MTN’s Free 2 Speak campaign, 8-Mile Movie premiere, CORE magazine launch, TriContinental Hip hop festival, Red Bull Music Academy and Taking Back the City. Craig De Sousa needs no introduction. His love and passion for music is demonstrated in each and every performance - whether it’s as a house DJ, radio presenter or producer and has a career spanning back to 1996. Look out for Craig’s Ableton Tutorials as he imparts valuable knowledge each edition. Nduduzo ‘Smalz’ Ngobese – House Headz Up & Features Writer – Self confessed lover of House music with an eclectic taste to match, ‘Smalz,’ is the thinking man’s house head. Always ready to put a new spin on an old theory, he’ll leave you with something to think about and he’ll do it eloquently. Mickdotcom – Uber Cool & Features Writer – Strange he may be at times but that’s why we love him so. Mick has an extraordinary talent with words and an even more extraordinary taste in music. He brings a much needed eccentric edge to BPM. Jonathan G Shaw – Production Tips – Jon is a professional record producer who has worked with a multitude of artists and record labels in a freelance capacity. Outside this, he lectures music business at the University of the Witwatersrand and provides business consultation to the music industry. Dave Skinz - DJ, Music Manufacturer, Wordsmith, Record Store owner, Promoter, and gamer par excellence are some of the multi-faceted roles that Skinz has played in his 15 year love affair with dance music. When not indulging himself in MMA footage and band practice, he spends his time waiting for Arsenal to take the treble.

Feedback always welcome...


o, last edition I had quite a dig at J&B for royally stuffing up what could have and should have been a party proper! The feedback I received was quite remarkable - from posts on Facebook to emails received, an SMS from someone who was there and then several people thanking me in person too. I quite like this – I should write more contentious stuff more often. Actually contentious is the wrong choice of words – everybody agreed with me! In fact some of the respondents were people involved quite heavily in the music and clubbing biz so I know I hit a nerve. Anyway enough about me and about last time, how about this time? What’s irking me today? Sadly nothing my young faithfuls. Dave’s a happy camper today; even if the weather sucks, my health is failing and I haven’t slept for days. Oops there I go again, rambling on about nothing. Actually my health is fine... sort of, and I’ve been getting way too much sleep but the weather is indeed sucky right now. A few observations I have made though; Facebook has been a bit of a ghost town during August. Have you noticed? Or is it just my FB friends that have lost interest? Or are we all becoming observers instead of participators? That’s what I do. I lurk. It’s just so much easier than actually saying anything or posting a status update. Okay now and then someone says something interesting but for the most it’s just gazing at the computer screen seeing what everybody else is saying or doing... which is... um nothing too! Ho Hum, yawn. As for Twitter; this maximum capacity exceeded message is rather bleak. You’d think they could handle a bunch of short lines of text a bit better hey? I’ve finally figured Twitter out. It’s... well it’s nothing really. It’s just another silly way to say nothing most of the time. But join us anyway on both channels ‘cos even though I sound bored with both we are immersed in it and encourage you to immerse with us too. To join our Facebook Page simply search for us. We’re easy to find. For Twitter – whose searching for people never seems to work that well, or is it just me? – Just go to and follow our tweets ‘cos we do have something to say, every day about music and life! We live the life. The BPMLife! Pascal & Pearce grace the covers of BPM this edition and as far as South African production duos/DJ’s go a more worthy bunch of lads I could not think of. There’s been a lot of talk of how SA is the last bastion of dance culture and how house music is bigger here than in most parts of the world but we’re still a little short of genuine superstar producers. Okay we have Goldfish and Protoculture; Black Coffee’s been making some waves overseas as has Culoe De Song (also featured in this edition) and Mujava had that hit a while back. Then there’s Haezer, Spoek Mthambo.... hmmm okay on second thoughts we’re not doing too bad. But hey! I want to see some of our Saffa boys hit the big, big time. Maybe Pascal & Pearce can do it. These boys are hot right now. They have produced an album that in my opinion is as good as anything I’ve heard in recent years and is right up there (wherever up there is...) So read on my friendly BPM folk, about this exciting duo, about Justice, Culoe, Miss Isis and several others 'cos dance music is back with a vengeance, worldwide, unlike Facebook right now. DAVE MAC Editor-in-Chief

CONTRIBUTORS: Thomas Whitebread, Dave Mac, Terri Love, Lois Siddhu, Mary Honeychild, Damien Albetto, Charlie & Tony - Hemporium, Pedro from AfrodesiaMP3, Paul & Peter - Tuerk Music, Chris & Clint - Audiosure, Riqardo Neves, Marcel Zandberg, Beatarmy - Retro Music, Seeka, Deborah Rossouw, David Maclean, Nduduzo ‘Smalz’ Ngobese, Raiko, Craig Wilson, Dave Skinz. The Little Misfit, James Rose-Mathew, Sive Booi, Romy Hihat & Craig De Sousa

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COVER FEATURE By Mary Honeychild

PASCAL & PEARCE ascal & Pearce, affectionately known as ‘P&P’, are two of the hottest rising Electro House DJ stars to bump off Cape Town shores in recent months. They signed to leading independent label, Just Music Records, in May and in a few short years have catapulted into the limelight, filling up their résumé with remixes of artists such as Flash Republic, Locnville, Goldfish, Zebra & Giraffe and Roger Sanchez. I caught up with them a few short weeks before the release date of their very first and highly anticipated double disc studio album titled, Passport. Arriving at Dave Pearce’s home (and home-studio) I turn left from the entrance and into a room where... an 'Irie Beanie' man hangs from the door knob sporting an easy-happy grin, giving off a warm and welcome vibe. I smirk right back as I turn the handle. We sit down in their cosy Sea Point studio that is totally ‘P&P’d’ out. A graphic of their laughing faces hangs aboard a framed poster sitting on the front wall. Tilting my head I see in the background a picture of none other than The Beatles in their glory days. The aura of the room strikes me as somewhat eclectic as I poise myself on their comfy pink


couch, settling down for what turns out to be a fun hour...

The Pascal & Pearce Sound Their sound has been described since their early days in ’07 as fresh, filthy and wobbly influenced by Brazilian rhythms and percussion. They have in fact grown since then and now describe their sound as… “Uplifting Progressive Driving Electro Filth… We have changed completely but for the better. Our understanding of the use of the tools we work on have improved. Technically our quality is so much better,” explains Pascal [Ellinas]. Dave [Pearce] studied contemporary music and this experience he says laid a foundation for the appreciation of genre differentiation. He elaborates, “to say we are Fusion doesn’t even come close to describing what it is we do when we make music. I got tastes early on of different genres such as Hip Hop, Jazz, Rock and Country and with that my thinking just broadened on what great production can entail. And that’s what I bring when producing and so does Pascal.” “Some people come up to us and will say… ‘I could tell that was your track it sounds just like you,’ and we will be like okay we didn’t realize that

our sound was that specific because we keep mixing it up. But it’s great if someone can listen to our music like that. It also shows you that people perceive music differently,” adds Pascal, thoughtfully.

Hit Track ‘Disko... Biskit’ “We were stoked with the success of Disko... Biskit. It did really well in Amsterdam and the USA surprisingly enough. I think that also just shows how much the Dance scene is growing and coming back globally. It's a great episode and time to be a part of” smiles Pearce.

The experience since signing to ‘Just Music’ “It’s been coming on for the past year and since we signed it has been ‘out-ofthis-world’ great. We got to work with amazingly talented and down to earth artists like Tamara Dey, Louise Carver, Roger Sanchez and the Locnville Boys. Karl Anderson [Just Music head honcho] has helped open up a lot of doors for us and it’s definitely a great platform for us to be on. They handle everything from promotion to the distribution of our album which will be available at Look & Listen and Musica outlets countrywide,” Pearce enthuses.

““We have a genuine love for what we do and really enjoy our jobs. Not a lot of people can say that. We also make music because of the appreciation we have for it and the feeling that goes into our production.”

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FREE STUFF! Win 1 of 5 autographed copies of Passport by Pascal & Pearce + a Just Music hamper valued @ R 1,200 including: Roger Goode-Saturday Surgery 7, Sander Van Doorn, Above & Beyond, Example, Flash Republic, Goodluck, Ministry of Sound-Club Nation, Roger Sanchez-Release Yourself 11

TO ENTER: What fans can expect from the upcoming album ‘Passport’ “It’s a double disc CD set with the first being all of our own original tracks and the second disc will be all of our remixes of other artist tracks. From what we know this is the first SA release of its kind with all the work being original and then a remix disc too,” they tell me. Pascal adds “It‘s going to be a showcase of what we are capable of.” He pauses, considering his statement, “Because we make a lot more stuff than we actually put out. When you listen to it you will find that each song is a little different from the other, proving once again our take on diversity in production. Everyone always takes away what they interpret from music, whether that was the intended message or not. The idea is to make an impact and I believe you make that impact when you put real soul and passion into your music.”

Separating P&P from other Cape Town DJ's... “We have a genuine love for what we do and really enjoy our jobs. Not a lot of people can say that. We also make music because of the appreciation we have for it and the feeling that goes into our production. Aside from that;

hey... nothing else separates us from other Cape Town DJs” adds Pascal humbly.

Smartphone Users: Simply scan this tag:

Pre-DJ Rituals “Hmmm...we actually don't have any really... Well I would say that we have that ‘sink in moment’ feeling before a performance. In that instance before we go up and play, we kinda look up at the powers that be and just feel so grateful. We get to do what we love for a living. Yeah... I'd say gratitude is definitely a pre-DJ set ritual for us.” says Pearce.

Downtime with P&P includes… “We love what we do and not a lot of people are able to truly say that, so most of our energy goes into producing and deejaying. We dig soccer, table tennis and X-box. When we get the chance we will hang out at spots like Trinity and Sapphire depending on the night of course.” Pascal & Pearce have forged a well built and passion fuelled foundation of fans that now have a palette for their flavour of music in South Africa. They plan to take their onslaught global after the release of their debut album – Passport – you can take it from me, it’s music worth checking out. Catch them this summer too burning up the decks across the country.

Get the free mobile app for your phone

http:/ / Computer or iPad users: Visit Also check out the 3 min Passport album sampler and the Pascal & Pearce documentary at this same link.

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COLUMNIST By The Little Misfit

“No water for me thanks, only tequila.” You're unstoppable, invincible. Mortal needs do not concern you.

School's out for summer ave you ever seen a mosh-pit at a trance party? I have. The party was Orca and there I was on the balcony of The Fez looking down at a dancefloor, meant for 1000 people, heave with 2500 (at the promoter’s last count). Like psychedelic blood cells the crowd swelled as one. I heard stories later of feet not even touching the ground. Along with the party’s namesake, Orca, scene stalwarts like the Commercial Hippies and Super Evil tore the roof off. The crowd was rabid. I had been to Fez a week before, the turn out then had been, well, limp, in comparison. I have news for the sticker-kids and the board shorts brigade; there’s a new generation in town, and there are more of them than ever before. So it’s with this indoor orgy in mind that I look ahead to the summer season. At last we’ll be able to party under the stars and sun alike. But raving in the bush is not for the mild at heart; indeed it takes some balls, but you should be fine with a little preparation.


Your summer survival guide: A Car Bar is not a luxury but a necessity. Make sure you decant all boozy beverages into plastic bottles or the Red Jackets will be the ones tucking into your supply - and you’ll be left paying bar prices. Cash aside, just like any bar, the Car Bar is a social wateringhole and can provide much entertainment and ‘missions’ to and from the dancefloor. Water is not your enemy. There comes a time though when hedonism rules. No water for me thanks, only tequila. You’re unstoppable, invincible. Mortal needs do not concern you. But come Monday morning when you feel ‘trance-partied’ you will have wished you had imbibed in H2O. There are some sneaky ways to keep hydrated; drink whiskey with lots of ice and water; top up wine with soda water; stick your head under the tap whenever you walk past it.

Dust. It’ll seep into your clothes, clog your nose, and gather around your mouth. It will own you if you let it. The simple solution? Wet wipes. Buy a packet and leave it in the car. A great way to make friends too; hand them out to the great unwashed. Your phone. Leave your smart phone at home. The trance gods are known to demand BlackBerry sacrifices. Instead, take along that spare Nokia. Besides some of the makes have a handy torch useful for night-time navigation. Cameras. Avoid that sinking feeling on Monday; the after-party Facebook dread. Keep the memories alive sure, but when photo after photo of you with your drunk-face on is all over the net, you’ll regret those shots in the mud. The beauty of the scene has always been the anonymity - the fact that you can let your hair down and go wild without the fear of being judged. Nowadays, with all this rampant technology, you need to keep your wits about you. Sunglasses are non-negotiable. Not only will they protect your eyes from dust and sunlight, but if you happen to get caught in camera cross-fire at least you’ll look partly normal. Just don’t wear them at night. [So uncool.] Tent-tiquette. If you’re planning to ‘tent it’ there are a few things you need to keep in mind. One, where you set up camp in the first place ‘by the apple tree with the weird leaves…’ Two, this isn’t your usual camping scenario; there will be people falling over your abode, the music will make the ground vibrate, and you won’t feel fresh in the morning. Bring earplugs and water and you may just make it through the night. And finally have a snarky answer ready for when you get asked the question: “What time did you get here?” There you have it, follow all of the above guidelines and you’re guaranteed to have a happy, shiny summer.

The Little Misfit

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Looking for daily club and dance music news? Check out our daily lifestyle blog @

Red Bull Hosts Music Tech Workshop in Cape Town As the first stop on the 10-city Red Bull Music Academy World Tour, Cape Town has hosted the creation of a massive sound system from 29 August to 1 September 2011. Under the guidance of Dillinja and K-aze – the visionaries behind the world-famous Valve Sound System (UK) – and SIAN, DJ and founder of Octopus recordings (UK); some of South Africa's most prolific crews, DJs, promoters, producers and creative collectives were all a part of the build. As a tribute to the nucleus of club culture, the sound system is now traveling to some of the country's largest musical events.

Maximum Signal Control The collaborative construction of the world-class system was capped off by a three-day festival of sound. This took place at The Assembly in Cape Town, September 1-3. Featuring a full spectrum of electronic music where all participating local crews had the opportunity to perform on the newly built system alongside world-renowned selectors.

UK Sound Gurus in SA

Red Bull Academy World Tour

As the creators of the legendary 96K Valve Sound System – the world's first sound system designed and built specifically for drum ‘n bass – Dillinja and K-aze are versatile producers and mix masters. Since the mid 1990s, the duo has had a massive influence on drum ‘n bass and dance music in general, having championed the first filtering drums technique, distorted basslines and unique Amen breakbeat patterns. With an otherworldly and hypnotic take on techno, SIAN is globally respected for his avant-garde approach to club culture and his trademark experimental DJ-ing style.

In advance of the Red Bull Music Academy in Madrid – running October 23 to November 4 and November 13 to November 25 – events will be held in Berlin, Cape Town, Detroit, London, Melbourne, New York, Paris, Rome, São Paulo and Toronto as part of a global exploration of some of the most crucial musical movements. Each stop will delve into unique elements of the Red Bull Music Academy experience, bringing together influential musicians from various corners of the world across different eras of music to pay tribute to the pioneering sounds that paved the way for today’s deepest funk and hip hop.

VODACOM 4U RAGE FESTIVAL 2011 GOES FULL THROTTLE Vodacom 4U and BlackBerry are powering 4U Rage Festival for its 10th annual appearance as the organizers swap gears for a lower cog in their preparations. 4U Rage Festival is one of South Africa’s largest and most exhilarating youth event and will be taking place in Umhlanga, Ballito, Durban and Plettenberg Bay. As summer break 2011 kicks in, South Africa’s loudest brand G&G Productions will be hosting the craziest 2½ week -long party of pure outrageous action, all happening from the 25th November until the 10th December!

Dash Berlin and Gareth Emery in South Africa!

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Dash Berlin (World Number 15) and Gareth Emery (World Number 7) DJ Mag ranked DJ/Producers will be playing live at Trinity Cape Town on 30 September 2011. On the night the two will be supported by Protoculture, resident to South Africa and probably our biggest name in Trance at the moment. Dash Berlin and Gareth Emery will also join Aly & Fila amongst others to play South Africa’s biggest annual dance music event, H20 on 1 October, as they host Godskitchen, bound to be another massive party.

Daft Punk's ex-manager slams Disney over 'Tron: Legacy' remix album Daft Punk's former manager has condemned Disney for the way the company put together the forthcoming remix album of the duo's Tron: Legacy soundtrack. Busy P, who is a DJ and producer and managed the band from 1996 to 2008, posted a statement about the album on his official website, He wrote that he was "100 percent sure Daft Punk were not involved in this side project." The remix album, Tron: Legacy R3CONFIGUR3D, is due for release on 4 April. It features contributions from M83, Boyz Noise and Moby.

Soul Candi Signs Mentalwave, Representative of Liquideep One of South Africa's most recognized house duos, Liquideep, will be releasing their forthcoming music in conjunction with Soul Candi Records. Soul Candi Records' label manager Allan "Kid Fonque" Nicoll confirmed the news. He said that they are really excited about Mentalwave joining the Soul Candi family. He goes on to say that they have always been big fans of Liquideep music and that they look forward to an exciting future together.

Shangaan Electro - New Wave Dance Music From South Africa – From HONEST JON'S RECORDS If you haven't yet heard of it, you have to check out New Wave Shangaan dance music from Africa, specifically from a few southern parts near Johannesburg and Mozambique. The music – set at a super insane 180 bpm is all about rapid rhythmic body movement, combining traditional Shangaan with popular Urban House. Evidently, the inspiration came from the mind of one man, named Nozinja, who works as a producer and independently sells it, on DVDs and cassettes that fan out for use at insane dance parties; you can also check their footage on You Tube.

Moby releases new single 'Lie Down In Darkness' with Remixes by Paul Van Dyk, Chris Liebing and Michael Mayer Moby's new single Lie Down In Darkness is out now! The digital only 14track remix bundle comes with the original album version along with an array of remixes including Chris Liebing, Paul Van Dyk, Photek, and Michael Mayer, in addition to others. Lie Down In Darkness is taken from Moby's most recent studio album, Destroyed.

Raiko’s Heads of State By DJ Raiko

14 | BPM

COLUMNIST ow being on Facebook one comes across countless low quality mixtapes, tracks and so on sent through every day, half of which are hard to listen to, let alone grasp. Which deters my attitude and inclines me not to pay attention to half the stuff I get sent, but every now and then you get a link to something that just feels right and grabs one’s attention immediately. This was the case when a certain Pretoria lady hit me up with a simple link to her music page, where she conducts her ‘bizness’ under the name Miss Isis. I had a listen and enjoyed it from the start; her jazzy soulful approach is warm on the ears and the combination of the playful content with the easily accessible beats, most of which she makes herself, are most hospitable. I got chatting to Miss Isis...


One can hear the various influences in your music; a distinct Pretoria flava that we’ve become accustomed to as well as a personal take of your own. Who personally influences your sound and vocals? Let me say this. At the moment, everything influences me. It has to. For me to learn and absorb more, I have to be understanding to what is out there. But Hip hop is my first sound and influence. When I was smaller I was into your Commons, Talibs, ATCQ, Biggie… etc. As I got older and got out the box a bit, I started diggin’ a little deeper to see where this music originates from and yes, I do believe it’s jazz. Jazz grew into me. My voice changed and developed into a more accomodating voice. In came Nina Simone and Jimmy Smith. Growing up opened my eyes to studios and music tools and once I tried, I kept going. I had found hip hop and its origins so I started fiddling around with the programmes and software. Now I can comfortably say I am a producer. Being a producer as well as vocalist, what’s your approach when making a beat and laying vocals over it and what tools do you use? I never have a ready plan of action. It usually depends on the mood that I’m in that day. If the sun shines, the beat will shine. Dull days have dark beats but nevertheless, they speak more with the song that way. That’s more of the spontaneous approach. Technically, I usually listen to what I’d like to sound like. I'd concentrate and try seperate the elements of the song and try repeat the process. Once I have familiarized myself


“For me to learn and absorb more, I have to be understanding to what is out there. But Hip hop is my first sound and influence.” with the foundation of the track, the magic begins. From sampling to cutting and editing waves, I construct my own sound. From here, the song is shaped, formed and twisted to what I want to be heard, of course with a dose of creativity, the pots keep bubblin’! I’ve watched a lot of hip hop documentaries, more like drilled to me, at a young age and became interested in producing. Fruity Loops , Sony Sound Forge and Acid are my main chopping tools. I use Cubase to record. You’re at the dawn of a musical career in terms of dropping an album and getting it out. What are your plans to make that journey last? Wow... um... tough question. I'd love to be remembered more than anything. So I’m really under pressure for time. But I have made plans for progress and growth’s sake. Cartoon Background [forthcoming album] was an old concept redone consisting of me on the beats and some vocals and getting a few mcees, vocalists, poets to be put on. Diggin’ for fresh new art to be recorded so yeah,

that’s my first project to introduce myself as a beat maker. The EP is due soon. Then the album of course at a later stage. I’m busy with a dope contact overseas, Saneyes. She’s a beautiful producer. Check me out on the Ladies of the Mic Collaboration ft. Nthabi, Nombongo, Supa, Yugen Blakrok and other ladies as well. Also a track or two with Fifi Rai Blaster so yeah, will update you as time passes. Any wish list artists or musicians that you would like to work with along the way? The list is endless as they say. I’m crossin' my fingers for Georgia Anne Muldrow. Anything is possible. Musinah. I would love to work with Hishaam (P.E. rapper, I previously produced for) again. I’m a huge fan of 34OML, and then my girl, Qba. To stay in the loop with MISS ISIS visit:

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7 PM phone call to West-London puts me in a long distance uninterrupted forty-five minute conversation with Xavier, one half of Grammy Award winning Electro House Duo, Justice. They debuted on Ed Banger Records in 2007 releasing the smash hit D.A.N.C.E. EP that played non-stop on MTV and Trace music channels throughout that year. But since 2009 they have been signed to Elektra Records, from where we can expect their latest album Civilization to be released. Xavier’s thick French accent takes my South African ears a few moments to get used to as we introduce ourselves with the help of a few polite exchanges. His professional and humble approach to the chat sets a tone for what is destined to be a comfortable and enjoyable interview, this despite having spent all day fielding questions from various media around the globe. I perk up as I picture him chilling on the couch in the condo he shares with his friend and DJ partner, Gaspard Auge. The duo have captured adoring fans and audiences the world over with sold out global concert tours and chart topping hits and remixes. They scooped the Grammy Award for ‘Best Remixed Recording’ of MGMT’s Electric Feel in 2009 and have since remixed tracks for pop stars and other world renowned producers and DJs, such as Lenny Kravitz, Britney Spears, NERD, Fatboy Slim and Daft Punk, to name a few. Their symbol is a cross that glows bright and strong front centre at every performance, where the party and DJ setup takes the form of what seems to be more like a cult Rock concert. My first question to Xavier as we casually

Photo: Adrian Boot

An intimate conversation with Xavier De Rosnay, the more prominent voice of the French Electro House Duo

saunter into light chatter is … ‘Why the cross and what exactly is the symbolism behind it?’ “It’s symbolic of the coming together of people and the power that religion has over them,” he says. “The cross is a symbol used by powerful people to bring others together like the Pope for example. But this is neither. We are not trying to say we are Christian because we are open and appeal to fans of all races and religion. We just understood the power of the symbol of the cross and how it works. Music can, and does have the same power over people that religion does.” Do I detect a sense of subtle domination here? Or... it could just be the perfect a-political scheme to get and grab indie, hipster dance loving young people's attention. Either way, kudos to them for thinking of it first. People are in two places about what their sound originally started out as and what it seems to be growing into. A popular fan description of the

Justice sound is – ‘Grimy, bass slapping Electro with a heavy metal influence that boasts cut up bass lines along with compressed and distorted synths.’ Other descriptions are ones of ‘good old fashion House music’ thanks to hits like DVNO and D.A.N.C.E. Considering the various opinions from fans I am curious as to how else he would categorize their sound. Xavier pauses for a while as if pondering this thoughtfully, “We never actually felt like we were making House music. We are doing the same sounds as before with small differences. We weren't trying to make dance music... [He drags the word music out as he says it] because we have never really been interested in dance. It's all the same thing with parts of it changing. I guess people hear what they hear and then interpret that, seeing their own version.” Their latest album Civilization has a few strong influences of what is predominantly categorized as ‘Rock Metal influenced Electro.’ This gives it more of an album feel and from what I understand he insists that they simply take the production as it comes and make whatever they feel is good. As artists grow and progress into the sort of music they enjoy making this is a common occurrence, it seems. No need to fret, they will continue bringing the hits we love. I ask him if they were nervous at all when putting the new album together and of what fans may expect this time around. “No way! We were not nervous at all. I think nobody really knows what to expect and that is great as it makes the anticipation more intense,” he laughs. “I know that nobody has made a sound like ours and it’s original to us. If you like it, you like it and if you don't that's also cool too,” De Rosnay adds emphatically.

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There has been some well documented controversy around fans accusing them of faking 'Live Sets'. Their response to this is that a picture was taken of them during a DJ tour in 2008. The snapshot saw Gaspard DJing with an unplugged Akai MPD24. They insist that the equipment was unplugged very briefly before being re-attached. [Believe that if you like, Ed]. These two Euro, Alternative Pseudo-Punk, Leather jacket donned, cigarette smoking French boys have been delivering their distinct brand of Electronic music to major festivals all over the world for the last five years. They have graced stages at festivals like Coachella - USA, Sonar Barcelona, Niigata – Japan and the 'I LOVE TECHNO Fest' in Belgium amongst tons of others. In closing I let him know that they have loads of fans over here. Will we be seeing them anytime soon, I prod? “Well, right now it's very competitive to get a tour in South Africa because of so many different artists being booked and going at the

same time. And this is of course because of the World Cup last year that got your country more attention. But if we could we, we would definitely love to,” he says stuttering his words in that typical thick French accent. They would love to. What does this mean for the fans in SA? Perhaps we could start a petition campaign by going in and grabbing his management's attention! But for now, we can look forward to their latest and unpredictable new album release Civilization and wet our palettes on just that.

Photo: Pedro Winter

“It's symbolic of the coming together of people and the power that religion has over them.”

Checkout the video to Justice – Civilization on your Smartphone here:

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FUN STUFF We grab 5 minutes with some of our favourite DJ's and ask them... Well... Just about anything we feel like!!!


5Mins with...

oung and gifted twenty one year old Zulu Boy Culolethu Zulu also known by his DJ name as Culoe De Song is signed under Black Coffee’s label Soulistic Music. He has been producing and DJ'ing his specialized version of World House music since 2007. His effect has taken the SA Dance scene by storm as he continues to grow his brand of epic African House with that unique touch that you

Culoe gave us 5 minutes of his time over a quick Facebook chat... 1. Going to war means… Fighting, reason or no reason, it's a fight. 2. Happiness is… Comfort of the spirit in the space of reality.

Culoe De Song haven’t quite heard before. If you are a fan you will know and love him for his contribution to the track Have Another One off Black Coffee’s second album. One of his own first releases 100 Zulu Warriors carries a distinct and fundamental importance for Culoe De Song with the song being a reflection of who he is and where he came from – a talented artist extraordinaire from Kwazulu Natal. He considers this track as the beginning part of the story regarding his impact on South African Music. 17. Any phobias or Pre-DJ rituals to calm yourself down before a set? Breath & smile. 18. Ever taken advantage of a groupie or fan just because you could? Going back to the seduction case, maybe I have.

3. What do you appreciate most about your friends? Love & craziness!!! I have the best friends in the world!!!

19. The last time you deejayed a fan came up to you and said... You're the best.

4. If you were a Hip Hop MC what would your aka name be? De Great.

20. What feature impresses you most about a woman? They are great in acting, action and obvious in reaction.

5. Assuming reincarnation exists, what animal do you think you could have been in a past life? A Lion.

21. The Word that describes me best is... Mellow-dramatic

6. The first thing you said when you woke up this morning? "Wow I only slept 3 hours.” 7. I never leave home without my... Self. 8. What is the one thing you were told as a kid that has always stuck with you? "Good night prayer” in the name of the father and the holy spirit, god bless our night. 9. The one talent you’d never openly admit to having is… Doing domestic work myself. 10. Your favourite world history character? Che Guevara 11. One thing that always irritates you is.... Ego driven attitude. 12. Seduction is being able to… Make your way into getting what you want. 13. Beer, Whisky or Wine? Definitely wine 14. What's your favourite meal? I really like curry & rice. 15. Dream place to live would be… Barcelona 16. If I wasn't a DJ I would get my kicks from... I.T.

22. When I'm not rocking to Dance music I like... Hip hop and world music 23. Your Favourite Restaurant? The Grill House 24. Your favourite international DJ/ Producers... My favourite producers are Osunlade, Kanye West, Dr Dre, Charles Webster and Carl Craig. 25. The best thing about being a DJ in South Africa is... You feel the people through the music... This country has a lot to tell.

To locate your nearest Akai Professional dealer, call +27 (0)21 799 4950 or email

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FEATURE By Dave Mac f you chat to anybody that runs a successful business or organisation they will no doubt cite the need to always stay on the move; always look for new methods to improve your service, new ways to repackage your product and clever concepts to further your cause. Now this may seem a strange analogy when thinking about Earthdance but in fact the people behind the annual Cape Town festival, Good Times Events, epitomise this very ideal as they strive each year to reinvent, reinvigorate and revitalise. Respect! I settled in for a Skype chat with Regan Tacon from Good Times about this year’s setup...


BPM: Some big changes this year. The main Trance rig (Origin Stage) starts on the Friday I see. Regan: Yes. For one thing we really want to give the trance core as best an experience as they deserve as this was Earthdance Cape Town’s roots. Last year showed us that the Friday night rocks and it's time to expand the festival into the full weekend of big rig sounds. It's also great to get more DJs onto the bigger rig. BPM: So Friday night’s music will also be psytrance on the Origin floor? Regan: Yup! The night has been programmed by the Labyrinth team. There are some great acts. We will definitely have a good section of techno

into-prog-psy first and then get into the deep tribal stuff. I have no doubt it will be a total blast. Psy trance all the way baby! BPM: Another observation I have made is that the Music Box Stage has no bands although you spoke of the ‘Solar Stage’ which will include some acoustic vibes too? Regan: We have mixed things up a quite a bit although pretty much everything that was there before is still there, but now on bigger sound systems and with even more room to shine. We did this to make things fresher again, but the main reason is to make areas more focussed and create an even better festival vibe across the event. The Music Box stage will now feature the brand new Red Bull Sound System. It's based on the Valve rig from the UK, and it will be loud! The focus on Music Box is urban electronic beats. The Homegrown crew are included in this floor this year too, which I’m really happy about. It will be great to hear them on the bigger rig compared to what we had for them in the past. Basically we have given more time to the cutting edge electronic acts in SA. The new Solar Stage will be a calmer funky stage, between the 2 big rigs. We are now

including more chilled acoustic live acts there on Saturday daytime while Saturday evening will be a great little party with acts like Jeremy Loops, Toby2Shoes and James Copeland. The Greenpop dome is back and the charity organisations we work with will now also be in the middle of the event and be interacting with people during the days in this area. So really, we have a whole new hub in the middle of the event. I’m very excited about it. The Solar Stage will run from Friday afternoon right through the weekend. Friday night we will have some amazing movies there too, and Sunday will have reggae, world beat and other groovy sounds. I really think it's a great addition to the event. Music Box will now have more of a dub and techno feel on Sunday. The techno scene is growing nicely in Cape Town now, so it's nice to give that sound some space to flex its muscles.

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EARTHDANCE 2011 BPM: Right from your first album - Some Kind of Creativity – you received good reviews and people started to take notice. Eitan: It was a starting point for us. We put a lot of effort into that one yet we had no intentions but to make music exactly the way we like it! Kobi: The first album was like a beginning of a journey for us, one that is still evolving and taking us to new places with every track we produce.

Earthdance gets LOUD(er) As has now become the tradition at Earthdance, the psytrance floor will also host a leading international artist and this year will see the first appearance of LOUD, the Israeli duo who have been making some serious waves in recent years... Here’s what Haifa locals, Kobi Toledano and Eitan Reiter had to say ahead of their imminent visit... BPM: What is the current state of psytrance in Israel right now? As strong as always, more diverse... Eitan: Psytrance in Israel is very big at the moment. We had the chance to play at some super mainstream events in Israel and I can definitely say that these days the same people who are into rock or pop are also into psytrance. BPM: What came first? Going to a psy trance party or hearing the music from a friend to have influenced you into wanting to produce the music? Eitan: For me - definitely music I heard from friends. Kobi: For me I can’t say I understood the music I heard at a friend's homes at first but when I got to the first Outdoor Party I suddenly realised what it was all about.

- The King of Limbs and Amon Tobin - I Sam. BPM: And current favourite trance track? Eitan: This also changes from week to week heh, heh - but the last track that blew me away was the super old tune Union Jack - 2 Full Moons and a Trout Kobi: Son Kite: Let Us Be... for now. BPM: Last question; A message to South Africans ahead of your show here... Eitan: Play it LOUD Kobi: Fasten your seat belts, it’s going to be one helluva a ride!

BPM: Israeli’s seem to have this bond throughout the world so that when you travel there is always close support from your countrymen. Do you agree? Kobi: Israel is a tiny, tiny country and if two Israelis meet elsewhere there is a connection right away but to be honest we are more than happy to meet the locals and to every country we are invited to play our music, we are happy to see and feel new things, explore new food and drinks and just enjoy new vibes by meeting cool WIN people. [They’re gonna love Saffas, Ed]


BPM: Do you have Israeli friends in South Africa? Eitan: A few friends... it will be nice to meet them once we arrive. Kobi: Well, a few but not so many. Facebook helps a lot to chat to people from SA and expose our music in your country as well. BPM: What’s the best thing about being a psytrance producer? Eitan: You wake up and make music!

BPM Life is giving away a set of double tickets to Earth Dance plus a cool CD hamper including LOUD - The Remixes Laughing Buddha - Sacred Technology, Headroom - Artelligent, The Commercial Hippies - From Beyond , Gary Thomas Contraption Distortia To enter: simply hop on over to Or scan this TAG to enter directly from your Smart Phone.

BPM: And the worst? Kobi: I don’t think there is "A Worst thing" if you are doing something that you Love (in general, not only in music). BPM: Right now what is your favourite album to listen to? (Nontrance). Eitan: It changes every week but right now; Radiohead – The King of Limbs and Wu Tang - 36 Chambers. Kobi: As Eitan says it’s very dynamic but right now; Radiohead

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INTERVIEW By Romy Hihat ony Finger is an Italian born, world stage gracing, and now, Cape Town based Electro House producer and DJ. He has made an impression in cities like Paris, London, Moscow and Ibiza and decided several years ago to make the Mother City his base. He also hosts a radio show on MUTHA FM every Monday between 20:00 & 22:00. We talk about his latest release, his recent Ibiza trip and why he reckons there should be no more cheese for the mouse.


Tell us about the creative concept behind your latest release This is Not a Goodbye? This is my latest release on my label, Touch it Records. Behind the title is my trip to Ibiza this year although it was not a goodbye as I will be back soon. The track was inspired by Ibiza and the magic of the music you can hear on the white island. Of all your countless nights at PACHA in Ibiza, which one stands out the most when I say the word... ‘insane?’ The most memorable one then must be the Masquerade Motel with Swedish House Mafia, starting from Cafe Mambo for their pre-party in St. Antonio straight back to Pacha. The party was amazing, the music was stunning and the reaction of people in the club was so crazy. But also I had the chance to chat with the men themselves, Steve Angello and Sebastian Ingrosso.


The beaches in Ibiza are notorious for the displays of hot sun kissed bodies. How would you sum up the picturesque view you got to see as a daily norm? Yes many of them are lying roasting in the sun on the beach, sipping cocktails and showing off that Hot Body (that kind of reminds me of our Camps Bay beaches during summer) … that's the party island and that's the ideal life one could think of (if you like to party of course). Ibiza was fun, sun, party and business. I'm just curious and you can call me the cat in this instance. Please tell us who is the mouse and why isn't he getting any cheese? I am of course referring to another one of your latest releases on PACHA Recordings Inc. 'No cheese for the mouse'. Well the track actually was referring to the Mau5 himself [Deadmau5] … I couldn't use the real name as it would not be right. Joel is a very talented artist. I do love and respect his music. So basically that's where the idea started from… No more cheese for the Mouse / Mau5 in a rhetoric sense. What do you think the SA Dance scene is lacking as far as drawing crowds to the right parties? That is a good question; I wish I had the magical answer. South Africa (Cape Town) has been my home base for the past 6 years and I must say in the last 2 years things have changed drastically. Everybody is complaining but nobody is doing. I think we need to have more promoters that know what to do. Club owners to be more open to risk, not only playing commercial music. There are lots of people that have different tastes and don’t want to listen to the same Radio Hits over and over. I personally struggle when I go out to find a decent place

where I can have fun and listen to some great music. In Ibiza I was in Heaven. Why can it work there in Ibiza and not here? I am busy planning some Pacha Recordings parties here for the coming summer, so if anybody is interested to be involved as a sponsor for the events, contact me. I have to ask... How wide and glorious is your collection of PACHA T-shirts? [Laughs] Not that huge but I have a couple of them. I’m waiting for some more to be shipped over here. I do still prefer my simple black one with the Cherry on it. A classic Pacha Ibiza Tshirt. Scan this tag to download an exclusive BPM Podcast DJ Mix of Tony Finger directly to your Smartphone or simply go to to do it on your computer or iPad.

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FEATURE By Sive 'Msivovo' Booi t’s always refreshing to speak to a beat-maker who brings something unique and fresh into the mix. Hypnosis fits the mould of those beat-makers. He has been in the game for more than ten years and has worked and rubbed shoulders with some true SA musical luminaries including the likes of Oskido, Abicah Soul, Stephanie Cook and countless others. He has also stayed relevant and been able to transcend the musical divide by having a digital presence on platforms like and We caught up with him to find out about the man behind the music and about his participation on the brand new release Candi Roots amongst other things…


Who is DJ Hypnosis? I am an enthusiastic young guy who believes in quality music. I have been making tunes since 1996 and commercially since 2001. I have worked with all the major labels in the country and contributed to projects from all genres for many artists along the way. I am not just about house music, I am very diverse. Ideally I would like to take South Africa to another level and work with international artists. I make beats for all genres, except rock (haha). Describe your sound? I have a diverse soulful sound. I give the world what it demands at a particular time. Music in a beat makes a track a song. Hmmm, explain further… You have to have musical elements when making a track, not just churning monotonous stuff for the sake of it. Music has to be at the essence of what you are making, not just beats. Do you think this sets you apart? As I mentioned earlier I make music for most genres not just house. So I am versatile, my sound is very soulful. I put a lot of myself and how I feel into making music. What impact has the digital age had on you as a music producer? Well it has saved me a lot and given me the opportunity to expose myself to the international market. As an artist I have grown spontaneously and worked with some of the best in the world like Stephanie Cooke, Amera Light and Chris Idh. So in terms of growth and exposure it has been good for me. You DJ too... Describe your perfect set?

DJ Hypnosis Well the set has to be very melodic with feminine vocals to add that sensual touch. I mean I do work with male vocalists but there is nothing like a female vocalist. Jazz and vocals make the set complete for me. Tell us a bit about Candi Roots. How did the project come about? [Reviewed on Pg. 38] Soul Candi called me about a project they were doing to introduce three new artists into the mix. Immediately I wanted to be part of this, no questions asked. I didn’t even check who else was going to be involved! Originally I wanted to do a solo with them but this project has never been done before so I felt I just had to be part of it. Three artists all releasing music produced by themselves, local quality productions. I felt this was going to be a legacy so I had to put my unique touch onto it.

China, DJ Choice’s Casanova album and we’ve just finished shooting a video. Wow thanks for the invite… Ha, ha no man nothing like that; we were wrapping up some scenes just yesterday, next time maybe yeah? My album Music and Legacy is also coming out. I am also really excited about a project that I am doing with a guy called Decency. It’s something that has never been done before. It’s a combination of love songs and acapellas; a triple disc banger. Lookout for Candi Roots in stores now and make a note of the name DJ Hypnosis – this man’s going places and gets our vote as one of SA’s premier music producers. Catch an exclusive 1 hour DJ mix from Hypnosis: Direct to Smartphone:

What tracks should we look out for? Well there is Soulfiction which is a national anthem among DJ’s. There is the Adella remix, Roots of Asia and Now I Love. I have a thing for Intombi Yakho; those vocals… Yeah you could say that track defines me as an artist, it is really beautiful, soulful and melodic. So I guess you must have some cool future projects on the go too? There are a couple; ElectroCandi, DJ

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IBIZA FACE! Photos by Frank van Greunen

Communal Bathing is a common occurrence amongst Ibizians

Pam turned right and couldn't believe they were giving away free Zappa shots at the bar

Rory had puppy tongue thirst after 'Ooh Ooh-ing' just a bit louder than everyone else on the dance floor.

The Springbok Cheerleaders never miss a good jol

31 | BPM

Brought to you by

Where the beat lives on...

Saluting the Sun and praising the on-set of Dusk is yet another Ibizian custom

Mitch never quite understood why everyone said he had 'bad aim' – look at him go.

Steve had perfected his 'come hither' pout and aimed it right at the hot photographer.

Jeff the Flamingo Dance instructor and his apprentice Jane show us how it's done.

Destination – Fun and Frivolous Land... Yay

Boob squeezing is just another way to say ‘Hey how are you?'

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House Headz Up with Smalz

34 | BPM

By Nduduzo 'Smalz' Ngobese



e a Cool House DJ with... [download site-name withheld] DJ Song Lists” reads the email subject line in my email inbox. Inquisitively, I click open. I kid you not but this is how the first few lines of the email read. “As a DJ if you mind being a source of constant giggles behind your back, you can easily turn the embarrassment into awe by downloading this week's Top 10 song collection from [download site-name withheld].” What is this I questioned myself... is this where we’re at now? As a DJ no more searching for new dance trends or those sonically gilded tracks that you'll imaginatively and creatively compile to come up with an exclusive set for the night? Has it all been relegated to a common denominator that is a 'DJ Top 10' from some download site, so that when you download you are almost guaranteed a rocking set? Part of the fascination with underground electronic music is finding really good music that isn’t charting. It's the search, the find, and the ability to put it all together into a great mix that makes it. I don't know about you but I have a problem with billboard chart/dance tracks or 'DJ Top 10' as a method of influencing or even dictating which direction Dance/House


music needs to take. Let me state categorically; I love the direction underground House music has taken lately. The 'back to roots', thick, chunky vibe that permeates the airwaves these days makes me really happy – but I really dislike the way that charts/DJ top 10's on some download sites are so remote from reality. Yes, perhaps as a country that's viewed to be on the 'front row seat' and kicking its sneakers to the rhythms of Dance/House music for which we should be thankful (depending on your point of view) to the internet as a medium; however I refuse to give into this pervasive 'email & download invitation link peer pressure'. Kind of like 'Oh, be a sport and click on the link to download another hot 'DJ Top 10' that will make your set rock! I share with Osunlade's insights when he says DJ's and producers alike should, especially here in South Africa, “invest a lot of effort in studying music, the sensibilities of the sound, listening to an array of sounds and knowing what the music is about.” Or else we are running a risk of becoming a very much monotone/ homogenized DJ culture, that lacks depth and variation - where DJ's rock up to a club with similar sounding sets (if it's not happening already). I'm afraid we'll become another 'familiar' scene on public transport

“As a DJ if you mind being a source of constant giggles behind your back, you can easily turn the embarrassment into awe by downloading this week's Top 10 song collection...”

where a taxi or bus is packed to overflow when suddenly that popular ring tone squeals out in a series of ugly caterwauling bleeps and almost everybody grapples their mobiles similar to the Wild West gunslingers. I also get frustrated by young producers approaching me wielding their Blackberry's, boasting to me about their tracks that have made it to that popular download site's top 10. And you know what? When I do listen to them I realize that I don’t know any single person that has bought or even heard it play in a club or radio. Perhaps they may be useful to other DJ's (and if you have a counter argument to this perspective - by all means hit me) but I get sneered at when I tell them that these charts are completely useless for anything other than pure hype and there is no better way to lose my attention. In closing I'm starting to believe that those who buy from charts are not real music fans; they are just people who only DJ because they want to play something that everybody has heard without structuring a set according to the energy the crowd emits. Sadly then, the ones that contain that sheer raw creativity from producers who take time and always seek to perfect the beat – may not see the light of day as we are submerged in clubs filled with generic chart hits.

36 | BPM


The Winners Page... DJ Pioneer Next Level DJ Competition



Thanks to everybody who participated in the hugely successful and fun Pioneer Next Level DJ Competition. Some of the answers were truly unique. Congratulations to Richard O’Brien from Pretoria on winning the Pioneer DDJ-T1 Controller valued @ R 15,000. Pioneer South Africa also kindly gave away four pairs of amazing HDJ500 Headphones to Uvashen Naidu, Mbelelo Mastapiece Mpungane, Ramsey DiSika Zulu and Blake Kieran Foster.

Sergio Pereira from BPM MAG (left) and David Myers (right) from ProAudio/ Pioneer DJ South Africa hand over the DDJ-T1 Controller to Richard O'Brien at ProAudio's brand new showroom in Edenvale/Germiston.

Name: Richard O’Brien Nickname or DJ Name: Sugarfree (DJ/Producer) Age: 19 City: Johannesburg / Pretoria Occupation: N/A – Studying BSc Computer Science DJ Style: Progressive / trance Favourite Movies: Lord of War, Bad Boys Favourite DJ: Kaskade Favourite Movie Star: Martin Lawrence One international artist/band you’d love to see LIVE: Deadmau5 Favourite Food: Pizza (Hawaiian)

Favourite Saying/Quotations: "Dream as if you'll live forever. Live as if you'll die today." – James Dean Favourite club/parties: Anywhere where good music is appreciated. Shout outs to: My family, friends, DJ Rob O, BPM Mag, Pioneer DJ South Africa (Proaudio) and everyone else in the world that loves good music! Thoughts on your new DDJ-T1: Without a doubt the most amazing piece of machinery ever! A must have for any DJ that wants to create powerful and memorable sets without being limited by their mixer. I love it!

37 | BPM


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CD one that delivers a string of the bigger House Music moments from the nineties. The mix builds nicely with cuts from Aly-us, KOT, Lil Mo Ying Yang, Shakedown, Bob Sinclar and includes exclusive re-edits of Ultra Nate Free fused with Live Element Be Free. Nostalgia is the word, bringing home memories of back in the day shake downs and balls out happy parties. This makes it the perfect high school reunion party CD to pop in while you reminisce. CD two is filled with the best remixed club bangers of 2011 from the likes of David Tort, D.Ramirez, Thomas Gold, Green Velvet, Danny Freakazoid & Matt Casseli and Tristan Garner as well as plenty of remixes and productions from Dirty South including his DiddyDirty Money Coming Home remix. This disc has a more apparent modern feel with that unmistakable Dirty South magic touch. If you are a House fan– you will love this! Reviewed by Mary Honeychild

THE PRODIGY – WORLD’S ON FIRE (LIVE) (DVD/CD) (SHEER) <Breakbeat> For the most part a dance act consists of a guy with enough technology to bang out some tunes to get bodies moving, pulling in the odd guest vocalist, and in a live set-up standing in the DJ booth pointing in the air. But, as we all know, the Prodigy is an entirely different beast altogether when it comes to their live footprint. With Liam being the music mastermind, Keith (or Keef as he's now known) together with Maxim adding their voices and live instigation on stage, the gang has been at it for decades, carving that unique spot they've held for a long time - one of being something between a dance act and a rebellious rock concert. The addition of live guitars and drums drives the latter point home very poignantly as the punk attitude behind the music comes to fruition with explosive shows around the globe. The 17 killer cuts were recorded live on their mid-2010 Warrior's Dance Festival slot (covering their catalogue from The Prodigy Experience's rave culture flavour of the time, through the more in your face progression on the mid-'90s Fat Of The Land, to the latest hard edged incarnation with Invaders Must Die. The intense energy vibrates through the live recordings, reflecting where this music really comes to its own, but what makes this package such a killer one is the added DVD giving you a visual reminder of what a force The Prodigy is. Your body is sure to be humming after experiencing this audio and visual attack on your senses, as The Prodigy once again cement their place as one of the most prominent cross-over musical phenomena. Confirmation is pending on the inclusion of this live show as part of the Sound On Screen Music Film Festival line-up later in the year. More info at Reviewed by Paul Blom

- RUNNING TO MIDNIGHT (JUST 4. LOCNVILLE MUSIC) <Electro Rap> The SAMA Award winning Locnville twins have come out with their second album hot on the heels of their first Platinum selling delivery, Sun in my Pocket. With little time to waste they whipped it together in nine short months with the help of their international record deal so the album was engineered, mixed and coproduced by American producer Alan Armitage. It is technically sound and securely vexed in the Electro-Pop phenomenon. The first few tracks, a bit slower in bpm, take a little bit of ear tolerance to get through with of course the same Locnville testosterone bass vocal. For the fans this offering will definitely satisfy the craving of another Locnville fix. They experiment with varying distinctions of Electronica combined with Pop and without a doubt make it their own. Tracks like Stars Above You with its happy World Electro feel will more than likely feature as a ring-tone favourite. Head to the Sky has the definite Alan Armitage mark . It takes on a more urban hip hop influenced street feel complete with adlibs. When The Sun Goes Down remixed by Pascal & Pearce is the last track on the album boasting an edgy, darker techy club feel. If you liked their first album – you will no doubt like this follow release. Reviewed by Mary Honeychild




<Electro Progressive House> Pascal & Pearce. Let me say that again... slowly; Pascal & Pearce. Notice how the alliteration of the two P’s just rolls of one’s tongue? As a good friend pointed out to me the name just sounds so international and sounds like they’ve been around for ages! Now for the good news. Their music sounds equally international and extremely accomplished. Passport is a double disc comprising of 10 originally produced tracks on CD1 and 12 of their remixes of other artists on CD2. Kicking off with the sublimely penned Paper Skies featuring Michelle Breeze, she of 90’s band Fetish fame, anybody familiar with Breeze’s vocal prowess will know that she is simply magnificent. But P&P reel in several other top vocalists in SA too, such as Greg Carlin (Zebra & Giraffe), Tamara Dey, Yoav, Locnville and Juliet Harding (Goodluck) all of which ably accompany the intelligent arrangements. Passport is a combination of progressive, techy based electro house, extremely well produced and guaranteed to get your party on. The album moves effortlessly through subtle changes in genre but never loses its cohesiveness, a feature that makes this a very, very good artist album. Now if that’s not enough boogie for you, they serve up twelve delicious remixes on disc 2, further displaying their production prowess. World class, simple as that! Reviewed by Dave Mac

3. DIRTY SOUTH - STRICTLY DIRTY SOUTH (STRICTLY RHYTHM) <House> Aussie born Grammy nominated Producer/ Remixer/DJ Dirty South has been chosen to compile and mix the latest instalment of Strictly Rhythm's acclaimed compilation series. While already well established on the global scene Dirty South took it up a notch delivering smash original productions, remixes and toured the world non-stop and this compilation is one of the results. The Double Disc combo consists of


MARTIN SOLVEIG - SMASH (JUST MUSIC) <House> Frenchman Martin Solveig has risen sharply from being a well-respected Global DJ, to one of the most formidable producers and performers in the Dance scene. With his fourth studio album SMASH, Martin draws the listener into a world of pure and unparalleled fun. The first track on the album and hit Hello sold over 1.3 million copies, achieving platinum status in four countries. This album SMASH entirely produced by Solveig, is unrelenting in its quest for cheery, good mood commercial dance music tunes. His eccentric taste and non-conformist and multifaceted approach to production is what helps set him apart. The track Big in Japan plays out like an ode to his hit Hello echoing much of the same production. This should be a nice follow up to that happy tune – considering how obvious it is that he is taking a rightful brag. Get Away From You has alternative pop Rock infused Electro - Guitar feel, making it perfect peak hour traffic driving music. You will dig this if you want tunes for just that or for those 'so drunk at a party I could dance to anything moments.’ Reviewed by Mary Honeychild



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<Eclectic> If you know anything about Kid Fonque you will know that he is one of the most eclectic DJ’s we possess on our shores. Having seamlessly played an array of genres from hip-hop to nu jazz and even drum and bass one would expect nothing but the best from Kid Fonque. 2 Sides of The Beat is exactly that, an eclectic mix that includes the likes of Mujava, Nick Holder, Osunlade, DJ Gregory and Quadron to name but a few. This compilation takes one on a journey into deep soulful renditions and down tempo rhythms for the trained ear. The seamless transition from one genre to the next is what sets this record apart from anything out there. Tracks to look out for are Today by April Hill, A Day Without You by Osunlade, Mercyless by Fred Everything masterfully remixed by Atjazz and Love Of My Life by Zephrin Saint and Nathan Adams. To try and box this album in would be a futile exercise; its either you have an ear for good music or you don’t. So if you’re looking for smooth deep sounds meditatively mixed for your eardrums and soulfully soothing then this one is definitely for you. Reviewed by Sive Booi







GLEN LEWIS - GLENZITO HOUSE AVENUE 6 (SOULCANDI) A season is never quite the same without an offering by Glen Lewis aka The Great One. Having countless compilations under his belt and graced many a dance floor the world over this well-respected DJ has managed to stay relevant always introducing house heads to musical gems the world over with his fine music selection. His sixth edition of the house avenue manages to do this and more. This latest edition features the likes of Furry Phreaks, Roland Clarke, Charles Webster and Jimpster with remixes from legends like Joey Negro and Jerkhouse Connection. Tracks to look out for are Andre Lodemann’s Where Are You Now, Jimpster’s Alsace and Lorraine and C9ine featuring Kholi Chasing. A track that is bound to fill the dance floors is the Atjazz remix of Relax by Rainy Payne and Doc Link. If you have ever sampled any of the offerings on the House Avenue series you will realise that it is for the true lovers of deep house music. So if you are not accustomed to the sounds of the house avenue have a listen and you will be pleasantly surprised. Reviewed by Sive Booi




ELECTROCANDI 3 - VARIOUS ARTISTS (SOULCANDI) The long awaited ElectroCandi 3 is finally out and the dance floor is in for one hell of a summer. The latest offering is mixed by the likes of Black whole, Game and Capetonian DJ Dean Fuel. This triple disk banger is littered with an array of talent from the likes of Mr Cee, Tom Novy, Chris and Lake Lulo Café to name but a few. The beauty of the record is that it has something for everyone. From the pulsating basslines, to electrifying vocals to ass-shaking tracks all particularly put together for your listening pleasure. You will be hard-pressed not to find something you like from this compilation. Stand out tracks include I Wanna Love You by Lulo Café featuring Nothende, Summer in Greece by Chris IDH and Zogri featuring Amara the DJ Hypnosis remix.

Tracks that will make you stand up and take notice are Pain from Mr Cee featuring Mindgames and the track Paris Hilton by Fuse. In general this is going to be one of the biggest records this summer without a doubt. Reviewed by Sive Booi

9. DJ CLAUDE - STEREO CANDI 5 (SOULCANDI) Claude is one of those names that are synonymous with beautiful offerings. With a touch of eloquence and pizazz comes Stereo Candi 5. This compilation features mega tracks and remixes by the likes of Rocco, Atjazz, Charles Webster, Imaani, Nasty Nev and that hit factory known as the Infinite Boys. Masterfully selected and mixed from one track to the next this album is definitely going to have dance floors buzzing this summer season. Laced with spiritually elevating vocals and pulsating basslines this is a compilation for all seasons. From the infectious For Real by Atjazz to Imaani’s Found My Light the anthem that has dance floors across the country bumping to its rhythm, you are really spoilt for choice on this one. A track that is sure to take you by surprise is the jazzy joint Hung Up by Nasty Nev that is masterfully remixed by the Infinite Boys. I personally recommend Learning to Love Me by Charles Webster featuring the hypnotic vocals of Diviniti. If you’re looking for soulful deep sounds that are eloquently mixed and masterfully selected you should get your hands on Stereo Candi 5. Reviewed by Sive Booi

10. TYLER, THE CREATOR – GOBLIN (XL) Tyler, The Creator, is a 19 year old, American rapper and record producer from Los Angeles, California. He is also the leader of the alternative hip hop collective OFWGKTA. Tyler has attended twelve different schools during his twelve years of education and gets his thrills in coming off as an angry teenage delinquent. With fairly relevant apolitical and anti religion sentiments shared by a lot of other rappers, he makes a few valid points when referring to nonconformity. However, a little too much angry teenage boy and a little more lyrical art is what hangs missing from this piece of work. His delivery tempo remains the same throughout the album, profanity filled, from the throat spitting instead of the heart. Given his inexperience and the obvious talent sitting beneath his need to prove his masculinity, this rapper shows evidence of growth worthy talent. I bet ten to nothing he will look back on this work and blush just a little. You will enjoy this if... you just couldn't get enough of Immortal Technique's earlier juvenile stuff and if you don't really mind every second word being F this and F that. Reviewed by Mary Honeychild

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<Progressive Trance> Flowjob is Joakim Hjorne from Denmark and Sway is his 3rd album for Iboga Records. From the outset this progressive psytrance release gently eased me into a relaxed state but still kept my foot tapping throughout. The second track, Mercury Calling (U.F.O info) has a much faster beat, interesting vox and had me dreaming of a sunny dance floor. Goas Ark doesn’t sound very Goa but it is another fast track with a stunning melody. For Behind the Speaker Joakim slowed the pace and added a lot of echoes which results in a very trippy tune. He then takes you to the crazy titled Boomerangutang which has a thumping disco beat and lots of vocoder. The dreamy and angelic sounding, So many Dynomos has all the synthy elements, which reminded me of 80’s electronic music I love. Wow, what fun! Flowjob is mixing it up with a lot of different styles here and Pimp Your Hat sounds like it has its roots in Techno/Disco. Back to the liquid flowing prog sound with Panic in Purple. The album ends on a bouncy and melodic note, similar to the end of a daytime set, with Lightyear. Highly recommended. Reviewed by Riqardo




<Psytrance> DJ Pogo is no stranger to these shores and he is no stranger to the world of psychedelia as is clearly evident on this 9 track banger called Life Changing Experiences. Joining forces with Zephirus Kane, who is somewhat of a sound guru I believe, the duo get right into it from the get go on opener Overtones as they charge their way through some serious twisted UK psytrance. Forget the pleasantries, forget the angelic uplifting melodies and definitely don’t go looking for any fluff here. These guys make music for big outdoor rigs with massive expansive sounds that morph in and out at will, yet maintain a strong theme and consistency throughout. Although not a dark album, Master Blasters do produce rather twisted and banging psytrance just the way Saffa dancefloors like it. Whilst most albums these days feel like a collection of individual tracks compiled for DJs to play, Life Changing Experiences is actually very listenable from beginning to end, probably due to the consistency of their signature sound, which by the way, does not suggest any two tunes sound the same, they don’t; it’s a well varied album which takes one through a true psychedelic set from start to finish. Hopefully Nano brings these guys out for Origin ‘cos they’ll smoke the place! Reviewed by Dave Mac - KEYBOARD WIPEOUT (ECHOES 13. ROCKY RECORDS) <Progressive Trance> It has been four years since his previous release A Thread of Light, but Roy Tilbor (aka Rocky) has not been relaxing since. He has featured on numerous compilations in the meantime and collaborated with big names such as Ace Ventura. Retaining his reputation as one of

Israel’s top progressive trance producers he now brings us his second album. Nine fresh tracks, containing two remixes, portray this artist’s ability to make a tune sound at least 3 BPM faster than what it actually is. Lengthy, interesting intros sets the tone before breaking into fat kicks with a mega drive. An overall result filled with daytime vibrations, sometimes beautiful and sometimes just plain kick ass. Not trying too hard to blow you away, but eventually does just that. Not to be missed! Reviewed by Jos

14. LOUD – THE REMIXES (NANO RECORDS) <Psytrance> Loud (Eitan Reiter & Kobi Toledano) have recently signed with Nano Records and this is their first release with the label. These guys have recently burst onto the scene with their banging style of dance tunes and I am looking forward to them sharing their music on a South African dancefloor at Earthdance 2011. Their first track is the classic L.S.Dance by Psysex and it has been remixed by Loud. The Ace Ventura remix of Subinya is so sweet and creamy, a perfect Nano tune if I’ve ever heard one. Sun Dance is remixed to perfection by Perfect Stranger; a stunning track. Prometheus has remixed the psychedelic and trippy track, One Way. The goodies just keep coming and this is followed by a remix of Digital Hippie by Psysex vs. Activator. The dub step remix by Captain Hook of Wired is a pleasant surprise and then my ears were filled by the beautiful full-on symphony of All Rights Reversed as remixed by Avalon. Laughing Buddha takes on the Big Squid and wins the battle. The album comes to a close with the aptly titled Enlightenment as remixed by Zen Mechanics. Recommended. Reviewed by SevenR 20TH CELEBRATION – VARIOUS 15. VUUV ARTISTS (IONO RECORDS) <Psytrance & Progressive> Two styles spread over two discs, equally brilliant. Dedicated to twenty years of the legendary VuuV festival held in North Germany with a track listing that promises nothing but brilliance. Disc 1 is compiled by Iono label partner and well renowned DJ Murus and explores the progressive side of this double gem. Slightly different to the general fluffy trend that progressive trance seems to follow nowadays, these nine monster tracks have quite an edge to them and some will even be suitable for the night. Sticking to the same high calibre, the second disc is compiled by full on wizard Paul Taylor and contains faster, harder tracks that will flip you and dip you in a full dose of psychedelia. Miss it and you will definitely miss out! Reviewed by Jos

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Chabunk – Sub Saharan Roots - Psytrance These banging tracks from the SA psytrance producer, Chabunk, makes you wanna rip up the dance floor. Funky, bouncy and full of fun they’re sure to be heard many times this summer. Picked by SevenR Unseen Dimensions - Airglow – Progressive Trance A chunky and funky progressive psytrance tune dished up by Australian producer Unseen Dimensions and two tunes by Zyce & Nok and Flegma & Nerso each remixed by Unseen Dimension makes for a tasty 3 track EP. Picked by SevenR Neelix – Goofy Jam Session – Progressive Trance Goofy Jam Session is a four track EP by Neelix featuring some bouncy progressive psytrance that encapsulates the feeling of summer. Each track may seem quite minimal and devoid of any major ideas but watch them rip the dancefloor apart in typical Neelix style. Picked by SevenR On The Beach - Dinka - Chill out Dinka is made up of Christian Hirt - a.k.a. Chris Reece, who produces, and Tamara Maria Hunkeler, who DJs. A Swiss progressive house act based in Lucerne that produces stomping house grooves combined with catchy melodies and spherical harmonies. Picked by Beatarmy Life - Digital Kaos - Progressive House Digital Kaos, brothers Mat and Gregg OD are 2 of the freshest DJs and producers in the dance industry. Hailing from Durban these guys in my opinion should start a South African House Mafia; their tunes are great quality and get the Beatarmy stamp of approval. This chilled progressive track can be found on their Facebook! Look 'em up, you won’t regret it! Picked by Beatarmy Flash Tribe - Prok and Fitch vs. Calvin Harris - Dj Slider Mashizz - Progressive House Sometimes... Just sometimes we find a good mashup. A mashup or blend is a song or composition created by blending two or more pre-recorded songs, usually by overlaying the vocal track of one song seamlessly over the instrumental track of another which is done perfectly here. Picked by Beatarmy Anybody Out There - BCEE and Spy - Drum n Bass Label boss BCee - aka Steve Jeffery has quietly gone about building a label with a back catalogue graced by some of the scenes biggest names: from Marky, Logistics, S.P.Y. Lenzman, Redeyes and of course BCee himself. Anybody Out There is a feel good liquid drum n bass track with awesome vocals. Picked by Beatarmy Limit to Your Love - James Blake - Craig Williams remix - House Ever since Blake has started to favour his own voice over samples, his music has been just as notable for what’s missing as what is there. Limit to Your Love uses its instrumentation sparingly, but it never really seems like something is missing. Picked by Beatarmy Levels - Avicii - Progressive House Here is the newest installment to Avicii’s arsenal, Levels! We heard it before with his untitled song ID but now Avicii has smacked on a title, added some new vocals and synths. Some say it’s even better than his track Bromance but I wouldn’t go that far. This could very well be the tune of the winter here in SA! Picked by Beatarmy I Don’t Mind - Kyle Watson - Jacking House Not your average jackin’ house. Out now through Chris Lake's

DOWNLOAD SITES: / / / / / /

Rising Music imprint, which says it all! If a South African artist is signed to someone as big as Chris Lake it’s got to be a banger! For a musician that has clearly taken a brave step forward, there is still much ahead for this young star. Picked by Beatarmy One Love - TJR - Funky House Feel good track for the month, a remix by TJR on Bob Marley and the Wailers 1980 original. Step one-Download this tune, Step two-Blaze, Step three-Jam the way Bob Marley did. Picked by Beatarmy What You Do To Me - Crazy White Boy - Electro House I am so excited and proud of the South African producers we have right now. What You Do to Me, is the follow up to Love You Better, great quality, awesome electro riffs. Get it now on Soul Candi for the DJ's Volume 23. Picked by Beatarmy Palmer – Lerato La Gao – Afro Deep South Africa has made its mark in the global dance community with its Afro sounds and Palmer is one of the artists and producers who is continuing this legacy with his debut Afro Deep house EP titled Lerato La Gao. This promises to be an EP which takes you through the deep sounds of the Ghetto Streets of South Africa. Enjoy! Picked by Gemini Boys – The Projects EP – Afro Deep After months of halting on releases, TekniQ brings back the feel of Deep Soul Tribal Sounds. J.A.T.O (Projects) EP comes packed with melodies and rhythms to blow your mind, including remixes by Byron Leroy, DJ Bullet, Harris from Mogale Bros. This EP will surely bring a new feel to your style of music. Picked by Monocles & Slezz – Afrika – Afro Deep Monocles & Slezz are back again with the South African local flavour. This time they return with a powerful package that will blow your mind away. This masterpiece is packed with various Remixes from the locals as MnS reveals this talent to the music lovers across the globe and they embrace their Mother-Continent Afrika. Picked by Various Artists – Vogue Sessions Sampler 8 – Afro Deep Vogue Sessions Sampler 008 includes some of the tracks that are featured on Infinite Boys’ monthly mixes (Vogue Sessions). This sampler includes tracks like Happy Days by Nativezz Feat Thando K’, Tlanga (Afrika Soul Remix) by G.Man, Ubuntu Bethu (Risal Sounds Remix) by Infinite Boys Feat Lil Soul and lastly Let's Get It On by Deep Serenity Feat Prezzy. Picked by Gabbana Da Deejay – The Big Bang Theory Volume One – Deep House Back with his latest release is Gabbana Da Deejay titled The Big Bang Theory Volume One comprising of three amazing house tracks .Soulful and deep music production has always been his strong point, and this time around, the EP is as deep and soulful as any of his impressive previous releases. Picked by Thasman – Music Soul and Dance Part One – Afro House Thasman with his latest release on Afrodesia called Music Soul and Dance Part One. This is an Afro House album showcasing his versatility in production and as an artist. Music Soul and Dance Part One is part one of a thirteen track album…Enjoy!! Picked by


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VOTE FOR PROTOCULTURE IN THE DJ MAG TOP 100 POLL! Protoculture is one of only a few South African producers to get the combination right and become a truly worldwide sensation. The Cape Town-based DJ and producer went from headlining festivals on the local Psy-Trance scene each season, to living on international rotation and playing to audiences upwards of 150 000 people. His trademark melodic and uplifting sound has been played in all four corners of the globe, with gigs taking... Read More @

EARTHDANCE CAPE TOWN: WIN TICKETS AND A CD HAMPER!!! Earthdance Cape Town 23/24/25 September 2011: The 15th annual Earthdance International Event 3 DAYS & 2 NIGHTS of MUSIC / ART / COMMUNITY & PEACE. “Celebrating the Forests” Since its inception in 1997, Earthdance has been held annually in over 500 locations in 80 countries with all events simultaneously joining together in the Prayer for Peace a powerful moment of coherent intention. Each public Earthdance event commits 50% or more of its profits to a charity... Read More @

REVIEW: DJ OSKIDO - BELIEVING IN SOUTH AFRICAN HOUSE MUSIC There is a sonically explosive symbiosis between DJ Oskido and South African House music. His determination in advancing the local House music sound to the international stage has inspired many. His dexterity on the decks has blazed the most popular dancefloors across SA. Forget the negative media hype and the crass tabloid reportage. If you take a step back and delve deeper into Oscar Mdlongwa the man you will find a Tony Motanaesque story, a young immigrant who comes to Johannesburg... Read More @

REVIEW: OZORA - COMMERCIAL FESTIVAL BUT GOOD FOR EVERYONE OZORA - Commercial festival but good for everyone. Tertia, Renée and a few other South Africans made the trip of a lifetime to Hungary last week-end in order to experience the so-far Biggest Psy-Trance Festival in the world! Here is Tertia's journey with her friends throughout the festival. Find out how and why she will never forget RAJA RAM and just how an event of this magnitude brings home every Psy-Hippie's fantasies come true… Arriving at... Read More @

BPM VIDEO OF THE WEEK: HOW TO DIRTY DANCE Wanna Get Down and Flirty on the dance floor but still not quite sure how to get those arms pumping and hips swaying? Then this one is for you… Dirty Dancing Techniques Note: You will need Sexy Self Confidence Real or Imaginery How To Dirty Dance on Howcast... Read More @

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DJ CHART PASCAL & PEARCE (Just Music/ CPT / Progressive Electro) 1. Spencer & Hill - Less Go (Chrizz Luvly Remix) (Bazooka Records) • 2. DallasK - Front/Back (Original Mix) (Burn The Fire Records) • 3. Afrojack - Doing It Right (Original Mix) (Spinnin Records) • 4. Flippers & Lish - Lazy Busterd (Original Mix) (Tribal Vision Recordings) • 5. Funkagenda & Adam K - Drift (Original Club Mix) (Toolroom Records) • 6. Global Deejays & Niels Van Gogh - Bring It Back (Extended Mix) (Superstar Recordings) • 7. Steve Angello & AN21 - Valodja (Original Mix) (Size Records) • 8. Utku S. - What You Thinking (Original Mix) (Bug Eyed Records) • 9. Alesso vs. Dune - Heiress of Valentina (Alesso Exclusive Mix) (Nero Recordings) • 10. Day Din - Sync Yourself (Original Mix) (Spin Twist Records) LOUD (Nano Records / Israel / Psytrance) 1. Psysex - LSDance - Loud Remix (Nano Rec) • 2. Prometheus - Oscar (Twisted Rec) • 3. Loud - Elastic Mood 2011 Edit (Alchemy Rec) • 4. Allaby - Red Shift (Nano Rec) • 5. Sub6 - El Novationn (Homegga Rec) • 6. Cosma - Yok Yok (Hommega Rec) • 7. Domestic - Limited Addiction (Hommega Rec) • 8. Zen Mechanics - Modified (Head Room R.M.X) (Neurobiotic Rec) • 9. LOUD Big Squid (Laughing Buddha R.M.X) (Nano Rec) • 10. Union Jack - Papillon (Platipus Rec) BLANKA MAZIMELA (Soul Candi/ CPT/ Deep Soulful House) 1. Fela Kuti – No Possible (Joystick Jays Mix)(Disco Delicious) • 2. Carsten Jost – Days Gone By (KNM Records) • 3. Ideal – Schone Frau Mit Geld (Losoul Mix) (Live At Robert Johnson) • 4. Cesar Merveille ft Guti – Maayancholy (Cadenza) • 5. Don Teddi – Come To Me (CDR) • 6. Deep Soulfire – Makhelwane (Blanka & Kwanasoul Mix) (CDR) • 7. Laid Back – Bakerman (Soul Clap Remix) (Brother Music) • 8.Maya Jane Coles – The High Life (2020 Vision) • 9. Leroy Styles – Past Tense(Inner Soul Mix) (Afrazoo) • 10. Tarantulaz ft Tiffany Loren – I Wasn’t Kidding (Layabouts Future Retro Mix) (Papa Records) GWEN C (Mansion Records / Progressive / Day and Night Psytrance) 1. Loud (Captain Hook Remix) - Wired (Plusquam) • 2. Tryptamoon - Nachtdenklich (Prog on Syndicate Records) • 3. Klopfgeister Heavy New Beer (Iono Music) • 4. Liquid Space - Looking Forward (Iono Music) • 5. Major 7 Coming Up (Iboga Trance Denmark) • 6. Day Din - The Radio Star (Spintwist Records) • 7. Timeless - Run Away (Digital Nature Records) • 8. Paul Taylor, Andy Mason Bandersnatch (Kundalini Records) • 9. Attik (Mexico) - The Trick (24/7 Records) • 10. Hux Flux - Wizack Twizack Remix 2011 - Bring your own Bios (Alternate Vision Records)

TONY FINGER (Pacha Recording/Touch It Records / CPT / House/Electro House/Tech House) 1. Tony Finger - Disko Berliner (Touch it Records) • 2. Oliver $ - Doin' Ya Thing (Play it Down) • 3. Chocolate Puma - The Trumpeter (Chocolate Puma Remix) (Defected) • 4. Kiko Navaro - Perceptions (Tony Finger Remix) (Pacha Recordings) • 5. Stefano Noferini Fucking House Music (Toolroom Records) • 6. Steve Mac - Tonight (Snatch! Records) • 7. Wamdue Project - King of my Castle (Josef Bamba Remix) (Pacha Recordings) • 8. Goldfish - Soundtracks & comebacks (Fedde Le grand Remix) (Flamingo Recordings) • 9. Fedde Le Grand - So Much Love (Toolroom Records) • 10. Tony Finger - Pacha Splendente (Pacha Recordings) RITMO (Iono - (ISR) / Psy-progressive) 1. Ritmo - Follow Me • 2. Ritmo- Dream & Reality • 3. Suntree - Fear & Love • 4. Ritmo & Egorythmia - Spin It • 5. Zen Mechanics & Ace Ventura - Come With Us • 6. Ritmo & Motion Drive - Big Eyes • 7. Suntree - Singularity • 8. Ritree - Deja Vodoo People • 9. Earsugar Bonfire (Ritmo Rmx) • 10. Liquid Soul - Purity LINDI LUSH (Fabulush / PTA, JHB / Electro & Progressive Tech) 1. I’ll Be Ok - Bass Kleph (Superskank Rmx) (Definitive Rec) • 2. Trombona - Felix Grant,Gregor Es (Starlight) • 3. Like This - Alex Kenji (Hotfingers Rec) • 4. Keyboard Cat - Bass Kleph (Vacation Records) • 5. Tarantula – Pleasurekraft (Eklektisch) •6. Welcome Home - Wally Lopez (Animal Sound Rmx) (Versuz Essentials) • 7. Minimal Female - Joe Maker - Original Remix (Clorophilla Rec) • 8. Get Your Hands Up - Mattias - Club Mix (Molto Rec) • 9. Wild Silence - Jochem Peterson (Neelix Rmx) (Blue Tunes Rec) • 10. Beachball - Nalin & Kane (Chris Lake 2011 Rmx) (Kontor Rec) ESSENTIAL i (Afrodesia / JHB / House) 1. Tumelo - Bo Mme (Nativeroots Remix) • 2. Essential i Feat Jayla Simple Love (Original Mix) • 3. Palmer - Lerato La Gao • 4. Mr O Feat Shiebe - Way of Life (Nativeroots Club Mix) • 5. Trancemicsoul - 21 Jump Street • 6. 60-Hertz Project - Capricorn (Essential-I Deeper Club Mix) • 7. Bevan Godden Feat Owen - It Feels Like (Mindlo & Essential i Dub Mix) • 8. Sole Kitchen - Back In The Day (Sole Unity Remix) • 9. Hood Natives feat Mac Z - Sax In The City (Original Mix) • 10. ABwalk Feat Howard - So Insane (Original Mix)

54 | BPM


Every Wed | See you next Wed | CPT @ The Assembly | DJ’s: Stone-Age Citizens | We got cheap drinks, good music, and ridiculously cheap door prices | 21h00 | R10 Ladies & R20 Guys |

Sat 17 Sep | Durban Poison At Truth | JHB Hosted By: Truth | @ Truth Midrand | DJ’s: Coco Loco, Kingpin, Agent K & Dakin Auret (supported By Karmi), Dj Speedy, James Damian, Dj Morgan, Muzzi Muz | 22h00 | R70 |

Every Thurs | Digital Grafiti | JHB @ Aruba Lounge | DJ’s: James Damien, Brothers Underground and weekly guests | 20h00 | Free Entrance |

Sat 17 Sep | Organik - Gaian Dream | CPT @ Utopia - 100km from Cape Town| DJ’s: Brethren, Rubix Qube, Cybernetix, Deliriant, Plusminus, Tune Raider, Bruce, Gandalf Grey, Jos, Shockwave and many more | Fully Licensed Bar, Clean Toilets, Stalls, Swimming Dams, | R180 @ the door & R165 Presold |

Every Thurs | Dub-lab | DBN @ Czar | DJ’s: Veranda Panda & Nightvision | A weekly event at Czar upstairs bar, dropping you the best in underground sound! | Free Entrance | Every Thurs | It Came From The Jungle | CPT @ Fiction DJ Bar and Lounge | DJ’s: AntiAlias, Hyphen, Quake, Danja & SFR | This is Cape Town’s official night of the flowing sounds of liquid Drum n Bass | 22h00 | R20 before 23h00 & R30 thereafter | 021 424 5709, or Every Thurs | PsynOpticz | CPT @ Deluxe (The Old Getafix) | DJ’s: Broken Toy, Commercial Hippies, Xatrik, Rubix Qube, SwiTcHcaChe, SiLO, Humerous, Zezia & Much more | Décor by PsynOpticz Design and Mungus Fungus | 21h00 | R30, email info@psynopticz for R20 Concession list | Every Thurs | The Best of Ekapa | CPT @ The Purple Turtle | DJ’s: DJ realROZANNO and DJ marioROACH | Purple Turtle presents The Best of Ekapa underground hip hop every Thurs with live shows and open mic sessions | 21h00 | Free | 021 424 0811, Every Thurs | Reggae Afrika Soundsystem | CPT @ Platinum Lounge | Ffrom roots, dub to the latest Dancehall and RNB remixes rocking dancefloors all over the planet! | 21h00 | Free with student card or R20 | 021 422 3530, Every Friday | Toy-Toy | JHB Hosted by: Digital Rockit | @ Capital Music Cafe' | DJ’s: Digital Rockit, Joint Nation, Sound Sensible | 21h00 | R30 Before 22h00 & R60 thereafter | or Last Friday of every month | Killer Robot | CPT @ Fiction DJ Bar and Lounge | DJ’s: Killer Robot - Hosted by Ivan and Bruno Morphet | 21h00 | R40 | Thurs 1 Sep | Red Bull Music Academy World Tour - Maximum Signal Control | CPT Hosted by: Red Bull Music Academy | @ The Assembly | DJ’s: Dillinja (Valve UK), K-aze aka Lemon D (Valve UK), Fletcher, Markus Wormstorm, Mr Sakitumi, Niskerone, Counterstrike, Hyphen | Special soundsystem built by Valve Soundsystem (UK), international DJs, two dancefloors, lights and decor | 21h00 | R50 | Fri 2 Sep | Garden Boys | CPT Hosted by: Haezer and Markus Wormstorm | @ Fiction DJ Bar and Lounge | 22h00 | 021 424 5709, or Fri 2 Sep | Red Bull Music Academy World Tour - Maximum Signal Control | CPT Hosted by: Red Bull Music Academy | @ The Assembly | DJ’s: Sibot, Richard The Third, Narch, Haezer, Card on Spokes, Bteam, Audiophile 021, O’ltak, Liver | Special soundsystem built by Valve Soundsystem (UK), international DJs, two dancefloors, lights and decor | 21h00 | R50 | Sat 3 Sep | Red Bull Music Academy World Tour - Maximum Signal Control | CPT Hosted by: Red Bull Music Academy | @ The Assembly | DJ’s: Sian (Octopus UK), Jullian Gomes, Killer Robot, Thibo Tazz, Kid Fonque, Leighton Moody, Me & My Machine, Lapse, Magnum Hi-Fi, DJ MX | Special soundsystem built by Valve Soundsystem (UK), international DJs, two dancefloors, lights and decor | 21h00 | R50 | Sat 3 Sep | Spring Rush @ Nicci Beach | JHB @ Nicci Beach | DJ’s: HouseHold Funk, Ricardo Da Costa, Nic Essential, Kyle Worde, Alan M, Cecil Mac, Jo Deepa, Jon S & many more |Dress Casual with a splash of GREEN | 17h00 | R80 Presale or R100 @ the door | Sat 3 Sep | SVET BOX | CPT @ Basement, Frieda's on Bree | Entrance via back alley | DJ’s: Darren Rose, Mish B, Kevin Gray, KanaSoul | Genre: Deep house | Sat 3 Sep | The Trance Room Album Launch | JHB | @ Truth Midrand | DJ’s: Ben Gold, Dj Speedy, James Damian, Dj Morgan, Karmi, Royal K, Kyle Watson, Kyle Worde, Keren Onay, Roger D'lux, +++ | 22:00 | R70 | Sun 4 Sep | Locnville Live In Umhlanga | DBN @ Chris Saunders Park, Umhlanga | DJ’s: Locnville, Goodluck and Digital Kaos | 12h00 | R100 Pre & R120 @ The Gate | Fri 9 Sept | BLACKOUT 4 feat Andy Whitby (UK) & Karim (UK) | DBN @ The ORIGIN | Girls R40 and Guys R80 | DJ’s: Andy Whitby (UK) & Karim (UK) | 21h00 | Fri 9 Sep | Discotheque presents HAEZER & Friends | CPT @ The Assembly | DJ’s: Haezer, Contraband VJs, more t.b.a. |2 floors, lights and decor | Sat 10-11 Sep | Sprung! 2011 | CPT Hosted by: Alien Safari | @ Awesomeville | 150km from CT | DJ’s: Brainiac, Loopus In Fabula, Headroom, Super Evil +++ | A celebration of spring, a weekend of enchantment, brighten your hearts, journey into possibilities. Gates open 10h00 on Saturday | R200 - Presale & R240 @ the gate |

Fri 23-25 Sep | Earthdance Cape Town 2011 | CPT @ Nekkies Resort - Worcester | DJ’s: LOUD, Eitan Reiter, Broken Toy, The Commercial Hippies, Artifakt, Shift, Parana, Dirty Motion, Corona, Regan, Connecto, Dave Mac, Cooks, Dala, Gokon Rave, Mark, Wyndham +++| A brand new space and and areas, we're mixing things up a little 14h00 Saturday till 17h00 Sunday | R150-R350 | Fri 23 Sep | Discotheque | CPT @ The Assembly | DJ’s: Audiophile 021, Tommy Gun, G-Zis, Mao, ILLtastic & Devastation | Two dancefloors, lights and decor | 21h00 | Ladies free before 10, R30 before 9:45, R50 after | Sat 24 Sep | Culture Clash | JHB @ Truth Midrand | DJ’s: Royal K, Kyle Worde, Kyle Watson, D'stinkt (riot Reaction), Justin Miller, Ian Credible, Trademarc, Ryno Reckit, Evan Staley, Redwood, Soosh, Calculus, Cutkeylow |12:00pm | R120 (Computicket) & R150 @ The Door | Sat 24 Sep | Electric Church | DBN @ Burn Nightclub | DJ’s: Electric Church | Synth/EBM/Noize/Hard-tech | 21h00 | R30 | Wed 28 Sep | Neelix "Live" | CPT Hosted by: Love and Light Indoor | @ The Fez | DJ’s: Neelix, Connecto and Lox | 20h00 | R150 | Fri 30 Sep-2 Oct | Beat around the Bush~Presents~Bush Politics | JHB @ Bullens Bush Lodge | DJ’s: Biorhythm, Rubix Qube, Bruce, Deliriant, Paralocks, Nick Grater, Killer B, Trip,+++ | A 3 day musical journey, 2 floors, Cinema Tent, Camping, | R180-R280 | or 084 679 4285 Fri 30 Sep | Arte Hood Party | PTA @ Fashion Tv Brooklyn | DJ’s: Malwela (metro fm), Silly Bean, Joy Morales, Lamiez Holworty, Soulbee, Mpako (hip hop) | R70 before midnight | 071 221 1888 or Fri 10 Sep | Discotheque presents Clouds (UK) | CPT @ The Assembly | DJ’s: Clouds (UK), Das Kapital, JakobSnake, more t.b.a. | Two dancefloors, lights and decor | 21h00 | t.b.a | Fri 30 Sept | Love Stimulation feat Aly & Fila (Egypt) & Lisa Lashes (UK) | DBN @ The ORIGIN |Girls R40 and Guys R80 | DJ’s: Aly & Fila (Egypt) & Lisa Lashes (UK) | 21h00 | Sat 1-2 Oct | The EQUINOX "Life" Festival | CPT| @ TBA - details to be posted on our website | DJ’s: Intl. acts: Ritmo, Ritree, Progenitor, infinity. See our website for artists profiles and line-up times | 16h00 on Saturday 01 Oct to 1700 on Sunday afternoon | R220 presold and R250 at the gate | Sat 1 Oct | H20 Afterparty | JHB Hosted By: Truth | @ Truth Midrand | DJ’s: Dj Speedy, James Damian, Dj Morgan, Sk9, Karmi, Andi Dill, Roger D'lux, +++ | 21h00 | R70 & R40 With Your H20 Wristband On Your Wrist | Sat 1 Oct | Virgo Party | JHB @ The Pyramid | DJ’s: Webster, Tempo, Bongani, JStone & Redds Superstar and more | We're set to take our combination of silky House, Dancehall, R 'n B & Hip Hop Music to dangerous proportions. | 20h00 | R150-R250 VIP | or Sat 8 Oct | Cosmic Connection v2: Beach Party | CPT @ Oudekraal Beach Resort, | DJ’s: Artifakt – Dean Fuel – Tickets – Wyndham – Ninja Jack – Fractal – Hoover – Chaos Fiction | Beach Resort, Snorkling, Day-Camping, Braai Facilities, Fire Dancing & Hot Showers | Venue opens @ 08h00, music starts @ 18h00, end time 02h00 - 8 Hour Music Duration | Sat 15 Oct | Dirty Toilet Sex Music | JHB @ Truth Midrand | DJ’s: Brothers Underground, Coco Loco, Karmi, Keren Onay, Andi Dill, Join Nation, Jono Baiocchi, Dj Speedy, Chris Palmer, James Damian, Gareth Divine | 22h00 | R120 Presale And R150 @ The Door | Sat 15 Oct | Spiritual Synaesthesea | CPT Hosted by: The Village | @ Flenterskloof Farm | Franschoek | DJ’s: & Live: TBA | 12:00 Saturday till 17:00 Sunday | or Fri 28 Oct | Halloween 2.0 feat First State (NED) & Menno De Jong (NED) | DBN @ The ORIGIN | Girls R40 and Guys R80 | DJ’s: First State (NED) & Menno De Jong (NED) | 21h00 | Fri 28 Oct | Terror from the Deep | CPT @ Two Oceans Aquarium | DJ’s: Roger Goode, Craig Massiv, Ryan Dent & Flash Republic | Dress in your scariest costumes 20h00 | R110 |

Sat 10 Sep | Wet and Wild | JHB @ Emerald Resort Casino -Vanderbijlpark | DJ’s: Roger Goode (5FM),Fresh (5FM), Erica Elle (5FM), Household Funk, Antiquainted Souls, Mark Stent, +++ | Specially Engineered Production, Dancing& Fashion Shows, Wakeboarding Shows and FMX Show | 11h00 | R165 Normal & R215 VIP |

Sat 29-30 Oct | Underground Sound –Twilight Halloween outdoor festival | JHB DJ’s: Menog(Nutek), Shift(Nexus Media),Slug(Nexus Media),Pitch Hikers, Nick Grater, Bionic, Dre’Ama, Multicrisis, Deeziak, Benson, Ambush, Deadbeat FM, +++ | Geodome Dance floor, 30 of Sa’s top Psytrance, Drum and bass and techno Djs, 2 floors, stalls, camping, amazing décor, hiking trails, splash dams | 11h00 on the 29th | R200 presale and R250 @ gate | &

Sat 17 Sep | Devastion Drum 'n' Bass: Raving Riots! | CPT Hosted by: Devastation | @ The Assembly | DJ’s: Damage Inc., Deeziak (JHB), SFR, Subliminal & Alxr, Mysterion, Totem, B-Wise, Decibel, Stone-Age Citizens, Subsane, Vava, A33 | Two dancefloors, lights and decor | 20h00 | R50 |

Sat 29 Oct | Truth Presents Monsters Ball | JHB @ Truth Midrand | DJ’s: 5 Intl.Dj's & The Best Of SA’s Local Dj's | 4 Floors Of Madness - This Spooktacular Event Is Not To Be Missed! | Dress Up In Your Halloween Costume And Receive R30 discount @ door | 21h00 | R120 Presale And R150 @ The Door |

56 | BPM


Lois Siddhu lives in a circle of mountains in the Baviaanskloof. For professional Astrological counseling CALL 049-8391178 or Email:

SEPTEMBER 2011 23 August - 22 September

By Lois Siddhu

Venus moves into Libra and balance and harmony are highlighted.


ARIES | 21 Mar - 20 Apr | FIRE Rebelling against the present system may seem courageous and bold but the question is what are you putting in place of the old system to create changes? Your personal contribution is what counts and not relying on others to change but yourself from within.

LIBRA | 23 Sept - 22 Oct | AIR Procrastinating around your workload will cause problems and it will benefit you if you concentrate on finishing what you've started as it is time to fix the broken things in your life, not only physically but also your broken promises and decisions towards yourself.

TAURUS | 21 Apr - 20 May | EARTH If you give yourself time to reflect beforehand you will see the obvious and address the necessary changes. Be magnanimous and stretch your learning experience into viewing things from all viewpoints. Everybody is different and acts differently.

SCORPIO | 23 Oct - 21 Nov | WATER The main thing is to stay in balance and seek equilibrium. You cannot avoid the darker side of life as this is part of your challenges and learning processes in life, but you can stay with your own truth and express your Higher self.

GEMINI | 21 May - 21 Jun | AIR Having an angry outburst may relieve you from inner tensions and frustration but avoid dumping your angers in somebody else's lap. Face your fears and take responsibility for your own emotions.

SAGITTARIUS | 22 Nov - 21 Dec | FIRE It is an important time to learn various ways of expression and creative possibilities, failing which you will find your inner pride and confidence, oozing out and depression taking its place. It is a time to re-align yourself with what you intuitively feel is your Greater Destiny.

CANCER | 20 Jun | 22 Jul | WATER There will come some changes in your relating and sharing which inevitably will bring about an awareness of humanities needs and your own contributing role. It is best to reconsider your actions especially if they are aimed at warfare and confrontation.

CAPRICORN | 22 Dec - 19 Jan | EARTH You need to learn to fulfill your own needs and not expect others to do this but also to be supportive of the needs and wants of others in order for you to be in balance. Incorporate the qualities of humility and tolerance equally with a sense of worthiness and self regard.

LEO | 23 Jul - 22 Aug | FIRE You may feel inclined to rebel against the system and legitimately so, but unless you harness your rebellion and focus it on something concrete it will be like shouting in the wind and you will find you have lost the plot.

AQUARIUS | 20 Jan - 18 Feb | AIR You are a manifestation of the complete order of nature and your capacity for the attainment of knowledge is to be completely open and receptive. The shaman's powers are fundamentally those of healing and art and for both you need to know how nature works.

VIRGO | 23 Aug - 22 Sept | EARTH As it is necessary to find vehicles to express your discontent, greening and earth issues are important causes to carry your indignation and bring about worthwhile changes. Yet it is necessary to put action to your words and start with responsibility in yourself.

PISCES | 19 Feb - 20 Mar | WATER This is a time to have some space and keep your own company to look into your inner self for the answers that appear to elude you. With a realistic grasp of the situation and its potential you are capable of initiating and organizing new enterprises.

OCTOBER 2011 23 September - 22 October


The Spring Equinox on 22 September at 16h50

ARIES | 21 Mar - 20 Apr | FIRE You need to stretch and empty yourself, and see what you find. Then you can move forward in life as you expand your mind to make space for some of the alternative ideas coming into your consciousness.

LIBRA | 23 Sept - 22 Oct | AIR Your relationships will present you with steep learning curves and you have to realize that others are a mirror image of yourself. The difference lies in the choices that you make in life. It is time to let go of the past and tune into a higher vibration.

TAURUS | 21 Apr - 20 May | EARTH Your imagination will be strongly fueled with new and alternative ideas. A positive attitude may not solve all your problems, but will create more miracles than any wonder drug. Your happiness or misery depends upon your attitude and not necessarily your circumstances.

SCORPIO | 23 Oct - 21 Nov | WATER Life is presenting you with many variables at this time and you need to break out of the fixed attitude that keeps things in a stuck framework. It is time to embrace some inspiring changes that come to you in your dreams and moments of contemplation.

GEMINI | 21 May - 21 Jun | AIR In the province of the mind, what you believe to be true either is true or becomes true. By changing the inner attitude of your mind, you can change the outer aspects of your life. You are what you believe.

SAGITTARIUS | 22 Nov - 21 Dec | FIRE Truth has got many different facets and it is not only the way you see things. As questing for truth is a strong propelling force in life, you'll find you have to be open-minded and prepared to look at all the variety of ways that truth is expressed.

CANCER | 20 Jun | 22 Jul | WATER Monetary matters are so often a spring board for you to learn about what has value and what is non-essential in your life. Money is a means of exchange and only has problems for you when you ascribe your fears and anxieties to it.

CAPRICORN | 22 Dec - 19 Jan | EARTH Unless you change how you think you will always have what you've got and nothing more. If your attitude is to persistently focus on the negative aspects of life you will find your beliefs support this negativity. Who you become is far more important than what you get.

LEO | 23 Jul - 22 Aug | FIRE You are now required to look at your own personal contribution and responsibility to bring harmony in your life. You need to eradicate avarice, which is fear-based and this can only be done by alleviating the emotional as well as mental imbalances that create this feeling of lack.

AQUARIUS | 20 Jan - 18 Feb | AIR You need to allow your feelings to flow freely and accept them for what they are your emotions. They are your own inner rhythms and dance and once stripped of their labels they can become powerful tools of growth and transformation.

VIRGO | 23 Aug - 22 Sept | EARTH You are on a learning curve to find your own independent Truth and destiny and to achieve this you need to seek your own council and follow your heart while avoiding being distracted by the opinions of others.

PISCES | 19 Feb - 20 Mar | WATER If you address your anger with your potential wisdom and truthfulness, you can own the emotion and deal with the true issues. Breathing is the key to life and releases inner tensions to clear your mind of cobwebs and give clarity of vision.

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