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EDITOR’S NOTE EDITORIAL CONTRIBUTIONS: Feature Writers and Columnists Mary Honeychild - Mary is a fusion queen, her love for music is defined by her roots of drums, saxophone and deep bass. She discovers the break and combination in genres and takes us on journeys into the origin and amalgamation of scenes such as Jazz, Hip Hop and EDM. The Little Misfit - The Little Misfit is an anonymous observer who has been around the electronic music scene for more years than most. She’s seen it all, done it all and has the tales to tell. Not much surprises her any more although she is still wholly excited by music, dancing and socialising within this scene. It’s with this passion and experience that she casts a slightly jaundiced, feminine eye on the many components that add spice to Cape Town EDM Culture. DJ Raiko – Raiko’s Heads of State - Raiko established himself as a Hip Hop DJ playing in and around Cape Town back in the late 90’s. He is known for his eclectic mix of music and classic 90's Hiphop. He is a regular feature at top events around the country which have included; Boogie Down Knights, Word Life Mc Battles, MTN’s Free 2 Speak campaign, 8-Mile Movie premiere, CORE magazine launch, TriContinental Hip hop festival, Red Bull Music Academy and Taking Back the City. Craig De Sousa needs no introduction. His love and passion for music is demonstrated in each and every performance - whether it’s as a house DJ, radio presenter or producer and has a career spanning back to 1996. Look out for Craig’s Ableton Tutorials as he imparts valuable knowledge each edition. Nduduzo ‘Smalz’ Ngobese – House Headz Up & Features Writer – Self confessed lover of House music with an eclectic taste to match, ‘Smalz,’ is the thinking man’s house head. Always ready to put a new spin on an old theory, he’ll leave you with something to think about and he’ll do it eloquently. Mickdotcom – Uber Cool & Features Writer – Strange he may be at times but that’s why we love him so. Mick has an extraordinary talent with words and an even more extraordinary taste in music. He brings a much needed eccentric edge to BPM. Jonathan G Shaw – Production Tips – Jon is a professional record producer who has worked with a multitude of artists and record labels in a freelance capacity. Outside this, he lectures music business at the University of the Witwatersrand and provides business consultation to the music industry. Dave Skinz - DJ, Music Manufacturer, Wordsmith, Record Store owner, Promoter, and gamer par excellence are some of the multi-faceted roles that Skinz has played in his 15 year love affair with dance music. When not indulging himself in MMA footage and band practice, he spends his time waiting for Arsenal to take the treble.

That's What I Said...


ow seriously do you take music? I’m assuming as a BPM reader you’re pretty crazy about it, right? Generally our readers comprises of DJ’s/Producers, both hobbyist and professional, electronic music fans and all the other types of music biz people that make up this burgeoning industry of ours; from label execs to sound specialists, studio owners, promoters... the list is long. So what is the purpose of a magazine such as ours? Is it entertainment? Is it to be informative and educational? Is it a guide of some sort? Is it to nurture and elevate music culture? How serious should the content be or should we keep it light hearted and frivolous? Well, our last reader survey revealed that you guys found us quite serious. Maybe a little too serious in my opinion. So although we don’t want to insult your intelligence by publishing a bunch of superficial crap, we also don’t want to pretend this business is something it’s not by trying to intellectualise everything. This is not world politics. Its music and entertainment and electronic music is not rocket science either. We don’t have to pretend we know the electronic music biz in South Africa; we do! Intimately! Better than any other SA music publication out there, online or print, if you ask me. That’s what more than 15 years in the biz does. It gives you an understanding of what this culture is all about. The owners of this here publication have deejayed at some pretty big parties in this country and overseas. Not to hundreds of people on a dancefloor, but to thousands. Between my partner and I we’ve thrown events, produced an album, released a compilation, run a label, designed party flyers and collectively have over 15 years of DJ experience. I’d like to think that we understand and empathise with what goes on in a DJ’s mind before and during a gig. We know the different facets of this industry because we’ve been there. We are there still! I’d also like to think that we know our readers and fans pretty damn well after more than eight years of publishing SA’s leading urban culture magazine. So whether you’re a mobile DJ playing weddings and Bar Mitzvahs, a youngster just starting to DJ or produce, a consummate professional, a promoter, sound engineer or a fan; this magazine is for all of us. It’s the conduit to revealing the culture we all love and live by. Underestimate the importance of music and dancing at your peril! It is food for the soul; we all know and believe that. But let us not forget that it is supposed to be fun. If you’re not feeling that then move on or see a shrink. Life is way too complicated already; don’t take music that seriously too. Seriously! Silly season, woohoo! I’m in, are you? And remember; if you’re not dancing you’re decor! That’s what I said...

DAVE MAC Editor-in-Chief

CONTRIBUTORS: Thomas Whitebread, Dave Mac, Terri Love, Lois Siddhu, Mary Honeychild, Damien Albetto, Charlie & Tony - Hemporium, Pedro from AfrodesiaMP3, Paul & Peter - Tuerk Music, Chris & Clint - Audiosure, Riqardo Neves, Marcel Zandberg, Beatarmy - Retro Music, Seeka, Deborah Rossouw, David Maclean, Nduduzo ‘Smalz’ Ngobese, Raiko, Heather Mennel, Dave Skinz. The Little Misfit, Nathan Kabingesi & Craig De Sousa.

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BPM Fan Page Messages Kel Psyleigh Winterton Thanks Dave Mac Mckinley of course I will like this page!!! Y? Well cause I’ve ©ed BPM MAG ever since it came Out Thank U 4 reconnecting me! As I live in Melkbosstrand I have no access 2 BPM at any of the shops here :( Closest I’ve seen 1 was The View, I think... Wish we had hard copies locally P.L.U.R ©

Neo Sehlabane Thank you BPM I finally got my copy delivered and the address is right now. Thank you........... Christo Snyman Nice one guys!!! Your comp prizes are always well thought out

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Lester Allan Pieterse I think BPM Mag can become the best and most popular mag in the country, I mean really, always up to date with the latest music, events, reviews, equipment and DJ-producer tech, competitions, interviews and stories that are actually worth reading and not just any crap to fill the gap...and as if that's not enough it for free! and still get's dropped off at your's amazing what you guys do...Thank You!

Charl Brandon Souma how's about some psy podcasts BPM Mag who do you suggest? Charl Brandon Souma super evil, headroom, TCH, broken toy from the local talent, and then in the same spirit as last year, the upcoming big names who land are landing on our shores like Twisted System, Zen mechanics, Noisy Radicals Ace Ventura ...I still listen to Laughing Buddha's BPM set once a week. takes me straight back to that dancefloor BPM Mag thanks Charl. We'll make it happen... :)

Event Review: The EQUINOX Experience - Life Festival. Ryan Mostert Sick review totally loved it hehe feels like I was there stomping along with everyone :) blessed fellow hippy peoples © Thabo Beatmaker-Cupid Motaung How are you my universal family?

Collin Moleme I loved it yoh, but I need more info on Craig De Suza and his idea of mixing without sync Tshenolo Khumalo Thank you for my first edition BPM mag:-),I find it very informative and useful. You guys roCk.... much lovies*

On our Opinion Piece: The Sincerest Form of Flattery – A South African Hip Hop Story @ Mike Maak Jones great read. thanks. I think the problem is twofold. 1. American culture is consumed by most South Africans. I met a guy the other day who said he was from Limpopo but he sounded like he was from the Bronks. and 2. we can't really articulate what a SA identity is (it is there but it is blurred or too complex). Also I think the Jack Parow is a guy that is doing better than most at expressing and being proud of an SA hip hop movement. Also form a dopeness POV - SEDGE WARBLER and @p.H.fat. thanks again!

Tshenolo Khumalo Where the beat lives on... Thabs HD Squard Madia BPM has to be the realest mag out there. Love the tutorials and reviews more, because they are done by industrial pro's. Delano Ramdas everything is in jbg! Y can't anything happen in durbs? :? :'( koketso Thantsa thanx guys! for the bpmmag I luv it. keep that information & hot tunes coming.

On our competition: JOBURG - Day.Din LIVE at ESP Night Club Win Tickets Natasha Smith Partying on Halloween means.....that while spirits roam the neighbourhoods at night, us PARTY animals let loose upon the dancefloor to the sounds of DayDin at ESP till it be light…!

Desiree Blaçk Pêarl Mogase GOT A COPY OF BPM MAG FOR THE FIRST TYM TODAY... ITS SOOO KWL.../tip/ READ IT LISTENING to soME FINE TRAxX... LOVE Bpm Thabo Hooterbar Mekgoe Got ma 1st issue 2day 16 sept *all smiles* BPM ROCKS BIG Time Thanx a Billion times guys!

Kwelagobe Poboxtheproject Sekele thanks for the love.. Kudzai Alvin Matuku BPM mag has answered my prayers!!! Thank you guys!!!!

Sello B-c @BPM guys am loving the tutorial, please on the next edition can u review on how to achieve that NICKY MINAJ stuttering effect, that reverb. thanx u!! Where the beat lives on...

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Maximum Signal Control Cape Town, South Africa, September 1-4 Red Bull Music Academy launches their world tour with Maximum Signal Control and a kick ass sound system ed Bull know how to create a buzz in the music scene. That’s because they are so entrenched at grass roots level, behind the scenes and in front, playing their part in nurturing SA’s music culture. The Red Bull Studio has become an integral part of Cape Town’s burgeoning producer culture and entertains a steady flow of bands, producers, solo artists and DJ’s through

Pics by Liam Lynch


their doors to record, do DJ mixes, attend workshops or produce some gnarly beats. It’s also a hive of social activity with pros and up and coming hopefuls rubbing shoulders all with the same common interest; music! But of course this initiative by Red Bull is not just a local thing; worldwide the brand is linked to music and events culminating in the Red Bull Music Academy, an annual international music affair where up and coming producers, singers, arrangers, DJs and musicians get the opportunity to learn from top industry professionals. This year it was moved from Tokyo after the unfortunate tsunami in March, to Madrid. Leading up to the convention which kicked off late October for a month through to November, 24th, Red Bull launched their Red Bull Music Academy World Tour with events in Berlin, Paris, Detroit, Toronto, Melbourne, New York, Sao Paulo, London and of course Cape Town’s Maximum Signal Control. Maximum Signal Control comprised of a 4 day workshop and a 3day mini music festival at The Assembly in Cape Town, during which the Red Bull Soundsystem was built by sound gurus Clint and Christian from Sun Pro-Audio. Local DJs and producers were invited to attend over the four days to observe the process right from spraying and preparing the cabinets to winding the crossover coils and assembling the entire rig. This culminated in a public workshop in the afternoon of the fourth day where a room full of attendees got to shoot questions at Red Bull Studio Communications

Manager, Richard Rumney, as well as international guest DJ’s K-aze and Dillinja, who had collectively built their own legendary ‘Valve System’ sound rig some years earlier in the UK. Thereafter it was party time with The Assembly heaving to the bass of the brand new rig from Thursday to the Saturday as an assortment of Cape Town’s finest beatmakers rocked the eager crowd. K-Aze aka Lemon D, Dillinja and techno DJ, Sian added some international flavour to the three days of phat beats. Dave Mac chatted to Richard [Rumney], about the event and the big ass sound system that is waiting to be unleashed on South African dancefloors... Whose brainchild was the Maximum Signal Control? It was the first event in a 10-stop Red Bull Music Academy World Tour leading up to the Academy in Madrid at the beginning of November. Since Maximum Signal Control there have been other events in cities such as Berlin, Paris and the UK, but we're the only country to specifically build a sound system. If readers would like more information about the other events they should check out the Red Bull Academy website. What was the concept behind Red Bull building a sound system here in Cape Town? The idea is inspired by Sound System culture, born in the slums of Jamaica in the 1950s, which saw the emergence of DJs and emcees forming crews and building their own sound systems to entertain people in places like Kingston where there was no real access to music entertainment. These innovations would ultimately form the roots of modern hiphop and electronic music, but importantly for our project, we were interested in the mobile aspect of Sound System culture. The guys would own a system and be able to move it around from party to party. We love the idea of having an amazing sound system that we can use at as many venues as possible. So far the Red Bull Sound System has provided sound for the Assembly in Cape Town during the 3-night party after it was built and for the Music Box Stage at Earthdance in Cape Town.

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Pic by Charlie Sperring


The 4 day workshop and 3 day music festival that you guys hosted in Cape Town. Did it meet the expectations of everybody involved? It did. It was one of the most stressful workshops and events we've ever conducted no doubt. For one thing we just didn't know how the musicians and DJs would want to participate in building the sound system with Clint and Christian from Sun Pro-Audio and if the energy of the workshop would fall flat. But in the end it worked out great. Some guys hung around, mingled and networked while other guys actually watched and helped out with the basic elements of the build. But what was really stressful was actually completing the system in time for the three day festival! We literally finished as people walked in on Thursday for the open workshop with Dillinja and K-Aze. As a consequence the sound on Thursday wasn't 100%. It sounded loud and fat but we had to tweak it as the DJs played. Then on Friday during the day we completed thorough sound tests and the system was sounding amazing by that night. But it’s not that it sounded bad on the Thursday, it sounded amazing, and it’s just that it now sounds just that much better. Otherwise it was definitely one of the best events we've done. Really stimulating, great fun and in the end we have an incredible sound system! Very rewarding.

And although the sound system is based here in Cape Town it will be used nationwide? The idea is for it to be completely mobile. We have no commitments as to where it will go next, but we certainly don't want it to simply stay in Cape Town. In essence, we want as many people as possible to hear it in action. The system was built by a local sound company. What credentials did you look for when choosing the right guys for this? Just a history and years of experience when it comes to building sound. Christian and Clint have years of experience in building sound systems for clubs and venues, as well as mobile systems, and understand the technical requirements like only experts can. I believe it is based on the Valve Soundsystem created by K-aze aka Lemon D and Dillinja. Were these guys involved with choosing the correct components for the system to ensure it matched up to theirs? Not actually. It was inspired by their work, but they just really hung around, watched and participated a little. Christian and Clint are gurus in their own right, and from one sound guru to the next, you could tell that K-aze aka Lemon D and Dillinja didn't want to get in their way too much during the build.

What was their response to the end result? They were impressed that we pulled it together in such a quick time! They said it reminded them of when they built the Valve Soundsystem and threw a party to christen their rig at Fabric in London. They were also tweaking the sound during the night, stressing about getting it ready on time, it sounded like a similar experience. The system sounded really phat indoors at the Assembly but the real test was outdoors at Earthdance [the rigs first big test after the indoor festival at The Assembly]. Were you satisfied with the performance of the rig outdoors? Totally. It was the final test, I think, in terms of it being a system that can go anywhere. It sounded loud, clear and did the job of rocking over a thousand ravers and trancers to a wide variety of music from Electronica to Dubstep to Techno. For up to date info on Red Bull Studios, the Red Bull Soundsystem and events go to Red Bull Music Academy website:

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The Little Misfit

COLUMNIST By The Little Misfit

The Ghost in the Machine

“ then find out it's a made-to-order track, well, you end up feeling cheated, and a little bit silly.”

Mortal needs do not concern you. t is midnight, holding the phone up against my ear it crackles with static. The voice on the other end is whispering: an effort to disguise his voice. We’re talking about the music industry’s dirtiest secret since Milli Vanilli were shamed for lip syncing. Okay, it’s actually the middle of the day, the line is perfectly clear, and my informant is more than happy to discuss the controversial topic of ghost-writers in the EDM scene. This may be news to some; but many prominent acts don’t write their own music, in any case, not all of it. From a business standpoint it makes total sense. A DJ like Armin van Buuren is the EDM equivalent of a rockstar; traveling around the world playing soldout gigs. Does he really have time to tinker in the studio? Armin has a team of people that collaborate on his tracks, some of them simply responsible for creating loops. But for those on the dancefloor, it’s much more of an emotive issue. EDM is, after all, about emotion; that euphoric rush a song can incite. By default we associate that feeling with the producer. To then find out it’s a made-to-order track, well, you end up feeling cheated, and a little bit silly. The person I’m chatting to is a producer himself, and although he says he doesn’t ghost-write, he does help


others to finish tracks. He says he adds some finishing flourishes, and tightens the production. Fair enough. But this is exactly what makes the topic so thorny, where do you draw the line? Most producers have their tracks mastered by another professional; this at least is common knowledge. And, yes, to a certain extent it’s understandable, if not acceptable that big name producers have help, but what about those producers who are completely manufactured? Dash Berlin, my spy tells me, is a manufactured super-star DJ, and just like any pop fairy-tale: ‘they found him in a record shop; he had the right look.’ This raises an interesting point. Hypothetically speaking, a wannabe DJ could pay a talented, cash-strapped producer to ghost-write an album. And with the right management, marketing, and positioning; this nobody could be somebody very quickly. Ultimately they're buying their profile. It’s a struggle to turn a track into Dollar signs: the music gets the gigs, and this is where DJs make bank. More gigs equal more money and in turn, less time in the studio. And produce you have to. DJs make a career out of picking music, essentially getting paid for their taste. But any spin-doctor knows that to get onto the bigger line-ups (read bigger pay days) they need to produce their own tunes. There are the exceptions to the rule, of course, but number ten to

one. One of the most famous examples of a ghost-writer is Charlie May. He was happy to craft soundscapes in the studio while DJ Sasha belted them out to mammoth crowds. Some tracks include: Xpander, Scorchio, and Belfunk. He was also co-engineer of albums Airdrawndagger, Involver, and Invol2ver. Charlie was happy to take a back seat as he wasn’t into ‘the rockstar’ life. It wasn’t a secret, look at the inside cover of any of those albums and you’ll see Charlie was credited as ‘the programmer’. But it wasn’t exactly shouted from the rooftops either. These days he has his own eponymous project. Is it fair to expect DJs to work alone? In no other genre, do musicians work in solitude. Singers have lyricists and indeed a whole band and producers to boot. Even solo violinists have help from composers. Your average radio-friendly song is so far removed from something real, it may as well have been cooked up in a lab. So is it really all that bad, that our favourite producers get some musical Viagra? My canary doesn’t think so: ‘It’s a brand at the end of the day. How you go about it is your business.’ I only think producers should be more open about it; lest they alienate their dancing public when the truth emerges!

I’m curious as to how Kieron splits his time between his psy-projects and Jam Jarr, something I assume could be a little more creatively rewarding. “Psy has given me the opportunity to experience some of the international scene but it doesn’t change the amount of effort or time spent on each project. I mean I try my best to partition studio time to all music related endeavours, regardless of the success of each one. I want to see Paul and I in Europe next year so lots of work needs be done before that happens, but when it does happen Cape Town and SA will finally have the opportunity to miss us for the first time,” he smiles wryly. The thorny issue of getting paid properly for gigs won’t go away and we seem to keep coming back to this. Although they both speak in unison their remarks tell a slightly different story. Paul seems a little pushier. He agrees, “Yeah, that's the rapper in me, the dog on the bone. I have this crazy idea that the music should be able to pay the rent. As for friends in the right places [a reference to an earlier remark made by me], I only have acquaintances! If we got a manager (our current manager is under strict orders to respect our stoner ways), things would change drastically. Right now, being the way we are allows us to make music, and music that we like. That said it does tickle my migraine vein from time to time.” Kieron adds dismissively, “Sometimes it’s dodgy...sometimes the guy who books you doesn’t know the difference between an hour of music that’s been made in a studio and an hour of downloaded MP3's, and that’s a huge problem. I don’t have a pushy personality but I have a good understanding of how the music industry is run here and what kind of people are good to work with. Having said that I don’t really have time to educate people, I'd rather be making music.” Their plan is to get to Europe next year. Kieron has said as much. But first they have the job of getting their new EP out. “I think we have changed a lot since the first release. The sound is more dramatic and crunchy with more of a live feel to it. When I listen to the first one I think of 4 examples of the Jam Jarr sound. Next month you will hear 5 more... and many more are coming so I advise everyone to get used to the multi-coloured jam. That’s the cool thing about jam; it comes in so many flavours and has a surprisingly long shelf life,” laughs Kieron.

Finally I hit them with the inevitable “Where do you guys see yourself in 10 years from now, individually and collectively?” Kieron gives me a stoned gaze, “I hope I'll be doing the exact same thing,” [laughs] “... except more of it. Jam Jarr will still be a glitch-duo, touring and giving people something that’s still fresh and very African dope on a large scale. We'll probably be big in Japan.” Fittingly ‘Bakaman’ has the final word as MC’s do. He adds succinctly, “I don't dare think of that. My greatest hope is that I'll still be making music the way I want, because I want to.” Wanna hear more? Scan this tag to listen to Jam Jarr on your Smartphone or check out their Soundcloud page @

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Looking for daily club and dance music news? Check out our daily lifestyle blog @

Skrillex and The Doors team up, cover Miles Davis

Skrillex, dubstep’s first genuine superstar has collaborated with the remaining members of The Doors. On a very serious note, this is for real. In what’s being billed as the first Doors track of the 21st century, Ray Manzarek, Robby Krieger and John Densmore have now got in studio with none other than Dubstep superstar Skrillex to record a “variation” on Miles Davis’s Milestones. All of this as part of a forthcoming music documentary titled RE:GENERATION, directed by Amir Bar-Lev. Talk about diversity and opening up your genre base as an artist huh?

New Year's Eve Live City Linkup with Savanna and 5FM This New Years Eve Savanna who will be giving away R1 million at the New Year’s Eve Live City Linkup and 5FM are linking up two cities simultaneously. The two parties will be happening simultaneously on 31 December – one in Ballito (the insane Ballito New Year’s Eve street party in the Village Centre) and one in Cape Town (at the sexy Breakwater Lodge rooftop, V&A Waterfront). Whichever one you attend, you’ll experience the same end-of-the-world party madness. A Live City Linkup between the two cities will take place via live satellite technology. Both events will feature giant screens with theatrical production elements hosted by all of 5FM’s most entertaining personalities. Come and see your favourite 5FM DJs - DJ Fresh, Euphonik, Roger Goode and Gareth Cliff. For more visit and

Soul Candi Launches Remix Competition Joburg music company Soul Candi has teamed up with Castle Lite to announce The Castle Lite Remix Competition. The contest gives aspiring producers the unique opportunity to remix These Streets - a song by Soul Candi band, Mi Casa. You register to vote and could also win prizes, including weekly Castle Lite hampers and a Soul Candi DJ'ing course. The competition ends on 2 December, 2011.

Equinox Experience hands over stunning boat cruise to lucky prize winner In October the Equinox Experience Festival hosted a stunning competition The prize included 10 tickets to the event plus an amazing 2 night boat cruise in December this year. By all accounts the party itself was reportedly one of the best outdoor events in Cape Town since party season kicked off showcasing some top international DJ’s including Ritmo, Progenitor, Ritree and Infinity as well as a host of local talent with the overall music style being mainly progressive trance. It was smiles all round for those who attended. Taryn Miller (pictured here with Equinox representative, Jami van der Merwe) was the lucky recipient of a 2 night fun cruise into the blue on the MSC Melody departing Cape Town on 6 December. She’ll be spending two fun filled nights at sea with a friend or partner. For more info follow them on Facebook – search for Equinox Experience or go to their website –

Bass Clef gives away Digital album; FIAT Million Hits Ralph Cumbers, AKA Bass Clef, has released a free digital album under his Coseph Jonrad moniker, entitled FIAT Million Hits. The collection marks the half-way point in Cumbers' Paper Round Tapes series, in which he takes records he grew up listening to (often on his paper route) and remixes them track-bytrack. FIAT Million Hits is a bit different from the others: rather than a classic album by one of Cumbers' favourite artists, it remixes an LP that came free with a car his family bought in the '80s. You can download a zip file of the album here:

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“As an artist I'm allowed to change and progress, and the thing is, if I didn't if I just kept making one record that sounded exactly the same I wouldn't go anywhere.”



harles Webster is one of the few real mouldbreakers in an increasingly stale and predictable dance music world. He can make music at any tempo, swerving through genres effortlessly. He’s taken on various guises, run a multitude of labels - always challenging and thrilling his audience in equal measure. His music has taken him around the world and into the hearts and record boxes of a generation of house music lovers. And while his style might be constantly shifting, one thing you can always be guaranteed from a Charles Webster record, remix or DJ set is a journey into the depths of sound - music


tinted with his inimitable warmth, soul and richness. Heather Mennell caught up with him during his recent South African tour to chat about his current projects, multiple monikers and the days before house was house.

You have a special connection to South Africa – when did this relationship begin to blossom? Since the first time I came here, really – which was ten years ago. So I suppose it blossomed before that otherwise they wouldn’t have invited me in the first place. People just seemed to like my music here and I’ve been coming ever since. Born on the 4th of July [his classic album from 2001] – really struck a chord with the audience here...

Yeah, it’s nice warm music - it’s not really dance music. More listening music - I think that’s really important.

Presence, Furry Phreaks, The Boy, City Of Angels, Colourful Karma, DJ Profile, Good Together, Jorge Felucca, Megatonk, Mendocino, Natural, Positive, Sine, Starpeace,... Charles Webster... so many different guises. We were counting them last night actually. I think there’s 27! (laughs) I had no idea it was that many! - They just keep going. I had to fill in a visa form for America the other day - my new work permit, and they asked about my aliases for some reason - I suppose they want to know that you’re a valid artist; that you exist in the marketplace. So I went through them all and it was quite shocking.

17 | BPM Now the constant moniker shifting - is this because you straddle so many genres or because you feel that you’re constantly evolving? Well, both. It’s nice to hear that you understand that, because a lot of people don’t really see that. It’s nice to hide behind a pseudonym, you can be someone else. You can put your headspace into a different... “I can be this person now”. In house music people aren’t very flexible sometimes – if you wanted to do a downtempo track, they wouldn’t allow you to – they say “well you do house music, don’t you?” Well no, I just do music! So that’s the easy way of doing it: just make up a new name! It doesn’t really matter – I’m not obsessed with having my name on everything – it’s the music that matters. I didn’t do a record under my own name for more than ten years. Because I don’t think it’s important – if people put it on and say ‘I like it or I don’t like it.’ If it had my name on it, would you like it any more or would you like it any less? I don’t know... So you’re always challenging your audience... Yes, I do challenge the audience. And sometimes people really don’t allow you to do it. They’ll say “I can’t believe you did this”. As an artist I’m allowed to change and progress, and the thing is, if I didn’t - if I just kept making one record that sounded exactly the same I wouldn’t go anywhere. I’d have given up 15 years ago. If you don’t diversify you paint yourself into a corner. Times change, styles change. Embrace change – that’s what life’s all about... growing and learning - not just being stuck. Having said all that, is there something that binds all your releases together? Completely. Sometimes I think, ‘does this sound too off the wall?’ But I speak to my wife, because she works in the office and hears everything and she just says – “No, it just sounds like you”. So I think that everything I do does sound like me. So even if I made a drum ‘n bass track – I’m not going to (laughs), but it would sound like me because I made it. It’s inseparable, isn’t it? But I can’t stand drum ‘n bass so that’s not going to happen! (laughs) I did a few remixes just before I came here and I was really excited. A couple of them sounded quite radical. A few days later I listened again and I just thought, they don’t sound radical – it just sounds like me. So I think that’s the binding thing – it’s made by one person. So let’s move along chronologically ... I’ve read that you did some early work in Nottingham with hip hop act The Rock City Crew and then some in-

studio work with Derrick May, Juan Atkins and Kevin Saunderson... In those early days did you find it as easy to move between genres? Well back then it was all kind of the same really. Techno and house and hip hop and house weren’t fully formed... back then it was all called electro - and electro split into those three different forms. So nothing was conscious, it just happened. It all developed out of nothing. So you were taking this sound and moulding it to fit the needs of the artists you were working with... Yeah, the Rock City Crew were a hip hop crew and they obviously needed some music to dance to. So someone did the rapping and I did the music – the backing tapes. I used drum machines and pretty much the same equipment that I’m still using today. House music was so new in those days. No one knew that it would become a global phenomenon. How did it all unfold for you? No, it could’ve been a fad that lasted six months! Actually at the time that’s how the newspapers reported it – it was a fad that the kids were into and it was going to go. But in actual fact, it’s one of the longest lasting genres in music - and one of the most diverse and creative. If you look at movements like Elvis Presley era rock and roll, then into the Beatles era rock or 70’s progressive rock - all those eras were quite short. All those scenes only lasted ten years at the very most. House music has out-lasted everything! Because it’s a human kind of music – it’s interactive and it’s a human kind of tempo to dance to. But yeah, I don’t think anyone understood what was happening at the time. You have spent over twenty years making music. What direction is your music taking now? Very diverse now, obviously I’m still making house music but I have made a new album which is full-on jazzorchestral, British-style jazz, big band jazz - which is very exciting! I have a couple of vocal projects - one being a leftfield - Massive Attack meets Tori Amos; very singer-songwriter, electronic and organic. Lots of different projects. Even some music for TV. But I have always done diverse things like that – if you look at Born on the Fourth of July, half of that is not house music. I have always done different stuff – it’s just that most people don’t notice.

Lastly I wanted to chat about your current project with Do It Now [Records]. They got in touch and asked me to do this tour and I said “Let’s make it more than a boring old DJ tour, let’s put something together that’s more long term and more solid, more interesting. So I suggested that we do an album, a compilation album – ten tracks all exclusive, all done specifically for this. So it was quite a lot of work. So there are new versions of older tracks of mine, done specifically for here, some of them are brand new. There’s a single on the album with a local vocalist – so rather than coming here as a foreigner and hitting everyone with my music I wanted to do something more. Thus I’ve found this vocalist and she’s really fantastic – and the radio stations really like it. So yeah, lots of different projects with different singers, the jazz project, my new album and tons of stuff coming out on my label Miso. We don’t normally release so much - only tracks that we’re really happy with, so we’re on a roll at the moment. For the unedited full transcript of Heather’s interview with Charles scan this tag for Smartphone access or go to

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FUN STUFF We grab 5 minutes with some of our favourite DJ's and ask them... Well... Just about anything we feel like!!!


with... 5Mins Ludz

DJ Ludz is a Female Kwaito House DJ from a small town in the Eastern Cape known as Mthatha (former Umtata). She was a youngster in the 90’s era and bases much of her musical foundation around the sound that developed over that decade. Mentored by and now playing alongside DJ Knox, Ludz has grown into a Fem- DJ force to be reckoned with. Aside from her deck spinning, this

talented young lady is a PR and Social Media whizz kid. She works for Multi-Racial Records in Pretoria as a PR and Marketing Manager, where she is also signed as a DJ. Ludz has shared the stage with acts like Black Coffee, Vinny Da Vinci, Christos, Soul Sista, DJ Sisco and Lulo Café to name a few. We catch up with her for five minutes to find out that knitting is one of her hobbies, honesty is what she regards most highly as a character trait and just to add to that sweet exterior she also promises that she has never taken advantage of a fan… 10. Your favourite world history character? Steve Biko 11. One thing that irritates you about people is… Dishonesty and jealousy 12. Seduction is being able to... Be yourself with self-confidence, giving it your all; it lies in the chase and excitement of wanting something. 13.Bubbly versus Beer? Bubbly. 14. What do you find most attractive in a man? A sense of humour most definitely, protectiveness and him being himself. 15. Dream place to live would be... New York, New York. 16. If I wasn't a DJ I would get my kicks from... Doing PR/Marketing.

1. Going to war means... Fighting for something you believe in. 2. The perfect idea of happiness is... Positive energy all-round, doing what you love while loving it. 3. What makes your closest friends special? Honesty and who they are (their realness). 4. If you were an MC what would your aka name be? Thee Ludz 5. If reincarnation exists – what do you think you were in a previous life? Myself - there's only one me. 6. If you had to put on a cape which super hero would you be? Storm (from X-Men) 7. The first thing you said when you woke up this morning? Thank you God.

17. Any phobias or pre-DJ rituals to calm yourself down before a set? Say a little prayer and play some music. 18. Ever taken advantage of a groupie or fan just because you could? Never LOL 19. Which two of SA DJ's would you like to see go head to head in a kick boxing ring? Fresh vs. Glen Lewis. 20. Travelling: Designer Luggage or backpack? Designer Brand Luggage. 21. Self-promotion is... Selling yourself in a memorable way on different platforms. 22. Patriotism is... Love and loyalty for your country. 23. I would never leave a gig without... My Labello and headphones

8. What one thing that a teacher said to you has stuck with you in life? Push Until Something Happens (P.U.S.H)

24. One thing you will always find in your fridge? Meat - I LOVE chicken.

9. The one talent you'd never openly admit to having is... Knitting... Been doing it since primary.

25. The South African Dance scene needs more... Creativity; there's lack of riginality because people imitate the big guns in the Industry.

24 | BPM

Dave Mac catches up with two leading progressive trance artists destined for South Africa this summer...



verybody’s been listening to it and trance and house DJ’s have been dropping their tracks in sets for years now but surprisingly it has taken promoters a long, long time to catch on and finally book some of these progressive trance artists to perform in South Africa. It’s no secret that the Cape Town outdoor party scene has been dominated by full-on, balls-to-the-wall psytrance whilst clubs like ESP in Joburg have favoured the club trance and house sounds of Europe.

But as the old cliché goes ‘you can’t keep a good man (or woman) down’ so likewise, good dance music is good dance music; you can’t ignore it forever. Thus in something of a watershed year for the progressive trance and psy-tech movement, suddenly we’re being spoilt with a whole bunch of quality artists scheduled to rock our shores this party season, both in Joburg and in Cape Town. Two such artists are Audiomatic who will be performing here in December – Cape Town and Joburg gigs - and Symphonix who is booked alongside Neelix for mid-January in Cape Town.

are so many underground parties, as well. So you don’t miss the ‘good old days?’ Honestly, I do not miss anything - I’m thinking forward rather than backward! You started DJ’ing in 1999. This was when the progressive trance sound first started to develop – did you always DJ progtrance? I was enthusiastic about Progressive from the very beginning, so when I started DJ’ing, I played this kind of sound. It was the time of the first big Progressive avalanche in Germany, so it was acts like Atmos, Intact Instinct, Noma and Haldolium that had a strong impact on me.

Audiomatic Benjamin Halfmann aka Audiomatic has been around since the first wave of progressive trance producers back in 1999 and this laid the foundation for what has proven to be a successful career as both DJ and producer. Here’s his story... As someone who has been involved in the progressive trance scene for many, many years, what pleases you most about where it is today? It’s great to see how established it’s become in so many countries all around the world. Even better, it has become a huge international network with so many people traveling and being connected. Today the biggest events have a very professional organizational standard and tens of thousands of visitors but still there

You were telling me you produced your entire first album, ‘Multiplayer’, on Fruity Loops. How would you say your sound has changed from those first releases to where you are today? In 2006 I eventually switched to Cubase and there have been several quantum leaps with regard to the technological possibilities. Today a song is made up of way more audio tracks. I can also use more VST instruments and effects than back then. In this way, my sound has become richer and even more melodic. Also, when I started producing, I did not have any idea about music theory or audio engineering but have since gained a lot of experience in these fields and of course this is very noticeable in the music, I feel. Since you grew up on Heavy Metal and AC/DC one would think you’d be making dark psy or at least much harder music... For me, it just feels like there is more

space for the single sounds in music below 140 BPM. In fact, I’ve become interested in music much slower than Trance. At home, I listen to a lot of Progressive & Tech House at the moment. I’ve also started a side project for this kind of music, using my actual name. With Germany so strong on the progressive side of trance music, what do you think of all the Israeli artists (normally better known for full on trance) such as Ace Ventura, Rocky etc.? I think it’s very good that these guys have forged their own sound. Some years ago, there used to only be the German and the Scandinavian Progressive style. Today, there is much more variation! I think Serbia and Greece have also developed their own Progressive sound, as well. Which producer before 2001 do you wish was still making trance music? Intact Instinct! I was definitely influenced by the music these guys produced back then. I would really love to hear a modern Progressive track from them. And new breed producers that impress you? Phaxe & Interactive Noise! Phaxe has a knack for melodies and I like the way he includes elements of House and Techno in his tracks. Interactive Noise is less melodic, but he really knows how to combine elements of different genres, like Progressive, House, Techno and Electro. Which one trance track of all time do you wish you had written? The very first Progressive track that became a giant hit and a great influence for many producers: Atmos – Klein Aber Doktor! What’s your favourite Audiomatic track of all time? At the moment, I would say Windows of Our Soul from my recent album Weekend Society. I think it’s a very emotional track. Also, I used my own voice in a track for the very first time, that’s still very special for me.

The Progressive Psy-Tech Invasion:

25 | BPM


AUDIOMATIC & SYMPHONIX scene here with some clubs and regular events around though it is not exactly super popular throughout the country. Still, Schwerin is located right between Hamburg and Berlin – which is to say, the surrounding area turns into a huge adult playground once the festival season is on! Being brothers did you both discover Trance parties together? Yes, we started spinning records together in 1998. That brought us to Trance music and that again grew into organizing parties. We actually went to our first trance party in 1999.

Symphonix Brothers Sirko and Stephan have been DJ’ing progressive beats since the formative days of this music style. They’ve also paid their dues throwing many events, the most notable of which is the Tshitraka Project Open Air festival, which they sadly had to discontinue once their artist careers took off. Dedicated disciples of progressive trance since the beginning theirs is a sound that remains true to the roots of psychedelic progressive. Here’s what they had to say... You grew up in a town called Schwerin. Sounds like a swear word, what’s it like there? It’s a sweet little city with heaps of lakes around, quite picturesque and rather quiet. There is a local electronic music

As brothers have you ever found yourselves competing with each other since you must spend so much time together? Surprisingly enough, we have never had serious trouble getting along with each other! Actually we found that we complement each other very well. We might have some differences but we are still on the same vibe. Symphonix is known for lush sounds, warm melodies and deep grooves. What’s the ideal set time for you at an outdoor party? Easy question… it is the afternoon at any outdoor party or festival. Germany has always been at the cutting edge of electronic music, specifically Berlin. What’s the most current sound right now that impresses you? It is quite an interesting phenomenon that the popular Berlin Techno sound is getting deeper and deeper. That goes for the trippy Minimal stuff as well as for the rather fast and hard big-room Techno music. Subtle melodies and pad sounds

can now be heard where there used to only be simple chords before. Your visit to South Africa will be your first. Have you heard much about our country? Of course, South Africa is a hot spot on the Trance world map! There is heaps of good music coming from there and we’ve met a lot of Trance travelers from this country during our journeys around the globe. So yes, we are very excited to finally go there! And lastly... shout outs to anybody? The Usual Suspects are heading to South Africa to prostitute the Wild Life!

WHERE TO CATCH THEM LIVE IN SOUTH AFRICA THIS SUMMER: Audiomatic : JHB: Thurs, 15 December – ESP Nightclub CPT: Fri, 16 December – Venue TBA

Symphonix: CPT: Sat, 14 January 2012 - Outdoors Checkout an exclusive BPM podcast DJ mix by Audiomatic by scanning this tag for your Smartphone or go to

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FEATURE By Mary Honeychild hemba Nkosi is the man behind the Euphonik flavour that in its signature form has stormed the cities and unheard-of rural corners of South Africa since 2008. Inspired and mentored by one of our country's other party lords, DJ Fresh, Themba started off doing A&R for Soul Candi Records while his infectious bumping sets on YFM led him to feature on 5FM's Fresh Drive. He now also hosts his own radio show on 5FM, Sunday evenings between 19:00 - 22:00. A show he uses to treat his fans and House music lovers to the latest and best in House Music tunes made locally and from across the world. Known as Euphonik to his fans, his party beats have been tearing up dancefloors in backyard township shebeens and high profile Northern Suburb Clubs in Joburg alike. In the midst of his demanding schedule I call him up for an interview and I’m greeted by a positive and energetic voice on the other end. Awesome!


“SA has a wide variety of cultures and I dabble in what is considered both the 'Black' and 'White' scenes.”

So Euphonik is all about that… Mzansi sound right? “SA has a wide variety of cultures and I dabble in what is considered both the ‘Black’ and ‘White’ scenes. They are fundamentally worlds apart. But what you find now is that there are songs that are crossing over. So what’s great about the SA audience is that we are definitely open to a wider variety of sound. I myself have my foot on both sides of the fence,” he beams over the phone.

The topic of all the newbie DJ’s and the easy accessibility of software and hardware production equipment Euphonik believes that this insurgence of Dance music producers is something healthy for the scene. He insists that the good comes in when the main players now have to work even harder because competition is even greater. He opens up…“House music looks like something easy to do now, simple but it’s not really. Not good music. All you need now is some CDJs and Fruity Loops for production and you’re in, anyone can call themselves a producer but it’s still the good ones that come out of all that. From this you find new sounds keep developing. Consider Liquideep and Big Nuz, they are both big sounds that just work.” Step your game up rookies!

The importance of collaborations to a DJ’s career

The Hit Factory

Euphonik says his intuition is a talent that helps carry him throughout his career and in building relationships with people.

He doesn’t openly consider himself a hit factory as he so humbly lets me know; but instead insists that the music he makes becomes the hits. Wink-Wink. “I play what I like. If I like a tune, I like a tune. House music is the only genre that fuses so many genres into one and I think that is why it speaks to so many people. People who are into House music are generally open minded, free spirited and know what they want and are looking for. It’s a form of music that speaks to a certain headspace and leaves more room for interpretation,” enthuses Themba.

The Local Dance Music scene… and what we could be doing According to Euphonik what we need more of now is that somewhat evasive seven letter word. Quality; overall, in production. Then we need some more club owners who actually understand what it means to set up the real clubbing experience. In every aspect of the scene we need to whip out

the ‘Mr Min’ and polish up; distribution channels, music videos and promotion too.

“It’s Vital. Super Vital. A lot of people will ‘player hate’ on David Guetta. But that guy is the benchmark on innovation and exploitation of anything and everything around what it means to be a DJ,” he says. Nice one.

A Themba talent

The craziest thing a fan has ever said… He laughs as he considers this, then says “It would have to be after performing at this party in Welkom; this guy came up to me and asked me to sign his girlfriend’s boob. And I did.”

How does he want to be remembered? “I just want people to remember how my music made them feel,” he confirms thoughtfully. After our conversation it is clear that Themba is not just a talented guy but also a thinker. Someone witty, and even though he is critical of the SA Dance scene, he cleverly manages to not fall into the category of unpatriotic pessimism.

28 | BPM

FEATURE By Mary Honeychild raig De Sousa needs little introduction. A House DJ since 1996, a Radio presenter and a music Producer, he has built a successful career on the foundation that Electronic Music is his calling. The secret to his consistent and continued success is the art of diversifying and being open to change. Many will remember him as one half of the ‘Night Watchmen’ show on Good Hope FM with Dino Moran; that ran for five years. They released two Double Disc compilations and worked together swimmingly, despite being in very different head spaces at the time; which, according to De Sousa, only added to the dynamic of their team. He has also released several other DJ compilations and proudly mixes them live (no sequencing) as well as dozens of productions. Craig’s sound today can neatly be described as a fusion of Deep House and Deep Tech.


Craig De Sousa Electronic Music is his calling The resident SA cricket DJ Seven years ago Craig was commissioned to DJ at a Pro 20 cricket match. A big fan of the sport himself, he took a shining to it and that has been a steady gig for him over the years. He confesses “It’s actually quite tricky. You have to understand the sport and be a good DJ. When there is a highlight I play a song that activates the dance lights. It’s really about hyping the crowd up at the right time and setting the mood musically. It is fun and I really enjoy it.”

Next out of the De Sousa production pot and the Iridium Project

The House music scene and its changing face – the nineties to now... According to De Sousa, the change from analogue to digital has genuinely face-lifted the game over the past fifteen years. The ‘gone-to-digital’ aspect has taken away part of the art of DJ’ing he says. Back in the early days, the ‘glow-stick’ era of the nineties, DJ’ing in SA was at a very high standard and purposefully competitive. He elaborates, “You would order your shipment from the record store and only you and maybe two other DJ’s would have that vinyl. Then, when you’re in the club and ripping up your set, you’d play that new track. Everybody would hear it for the first time together and when the fans loved it, they would keep coming back to the club every week to hear you play ‘their song!’” In today’s digital arena everybody has everything. In today’s world, he continues “it’s more about the social element and turning the club night into an ‘experience’ as opposed to going out to hear fresh music.” The supreme responsibility of a DJ is to be a pioneer in the latest, hottest tracks that are out there and present that to the people.

So how does a DJ still manage to be the tastemaker? “You have to roll with the punches, to remain consistent - it’s either you adapt or die. Because so many of the international tracks are so readily available online, when you play a track most fans and/or DJs know it and have played it to death. I improvise by playing a lot of my own tracks that are freshly produced as well as a lot of other SA music producers and in this way I also support local talent,” adds De Sousa, thoughtfully.

He is releasing six new tracks on his record label ‘Heads & Tails’ that will also be launched online at the end of 2011. On production with him are Roger D’Lux and Erefaan Pearce. Fans will now be able to buy his music online straight from the source. “With Iridium Project we have simplified things. We are now a two piece act that is me and Riccardo Moretti on the keyboard. During our live club gigs I supply the drums and he’ll play a bass line. I record a loop and we build the track right there. That way we also absorb all the energy from the crowd into the production of that track,” he explains, enthusiastically. Iridium Project, Craig says “is an awesome summer vibe” and he saves this especially for the party season. Be sure to follow him and check out where he is playing so that you can be a part of it too!

30 | BPM


EARTHDANCE FACE! Henry got pissed every time someone asked him if his very creative self motivated, expressive leopard print get-up was Lady Gaga inspired.

Photos by: Jonx Pillemer

Karen hugged Mike gratefully as he gave her the last cold beer out of his cooler box Someone had spread the rumour that the mud on the main floor had healing mineral properties and Jacob was definitely not going to be one of the fools who missed out!

Hooping is serious business and Nicole was up at the crack of dawn practicing, in order to out-hoop all the new wannabe hoola-pros of course.

Chantal was not letting her twice a week Belly dance lessons go to waste; now if only the DJ would take note!!!

Disclaimer: All names and comments made are purely fictitious and in no way are meant to be taken seriously.

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Where the beat lives on...

Tim promised his girlfriend he would stop smoking weed... Any bets on why she shouldn't take his word for it?

Jordan loved to show off her appropriately over sized, flower shaped engagement ring.

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The Deuces symbol just won't go out of Fashion - Deal with it!

“Ay Bru don yoo choon, we are not from Durban OK? We're actually from Fourways.� Shout-Out to the Kelly Osbourne Fan Club... Represent!!!

Photos by:

32 | BPM

FEATURE By Heather Mennel

“We're like old skool meets new skool!”

G Family: Two Paths Converge ich, powerful bass lines and refined vocals have established G Family as a local duo who are taking their special blend of deep house to a global audience. In 2007, cousins Michael G and Jullian Gomes decided to join forces and since then their music has been released on high calibre labels such as Realtone, Deeper Shades, Atjazz Record Company, Seasons Limited and Earthrumental Music. G Family represents a fusion of old skool and new skool: Michael G has been playing since the nineties – mixing up hip hop, R ’n B, kwaito, slow jams and midtempo. Jullian Gomes started DJ’ing in 2003 and was selected to attend the Red Bull Music Academy in 2008. Since then he’s played all over Europe and rocked a hungry crowd at this year’s Sonar festival in Barcelona. Together the pair have created a richly textured and passiondriven sound which is turning heads both locally and internationally. Heather Mennell chats to them...


BPM: Tell me about your first track, People with Bullets? MG: We gave it to the people we knew in the industry - Christos & Vinny, Black Coffee, Cisco - and everyone loved it. JG: It was crazy! Black Coffee played it during his US tour and Vinny and Christos opened a special set on YFM with it.

MG: It was on a number of compilations... JG: ...and it got signed to a Frank Roger’s label, Earthrumental. MG: Because we’re both DJs and have been listening to music for such a long time, we had an ear for quality - we knew what sound we were going for and we weren’t prepared to compromise. BPM: The Pretoria scene is quite different to anywhere else, isn’t it? MG: Yeah, it’s the crowd! JG: When it comes to deep house – every city has a different response, but you just get an overwhelming response from the people in Pretoria. Pretoria is always going to be the capital city of house music. You can ask all the internationals that play here, Atjazz, Charles Webster – the way that the people respond to the music – ah man you just have to experience it for yourself. BPM: As a team, do you have different strengths? MG: We come from different eras. We’re like old skool meets new skool! Jullian has been all over the world – he has new ears and a new vision. He’ll come back from playing overseas and say “Mike, I’ve heard this new genre. Listen to this." JG: Michael’s strength is that he’s been playing for over twenty years and he has a huge foundation of musical knowledge – an understanding of so many different genres. My strength is that I’m on the

edge of what’s new and happening - our sound combines all those elements BPM: You guys have just released your debut album...tell us more. JG: Yes! We went to Soul Candi and chatted to the label manager, Allan [Nicoll]. We said ‘we have these tracks – let’s put it out there’. Allan really liked the music, but although he have had loads of international releases, we have no sales history locally - so we amalgamated the two brands: G Family and Deep House Chronicles. It’s three years of production – our favourite tracks. We have our remix of Atjazz and Robert Owens, 340ml, Antonio Lyons, Stephanie Renee... MG: It’s a good balance, six original tracks and six remixes. JG: When we compiled it, we thought ‘let’s do something that we’ll be proud of’, because when People With Bullets came out we had lots of offers from labels but we decided to wait. We thought, when we release an album, it has to tell the story of us. We wanted to be proud of it for the next forty to fifty years. MG: We’ve also hung onto tracks, we’ve been protective. We haven’t put them on to as many compilations as possible and now it’s great because we can release our own collection. Deep House Chronicles G Family - Break the Silence is out now on Soul Candi Records.

House Headz Up with Smalz

34 | BPM


“South African House music (in its current form) has been referred to by a myriad of terms called Afro House, Deep Tribal, Ancestral, however it's only now in recent years that it has culminated in a hybrid ensemble of indigenous sounds fused with international trends.”

By Nduduzo 'Smalz' Ngobese

HOUSE HEADZ UP t’s a cliché, of course; but I’m certain that inside every artist, musician or band is an aching desire to disappear from the rat race, find an isolated habitat and commune with nature for a while to rekindle and spark that surge of creativity again. With most of us, the feeling manifests itself in a walk in the park – until you realise that you need to run to the shops to buy a chocolate bar and a loose cigarette. A more idyllic sojourn perhaps is in the heart of free living ala Earthdance or Rocking The Daisies, where like-minded people gather together for a long weekend of music, love and possibly some narcotics...until Monday morning, when they hustle back to real toilets, loo paper and shops that sell chocolate and loose cigarettes (at a reasonable price). These are just some of the delights that even Radio One’s jock Pete Tong felt were the way to go to best capture the spirit of adventure, the golden sands of Thailand when he set about compiling the soundtrack album of Alex Garland’s acclaimed novel ‘The Beach’. The point I’m making here is that no matter how successful, how popular an artist, band or musician is, there comes a time in their existence when they no longer feel a sense of complete pleasure with their art. Somehow the very ‘sound’ that catapulted them into a ‘mansion on


the hills’ seems to turn into a creative straight-jacket. The flipside of the coin at the same time is that it all lies in giving up the ‘cash cow’ for an unverified creative muse and that adds to a shift from that all important safety net. To some this is the ultimate (bitter) pill to swallow. In my mind I’m inclined to think that these are the premises at which the old debate of music as an expression versus music as entertainment comes from. Yes, you are right it is a tired old argument (I hear you say) – but let me flip the script on this one; I say in the South African context it’s only now that the idea is becoming worn in. Let me try and illustrate this. South African House music (in its current form) has been referred to by a myriad of terms called Afro House, Deep Tribal, Ancestral, however it’s only now in recent years that it has culminated in a hybrid ensemble of indigenous sounds fused with international trends. “It’s a funny state of affairs actually”, says [Cape Town DJ/Producer] Erefaan Pearce. “At first the South African sound was so pigeon-holed by what the media thinks people need to know about House music in South Africa. For a while the ‘French’ were showing us how to be African - Yellow Productions bringing out all the hits like the ‘Africanism’ series of records.” Now, the tables have turned. Young producers and musicians with deft local and international nuances create

sounds that not only the international scene has sponged from but has remained authentically theirs. Artist like Spoek Mathambo among others have introduced these new vibes to new territories. The thing that is fascinating with this is the openness of the game, and in my books it has a potential to create a seductive and timeless subculture that’ll see many other artists latch onto it purely because they [guys like Gervase Gordon - SA born member of the London based trio LV, who blend Kwaito elements into their interpretation of funky House music] didn’t sit on their laurels and waited for somebody/trend to dictate to them how they need to craft what is ultimately theirs. It’s a somewhat forward thinking interpretation of typical House music expressions blended with the underground vibrancy borne I believe out of a rampant self-satisfaction of an artist or musician’s creative journey and no artist it seems is big or even important enough to contain this. Besides, where else will you find such a glorious assortment of languages, regional heritage and cultural dialects that when harnessed the right way only distinct South African music characteristics emerge and can ‘only’ be derived in this country?

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The Winners Page... The Behringer South Africa Summer of Sound Competition

Another truly fantastic competition was hosted @ on behalf of ProAudio and Behringer South Africa. Thanks to all of you who entered and offered some really interesting comments. Proving we have BPM readers of all ages, we wish to congratulate Graham Struwig from Johannesburg on winning the Behringer Summer of Sound system valued at R 10,500.00.

Sergio Pereira from BPM MAG (left) and David Myers (right) from ProAudio/ Behringer South Africa hand over the Behringer Sound System to Graham Struwig at ProAudio’s brand new showroom in Edenvale/Germiston. Name: Graham Struwig Occupation: Data management consultant, self employed. Where did you hear about the Summer of Sound Competition? If I recall, in the BPM mag. Pick them up because I like to read reviews on new sound and music equipment. I entered the Summer of Sound Competition because... The prize looked great and I thought I could use it, or sell and use the money to get some drum mics. I have decided to keep the system though. Are you involved in the music industry professionally? Not professionally, I am an amateur musician playing guitar and occasionally keyboard or bass in the music team at church. I also have a keen interest in recording and have a small home studio going. I mainly use this to record my son who is an avid drummer, check him out on YouTube - Which Behringer package did you choose? The DJ package or the ‘band package?’ I chose the band package.

Where and how do you plan to use the system? My son is in a band, Ninjury. They haven’t done any gigs yet and are still looking for a vocalist. I think they are very good and maybe one day soon I can use the system for some of their gigs. Having had the prize for a few days what is your opinion of the products? To be honest, I haven’t had the chance to plug it in and test it out since collecting it. I am familiar with Behringer equipment and have never had any problems with them. I am amazed that the amplifier is so light and am looking forward to cranking the speakers up. They look well built and solid. I like the single knob compressor and think the first thing I will do is plug my bass guitar through the system and see what that does. Which component has impressed you the most? The mixer is great, as I say, I haven’t used it yet but have read the product manual and it will come in handy both for live work and in my studio.

DJ2GO ...................... R 858.00 THE MOST PORTABLE DJ CONTROLLER IN THE WORLD INSTANT DJ PERFORMANCES WHEREVER YOU GO DJ2GO is a portable, affordable and highly capable DJ controller that allows you to control your favorite DJ software with a tactile feel that can’t be matched using a computer mouse and keyboard. DJ2GO weighs just 13 oz. but provides a layout familiar to DJs that includes two platters, a crossfader, pitch and level controls as well as Deck A, Deck B, Master and Headphone gain controls. Includes a special edition of Virtual DJ software, designed to mate perfectly with the capabilities of the controller.

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MIXTRACK PRO .... R 2,850.00 DJ SOFTWARE CONTROLLER WITH AUDIO I/O COMPLETE DIGITAL DJ PERFORMANCE. MIXTRACK PRO is a complete DJ system that works with the music on your Mac or PC. MIXTRACK PRO's classic two-turntables-and-a-mixer setup connects to your computer so you can scratch, mix, loop, and much more. MIXTRACK PRO has all the inputs and outputs you’ll need for your headphones, speakers, and a mic. Plus, MIXTRACK PRO is portable, so you'll always be ready to DJ anywhere.

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CONTROLLERS OMNI CONTROL ... R 3,992.00 DJ CONTROL SURFACE WITH AUDIO OUT AND SOFTWARE SERIOUS DJ SIMPLICITY OMNI CONTROL contains everything you need to plug into any sound system and perform. This high-quality, heavyweight, rugged DJ device is not only a hardware controller for performing with the included Native Instruments Traktor LE and MixMeister Fusion Live software; it also houses a professional digital-audio interface to feedyour headphones and the sound system. OMNI CONTROL has a heavyweight, sturdy feel thanks to its high-quality controls and rugged metal housing. It'll stay in place even when your fast-scratch technique gets aggressive. Carry less and do more with OMNI CONTROL.

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THE BEST PLATTERS ON THE PLANET The NS6 platters are the most responsive, highest-resolution touch-activated platters ever produced in a DJ product, delivering an astounding 3,600 ticks of resolution per rotation.

SERATO ITCH NS6 comes with Serato's ITCH DJ software and tightly integrates with ITCH thanks to close collaboration between Serato and Numark. NS6 also employs the proven, cutting-edge control technology invented by Numark in NS7. FRONT VIEW

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combining glitch and electro house into something easily digestible with its vocal delivery and then unexpectedly slightly aggressive rap hook. This album definitely follows on in the footsteps of the first and shapes up to an era where many artists are fusing genres and production techniques this way. You will enjoy this if you are into more experimental sounds and couldn't be bothered with too many boundaries around the genres you enjoy. Reviewed by Mary Honeychild

ROGER SANCHEZ - PRESENTS RELEASE YOURSELF '11 (JUST MUSIC) <House> The incredibly talented and globally successful New York House DJ/Producer Roger Sanchez releases his latest three disc compilation in a series of 1, 2, 3 steps that takes the listener from pre-party mode into full tech and tribal swing that he is so well known for. His infamous club nights Release Yourself as the compilation is named after will now have a brand new residency at Space in Ibiza. On this delicious delivery expect brand new material from the likes of Roger Sanchez & Baggi Begovic ft. Mitch Crown, MYNC, René Amesz, Blacktron, Timo Garcia, Federico Scavo, Michael Anthony, Afroboogie, Oril & Da Ragnio, Kid Shakers, Dirty Secretz, French Government and more. CD 1 resembles the feeling of those first few steps on the dance; just deep, sexy and funked up enough to get your body jerking and moving. CD 2 is even more upbeat and dance floor friendly with tracks such as Balkanize Me with its hip swinging feel and well placed hi-hats. 1104 carries on this raunchy rhythm lending an even deeper techy feel towards the end with Spin. On CD 3 fans get treated to unmixed, exclusive tracks that further define the genius of this producer. For the real House music lovers. Reviewed by Mary Honeychild

4. WRETCH 32 - BLACK AND WHITE (JUST MUSIC) <Hip Hop> Tottenham local, Wretch 32, was previously a grime mc known for his mixtapes that reflect raw masculine energy. With Black and White he now breaks out with this chart topping, commercial, smooth and sultry Hip Hop style that reflects a sense of personal growth in both the lyrics and composition. He successfully bridges the gap between the rap-pop and edgier hardcore rap coming out of the UK, with guest appearances by Chipmunk & Angel, Alex Mills, Etta Bond, Delilah, Daley, Ed Sheeran, Josh Kurma and Example. With nothing to prove but the ability to create music that sets a new dimension and standard with both dance floor and afternoon drive worthy tracks like Traktor hitting that bass heavy Dancehall feel and Unorthodox where he lets those listening know that he is not following trends or crowds, but instead doing what he feels best and natural when making music. The Result? This is sexy Hip Hop at its finest, the kind of Hip Hop the ladies can love and for the guys who aren't entirely into aggression being the main idea behind the meaning of true rap expression. More than anything Wretch proves how growth as an artist is possible and entirely necessary when setting benchmarks and keeping your fans growing too. Rap Purists who are used to his older stuff may take this one to heart a little too much though. Reviewed by Mary Honeychild




<House> Eleve11 is reminiscent of the early 2000's glow-stick commercial Euro Rave era. Picture the teen of that time and space now grown up and slightly more sophisticated in its twenties with a sound that brings together pop vocals and uplifting melodies with booming ultrasonic warehouse elements. It’s an unpretentious eager to please delivery which should appeal to a wider international audience. The opening track Love is Darkness reflects that huge sold out auditorium type tune, the second track Koko firmly sets in place and balances out the happy commercial Prog Electro vibe this album creates. It's the kind of hit that makes you want to blow a little louder on your rave whistle. Yep - Go raver. Sidney Samson and Nadia ‘Rapture’ Ali weigh in with Rolling The Dice and ply on more of that fluffy club feel in finger-pointing-fashion. Not really one of the best tracks on the album. The Godskitchen Urban Wave Mix of Beyond Sound brings things back with a more grounded stomping and slightly darker, yet still uplifting sound. Drink To Get Drunk will make a great club track with its raspy vocal and continues with this same temperament and bangs out as a sexy dance floor filler. If you like the melodic, uncomplicated rave music vibes you will definitely enjoy this one. Reviewed by Mary Honeychild - PLAYING IN THE SHADOWS (JUST 3. EXAMPLE MUSIC)



<House> Example lives in a world of mainstream Electro, his version of it filled with dysfunctional electro Rap lyrics speaking of relationships and life lessons that plague young people. This latest release Playing In The Shadows follows very closely on his first chart topping album Won't Go Quietly with a different reputable producer on each track. Playing In The Shadows boasts productions by guys such as D ‘n B deviant Sub Focus (Kickstarts), The Fearless, the legendary MJ Cole, Dubstep connoisseurs Chase & Status, Scottish electro hit maker Calvin Harris and Swedish pop experimentalist Bjorn Yttling. Every track, individual in its personality, speaks of Example's openness to experimentation and diversity. This could be owed to his almost instant success. He is clearly a boundary pushing pop artist with an ear for a fresh sound that he isn't afraid to get on the development train himself. Midnight Run should be a great radio smasher


SBTRKT (YOUNG TURKS/ JUST MUSIC) <Electronica/Dubstep/Eclectic> Aaron Jerome aka SBTRKT has remixed the likes of MIA, Basement Jaxx, Mark Ronson and Underworld, as well as released a bunch of singles and EP’s but this self-titled release is his debut full length album. Not bad for a self taught Dubstep producer. At first I confused him with MSTRKRFT, an error many may make but judging by this offering, they are really nothing like each other save the strange names. Released on the Young Turks label, home to diverse artists such as Holy Fuck and the xx, this album is an eclectic mix of Chicago house, 2step, Dubstep and some just plain weird electronica and should be a hit with lovers of diversely eclectic grooves. This eponymous release has been compared to James Blake for its ambitious take on electronic music but SBTRKT has a bit more swagger to his arrangements and although not immediately engaging the album becomes more rewarding with each listen. The tracks are all vocally driven with a moodiness prevailing throughout. Sometimes the vocals can be a little wistful for my liking but the beats are undeniably clever and once you get into the album I am sure it’s a rewarding listen. Me, I’m still absorbing and enjoying the ride. A must for all chin-strokers of modern electronica. Reviewed by Dave Mac

audio For a Sound online shopping experience warehouse ‘We Deliver’ | 031 3052660


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EUPHONIK - FOR THE LOVE OF HOUSE SPECIAL EDITION (SOULCANDI) <House> Euphonik is one of those DJ/ Producers whose career has been built on his understanding that the crowd doesn't necessarily want to hear the same music all the time (even the most hard line deephouse head has a closet jones for some commercial) hence this very eclectic release; For the Love of House – Special Edition. It's a very cleverly packaged and unpretentious album, mixing a variety of House sub genres, from deep to electro and afro-deep, there's even a gospel inspired track at the end, though I think it could have been left out. Flight Facilities by Crave You kicks things off on a playfully techy note, flowing quite smoothly into a string of dancefloor fillers including the incredibly popular Want You in My Soul by the Lovebirds, Gregor Salto's Please Me & Imaani's Found My Light. A few of his own productions have become hits in their own right, with tracks like House Nation ft. Antoni Lyons, Seng'Khathele ft. Shota and Domination ft. Mandel all receiving considerable radio airplay and love from the crowd. He's even included Cabo Snoop's runaway smash hit, Windeck, just because he knows people love the jam. It's the kind of album you could pick a track at random from, play just after midnight and reasonably expect a positive reaction from the crowd. Reviewed by Nathan Kabingesi

7. DJ CHINA - DEEP INSIDE (SOULCANDI) <House> DJ China has a knack for putting together the most unlikely artists on an album that somehow ends up pitching at exactly the right level; his selection of tracks predicts what the market will want to be listening to in the months after release. The second instalment in the Deep Inside series is no exception. At times, mournful, always soulful, the album is a journey through deep house terrain, with a view. Tracks like Leon Ware's On the Beach (Atjazz Love Soul Remix) and Maybe We Could Be Free by Jonny Montana ft. Pete Simpson soothe like a Sunday afternoon drive along a winding road with the top down. China is a deft guide, ably shifting through subtle changes in mood, from Osunlade's slightly techy No Way, through the unexpected In Need by Da Capo, to the very jazzy Rhythm of Reality by Marco Fracasso ft. Nica Brook. Quality contributions by DJ Hypnosis, Kemeticjust and Dolls Comber round out a top notch release, one of my favourites so far this year. I can only fault it by adding that it might be a little obscure for some peoples tastes at first glance as the first album made some concession towards commercial appeal by including some afro-deep and tribal tracks. Reviewed by Nathan Kabingesi SOUND PRESENTS MZANZI VS. 8. TOKZEN INTERNATIONAL SELECTION 1 (SOULCANDI) <House> Tokzen steps away from his legendary Mmthi's series to deliver a quality double disc album – Mzanzi vs. International Volume 1. Disc one is a medley of deep, soulful internationally produced or remixed tracks. With this disc, Tokzen strikes that elusive balance between deep-house sensibility and commercial appeal, showing once again why he is still one of SA's foremost taste makers. Live 4 Now by T3N is sublime (with conscious lyrics to go with), followed by elegant productions from Freaks & 012, Spinna and Phonique. There's also the well loved Atjazz remix of Chasing by C.9 ft. Kholi. The very oddly named Give Me A Dub F#*k rework of the Lovebirds Want You in My Soul adds a bit of an electro-techy flavour to the

mix before tracks from Distant People, April Hill and Blaze close out the album on a jazzy high note. Disc two showcases some of SA's hottest rising talents; Hoodnatives and Audiopyper have two tracks apiece, with the latter's My Love for You having a strong following in the 'underground' dance scene. Also included are some beautiful synth laced remixes by Snow and the duo of Cuebur & Shimza, as well as La Shad and Mindgames. Definitely in my top five of local house releases so far this year. Reviewed by Nathan Kabingesi

9. GRACE JONES – HURRICANE - DUB (SHEER) <Soul/Reggae/Dub> If I need to first explain to you who Grace Jones is then perhaps you should skip this review. If you vaguely recall her as that ‘old weird looking fashion model from the 80’s’ then really; Hurricane may not mean much to you as a release. But if you’ve been a fan of this imitable legend from the late 70’ and early 80’s you may want to pay attention here. Jones serves up a delicious double disc – her tenth studio album but her first of new material in nineteen years – of delectable dub-infused dance pop that begs the question; what took her so long? Emitting the same sort of confidence and soul as someone like Sade Adu, but with so much more sleaze and that wonderful avant-garde voice of hers, Grace Jones belies her grand old age of 60something to deliver 9 wonderfully composed songs that harks back to her Nightclubbing album when she first teamed up with Sly [Dunbar] & Robbie [Shakespeare], a partnership she reignites with aplomb. Produced by Brian Eno, Hurricane is a heady mix of dancehall meets electro, reggae, soul and trip hop. All 9 tracks get the remix treatment in the form of dub versions compliments of Ivor Guest, a London based producer with a deft touch. If you are a Jones fan, find this album and buy it. It’s a keeper! [Hurricane was originally released in 2008. This re-release includes the 9 dub versions]. Reviewed by Dave Mac


<Lounge> I’ve been a Thievery Corporation fan for many years. Their smooth dub-infused lounge grooves with just a hint of Latin influence together with their slick New York image, all decked out in classy suits captured the imagination of many a fan. They were often compared to Kruder & Dormeister, mostly because they arrived on the scene not long after them, and back then lounge grooves in a chill room were an essential part of any decent event. The Thievery duo also went off the boil for a while, each release starting to sound like a regurgitation of the previous but thankfully Culture of Fear sees a return to form with a solid 13 tracker that includes a healthy smattering of dub, rap, lounge and a hybrid mix of all of the aforementioned. As the title suggests they’re still hell bent on conspiracy theories and their lyrics are consumed by political rhetoric. It’s not superfluous talk though; Eric Hilton and Rob Garza are well read individuals, so led by strong lyricism they deliver an album that has all the familiar Thievery trademarks but also sees the duo return to their best offering in some time. Reviewed by Dave Mac


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<Progressive Trance> When Ace Ventura blasted the dancefloor at Alien Safari ‘s Masqued Ball late in February of this year it confirmed what many had been feeling; tough, serious sounding progressive artists would rock our dancefloors if only the promoters would ‘take a chance’ and fly somebody out! Well the Alien’s got the jump on everybody and Ace did not disappoint; made all the more sweeter now by the release of this double disc compilation as compiled by the man himself. Featuring the likes of Rocky, Zen Mechanics, Egorythmia, Ectima, Captain Hook, Klopfgeister, Riktam & Bansi, Liquid Soul, Atmos, Flowjob and of course Ace himself as well as a tasty collaboration with Liquid Soul as Liquid Ace, those in the know will be salivating at this list of producers and so they should. With no less than 18 tracks to choose from, Dance Computer is a quality release that’ll find itself on the playlist of many a DJ this summer as indeed on sound systems at home. Although quite a varied selection of artists with different styles there is certainly a cohesiveness to the tracks he has selected, or perhaps it’s in the mastering, either way Dance Computer is one of those rare compilations you can play from beginning to end without the strong urge to skip a track proving Ace’s quality both as a producer and as a selector. Highly recommended. Reviewed by Dave Mac




<Psytrance> Journey is the psychedelic trance project of Giampiero Mastino who was born in Italy and now resides in the UK. He also happens to be the label head for Free Spirit Records. The opening track is a full on psy tune that forewarns one of serious psychedelic tunage to follow. The Journey remix of Help Is On The Way by Tron is a fast paced affair that kept me bopping. Deeksha is banging with darker undertones and this makes it suitable for any time slot at a party. Psychedelic Fusion is a collaboration with Rastaliens and the synth echo made my toes curl, bloody awesome. This track is definitely a future classic and I cannot wait to hear it on a big rig. Spirit Molecule is an excellent track but this is not yet the time to peak. Phonik Trip, a collaboration this time with Holophonic, is phat and will blast those winter cobwebs away. Another big tune with a nice build-up is Monkey Sees, Monkey Do; this one will keep you glued to the dance floor. The thought-provoking vox at the start of The Ripple Effect Part II just adds an extra element to this fantastic track. Physical Reaction by Journey vs. Monastic Squid just keeps the banging going until we reach the final beautiful chilled track by Journey, Alexampt and Mononegro. Recommended. Reviewed by sevenR

13. MOTION DRIVE – RECYCLED (IONO RECORDS) <Progressive Trance> From the progressive psy trance factory Iono comes yet another superb release. Soon to be seen on a dance floor near you, Motion Drive (also known as part of the more fullon project “Rumble Pack”) delivered a spectacular debut album in 2010 - In The Dirt. No wonder that

this remixed disc attracted the finest talent in the progressive scene today. It is loaded with day time energy and a variety that ranges from smooth sailing rhythms and soothing breaks to punchy grooves with a solid kick. The recognizable elements are there, but each track tells a different story from the original. Mastered and produced with undeniable quality makes this piece of sonic candy impossible not to like. It should have its place reserved in your collection. Reviewed by Jos

14. V / A - ISRALIENS V.6 CLOSE TRANCE ENCOUNTERS (HOMMEGA RECORDS) <Psytrance> What initially seems like a strange collaboration between Astrix and Ace Ventura turns Drunk On Dreams into a very good albeit fluffy opening track. The Atmos remix of Warrior by Skazi doesn’t work for me as it sounds amateurish and very poppy. One Night Stand by Hipnotix starts off with a slow rumble, turns into a mash up of techno sounds and never goes anywhere. The Sub6 tune, Twenty o six is passable but certainly not one of their best, it just drags. iVoltage by Freedom Fighters & D-Addiction doesn’t sound much different from the previous track. Along comes Basic to save the day with Limbo a full on track with thumping bassline, stomping music and eerie background singing. The X-noiZe remix of Non Human by Domestic & X-noiZe and High By Definition by Pixel & Tristan are both super blasters. Infected Mushroom spoils a cool track with stupid lyrics once again. The Noise by Black & White vs. Bizarre Contact feat. Aquapipe is a massive track with nice build-ups and a banging beat. Flake by Outsiders is very melodic and fluffy which is not a bad thing. The epic sound of Teleport by Loud ends this compilation on a high note, but it is a pity the first half of V.6 is very mediocre at best. Reviewed by sevenR


<Progressive Trance> Well known for his melodic sound and euphoric build ups, Sphera has put together this compilation with a track selection of note. Featuring nine previously unreleased tracks from some of today’s top producers, this release explores the light and sometimes dark realms of progressive trance. Driving, warm and powerful beats with nothing superfluous sounds only placed where it matters most. Capturing emotion mainly with soulful and uplifting melodies but also taking you to the more serious side with some darker tunes which will be playable at night. Echoes delivers once again and just in time for our outdoor season. Listenable at home or in your car, but off course the best effect will be obtained over a massive sound system underneath an open summer sky. Reviewed by Jos

For more reviews online go to: Where the beat lives on...

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Altruism – Beyond Illusion EP - Psytrance Altruism is Thamara Cruz, a female artist/DJ from Brazil and her tunes are in the true full on Nano style. Intera, in collaboration with Burn in Noise, and Beyond Illusion are tracks squarely aimed at any Knick Knack - Jon Rundell Minimal - Tech House Ibiza here we come, if you’re an aspiring DJ and looking to play lover of the daytime dance floor. Picked by SevenR that ''Ibiza" vibe then this is the track. Just some bells, phat minimal sounds and a huge break at 3:05. Jon Rundell from the UK Even 11 feat. U-Prag Drummers – Particles in Space EP – currently running Intec records on behalf of Carl Cox! Progressive Trance Picked by Beatarmy Eleven 11 is a collaboration project between Yannis Kamarinos and Johannes Regnier (aka Jaia & Silicon Sound). The four tracks are all different takes (remixes) of the same tune. Particles in Space is a Another Brick In The Wall - Pink Floyd Relaniun main remix - Tech House dreamy sounding progressive EP aimed at the progressive Released in 1979 by Pink Floyd, and the remixes keep coming! We psytrance connoisseur. Picked by SevenR have all been to a party and sang along to Another Brick in The Wall', sometimes another, another brick in the wall, haha! Relanium Kularis – Foxtrott Lessons EP – Progressive Trance using a lot of scratch FX and the original vocal with some echo Alexander Golz is DJ Mullekular and Kularis is his progressive effects creating a bigroom feel. Picked by Beatarmy psytrance project. The three tracks on this EP are phat and crunchy. The title track, Foxtrott Lessons, has the biggest sound Brenda Fassie – Weekend Special (DJ Christos House Afrika and the catchiest melody. Picked by SevenR Remix) – Afro House DJ Christos returns to the House Afrika stable with Magic Sessions, AMD – Neural Access EP - Psytrance a mix that collects together the kinds of the sounds that have The duo of Aphid Moon and Dickster get together again, as AMD, characterized his intimate nightlife interventions over the past few to pleasure our senses with two party tracks. While Mudtreiya years and works them into a coherent, body-moving statement. It’s Madness is a full on bouncy track, Neutral Access sounds more a collection that tops almost everything this mover and shaker has serious with a slightly darker edge. Picked by SevenR done in his career - and if you know anything about the history of house music in South Africa, this is a substantial statement. Flowjob – Windbreaker EP - Progressive Trance Picked by The Danish progressive psytrance producer, Flowjob, has created an interestingly styled EP. Bambi Bowling, is a wacky title and Gemini Boys – The Projects EP – Afro Deep sounding track with House influences. Windbreaker is a smooth After months of halting on releases, TekniQ brings back the feel of tune with all the echoes and soft pads inserted where required. I Deep Soul Tribal Sounds. J.A.T.O (Projects) EP comes packed with could listen to this track for hours. Picked by SevenR melodies and rhythms to blow your mind, including remixes by Byron Leroy, DJ Bullet, Harris from Mogale Bros. This EP will surely Mute & Shay Nassi – On Off (Ritmo Rmx) - Progressive Trance bring a new feel to your style of music. Ritmo makes some really interesting tracks and by all accounts he Picked by rocked the Equinox party earlier this year. His remix of the classic track, On Off, puts a ‘Capt. Hook’ type spin on things, bound to rip Eltonnick – Tme Sampler 1 – Afro House up an outdoor dancefloor. Picked by Dave Mac Baainar brings you TME Sampler 1 by Eltonnick. The follow-up EP release to Eltonnick feat Naak - Move which was the No. 1 seller for We Love - Sneaky Sound System Pleasurekraft remix - Tech weeks and is taken of Eltonnick’s debut album called TME. Two House super tracks are featured here, the organ driven Afro House What can one say...? Another tech house winner by the LEGEND monster Last Call and the Deep Afro Groover Imizamo Yami Pleasurekraft. What would one's DJ set be without Pleasurekraft. featuring Shota with some awesome vocals that will swoon any Love this guy. Typical Pleasurekraft sound that we all know and dance floor. Wake Up and Smell The Coffee!!!! love. Picked by Beatarmy Picked by Toi Toi - Wesley Cheia - Minimal/Tech House We believe in punting local guys... Why? If you have a listen to guys like Wesley Cheia aka 6t9, you will get to realize that SA has so much talent! A tad on the minimal side but with those underground dance floor's Toi Toi'ing! The good thing about playing Wesley's tunes is that not many other guys will have this cracking tune. So look him up on Facebook, Twitter and all those other social networks! Picked by Beatarmy Cut Me Down - Kristner Linder Layo and Bushwaka remix Indie House There are around 15 remixes of this track but this Indie Housey remix by Layo and Bushwaka is thumping with big driving basslines! It’s not often I enjoy tracks with male vocals, but this dreamy vocal just goes so well with this remix, good track to start a set. Layo Paskin and Bushwaka started in 1988 and is still rocking labels like Olmeto records and End recordings. Picked by Beatarmy Don’t Stop Us - Boris Ross and Taras Van De Voorde - House Having had the honour of closing and opening a set at the legendary club Truth, we have come to realise that one’s CD bag has to be versatile; this track can be used early or late. Guaranteed to get people going early or really late! Yeah 6 AM late. Love the shaker that carries Don’t Stop Us Now. Picked by Beatarmy

DJ Fresca And Black Motion ft Tuna – Amaphoyisa – Afro Deep Out of the most famous township in South Africa, Mondli Mashinini aka DJ Fresca hails as one of the liveliest and best DJ Producers from Soweto. He is well respected and renowned amongst his peers in the music industry. This time DJ Fresca teamed up the giants in the music Industry, Black Motion featuring Tuna on vocals, to bring you this on fire project called Amaphoyisa on his own label Social Underground Music. Respect!! Picked by Various Artists – Infinite Boys Sampler – Afro Deep Back with his latest release is Gabbana Da Deejay titled The Big Bang Theory Volume One comprising of three amazing house tracks. Soulful and deep music production has always been his strong point, and this time around, the EP is as deep and soulful as any of his impressive previous releases. Picked by DJ Hypnosis ft Nickson – Soulfiction and Black Diamond Kid Robbin Remixes (Stick Out Music) – Afro Deep Soulfiction and Black Diamond Kid Robbin Remixes And Tools is a melodic soulful track harmonized by the immaculate Nickson and produced by DJ Hypnosis. The melodies are superb and the vocals are heavenly, a big release for Stick-Out Music again. Picked by

50 | BPM

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OPINION PIECE: THE SINCEREST FORM OF FLATTERY – A SOUTH AFRICAN HIP HOP STORY I am no politician but even I have heard that South Africa is experiencing what analysts have called a leadership vacuum. And I am no musician but again, my ears have reliably informed me that there is a gaping hole in the CD rack where quality local Hip Hop ought to be. Already I see brows furrowing under the flat peaks of Ama Kip Kip caps. Read More @

EXCLUSIVE: WE CHAT TO KEVIN SAUNDERSON – DETROIT TECHNO PIONEER Kevin Saunderson is well known and respected for being one of the three revolutionary Detroit Techno pioneers in the late eighties along with Derrick May and Juan Atkins. A legend in his own right and a shaping hand in the modern Dance music we all know and love today. Read More @

THE 2011 DJ MAG TOP 100 RESULTS “My guess is that if the DJ Mag top 100 Poll is of utmost importance to you, then I am also assuming your choice of top DJ’s was pretty accurate.” So the famous or infamous DJ Mag Top 100 Poll results were announced last week. With many satisfied, many unconcerned and many in shock as David Guetta walked away with the tag of No. 1 DJ in the World. Read More @

A DAY IN THE LIFE OF A DJ’S GIRLFRIEND – RYAN DENT & LINDA GREEN Dancing to the beats until the sun-peeping early hours of the morning with the expectations of the fun to never end, while the artist behind the decks is in fact your special boo. Who would have thought? Hoisted up on a mini platform delivering his love, passion and taste of music to the dance floor. Read More @

RADIO SHOW PODCASTS ON BPMLIFE THE WAREHOUSE (90.5 VOWFM) ‘The Warehouse’ on VOW FM (Voice of Wits) 90.5 FM is a specialist house show that airs every Sunday between 6 -9 pm. If you miss the show catch up on BPMLife with each weeks show re-broadcast as a podcast. Read More @ ELECTRONIC EROTICA – 2 OCEANSVIBE RADIO Every Wednesday 8-10 PM evening we hang out with the Digital Divas in studio for the Weekly Electronic Erotica Show, on 2Oceansvibe Radio. Each week BPM interviews a hot DJ/Producer to get the low down on their take on the genre they play and find out what new projects they have in store. Read More @

52 | BPM

DJ CHART LADY M (Hype Media / CPT / Deep House, Tech House, Deep Techno) 1. Nina Kravitz – Pain In The Ass (Rekids) • 2. Benoit & Sergio – Walk And talk (Visionquest) • 3. Hot Since 82 – Let It Ride (Noir Music) • 4. Maceo Plex – Falling (Visionquest) • 5. Tale Of Us – Dark Song (Visionquest) • 6. Maya Jane Coles – Play The Game (Mobilee) • 7. Hector Couto – Charca (VIVa MUSiC) • 8. Addy - Inner Voices (Hotbox Digital) • 9. Cuartero, German Brigante (Minimaconga – Sanity) • 10. Roman Degree The Sky (Elliptical Sun Recordings)

DEEPANCESTRAL (The Warehouse on 90.5 VOWFM / JHB / Soulful, Deep and Jazzy/Jazz House) 1.The Rurals ft. Ladybird - Its Magic (Original Mix) (Peng) • 2. Exist - Looking At Blue (Atjazz Astro Dub) (R2) • 3. Franz Mandel Turner Brand New Heights -(Rocco Dub Mix) (Big Box Recordings) • 4. Mathew Bandy ft. Josh Millan - Wish -(Frenkie Feliciano Riconstruction Vocal) (Foliage) • 5. T3n - Live 4 Now (Original Mix) (Folliage Records) • 6. Liquideep - Angel - (DJ Spen and Gary Hudge Long Version Remix) (TRIBE) • 7. Kings of Tomorrow ft. April - Take Me Back -(Atjazz Afrotech Remix) (Defected) • 8. Jimpster - Infinity Dub (Freerange) • 9. HoodNatives - Sax In The City (Raw Artistic Soul Remix) (GOGO Music) • 10. Kenny Dope ft. Josh Millan - Stay With Me (Muthafunkaz Remix) (Dope Wax)

MARC PSYBLIMINAL KILLIAN (Psybliminal Records/ CPT/ Dark Psy) 1. Stereographic - Dimensional Portal • 2. Calamus vs. Culpus Vulpus - Alpha Omega • 3. Nasha - Nausica • 4. Drumatik & Argon Illegal Vortex • 5. Critical selection - Inferno • 6. Kashyyyk - Teonanacatl • 7. Spryallus Potstirrer • 8. Antagon - Agoge • 9. NeoNglo Shrap Graphixz • 10. Dystopia - Brain Bender

PARALOCKS (Free Radical Records / CPT / Dark Psy) 1. Highcosmos - Hightech (Noise Poison Records) • 2. Kindzadza - Wide Range Broadcasting (OSOM Music) • 3. Bombax Hollywood Kids (Illegal Remix) (Free Radical Records) • 4. Kashyyyk - Into View (Temple Twister Records) • 5. Insector vs. Cosmo - Test Run (Biomechanikal Records) • 6. Aerofurious Top 2008 (Seres Music) • 7. Electrynose Dragon Slayer (Kabrathor Records) • 8. Furious - This Way (Technical Freaks Records) • 9. Highko - Who Has Won (Noise Poison Records) • 10. Cosmo - Break Your Bones (Noise Poison Records)

MOTION DRIVE (Iono Music - Zurich / Switzerland Progressive Psytrance) 1. Mindwave & Sphera - Perception (Iono Music) • 2. Motion Drive - Awaken (Midimal rmx) (Iono Music) • 3. Liquid Soul - Purity (Iboga rec.) • 4. Time in Motion - Black Light (Iono Music) • 5. Flowjob - Jessica Lee (Motion Drive rmx) (Iboga rec.) • 6. Juno Reactor - Conga Fury (Ace Ventura rmx) (Wakyo Rec.) • 7. Motion Drive - The Journey (Duotekk rmx) (Iono Music) • 8. Atmos - Trasnport to another (Iboga rec.) • 9. Vertex & Pion - Sunrise Tonic (Tesseract Studio) • 10. Zen Mechanics - Holy Cities (Motion Drive rmx) (Iono Music) VINNO (Gonyt Productions / JHB / House) 1. Lem Springteen - Seize The Moment (Cubanix & Tony Unique Mix) (Underground Collective) • 2. Global Niche Movement & David Sabat Strong Man (Master Kev & Tony Loreto Remix) (Global Niche Movement) • 3. Dolls Combers Ride On The Hammond (Sophisticado) • 4. Darque ft. Kaylow - Difference (Kojo Akusa Isomnia Mix) (Peng Africa) • 5. Black Coffee ft. Soulsta - My World (Soulistic Music) • 6. Timmy Regisford ft Lynn Lockamy - At The Club (Da Capo Afro Tech Mix) (Tribe Records) • 7. Mi Casa - All The Glory (Soul Candi) • 8. Pablo Fierro - Alone At Home (NuDeep Music) • 9. Am Roots ft. Adeline Michele - Following my heart (fresh nunas saxophone remix) (Am Roots Music) • 10. Fatback - Love In The Tub (Touch Of Soul) (Intergrity) DJ SHIMZA (Soul Candi /JHB / Deep Tribal) 1. Timmy Regisford ft Lynn Lockamy - At The Club (Tribe Records) • 2. Lemon & Herb ft Moonchild - Velani (Ocha Record) • 3. 340ml ft DJ Shimza & Cuebur - I'll Be Back (Unrl) • 4. Mash O - The Village (Herbal 3 Records) • 5. Osunlade - Pheramones (Ith Music Services) (Defected) • 6. Chris Perez Project - Singularity (Coco Machete) • 7. Ultra Tone ft. Thandi Drai Dreamer (Azucar Entertainment Inc) • 8. DJ Shimza & Cubuer ft BK - 8 Bars (Shimuzic Productions) • 9. DJ Shimza ft J' - Something After Dark (Shimuzic Productions) • 10. Cubuer - Shimza's Favourite (Shimuzic Productions) DJ UHURU (Senganga Crew / BLOEMFONTEIN / Deep House) 1. Nastee Nev ft. Kafele - Reach (Jonny Montana) • 2. Vick Lavender - Another Girl (The Realoaded Mix) • 3. Layders - Smiling With The Sun (Soundquest Percussive Mix) • 4. India Area - Headed In The Right Direction (Woz Remix) • 5. Low Deep T - Now That I Found You (Cut&play) • 6. Low Deep T - Big Luv (Cut&play Mix) • 7. Yohan Esprada - L'ebullition D'amour EP (Justin Impreriale Remix) • 8. Aphreme & J Soul - Take Your Heart (Nastee Nev Mix) • 9 The Layabouts ft. Yvonne - Give Me Your (The Layabouts Mix) • 10 Rancido ft. I fan - Fly Away (Deep Journey Mix)

54 | BPM


Every Wed | See you next Wednesday | CPT @ The Assembly | DJs:Stone-Age Citizens | 21h00 | R10 Ladies/R20 Guys | Every Thurs | Digital Grafiti | JHB @ Aruba Lounge | DJs:James Damien, Brothers Underground and weekly guests | 20h00 | Free Entrance |

Fri 2-4 Dec | “Let There Be Light V:3” | CPT Host: Vortex Trance Adventures | @ "Circle of Dreams" - Riviersonderend | DJs:Zen Machanics, Ital, Ejekt, Electrypnose, Aho, Asimilon, Lox, Artifakt, Connecto | Shaded camping, hot-showers, swimming river & mountain views | Weekend Pass-R300/ R310; Gate-R320; Two Day Pass-R240; Sunday Pass-R150 | or

Every Thurs | Dub-lab | DBN @ Czar | DJs:Veranda Panda & Nightvision | Free Entrance |

Fri 2 Dec | Deadmau5 Tour SA 2011 | DBN @ The Wavehouse - Gateway | Live: Deadmau5 aka Joel Zimmerman | 15h00 | R300-R350 |

Every Thurs | It Came From The Jungle | CPT @ Fiction DJ Bar and Lounge | DJs:AntiAlias, Hyphen, Quake, Danja & SFR | 22h00 | R20/R30 |

Sat 3 Dec | Deadmau5 Tour SA 2011 | JHB @ Wild Waters - Boksburg | Live: Deadmau5 aka Joel Zimmerman | 11h00 | R330-R1500 |

Every Thurs | PsynOpticz | CPT | Host: PsynOpticz Productions | @ Deluxe (Old Getafix) | DJs:Broken Toy, Commercial Hippies, Xatrik, Rubix Qube, SwiTcHcaChe, SiLO, Humerous, Zezia & more | Décor by PsynOpticz Design and Mungus Fungus | 21h00 | R30 |

Sat 3 Dec | Sounds of Industry 3 | DBN | Host: Electric Church | @ Burn Nightclub | DJs:3 x DJ's | Features: Industrial, EBM, Synth, Noize, Hard-tech. | 20h00 | R40 |

Every Thurs | The Best of Ekapa | CPT @ The Purple Turtle | DJs:DJ realROZANNO and DJ marioROACH | Underground hip hop with live shows and open mic sessions | 21h00 | Free Entrance | Every Thurs | Reggae Afrika Soundsystem | CPT @ Platinum Lounge | Roots, Dub, Dancehall & RnB | 21h00 | R20 | Every Fri | Toy-Toy | JHB | Host: Digital Rockit | @ Capital Music Cafe' | DJs:Digital Rockit, Joint Nation, Sound Sensible | 21h00 | R30/R60 | Every Fri | Hed Kandi Friday | JHB @ Arena Royale | International DJs, live artists, delicious dancers & exquisite entertainers | 22h00 | Every Sat | Strictly House | CPT @ Blake's Bar | DJs:Craig de Souza, Shannon, Tony Finger, Darren Rose, Coco Loco & guests | 20h00 |

Sat 3 Dec | Vans OFF THE WALL Music Night | CPT | Hosts: Vans & Your Friends | @ The Assembly | DJs:DJ Catherine (5fm), DJ Sideshow & More | First time the event takes place in South Africa! | 20h00 | R50 | Mon 5 Dec | Dj Fresh | Plett @ VIP Superclub - Plettenberg Bay | DJs:Dj Fresh | R90R120 | Tues 6 Dec | Roger Goode | Plett @ VIP Superclub - Plettenberg Bay | DJs:Roger Goode | R90-R120 | Wed 7 Dec | Lil Wayne - I am Still Music Tour | CPT @ Bellville Velodrome | Live: Lil Wayne | 20h00 | R350-R600 | Thurs 8 Dec | Jack Parow | Plett @ VIP Superclub - Plettenberg Bay | DJs:Jack Parow | R90-R120 |

Every Sun 27 Nov-19 Feb | Submerged Sundays with GOLDFISH| CPT @ St Yves Camps Bay | 12 Exclusive Goldfish shows with special guest artists & Dj’s | 19h00 |

Fri 9-12 Dec | Rock the Boat 2011! | DBN @ Durban Harbour | Durban->Mozambique and back | DJs:Locnville, Liquid Deep, DJ's Fresh, Euphonik, Poppy Ntshongwana, Hed Kandi and many more! | 10 bars, 3 clubs, 4 restaurants, movies, swimming pools, casino, spa & salons & more | From R1333p/n |

Fri 4 Nov | KOAN Sound & Asa (UK) | CPT @ The Assembly | Djs: KOAN Sound and Asa (UK) + a line-up of SA’s finest | 21h00 |

Fri 9 Dec | Lil Wayne - I am Still Music Tour | JHB @ The Coca-Cola Dome | Live: Lil Wayne | 20h00 | R400-R750 |

Fri 4 Nov | Goldfish Live | CPT @ Trinity | Live: Goldfish, Craig Da Sousa & Dino Moran | 22h00 | R80-R180 |

Fri 9 Dec | Pascal & Pearce | Plett @ VIP Superclub – Plettenberg Bay | DJs:Pascal & Pearce | R90-R120 |

Fri 4 Nov | King & Queen of Clubs - Tour | PTA @ Rimix Restaurant & Cocktail Bar | Live: Lady Lea & DJ Morgan |

Sat 10-12 Dec | Alien Safari | 16th Birthday | Flying Circus @ Stanford Area | DJs:Captain Hook, Antispin, Sinerider, Dirty Saffi, Daksinamurti, Broken Toy, Corona, Cybernetix, Headroom and many more | A platform for freedom, interaction, exchange and artistic expression | 10h00 | R200 Presale; R220 Online; R240 Gate |

Sat 5-6 Nov | ZONE Festival | CPT Hosts: PsynOpticz Productions & Nexus Media | @ Buffalo Drift - Gouda | Dj’s: & Live: Menog (Portugal), Geko (Israel), Ganeisha (Portugal), Twisted System, Headroom, Switchcache, Zezia, Shift vs Pitch Hikers, Mad Piper, Killawatt, Deliriant, Humerous vs Silo and many more | 12h00 Sat–17h30 Sun | Presale:R180 / Gate: R220 | Fri 11-13 Nov | Electric Mountain Festival | DBN @ The Green Impi Eco Village | Opportunity to collectively dance with a purpose, support 6 charities in South Africa and the Funding of the Green Impi Eco Village | Presale: R350 / Gate: R450 | Fri 11-13 Nov | Groovy Troopers Mandala Project 2011 | CPT @ De Hoek Estate | DJs:Bliss, Motion Drive, Dillan M, Corona, Regan, Connecto, Dave Mac and more! | State of the art sound, 2 shaded dance & chill floors, original art-work, camping, swimmable dam, bars and a food & crafts market | Weekend Pass: R260-R280; Two Day Pass: R240R280; Sun Pass: R150 | Fri 11-13 Nov | "One Festival" | Mpumalanga @ Adams Calendar | DJs:Tune Raider, Emma X, Bruce, Benji Blaze, Nick Grater, Deep Candy and many more | 3 Stages. dance floors & chill zones, intelligent sound & lighting, music/art/clothing/food stalls, clean toilets | Online: R275; Presale: R335; Outlets: R260/R320 | Sat 12 Nov | King & Queen of Clubs - Tour | JHB @ Truth Nightclub | Live: Lady Lea & DJ Morgan | or Sun 13 Nov | Goldfish Live | DBN @ Durban Botanical Garden | DJs:Goldfish | 14h30 | R100 |

Sat 10-11 Dec | Postitive Vibrations | PTA Hosts: Red Eye & Vortex | @ New Thorndale, Magaliesburg | DJs:Zen Mechanics, Electrypnose, Rubix Qube, Biorhythm, Killer B, Stereo Fiction, SonicDruid, HegChick, Consystem C, Audio Villains, Dre'ama, ControverC, TyRo, Deep Candy, Digital Dream, Bionic, Obsessive Progressive | Outdoor venue, amazing decor, fully stocked bar, camping | R180 Pre Sale, R220 at outlets, R240 at Gate | Sat 10 Dec | Jack Parow - Cooler as Ekke | JHB @ Big Top Arena - Carnival City | Live: Jack Parow | 20h00 | R100-R150 | Thurs 15 Dec | iKhaya Fest | CPT @ Zula Sound Bar | DJs:Headroom, Tune Raider, Plus Minus, Toby2Shoes, James Coperland, PH.FAT, and Bruce Willis? Fletcher + many more | 3 stages, 1 night, 16 acts | 20h00 | R80 | Facebook iKhaya Fest Thurs 15 Dec | Psyology label launch party | JHB | Hosts: Teknotribe and Psyology | @ Voodoo Lounge | DJs:Zezia, Nick Grater, Bionic, Dre’ama, Digital Dream, Sebotage, Deadbeat FM, Killer B, Trypsinagen and more | 2 dance floors, décor out of this world, massive sound, cd giveaways | 09h00 | R100 | or Thurs 15 Dec | Audiomatic Live in Joburg | JHB Venue: ESP Club | Dj's & Live: Audiomatic Live + ESP Residents & Guest Dj's | Feat: 2 Dance Floors | Time: 21h00 | Info line & URL:

Fri 18 Nov | Lady Lea | JHB @ Groove Cafe | Live: Lady Lea | 084 553 2300 or

Fri 16-18 Dec | Noisy Radicals - Crooked Chaos | CPT @ Riviersonderend - Cape Town | DJs:Loose Connection, Paralocks, Bombax, Kashyyyk, Megalopsy, Psymmetrix, and many more | Gates open from Thurs 15 Dec | Stalls & Camping | Early bird: R250; Presale: R275; Gate: R300 |

Sat 19-20 Nov | Remanufacture IV | CPT @ Ground Zero - less than 70km from CPT | Live: Headroom, Artifakt, Skragg, EMP, Bruce, Broken Switch, Strain and many more! | Swimming, dance floor, licensed bar, food + craft stalls | Presale: R200 / Gate: R240 |

Fri 16 Dec | Audiomatic Live in Cape Town | CPT @TBA | Live & Dj's: Audiomatic Live, Connecto and guests | For venue and info visit during Nov'11

Sun 20 Nov | The Old Mutual Summer Sunset Concerts | CPT @ Kirstenbosch Botanical Garden | DJs:Locnville & Jax Panik | 16h00 | R75-R100 | Fri 25-27 Nov | Synergy Live Music Festival | CPT @ Boschendal Wine Estate Franschhoek | DJs: Goldfish, Jax Panik, Funafaji, Spekta, Das Kapital, Niskerone, Counterstrike, Killer Robot & many more! | Feat: DJ’s, top headlining internationals, fun fair rides, market place | Time: 14h00 Fri 25 Nov & 08h00 Sat 26 Nov | Early Bird Full Weekend: R360/ R385; Sat & Sun Pass: R395 | Thurs 1 Dec | Deadmau5 Tour SA 2011 | CPT @ Ratanga Junction | Live: Deadmau5 aka Joel Zimmerman | 17h00 | R300-R500 |

Sat 17 Dec | Locnville | DBN @ The Wavehouse - Gateway | Live: Locnville | Sun 18 Dec | Locnville Live @ Cape Town Bike Festival | CPT @ Cape Town Stadium | Live: Locnville | Wed 19 Dec | Goldfish Live | Langebaan @ Flamingo's Langebaan | DJs:Goldfish | 20h00 | R70 | Mercury Live Lounge: or Sat 5 Nov | Homegrown Drum & Bass | 20h00 | R40 Sat 12 Nov | Rub A Dub | 21h00 | R40 Thurs 1 Dec | Classics feat DJ’s Azhul & Falko | 20h00 | R20 Sat 3 Dec | Homegrown Drum & Bass | 20h00 | R40 Sat 10 Dec | Rub a Dub | 21h00 | R40

56 | BPM


Lois Siddhu lives in a circle of mountains in the Baviaanskloof. For professional Astrological counseling CALL 049-8391178 or Email:

NOVEMBER 2011 24 October - 22 November

By Lois Siddhu

With Mars and Venus square relationships carry a lot of tension.


ARIES | 21 Mar - 20 Apr | FIRE You are inclined to have a social consciousness and a desire to do things for others, but your actions have to involve an element of the unusual and something that sets you apart from the crowd.

LIBRA | 23 Sept - 22 Oct | AIR Now you need structuring and control to bring into the tangible world the subliminal and hidden aspects of yourself that you need to express. Order and authority is best expressed through the qualities of balance and justice.

TAURUS | 21 Apr - 20 May | EARTH The wheels are spinning fast for you and you are like a stone that is getting polished and smoothed to prepare you for your greater tasks in life. This is the beginning of a very intense period of learning about your self.

SCORPIO | 23 Oct - 21 Nov | WATER When you let go of your own standards and notions of what perfect behaviour ought to be, yours or the other persons, you are able to rid yourself of ideas that prevent growth and expansion.

GEMINI | 21 May - 21 Jun | AIR There certainly will be challenges that you will have to deal with but there will only come stress if you resist the process and refuse the growth. It is often in times of stress that we tap into aspects of our abilities that have been lying dormant.

SAGITTARIUS | 22 Nov - 21 Dec | FIRE You will be required to complete things. You will learn the validity of completion and finishing things that you start. Too many projects that are incomplete leave you feeling incomplete as well.

CANCER | 20 Jun | 22 Jul | WATER We all work best at things we love best and therefore you need to determine what you like doing most and find a way of doing that in your career. When you do what you like best then your material needs will also be supported.

CAPRICORN | 22 Dec - 19 Jan | EARTH Your ability to listen to other's point of view strengthens your capacity to contribute stimulating, elevating communication, which can result in you experiencing a deep sense of your own social worth.

LEO | 23 Jul - 22 Aug | FIRE In your bid to gain approval you should not forget that it is your actual sense of justice that carries the weight rather than others agreeing with you as what underlies much of your thinking is a desire that others will agree with you.

AQUARIUS | 20 Jan - 18 Feb | AIR You are motivated by goals for the common good which includes benefiting all forms of life and when you see the larger picture of others viewpoints you can communicate in such a way that their burdens are lightened.

VIRGO | 23 Aug - 22 Sept | EARTH You can find a million ways to enhance or evade whatever might present itself to your super-receptive nature. In a positive sense you have the qualities of a healer, poet and mystic but negatively you are inclined to seek escape from the mundane.

PISCES | 19 Feb - 20 Mar | WATER You need to organize and structure your life to feel emotionally comfortable with the changes that are imminent and already in progress. You can fly to the heights with the eagles or you can scratch around with the sparrows, but expand you will.

DECEMBER 2011 23 November - 21 December

There will be a partial solar eclipse 25th November and total lunar eclipse on 10th December.


ARIES | 21 Mar - 20 Apr | FIRE Without enough mental input and assertion of your intellectual abilities there is a danger of nervous or physical restlessness that can develop into more serious mental and emotional conditions with circumstances to match.

LIBRA | 23 Sept - 22 Oct | AIR You are not one to keep quiet but more inclined to speak out what you feel is the truth. This can cause opposition and conflict in your relationships and you should maybe consider things before you speak.

TAURUS | 21 Apr - 20 May | EARTH There is a tendency to hold on and stay with the old familiar even if it is outdated and no longer serves its purpose. This is due to a deep seated fear that what you start will be a failure so it is somewhat daunting to start new

SCORPIO | 23 Oct - 21 Nov | WATER The small things in life can get you endlessly hooked onto minor details that are important to you but that others mostly don't even notice; consequently you tend to procrastinate because you need to be perfect.

GEMINI | 21 May - 21 Jun | AIR Your senses will be honed to perceive more than you are accustomed to taking in and in many ways diffuse your customary way of looking at reality. Drugs and alcoholism can become rife and you need to avoid escaping into drug induced realities.

SAGITTARIUS | 22 Nov - 21 Dec | FIRE You have to give verbal expression to deal with your anger issues. However it is a valuable learning experience for you to know and realize your own issues in order not to try and find a scapegoat to deal with the anger.

CANCER | 20 Jun | 22 Jul | WATER You should never be afraid to argue a point but be aware though that arguing for its own sake will release tensions of the moment but it might also simultaneously provoke others antagonism that can create further tensions.

CAPRICORN | 22 Dec - 19 Jan | EARTH The more you look into the hidden recesses of your subconscious and heal the scars from your childhood the more you enable yourself to help others do the same. You are a powerful person and you need to find tools to express this power.

LEO | 23 Jul - 22 Aug | FIRE Your stress will come if you try to hold on and resist changes that are coming. You must not hold on to the past and be fearful of change because this is growth and you are now at the point in your life where you need to and will grow.

AQUARIUS | 20 Jan - 18 Feb | AIR Your life is strongly motivated by duty and discipline. This is underscored by the feeling of needing and wanting to expand. You are a problem solver and an excellent organizer and these skills you should also use to organize yourself some more 'me-time.â&#x20AC;&#x2122;

VIRGO | 23 Aug - 22 Sept | EARTH You are very single minded which gives you the ability to concentrate and focus your energies on a point and then persevere to achieve it. However you need the counter-balance of flexibility and changeability in order for you to not get stuck on a point.

PISCES | 19 Feb - 20 Mar | WATER You need to recognize your muse and find your voice which will make your imagination most effective and at the same time you will require more time to sleep and dream to receive inspiration.

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