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How NOT to ‘Start a Party’ by J&B


or those of you who follow me or BPM on Facebook or Twitter you may have an idea of my sentiments about the J&B ‘Start a Party’ event that took place in June. Now normally I don’t say too much about these things although my natural cynicism towards big brands jumping on the bandwagon and trying to pretend they’re so cool and ‘in tune’ with the party massive just gets me so irritated that I opt for venting my frustration to a few friends only. J&B took the cake though when they flew out Carl Craig in June. They’ve been punting their ‘Start a Party’ idea for quite some time now on Television and I assume billboards, possibly even a bunch of mainstream consumer magazines too. Either way they’ve done a fairly good job at conning the public that their’s is a cool brand strongly associated and (they hope) supported by clubbers, fun-loving youth... well generally the party people. Heck even I believed them for a while. But as the Carl Craig fiasco proved (in Cape Town anyway – it seems like the JHB – Soweto event may have been a bit better) they are really clueless (or spiteful) about how to ‘Start a Party.’ Their modus operandi is quite simple. Fly out a big name DJ, hire an expensive PR company and throw lots of money at the event with respect to venue, food, snacks, decor, etc. but forget the most important thing at all. YOU! You see in the end the party was filled with media types, wannabes and people who either knew somebody who knew somebody and then, a small handful of fans who may have braved the treacherous ticket application system to try and score their free entry. Carl Craig was essentially reduced to a background DJ with about 20 faithful fans – mostly DJ’s and BPM staff and friends actually dancing to his set whilst the other 480 invited guests wandered around aimlessly with a look on their faces that said “look at me, I’m so chuffed to be at this exclusive event, even if I have no idea who the dude Dj’ing is!” whilst they gobbled up all the snacks and drank their free whiskey. So aside from the 20 odd genuine party people and fans of Carl Craig, the rest of the dancefloor was made up of cameras and generally disinterested folk happy to have simply cracked the nod. In all about 500 people attended – the venue could hold a 1000 easily – but 99% of all Craig’s fans never got to see him. So well done to J&B and their PR team of advisors for showing us all how, NOT to ‘Start a party!’ At least they have the photos right? Well as you will see if you head on over to - the photos we took tell a different story to the ones their PR company will no doubt put out. Anyway back to where the real party people hang out! BPM Mag... This edition is filled with the goodies as usual. International dance brand Hedkandi has shown a massive leap of faith in Cape Town’s party crowd by starting a weekly Saturday residency at the Fez. So if sexy house and disco are your thang, the Fez is where to be. We’re giving away exclusive VIP cards which mean FREE access – VIP style – to all their events in South Africa. How to apply? Go to Page 8. Enjoy the read party people. See you in spring and hopefully some sun. Brrr... DAVE MAC Editor-in-Chief

CONTRIBUTORS: Thomas Whitebread, Dave Mac, Terri Love, Lois Siddhu, Mary Honeychild, Damien Albetto, Charlie & Tony - Hemporium, Pedro from AfrodesiaMP3, Paul & Peter - Tuerk Music, Chris & Clint - Audiosure, Riqardo Neves, Marcel Zandberg, Beatarmy - Retro Music, Seeka, Deborah Rossouw, Willie Els, Nduduzo ‘Smalz’ Ngobese, Raiko, Craig Wilson, Dave Skinz. The Little Misfit, James Rose-Mathew, Heather Mennel & Paul King

EDITORIAL CONTRIBUTIONS: Feature Writers and Columnists The Little Misfit - The Little Misfit is an anonymous observer who has been around the electronic music scene for more years than most. She’s seen it all, done it all and has the tales to tell. Not much surprises her any more although she is still wholly excited by music, dancing and socialising within this scene. It’s with this passion and experience that she casts a slightly jaundiced, feminine eye on the many components that add spice to Cape Town EDM Culture. DJ Raiko – Raiko’s Heads of State - Raiko established himself as a Hip Hop DJ playing in and around Cape Town back in the late 90’s. He is known for his eclectic mix of music and classic 90's Hip-hop. He is a regular feature at top events around the country which have included; Boogie Down Knights, Word Life Mc Battles, MTN’s Free 2 Speak campaign, 8-Mile Movie premiere, CORE magazine launch, Tri-Continental Hip hop festival, Red Bull Music Academy and Taking Back the City.

Fletcher - Fletcher is an eclectic DJ, music producer, remixer, record label boss, audio-visual artist, loves a good salad, and teaches the Electronic Music Production course at Cape Audio College. He knows a thing or two about Ableton Live which he’ll be sharing with you each edition

Nduduzo ‘Smalz’ Ngobese – House Headz Up & Features Writer – Self confessed lover of House music with an eclectic taste to match, ‘Smalz,’ is the thinking man’s house head. Always ready to put a new spin on an old theory, he’ll leave you with something to think about and he’ll do it eloquently. Mickdotcom – Uber Cool & Features Writer – Strange he may be at times but that’s why we love him so. Mick has an extraordinary talent with words and an even more extraordinary taste in music. He brings a much needed eccentric edge to BPM. Jonathan G Shaw – Production Tips – Jon is a professional record producer who has worked with a multitude of artists and record labels in a freelance capacity. Outside this, he lectures music business at the University of the Witwatersrand and provides business consultation to the music industry.

Dave Skinz - DJ, Music Manufacturer, Wordsmith, Record Store owner, Promoter, and gamer par excellence are some of the multi-faceted roles that Skinz has played in his 15 year love affair with dance music. When not indulging himself in MMA footage and band practice, he spends his time waiting for Arsenal to take the treble. Mary Honeychild - Mary is a fusion queen, her love for music is defined by her roots of drums, saxophone and deep bass. She discovers the break and combination in genres and takes us on journeys into the origin and amalgamation of scenes such as Jazz, Hip Hop and EDM.

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zzzz best mag,one of my favourite mag. NDUMISO SO-PITCH Hy man u rock 4rm dj holic in nst mpumalanga. GREG MASHILE Hala guys, big ups 2 BPM MAG so far is doing gr8 it neva disappoints, luv it bby. MAX KOAHO Big Thanks to BPM Mag for successfully hosting the 3rd Annual BPM Remix Competition where I was 2nd Runner Up, twas great workin with one of the greatest in the land.*NB!! Got great prizes, still enjoyin them. DJ-SIBZ VAN GROOVEKOLLECTERS Music knows no borders, Neither should we... THEMBA TALENTO-FUTURETALENT MARTIN In response to recent columns on trance parties, commercialism, and people complaining about who attends them etc; IT'S JUST A PARTY. Certain individuals act as if it were something more, something sacred only entitled to a few who "fit the bill". Some people are really looking way to much into the subject. It's a party, nothing more, nothing less so stop bitching and whining and if you can't, well stay at home. Surprising enough it's the people who do "fit the bill" that do all the complaining, not not the boardshorted jock who just rocked up to have fun. What happened to P.L.U(nity).R?! Grow up, get with the program and we could all have fun TOGETHER! MARCÈ DU TOIT Hi Marce'. Good of you to add your 5c to the debate. PLUR means tolerating everybody's opinion and that's just fine by us. The Little Misfit echoes the thoughts of a lot of the older, seasoned trance party people and you no doubt echo the opinion of many of the youngsters that enjoy these events. That's all there is to it. Thanks for caring enough to post your thoughts. For those wondering what the hooha is about you can read it here.. BPM MAG My point is at the end of the day, be young or old, seasoned party goer or new to the scene why can't we all just enjoy it together. I'm not the boardshorts type neither a fresh face on the scene and have noticed the changes in the scene, I just don't understand what the fuss is about. Sure, the scene is

alot bigger and commercial than say, even five years ago, and as an implication thereof there is indeed a rise of unwanted behaviour so to speak but to go on as if a trance party were some exclusive event that only a few are entitled to enjoy is a joke, especially if it's coming from a older, "more experienced" crowd, whom should instead of whining perhaps encourage P.L.U.R and decent party manners because if anything it's only going to getbigger. Heck I'm the first person to tell a out of control person to perhaps tone it down a notch, not turn my back and leave with a bitter taste in my mouth. But yeah, opinions are opinions and we're all entitled to them. :) CHECK YOU AT SPRUNG! MARCÈ DU TOIT Wen will ther be any competitions?i got a couple of songs i made,would like to win sum software and equipment GRANT CLARKE Cant stop having goosbumps thinking about Durban July after party. SINETHEMBA NDLOVU Get your free BPM Mag at Skint Clothimg SKINT CLOTHING LOVE THE BPM MAG KEEP UP THE GREAT WORK, ED.MUFFINz. EDDIE MATHE u rock guyz DJMARU MARU Lovin da mag u guys.keep up da gud work,please do more articles abt music producers - SINAWO NYHILA yo guys love the mag happen to get it for couple months now just curious about if you've had a review on the Fl studio 10 in your mag if so where can i read up about it? thanks guys o btw KEEP THEM BEATS FOLLOWING! :) SANELE MKHWANAZI Guyz Reason 5 Is Sick Guyz, this Time It Rockz Than B4. Tnx Reason ( Properler Crew) keep It Up. SDM MAGOLEGO Pls support my hip hop movement guys.. All you gotta do is check my page out and 'Like' it if ya dig! ;) HYBERNATING APES BAND PAGE love ya mag....BIG UPZ MALEBO MALEBZA MATSWETJI Where the beat lives on...

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COVER FEATURE BPM Report “Fans can expect the ever-present Hed Kandi spark, and preference for all that is glamorous, except this year it is about beating all previous seasons with a new level of world-class clubbing. Rest assured this will be Hed Kandi like you've never seen it before.” ed Kandi is destined to become a big player in the Cape Town nightlife scene having launched their Saturday night residency at the awesome super-club, The FEZ in Mechau Street Cape Town on 2 July to an up for it crowd. Each week a top international Hed Kandi DJ is flown to the Mother City from Ibiza or London to perform to the Cape Town faithful. The recently renovated Fez Club has undergone many changes to


accommodate this global phenomenon. “Production levels of this magnitude have never been experienced before in SA club history” reveals Tom Pearson Adams, Director of the Fez Club. Lloyd Cornwall from Hed Kandi says “Following many exceptional years hosting events at El Divino, Ibiza, and at some of the world’s greatest cities, we will now be embarking on a new adventure to take the party to a brand new country with a brand new level of clubbing. Launched on Saturday 2nd July for an

exclusive on-going season, the incredible and recently renovated super-club, The Fez will be our new Cape Town residence.This move comes out of our desire to develop our event offering around the world, and the Fez is the ideal venue for Hed Kandi. Not only does it provide us with the opportunity to increase the scale of our illustrious production, but it also enables greater scope for the live element of the night whilst accommodating our ever-growing legion of devotees” He continues “South Africa has never before seen this level of production in a weekly club residency. Hed Kandi has become synonymous with the ultimate night out and we are very excited to land in Cape Town for this weekly event. This move will take the Hed Kandi experience to a whole new level." Tom adds, “The Fez will give Hed Kandi the opportunity to grow creatively and show our loyal (and new) customers a totally new experience in SA club culture, with an even bigger and better party experience. Cape Town is our showcase and we promise to give clubbers something old and something new, and most of all a night to remember".

WIN a limited edition VIP membership card for you and a friend to all Hedkandi events, go to: or simply scan this tag on your phone to enter...

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announces spectacular weekly residency at The Fez Hed Kandi - the brand Hed Kandi is one of the world's most fabulous music and lifestyle brands. They are a record label, a chain of bars, a fashion brand, a radio show and an international clubbing sensation. Since the brand was born in 1999 on the back of humble dance compilations Hed Kandi has flourished and grown to become the global phenomenon it is today with a catalogue spanning over 100 albums showcasing their feel-good signature sound selling 500,000 copies yearly with 5 million albums to date, a host of top 40 hits and one thousand global events annually to 1.5 million partygoers. Hed Kandi has been delivering flirty sounds with a sense of humour to grown-up clubbers since their first club residency in London in 2002. Word soon spread about the most lavish and opulently produced events that the UK had seen, resulting in road-blocks and huge demand for their parties nationwide. Before long, Hed Kandi had a network of UK residencies and now

operates across the globe, with clubbers from Sydney to Sao Paolo to Ibiza enjoying the Hed Kandi sound every month. The brand now defines the sound and vision of the international party scene. Radio listeners can also experience Hed Kandi on the Kiss Network across the UK every Saturday night and daily on Ministry of Sound Radio. The brand

also opened its first UK bar in Clapham, London in December 2010; numerous UK and international bar launches are planned for 2011 and they have recently launched a super cool range of iPhone accessories and headphones. Hed Kandi's instantly recognisable visual world of impossibly beautiful girls in uberelegant surroundings is brought to life by their illustrator du jour, Jason Brooks. Jason's illustrations have captured the imagination of many as he continues to communicate the essence of the brand, image after image. Each and every stunning girl, drawn posing for the camera with a cheeky glint in her eye, excuses the sophistication and sex appeal that is synonymous with Hed Kandi. Over the past decade Hed Kandi has well and truly established itself as one of the world's most glamorous dance music and lifestyle brand. Whatever they do, it feels like a fabulous and exclusive escape. From the city to the beach, sunset to sunrise, Hed Kandi is first class travel to destination chic... every time, all the time.

Come join the Hed Kandi fun @ the Fez each and every Saturday

Andy Warburton

Andy Daniels

Sam Cannon

Andy Norman

Each Saturday night a Hed Kandi DJ will jet into Cape Town from Ibiza or the UK to man the decks at the Fez to serve up some delicious Hed Kandi. Andy Warburton (9th July), Andy Daniels (16th July), Sam Cannon (23rd July) and Andy Norman (30th July) are your deck masters for the month of July. For exclusive interviews, DJ mixes, free ticket giveaways stay tuned @ every week ahead of each Saturday night event. Also check out for updated action.

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COLUMNIST By The Little Misfit Photo:

“We're cut adrift in a sea of nongenre specific clubs, where electro trash is juxtaposed with hipster rock, and the décor is limited to sticky floors and foosball tables.”

The Little Misfit

E.T. PHONE HOME write this with ringing ears, smoky hair and residual feelings of shame. Yip, all indicators that last night’s party rocked. The shindig in question was Labyrinth at Trinity. Never mind the hangover, the thing that’s stuck with me most after last night is the uneasy notion that the trance scene, in club-land anyway, is but a series of revolving nights. Is there no place for the misfits to call their own? I found this handy definition of a misfit in a dictionary: ‘One who is unable to adjust to one's environment or circumstances, or is considered to be disturbingly different from others.’ Preach! I, as my nom de plume would imply, have always been a bit of a misfit. I was the girl with blue hair reading Anne Rice perched on the branch of a tree (no really). While my peers wore platform shoes and had belly rings, I wore tutus and used a Turkish puppet as a belt (yes really). One fateful night, desperately under age I was asked for my ID at the door to the Boiler Room. Maybe it was my baby face, or perhaps the bouncer astutely sniffed out that I wasn’t one of their kind. Left to Cape Town’s dark streets, I needed to find somewhere to party until dawn—after all I had to wait for a bus home. I had a friend in tow,


whose name and face are now a blur, but what I do remember is finding Getafix; a trance club in the loft of a creaking wooden house on Shortmarket Street. Who are these people? I thought. These smiley happy folk, who had even odder fashion sense than mine. And with that a Friday night habit was born; I had found the other misfits, and finally felt as if I had come home. But it wasn’t just this club that had me enthralled, not too far down the road was another hippy haunt called The Afrogalactic Cafe. Spoilt I tell you. There was a real sense of community, being different was suddenly something to be celebrated. When the mundane passing of regular life became too soul-crushing, there were smoky rooms with ambient lamps and psychedelic beats to disappear into. Back in present day, things aren’t quite as atmospheric. Sure there are some epic events, like last night’s Labyrinth or say the regular whomping Psynopticz Thursdays. But in-between these naughty nights, it seems we’re cut adrift in a sea of non-genre specific clubs, where electro trash is juxtaposed with hipster rock, and the décor is limited to sticky floors and foosball tables. And Capetonians aren’t even the worst off; jet-setting Joburgers have become the norm, flying to our city to get their fix. But let’s cut the nostalgia

for a moment. Trance is a cash cow. Promoters are well aware of how starved people are for psy, and a solid party can rake in the moolah. So why not open a club? Let’s look at the mechanics; a solid sound system (why is this so hard to achieve?), some groovy décor, a cosy dance floor, nag champa, and a liquor license. Ah…is it simply not viable to open any sort of club in Cape Town anymore? Our fine city’s new liquor laws mean that the drinking hours are cut short—and man (or dude) cannot party on nag champa alone. The odds are against us misfits (funny that), while trance music is here to stay, the venues where we can enjoy it at are dictated. Clubs that usually play house music occasionally get dressed up in lumo and let us freaks come out and play. The décor is soon torn down and normal business resumes. Sitting here, with my head spinning, I reflect on how nice it would be to go somewhere and hang out with the other misfits. As fun as last night was, I don’t always want to crawl home at 5am; a quick smoke, a chill-out session, a drink with friends... But instead, we’ll just have to wait ‘till someone throws another party with a psy-studded line-up, and melt our brains all over again.

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FESTIVAL REVIEW By Heather Mennel Photo: Paul King

Sónar 2011

here are a couple of places that stand out for their magic, their people and their music— and with each of these categories in mind Barcelona has always been rated as one of the coolest cities in Europe. In large part this is thanks to its cutting-edge cultural scene, delectable cuisine and the fact that the city boasts beautiful beaches just a stone’s throw away from the city. Most metropolises look pale in comparison to bright and bold Barcelona, so it hardly seems fair that every year in June the city becomes a Mecca


Day 1

for the world’s electronic music aficionados during the Sónar festival. Now in its 18th year, Sónar showcases some of the most cutting-edge and innovative acts in electronic and dance genres. This year was no exception with artists including Dizee Rascal, M.I.A, Magnetic Man, Underworld and Die Antwoord all heading the bill between the 16th and 18th of June. BPM was there to soak up the sunshine and basslines. Here’s what went down...


What struck me first was the eclectic mix of people— the tattooed Spaniards in their shorts and designer shades; the painfully pale British kids; the electronica geeks whose pretention was perfectly offset by the hoards of gorgeous woman in their bohemian-chic festival outfits. Whoever you talked to had one thing in common: they wouldn’t have wanted to be anywhere else in the world except Sónar. Walking into Sónar By Day is one of those festival experiences which has few rivals. Becoming familiarised with the clean, austere architecture of the MACBA and CCCB (two galleries) and each of the 5 distinctive stages really makes you feel like a kid in a candy store. The next step is to rush around trying to see all the acts you’ve highlighted on your programme – and then realising that you’d need to split into at least two people to see all the acts you want to see! The plethora of music, the infectious excitement of the crowd and the excellent venue makes

Sónar by Day a truly extra-sensory experience. When we arrived Floating Points was spinning a cocktail of sexy disco and downtempo house. Then on to SonarDome where beat scientist Kidkanevil was dropping a bad-ass blend of dubstep and instrumental hip hop. Later, Little Dragon’s lead singer Yukimi Nagono redefined the term ‘stage presence’ with her soulwrenching vocals and percussion. We then ventured into the cavernous SonarHall where obscurity hunters stared wide-eyed at Open Reel Ensemble (Japan), a group who

support of a full live band. To my surprise, a huge crowd had filled the Day 2 the festival shifts into gear and open-air floor SonarVillage to see the venue is noticeably busier; the beats Fourtet, one the artists on my must-see a touch heavier. list. His live set blew me away: familiar Fourtet melodies over crunchy tech Sónar by Day We started at SonarDôme where we caught a wicked set from cool-as-ice DJ Zinc who made his name in Drum ‘n Bass but has since shifted to his own style of dubstep/house beats (which he describes as ‘crack house’). Next England’s new diva of dubstep and pop, Katy B seduced the crowd with her angelic voice and the

Day 2

Jullian Gomes

constructs their music by playing sounds, melodies recorded on magnetic tape reels. South African wonder-kid Jullian Gomes made us beam with pride as he closed the jam-packed Red Bull Music Academy floor with his South African flavoured deep house. We see big things ahead for Mr.Gomes. That night the official opening concert featured the works of worldrenowned composer; ‘godfather of minimalism’ Steve Reich – who wasn’t there in person due to bad health, so we decided to give that a skip and save ourselves for the next two days of mayhem. beats, gradually building up to a manically fast finale. Discodeine, a duo from France played some dirty and deep tech house in the SonarDome and they join my “must-google” list. We then ventured into the subterranean SonarHall which was well-suited to Ghostpoet’s melancholy rhymes. He performed with his laptop - recording vocals, creating loops and manipulating them live during his set. This was, in my opinion, the top Hip Hop act of Sonar. Check him out.

13 | BPM

FESTIVAL REVIEW Sonar by Night The Sonar by Night venue is constantly described as an aeroplane hangar and when we arrived we understood why. The exhibition venue Fira Gran Via space is immense. Again, the night time’s festivities are divided by the 5 stages each with a unique look and outstanding lighting and sound. Trentemøller’s live set was the night’s top act for me. The Danish producer performed with a live ensemble and vocalist amidst eerie stage props. On the main stage, overhyped headliner M.I.A gave a lack-lustre performance but this was counteracted

on the SonarPub stage by Dizzee Rascal who blew the roof off. At one point, the thumping sound managed to bump the DJ’s table right off the raised platform, leaving the CDJs and mixer dangling from the table! But Dizzee took it in his stride and simply shouted “Quick! Make a video! YOU TUBE, YOU TUBE!”. Next up Die Antwoord on the outdoor stage. I asked the guy standing next to me what he thought and he replied “they have really cool music videos but their music is crap”. Waddy and Yolandi didn’t impress me much either. The final act for the night was A-

Trak (5 time World DMC champ now collaborating with Armand van Helden). He had all the gimmicks: a tuxedo and a massive 3D stage set-up in the shape of an A, but the nature of his performance – a turntablism and house combo didn’t quite convince me. At half past 3 in the morning you really want to dance rather than concentrate on technical cuts, scratches and beat juggling. Just as the crowd was beginning to enjoy a track, A-trak was cutting and juggling and breaking its flow. Technically, the man is a genius but I felt as though his set would’ve worked better earlier in the evening.

Day 3

the Sonarcar floor who delivered the goods. Magnetic Man (dubstep “supergroup” made up of Benga, Skream and Artwork) was up next on

outside floor. The final night seemed to be plagued by line-up oversights, but this didn’t detract from an excellent collection of acts overall.

We rolled into the last day at Sonar with shades on and heads a little heavy from two previous days of madness. We arrived at Sonar by day quite late and only caught the tail end of the day’s festivities, sadly missing the third and final South African act ‘Shangaan Electro’. From there we caught some tapas in the Gothic quarter, a famous section of Barcelona just outside the venue and then hopped on the Sonar bus to Sonar by Night. As we approached, the whole bus erupted into cheering and applause – everyone shouting ‘Sonar, Sonar, Sonar!!’ . Despite mass exhaustion after two solid days of partying, the enthusiasm hadn’t faded. Little moments like these add a lot to your experience. Despite my scepticism, Underworld were very good live and stirred up a lot of buried memories with their nostalgic anthems. The Gaslamp Killer, who I’d been dying to see (and who’d been hyped-up a lot by the media) was set to play at 2.15am, but his manically energetic and eclectic performance didn’t manage to excite the crowd. Obscure Japanese rock from the 60’s wasn’t quite cutting it. Luckily we discovered Austrian DJ Clara Moth on

Dizee Rascal


the main floor. I’d also been very excited about seeing them but found them very boring and subdued. Their emcee kept bellowing into the mic and there were long uncomfortable silences between the tracks. Their set lacked the energy required to rock a 35,000 strong crowd at two in the morning. Most of the crowd streamed off the main floor in favour of a crisp techno set from Paul Kalkenbrenner who rocked a packed

The faultless organisation and attention to detail makes Sónar a pleasure to attend, but perhaps Sonar’s greatest strength is the diversity and quality of its line-up. By placing of the more experimental and ‘out-there’ acts alongside well-established artists and presenting this cross section of global electronica as one event— it creates the sense that all electronica is connected; as are all it’s followers. In my mind this is the point of music festivals and I felt truly enriched by the days and nights I spent with Sónar as my host.

14 | BPM

FEATURE By Mary Honeychild -Tido is one Hip-Hop artist that is part of the surging growth of aspiring performers who are up on the get-it-to-go themselves. Free and independent of a binding and often crippling record deal contract, he released, marketed and distributed his own first mix tape City of Gold, selling over four thousand units. He also scooped the ‘Most Gifted Newcomer Channel O Award - 2010’ last year; a reflection of the fast rise to success he has enjoyed. With just a few weeks ahead of his All or Nothing album launch series tour, which by the time you read this would have taken place [30 June - 3 July 2011], the L-Tido camp have been on a grind inspired by the promise he has made to bring fireworks to the performance. His album includes collaborations with K.O. from Teargas, Nigerian superstar Banky W, Tumi from Tumi and The Volume and Da L. E. S of Jozi and the Glitz Gang. A great deal of his commercial market appeal is that he chooses to rap in English instead of Zulu and Tswana. I ask him if he feels judged for this and if so, does he care? “Yes, I have received flack from a few people but it doesn’t bother me because I wanna be heard everywhere by all nationalities. English just so happens to be the language understood by most people.” Since a lot of artists pursue the independent route [with fewer reaching fruition] I am curious as to his strategy in self promoting and selling his first mix tape City of Gold? “I was selling my CDs at shows after my performances. With the money I made from my CDs I invested that back into making videos which ended up giving me great exposure.” He continues, “Artists should be more educated about the industry and take more initiative in their own careers. Labels should also start adopting new ways of marketing. The game has changed and labels need to keep up with the current trends.” L-Tido is very clear that his climb to the top won’t stop in South Africa and that he plans to break internationally. He believes that the top three elements it will take to achieve just this will be none other than talent, hard work and vision. All or Nothing [his new album] is a collection of tracks that represents the sacrifices he has been forced to make to achieve his goals with little time to stop while certainly not settling for anything less, hence the title. “I deserve to be where I am right now and all the awards I receive. I don’ t want a piece of the pie, I want everything!” Aside from his own music, L-Tido is positive about the current state of Hip


Independence and the success that comes with it is what L-Tido lives and celebrates “I deserve to be where I am right now and all the awards I receive. I don' t want a piece of the pie, I want everything!” Hop in SA; “The growth has been really amazing over the past years. Everybody has really stepped their game up from the music production, videos and marketing ideas.” Setting the record straight: As far as publicity stunts go, for those of you who are wondering whether or not he started the beef with rival Hip Hop MC AKA for the pure sake of it last year, he claims that he didn’t; “its old news and I wish AKA the best of luck.” L-Tido is a self confessed workaholic and can be spotted gigging most weekends at clubs in Johannesburg. On his down time he prefers chilling at his crib with friends. What can fans expect once the album launch is done and dusted, I ask? “I’m currently working on several international digital distribution deals. We are also conceptualising a DVD of the tour for a Christmas release and a new mix tape. There is so much... I don’t want to reveal everything at the moment. Just wait and see it’s gonna be an exciting year, big things ahead!” A lot can be said for the fierce, independent and rearing-to-go spirit of L-Tido. This stands as an example of what these qualities can achieve when you set your mind to something.

His hit track We Rollin’ has reached number one on the Channel O Weekly Charts, MTV Base African Chart, ETV’s Club 808 Chart and French music channel Trace TV’s Africa Top 10 Chart and stayed there for five straight weeks. Enough said!

16 | BPM

EXCLUSIVE INTERVIEW By Nduduzo 'Smalz' Ngobese

”... I've seen the industry evolve into a space or picture where I don't see myself featuring in besides as they say you get to appreciate and respect something the most when it ceases to exist”.

sunlade is truly one-of-akind. The inimitable label owner, musician, producer and internationally recognized DJ differentiates himself from the rest with his approach to music, his faith and where he finds inspiration. As an ordained Yoruba priest and follower of the Ifa culture, Osunlade is a deeply spiritual individual connected to both nature and art. His music as well as his being creates unified melodies manifested with balance, life and wisdom. He is a producer/DJ who truly understands house music and its many forms. He has time and time again produced work that epitomised and drew on his wealth of experience by creating something truly special. Osunlade has also been hailed as somebody who simply perfects a fusion of soulful, rich and engaging musical elements with simple, tech edged rhythms and production. So when we heard that his next album release Pyrography was to be his very last one in his illustrious discography (and it’s been nearly four years since he has graced us with an original full length house album - his last was Elements Beyond in 2007), we thought it best to hit him up as a way of commemorating the unconquerable imprint he’ll be leaving the House community with. “This is really the last House album I’ll ever do,” he says as I connect with him over the phone at home in Greece. “I’ve decided to stop because it’s time. I also think I’ve done enough for myself in the last twelve years working with House music. I have created a very decent ‘discography


package’ that will illustrate my contribution to the genre. I mean there are only thirteen notes and how many times can one recreate the same thirteen notes (laughs). I wanna leave something that matters to me and not just do what is expected”. Speaking to him I immediately get the impression of a guy with a cool and very lucid and eloquent demeanour simply by the manner in which he picks his words and conveys his thoughts. This makes me believe that the decision to ‘hang up his records’ came from a very sincere place indeed. “I actually had made this decision quite a while ago, say four or five years back, but I guess the complacent guy in me was a bit hesitant to actually action it out,” he elaborates. “Over this time I’ve seen the industry evolve into a space or picture where I don’t see myself featuring in – besides as they say you get to appreciate and respect something the most when it ceases to exist”. Researching more and more about Osunlade it soon became apparent to me that he’s the type of artist who has always made his own way in the music industry without following any predetermined rules and was very much fuelled by passion for what he was doing. Deciding he would no longer work under the influences of corporate ideals and demands, he chose to quiet himself, find spiritual solace and honour his soul. This led him to Ifa, a naturalist ancestral culture based on divination, deriving from the Yoruba tribes of Africa. “I don’t understand why people are shocked that I’m discontinuing my ‘House music work’. Quite frankly I do not care what they... everybody thinks,” he exclaims. “As I have said I have done a lot of music projects and Dance

music has not only been the core of the work I’ve done, for me it has been that personal emotion that’s embodied in the music itself (in its general sense) and I feel I now need to channel that emotion into something else”. He pauses, then continues after giving his last remarks some thought, “Perhaps that’s also part of the reason why I’m leaving the game; everybody and anybody is a DJ and Producer now. It’s now about ‘I wanna be a superstar DJ’ and less and less about interpreting the feeling that emanates from the sound itself. You see I grew up in the 70’s... an era where music was explored in its original format, where you found guys like Barry White playing and singing in an orchestra exploring and finding joy out of the music notes themselves”. It’s no wonder then that he’s in such high demand for production and remixes from labels and artists worldwide, I find myself thinking as he speaks. His passion is in Yoruba Records; maintaining its reputation for its unparallel quality in music. With its own family of talented producers and artists developing and bridging sound and cultures, the labels’ evolution is endless and bright.

17 | BPM

EXCLUSIVE INTERVIEW “I receive tons and tons of promos and remix requests from South African producers, and it’s amazing how House music has manifested itself within the industry down there. This is where it becomes imperative that South African artists take care and show more responsibility to the House sound itself; you guys are currently ‘holding the ball’ when it comes to House music worldwide.” “I personally would like to see artists in South Africa invest a lot of effort in studying music, the sensibilities of the sound, listening to an array of sounds and knowing what the music is about. I say this because when I listen to the sound coming from SA (in fact everywhere) it’s the same ‘formulaic pattern’ over and over again. By having a culture of researching music it’ll allow your artists and producers to expand their understanding of the sounds that in turn will add a lot of ‘health’ into the House music genre – besides SA is the only country I know that respects and enjoys House music as it is”. In addition to his latest album, Osunlade has teamed up with the amazing talent of Australian pyrography artist Scott Marr to create an original art experience much like the days when the two forms, art and music were one. The two have created a new view of the Yoruba Orisha Deities to accompany the sound and feel of the music. Pyrography translates to ‘painting with fire’ in which all the works are composed in an ancient fashion of painting onto canvas or paper with flames or hot objects like fire pokers. It is a truly magical process which creates earthy natural tones with actual flames and without using any brush strokes. All the materials used in the artwork have been sourced from nature and are wholly organic. It is a true celebration of the organic meeting the synthetic, and art meeting music. What the future holds for Osunlade is unclear. Right now he is definite about one thing and one thing only; Pyrography is his last House album. He tells me he has taken up photography but does not elaborate too much, although closer inspection on his website reveals an array of interestingly photographed images available for purchase, all signed and numbered by him with an official Yoruba seal. One thing is for sure; Osunlade is a creative being and anything he sets his mind to is bound to be filled with the same love and care as his wonderful music that has graced our dancefloors all these years. Listen to a preview of his new album on your phone by scanning this tag.

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http:/ /

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FUN STUFF We grab 5 minutes with some of our favourite DJ's and ask them... Well... Just about anything we feel like!!!


with... 5Mins Missred

issred’s 5 years of spinning to eager clubbers boasts a long list of many recognisable parties, events and clubs in and around Joburg. A belief that passion, talent and ‘that unmistakable X factor’ are what make a DJ great is what drives her to perfecting her art. Her style of music is broad and reflects her

Here’s our 5 mins with Missred... 1. Going to war means... Willing to fight for / about something that you believe in strongly that you'd sacrifice you own life for it. 2. The last time I deejayed this guy came up to me and said.... “Do you know what time Missred is playing? 3. If I was an MC my aka name would be... Rooi Rok Jokie 4. Seduction is being able to… Be noticed – when applying the art to the mind, body and soul. 5. Happiness is... Doing what U LOVE……'Cos U LOVE what U DO!! 6. Complete the sentence... ‘House music is..... SPIRITUAL THING – A Mind Body & SOUL THING. 7. If I wasn’t a DJ I would get my kicks from.... Shufflin' on the dance floor – Just Joking 8. The one talent I never openly admit to having is... the best time. 9. I never leave home without my.... Sunglasses 10. The best thing about being a DJ in South Africa... Is being able to express myself through house music and to unite like-minded people regardless of age, gender, or race without saying a word. 11. And the worst... I always prepare for the worst – That way you won't be disappointed. I also just remind myself of the reason I am here pushin' on - Passion. 12. Before I play a set I always... Get extremely nervous. 13. Sex on the beach is overrated because... The sand exfoliating reality factor is not as glamorous as it appears from that dreamy romantic vision you once pictured in your mind :) 14. One thing that really irritates me is... That there's actually more than ONE thing that irritates me.

educated and mature taste, taking inspiration from all genres and blending it into an aural experience that can only be described as sublime. "Whether it be deep, sexy, tech, electro or vocal… depending on where I play and the energy I get from the crowd, it all depends on where I can take them, because as much as I like to educate and inspire, I always remember that I’m there to entertain too," she says. 15. The first thing I said when I woke up this morning was... Attention all shoppers! 16. My favourite SA DJ/Producer is... I have more than one favourite for different reasons. They all inspire me in their own way. 17. My favourite international DJ/Producers are... Inland Knight and any artist who has ever released their beats on DROP MUSIC recordings. 18. When I’m not rocking to dance music I like to... Chill with a bit of everything actually, depending what space I am in. 19. Favourite restaurant... Capri... The “Cheeza Steak” worth the drive. 20. What attracts me most in a man is... Personality & Handwriting... 21. The word that describes me best is... Mis-READ 22. In my fridge you will always find... Depends what colour the fridge is?

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ARTIST Q & A By Dave Mac Photo: Ian Engelbrecht

magine being given a demo on a TDK tape. I imagine some of you reading this may not even know what a TDK D90 tape is! The year was somewhere around 2000/2001 I think. The name scrawled across the tape was Damage. Two young lads from Paarl had sent the demo to Alien Safari and whilst the music was a little on the rough side, it was one of the most promising bits of psytrance to emerge from South Africa back then. Not long after that the duo were rocking dancefloors and in less than a year thereafter one half of Damage – James Copeland - gave birth to his solo project; Broken Toy. The rest, as the cliché goes is history. As Broken Toy, James has gone on to release two stellar albums and tons of singles since. Today he is one of the most booked psytrance


Broken Toy

So, top psytrance producer turns to electro-swing-tech... Now you wouldn’t be the first psy producer to explore new genres but you’re beyond just exploring. You’ve created a whole new persona haven’t you? Yes, although I don’t think it’s something I can rigidly adhere to. These days people’s appetite for music is so insatiable it’s become difficult to stand out even if you are damn good at what you do. You only have to look at the success of Jack Parow or Die Antwoord

acts on SA dancefloors and if he can motivate himself to bang out another Broken Toy album he will no doubt become a regular fixture on the global circuit once again. A gifted producer with a penchant for the less than obvious, our man Jimmy has recently also given birth to a new project simply called James Copeland. Essentially a minimal tech[house] project with a penchant for vintage sounds, swinging horns and even a touch of blues and rockabilly, Jimmy now swings effortlessly between the high-octane futuristic sounds of Broken Toy and his slinky, throbbing minimal tech project. We caught up for a little chat across the interweb (he was on tour in Europe somewhere) and as usual James was honest, forthcoming and quite chatty...

to see that creating a character to express your music through lends a whole new perspective that listeners latch onto. Some might consider it a piss-take, but in essence it’s making your music 3D - adding a new dimension to it that pushes songs into the realm of entertainment rather than just music. I don’t want to put on an act, but I do want to create the headspace in which I want the music experienced.

But with your talents you could have opted for something more mainstream or radio friendly... Well I do enjoy a bit of a challenge - even to the point of self-sabotage but the bottom line is this; when I sit down in the studio and I’m working on something that I’m not into, I start to get nauseous and I have to bail. My stylistic choices are always instinctive and inescapable. The brief on the James Copeland stuff was simply that I’d do something focused on vintage sounds as opposed to the hi tech science fiction noises that dance music is normally associated with, and at the moment that includes everything from Balkan beats, rockabilly, swing and beyond.

“'s really what I consider earning your right to party, no matter the cost or how wrong it seems.” Surely you’d like to write a hit song or massive club anthem one day? Something that would get extensive radio play. Not all hit songs are bad after all.... Not so concerned with radio, but a club anthem... Wow! Let’s try and quantify the power of that. Small clubs being rocked by a simple melody creating absolute unity and euphoria - that magic moment clubbers yearn for. Now multiply that by the amount of clubs in the world and repeat the formula adding and including bigger clubs and festivals with millions more people etc and etc. Extrapolate the formula over time and it would be mindboggling to be the person who brought that amount of euphoria into the world! It’s a serious achievement and it is something that gives me a bit of a tingle to think about. I`d love to achieve something like that, but I’m not actively striving for it - I don’t think that’s the point anyway. It didn’t take you very long to get the James Copeland music released... I`ve gotten some fairly random connections through Soundcloud with Nesono [another of James’ projects], which people generally thought was curious, but not something they could play. As soon as I made the JC stuff which was more to their tastes, it spread like wildfire and ended up in the right hands within the first month of starting the project. It was a very satisfying experience considering how long I’ve waited on certain projects to bear fruit.

25 | BPM


BROKEN JIMMY a man who swings both ways... I love your new EP, Jade Garden [Sleepwalker Records]... some great remixes too. Yep! I`m a good mate with Jimmy Chronic and he liked this slightly deeper and mysterious track. I got some mates in to remix it and I think it’s a great and varied little package. I really like the different spin that both Danalog and Emile gave it on their remixes. It’s no secret that selling music is tough. Have you resigned yourself to this fact? I have completely resigned myself to the fact that there is no money in it at all and it’s a catch 22 because if you give your music away for free, people don’t think it’s worth anything, so it still has to be released through the normal channels so people [at least] think it’s worth stealing! How’s the overseas tour going? Are the punters as crazy as us Capetonians? The gurning punters of the UK are flying the flag very high. Clubbing here is a way of life for these people, whereas Cape Town clubs always seem to be a bit over policed with militant bouncers, dress codes and elitist attitudes. I definitely saw tons of stuff here that made Capetonian dancefloors look more than a little bit conservative. First some swing parties, then Glade! Be honest now. Did you appreciate the familiarity of psytrance again? I`m in love all over again every time I play a Broken Toy gig. I`m truly blessed I can’t remember the last gig I had where I didn’t receive serious dancefloor love. The added bonus to Glade is that I haven’t played a UK festival in ages so it wasn’t like it was in the bag to begin with. There was a bit of winning over to do, but pretty much business as usual. Awesome party.

You’ve clearly spent much of the past year re-inventing yourself with James Copeland Music, how does this impact on Broken Toy? Are we still going to hear another album from you? People would naturally assume that if you`ve got a few projects running that some of them are suffering or not as loved as the other, but in my case this is untrue. Anything you do for an extended period of time will get boring and create unrealistic creative pressure, so I’m constantly changing and keeping my projects feeling fresh to me. As for another Broken Toy album, I`ve been keen for the last 2 years but labels aren’t interested in anything other than digital EPs these days and I`m thinking of ways to get around this. BT really needs a whole story rather than a collection of tracks to get people into it, so its very possible that the next album will be released on a label I start myself. Stay tuned.

Now, as you look back on your month away from home, probably feeling just a teensy bit homesick, which memories are going to give you the biggest giggle? UK festivals are well known for their rain, and Glade did not disappoint on the last day. I had a moment on the dancefloor in my wellies and raincoat with torrential rain and punishing wind ripping at me where I suddenly felt totally impervious to it all. Calm inside a bubble, I opened my eyes and saw a raging dancefloor with a bunch of friends of mine giving it everything in the mud, shading and decor flying away and a fence blowing over with people in the background running for cover. The chaos of the moment was ultimate, but we were still there grooving - untouchable. It’s hard to describe the joy I found in this and other similar moments I’ve had in the UK to people who haven’t experienced this sort of thing, but it’s really what I consider earning your right to party, no matter the cost or how wrong it seems. And from a career perspective... has this trip opened your eyes to new opportunities and some more doors maybe? These trips are always great to reestablish contact with people in the biz, which is hugely important. There`s a community out there that you need to be in touch with and online chatting doesn’t cut it. You need to get down and party with the peeps! On a personal note, it’s also shown me how I need to take even more control of what I’m doing. It’s a tough game, and there are few people in your corner pushing to make things work for you. Take charge. Rock it. Checkout the tunes of Broken Toy and James Copeland music @

26 | BPM

FEATURE By James Rose-Mathew t's the first time in my tenure as a music journalist that I've been palpably bummed out by someone's success. Not in any morbid or jealous sense of the word, just bummed that the dude I had to interview was out of the country, rocking a festival on Reunion Island. It meant that I didn't get to meet the man in person. Bummed because the fellow behind artful mash-up/get-down-n-boogie outfit Mr Sakitumi seems like a gentleman in the truest sense. I had to settle with firing off questions through binary pipelines and across oceans. Mr Sakitumi is Sean Ou Tim, a veritable stalwart of the local music scene. I'm fairly certain that every single reader casting their eye upon this collection of carefully arranged words has been on the receiving end of Sean's sonic manipulations, even if they have no idea who he is. He has, in his own words, always been 'the guy in the back, the shadow guy who rarely had to deal with much focus or attention.' But he's been there pretty much throughout the development of SA's burgeoning alternative scene Max Normal, Lark, Closet Snare to name just a handful - continually upping his rep as one of South Africa's premier musicians. Recently, Sean has been craftily side-stepping the shadows, taking his one man band to the stage and to eager ears all around the world. He recently flitted around Europe, dropped back onto local soil briefly then popped off to show the islanders how it's done. He's back in Europe in July. In amongst this jet-setting he has found the time to release his debut album as Mr Sakitumi - affectionately titled Secret Asian Man. A mark of distinction here is that, unlike the majority of electronic music released these days, Mr Sakitumi's record is the result, not of some guy behind a computer clicking away at the mouse 'producing' tunes, but of a wizard fornicating with vibrations, hertz, scales and rhythms. Sean is a consummate musician capable of cutting multiple instruments down to size. He says of his talents, “I grew up in a very musical household, so I was always surrounded by music when I was young. I’m a classically trained pianist, although I don’t bang out many scales, fugues or sonatas these days. From my piano knowledge I was able to learn various instruments, so in a way, I started out self taught. My



“the aim of Secret Asian Man for me was to have a listening album, away from the stage, lights, etc.” favourite instrument is my ear….and then bass guitar.” He shares a funny story about being underestimated as a musician, “I chose ‘Mr’ in Mr Sakitumi as I prefer for people to think of me as a live electronic musician and not a DJ. There was this one time in Switzerland, the Grrrl [VJ artist and Sean’s wife] and I were playing at the Loft Café. In the middle of our show, this girl comes up to me to request a song. It would take even longer for me to explain what I actually do (besides the fact that I was in the middle of a song) so I just said to her, ‘if you sing it to me, I’ll hum it right back to you.’” If you know who Mr Sakitumi is and you've been fortunate enough to see him perform, the album might take you by surprise. Taking nothing away from it, as it is a thoroughly engaging piece of work, it is a decidedly more chilled affair than what you may have come to expect. Sean explains that, “the aim of Secret Asian Man for me

was to have a listening album, away from the stage, lights, etc. In this way I was able to add some tracks that I don’t even get a chance to perform live, as they are much mellower sounding, but strong in mood and feel.” I ask him what's next for Mr Sakitumi - in four words he encapsulates the perfect balance he's clearly struck between aspiration and relaxation – “Cello and Pina Colada's.”

28 | BPM

FEATURE By Mary Honeychild


anny and Skitzo from Bass Breaks & Beats Records are two musicians/producers with roots in the East Rand of Joburg who for more than five years as a duo pride

the acoustic guitar and keyboard. While Skitzo grew up around a mom who was a vocalist and his dad, Babsy Mlangeni a Jazz musician. The developing influences in the early part of their lives laid the foundation for the pillars that holds up the House of music they are improving, maintaining


Lifting the experience to what is better known as cloud nine “We make music for people who are into enjoying a good life.” themselves on the delivery of their live music performances. They bring together an Electronic House sound that is fundamentally infused with a strong up-tempo Jazzy feel, complimented by insightful lyrics and smooth vocals [done by Paul Oliviera] in English, Swahili and Portuguese. Their crossover style of producing music widens their market appeal globally with a focused aim on the greater parts of Africa. “We make music for people who are into enjoying a good life. A life that is inspired by growing and being diverse. Who are willing to try something new and be adventurous” says Skitzo. Danny originally formed part of Afro-Pop group ‘Mellow Ring’ playing

and building upon each day. They draw inspiration from a variety of artists such as 4 Hero, Foreign Exchange, Jazzanova, Flying Lotus, Zakes Bantwini and St.Germain. Their breakthrough hit Heaven is Here is the fruit of what first got them noticed. There is an embedded truth behind the meaning in the title. “At that time in our careers before the release of that track we were struggling. We were listening to powerful stuff. Out of all our disappointments the only remedy for what we were going through was to get in the studio and express ourselves in a positive way. So in more than one way Heaven is Here was the breakthrough and relief for all our efforts” they explain.

C.9ine collaborated with Suges, Fish Go Deep, UPZ and Gene King on Harley & Muscle’s Deep House 5th Chapter CD. An impressive cut off this compilation is the remix of the track Sunrise. “Sunrise was our dopest remix off that album. It has a lot of experimental elements. We threw a beat box on top of a House tune and the result was great!” explains Skitzo. Their debut album Sound Garden, released last year, is an exploration of all that’s lush and deep in modern dance music. It has tracks like Wonder and Chasing on top ten hit rotation of national radio stations like Metro FM, Y-FM and Uhkozi FM. Last month they were in Cape Town putting material together at the Red Bull Studio for two new tracks titled Chora with vocals in Portuguese and Garota also in Portuguese with hints of Swahili. They were also on a national tour of Cape Town, Joburg, Durban, Newcastle and Rustenburg with promises of a kick-ass live set by their three man band which includes their vocalist Paul Oliviera. I ask them how they respond to claims that they have previously ditched gigs by not showing up and how they feel this may have made them look. “It has a lot to do with the management problem that we are having and working on at the moment. Sometimes we are double booked. Either Danny on his own or me; what we never do is send half or part of the product. We are a live act and deliver on that performance every time” says Skitzo. “We stay true to our promise of delivery of the music quality. If people want to know for sure if we are definitely going to be at a gig it will be on both our Facebook profiles and the C.9ine fan page” adds Danny. Other than their regular gig rotation and studio sessions when the duo are free of work commitments, separately they prefer spending it winding down with some relaxing home and family time. Wondering what the fuss is about? Hop on over to and checkout the video to their hit single Wonder.

30 | BPM



Who loves ya baby? Who loves ya?

Where there's a pole there's... erm... a way?

“It wasn't me!!!” Sipho knew his big brown eyes would get him out of trouble again... How to pout and look sexy at the same time was Busi’s secret weapon.

31 | BPM

Photos by Brought to you by

Where the beat lives on... Jabu was the perfect gentleman keeping his eyes firmly above board...

Lulo Cafe and... hmmm, some other guy?

“Um now let me see. If I press this knob right here what will happen?� Confused? Nah he knows what he's doing! We hope...

Who's the meat in that sandwich?

NDX SERIES NDX200 ................. R 1,983.


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For demos on all Numark DJ gear visit us @ Mediatech 20-22 July Stand B21 & B25 For trade enquiries or to find your closest retailer call (011) 250 3280 | | |

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Let Pioneer DJ South Africa kickstart your digital DJ career!!! Win the brand new Pioneer DDJ-T1 DJ Controller for Traktor valued @ R 15,000 It’s all digital these days and Pioneer DJ are once again leading the pack with innovation and the most desirable DJ products on the market. Turn your laptop into the ultimate DJ weapon with the DDJ-T1 controller. The next level of DJ’ing starts right here...

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ensures high quality sound plus audio characteristics optimal for Traktor DJ software to deliver a clear and powerful sound. Pioneer have once again innovated with the unique design of the DDJ-T1 with a space for the laptop keyboard underneath the unit, keeping the laptop screen in full view of the DJ whilst saving precious space within the DJ booth.


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The Goematronics Remix Competition Local is lekker, but what IS local? South African identity is vibrant, diverse, migrant and converse. The widespread welcome of Die Antwoord, Spoek Mathambo & Mshini Wam, Freshly Ground and Simphiwe Dana shows the world is listening. Local music expresses a South Africa neither old nor new, but definitely YOU. Cape Town has a burgeoning independent rock and electronic music scene and a proud, often obscured

musical history heard through Minstrels Carnival (Klopse), Sangkoors, Nagkoors, and local Jazz legends such as Abdullah Ibrahim, Robbie Jansen and Basil “Mannenberg” Coetzee. Via Creative Cape Town (a programme of the Cape Town Partnership), the beat of Cape Town Goema is enjoying contemporary cultural resonance in its projects Goemarati and Goematronics.

A national competition in partnership with BPM Magazine, Mutha FM, Creative Cape Town and African Dope Records running from 1st July - 28th of August 2011.

bpm To enter: 1. Download samples from the Creative Cape Town Goematronics Soundcloud page. You can search for Goematronics: Experiments in Local Distinctiveness or type in this direct link: 2. Create a track of new music drawing on Cape Town’s musical legacy, Goema. 3. Upload your remix to the Soundcloud: Goematronics remix competition group

Prizes: Valued at R 40,000 includes; A full week of studio time @ Red Bull Studios, Cape Town Cakewalk Music Production Software from Paul Bothner Music.

The winners: Will be announced at a special event held during Creative Week Cape Town : 9 – 18 September 2011. For more Info go to:

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By Dave Mac Photo : Tish Eugenio



Winners of the BPM 3rd Annual Remix Competition

hen we secured a Quentin Harris track for our 3rd Annual Remix competition we were particularly excited about the prospect of uncovering a future star. Adding extra weight to this was the fact that Harris himself would be choosing the winner. So imagine our delight when three good looking young men stepped up to receive the R 60,000 worth of studio and DJ gear. Part of the prize was also for the winning remix to be released on a David Gresham Records compilation, but things have taken an even more interesting turn with 3 Kings now joining DGR’s stable of artists. 3 Kings are Musa Sambo aka Sav, Sibusiso Sikhosana aka Brudy B and Zam Tshabalala. They’re all 24 years old, and have been producing and spinning beats for about 8 years. Having been part of the same crew since Grade 8, in 2003 they decided to form the group. Self taught home producers having learnt the basics of piano and building it from there Brudy explains, “As music guys would know the longer you start doing music you meet guys who know just a bit more than you do so you pick up new ways and sharpen what you have.” Zam continues, “Yeah I remember during school holidays it was


basically a job. I’d wake up and be on the PC from like 8 am to 5 pm so that’s how it was and Sav would be busy on the other pc as well… and school days were rough but I guess it called for it but ‘till this day we take it like work. We all have our shifts and should there be a need for over time, then over time is put in, from making sure that our pictures are mint for press, publication or anything related, to final mixes.” “Do all three of you DJ and produce,” I enquire. Musa answers, “We all produce, we all DJ. We developed the same skills but what makes us different is our taste and style of music; like Zam is more the soulful guy with vocals... easy chilled kind of vibe we call it; high fashion music. I’m more on the progressive and electro vibe. I love seeing people moving and shacking... having a good time, but obviously not limited to that and Brudy is also more on the progressive, but a bit funkier and techno groove. But to strike the balance amongst our work, some are more technical and others are more business orientated, so as not to lean over too much on one end.” Zam elaborates, “Our style is quite versatile, we do stuff from deep, commercial, tribal, funk, soulful, jazzy... anything we want to do. It’s quite hard to try to contain it in one style. I guess that’s some of the joys of having 3 heads in the group.” Their

“We want to be known as the guys to go to for a hit single...” favourite SA artists include “DJ Kent, DJ Christos, Black Coffee, Goldfish, Professor and Julius Malema [laughs] ok, ok, ok… Lira” Their winning remix was the last one they expected to be chosen [they submitted 10 versions]; “we were shocked to find out that the song won. We had thought that another version may win especially considering the havoc the other one had caused on a lot of dance floors and corporate gigs we had played at, seeing old white folks in ties trying to dance to it,” laughs Brudy. In the end it was the creative edge that their Take The Kings There Remix featuring added vocals by Sir Jack that made Harris take notice, with their unique reinterpretation of his track. On where to next Musa has the final word; “We want to be known as the guys to go to for a hit single and I guess we’re on the right track as we are currently working with a couple international musicians. Another would be to see ourselves rocking local and internationals dance floors, charts and stadiums. There’s nothing that beats being very much locally relevant while being internationally competitive at the same time. God has been too good to us.” You can keep up with 3 Kings on Facebook by searching “kings threekings Kingdom”.


38 | BPM





starts off quite chilled and dubby – in fact it takes some time to really get going but when it does, the familiar psychedelic and edgy techno drops with some serious weight. Personal favourites on this disc include Beyer’s own Human Reason co-produced with Alan Fitzpatrick and Hungry by Steffen Deux’ is really good too. Disc 2 is delivered courtesy of Dorian Paic, Musik label manager and whilst there are hints of a more tribal house vibe it’s largely a minimal affair that focuses more on the subtleties of the genre than any serious dancefloor mayhem. It’s a decent offering probably better suited to home listening or the car than full on dancefloor vibes. Reviewed by Damien Albetto

F.E.U TOO - IN THE STUDIO & IN THE CLUB (SOULCANDI) <House> South Africa’s most celebrated ‘peak time’ House DJ’s Fresh and Euphonik have again proven that they’ve got what it takes in the ultra-competitive environment that is House music – with the release of their two banging CD compilations released simultaneously. Simply titled FeU Too, it is a showcase of their prowess both behind the decks (In the Club) and back ‘indoors’ layering beats together (In the Studio). In The Club kicks off with a sublime, dreamy melodic So far Away by Rumi & Sloveig. A swirling easy on the ear tune as it takes off easing seductively into DJ Kent’s Falling featuring Malehloka with her sultry stroking of the keys. Being the ‘main set’ specialists by the third track the pace picks up with some speaker bashing weaponry, thudding kicks and echoed synths with DJ Mujava & DJ Spoko’s Mugwanti superbly complemented by Swedish House Mafia’s radio hit Miami 2 all seamlessly rocking in unison. In The Club is expectedly dispersed with quite a few distinguishable blazing notables in clubland up until the Kings of Tomorrow Take Me Back signals the winding down session after some heavy jamming. In The Studio is even more engaging with super productions from Euphonik bringing together a cool blend of different artists to add different sound textures. I’m particularity impressed by FeU’s production titled Organic that’ll undoubtedly tear up dance floors across South Africa! Let’s hope they find more studio time as there’s much promise here. Reviewed by Nduduzo Smalz Ngobese

4. ABOVE & BEYOND - GROUP THERAPY <Trance House> Trance lovers worldwide have embraced the euphoric sounds of Above & Beyond. They were quite the hit when they toured here last year too. If you’re a fan of progressive euro laden trance with plenty uplifting vocals and chants this’ll no doubt be your poison of choice. Their first single off this album Sun & Moon has been doing the rounds on dancefloors worldwide for a while now and seems to be a firm favourite amongst club trance DJ’s. Having broken into the American market (sold out tour across North America), this form of mainstream, accessible trance which was forecast as a dying sound in the 90’s never fails to re-invent itself and although the formula hasn’t really changed that much – except the track tempos do seem to have come down – its popularity just seems to rise and rise. Personally a little too fluffy for my tastes I do acknowledge the sheer production skills these guys have and a plus factor on this album is that it’s not just a bunch of 4 to the floor trance tracks. Group Therapy is neatly balanced between club anthems and more song based compositions. Reviewed by Seeka




<Ambient Electronica> Moby's been around for quite a bit longer than one tends to realise - this new release, which he calls "a soundtrack for empty cities at 2 a.m.", is his tenth album. Ten albums is quite a milestone for any artist not featuring Keith Richards in their line-up, even more so for an electronic outfit. Unfortunately that's about the only 'milestone' one can muster regarding this release. Moby's last three albums have been, loosely, theme-oriented - Last Night was built around the energy and hype of a longrunning tour, while 2009's Wait For Me was by his account an attempt to step away from the mainstream that once so adored him, neither of the two quite succeeded. This year's Destroyed endeavours to capture the desolation of loneliness - specifically as symbolised by dead buildings and insomniac, postmidnight cities. Leading single Be The One plods along predictably, all slow build and shimmering textures; Rockets contains a hauntingly pretty melody, but this is collapsed by the connect-the-dot beats and the fact that we've heard the same haunting and the same pretty before, on earlier albums. His trademark strings, retro vocal samples, simple but effective beats - elements that once made him stand out - are now what make one feel one's in a mall somewhere. Reviewed by Mickdotcom

3. V/A - COCOON HEROES MIXES BY ADAM BEYER & DORIAN PAIC <Techno> Cocoon compilations are always an exciting prospect with the brand having established itself at the cutting edge of minimal techno and tech house. This double disc serves up two DJ mixes compliments of Adam Beyer and Dorian Paic respectively. Swedish techno producer, Beyer is the founder of Drumcode Records and an established name in techno circles; he dishes out disc 1 which


DEPECHE MODE REMIXES 2. 81-11 - EMI <House> Okay, I'm baffled - since when did the concept of a remix automatically mean 4/4 club tune. A remix, to my mind, is taking an artist's music and reinterpreting it, making it one's own and enabling the listener to see into the original in a new way. Here we have a scene giant in Depeche Mode, 30 years into their career and sporting a wealth of great material under their belts, who've supplied audio gold to a battery of artists to play with, fuck up and reinvent. On paper it's an exciting prospect but unfortunately what emerges from the speakers is fairly insipid, unimaginative fodder. There are 37 tracks yet for some reason about 85% of the output has in effect simply slipped a dance beat under the original tune, throw in a whack of sound effects and delivered their 'remix' to the band. Maybe that was the memo from Gahan and crew but the result just doesn't pack any punch. There is a single disc version of this release, which might be brief enough to have some clarity of vision and provide some peaks. Sadly, this tome does not. [Editors note: the single disc package seems to have gleaned all the decent remixes of the 3-disc version which has way too many fillers so buy the single disc if you’re a fan.] Reviewed by James Rose-Mathew Where the beat lives on...


42 | BPM


<Electronica> Ah the peculiar joy of listening to something beyond the crisp reach of definition! No'ze is a sonic outfit cast of most unlikely threads. Here is an aural meeting of discerning nostalgia (40's Jazz and 70's-thru-90's Lounge) and smiley beats quite appropriately, No'ze are made up of two stepbrothers, one a classically-trained pianist, the other a techno DJ. Latest release Dring utilises a wonky array of influences and musical styles, from Caribbean rhythms to gentle Oompah, from forgetful sailors through crooner Jazz scats, jangling electric guitars, to idiosyncratic pop... above all they favour sparse, cosy Jazz instrumentations and grin-inducing beats. A motley bag of elements not necessarily designed to fuse - in less imaginative, less quirky hands the result would be awkward on the ear - but fuse it does, resulting in a music that defies easy categorization whilst successfully shaking your hiney and popping your fingers. Standout tracks are the wistfully melancholic Cinq, the left-of-centre ballad Exodus, and the deranged rhythmic assault of Dring Dring. More please. Reviewed by Mickdotcom




ASIAN DUB FOUNDATION - A HISTORY OF NOW <Rapcore, dub, dancehall, ragga> In short, the Asian Dub Foundation does a damn fine job of blending ska, dub, dancehall, ragga and some punk into an energetic stream of bounce-inducing noise. They utilise trusted techniques of each of these aforementioned disciplines in a manner that feels effortless and have produced a record that compels the listener on many levels. In the driving seat are massive beats, the kind that would elicit response from most hips if rendered loud and proud from a club PA. The supplicant bass riddems enjoy working the spaces between and together form some kind of unholy sonic propulsion. A tasty element that is all too rare these days but finds a comfortable home on this album is dissonance. These guys know how to use odd timbres and unseemly incidentals to affect a welcome tension vs. release vibe. A bonus feature is that the Asian Dub Foundation know when to let the listener breathe - at just the right moment in the album, a gorgeous piece called Power of 10 envelops the air and massages one in all the right places. Recommended! Reviewed by James Rose Mathew



8. 10.


INDIDGINUS - SOFA SURFER - INDIGENOUS MUSIC <Dubstep> Kicking off with a day-glo bang, Sofa Surfer meets and squashes the expectations conjured by their enviable team of local and international guests. Mercy Me struts the door open with a lascivious grin of know-ho and can-do, legendary African Dope producer and turntablist Fletcher helps keep the gleaming ragga-dub beat on a taut leash while Tananas' fretboard guru Steve Newman brings Middle-Eastern chime. Brilliant stuff. Dark Sky Island is guided through its kinky brass and riddim by the lovely throat of one Francesca Krnjak - I defy you to stop your shoulders from snaking along to the lazy kink. Next up is Lost Coast, notable for its use - and the first my ears have encountered such a twangy delight - of what seems to be electronic guitar, digitally sculpting blue skies and beaches of sound, super super cool! Elsewhere early Warp soundscapes are recalled, as on Sunrise over Sapporo's perfectly pixellated Tokyo aura. Great stuff

all round, Indidginus also succeeding in creating songs that function as such - that is, sonic narratives that rise beyond the confines of (admittedly potent) beat and bounce. Mucho recommended, and not just by me meself - The Orb say so too! Reviewed by Mickdotcom SAKITUMI - SECRET ASIAN MAN 9. MR. AFRICAN DOPE RECS <Electronica> The man behind this luxurious set of tunes is perhaps South Africa's most sought after session drummer. It's therefore no surprise that Secret Asian Man is big on beat. Tasty grooves and percussive elements decorate a suite of sassy set-pieces and the mood is languid, cocktail-ready and invitingly mellifluous. Flourishes of classical motifs and some terrific 007-ish moments make a few of these numbers simply perfect for sunset drives along the coast, or an imagined ocean if you're unfortunately landlocked. Mr Sakitumi has lavished over this album, filling its spectrum delicately and purposefully with loving touches, splendid tones and a driving heartbeat. He described it as his 'listening album' and it's evident that he's intended for it to enjoy its share of repeats on your player of choice. It's a short outing though and has perhaps been unfortunately padded with two remixes, one by Mix n Blend that doesn't distinguish itself much save for some classy trumpet and a rather annoying percussion spazzout version of This That by Poirier, that might feel more comfortable as b-sides on a single or EP. Many highlights here, especially closer Into The Deep and title track Secret Asian Man. Otherwise, class act right here! by James Rose Mathew

10. LIQUID STRANGER - THE ARCANE TERRAIN <Dub/Dubstep> I've been somewhat out in the wilderness of late, unable to bear keen witness to the ebb and flow of the music scene with a clear ear. I've gathered that a huge surge in the popularity of Dubstep has taken place in recent times. I have until now been unable to find a comfortable portal into that world, all the wubwubwubbitywub and little else has meant I've lost interest fairly quickly when exposed... Fortunately, or unfortunately - I've yet to decide I have found my access point. Liquid Stranger serves up Dubstep that is laden with intriguing layers of distinctive sounds swirling around what I can only describe as the densest sub-bass this side of a jet engine. Whoever is behind this outfit clearly has a vast palette of studied influence. We find tastes of a wide range of genres all seamlessly woven into a fat pulse. Couple this with a number of hard-hitting guest vocal slots from the likes of Killah Priest, KRS One, MC Zulu and Razza and The Arcane Terrain makes for an engrossing listen while never losing sight of the dancefloor. Multiple thumbs up! Reviewed by James Rose Mathew



UNDSelect sound equipment specialists | Cell:079 495 2117 | Cell:0836759261 | Office: 011 485 3639

For trade enquiries or to find your nearest dealer call Pro Audio - SA (011) 822-1430 | |


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<Progressive Trance> Nick Karamalakis from Greece, aka Infinity, is hardly a newcomer to the scene being half of the well known production duo Progenitor and having featured on compilations of just about every major progressive label with rock solid tunes. As Infinity he now brings us his debut album. Control Group serves up an album of excellently produced tunes with a full bodied sound created from punchy kicks and powerful bass lines along with innovative samples and crystalline voices, building up to a melodic climax and easing you out again. This is driving, energetic progressive trance - very danceable and guaranteed to take you on that journey that so many of us long for in trance these days. An overall solid release with each track a real pleasure to listen to, this is an album that should place the name of Infinity alongside the cream of the crop of a growing number of top progressive trance producers. Reviewed by Jos




GROOVE) <Psytrance> It has been five years since the debut album by Noiseanomalie was released and at last I have my hands on his latest. It is a pity that the album consists only of six tracks but that aside this is an album of musical delight. Phase 2 starts off with a bang, as I experienced by the sudden start of Debatable Legality. This track is slow, brooding and a good way to start a set and get those feet moving. Think Again picks up the beat radically and gave me that rushing, swirling and twirling feeling – lovely. The crunchy sound, deep bass and comical “whoops” of Sound of da Police put a smile on my face had me reaching for my party shoes. Phase 2 contains what sounds like the start of Nommer Asseblief. I don’t know if this was intentional but it is really fun and I had a good laugh. The inclusion of Futurama soundbytes adds to the humour. The final two tracks are by Aggitated and Atyss, brilliantly remixed by Noiseanomalie. This fun album should be in your collection if you like your tunes full on and fast. Recommended. Reviewed by sevenR



<Progressive Trance> Midimal is Christian Merkis from Switzerland and this is his second superb album. The opening track contains a slow introduction of mainly vox that presents the importance of this piece of work to the listener. A number of these progressive tunes lean heavily in the full-on direction yet with a lighter feel. How The Mind Works has an interesting and intricate musical structure and perhaps reveals how unfathomable our minds and emotions function. My favourite track is From Zero to Hero as it brings back a more sombre sound with lighter tones intermittently dispersed as it builds to a wonderfully warm tune. A beautiful piece of plain piano music splits the album, maybe for some respite. The phenomenal Midimal remix of Sweet September by Vibrasphere

is light and made for the dance floor. The album is closed off with a dreamy tune that has that film final credit soundtrack feel. The Pursuit of Happiness is an essential part of any progressive psytrance collection, meticulously crafted and enjoyable throughout. Recommended. Reviewed by SevenR

14. VA - BE SPUN


<Psytrance> Compiled by Californian DJ and Spun resident, Brian Sentient, Be Spun kicks off with the absolutely stonking track, The Serum by Antidote and GMS. The Logica remix of Bend the Future by Sonic Species is serious (fun) business with really cool stop/starts. This compilation contains quite a few of my favourite full on artists and Chromatone being one of the best put me in a mood for a serious midday stomp session with Space Star Ordering. Freewheeler by Tristan can be set on repeat and I can guarantee that you will not leave the dance floor. I really enjoyed the chunky sound of The Great Outdoors by Earthling and Mad Maxx. SA’s own Broken Toy supplies a full on, fun bouncy track called Hollow Anne which is one of the craziest tunes on the album followed by fellow countryman Headroom and his phat track, Headbanger Boogie which is certainly destined for classic status. Tarsonis is a solid track with good build-ups by Poli and Brian Sentient. With a combination of Astrix and GMS I expected the final track to be very cheesy but Stay Classy is anything but. An album filled with bright sunshine! Recommended. Reviewed by SevenR - EXPLORATION OF INFINITY 15. NERSO TESSERACTSTUDIO <Progressive Trance> The man behind the project Nerso is Dragan Matic from Serbia. He is well known for previous collaborations, especially with Flegma and has also worked with several artists to include E-Clip, Sideform, Iva and Middle Mode to present this, his debut album called Exploration of Infinity. There’s certainly no clowning around here as this progressive bomb takes you on a journey to the more serious side of progressive trance. This is deep stuff but without the music ever getting too dark. The nine tracks will send you audio surfing on the full power rolling bass waves and breaking into tubes of sonic delight. Creating emotion with tactful sound placing, his tech influenced signature surfaces through with each composition to present a solid collection of tunes. Exploration of Infinity is masterfully produced with particular attention paid to the detail of each sonically manipulated sound. This much anticipated disc should meet all expectations and is guaranteed to fulfil your desire for quality progressive trance music. Reviewed by Jos

46 | BPM



Deadbeat FM – Under Control – Minimal Techno The Deadbeat FM team of Deliriant (Shane Renew) & Johnny Rook (Piers) have slow cooked up this tasty, very danceable minimal tech house EP. The two tracks, Under Control and Hungry Horse, whilst both techy, have trance undertones. Picked by SevenR Static Flow – Subconscious Safari - Psytrance Capetonian Bret Kirsten (aka Static Flow) releases his debut EP with two thumping tracks that flow between progressive and fullon. The sounds are crunchy and the basslines bouncy. Picked by SevenR Allaby – Reform EP - Psytrance Allaby has re-released a few of his great classics again. The masterful Glade leads the way and is followed by the brilliant Spiritually Corrected. Picked by SevenR Ace Ventura & Captain Hook – The Jolly Roger EP – Progressive Trance After some blistering recent remixes from Captain Hook on the Jolly Roger he teams up with Ace Ventura to deliver a slab of massive prog including remixes from Nok and Rocky plus a more upbeat full-on version by Zen Mechanics. Picked by Dave Mac Nick Grater & Andre Frauenstein – Decode REMIX – Techno Teknotribe head honcho, Nick and madcap producer Andre get worked over by Emoutikon and Dave The Drummer to produce two very different takes on Decode. Emoutikon steps up with a funky piece of progressive techno whilst Dave the Drummer kicks it hard with some oldskool Techno. Picked by Dave Mac Emoutikon – Scorched Earth – Psychedelic Techno Don’t know exactly how to classify this but Cape Town based Emoutikon is onto something here with a heady mix of techno and trippy psy sounds that simply works. This 2 track EP presents two different vibes but with a definite signature to his sound. Good Stuff. Picked by Dave Mac Jem Stone – Perpetual Lotion – Electro Swing If you had to see the album cover you’d realise that this release is high on the fun factor. Mind you with a title such as Perpetual Motion you should get an idea. Charleston swing is no longer a new thing but nonetheless producers of Jem Stone’s calibre know how to keep it fresh with 3 swingers without a straight 4/4 beat in sight. Picked by Dave Mac Harmageddon - Green Velvet (Pleasurekraft Remix) - Tech House Change has been a constant theme throughout the successful career of Green Velvet, but as he has crossed genres, explored themes from the comedic to the serious and changed monikers, the common thread running through the music he has made for nearly two decades is its roots in and dedication to the Chicago House sound. Listen up as you will be hearing more Green Velvet on tech/jacking dance floors around SA! Picked by Beatarmy Act Like You - Nero (Dubstep) Not much needs to be said, it’s Nero the man who keeps staying on the Dubstep top 10 of Beatport! Great old school riff in the middle of the track. Picked by Beatarmy Raise Your Weapon - Deadmau5 (Stimming Remix) - Deep House At first I could not believe it when I heard it in a small club in the Vaal, but there it was blaring out the speaker at me... A Deadmau5 track with Stimming sounds in it. WOW! Picked by Beatarmy

DOWNLOAD SITES: / / / / / /

Forever Wolfgang Gartner Ft Will I Am - Electro House We’re hearing more and more of it! ELECTRO house, on the radio, mates cars... All the Artists are now teaming up with house music producers; this track is one of the better commercial electro ''hits'' out there now. Picked by Beatarmy Woz Not Woz - Eric Prydz - Funky House Many times we forget about the old winners in the record bag, so I decided to take you back to December of 2004 when Funky house was booming. Gooooood times, but know that the only constant is change so keep updating that DJ case but never forget the winners because they can save you. Picked by Beatarmy Afrikan Roots ft Luciano – Bayete - Afro House Afrikan Roots consisting of Pretoria based artists/producers in South Africa, this time they bring you their massive latest release Bayete that we have never anticipated. Strong Roots is created to introduce Pretoria’s finest and upcoming hit-makers, have a taste of African tribal music at its best. Picked by Mr Funk Daddy – Dream Big EP - Afro Deep Mr. Funk Daddy with his latest release brings forth a monster EP yet again called Dream Big EP, which features the man himself on vocals. This is an Afro Deep tune that will definitely blow dance floors worldwide, a must have indeed as Itay’ma Le Funk Multimedia brings forth the goods. Picked by Nicco Imani – Counterpoint & Fugue - Afro Deep Counterpoint And Fugue is another sensational EP which has proved the evolution that house music is taking at the moment, produced by Nicco Imani featuring Momo, Dave Forest, Nompulelo, Outofeden and Thandeka on different sets of vocals and tunes to make up this six track package that will send shivers down your spine. Picked by Bucie – Princess Of House Part One – Afro Deep Following the success of Superman and Turn Me On, in collaboration with Black Coffee and Your Kiss with Demor, Ralf Gum and DJ Christos, BUCIE brings forth a 100% full length House album entitled Princess Of House. This is the first part taken from the album and features two stunning tracks Get Over It and Not Fade. Picked by Mr O ft Shiebe – Way Of Life – Afro Deep One of Pretoria South Africa's finest DJs and producer, Mr. O continues his musical journey and brings us this soulful and deep package titled Way Of Life which features eight remixes of the original which was released in 2009. Picked by Deeper Thoughts – Buja - Afro Deep Spiced Music release Buja is another stunning package produced by Deeper Thoughts, vocals written by DJ Subs and Glen the Guitarist. The package also includes great remix by DJ Spice T, Tebza M'remb'l and Deeperholic. All tracks mastered by Themba "DJ Spice T" Skosana except track four, Artwork by Themba "DJ Spice T" Skosana. Picked by DJ Tempo – House Warming EP – Afro Deep Shockwave Entertainment presents DJ Tempo straight out of Alexandra Johannesburg South Africa with some super deep tribal tunes on this release House Warming EP. Picked by

48 | BPM

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INTERVIEW: Indidginus (Sofa Surfer) Serving Up Steaming Didgeridoo Rhythms Michael Martin also known as ‘Indidginus’ has been behind electronic music production since 1996 bringing us World-Fusion Electronica and Dance as well as twists of Dub and Dancehall. That and his didgeridoo skills have made his style hit out of many other Dubstep producers. The results are undeniably superb, drawing influences from everything from and between the likes of ‘Kool and the Gang’ to ‘Burial’. Read More @

LIFESTYLE: Aurgus Dubstep Straddling Clubland Like A Behemoth I’m sad that Dubstep seems to have exited the underground scene as hastily as it arrived. It must have been 2009, I was a liberal-minded, drug-taking student who had recently stumbled upon an alternative to the mainstream: a place called ‘The Tunnels’ (Grahamstown) where there were no holds barred. It was situated on a farm just outside of town and the partying took place in a disused kiln. Read More @

INTERVIEW: DJ Snakehips (Felix Laband) There is certainly some kind of justice in the fact that Felix Laband (aka DJ Snakehips) has returned into the music scene again. If there’s an artist that reflects the dynamic eclecticism or an approach to music that doesn’t firmly hold to a single idea or set of assumptions, but instead draws upon multiple theories, styles, or ideas to gain complementary insights - it is surely Felix Laband. Read More @

52 | BPM

DJ CHART MISSRED (Lavish Productions /JHB / Deep Tech - Deep House - Chicago House) 1. Love For Me - Cause & Affect • 2. Filtered Truth - Sebastian Cariaga • 3. Why Can't We Natural Rhythm • 4. The Break - Fergus • 5. Be Free (OG Mix) - Stateside Unknowns • 6. Guessing Games - YSE feat. Frank H. Carter III (Giom Remix) • 7. Clothes Off - Andy Clockwork • 8. Not Alone - Inland Knights • 9. Clap Your Hands (Kruse & Nuernberg) - Karol XVII & MB Valence • 10. Hookin It Up - Andrew Macari

DJ MARK (Afrogalactic / CPT / Psytrance) 1. Loud - You Are Everything ( Sonic Species Remix) (Unreleased) • 2. Burn In Noise, Brainiac - The Healer (Grasshopper Recs) • 3. Freakulizer - Uncut (Solar Tech Recs) • 4. Waio, Freakulizer - Bass Speaking (Solar Tech Recs) • 5. Ital - Seeding (Solar Tech Recs) • 6. DSP, Lamat - Kar Tell Me About It (Recrystallize Recs) • 7. Waio - Symbolika (Solar Tech Recs) • 8. Brainiac - Adeeyo (Vagalume Recs) • 9. Materia - Mindfold (24/7 Recs) • 10. Intelligence, Materia - Analog Destruction (Catalyst Recs)

JAMES COPELAND (James Copeland Music / Tech-house / Electro-swing / Balkan) 1. James Copeland - St Louis Blues • 2. Lissat and Voltaxx - Ohanoa • 3. Green velvet - Turn it up (James Copeland Remix) • 4. Pleasurekraft - Carny (Heartik rmx) • 5. Jay lumen and Popof - Coming to pumping • 6. Elay Lazutkin - 1 guy • 7. James Copeland The Peddlar / Tetris • 8. Goldfish - Humbug (James Copeland RMX) • 9. Marc de Vole Groovepuste • 10. Heartik - Wax Works

CHRISS DEVYNAL (EarOnDaGround Music/DeVynal / Pretoria West / Afro-Beats/Tribal/Electro/Deep) 1. Chriss DeVynal – True African Warriors (Celebration Mix) • 2. Camino De Sol – Antenna • 3. Mark Romboy & Stephen Boddzin – Io • 4. Abicah Soul (African Beat) • 5. BlackWhole – 1000 Seconds (King Roc Vocal Remix) • 6. Frank Roger – If I (Shade of soul) • 7. Blaze – When I Fall In Love • 8. Tortured Soul – Might Do Something Wrong • 9. Kaybee (El Musica) • 10. Liquideep – Love Your Life

DJ ANDY DANIELS (Hed Kandi / Triple Dee - Manchester / UK – (Disco / Tech / Tribal / Big Room) 1. Joey Negro & Gramophonedzie ft Shea Soul No Sugar (Z Records) • 2. Muzzaik & Zaida Work It - David Penn Mix (Lip Recordings) • 3. Spit & Cozi - Better Without You - Triple Dee Remix (Hed Kandi) • 4. Tom Novy ft Michael Marshal – Your Body – Neils Van Gogh & Daniel Strauss Mix (Kosmo Records) • 5. Roy Davis JR & J Noise ft Kaye Fox – Enjoy The Ride – James Talk & Ridney Remix (Defected) • 6. Chocolate Puma ft Colonel Red – For Your Love 2011 – Stefano Noferini Remix (Defected) • 7. Felix Leiter ft Marcella Woods – Sky High – Vocal Mix (Hed Kandi) • 8. Ericke Morillo & Eddie Thoneick ft Shawnee Taylor – Stronger (3 Beat) • 9. Martin Solveig – Rocking Music – Sonny Wharton 2011 Remix (CDR) • 10. Olav Basoski – New Day (Defected) DAIMON (DTF) (Mutha Fm / Cape Town / Progressive Therapy) 1. X-press 2 feat. Rob Harvey - Kill 100 (Carl Craig remix) (Global Underground) • 2. Daft Punk - Derezzed Tron Legacy special edition • 3. Nitzer Ebb - Control I'm Here (Dubfire's jamrock remix) (Global Underground) • 4. Alter Breed - Back in Black (ft. U-Prag Drummers edit) (Tribal Vision) • 5. Hot Chip - Ready for the Floor (Soulwax Remix) • 6. Underworld - Mo Move (A Hundred Days off) (V2) • 7. Gui Boratto - Take my Breath Away (Kompakt) • 8. Oliver Huntemann - Rikard (Paul Ritch remix) (Ideal Audio) • 9. Riktam & Bansi - Constructor (Plastik Park) • 10. Salmonella Dub - Wytaliba (Dreadzone Remix) (EMI) DJ WONDER (Usual Suspects Crew / CPT / Deep House) 1. Imaani - Found My Light (Layabouts Remix) (Reel People) • 2. Rocco &C Robert Walker - I Love The Night (Fooliage Rec) • 3. C 9ine Chasing (Atjazz) • 4. Black Coffee Ft Tumelo Somandla (Soulistic) • 5. Mr Cee Ft Mind Games - Pain (Rocco Remix) (Famous Soulful) • 6. Low Deep T - Now That I Found You (Cut And Play) • 7. Mdcl & Ovasoul - Feels Like Home (Layabout Retro Dub Mix) (Reel People) • 8. Black Motion & DJ QT - Set Me Free (Black Label) • 9. DJ Micks Ft Roben Latimore - First To Say Goodbye (Charles Webster Mix) (Sunset House) • 10. Tomson Feat Paul Rondolph - Joy Vibration (Deepermotions) BEYOND VISION (Beyond Vision / KZN / Uplifting Progressive Trance) 1. Beyond Vision - Watching The World Go By • 2. Bt Feat Jes - The Light In Things (Tydi Remix) • 3. D.N.S Project Feat Madeline Zero Another Day • 4. Beyond Vision And Tiff Lacey - I'll Meet You There • 5. Armin Van Buuren Feat Carrie Skipper - I Dont Know You • 6. Beyond Vision And Cre8 - The Morning Light • 7. Simmons And Blanc - State Of Emergency (Store N Forward Remix) • 8. Max Graham Feat Neev Kennedy - So Caught Up • 9. Beyond Vision And Wade M - Espirit De Corp • 10. Craving - Inflection

52 | BPM


Every Wed | Dubstep Night | CPT @ Zanzi-Bar | Carnival Court-255 Long Street, Cape Town | Dj's: Soundproof and Bakaman | 22h00 | Free |

Sat 16 Jul | Hed Kandi presents Cape Town Residency | CPT @ The Fez Club | Dj's & Live: Andy Daniels (HED KANDI UK), Roger Goode (SA) & Chris Jack (SA) | Door: R80 / VIP: R120 | (021) 419 7000 or

Every Wed | Dj Jangos | CPT @ Polana | Kalk Bay Harbour, Kalk Bay | Dj: Dj Jangos | 21h00 | Free Entrance | 021 788 4133, or

Wed 20 Jul | Pascal and Pearce at Trinity | CPT @ Trinity Cape Town |Dj’s: Pascal and Pearce; B-Type; Riot Squad; Dean FUEL | 22h00|

Every Wed | See you next Wed | CPT @ The Assembly | Live: Stone-Age Citizens & special guest | Cheap drinks, good music, low door prices. Each week a different varsity or college gets in free| 20h00 | Ladies-R10 & Guys-R20 |

Fri 22 Jul | Discotheque: Bteam, ILLtastic, Dank & more! | CPT @ The Assembly | Dj's: Bteam, ILLtastic, Dank, Audiophile 021, George Daniel, Spekta, Dj low | 21h00 | Ladies free b4 22h00, R30 b4 21h45 & R50 there after |

Every Thurs | Danamite's Dancehall Thurdaze | CPT @ Zanzi-Bar |Dj's: Soundproof and Bakaman | 22h00 | Free Entrance |

Fri 22 Jul | Tommy Gun at Trinity | CPT Dj’s: & Live: Tommy Gun; Toby 2 Shoes; James Copeland & EluEboka | 22h00 |

Every Thurs | Dub-Lab | DBN @ Czar | Dj's: Veranda Panda & Nightvision | 22h00 | Free Entrance | or

Sat 23 Jul | DJ Fresh | JHB @ The Bank | 9A Parklands, Keyes Avenue, Rosebank | Dj's: DJ Fresh | Time & TBA |

Every Thurs | It came from the jungle | CPT @ Fiction DJ Bar and Lounge |Live: Dj Niskerone, Anti-Alias, Hyphen, Quake, Danja & SFR are just a few of the dj’s on rotation | 021 424 5709, or

Sat 23 Jul | Hed Kandi presents Cape Town Residency | CPT @ The Fez Club | Dj's & Live: Sam Cannon | Door: R80 / VIP: R120 | (021) 419 7000 or

Every Thurs| Student Nights @ Barcode | JHB @ Barcode | Dj's & Live: Dino Bravo, Royal K, Shawny B, Lyle Masters and more! | 20h00 | R50-Ladies, R70-Gents & R100-VIP | Every Thurs | Thundering Thurs | JHB @ Barcode | Dj's : DJ Dino Bravo, Shawny B & Small Paul|Drinks specials & Prize giveaways |074 339 9812, Every Thurs | The Best of Ekapa | CPT @ The Purple Turtle | Dj's: Resident DJ realROZANNO and DJ marioROACH setting the tone each night! | Give-a-ways! CD's, DVD's and T-shirts on Sale! | 21h00 | Free | 021 424 0811, Every first Fri of every month | Garden Boys | CPT Hosted by: Haezer and Marcus Wormstorm | @ Fiction DJ Bar and Lounge | Live: Garden Boys | Every Fri | Famous Fris | DBN @ Czar | Dj's: Ronald Rolly, Bones, Reggie Mac, Paris Hilton Aka Wok And Roll | Open Vodka bar 9-10pm, Gogo Dancers & Prizes for best dressed | 21h00 | or Every last Fri of every month | Killer Robot | CPT Hosted by: Ivan and Bruno Morphet | @ Fiction DJ Bar and Lounge | Killer Robot | 21h00 | R40 | Every Sat | Hed Kandi @ The Fez | CPT @ The Fez Club | Weekly international DJs and the exclusive Hed Kandi weekly radio broadcast!| 22h30 | Every Sat | Skyy Sat | DBN @ Skyybar | Dj's: Shane D & The Mixman | 21h00 | R60pp or R100 per couple | 031 313 7424, or Every Sat | Strictly House | CPT @ Blake's Bar |Dj's: Craig de Souza, Shannon, Tony Finger, Darren Rose and Coco Loco | 20h00 | 021 422 4747, Every Sun | For Real Suns @ Vacca Matta | JHB @ Vacca Matta-Montecasino | Dj's & Live: Sebastian (Taboo), Kevin (Digital Chocolate), Voodoo, Warras (YFM), Twins on Decks and many more | 15h00 | Ladies Free All Day & Night | Every Sun | Rock The House Suns | DBN @ Cafe Vacca Matta - Suncoast | After the acoustic sessions our resident Sun House Session DJ's will keep you entertained | 12h00 | Free entrance before 18h00 | Wed 6 Jul | Niskerone at Trinity | CPT | Hosted by: Trinity Cape Town and HYPE Media | @ Trinity Cape Town | Dj’s: & Live:Niskerone; Mix N Blend; Tommy Gun; SFR Drum and Bass Event | 22h00 | TBC | | (0)21 418 0624, Thurs 7 Jul | Classics Party | CPT @ Mercury Live Lounge | Dj's: Azul & Falko | 21h00 | (021) 465 2106 or Fri 8 Jul | Discotheque: Double-Adapter, Sedge Warbler & more! | CPT @ The Assembly |Dj's: Double-Adapter, Sedge Warbler (live), Audiophile 021, George Daniel, Contraband VJs | Two Dancefloors, Visuals and Light show | 21h00 | Ladies free before 22h00, R30 before 21h45 & R50 there after | Sat 9 Jul | Hed Kandi presents Cape Town Residency | CPT @ The Fez Club | Dj's & Live: Andy Warburton (HED KANDI UK), Rob Taylor (SA) & Ricky H (SA) | Door:R80 / VIP: R120 | (021) 419 7000 or

Sat 23 Jul | Ryan Dent at Trinity | CPT @ Trinity Cape Town |Dj’s: & Live:Ryan Dent; Dean FUEL; Chris Jack |Live Visuals by Mr Sweet |22h00| Wed 27 Jul | Labyrinth | CPT @ Trinity Cape Town |Dj’s: &Live: Regan (Nano); Broken Toy; Dean FUEL; Stereotype | Live Visuals by Contraband| Fri 29 Jul | Discotheque: Dont Party TV Launch | CPT @ The Assembly |Dj's: Haezer, P.H.fat (live), Niskerone, Liver, Kennedy, Bruce Willis | Two Dancefloors, Visuals show |21h00 |Ladies free b4 22h00, R30 b4 21h45 & R50 after| Fri 29 Jul | Gaydar Party | CPT @ Trinity Cape Town | Dj’s: Dino Moran; Craig; Jet; Neil Tall | Live Visuals by Mr Sweet | 22h00 | TBC | Sat 30 July | Funkadelic | JHB @ FTV Silverstar Casino | Dj's: Sean E, Ugo, DJ Spin, iKandi, Proper Ganda & Devesh Naidoo |Free b4 20h00 , R50 | Sat 30 Jul | Hed Kandi presents Cape Town Residency | CPT @ The Fez Club | Dj's Andy Norman | Door: R80 / VIP: R120 | (021) 419 7000 or Sat 30 Jul | Jack Parow at Trinity | CPT @ Trinity Funktion Room |Dj’s: Jack Parow supported by Dean FUEL and Mix'N Blend | Jack Parow | Doors open 10:00pm | TBC | (0)21 418 0624, Thurs 4 Aug | Classics Party | CPT @ Mercury Live Lounge | Dj's: Azul & Falko | 21h00 | (021) 465 2106 or Fri 5-7 Aug | Oppikoppi 17 "Unknown Brother" Music Festival | JHB @ Oppikoppi Farm | Die Antwoord, LARK (electro set), Jax Panik, TUMI (Tumi & the Volume), Sibot, Sisco vs. Jullian Gomes, Niskerone, Kid Fonque, AudioPhile 021, Double Adapter, Leighton Moody, Monique Pascall, Deep Sixty, O'ltak, Sound Sensible | Stalls | R450R600 | or Sat 6 Aug | Bilal (USA) - Live In South Africa | CPT @ The Assembly | Live: Bilal & more t.b.a. | 20h00 | t.b.a | Sat 6 Aug | DJ Fresh | JHB @ Cafe Vacca Matta - Monte Casino | Dj's: DJ Fresh | Time & TBA | (011) 511 0511, or Sat 6 Aug | Homegrown Drum & Bass | CPT @ Mercury Live Lounge | 43 De Villiers Street, Cape Town | 21h00 | R40 | (021) 465 2106 or Sat 6 Aug | Teknotribe 8th BDay Bash | JHB Dj’s: Orca, Nick Grater, Emoutikon, Deadbeat Fm, Switchcashe, Dre’ama, Digital Dream, Sabotage, Emma | 2 floors, Massive sound, Killer visuals and Chill lounge | 09h00 | R100 | Sat 13 Aug | RubADub | CPT @ Mercury Live Lounge | 21h00 | (021) 465 2106 or Fri 19 Aug | DJ Fresh | DBN @ Rocca Bar | Dj's: DJ Fresh | Sat 27 Aug | Funkadelic | JHB @ FTV Silverstar Casino | Dj's: Sean E, Ugo, DJ Spin, iKandi, Proper Ganda and Devesh Naidoo | McNabs, Audi, Energy, CD giveaways! Plus two R500 Tattoo Crew Voucher giveaways! | Free Entry between 20h00 and 21h00 there after R50 |

Sat 9 Jul | RubADub | CPT @ Mercury Live Lounge | 21h00 | ( Wed 13 Jul | Labyrinth | CPT @ Trinity Cape Town | Dj’s: & Live: Lox; Dean FUEL; Connecto; Dave Mac | Live Visuals by Contraband | 22h00 | (0)21 418 0624, Thurs 14 July | Vacca Matta student night | JHB @ Cafe Vacca Matta - Monte Casino Dj's: DJ Fresh | Time & TBA | Fri 15 Jul | Nick Matthews at Trinity | CPT @ Trinity Cape Town | Dj’s: & Live: Nick Matthews; Ricky H; Daine More Live visuals by Tara | 22h00 | Sat 16 Jul | Discotheque: Richard the Third, Killer Robot & more! | CPT @ The Assembly | Dj's: Richard the Third, Killer Robot, Battle Beyond the Stars, Lapse, Contraband VJs | Two Dancefloors, Visuals and Light show | 21h00 | Ladies free before 22h00, R30 before 21h45 & R50 there after | Sat 16 Jul | HaraelSalkow at Trinity | CPT @ Trinity Cape Town | 15 Bennett Street, Green Point, Cape Town | Dj’s: & Live: HaraelSalkow; Dean FUEL; Dave Impact | Live Visuals by Tara | 22h00 | TBC | (0)21 418 0624,

China White: 1st floor, Omni Park building, 102 Edward street, Tygervalley (above Nandos), | From 21h00 till 04h00 | Entrance Fee: R30 Fri 1 Jul | Fletcher (African Dope) Keaton (Grime House) Pziezzo Electric (Devastation) Sat 2 Jul | Peter A (Keep It Real), Dino Moran (China White) Rob Taylor (Fez) Thurs 7 Jul | Dave Mac (BPM), Lox (Vortex) and Connecto (Spin Twist) Fri 8 Jul | Niskerone Mix & Blend (African Dope) Keaton (Grime House) Sat 9 Jul | Richard Marshal (Noise Floor), Digital Divas (Electronic Erotica) & Daniel Sun Thurs 14 Jul | Connecto (Spin Twist) Talisman (Hitek Hippies) Lox (Vortex) Fri 15 Jul | Keaton SFR “Trouble on Vinyl UK” / Psydstep (StroBe1 vs. Storm) Sat 16 Jul | Craig De Sousa (Heads & Tails), Rob Taylor (Fez) & Dave Lea (Bounce) Thurs 21 Jul | Dave Mac (BPM), Lox (Vortex) ,Richard the1st (Prognotik) Fri 22 Jul | Hyphen (Bush FM), Keaton (Grime House), Blotchy (Step Up & Cold Turkey) Sat 23 Jul | Chris Jack (Trinity) Pascal & Pearce, Dino Moran (China White) Thurs 28 Jul | Lox (Vortex), Connecto (Spin Twist), Dave Mac (BPM) Fri 29 Jul | Keaton (Grime house), Stone Age Citizens , Fletcher (African Dope) Sat 30 Jul | Craig De Sousa (Heads & Tails), Dino Moran (China White), Leyton Lee (Tainted Frequency) Fri 12 Aug | DJ Fresh

54 | BPM


JULY 2011 22 June - 22 July

Lois Siddhu lives in a circle of mountains in the Baviaanskloof. For professional Astrological counseling CALL 049-8391178 or Email:


By Lois Siddhu

With the Winter Solstice - 22 June - also comes the square to Uranus

ARIES | 21 Mar - 20 Apr | FIRE With the planets Uranus in Aries at present it is necessary to know yourself and your truth. A correct understanding of selfishness enables a cultivated presence of self-preservation and requires clarity of mind to act with decisiveness.

LIBRA | 23 Sept - 22 Oct | AIR You may be feeling insecure about part of your life and in your relationships and this can prod you into attempting to resolve things more quickly than is possible. Then you are prone to rushing into matters that you have not given deeper thought to.

TAURUS | 21 Apr - 20 May | EARTH To stand on your own two feet means to address procrastination and accept responsibility for your own actions. Otherwise this can be a very unproductive place to be and will create a negative chain of events.

SCORPIO | 23 Oct - 21 Nov | WATER You have a strong urge to maintain fluidity in your relationships and partnerships and if this is not allowed freedom it is doomed to failure... You need to nurture your love through being steadfast and not abandoning it to the winds of fate.

GEMINI | 21 May - 21 Jun | AIR Your awareness of the non-tangible or psychological qualities of life is encouraged and forced to develop. With the planets Uranus and Jupiter in Aries you are now inclined to need to say what you think and to express yourself. CANCER | 20 Jun | 22 Jul | WATER You also should try to look at what you are attracting in your life. If it is negative and disruptive you can avoid this by being methodical and careful in your dealings and relationships with others. LEO | 23 Jul - 22 Aug | FIRE Your actions need to be tempered and directed in a way that will not be to your detriment, which means also that you need to pay as much attention to your admirers as to your critics VIRGO | 23 Aug - 22 Sept | EARTH You are in a repetitive cycle of always helping others to achieve what you need most to do for yourself. The end result of this is feeling hard done by and your martyr attributes show up strongly in these times.


SAGITTARIUS | 22 Nov - 21 Dec | FIRE You have the logical ability to see things merely as they are, forgetting the hidden aspects, therefore you function best when you are cool and detached from the ego whose bias is towards getting what it thinks it wants. CAPRICORN | 22 Dec - 19 Jan | EARTH It is preferable to gain a widespread grasp of life through which you can establish your beliefs rather than merely skimming the surface of a subject or a culture as if life is merely a package tour. AQUARIUS | 20 Jan - 18 Feb | AIR You need to realize that your power and influence shines through you and not from you. You enjoy making things known to others but you need to realize that there is always more to know and to share. PISCES | 19 Feb - 20 Mar | WATER The inherent strength and power you have is best used to heal and transform your environment in some way, beginning with your own selfimage. Remember, what you don't know is always greater than what you do know.


Mercury retrograde brings about breakdowns in communications.

ARIES | 21 Mar - 20 Apr | FIRE If you want to be more deliberate and independent in your decision making you should not find yourself listening to the opinions of others and to jump into new things with true abandon you must not hesitate about where to jump.

LIBRA | 23 Sept - 22 Oct | AIR Deep down you are afraid of failure. You need to see what is failure in your life to understand it and where it comes from - and see where this fear of not being good enough and acceptable to others, originates from.

TAURUS | 21 Apr - 20 May | EARTH It is through your relationships that you learn the measure of your success but it is necessary to establish values so that you don't get caught up in others ideas of who or what you are.

SCORPIO | 23 Oct - 21 Nov | WATER You tend to get fixated on a particular outcome of events and failing this expectation you relegate the experience to the dustbin as 'bad' or negative. Life is an experience and through living you learn.

GEMINI | 21 May - 21 Jun | AIR You need your vision of a better life for one and all that not only will act as a focus for all your compassion, imagination and sensitivity but will also be practically attainable. This is where your skills are most appreciated

SAGITTARIUS | 22 Nov - 21 Dec | FIRE You can know things and see things that are not apparent to others and have the ability to pick up accurately on others feelings. The downside of this is that you often mistake their emotions for your own and carry the weight of this.

23 July - 22 August

CANCER | 20 Jun | 22 Jul | WATER Beauty is in the eye of the beholder and should not be misted up by some notion that has been devised by the mass media. You are capable of attracting popularity and wealth but you need to avoid being neurotic about money.

CAPRICORN | 22 Dec - 19 Jan | EARTH You have to take precaution that you do not always look after others to the extent that you are depleting your own energies and then you get angry. You need to attend to your own needs before you so generously give of yourself.

LEO | 23 Jul - 22 Aug | FIRE You need to take into account that your enthusiasm can miss the point and the things in which you invest your time, money and feelings have certain qualities, requirements and limitations that can be easily overlooked by you.

AQUARIUS | 20 Jan - 18 Feb | AIR Your quest is seeking Truth but the more you seek the more elusive it becomes until you realize that the only Truth is what is within yourself. You need to realize your own truth and how capable you are in being truthful within yourself.

VIRGO | 23 Aug - 22 Sept | EARTH The changes that will come during this time will be valuable as you grow into your greater self. Sometimes it is only in retrospect that we understand why and how certain things happen in our lives.

PISCES | 19 Feb - 20 Mar | WATER Your eye is the mirror of your universe and reflects yourself back to you. Expansion comes through the seeking of truth - truth is like love and you have to find your own interpretation of these issues.


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