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Saturday 16th June

Sunday 17th June

Monday 18th June

Sable Bar 6.30 – 7.30pm Opening Drinks The corks are popping and the canapés are being served. We would like to invite you to join us at the 88th ABA Conference and Trade Exhibition Opening Drinks.

8.00 – 9.00am Learning to Ride the Waves: New Booksellers Breakfast

8.00 – 9.00am Stella Breakfast

8.30 – 10.00am Registration, morning tea and Trade Exhibition preview 10.00 – 10.15am CEO’s announcements and President’s welcome 10.15 – 11.10am Making Waves: Keynote Address 11.10 – 11.20am Official Opening 11.20am – 12.15pm Don’t Get Wiped Out: Learn to love the numbers 12.15 – 1.45pm Lunch and Trade Exhibition 1.45 – 2.15pm The Indigenous Literacy Foundation – 2012 Update 2.15 – 3.15pm Not Drowning, Waving: Overcoming staffing challenges and adapting to change 3.15 – 3.45pm Afternoon Tea and Trade Exhibition 3.45 – 4.00pm TitlePage update

9.00 – 9.45am The New Wave: Where it might carry the industry Concurrent Session 9.00 – 9.45am Don’t Get Caught in the Undertow: Protecting you and your staff under the Modern Award Concurrent Session 9.45 – 10.30am The Ripple Effect: How to include local media in your marketing Concurrent Session 9.45 – 10.30am Beach Party: Driving customers into our shops with author and author-free events Concurrent Session 10.30 – 11.00am Morning Tea and Trade Exhibition 11.00 – 11.45am Nippers: Getting more out of your kids section 11.45am – 12.30pm Surf Like a Pro: Improve your understanding of social media 12.30 – 1.45pm Lunch and Trade Exhibition Trade Exhibition Closes At 2.00pm

4.00 – 4.45pm ABA Member Forum: ABA Member Only Session 4.45 – 5.00pm ABA Annual General Meeting 7.00 – 10.30pm ABA Gala Dinner: Celebrating Bookselling

1.45 – 2.45pm Tsunami? The rapid rise of ebooks 2.45 – 3.30pm Changing Tides: Current trends and how to make the most of your ‘nonbook item’ stock 3.30 – 3.45pm Afternoon Tea 3.45 – 5.00pm Industry Forum 5.00 – 6.00pm Closing Drinks


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Welcome to Making Waves, the 88th ABA Conference and Trade Exhibition. In the last 12 months we have experienced a period of consolidation, change and reshaping of the bookselling industry. We have seen the birth of many new independent and franchise bookshops, including more than 50 that used to trade under the Angus & Robertson banner. Onshore e-commerce has grown exponentially. All large book retailing groups and many independents now have the capacity to sell ebooks. Against the national retail trends, many booksellers experienced significant growth in the period leading up to Christmas 2011. When we were looking for a focus for our 88th Conference and Trade Exhibition we thought about our location in Manly, an iconic beachside community in Sydney. Of course the ocean comes into play. We considered ‘Making Waves’ appropriate not only because of the location, but because of what bookshops are doing and need to continue to do: lead from the front, innovate, create and move with the times while never ignoring our core business.  Over the next two days we will continue the work of our last conference, working collaboratively, sharing ideas about best practice, and stimulating and surprising one another. We expect to learn and, in the best traditions of bookselling, to work together as responsible corporate citizens. We will discuss current trends, how we are dealing with the potential threats and how to create opportunities. From our keynote to our closing speech we will look at ways to focus on our important role within our communities. Within all these worthy aspirations we hope to enjoy ourselves with lively discussion, good food and wine, and a celebration of our industry.

Joel Becker Jon Page ABA CEO ABA President

Sunday 17th June

8.00 – 9.00am Gilberts Room Novotel Sydney, Manly Pacific Learning to Ride the Waves: New Booksellers Breakfast Host: Jon Page Speaker: Chris Raine, Sales and Marketing Director, Hachette This event is for booksellers who have been in the business for four years or fewer and for firsttime conference attendees. The inaugural New Booksellers Breakfast is a vibrant, informative way to kick off your time at the conference and will include a Q+A with up-and-coming author Hannah Richell (Hachette).

8.30 – 10.00am Foyer, Clarendon and Norfolk Rooms Registration, morning tea and Trade Exhibition preview This year there’s a good reason to get to the conference early with our registration desk open from 8.30am. You have the opportunity to browse through the Trade Exhibition from 9am, enjoy morning tea and catch up with other delegates before you get a prime position at the first session of the day. The ABA would like to thank Australia Post for its generous support of the Trade Exhibition. Make sure you visit the Australia Post stand to learn more about how to make the most of your ABA member benefits.

10.00 – 10.15am Cutler and Barton Rooms CEO’s announcements and President’s welcome Joel Becker: CEO, Australian Booksellers Association Jon Page: President, Australian Booksellers Association and General Manager, Pages & Pages Booksellers

10.15 – 11.10am Cutler and Barton Rooms Making Waves: Keynote Address Chair: Jon Page Presentation by: Jamie Byng, Publisher, Canongate Books In our 88th year we reflect on change, acknowledge advancements in technology and, most importantly, encourage action. ‘Making Waves’ is all about refusing to sit idly when we can see a global shift in the way consumers interact with their suppliers both online and in-store. Our keynote speaker Jamie Byng is the Publisher and Managing Director of one of the UK’s most innovative independent publishers, Canongate. Jamie is also the founder of World Book Night and will be discussing how the book community, publishers and booksellers alike can work together to respond to changing market conditions, as well as how Australian booksellers, publishers and authors might work together to roll out World Book Night in Australia in 2013. The ABA would like to thank our conference sponsor HarperCollins for its generous support of this year’s event.

11.10 – 11.20am Cutler and Barton Rooms Official Opening The Hon. Brendan O’Connor MP: Minister for Small Business ‘Making Waves’, the ABA’s 88th Conference and Trade Exhibition, is officially launched by The Hon. Brendan O’Connor MP (Minister for Housing, Minister for Homelessness and Minister for Small Business, Australian Government).

11.20am – 12.15pm Cutler and Barton Rooms Don’t Get Wiped Out: Learn to love the numbers Chair: Jon Page Over the last few years the tumultuous global economy has forced us all to be extra mindful of how every one of our hard-earned dollars is being spent. The advent of ebooks is changing the way consumers conceive the value of a book and with global companies selling books online and shipping to consumers at less than a retailer’s purchase price, it’s easy for us to forget why we pay what we do for the stock in our stores. In an open discussion about book pricing in Australia, Jon Page (General Manager, Pages & Pages Booksellers), Shaun Symonds (General Manager, Nielsen BookScan), Julie Pinkham (Managing Director, Hardie Grant), Kathleen Farrar (Managing Director, Bloomsbury Publishing Australia) and Mark Rubbo (Managing Director, Readings Melbourne) will look at what goes into the price of a book and the factors that influence the retail price.

12.15 – 1.45pm Foyer, Clarendon and Norfolk Rooms Lunch and Trade Exhibition With food being served in and around the Trade Exhibition, the first of our two working lunches is set to be an industry networking highlight of the conference. The ABA would like to thank Hardie Grant Books for its generous support of this lunch break. Make sure you visit the Hardie Grant Books stand at the Trade Exhibition.

ABA Conference Program

1.45 – 2.15pm Cutler and Barton Rooms The Indigenous Literacy Foundation 2012 Update Chair: Karen Williams Juliet Rogers is the current chair of the Indigenous Literacy Foundation and is passionate about the importance of literacy and the Foundation’s work to make a difference to the lives of Indigenous children in the remote parts of Australia through access to literacy books and resources. Juliet will deliver an update on the work of the Indigenous Literacy Foundation, how it is changing lives and what we can do to assist in 2012 and beyond.

3.15 – 3.45pm Foyer, Clarendon and Norfolk Rooms Afternoon Tea and Trade Exhibition The ABA would like to thank John Wiley & Sons for its generous support of this Afternoon Tea break. Make sure you visit the John Wiley & Sons stand at the Trade Exhibition.


4.45 – 5.00pm Cutler and Barton Rooms ABA Annual General Meeting Chairs: Jon Page and Joel Becker Find out the state of the ABA as the Annual Report is released and elections are held for Committee of Management Office Bearers and Members.

3.45 – 4.00pm Cutler and Barton Rooms TitlePage update Speaker: Gary Pengelly The rebranded ‘TitlePage’ will be presented, along with a review of service and subscription options. This update will address progress around TitlePage Basic and extending the depth of bibliographic metadata, along with currency of availability. Additional features of TitlePage+ – including ordering functionality to cater for ‘Consumer Direct Fulfilment’ and an integrated ebook component – will be demonstrated.

2.15 – 3.15pm Cutler and Barton Rooms Not Drowning, Waving: Overcoming staffing challenges and adapting to change Chair: Duncan Johnston Presentation by: Graham Winter, Client Solutions Leader, Think One Team International Using research and examples from his soon-tobe-released title First Be Nimble (John Wiley & Sons), Graham Winter will address some of the most common staffing issues that businesses, retailers and organisations face on a daily basis. Even though the issues sound familiar, often the implementation of solutions can be a challenge. Through this presentation and Q+A session Graham will introduce his practised solutions on adapting to change. The ABA would like to thank John Wiley & Sons for their generous support of this session.

4.00 – 4.45pm Cutler and Barton Rooms ABA Member Forum: ABA Member Only Session Jon Page: President, Australian Booksellers Association (ABA) and General Manager, Pages & Pages Booksellers Joel Becker: CEO, ABA Fiona Stager: Immediate Past President, ABA and Co-owner, Avid Reader Bookshop and Café Duncan Johnston: First Vice President, ABA and Chairman, Collins Booksellers Patricia Genat: Second Vice President, ABA and Managing Director, ALS Library Services Peter Strong: Committee Member, ABA and Owner, Smiths Alternative Bookshop Tim White: Committee Member, ABA and Proprietor, Books for Cooks Jane Caton: Committee Member, ABA and CEO, The Co-Op Bookshop. Have your say on the issues that the industry is facing. Open to ABA members only, this session will include updates from Book Industry Strategy Group representatives. ABA CEO Joel Becker will moderate the session, and questions and comments can be addressed to the ABA Committee of Management.

7.00 – 10.30pm International College of Management, Sydney ABA Gala Dinner: Celebrating Bookselling MC: Magda Szubanski The ABA in partnership with Murdoch Books presents the annual Celebrating Bookselling gala dinner at the International College of Management, Manly. Our MC will be the delightful Magda Szubanski (HarperCollins) and guests will feast from a personally designed dinner menu by Nino Zoccali (Murdoch Books). There will be an author presentation by Ramona Koval (Text Publishing) and entertainment by ARIA awardwinning artist Josh Pyke, who will also share his experiences as an ambassador for the Indigenous Literacy Foundation. The evening will include the Bookseller Awards presentation and is set to be the highlight of our 88th year. The night will include announcements of: · ABA Random House 2012 Young Bookseller of the Year · ABA Text Publishing 2012 Bookseller of the Year · Nielsen BookData 2012 Booksellers Choice Award ·  Inaugural ABA Elizabeth Riley 2012 Fellowship for a Children’s Bookseller.

Monday 18th June

Please note some sessions run concurrently

8.00 – 9.00am Gilberts Room Novotel Sydney, Manly Pacific Stella Breakfast Chair: Fiona Stager The Stella Prize will be an annual literary prize for Australian women’s writing. The ABA, in partnership with Allen & Unwin and Melbourne University Publishing, is raising money and awareness to see this prestigious prize realised in 2013. The Stella Breakfast will pay tribute to some of Australia’s most treasured Australian female authors, and speakers Michelle de Kretser (Allen & Unwin), Ailsa Piper (MUP), Kirsten Tranter (HarperCollins and Stella Committee) and Christine Gordon (Readings and Stella Committee) will discuss the key issues facing female authors in Australia. Show your support by joining us at this vibrant event and start your second day at the conference in great company.

9.00 – 9.45am Barton Room Don’t Get Caught in the Undertow: Protecting you and your staff under the Modern Award Peter Ryan in conversation with Duncan Johnston Industrial Relations advocate Peter Ryan (Peter G Ryan & Associates) in conversation with ABA Vice President Duncan Johnston (Collins Booksellers) about understanding the complexities of the Modern Award and how to protect your employees and your business in employment issues, including employment conditions, hiring and firing.

9.00 – 9.45am Cutler Room The New Wave: Where it might carry the industry The book industry is undergoing massive change. Joel Naoum (Momentum Books), Emmett Stinson (University of Melbourne/ SPUNC), Louise Fay (Dymocks Adelaide) and Leesa Lambert (Little Bookroom) represent a new generation of bookselling and publishing in Australia. Christian McQueen is part of a group of young artistic enthusiasts who – counter-intuitive to all advances in technology and digital formats – have chosen to develop and release a printed magazine, January Biannual. Each panellist has been invited to share their future hopes and predictions for bookselling or publishing in Australia followed by what is sure to be a lively and thought-provoking Q+A session. The ABA would like to thank Hardie Grant Books for its generous support of this session. Make sure you visit the Hardie Grant stand at the Trade Exhibition.

9.45 – 10.30am Cutler Room Beach Party: Driving customers into our shops with author and author-free events Chair: Suzy Wilson The hype of a new release will only ever be as big as you make it (or as big as the celebrity affiliated with it), so when the time comes to promote the next new release and your request for an in-store author signing is politely declined, what is a good bookseller to do? Krissy Kneen (Avid Reader Bookshop and Cafe), Cheryl Akle (Get Reading!) and Barbara Horgan (Shearer’s Bookshop) will share some of their best tips for running successful in-store events, with and without authors. Their tried and tested techniques should leave you spoilt for choice of ideas for your next event.

9.45 – 10.30am Barton Room The Ripple Effect: How to include local media in your marketing Chair: Fiona Stager It’s no secret that good press means good business and what better way to engage with local customers than through local media channels. We’ve asked Andrew Hawkins (Andrew Hawkins PR), the marketing coordinator behind our National Bookshop Day campaign, and Brett Osmond (Marketing and Publicity Director, Random House Australia), to join us for a ‘how to’ session on including local media in your marketing strategy.

10.30 – 11.00am Foyer, Clarendon and Norfolk Rooms Morning Tea and Trade Exhibition The ABA would like to thank Gardners Books for its generous support of this Morning Tea break. Make sure you visit the Gardners stand at the Trade Exhibition.

11.00 – 11.45am Cutler and Barton Rooms Nippers: Getting more out of your kids section Chair: Patricia Genat Today’s storytime attendees are tomorrow’s customers and that is why making the most of your kids book section and events is so important. This is evident in the increasing market share for kids books. Kate Colley (Bloomin’ Books), Melissa Traverso (Dymocks Melbourne) and Paul MacDonald (Childrens Bookshop Beecroft) will discuss the do’s and don’ts of displaying and marketing in the children’s and young adult areas. They will also share their best examples of how to engage with your youngest audience through in-store events and local business partnerships.

11.45am – 12.30pm Cutler and Barton Rooms Surf Like a Pro: Improve your understanding of social media Chair: Jon Page The basics have well and truly been covered so now it’s time to really get your hands dirty. Mark Harding (Momentum Books), Charlotte Harper (, John Purcell (Booktopia) and Tanya Caunce (TLC Books) will each share with us their best social media tips. Getting back to basics and executing them well should be the heart and soul of any good retail business – but every now and then it pays to be just a little bit fancy!

ABA Conference Program

12.30 – 1.45pm Foyer, Clarendon and Norfolk Rooms Lunch and Trade Exhibition The ABA would like to thank HarperCollins for its generous support of this Lunch break. Make sure you visit the HarperCollins stand at the Trade Exhibition where you just might run into the likes of Tiffiny Hall or Christopher Koch!

1.45 – 2.45pm Cutler and Barton Rooms Tsunami? The rapid rise of ebooks Chair: Jon Page Drawing from his international experience, Peter Balis will address ebooks in the global market place and discuss some of the key issues faced by publishers and retailers. Peter will then be joined by Malcolm Neil (Kobo Australia/ New Zealand), Mathew Barlow (Vice President Business Development, Copia Interactive) and Jeremy LeBard (ReadCloud) in an open Q+A panel. By the end of this dynamic session all of your burning questions related to ebooks in Australia should be answered.

2.45 – 3.30pm Cutler and Barton Rooms Changing Tides: Current trends and how to make the most of your ‘non-book item’ stock Chair: Fiona Stager Stocking non-book merchandise is often an attractive method of increasing margins and foot traffic through your store; however, if not executed properly you may end up with a lot of lovely products that you have to discount heavily in order to get them out the door. Matthew Harris (Telegram Paper Goods) and Dean Prenc (Madman Inc) are here to update us on the most current of current trends and address ways of correcting some of the basic errors that retailers make regarding product choice and variety, stock levels and displays. The ABA would like to thank Telegram Paper Goods for its generous support of this session and for supplying thank-you gifts to all our conference speakers. Make sure you visit the Telegram stand at the Trade Exhibition.

3.30 – 3.45pm Foyer Novotel Sydney, Manly Pacific Afternoon Tea


3.45 – 5.00pm Cutler and Barton Rooms Industry Forum Chair: Malcolm Neil The ABA Industry Forum is your opportunity to ask the questions that start the dialogue that turns into actions. Malcolm Neil leads a conversation that will make the Pell-Dawkins Q&A showdown look tame, as the panel and audience drill down into the key issues facing the industry. Come prepared with questions or tweet us during the session using the hashtag #abaconf12. Participants Jon Page (General Manager, Pages & Pages Booksellers), Duncan Johnson (Chair, Collins Booksellers), Patricia Genat (Managing Director, ALS Library Services), Michael Heyward (Publisher, Text Publishing), Peter Blake (Sales Director, Penguin Group) and Zoe Dattner (General Manager, SPUNC) will be there to take questions and keep the conversation going.

5.00 – 6.00pm Foyer Novotel Sydney, Manly Pacific Closing Drinks The formalities of the 88th ABA Conference and Trade Exhibition are finished. Take an hour to debrief, catch up with the people you’ve missed during the conference, and exchange cards and Twitter handles. Join us for relaxed and informal closing drinks.


Magda Szubanski HarperCollins Magda is one of Australia’s most beloved comedic actors. She’s plucky, tenacious, vulnerable and tough. For a long time, Magda has hidden behind her characters – be they Sharon Strzelecki from Kath & Kim, Mrs Hoggett from Babe, or Lyn Postlethwaite (‘I said Pet, I said Love, I said Pet’). For the first time, Magda is ready to reveal her true self in a memoir that is by turns sad and funny, dark and brave.

Josh Pyke Indigenous Literacy Foundation Josh is an ARIA award-winning singer and songwriter. In 2009 he launched ‘Busking for Change’ to mobilise support for the Indigenous Literacy Foundation. He won his fourth ARIA for Best Contemporary Album for his second full-length album Chimneys Afire. His third album, Only Sparrows, went on to debut at number four on the ARIA charts and was nominated for another two ARIAs.

Nino Zoccali Murdoch Books Second generation Italian chef Nino is chef owner of Pendolino and La Rosa restaurants in The Strand Arcade in Sydney’s CBD. During his career he has worked as chef at restaurants including Otto, La Mensa and Bel Mondo. He is a founding member of CIRA – the Council of Italian Restaurants in Australia – and is active as an olive oil judge.

Jamie Byng Publisher, Canongate Books Jamie has been Managing Director of the Edinburgh-based independent publishing house Canongate Books since 1994, when he was involved in a management buyout of the company. During this time Canongate (www.canongate. tv) has grown significantly in size and reputation. As well as publishing an exceptional range of writers, Canongate prides itself on the quality of its production and design for which it has won numerous awards. Jamie is also the founder of World Book Night (www., a charity that brings together the entire UK book industry through the free distribution of one million books in one night.

Cheryl Akle Project Director, Get Reading! Cheryl has been a booklover since the age of three. Years later, while working in a local library, she experienced the difference books can make to people’s lives. She has worked with books ever since, as a buyer, bookshop manager and proprietor, marketing manager and industry consultant.

Peter Balis Director Digital Content Sales, Professional/Trade, John Wiley & Sons As Director of Digital Business Development, Peter is responsible for ebook and digital business development for John Wiley & Sons Professional and Trade division and directing the global sales and distribution of Wiley ebooks. Peter also co-chairs the AAP’s Digital Issues Working Group.

Mathew Barlow Vice President Business Development, Copia Interactive Mathew has 20 years in ePublishing and digital media, from a leading distributor of multimedia software to consultant at Village Roadshow and publisher of ‘Australian Infopedia’. He joined The Leaning Company as General Manager, Japan and was VP Sales at Versaware Technologies, a pioneer of ebook technologies and services for global publishers, internet portals and educational websites.

Peter Blake Sales Director, Penguin Books Throughout his 35-year career, Peter has seen our industry change from a colonial outpost for British publishers to a mature market in which locally produced titles rub shoulders with books from around the globe. In 2009 Peter’s idea for the Popular Penguins, instantly recognisable for their signature orange and cream livery, came to fruition. Australian sales for this series have now topped two million.

ABA Conference Program


Tanya Caunce Owner, TLC Books TLC Books in Manly, Brisbane, opened in January 2006. Tanya has a marketing degree she waves about to excuse her compulsive social media usage (it’s not an addiction).

Michelle de Kretser Author, Allen & Unwin Michelle was born in Sri Lanka and immigrated to Australia when she was 14. Michelle has worked as a university tutor, an editor and a book reviewer. She is the author of novels The Rose Grower, The Hamilton Case, and The Lost Dog, and Michelle’s new book Questions of Travel will be published in October this year.

Christine Gordon Events Manager, Readings It wasn’t until she had given teaching, youth work and health promotion a good solid run that Christine finally felt brave enough to leave well-paid work and begin a new career in her dream job at Readings – and she loves it. She is as excited to be engaging with writers, publishers, publicists and the general public about the power of books as she was on her first day at Readings.

Charlotte Harper Resident Blogger, Charlotte is resident blogger at ebook retailer and publisher of Mt magazine. A journalist, editor and teacher, she has worked in newspapers, magazines, books and online in Australia and overseas. Charlotte is also the author of a book about digital publishing, Weird Wild Web (Penguin Australia).

Kate Colley Owner, Bloomin’ Books Kate is a Past President of the Australian Booksellers Association NSW, Past President of CBC NSW, immediate Past President of CBC Southern Sub Branch and a member of the Children’s Special Interest Group. She is also a winner of both the Lady Cutler Award for distinguished services to children’s literature in NSW and the Pixie O’Harris Award.

Kathleen Farrar Managing Director, Bloomsbury Publishing Australia Kathleen began her publishing career working in leading independent bookstores in Sydney before moving to Allen & Unwin as Sales & Promotions Manager. She joined Bloomsbury in 1998 as International Sales Manager and became International Sales Director in 2000. In 2007 she took charge of all sales, marketing, publicity and website activity for Bloomsbury UK.

Tiffiny Hall Journalist/Author, HarperCollins Writer, Taekwondo champion and TV presenter, Tiffiny has many titles tucked under her Fifth Dan Black Belt. Tiffiny has a Bachelor of Arts/Media and Communications and a Diploma of Modern Languages in French and works as a journalist in print and radio. She is the author of two books, and is a trainer on Network Ten’s hit show The Biggest Loser.

Matthew Harris Director, Telegram Paper Goods Matthew is a co-founder of Telegram Paper Goods. His experience includes designing, building and operating the award-winning Glass House Hotel (NZ) and establishing Melbourne newsagency, The Source. Matthew’s passions for great design and impeccable service are consistent threads throughout his career, with his focus now on bringing the world’s best-designed stationery to Australia and New Zealand.

Zoe Dattner General Manager, SPUNC Zoe is the General Manager of SPUNC and Creative Director of Sleepers Publishing.

Louise Fay Dymocks Adelaide Louise has been a bookseller for eight years, starting as a casual in the Book Department at Myer while studying at university. In 2008 she became a full-time bookseller at Dymocks Adelaide and is enjoying the challenges of being in a large store with several specialty areas. Louise is the Special Orders Manager, which keeps her busy sourcing books from all over the globe.

Mark Harding Digital Marketing Executive, Momentum Books Mark’s background is in bookselling. He developed a successful social media and online strategy for Shearer’s Bookshop and has also developed ‘When Genres Attack’, a ‘literary salon’ of sorts that discusses literature and genre both online and through events. Momentum is the new, digital-only imprint of Pan Macmillan Australia.

Andrew Hawkins Andrew Hawkins PR Andrew has been working in the book industry for over 30 years. Starting as a shop assistant at the University Co-Op, he has been a sales representative and sales and marketing manager, and the publicity director with Allen & Unwin. Now running his own publicity company, he indulges himself by alternating between publicity work and spending time sailing.

Speakers cont’d

Michael Heyward Publisher, Text Publishing As well as being an author and editor, Michael is the Managing Director and Publisher of Text Publishing, a multi-award winning independent publishing company in Melbourne. Text publishes Australian and international authors including Barack Obama, Kate Grenville, Helen Garner, Tim Flannery, Yann Martel, Peter Temple, John Clarke, Carlos Ruiz Zafon, Lloyd Jones, Nick Cave and MJ Hyland. 

Ramona Koval Writer, Journalist & Broadcaster, Text Publishing Ramona is the editor of Best Australian Essays and was the popular presenter of ABC Radio National’s The Book Show until late 2011. Her most recent book is Speaking Volumes: Conversations with Remarkable Writers, a collection of her international literary interviews. Text Publishing will release By the Book: A Reader’s Guide to Life in November.

Paul Macdonald Bookseller, The Children’s Bookshop Beecroft Paul is the owner of The Children’s Bookshop, the oldest children’s specialist bookshop in NSW, established in 1971. He has a Master of Education, and has worked for almost 20 years as a teacher of Upper Primary and Secondary levels. His interests include the development of literacy with a particular interest in reading for gifted children, boys’ literacy and books for adolescents.

Malcolm Neil Director Vendor Relations, Kobo (Australia/New Zealand) Malcolm has had a wide and varied career in the book industry both in bookselling and publishing. His most recent roles include CEO of the ABA and a brief stint in REDgroup as Group Communications Manager. Malcolm’s current role as Director of Vendor Relations Australia/New Zealand for global ebook retailer Kobo is a much happier one.

Krissy Kneen Avid Reader Bookshop and Café Krissy has been the events coordinator at Avid Reader Bookshop for seven years. She has been a bookseller for 15 years. Krissy has two books, Affection and Triptych, published through Text Publishing, and two more are slated to be published through Text in 2013. She lives in Brisbane.

Leesa Lambert Bookseller, Co-Owner, The Little Book Room Leesa began selling books as a teenager and neither university nor common sense has succeeded in drawing her away from the profession. She is the owner (in partnership with parents Ian and Lesley) and manager of The Little Bookroom in Melbourne, a retailer and library supplier specialising in children’s books.

Christian McQueen Editor, January Biannual January Biannual is a fashion, literature and fine art publication based in Melbourne. Christian writes articles and review pieces on fashion and the creative arts, along with opinion pieces and short stories. Initially trained as a lawyer, he soon sought the creative freedom offered by independent publishing and began developing the project in 2010.

The Hon. Brendan O’Connor Minister for Small Business, Australian Government Minister O’Connor was elected to the House of Representatives for Burke, Victoria in 2001. He was then re-elected following the 2003 electoral redistribution for Gorton, Victoria in 2004, 2007 and 2010.

Christopher Koch Author, HarperCollins Christopher was born and educated in Tasmania, and for a good deal of his life he was a broadcasting producer. He has been a full-time writer since 1972, winning international praise and many awards for his novels, including twice winning the Miles Franklin Award. In 1995 he was made an Officer of the Order of Australia for his contribution to Australian literature.

Jeremy LeBard Co-Founder, ReadCloud For the past 10 years Jeremy has specialised in media and technology consulting on multi-million dollar projects for blue-chip companies including HP, Accenture and Microsoft in the Asia Pacific region. He is considered a thought leader in the publishing sector as stated by international publisher and bookseller organisations.

Joel Naoum Publisher, Momentum Books Joel is a Sydney-based book publisher, editor, blogger and writer. He is running Pan Macmillan’s new digital-only imprint Momentum and recently completed the Unwin Fellowship researching digital publishing experimentation. He is passionate about the possibilities that social media and digital publishing opens up for authors, publishers, booksellers and the whole book industry.

Brett Osmond Marketing and Publicity Director, Random House Australia Brett began his publishing career in 1991 with Hodder & Stoughton as a product manager in the marketing department, then joined Random House in 2007. In 2001 Brett set up his own company, Written Perspectives, which specialised in corporate publishing, operating The Huggies Bookclub, and project management, including being appointed project director of the Books Alive campaign in 2003.

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Gary Pengelly General Manager, Thorpe-Bowker Gary has worked in the publishing industry for 27 years, holding finance and operational roles with HarperCollins, McGraw-Hill and J B Fairfax Press. After three years on the Book Industry Standards Committee he formed PacStream, the industry e-commerce service. Following the sale of PacStream in 2005, Gary joined Thorpe-Bowker, a division of R R Bowker.

Dean Prenc Product and Business Development Manager, Madman Dean is Madman Entertainment’s Product and Licensing Manager, specialising in graphic novels and ‘kids’ entertainment for four- to 40-yearolds. Commencing work at Madman in 2002, Dean moved from the Sales Team to his current role in early 2005. Dean and his team source, acquire, schedule, market and manage almost half of Madman’s total product.

Hannah Richell Author, Hachette Secrets of the Tides is the first novel by UK-born Sydney-sider Hannah. After years of driving desks in publishing, marketing and film she finally summoned the courage to do what she had always secretly wanted to do and wrote her first novel in stolen moments as her young son slept. Hannah lives in Sydney with her husband and two young children.

Peter Ryan Peter G Ryan & Associates Peter has had over 25 years of Industrial Relations experience across a range of industries from a government, union and employer representative spectrum. Prior to establishing the consultancy firm Peter G Ryan & Associates in February 2001, he was employed as Director of Industry Services with the Victorian Association of Forest Industries.

Julie Pinkham Managing Director, Hardie Grant Julie Pinkham has been with Hardie Grant Books since its inception in 1997, having previously worked at Reed Books for 11 years, from 1988-1997. Before this time, she was a bookseller at Mary Martin Bookshops.

John Purcell Social Media, Booktopia John has been involved in the book industry for over 15 years. For 10 of those years he ran his own secondhand bookshop where he was able to talk books with booklovers all day long. As a writer and a reader, John hopes to share what he has learnt about books with those who will listen, and listen to those who are willing to share their knowledge in return.

Juliet Rogers Chair, Indigenous Literacy Foundation Juliet is passionate about the importance of literacy and the Foundation’s work to make a difference to the lives of Indigenous children in the remotest parts of Australia through access to literacy books and resources. She has worked in the publishing industry in both New Zealand and Australia for the past 20 years.

Emmett Stinson Lecturer in Publishing, University of Melbourne Emmett is a Lecturer at the University of Melbourne and President of SPUNC—The Small Press Network. He has also served as the Fiction Editor for Wet Ink: The Magazine of New Writing, the book reviewer for Triple R Radio’s Breakfasters program, and a panellist on the Book Industry Strategy Group.

Ailsa Piper Author, Melbourne University Publishing Ailsa has worked as a writer, theatre director, teacher, radio broadcaster, speaker and actor. John Bell will direct The Duchess of Malfi in July, a version co-adapted by Ailsa. Her play Small Mercies won the Patrick White Playwrights Award and she has been nominated for Green Room awards as director and actor.

Chris Raine Sales and Marketing Director, Hachette Chris was born in New Zealand and escaped to Sydney at the end of his apprenticeship as a printer. He began his career in publishing as a sales rep, and then moved to HarperCollins, working in various roles during this time. Chris also worked at Transworld, which then transformed into a brief role at Random House before his time at Hachette Children’s Books.

Mark Rubbo OAM Managing Director, Readings A passionate bookseller for over 40 years, Mark was founding chair of the Melbourne Writers Festival and has been a judge for many literary awards, and a past President of the ABA. Mark is the founder of The Readings Foundation, established to support Victorian individuals and organisations that wish to further the development of literacy, community work and the arts.

Shaun Symonds General Manager, Nielsen BookScan Shaun heads up Nielsen BookScan in Australia. He has been with BookScan since 2004. BookScan covers sales of about 90% of Australia’s recognised book trade.

Speakers cont’d

ABA Management Committee

Kirsten Tranter Author, Stella Committee Kristen is a Sydney-based author whose first novel, The Legacy (HarperCollins), was shortlisted for the ALS Gold Medal and longlisted for the Miles Franklin. Her second novel is A Common Loss (HarperCollins).

Jon Page President Jon is the General Manger of Pages & Pages Booksellers, an Independent Bookshop in Mosman, NSW. His parents opened Pages & Pages Belrose in 1995 and he has been working at the shop since that time. In 1999, Pages & Pages purchased Moscraft Bookshop and closed the Belrose store in 2003. Jon is passionate about books and bookselling.

Duncan Johnston First Vice President In 2005 Duncan led a group of franchisees that bought the intellectual property and franchise rights of Collins Booksellers and has grown this company from 29 franchisees to 58, with all debt being repaid in three years. Duncan continues as Chairman of Collins Booksellers. He recently acquired Seekbooks and has developed Collins Seekbooks.

Peter Strong Ordinary Member Peter has spent much of the last 20 years in change management at the business, community and national level. Peter participates in various advisory groups to the Australian Government and also owns a bookshop in Canberra called Smiths Alternative Bookshop.

Melissa Traverso Owner, Dymocks Collins Street Dymocks Collins Street is a vibrant and busy store, and Melissa has been managing the children’s section for the last seven and a half years. Prior to that she worked as Marketing Manager for an educational publisher. With two children and a passion for reading children’s books, Melissa loves her job as a children’s bookseller.

Patricia Genat Second Vice President      Patricia has 15 years’ management experience within the Australian and New Zealand book industry including publishing, distribution, online services and printing. Her wide experience is built on a solid business and educational base, and she runs ALS Services with an eye always on the future trends. Patricia currently sits on the Board of the Big Book Club Inc and the ABA Management Committee.

Fiona Stager Immediate Past President Fiona is the co-owner of Avid Reader Bookshop & Cafe. After serving as President of the ABA for three years, Fiona became immediate past president in 2010.

Joel Becker Chief Executive Officer                                                  Joel is CEO of the Australian Booksellers Association. Prior to this position he was the Executive Director of Writers Victoria (previously the Victorian Writers’ Centre) for eight years. Joel has been an active contributor to the literary sector for 39 years, as a bookseller, freelance writer and editor, and as a cultural project manager. ABA Staff

Graham Winter Business speaker and Author John Wiley & Sons Graham is Australia’s thought leader in creating and sustaining ‘one team’ organisations. His unique and ground-breaking approaches come from an extraordinary range of experiences. Graham is a bestselling author and has written three Wiley/Jossey Bass books – Think One Team, The Man Who Cured the Performance Review and High Performance Leadership.

Jane Caton Ordinary Member Jane is the CEO of University Cooperative Bookshop Ltd. Jane has a successful track record in achieving business growth through strong relationships with a diverse group of stakeholders, including boards, members, customers, franchisees and partners. Jane is the President of the Australian Campus Booksellers’ Association (ACBA) and represents booksellers in joint publisher and bookseller biannual meetings.

Tim White Ordinary Member Tim, a former lawyer, is passionate about wine, food and books (not necessarily in that order) and has worked in restaurants, pubs and the food industry. He is an avid bibliophile and has long had an interest in the history, sociology, science and literature of food. His particular passions are European peasant food and wine. Tim has also written an occasional column in the Age entitled ‘Epicure on food history’.

Michelle Bansen Member Services Officer

Robyn Huppert Communications Officer

Liana Slussareff Conference and Events Coordinator

Lara Tumak Administration Officer

Kalpen Tripathi Accounts Manager


Inaugural ABA Elizabeth Riley 2012 Fellowship for a Children’s Bookseller This award honours Elizabeth Riley, a much-loved bookseller, publisher and ABA staff member who passed away in 2011. It recognises Elizabeth’s great passion for children’s books, most notably the craft of engaging with and selling children’s books, and is a tangible way of remembering her. The recipient of the $1500 Fellowship must be a children’s bookseller employed by an ABA member bookshop. The stipend will go toward registration, fees or any other relevant costs in attending a children’s project, course, conference or workshop, either domestic or international, to further their knowledge or develop their skills in the area of children’s books and bookselling.

ABA Conference Program

ABA Text Publishing 2012 Bookseller of the Year This award recognises an individual bookseller for their outstanding achievement in the past 12 months. Nominees must have worked as a bookseller for at least five years. The award will recognise a bookseller not only for their exceptional performance at the bookshop in which they work, but also for their achievements within the book industry, as well as the local and wider community. The ABA would like to thank Text Publishing for its ongoing support of this award. ABA Random House 2012 Young Bookseller of the Year This award recognises and rewards the excellence of a bookseller aged 35 or under, and promotes bookselling as a career choice for young people. Nominees must have worked as a bookseller for at least two years. The ABA would like to thank Random House Australia for its ongoing support of this award.

Nielsen BookData 2012 Booksellers Choice Award This award is presented to the author of the book that ABA members have most enjoyed handselling over the year. The books nominated must be written by an Australian citizen or permanent resident and must be published in 2011. The ABA would like to thank Nielsen for its ongoing support of this award.


Nielsen BookData 2012 Top 5 Nominees:

Elliot Perlman The Street Sweeper

Geraldine Brooks Caleb’s Crossing

Anna Funder All That I Am

Favel Parrett Past The Shallows

Gillian Mears Foal’s Bread

Exhibitor Catalogue

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Australian Government, Department of Industry, Innovation, Science, Research and Tertiary Education The Department of Industry, Innovation, Science, Research and Tertiary Education works with its stakeholders to help shape the future economy, through discovery, skills and innovation. The department and the wider portfolio are working to accelerate productivity growth and secure Australia’s prosperity in a competitive global economy.

Arnott’s of Australia P/L 03 9326 9696 For over 20 years Arnott’s (Not The Biscuit Co) has been an Australian leader in the supply of booklights, magnifiers and stationery products. Function and design in its products provides great profit margins. Booklights utilise the latest LED lighting technology, and book rests and bookmark timers encourage children’s reading.

Bolinda Publishing 03 9338 0666 Bolinda has a global reputation for innovation and quality in the audiobook industry through the process of careful and planned organic growth. Bolinda is the number one audiobook company in Australia. It has grown in a very short time from a family business to a company with offices in the US, UK and New Zealand, a powerful online presence, prodigious mail-order sales and ever-increasing brand equity.

Australian Booksellers Association 03 9859 7322 The Australian Booksellers Association represents well over 600 members across all sectors of the bookselling community. The ABA is active in representing its members’ interests in public and government forums, networking and professional development programs, practical handbooks and publications, and negotiates member-only deals for freight, EFTPOS and other services.

Australia Post 03 9106 9345 What more can Australia Post do for your business today? Discover a huge range of Post products and services that businesses, just like yours, use every day to deliver products to their customers, market their business using mail, collect payments from their customers, stock up on supplies for the office and much more.

Book and Music Market 07 5528 8204 BMM is a leading wholesale distributor of remainder, promotional and discount books from all major Australian publishers. The company has been trading for over 15 years, supplying trade and wholesale customers with quality books at competitive prices.

Allen & Unwin 02 8425 0100 Allen & Unwin, Australia’s leading independent publisher, publishes around 250 new titles each year including literary and commercial fiction, nonfiction, academic and professional titles, and books for children and young adults. Its imprints include Allen & Unwin, Arena and Inspired Living (MBS). In 2011 Allen & Unwin celebrated 21 years of independence and 34 years of publishing in Australia.

BA Press 02 4274 4884 In 2006 BA Press launched into the book market with the first Where to Ride guide. Since that time the series has grown and now features over 20 titles spanning four nations. BA Press also exclusively imports and distributes cycling interests books.

Bookseller+Publisher www. 03 8517 8333 Bookseller+Publisher is Australasia’s numberone source of news about the book industry. A subscription combines the bimonthly print publication Bookseller+Publisher Magazine and the Weekly Book Newsletter email and keeps users up-to-date with the latest book industry and library news.

Andrews McMeel Publishing 02 9904 5200 Andrews McMeel Publishing is a leading publisher of general nonfiction trade, cookbook, gift, posh puzzles and humour books. A universally recognised calendar publisher and market leader, AMP represents over 400 calendar designs including humour, art, travel, lifestyle and licensed properties.

Baker & Taylor 02 8988 5191 Baker & Taylor is a leading distributor of US books and entertainment products to booksellers worldwide, offering a database of millions of titles, in addition to CDs and DVDs. Internet ordering, online customer support, and door-todoor delivery to Australia in as few as three days are among the services provided.

Canongate Books Canongate is one of the most dynamic publishing houses in Britain. With a distinctly international outlook, it continues to nurture and publish new talent from around the world, while retaining the essence of the Scottish canon. Its agenda is to promote challenging, quality work from as broad a perspective as it is able.

ABA Conference Program


Circle Software Circle provides a cloud-based POS system for booksellers. It is ideal for bricks and mortar stores that also want to be online. Circle can integrate with a wide variety of other systems, accounting, eftpos, EDI, news and email. Circle is backed by leading international innovators and software companies. It has been used widely in New Zealand since 2002 and is now available in Australia.

Dennis Jones & Associates 03 9762 9100 Dennis Jones & Associates is comprised of book distributors and commissioned sales agents. It has helped to establish Ingram as the eminent supplier of books and content into the Australian marketplace. Port Campbell Press is the digital publishing and distribution division of Dennis Jones & Associates.

Get Reading! Find out how to get your piece of the action this September with Get Reading!, Australia’s largest annual celebration of books. The campaign promises to be huge once again with giveaways, TV advertising, live events and much more. Also, hear how you can get involved in the yearround author touring program that promotes A Book You Can’t Put Down.

Commonwealth Bank As an ABA member you’re entitled to special rates on Merchant Services (EFTPOS terminals) from Commonwealth Bank. ABA members also have access to a full range of business banking solutions, including a free Business Financial Health Check and access to a business banking specialist.

Duomo Importers of high-quality leather journals from Italy and wooden journals from Hungary. Duomo supplies feather quill nib pens and other fine Italian stationery lines as well as a range of top-quality leather bags and satchels, and antique astronomic compasses and instruments from Spain. It specialises in high-end European products that will fit well in your bookshops and have very good margins.

Hachette 02 8248 0800 Hachette Australia, part of the Hachette Livre Publishing group, publishes high-quality commercial fiction for adults and children across a wide range of subject areas. Its local imprint includes authors as varied as Favel Parrett, William McInnes and Jennie Brand-Miller, and it is proud to distribute a stellar collection of bestselling authors and children’s books from its UK and US sister companies.

Computerlink 07 3211 5662 Computerlink is a leading solutions provider of POS software for bookshops, newsagents, general retail and hospitality. Since 1979, a diverse range of retail businesses across Australia and overseas have implemented the Computerlink POS system.

Erudite Technologies 02 4341 3313 Erudite is a web service and social media company that has developed a robust website architecture that caters specifically to the book industry. Its system integrates with major book data suppliers, leading warehouse management systems and social media sites to provide an endto-end solution. Visit at the conference to discuss your online needs.

Hardie Grant Books 03 8520 6444 Hardie Grant Books is one of Australia’s leading independent publishers, with a long list of food, wine, sport, history, true crime, humour, memoir and popular culture bestsellers. A leader in its field, Hardie Grant Books has a reputation for high-quality production, design innovation and new and original approaches to publishing.

Copia Interactive LLC With the digital reading market approaching a tipping point, Copia is poised to rewrite the entire reading experience. Merging product (device and content) with service (collaboration and social networking), Copia is the world’s first social reading experience and White Label ebook solution for booksellers — a marketplace, community and family of device reading applications.

Gardners Books +44(0)1323525643 Gardners is Britain’s most successful book and entertainment wholesaler, offering the largest in-stock catalogue of British books in the UK, with over 500,000 book titles, 220,000+ ebooks, and 75,000+ DVDs, Blu-Ray and music CDs available 24/7 for same-day despatch. Additional services include e-commerce solutions, drop-ship fulfilment, bespoke data feeds, distribution services and print on demand.

Harlequin Australia 02 9415 9200 Harlequin is a global publisher, publishing fiction and nonfiction books for both adults and teens, including the well-known Mills & Boon brand in 31 languages across 115 international markets. More than one in five paperbacks sold in Australia is published by Harlequin.

Exhibitor Catalogue cont’d

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HarperCollins Publishers 02 9952 5000 HarperCollins is one of the largest and most successful publishing groups in the world. HarperCollins Publishers provides a full range of services to book retailers and publishes extensively in all major sections of the book market, with a strong local list spanning adult fiction and nonfiction as well as children’s and illustrated books.

INT Books 03 9354 9926 INT specialise in books and ebooks for kids from 4–14 years that are fun and entertaining, and build skills and knowledge. All its picture books, action and graphic novels come from educational specialist publishers. Its trade books have bite, are exciting but safe, and are filled with fun facts.

Madman 03 9418 0887 Madman is Australia’s leading independent home entertainment and theatrical distribution and rights management company. Madman proudly showcases the best in collectable and special interest genres including Australian film, world cinema, TV kids’ content, Japanese animation and Japanese graphic novels.

Hinkler Books 03 9552 1377 Hinkler Books is a privately owned publishing house with offices based in Melbourne and the UK. Founded in 1994, the Hinkler team prides itself on providing quality books, which entertain, educate and inform through innovative, fun and appealing mass-market products, affordable to every family. Hinkler publishes and distributes a huge variety of children’s and adult products across several categories.

Ingram Content Group Inc Ingram is the world’s largest and most trusted distributor of physical and digital content. Thousands of publishers, retailers and libraries worldwide use its products and services to realise the full business potential of books, regardless of format. Ingram has earned its lead position and reputation by offering excellent service and creating innovative, integrated solutions.

Melbourne University Publishing 03 9342 0300 Melbourne University Publishing is a wholly owned subsidiary of the University of Melbourne. MUP publishes approximately 60 books and electronic products each year over a wide range of subject areas and disciplines, and maintains a backlist of some 350 titles. It consists of three main imprints: Melbourne University Press, The Miegunyah Press and Victory Books.

Import Ants 02 9573 0337 Import Ants is a wholesaler of eco-friendly and ethically handmade products that give back to the communities that make them. It sells ranges of journals, cards and stationery handmade from 100% recycled Maximus Elephant Dung Paper. All its products have fair trade and sustainability at the heart of their production.

Intramar P/L 03 9338 0833 Intramar are Australian owned and operated freight forwarders and customs agents. It has strong global partnerships to professionally and personally handle shipping requirements from most world ports. Working with the book industry for over 15 years, it has become a specialist, providing consolidation of air and sea freight into Australia at easy-to-use, competitive rates.

Murdoch Books 02 8220 2325 Murdoch Books is a proudly independent Australian publishing company under private ownership. It currently enjoys leading market positions in the food, gardening, craft and history categories. While it relishes a reputation in illustrated publishing, it is equally proud of the range and diversity of its rapidly growing Pier 9 narrative list.

Indigenous Literacy Foundation (ILF) 02 9319 2883 The ILF is a national charity of the Australian book industry, drawing on its expertise and resources to address literacy in remote Indigenous communities across Australia. In the past three years the ILF has sent over 80,000 books to over 200 remote Indigenous communities around Australia.

John Wiley & Sons Inc 1800 777 474 Founded in 1807, John Wiley & Sons is an independent, global publisher of print and electronic products. Wiley specialises in professional and consumer books, scientific and technical books, journals, textbooks and education materials and subscription services for lifelong learners.

Nielsen BookData 03 9723 5802 Nielsen BookData is a leading supplier of bibliographic information on English-language books. It works with publishers and distributors worldwide to collect, enhance and maintain data. This quality information, rich in searchable data, is then made available through its subscription service, BookData Online.

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Pan Macmillan Australia Pan Macmillan Australia is a major Australian publisher and distributor, with a wide range of titles under the group imprints including Macmillan, Pan, Picador, Plum, Macquarie Dictionary Publishers, Pancake, St Martins Press, Tor, Forge, Griffin and Sidgwick & Jackson.

ReadCloud The Australian company ReadCloud provides an online retailing platform for 200 bookshops across Australia and New Zealand. Its services include a website platform to sell ebooks via the internet and in-store. It also provides e-reading applications for bookshop customers with tablets and PCs.

Text Publishing 03 8610 4500 Text Publishing was formed in 1994 and is home to a broad range of fiction and nonfiction by international and local authors, from Barack Obama to Kate Grenville and Tim Flannery. It established the annual Text Prize in 2008 to unearth the best unpublished writing for young adults and children.

Pantera Press 02 8096 5192 Pantera Press is a new independent Australian book publisher with some big differences. Its passion is publishing books readers rave about by discovering and nurturing talented new authors, and fostering ideas and debate. Its unique Good Books Doing Good Things™ gives it a strong ‘profits for philanthropy’ foundation.

Simon & Schuster 02 9983 6600 Simon & Schuster Australia is part of the CBS Corporation and is a major force in today’s consumer publishing industry, dedicated to bringing an extensive cross-section of first-class information and entertainment, in all printed, digital and audio formats, to a worldwide audience of readers.

The Paperie Pty Ltd 0417 668 898 (Martin Burton) The Paperie introduces an exquisite range of calendars, wraps, cards, bookmarks and journals from the capital of Italian stationery, Florence. These artisan products have been produced by the same Italian family for three generations. Its Rubinato Swarovski topped pencils generate great sales from the counter. Discover the new Monsieur Leather notebook.

SPUNC 03 9094 7896 SPUNC (the Small Press Network) was formed in 2006 to advance the interests of the small and independent publishing sector in Australia, and to elevate the status of the sector so that it is able to act as an equal player in the market. SPUNC now represents over 100 small and independent publishers.

Thorpe-Bowker Founded in Australia in 1921 as D W Thorpe, Thorpe-Bowker collects, aggregates and publishes information about the Australian and international book industries. Its product range includes Books In Print, Data Services, BookNet, PacStream and the Australian ISBN Agency, as well as media products Bookseller+Publisher Magazine and the Weekly Book Newsletter.

Telegram Paper Goods 03 9318 0822 Founded in 2008, Telegram Paper Goods source the world’s best design stationery to represent across Australia and New Zealand. Telegram is the sole representative of revered brands such as Moleskine, Rhodia, Clairefontaine and O-Check Design.

Unilink 03 9212 7500 UniLink Data Systems was established in 1989. UniLink focuses on providing quality software applications and services for the University, Back-to-School and Retail markets. All UniLink products are designed and developed in Australia. A dedicated team ensures both product quality and ongoing support is maintained at a high standard.

Penguin Books 1800 338836 (Customer Service – Orders) 1800 331015 (Customer Service – Delivery & After Sales) Penguin Australia is one of Australia’s leading publishers and home to an unrivalled list of bestselling and award-winning authors and illustrators.

Random House Australia 02 9954 9966 Random House Australia (RHA) is part of the Random House Group, one of the largest publishing houses in the world, owned by the German media company Bertelsmann. Random House Australia has a reputation for excellence, commitment and service. It is dedicated to both quality and diversity in its publishing activities.

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Walker Books 02 9517 9577 Walker Books has been bringing the best of children’s publishing to Australian children for over 20 years and is recognised as a market leader in quality children’s publishing. Walker Books is passionate about the Australian children’s book industry and renowned as a haven for the most highly talented authors and illustrators, both emerging and award-winning.

1 Hardie Grant Books 2 Madman Entertainment 3 Hachette Australia 4 Bolinda Publishing 5 Simon & Schuster Australia 6 Telegram Paper Goods 7 Random House Australia 8 Australian Government, Department of Industry, Innovation, Science, Research and Tertiary Education 9 Melbourne University Publishing 10 TBC 11 TBC 12 ReadCloud 13 Andrew’s McMeel Publishing 14 Nielsen BookData 15 Gardners Books 16 Pan MacMillan 17 Walker Books Australia 18 World Collection 19 Canongate 20 Allen & Unwin 21 Computerlink 22 Text Publishing 23 INT Books 24 BA Press 25 Intramar 26 Pantera Press 27 Australia Post 28 Erudite Technologies 29 Windy Hollow Books 30 Commonwealth Bank 31 Duomo Fine Florentine Stationery 32 Copia Interactive 33 Ingram Content Group 34 Dennis Jones & Associates 35 Hinkler Books 36 Circle Software 37 Harlequin Australia 38 SPUNC 39 Arnott’s of Australia P/L 40 Penguin Books 41 Indigenous Literacy Foundation 42 Get Reading! 43 John Wiley and Sons Australia Ltd 44 The Paperie 45 HarperCollins Publishers Australia 46 Book and Music Market 47 Thorpe-Bowker 48 Unilink 49 Woodslane 50 Murdoch Books 51 Import Ants 52 Baker & Taylor 53 Australian Booksellers Association 54 TBC

Windy Hollow Books 03 8456 8220 Windy Hollow Books is an independent publisher of books for children. Based in Melbourne, our list focuses on children’s picture books by Australian authors and illustrators. We produce and distribute greeting cards and stationery items by Australian illustrators through our sister company Nuovo Group.

World Collection 02 9589 3896 World Collection is a premier wholesaler company delivering only quality merchandise from around the globe for the pleasure of Australian customers. Wooden jigsaws, fabulous magnetic bookmarks and a diverse range of products from around the world make up our range, which is ever-growing but always of exceptional quality.

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