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De Rhederhof Country Estate Rheden, The Netherlands (1997–2008)

The nineteenth-century country estate De Rhederhof has a special location, just outside the built-up area of Rheden, on a slope of the Veluwe Massif. In 1951, the estate’s last jonkvrouw (esquire) donated it to the Dutch Reformed Church in Rheden, with the wish that it be given a care function. Five years later a home for the elderly was established at the estate. In 1999, due to the rejection of a proposed enlargement of the home, its residents relocated to a complex in town. In drawing up a development proposal with 81 new residential units, relics of the old estate such as the pond, large rhododendrons, an enormous magnolia, an ancient sequoia, stately beach trees and the magnificent wood were employed as guides. In the design, a central driveway planted with magnolias divides the estate into an eastern undeveloped portion and a western stony portion. The location and

architecture of the development were directly inspired by the estate’s original ambiance and differences in height. For example, the largest block, four levels tall, is located in the old kitchen garden, to which it gives a new function as a residential courtyard. Along the edge of the wood to the northwest, a development strip accentuates the transition from grassland to wood. Patio homes are located on the surface level and have vegetation roofs. To keep them out of view, the parking facilities (for circa 110 cars) are placed under the complex. A tower apartment located at the beginning of the driveway marks the entrance. The roads are executed in asphalt sprinkled with pearly gravel to enhance the park-like character. A number of paths are executed using flagstones found lying in the pastures.

Type: Country Estate, Urban Design, Utilitarian Green Client: Portaal Ontwikkeling en Kuiper Vastgoed Designteam: Bureau B+B stedebouw en landschapsarchitectuur in collaboration with Drost en van Veen architecten en Vera Yanovshtchinsky architecten Program: -

Surface: 18.0 acre Budget: ¤ 650.000,-







woodland strawberry



fruit-bearing trees(existing trees)

magnolia alley

fritillaria meleagris

Estate Rhederhof ENG  

Rheden, Rhederhof

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