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International Carnival Glass Association • September 2004

Carnival Glass in Lights, part 2 By Carl Booker

In this presentation of lighting fixtures in Carnival Glass we are trying to show you some of the variety in candlesticks in addition to some very interesting shades. Some of the variety is built in as there are fourteen different glass makers represented in the layout. Stretch glass is shown as well as regular Carnival Glass. There is one section showing eight different Brocaded candlestick patterns from three different companies. At this point in time the ice blue shade is unidentified. If you know the pattern, please let us know. The candlesticks represented here are short, medium, or tall. Some have handles and some are made with animals in the pattern. Some are very plain and others have complex patterns. Some are enameled and some are plain. Some have rings, ribs, twists, and swirls. Some come with matching shades as we showed in Part 1. The Brocaded patterns reflect nature with Acorns, Daffodils, Palms, Roses, and Summer Garden.

Candlesticks come in vivid as well as in pastel colors. Shades may also be found in most colors. It seems the bottom line is variety—in color, shape, size, pattern, and finish. The value, rarity, and availability of lighting items has purposely been avoided. Too often these three features hold a higher position than beauty and aesthetics. While there is no way that all the colors and patterns in lighting items can be shown, we hope that these two inserts have shed some light on this beautiful and interesting aspect of Carnival Glass. We are happy to show the green Paneled Dandelion candlestick as the blue candle lamp was shown in the first section. A detailed presentation of candlesticks was made by the HOACGA organization in their two-section notebook inserts. It is well worth checking to get a bigger picture of this subject area. A seminar on candlesticks was presented at the 2004 HOACGA convention, and room displays featuring candlesticks have been seen at several conventions. This collecting specialty is finally getting its just dues.

Fenton's Paneled Dandelion in green, Riihimaki’s Firefly in marigold, and Florentine by Fenton

Lamp shades

Coral Shell and Wide Panel shades

Pillar and Drape shades

Imperial Grape shade in marigold

Astral shade for gas light in marigold

Unknown shade in ice blue

Daisy Chain in marigold

Candlesticks and holders

Brocaded Acorns by Fostoria

Brocaded Acorns by Fostoria

Brocaded Daffodil by Imperial

Brocaded Palms by Fostoria

Brocaded Palms by Fostoria

Brocaded Roses by Central

Brocaded Summer Garden by Fostoria

Brocaded Summer Garden by Fostoria

International Carnival Glass Association • September 2004


Three Fourteen by Fenton

Three Fifteen by Fenton

Double Dolphins by Fenton

Eagle by Jeanette

Cornucopia by Fenton

Three Sixteen by Fenton

Chamber candlestick #1

Chamber candlestick #2

Trumpet Twist by Northwood

Dugan's Columns

Trumpet by Northwood

Egyptian Lustre by Diamond Glass

Mae West by Dugan-Diamond

Trumpet by Central

Two Forty Nine (Portly) by Fenton

Curved Star by Riihimaki

Thebes by Riihimaki

Enameled Flower

Double Helix by Tiffin/U.S. Glass

Double Scroll, Imperial

Double Scroll with swirl base, Imperial

Five Forty Nine, Fenton

Nine Fifty by Lancaster

Paperchain or Origami

Premium, Imperial

Premium with swirl base, Imperial

#5198 by Jeannette


Five Bubbles

Ten Bubbles

Twist Bobeche

Three Fifteen by U.S. Glass

5179 by Jeanette

Two Thirty Two by Fenton

International Carnival Glass Association • September 2004

ICGA Color Insert - September 2004 - Lighting Pt 2  
ICGA Color Insert - September 2004 - Lighting Pt 2  

This Insert continues our series on candlesticks and lamps.