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HVAC Heating, Ventilation & Air Conditioning


BPI HVAC develops, processes and produces solutions in foam for manufacturers of HVAC units within heating, ventilation and cooling systems. Although our products are not always visible, we are aware that they are perhaps the most important part of the complete unit and of vital importance to the overall perception of quality. We are always looking for the best of the best. 2

A competent sparring partner We are always looking for the best and are ready to assist you with the right solution. We specialise in supplying functional solutions and quality products to companies working with climate-technical building installations as well as environment and energy technology in general, within the building and construction industry. At BPI, we develop products and optimised solutions in close cooperation with you. With our many years of experience, we contribute throughout the development process with qualified sparring and consultation.

Product functionality We have eliminated noise with some unique and customised solutions within noise and vibration damping, thermal insulation, seals and gaskets. When starting up our production apparatus, we holistically take into consideration and thoroughly access the significance of fire-retardant factors and various tests in relation to the finished solution. We constantly strive to ensure that the product meets your needs and that we always deliver the right solution first time. Our experience and forward-thinking approach to product development ensures carefully prepared solutions for you. This makes us an attractive cooperation partner and subsupplier to the manufacturers of heat pumps, ventilation and air conditioning systems, windows, automatic controls and mechanisms, as well as intelligent building installations, sensors, regulators, pipe systems, installations etc. Come into the warmth and experience the difference.



We won’t shudder at the world’s growing demand for solutions that ensure low noise levels in various working environments and buildings. In fact, it gives us a sense of serenity when we ultimately make a significant contribution to human well-being.


Protecting products and surroundings BPI has been working for several years on the technology, development and production of foam for damping and absorbing sound, shocks and vibrations. We work closely together with you on an individual solution tailored to meet your specific needs. Our foam is used particularly as a sound and vibration damping material in HVAC systems and can be applied in all frequency scales.

Making life much more pleasant: Sound When it comes to soundproofing, our foam materials can be used in all frequency scales. Fields of application include sound damping of engine compartments, machinery, ventilation systems, as well as office and production facilities. Pure Sound速 is a BPI produced flexible, fire-resistant and lightweight PU foam. An excellent choice for thermal insulation, which also possesses fantastic sound damping properties.

Vibrations Materials like VibraFlex速, Setex速 and a variety of heavy mats are ideal for damping and absorbing vibrations and resonance associated with for example construction, production facilities, bodywork, sports flooring, etc.

Shocks Our extensive range and machinery enable us to offer unique solutions with perfectly cut inlays in different packaging or as a part of the product itself. Flexible foam packaging can withstand repeated shocks and impacts. Setex速 can be advantageously used for the protection of very heavy objects. When it comes to protecting electronics, we can offer an extensive range of conductive and antistatic foams (ESD-safe). We also offer display packaging, for example a beautifully cut foam inlay that will highlight the product.



The energy sector is constantly setting higher standards which include the insulation of buildings. With numerous years of research, development and expertise in the field of insulation materials, BPI can manufacture products that have some of the best insulation values on the market.


Insulation for every purpose We stock a wide range of foams which are ideally suited to heating and cooling insulation. Both open and closed celled materials can be used depending on your requirements.

InotanPUR速 InotanPUR速 is a BPI produced polyurethane cell foam. InotanPUR速 is a unique rigid PUR material and has one the best insulation values on the market with a thermal conductivity as low as 0.0215 W/(m.K). We can process the material in both sheets and profiles. The exceptional insulation properties and lightness make the material particularly suitable for insulation in amongst others buildings, windows and doors as well as HVAC systems, ships and refrigerated vehicles. InotanPUR速 is supplied in thicknesses to your specifications and is therefore ideal for use in areas where optimal insulation is required but space is limited.

Flexible insulation Projects requiring flexible insulation can be solved with product solutions such as PE foam, cellular and/or sponge rubber. These can be supplied in rolls, plates as well as made-to-measure items for specific tasks.

Processing of mineral wool BPI also offers processing of mineral wool. We cut out items to fixed dimensions and then pack and deliver them as a set. The finished items are delivered almost dust-free due to our processing methods at BPI. 7


We know what it takes to seal something completely, irrespective of whether it concerns buildings, machinery or something else. With an extensive range of self-adhesive weather strips, gaskets and profile tape there is not much that can keep us from finding the right solution. All can be produced to customer specifications. 8

Self-adhesive strips Our range of foam and rubber materials comprises several qualities which can be applied to weather strips. We offer impregnated expanding sealing tape, cellular rubber, PVC and PE foam for sealing machines, windows, doors etc. We supply in rolls or strips, with or without self-adhesion, and in thicknesses and widths, all depending on the task.

Gaskets Our comprehensive range of materials suitable for gaskets can be applied to everything from oil and UV to high temperatures. We offer both standard and customer-specific solutions for each task. All can be supplied with assembly adhesive for easy mounting and like all gaskets can be supplied loose or on a roll with release paper.



In the dialogue with BPI, you will quickly experience a responsiveness where we seek to explore all aspects and facets, and we continue until we have achieved our aim and lived up to or surpassed all of your expectations. We approach your project with both humility and respect. We call this “being down-to-earth”. 10

Innovation Our development department is adept at developing complex, sophisticated and customised solutions. We have developed and registered our own foam qualities, which we also manufacture ourselves.

A simple and flexible partnership We greatly appreciate collaborating with you to develop the perfect solution and provide the same excellent service to everyone regardless of project size or perspective.

Competitiveness Our extensive manufacturing facilities in both Poland and Denmark enable us to offer competitive solutions, thus affording all our customers equal access to our specially developed and trademarked foam qualities. For many years, BPI has developed and manufactured components which one way or another should become part of a total solution, and we are used to having to adapt ourselves to an overall production plan. We also know that not one quality can in practice apply to everyone. Consequently, we continually focus on developing customised products to meet our customers’ diverse needs and requirements, while prioritising fast delivery.



BPI is a competent sparring partner, who is able to work in a close and innovative partnership with you, whereby we regard our knowledge sharing as a natural extension of our professional service organisation and consultancy process. VISION VISION Our large team of solution-oriented customer service staff are VISION We want to be Europe’s to be Europe’s want always ready to handle your orders,We queries and more. We want to bemuch Europe’s most innovative and most innovative and All with one thing in common: To greet you with a smile. most innovative and preferred partner. VISION preferred partner. 12

preferred partner. VISION We want to be Europe’s Wemost want to be Europe’s innovative and most innovative and preferred partner.

Professional support and advice BPI has been producing customised solutions for global application for more than 40 years. Our staff has many years of experience in the development and production of foam for the HVAC industry. Consequently, you gain a wellqualified and experienced sparring partner throughout the entire development process. We do not sell just products, but solutions that are a pleasure to work with in every way. Together with you, we transform good ideas into innovative products. Together with us, you develop products that meet the requirements of contemporary markets, such as high quality, individual design and economy.

Flexibility as pliable as our own products One of BPI’s strengths is our ability to create solutions exactly according to your wishes. This is where we rise to the occasion with our extensive knowhow in the processing of foam. Our production facilities allow us to maintain a high degree of flexibility during manufacturing processes and ensure the correct execution and quality.

Work globally, act locally We constantly strive to be at the forefront of the market’s requirements for customised foam. We do this for example by offering a comprehensive selection of foam and special rubber products which allow you to integrate one or more of the following properties into your product: • Viscoelasticity (pressure relief, shock absorption) • Fluid absorption (hydrophilic properties) • Vibration damping (resonance control) • Buoyancy (floating properties) • Insulation (thermal, sound) • Suspension (pressure response) • Filtering (air, fluids) • Adhesion / lamination



We are used to facing short delivery times, but for us it is not just about delivering on time. Many years of cooperation with Europe’s leading raw material suppliers and more than 40 years within the industry, provide the optimal conditions for delivering the right, contemporary product developed on the basis of the latest technology. 14

Security of supply We are conscious of the responsibility that comes with supplying products that are important to your production line. Therefore, a high standard for security of supply is a matter of course for us. A criterion that we continuously measure and document. Our Supply Chain Management system ensures control over all stages from order to delivery.

Integrated logistics Logistics is not exclusively a question of shipping and receiving goods. It is about ensuring an optimal flow of goods and constantly exchanging information across the entire value chain. The flow of goods is ensured through our efficient logistics system which provides with a complete overview and control over the flow of products from purchasing and inventory management to the ordering process.



Our comprehensive manufacturing facilities and wide range of materials enable us to create an individual, flexible and expedient solution, applying our meticulous approach to detail, even for very large components. Combined with our well-organised production planning, you achieve the very best conditions for an optimal overall solution, from the initial concept and sketch to your finished product. 16

High standards and consistent quality The combination of modern production facilities and an extensive knowhow enable us to produce complex and customised items in a high and uniform quality. We supply products in block, plates, profile foam, rolls as well as fixed dimensioned items to customer specification. Additionally, we can offer to laminate assembly adhesives, foils, textiles as well as numerous other materials and surfaces. We have substantial cutting capacity within the processing of foam which also includes processing on automated CNC machinery such as water jet cutters, roll and contour cutters, die-cutting and rotary die-cutting machines, splitting machines, milling machines, laminating machines, etc. We have one of the world’s largest injection machines for plastic foam and perhaps the largest production facility for manufacturing and processing foam. The technology in our production affords a broad array of processing methods which includes everything within rigid, viscoelastic or hydrophilic foam as well as: • • • • • • •

Thermoforming Lamination Die-cutting Water jet cutting Horizontal/Vertical cutting Injection moulding Peeling

Development and prototypes We have specialists and equipment to provide effective consultancy and expedient development of prototypes, thereby adding value to the initial briefing and final specification long before the production begins. A partnership may include the outsourcing of an entire process to us or a product or simply the supply of a smaller part. All with the aim to minimising the overall cost of producing a given product.

ISO 9001 BPI has introduced a quality management system to ensure the most direct route to the necessary quality, and we meet the standards of ISO 9001. A system that is constantly evolving and improving, ultimately for your benefit. 17


We take great pride in developing environmentally friendly materials, utilising resources optimally and recycling what we can. A considerate part of the strategy centres around our constant aspirations to limit the amount of unhealthy and environmentally harmful substances. We always prioritise the most environmentally friendly products in our processes. 18

A green company For BPI, a green mindset is not just a matter of being aware of the environment and the challenges it presents for our company. For us, it is also a matter of efficiency and energy consumption. We believe that environmental thinking in product development leads to a more efficient production, thus making the products more profitable to produce. We constantly strive to: • reduce adverse environmental impacts of our products at production, use and disposal • utilise raw materials, water and energy more efficiently in order to minimise environmental impacts • limit overall waste and emissions from our production • maintain high safety standards for our employees • promote responsible environmental attitudes among our employees • achieve better environmental standards through close collaboration with suppliers, customers and other cooperation partners • work determinedly to comply with the requirements of environmental standard DS/EN ISO 14001:2004. We continuously monitor all relevant environmental and occupational health and safety acts to ensure that our activities are compliant with established legal requirements. 19

Since 1971, BPI has been a leading pioneer of advanced and technology-based solutions in foam to private and public sector entities including transport, healthcare and medical, building and construction, as well as design and technology. The company is located in three countries and numbers more than 400 specialists to serve our customers in over 20 countries. We apply the very latest technology and manufacturing processes. Moreover, our extensive production capacity enables us to run more than 1,500 m3 of foam daily through our 45,000 m2 production facilities in Denmark and Poland. Our culture and experience embody deep-seated traditions for craftsmanship and a unique know-how, which enable us to master more than 300 different types and categories of foam. We are big enough to supply the biggest, yet small enough to devote our attention to the individual solution. Our philosophy is simple: If you can think it - we can turn your ideas into solutions. Mission To inspire and contribute to the development, design and production of advanced customer-specific comprehensive solutions in foam and rubber materials. We take pride in supplying environmentallyfriendly products in high quality and on time. Vision We want to be Europe’s most innovative and preferred partner.

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HVAC profile brochure EN  

Solutions in foam for manufacturers of HVAC units within heating, ventilation and cooling systems. Functional solutions and quality products...

HVAC profile brochure EN  

Solutions in foam for manufacturers of HVAC units within heating, ventilation and cooling systems. Functional solutions and quality products...