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Bramming Plast-Industri A/S Since Bramming Plast-Industri A/S was founded in 1971, we have been a pioneer within the field of advanced and technology-based foam solutions. We produce and process foam, and we deliver essential components and overall solutions for a wide range of industries. Overall, we have two main business areas: Furniture & Design and Industry & Construction. We have a vast production capacity in our production units in Denmark and Poland, where we can produce more than 1,500 m3 of foam every day. We are more than 400 employees with extensive knowledge about foam, who provide services to our customers in more than 20 different countries.

Furniture & Design Our business area, Furniture & Design, involves a professional and skilled team of specialists within foam for furniture. It is important for us to develop a high quality furniture that functionally and visually reflects your exact thought of your furniture design.


Our mission To inspire and contribute to the development, design and production of advanced customer-specific comprehensive solutions in foam and rubber materials. We take pride in supplying environmentally-friendly products in high quality and on time.

Our vision We want to be Europe’s most innovative and preferred partner.



Product development

3D construction drawings

We have extensive experience in project management. We always collaborate closely with customers when further developing existing products or developing completely new ones and preparing them for production. We develop products both as individual components for a piece of design furniture and as complete items of furniture in close cooperation all the way from concept to finished product.

Our furniture development department is skilled at producing 3D construction drawings of complete furniture designs and steel chassis, and we can also make a 3D drawing of your furniture design.

It pays to have an experienced product developer to manage the process when commencing a new development task. We have our own team of educated design constructors, whose participation in the development process is invaluable. Our constructors render new designs visible in 3D. In that way, customers can immediately obtain a realistic visualisation of the finished product. 6

In a close collaboration with you, we can produce a realistic visualisation of your product with all the details. This way you can get an indication of how your finished product will look, and we can provide you with professional guidance and implement your corrections to the 3D design.

Steel chassis

Moulded foam

We produce embedding chassis for furniture at our factory in Poland. We listen to our customers’ wishes, actualising their particular needs with recommendations on design and functionality.

We use a moulding technique, which can combine soft and hard polyurethane foam. This technique gives the furniture designer almost unlimited possibilities.

Once we have completed the chassis with e.g. springs, wooden parts, tilt fittings, it is forwarded to our moulding department. The chassis is often supplied with very narrow tolerances to fit the moulds, and we always conduct quality assurance controls of our work before the products leave the factory. Thus, we offer to both produce the chassis and the moulded foam. We take responsibility and manages the entire process, and we assure you professional handling and production of your furniture designs.

We offer four unique types of moulded foam: • PurFlex® is a flexible MDI-based PU foam, which is primarily used for moulded furniture as an upholstery material • PurCore® is a rigid MDI-based PU foam, which is primarily used as a load bearing structural material in furniture • PurFusion® is a fusion product between PurFlex® and PurCore® • PurSoft® is a soft MDI-based PU foam, which is optimal for seats, backrests, and cushions



Cut foam


We stock more than 60 grades of block foam for customised solutions in comfort foam, including:

We are specialised in bonding complex foam items, and we would also like to solve your task. Our bonding department offers bonding of all kinds of foam items, e.g. different types of foam bonded with wadding and stockinette.

• • •

TempraFlex® Setex® Pantera®

• • •

Polyether HR foam CMHR foam

Our extensive product range affords our customers the best options to choose the most appropriate quality for their particular product. In addition to our own production of selected foam blocks, we also purchase high quality foam from selected foam manufacturers in the global market. Cut foam can be used as a component for different products, such as seat cushions, back cushions, mattresses, and many other individual and specialised products. 8

This also applies to wooden frames as moulded plywood bonded with foam, which are then ready for upholstery. Moreover, we can prepare moulded hard polyurethane shells for upholstery by bonding them with soft foam. We use water-based adhesives and engage in ongoing dialogue with suppliers to ensure that the adhesives we use are both soft and flexible while still providing an excellent bond.



We are an environmentally conscious supplier, and we work actively to reduce a negative impact from our production to a minimum. With a sustained focus on UN’s 17 Sustainable Development Goals, particularly number 12 “Responsible consumption and production”, we make a systematic and targeted effort to create manufacturing processes and modern production plants as environmentally friendly as possible.

Low emission materials Turning surplus material into new products At BPI, we have had a green mindset from the very beginning in 1971, where we started collecting and recycling offcuts from the production to external production of granular foam. In the 1980’s we started our own production of Setex® in blocks, turning all surplus material from foam blocks into new products. This focus on circular economy rather than linear economy is an essential part of BPI.

As one of the first foam manufacturers and suppliers in Europe, we integrated low emission raw materials in our production of flexible MDI-based foam. Our low emission mindset gives you advantages, such as: • • • • • • • •

A high quality and consideration of the environment is the foundation of BPI. Our production device ensures high and consistent quality and our employees take efforts in ensuring that our products meet our high quality and environmental requirements.


Environmentally-friendly raw materials Products are free of halogen Can comply with both Cal TB 117:2013 and BS5852 Crib 5 Can be approved for Swan Nordic Ecolabel and STANDARD 100 by OEKO-TEX® Opportunity to choose FSC®-certified wood Extended product lifetime Attractive surface after foaming Open cell structure that affords better adhesion when bonding

Quality policy Our green mindset is not only a matter of awareness of environment and challenges; it is also a matter of efficiency and reduction in energy consumption. In addition, we emphasise the high quality of our products through our quality policy that is an integral part of BPI. We always aim to: • •

• • • • •

Provide the best possible advice and guidance to our customers Focus on the customer and incorporate customer needs and expectations for the right quality and price, with the aim of ensuring a high degree of customer satisfaction Enhance customer satisfaction by providing quality products and services Continuously improve and ensure the quality of products Ensure targeted development of each employee’s personal and professional skills Work towards a productive cooperation with our suppliers Continuously collect suggestions for improving our quality assurance systems; partly through internal audits and customer feedback Work determinedly to comply with the requirements of the quality standard DS/EN ISO 9001:2015



A good solution is the result of innovative processes where we are your closest partner in developing the right piece of furniture with high quality foam inside. Besides having extensive knowledge about foam, our development department also has thorough knowledge about and understanding of the furniture industry: Both trends and general requirements for achieving a unique design that meets the end customer’s expectations to both comfort and visual design. Our main focus is to actualise your wishes and demands.

The size of our role is up to you We can respectively act as your supplier of the complete furniture, and we can produce individual components for your finished product. We are very experienced in both types of partnership in product development, and just as we tailor the foam solution to your specific product, we also tailor our partnership on the basis of your purpose and wishes. If you are interested in a total supplier of your furniture design, you will be provided with several benefits, including reduced internal workload, better economy and less complexity. We have a unique value chain that involves strong competences, including moulded foam, steel chassis, cut foam, bonding, product development and 3D construction drawings among others.


A solid foundation Just as we engage in a close cooperation with you, we also have a close and long-standing cooperation with our own subcontractors and network of foam specialists – all with the same high standards and quality requirements as us. In combination with our own foam specialists and skilled production, we are able to offer you more than 300 different types of foam. Accordingly, we have a solid foundation for providing you with the best possible foam solution for your purpose.

Freedom to a unique design We understand the importance of creating innovative and unique furniture designs, and therefore our four types of moulded foam are ideal for the furniture designer who wants limitless design opportunities. Moulding in polyurethane affords the necessary freedom to create a unique design, and thus shape and thickness of your desired furniture is rarely limitation in the development. We offer moulding of furniture in both hard and soft polyurethane, including rigid MDI-based foam and flexible MDI-based foam.



PurFlex® Moulded comfort foam BPI’s trademark PurFlex® is a flexible, MDI-based polyurethane foam, and it is excellent for moulded furniture.


PurFlex® is a high quality moulded comfort foam with a unique processing technique and excellent comfort properties. It bonds with several other materials such as metal, wood and other types of foam. Embedding of various hard items is problemfree and mounting of textiles or leather is uncomplicated. With PurFlex® the manufacturing process may be short, while the lifetime of the product is long. The product excels primarily in the furniture industry, where there is a need to react quickly to design-oriented trends and tendencies, in creative environments of limitless potential. Many other branches within the industry have also seen the unique processing potential of the material.

Benefits of PurFlex® • • • • • •


Light-weight and durable Comfort properties of high quality Low emission raw materials used Fire-retardant and 100% free of halogens Unique processing technique Provides numerous design opportunities

PurCore® Shaping the design concept PurCore®

BPI’s trademark PurCore® is a compact, MDI-based polyurethane foam, and it is designed to provide shape and construction to the furniture. This gives the furniture designer numerous design opportunities and maximum flexibility. PurCore® is moulded directly into a mould of a specific shape in which it solidifies. The material can be further reinforced with fibre glass providing extra strength and stability to the mould.

Benefits of PurCore® • • • • • • •

Compact foam designed to provide shape and construction The moulding process provides numerous design opportunities The material is light-weight and form stable Low emission raw materials utilised 100% halogen free The material bonds to a large variety of surfaces Can be reinforced with fibre glass for extra stability and strength



PurFusion® A complete design construction PurCore® PurFlex®

BPI’s trademark PurFusion® is a fusion product between PurCore® and PurFlex® and it combines comfort and construction in the manufacturing process. The combination of soft polyurethane foam and rigid polyurethane foam enables the furniture designer to achieve a complete design with sharp lines. PurFusion® provides almost unlimited design possibilities.

Benefits of PurFusion® • • • • • •


Unique manufacturing technique in which comfort is merged with construction Durable materials MDI-based foam Fire retardant and 100% free of halogens Excellent quality of the end product Numerous design possibilities

PurSoft® Soft and breathable comfort BPI’s trademark PurSoft® is a soft, MDI-based polyurethane foam with a unique cell structure providing extra softness, comfort, high elasticity and optimal ventilation. PurSoft® is ideal for e.g. mattresses, pillows, and as a component for furniture. Compared to cushions with polyester fibres and natural stuffing, which can compress over time, furniture with PurSoft® continues to be and appear in good condition after many years of use. The material’s high elasticity ensures that no marks are left after sitting in the furniture. Besides the ultimate comfort, the material adds an extra touch to the visual element of the furniture through its high dimensional stability.

Benefits of PurSoft®

• •

Form stable material with a long lifetime Soft and comfortable, while providing maximum support Same great elastic properties as latex foam - and easier to process Only environmentally friendly raw materials are applied in the production of PurSoft® PurSoft® complies with Cal TB 117:2013 without any extra flame retardant additives



• • •

At Bramming Plast-Industri A/S, we supply you with foam solutions tailored to your wishes – in both design and properties. We are experts within the field of foam for comfort and design purposes, and we can therefore guide you to choose the right type of foam for your furniture design. This way, your furniture design will be completed with high quality foam, providing both ultimate comfort and a visual representation of your exact thoughts to the finished furniture design.



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Read more about BPI and our products on www.bpi.dk.

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