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Welcome to BPI Bramming Plast-Industri A/S is the leading supplier of advanced customised foam solutions. We select, develop and create a unique selection of foam and integrated materials through unique combinations of processes and equipment to comply with the demands of unique customers. 2

Mission To inspire and participate in developing, designing and producing advanced customised solutions in foam and rubber materials. We take pride in providing eco-friendly products in high quality and on time.

Vision We want to be Europe´s most innovative and preferred partner.

Values The spine of BPI is constituted of joint and well-founded values, focusing on: • Involvement • Actions • Innovation • Willpower • Down-to-earth



Market focus In order to provide customers with the best possible service and advice, BPI is separated into four divisions each with their own speciality.


Our four customer-oriented business units enable us to get larger insight in customer needs and demands, and thereby in large scale, BPI is given the possibility to provide customers with the optimal solution.

4 customer-oriented business units Technical Solutions We develop and supply advanced solutions to improve industrial machinery, processes and products, e.g. by sound proofing, damping of vibration or temperature, filtering and sealing of fluids. Furniture & Design We develop and supply advanced solutions to combine aesthetics and comfort in modern design furniture. Often as our customer´s OEM-partner. Healthcare We develop and supply advanced and customised solutions for the healthcare sector. We offer a wide range of standard and special products within mattresses, pillows, back and neck cushions. Medico Through a close and confident co-operation, we develop and supply foam for body-close products, special parts for specific products and creative and unique packaging solutions for the health sector.



Focus on your business Through our four business units we focus on carefully selected lines of business and customers. Our focus results in BPI possessing and developing valuable know-how about customer needs and challenges.


Ultimately, this leads to innovative solutions which BPI supply completely or supply part of.

BPI as your closest partner Good solutions are the result of good innovative processes, and BPI is the customer´s closest partner in developing the right product. We have specialists and equipment in house to offer guidance early on in the development phase. Additionally, we are able to provide swift development of prototypes, thereby adding valuable knowledge to the final briefing and specifications well ahead of the production start.

Total optimisation BPI´s approach to developing customised solutions is always total optimisation of a partnership. A partnership may include outsourcing of a process or of complete products, or just outsourcing of a smaller part. All partnerships aim at minimising the total costs in the manufacturing process.



BPI as a supplier of integrated systems The comprehensiveness of our production facilities combined with our expertise enable us to act as supplier of complete and integrated systems – from idea to finished product.


Innovation through our unsurpassed insight and experience Many of the young people who worked for the founder of BPI today hold senior positions at BPI. All employees have great knowledge and help ensure that we continuously deliver value-adding solutions.

Knowledge provides endless possibilities Our qualifications enable us to use and combine more than 300 different types of foam in endless compositions and shapes. Our modern production is among the largest in Europe. It includes CNC-machinery, water jets, roll- and contour cutter, moulding machines, cutters, laminators and slab-stock. Furthermore, we master the integration of wood, steel, adhesives and textiles.

Integrated logistics The flow of goods is not exclusively a question of shipping and receiving goods. It is about ensuring an optimal flow of goods and constantly exchanging information across the entire value chain.



We listen to your wishes Customer needs are the foundation of all our activities. In that way, we ensure that customers – also in future – find our solutions relevant. Our existence depends on your success. Therefore, you can be assured that we will always do our absolute best. 10

BPI adds value Value to the customer´s development process By entering into a close partnership with BPI already in the early development stage of a product/idea, the customer quickly achieves an optimal solution. Value to the customer´s product Advanced BPI solutions contribute in making the customer’s product more attractive and may result in improvement of the total financial position. Value to the customer´s manufacturing process Based on our complete value chain perspective and our flexible set-up, an optimal production process is being generated – while a uniform quality is ensured. Value to the customer´s logistics The customer´s working capital, space, production time and costs for handling and freight are all taken into consideration as part of our solution to optimal logistics.



Environment and efficiency For BPI ”green thinking” is not only about awareness of our environment and the challenges that we face. For us it is also about efficiency and minimising energy consumption.


We believe that ”green thinking” in product development leads to more efficient production which thereby makes products more profitable to produce.

We aim to: • reduce adverse environmental impact in all stages; from manufacture , from use to disposal • make the use of raw articles, water and energy more efficient in order to minimize the environmental strain • limit waste and emission from our production • maintain high safety standards for employees • encourage responsible environmental attitudes of our employees • attempt to obtain better environmental standards through a close partnership with supplier, customers and other partners • work dedicated to comply with DS/EN ISO 14001:2004 Relevant environmental and work environmental acts are continuously being monitored to ensure that our activities take place in accordance with established legal requirements.



The experience of quality Quality is not just something we emphasise because we have to. Quality is an integrated part of BPI and adds value to both customers and us. We attach importance to customers´ experience of quality, and we guarantee that our products always have a quality which we can vouch for. 14

We aim to: • provide the best possible advice and guidance to customers • focus on the customer and incorporate customer needs and expectations of quality and price, with the purpose of ensuring a high degree of customer satisfaction • enhance customer satisfaction through delivery of quality products and services • continually improve and ensure the quality of products • ensure targeted development of each employee´s personal and professional skills • work for a productive partnership with our suppliers • continuously gather suggestions for improvements of quality assurance systems; gathered thorough internal audits and customer feedback • work dedicated to comply with DS/EN ISO 9001:2008 The above policy is continuously evaluated.


Since 1971, BPI has been a leading pioneer of advanced and technology-based solutions in foam to private and public sector entities including transport, healthcare and medical, building and construction, as well as design and technology. The company is located in three countries and has more than 400 specialists to serve our customers in over 20 countries. We apply the very latest technology and manufacturing processes. Moreover, our extensive production capacity enables us to run more than 1 500 m3 of foam daily through our 45 000 m2 production facilities in Denmark and Poland. Our culture and experience embody deep-seated traditions for craftsmanship and a unique know-how, which enable us to master more than 300 different types and categories of foam. We are big enough to supply the biggest, yet small enough to devote our attention to the individual solution. Mission To inspire and contribute to the development, design and production of advanced customer-specific comprehensive solutions in foam and rubber materials. We take pride in supplying environmentallyfriendly products in high quality and on time. Vision We want to be Europe’s most innovative and preferred partner.

Bramming Plast-Industri A/S

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