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CosyFoam Concept

Designing a good night’s sleep Complete and competitive mattress programme from leading Danish foam developer

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The Cosyfoam Concept is a Danish, aesthetic design with focus on providing optimal rest through functionality and the unique combination of materials. The collection consists of 4 unique mattresses with dual layered foam and with special cuttings, providing our customers with a wealth of possibilities.

The characteristics of foam have profound significance for an optimal rest, especially when it concerns the feel of comfort and extra support. The CosyFoam mattress has a dual layer of carefully selected high-quality comfort foam. This unique combination makes it possible to achieve a design that equally supports and protects the body, while providing the right comfort levels.

Perfectly practical covers Each mattress has a perfectly fitting cover of carefully selected, hard-wearing textiles in neutral colours, quilted and non-quilted, to fully protect your new mattress. Zippers along the 3 sides makes it easy to remove and clean when needed.

An extra layer of luxury Create an extra layer of luxurious comfort with a top mattress to your bed - the collection consists of 2 models; one is based on viscoelastic foam which moulds to the body providing all the benefits of support and soothing pain relief. Our pantera foam top mattress, with its unique marble structure, ensures superior comfort during rest.

Adapting to high demands CosyFoam mattresses, top mattresses and covers are thoroughly tested and can be supplied with guaranteed durable quality and fire standards according to country-specific requirements. In addition, we offer Oeko-Tex 100 standards for custom needs.

- Superior sleeping comfort The open cell structure and the different densities of the hybrid foam combinations ensure that the mattress fully adapts to the pressure of the body providing a weightless feeling and sublime comfort. These differences in densities makes it possible to choose between different levels of firmness from a softer to a firmer mattress according to your wish.

- Moulds to the contours of the body Each of these materials has its unique ability to mould to body contours, despite their differences: The viscoelastic foam softens and moulds to the body shape and springsback slowly to its original shape. While the pantera foam contours the the body shape during sleep staying highly elastic. Each material keeps its natural shape and form for many years.

- Extra support and pain relief Comfort zones ensure the right pressure distribution across the complete mattress. This gives the body extra support and pain relief on hips, shoulders and neck while securing stability of the back – whether a person stays in one position or move around all night.

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Phenomenal and competitive qualities

Carefully selected combinations of hybrid foam Whatever the sleeping preference may be, we are able to offer a perfect mattress to suit. We have selected 4 mattresses with the most sought after foam functionalities for an optimal night’s sleep. Dive into the possibilities and let your customer’s preferences and sleeping habits guide you to the right mattress.



HR26 & HR38 3 zoned core of (HR) highly elastic and flexible cold foam. HR foam performs excellently of providing both comfort and support. Comfort zones ensures extra pressure distribution on shoulders and hips. The mattress is very light and long-lasting. 100% halogen-free.

PA130 & HR44 7 zoned core mattress for extra pressure distribution with Pantera foam and cold foam. Pantera 130 is a durable and resillient quality with excellent characteristics: The foam contours to body shape while providing exceptional comfort. During sleep, the foam provides excellent temperature balance due to its ventilation characteristics. The mattress stays sagging-free and comfortable for many years. 100 % halogen free



Viscoelastic 6067 & 35H 5 zoned core mattress with dual layer of foam: Polyester and a toplayer of temperature sensitive viscoelastic foam which has the unique ability to mould and conform to body shapes while dispersing weight evenly for extra retained support. The comfort zones ensure extra pain relief on pressure points throughout the mattress.

PA100 & HR44 7 zoned core mattress with Top-quality Pantera foam and cold foam. Pantera foam contours to body shape and has a slightly softer feel than PA130. It provides excellent temperature balance during sleep due to its excellen ventilation properties. A very comfortable and resillient mattress which lasts for many years due to its durable materials. The mattress stays sagging-free and comfortable for many years. 100% halogen-free.

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PANTERA® It is hard to find any other animal than a cat, who can derive such elegance and gracefulness from simply lying and sitting around. Anyone observing a cat during rest gets a relaxing and calm feeling inside. And whoever has seen a cat relax, gracefully stretch and relax again might understand our inspiration and what we were looking for developing this material.

Superior quality comfort Pantera® is superior quality comfort foam with the best characteristics and developed especially for superior quality mattresses. Pantera® stands out due to its durability and consistent quality and offers a high degree of comfort. In case of normal use, we guarantee the dimensional stability of this top product for a period of 7 years.

Body support at its best Due to the open cell design, Pantera® has excellent ventilation characteristics, which is very important to properly regulate temperature and moisture balance during sleep. The round shape of the cells provides the material with a high degree of elasticity, whereas the differentiated cell structure optimises comfort. Pantera® follows the natural contours of the body and therefore provides perfect support.

Comfort & elasticity This product series is intended for the production of high-quality mattresses. Of all applications, sitting results in the greatest pressure per unit of surface area, which explains why the hardest types are used for this purpose. It is also intended for mattresses which are subjected to extra heavy loads.

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Environmental care

Excellent characteristics

Environmental requirements for furniture and mattress industry is becoming tighter and more comprehensive.

Intensive laboratory tests have shown that the excellent characteristics of Pantera® are not affected by humid conditions. The density, special composition and production process result in excellent durability and dimensional stability.

It is expected that manufacturing companies take environmental factors into account such as emissions, energy efficiency and recyclability already at the development stage. Pantera® is environmentally friendly in every aspect. Pantera® distinguishes itself from competition in the production phase with high energy efficiency and reduced emissions. The production process complies with all the latest requirements, making Pantera® a healthier product for production staff and the environment. Pantera does not damage the ozone layer. The chemical composition makes Pantera more suitable for recycling. This is an important future perspective adding increased value to all products where comfort is due to Pantera®. Pantera® is fireproof, even without the addition of fire retardants. It meets the requirements of MVSS 302 and California 117-B.

A good upholstery material is of great importance. For a fine piece of furniture or a mattress comfort and duration is only a matter of padding material. Pantera® has primarily been developed with the aim of providing optimum seating and sleeping comfort. • Oeko - Tex Standard 100 class 1 • As comfortable as natural latex • Durable; 7 years quality guarantee • Elastic • Ventilates efficiently and is not susceptible to moisture • Fire retardant • Small tolerances on firmness • Human friendly

Some of the many benefits of Pantera®

• Full body support - retains shape and flexibility for years

• Environmentally friendly

• Renewable resource and smaller carbon footprint

• Processed efficiently with minimum waste • 100 % recyclable • Fireproof without special additives

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5 good reasons for choosing BPI hybrid foam combinations



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Two types of top mattresses

Visco 6067

Cover 35315, Col. 310

Top mattress with 5 cm thickness for a soft and cloud-like feel with excellent pressure-relieving properties. This top mattress is made of the well-known and popular type of foam - a viscoelastic foam of high quality which quickly adapts to the exact body shape and position ensuring optimum pressure distribution. This is an excellent choice if you are looking for a basic model which provides optimal comfort, pain relief and offers good support.

Oeko-tex Standard 100

Pantera 150

Matelasse Mona

5 cm thickness top mattress for extra layer of cushioning with Pantera foam. This unique material scores high on all the most important comfort foam properties, provides excellent ventilation properties, regulates temperature and moisture balance. Contours to the natural body shape. An excellent choice if you are looking for a top mattress with a slightly bouncy feel and which contours to your body for an optimal comfortable feel.

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66 % CV, 34% CO Weight: +/- 227 g/m2 Width: +/- 224 cm Wash recommendation:

Velour, Dob Jersey Basalt + Natural Weight: +/- 180 g/m2 Width: +/- 220 cm Wash recommendation:

Selection of textiles

Cover 35315, Col. 335

Cover 35416

Oeko-tex Standard 100

Oeko-tex Standard 100

66% CV, 34% CO

73% CV, 27% PP

All of our covers are made of high quality and easy-to-clean textiles. Our range consists of 4 quilted textiles and 3 non-quilted, which can be made with a padding layer of 100% fiber cotton cloth for a soft feel and to fully protect your new CosyFoam mattress. The quilting and membrane systems ensure no shrinkage of the matelasses upon washing and creates an individualised look, while the surface of the material guards your mattress against stains and spills. Zippers on the covers makes it easy to remove when washing or drycleaning is needed. Additionally, we are able to offer Oeko-tex Standard 100 certified and fire retardant textiles according to your wishes.

Weight: +/- 250 g/m

Weight: +/- 203 g/m2

Width: +/- 220 cm

Width: +/- 224 cm

Wash recommendation:

Wash recommendation:

Matelasse Mireille

Matelasse Victoria LP

Matelasse Milan

100% Polyester

23% Viscose LP, 23% Pes LP, 54% Pes

100% Polyester

Natural + Natural

Natural + Natural

Natural + Natural

Weight: +/- 250 g/m2

Weight: +/- 240 g/m2

Weight: +/- 340 g/m2

Width: +/- 220 cm

Width: +/- 220 cm

Width: +/- 220 cm.

Wash recommendation:

Wash recommendation:

Wash recommendation:


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Individual solutions

Reliable Quality Quality of production Optimised to customer setup Transparent working process ISO-certified quality management


BPI is located in 3 countries and numbers more than 400 specialists to serve our customers in over 20 countries. We are committed to innovation in everything we do and apply the very latest technology and manufacturing processes. Our extensive production capacity enables us to run more than 1.500 m3 of foam daily through our 45.000 m2 production facilities in Denmark and Poland. Our customer’s needs are the foundation of our business; We aim to ensure that our service level and product quality is so good as to merit the trust of our customers. The scope of our production machinery coupled with our extensive expertise makes it possible to act as a total supplier to our customers. We believe each partnership is unique and we structure them individually – from concept to finished product, making us your natural choice for a cooperation partner in the development and production. We are big enough to supply the biggest, yet small enough to devote our attention to individual solutions.

Green Mindset Oekotex-certified foam MDI-based foam for a better alternative Low Emission raw materials Minimal waste from own production

Consistent delivery High degree of secury of supply Lead time reduction Close dialogue with customers Tailored value chain from start to end

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