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Asbury Gardens Supportive Living Memory Care...

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Asbury Gardens Affordable Supportive Living 210 Airport Road North Aurora, IL 60542


Memory Support Unit Now Open • Life-enrichment activities for dementia residents in secured environment • Specially trained staff to assist residents with Dementia

Supportive Living Amenities • Well appointed private apartments with kitchenettes • 3 chef prepared meals daily with snacks included • Medication, nursing, and wellness services • Activities, entertainment, and recreational outings designed to make life more enjoyable • Weekly house keeping and laundry services with linen change included W W W. A S B U R Y R E T I R E M E N T . C O M 2 | Celebrating Seniors


Naperville’s Martin Avenue Pharmacy

Still making it better, 41 years and counting

Pharmacy founder: Thomas G. Marks, R.Ph, founder of Martin Avenue Pharmacy. He started the pharmacy more than 41 years ago.

you’ll get 10 percent off over-thecounter purchases,” said Matthew Marks, director of operations at Always ahead of the curve, Martin Avenue Pharmacy, located Martin Avenue Pharmacy. “Higher-quality service without in Naperville, offers competitive high pricing are among the prices, one-stop shopping and a changes we’ve been making,” variety of products. said Marks. “More than 5,000 new The pharmacy doors were first over-the-counter products are now opened in 1973 at 10 W. Martin Avenue and in 2006 the pharmacy available in the store.” The pharmacy’s stellar services moved to its current location at and commodities include: 1247 Rickert Drive in Naperville. proprietary and compounded New pricing strategies have prescriptions, drug store been implemented this year on items, compression stockings, the top 200 brand and generic medical supplies and home commercially available in-stock healthcare items — walkers, medications. “If you bring in a new prescription canes, wheelchairs, transport BY WENDY ALTSCHULER

For Sun-Times Media


chairs, mobility accessories and bathroom safety items. “Everything but the kitchen sink, that’s what we offer” said Marks. “We have a lot of items people need at affordable prices to stay well and keep well.” Martin Avenue Pharmacy works diligently toward standing out amid the competition. “We are family owned, we have lower pricing than the retail chains and grocery stores and we give each guest personalized service,” said Marks. “That’s the biggest difference.” Customer care and appreciation SEE PHARMACY, PAGE 4

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BEHIND THE SCENES PRODUCTION Terry Luc | Custom & Community Publications Manager Bill Padjen | Editor Meghan Merda | Designer Carrie Cadwell | Layout SALES Mark Doherty | Sales Manager Carol Aguirre, Holly Bell, Courtney Carosello, Jan Kucera and Andrew Petersen | Integrated Media Account Executives PUBLISHED ON JUNE 12, 2014 BY: 350 N. Orleans St., 9th Floor Chicago, IL 60654 specialsections. Every effort has been made to ensure the accuracy of the information in this book The Publishers cannot guarantee the correctness of all the information available to them and assume no liability arising from error or omission. Comments concerning this book should be sent to: 350 N. Orleans St., Chicago, IL 60654. Copyright© 2014 Sun-Times Media. All Rights Reserved. Reproducing any part of this book by photocopying, by electronic storage and retrieval or by any other means is prohibited.


the number of pills a person takes. That is the specialty CONTINUED FROM PAGE 3 service a compounding is part of the company’s earnest pharmacy can help with.” ethos, which has propelled the Other more tailored pharmacy into a rewarding top medications the pharmacy spot. Patrons, upon entering assists customers with are the 6,000-square-foot store, are hormone replacement therapies, immediately greeted and asked solutions for erectile dysfunction how they can be assisted. and medications for pets. President Thomas Marks “Pet owners can take R.Ph., who was the 2003 advantage of a new service: International Pharmacist of the getting 10 percent off of three Year as awarded by Professional months worth of compounded Compounding Centers of pet medications or 25 percent America, offers some private off of six months worth of medication consults. compounded medications,” “As one of the few familysaid Marks. owned pharmacies left in the Customers who are unable to Chicagoland area, my father, make it into the store for oneThomas Marks, wants our on-one service may visit www. guests to feel important and to taken care of,” said Marks. search and purchase items such “Don’t like the taste of a as supplements, vitamins and all medication? Tired of taking the necessary products to stay in too many pills? The pharmacy the pink. Call (630) 355-6400 for lab staff may be able to flavor more information or to speak medication or even condense with a pharmacy professional.

Mom and dad were there for you – let us help you be there for them. Home Care Assistance offers security for older adults and peace of mind for family members. • Our trained, bonded and insured caregivers help with meals, personal care, light housekeeping, transportation and more. Changing the Way the World Ages

• NEW! Home Care Assistance is the only home care company to train caregivers in cognitive stimulation. Our Cognitive Therapeutics program helps clients delay symptoms of cognitive decline by engaging them in research-based, enjoyable activities targeting the five primary domains of the mind.


Call today for a free assessment! Servicing all communities in Chicago and the surrounding suburbs. 4 | Celebrating Seniors

3 tips for staying healthy over 50 A healthy lifestyle is necessary at any age, but for those over 50, it’s especially important. As you age, your body changes, and your risk for health problems increases. Fortunately, there are three simple things you can do to lead a healthier and happier life.

Get moving

Physical activity and regular exercise can decrease the risk of heart disease, stroke, colon cancer, diabetes and high blood pressure. The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention recommend those 65 years of age or older, who are generally fit, and have no limiting health conditions, try to get: â– Two hours and 30 minutes (150 minutes) of moderate-intensity aerobic activity, such as brisk walking or yoga. â–  Muscle-strengthening activities two or more days a week. You should consult your physician or other SEE HEALTHY, PAGE 6

Get moving: Physical activity, such as walking, and regular exercise can decrease the risk of heart disease and other health issues. | GETTY IMAGES



Providing Quality, Affordable Independent and Assisted Senior Care All-inclusive monthly rates−Studios $1500 for Independent Care - $2990 for Assisted Care Two-Room Suites start at $2060

Short term (respite) stay available

$60 daily Independent Care

$100 daily Assisted Care

Call for more information or to take a tour of our charming “Bed & Breakfast� style living. on the edge of Phillips Park Golf Course.

OPEN HOUSE TO CELEBRATE SUNNYMERE’S 75th ANNIVERSARY Wednesday, July 16, 2014 • 8:30 a.m. – 6 p.m. Serving seniors since 1895 Celebrating Seniors | 5

receive Planet n to resident-c ree Des o i t a en t i First in the n ence in ered gnation® l l e c c are for Ex




health care professional before making changes to your diet or exercise plan to determine what is right for your needs. In addition to taking up walking or yoga, joining group activities or sports are great ways to keep moving. Taking care of your blood pressure, enjoying healthy foods, and staying active are three steps you can start taking today to help you get and stay healthy for tomorrow.

Eat heart healthy

Town Homes Available A member of Cadence Health 975 North Fifth Avenue, St. Charles, IL

Where our residents are respected, valued & nurtured by our senior care specialist. • Independent Townhomes • Assisted Living • Memory Loss Care • Short Term Stays For More Information or to schedule a tour

call 630.443.8220 or visit 6 | Celebrating Seniors

If high blood pressure isn’t controlled through lifestyle changes and/or medicine, it can lead to stroke, heart disease, eye A great way to establish problems and other serious health a heart healthy diet is issues. by reducing your sodium A great way to intake, which may reduce establish a heart healthy diet is by the risk of high blood reducing your pressure. sodium intake, which may reduce the risk of high blood pressure. Starting the day with a low-sodium ready-to-eat breakfast cereal is just one way to choose a healthier lifestyle. For example, according to a recent survey, 9 out of 10 physicians recommend Post Shredded Wheat cereal as part of a low-sodium diet to help support healthy blood pressure levels, (based on an online survey of 400 physicians conducted by Wakefield Research. Results of any sample are subject to sampling variation). You can learn more about the nutritional benefits of Post Shredded Wheat at

Enjoy nutrient-dense foods

As you age, your body needs fewer calories for energy — but still needs the same amount of nutrients. It’s important to make your calories count by eating foods packed with good nutrition such as: ■ Fruits and vegetables: Fresh, canned, frozen — it doesn’t matter. Vegetables are loaded with vitamins and minerals your body needs. ■ Protein: Add some variety to your diet with delicious protein sources such as fish, beans and peas. ■ Whole grains: The Dietary Guidelines for Americans recommends at least three servings of whole-grain foods each day (16g per serving or 48g per day). Family Features/Source: Post Shredded Wheat

Managing your money after 50


nvestors know that money management can be difficult. The ebb and flow of the economy can be similar to a roller coaster, with soaring highs followed by steep drops, and those changes all affect investors’ bottom lines. It’s no wonder then that many investors over 50 envision the day when they can get off that roller coaster and simply enjoy their money without having to worry about the everyday ups and downs of the market. But managing money after 50 is about more than just reducing risk. Reducing risk as retirement draws near is a sound financial strategy that can safeguard men and women over 50 from the fluctuations of the market. That’s true whether investors put their money in stocks, real estate or other areas that were not immune to the ups and downs of the economy. But there are additional steps men and women can take after they turn 50 to ensure their golden years are as enjoyable

and financially sound as possible.

Prioritize saving for retirement

Men and women over 50 know that retirement is right around the corner. Despite that, many people over 50 still have not prioritized saving for retirement. ■ It’s understandable that other obligations, be it paying kids’ college tuition or offering financial assistance to aging parents, may seem more immediate, but men and women over 50 should recognize that their time to save for retirement is rapidly dwindling. Just because you are retired does not mean your bills will magically disappear. In fact, some of those bills, such as the cost of medical care, are likely to increase. So now is the time to make retirement a priority if you have not already done so. It might be nice to finance a child’s college education, but that should not be done at the expense of your retirement nest egg. Kids have a lifetime ahead of ■


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“We wouldn’t think of moving without our beloved pets and here at The Lakes at Waterford we don’t have to. We live independently in our beautiful ranch homes. We love the ease of a maintenance free lifestyle with the comfort and security of a continuum of care campus. “ Join us for a complimentary lunch and informational seminar to learn about our final phase duplex ranch homes for 55+

Call today as seating is limited!

Call Today to hear about The Superior Final phase of new construction!

Tour the Model on the Web at

THE LAKES AT WATERFORD 1821 Audra Circle • Aurora 630-585-8047

them to repay college loans, while adults over 50 do not have that much time to save for retirement. ■■ Start making decisions. People retire at different times in their lives. Some people want to keep working as long as they are physically and mentally capable of doing so, while others want to reap what their lifetime of hard work has sewn and retire early. Finances will likely play a strong role in when you can comfortably retire, so start making decisions about your long-term future. Do you intend to stay in your current home or downsize to a smaller home? Will you stay in your current area or move elsewhere? These decisions require a careful examination of your finances, and many will hinge on how well you have managed your money in the past and how well you manage it in the years ahead. Managing money after 50 requires more than just allocating resources. Sound money management after 50 also means making decisions about your future and taking the necessary steps to ensure those decisions come to fruition.


Men and women over 50 are not often associated with debt, but that’s a misconception. Thanks in part to the recession that began in 2008 and led to high unemployment, many people in the baby boomer generation went back to school to make themselves more attractive to prospective employers. While that might have been a sound decision, it left many deeply in debt. Men and women over 50 who are still carrying debt should eliminate consumer debt first, as such debt tends to be accompanied by higher interest rates than mortgages and student loan debt.



Your approach to insurance should change as you get closer to retirement. For example, you want to maximize your liability insurance on homeowners and auto insurance policies. This ensures the money you have set aside for retirement won’t be going to a third party should you be at-fault in an auto accident or if someone suffers an injury at your home. Experts recommend liability insurance be substantial for men and women over 50, with some suggesting it be as high as twice your net worth. If it wasn’t already, securing long-term disability insurance should be a priority once you have turned 50. A sudden accident or illness at 55 that prevents you from working could prove devastating to your financial future if you do not have disability insurance. Make sure you have disability insurance and that it provides adequate coverage should you be unable to work.


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8 | Celebrating Seniors

Naperville launches senior services web page Park district volunteers to help assist seniors navigating site The City of Naperville is proud to announce it has launched a new senior services and resources web page at seniorservices.aspx to better assist seniors and their loved ones or caregivers with navigating resources and information available to them. The page is divided up into several categories of interest, including care options, education, elder rights, emergency preparedness, employment, financial assistance and taxes, food assistance, general information, health benefits, household maintenance assistance, housing, legal assistance, life safety, recreation, transportation, utility assistance, veterans assistance and volunteerism. Each category links to a separate web page that provides relevant phone numbers, web pages and descriptions of services offered to seniors. Where appropriate, the pages guide a visitor to the provider of the service, be it the City, township, county, state or federal government. “Senior citizens and their loved ones have many resources available, especially at the local and regional level, to assist them,” Naperville Communications Manager Linda LaCloche said.

A screen shot of the City of Naperville’s new senior services and resources web page at seniorservices.aspx.

“We are pleased we could work with local community members who have a passion for senior issues to bring these web pages to life.” The City and Naperville Park District have partnered on this effort to enhance seniors’ access to important information. The Naperville Park District will have volunteers and staff available to help seniors navigate the web site and provide resource contact information. The volunteers will be stationed at the Alfred Rubin Riverwalk Community Center, 305 W. Jackson Ave., and can also be reached by calling (630) 848-3613. “We’re pleased to be able to partner with the City of Naperville to provide our senior residents with such a comprehensive and robust communication tool,” said

Brad Wilson, director of recreation at the Naperville Park District. “It is our hope that this new webpage will help seniors find the information they need in order to live more confident and active lives.” For more information on the City of Naperville, visit www. Sign up to receive the latest news on the City of Naperville’s projects and initiatives via email at www. To sign up for the City’s new notification system Naper Notify and receive important emergency and community information via a phone call, text message, email or smart phone app, visit Provided by City of Naperville

Prime Studio Now Available For Immediate Occupancy! Hurry And Lock In Your Rate Today! “I have the best apartment in the whole building, the food is great and the service is excellent. I tell my friends that they can look elsewhere, but nothing will beat Plum Landing.” –Don H.

Call today for a free lunch and tour.

Plum Landing Retirement Community 495 N. Lake St. • Aurora, IL 60506 • 630-896-5031 •

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QUALITY SERVICE OR THE LOWEST PRICE? Get them both at the All NEW changing the face of pha Martin Avenue Pharmacy rmacy care in Chicago-la nd CAREX

Deluxe Bath Mat


Ultra Grip™ 87 19” Pivot Grab Bar




Ultra Grip™ 12” Grab Bar


$ 30




SecureLock Tub Grip




Toilet Seat Elevator with Arms Elongated or Standard

Martin Avenue PHARMACY



1247 Rickert Drive, Suite 100 Naperville, Illinois 60540


EVERYDAY, LOW PRICES! 630.355.6400 | 10 | Celebrating Seniors

For over 41 years, we’ve been making it better; now we’re making it more affordable.

Lower Prices, Legacy Service – Martin Avenue Pharmacy.

6 50


$$ 7575



46 Bath & Shower Seat Classics

Folding Commode






Bath & Shower Seat with Back Classics



Hinged Toilet Seat Risers

Elongated or Standard




Shower Chair





35 Ultimate Shower




$ 84



Commode Liners


Hand Held Shower

1247 Rickert Drive, Suite 100 | Naperville, Illinois 60540

630.355.6400 |

Martin Avenue PHARMACY

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For over 41 years, we’ve been making it better; now we’re making it more affordable.

Lower Prices, Legacy Service – Martin Avenue Pharmacy.

6 14


$$ 7553



38 Tripod Cane Tip


Cardio Cane

Adult or Junior


Court-Side Walker Glide


$ 69


Walker Ski Glide





Quick-Adjust Crutch








Quick-Adjust Crutch


Adult or Tall



1247 Rickert Drive, Suite 100 | Naperville, Illinois 60540

630.355.6400 |

12 | Celebrating Seniors

Quick-Adjust Crutch Junior

Martin Avenue PHARMACY

QUALITY SERVICE OR THE LOWEST PRICE? Get them both at the All NEW changing the face of pha Martin Avenue Pharmacy rmacy care in Chicago-la nd INVACARE




Wheelchair 16” with Desk Arms & Footrest


Wheelchair 18” with Desk Arms & Elevating Legrests




Wheelchair 18” Lightweight $ with Desk Arms & Footrest



Aluminum Transport Wheelchair 19” Burgundy or Blue

Martin Avenue





1247 Rickert Drive, Suite 100 Naperville, Illinois 60540


EVERYDAY, LOW PRICES! 630.355.6400 | Celebrating Seniors | 13

Advice for retirees traveling abroad Men and women often dream of jetsetting around the world when they retire. Traveling the globe without worrying about timelines or what’s going on back at the office is something many retirees reward themselves with after a life of hard work. As liberating as world travel can be, retirees still must exercise caution when traveling abroad. The following are a few safety tips. Stay in touch. Escapism is a big part of the attraction of travel for travelers young and old. But while you may want to avoid contact with the outside world on your travels, it’s still necessary to stay in touch with your loved ones. Retirees who plan to take extended trips overseas should purchase an international mobile phone plan that allows them to use their phones regardless of what country they happen to be in. A quick text message to a son or daughter back home is all it takes to let your family know you are safe and having the time of your life. Work out a communication plan with your loved ones back home before departing. This is a good way to share your experiences and help your relatives rest easy knowing that you are safe. Don’t store all of your important documents

Naper Notify City of Naperville emergency and community news sent to you from a phone call, text message, email or smartphone app. It’s information how you want it, when you want it. To sign up, visit or call the City at (630) 420-6707. 14 | Celebrating Seniors

in one place. When traveling overseas, it can be convenient to keep important items like traveler’s cheques, credit cards, passports, and identification in one place. However, storing all of your sensitive documents or financial items in one place is very risky, as a lost or stolen bag can leave you without identification or access to your funds. When traveling, couples should carry their own passports on their persons and split up credit cards and traveler’s cheques. Do your homework. Unplanned day trips are common among travelers who have been traveling for long periods of time. While such jaunts can add an element of spontaneity, Travel safely: Retirees traveling abroad need to follow a few safety tips. | FILE PHOTO they also can be quite dangerous if travelers have not done their homework. You can still make spontaneous trips, but make sure you gather some background information, be it from the Internet, locals where you are currently staying or the hotel concierge, on a given locale and its customs before visiting. Make sure your health will not be compromised. Before traveling abroad, visit your physician and get a full physical. Refill any medications you will need during your trip, and speak with your physician about how to handle any medical emergencies while overseas. Carry your physician’s name and telephone number with you, so local medical professionals can contact him or her should you experience a medical emergency. Once you have arrived at your destination, it’s important that you continue to prioritize your health. Make sure the water is safe to drink before taking a sip, and investigate local cuisine to ensure it won’t enflame any existing medical conditions you may have. Overseas travel is a popular goal of men and women on the verge of retirement or those who have already called it a career. But safety must remain a priority when traveling abroad.

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SENIOR SERVICES ASSOCIATES OF AURORA Senior Services Associates provides a variety of services to older adults ages 60 and up. They provide assistance and information for Medicare issues, prescriptions, affordable senior housing, property tax issues, transportation, utilities, veteran’s issues, legal issues and caregiver issues. They also provide a variety of programs at the center. Phone: (630) 897-4035; web: index.html

Other services may vary in cost. Phone: (855) 761-9755; web: kane-county/elburn.aspx

cost or no cost for adults 55 and older who are township residents. Assistance services include case management, elder abuse intervention, information, referral and outreach, shared housing, an adult day center, and nursing home ombudsman services. Phone: (630) 897-4035. Recreation and enrichment programs at the Township Community Center include drop in program/ luncheons, holiday parties, exercise classes, and computer classes. Phone: (630) 859-7501

RACHEL’S PLACE Rachel’s Place provides adult day services for seniors who are challenged with early dementia or Alzheimer’s or those who are socially isolated. The day program provides a secure environment for those who cannot stay home alone during the day. Participants receive meals and snacks; participate in recreational activities, and a structured light exerALWAYS BEST CARE cise program. The program is run NAPERVILLE SENIOR SERVICES by a registered nurse and a CNA. The help desk is located in the Always Best Care Senior Services Phone: (630)896-9022; web: Alfred Rubin Riverwalk Commuhelps families with non-medical nity Center, 305 W. Jackson Ave., in-home care and assisted living Naperville. referral services. There’s no charge AURORA TOWNSHIP Phone: (630) 848-3613 for a free care consultation or for Aurora Township offers many assisted living referral services. programs and services at a low

Discover the Advantages... We offer apartment living with Independent Living, Assisted Living and Memory Care Services – as comforting and energizing as your first cup of coffee in the morning.

Please call for a complimentary lunch and tour! SPRING MEADOWS NAPERVILLE

Independent / Assisted Living and Memory Care

504 N. River Rd Naperville, IL 60563 tel 630-548-4488 | fax 630-548-4493 FAC. #:5103665

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NAPERVILLE Formerly known as Elder Abuse & Neglect, Adult Protective Services is the new name for this service, which assists senior citizens over the age of 60 and persons with disabilities younger than 60. These resources assist with the safety needs of seniors as well as how to identify and report suspected instances of abuse, neglect and exploitation. Elder abuse includes physical, emotional, financial exploitation, neglect, confinement and sexual abuse. Naperville Police Department Social Services Unit: Mike Hoffman – (630) 420-6174 Donna Swanson – (630) 420-4165 Adult Protective Services Hotline: (866) 800-1409 (888) 206-1327 (TTY)

DUPAGE COUNTY DuPage County Elder Abuse and Neglect Program — Professionals working with older per-

sons who are suspected of being abused but who are unable, due to dysfunction, to report for themselves are mandated reporters as defined by the Elder Abuse and Neglect Act. (630) 407-6500 (#2) (800) 942-9412 Monday through Friday, 8 a.m. – 4:30 p.m. (800) 279-0400, after hours and weekends WILL COUNTY Will County Elder Abuse and Neglect Program (815) 723-9713 Monday through Friday, 8 a.m. – 4:30 p.m. (815) 740-4225 (on call 24 hours) EMERGENCY FINANCIAL ASSISTANCE Naperville CARES — Naperville CARES will help educate clients regarding the types of services available from various organizations and agencies, what services they may qualify for, and how to apply for them. (630) 369-0200

Loaves & Fishes – Naperville; (630) 355-3663 Prairie State Legal Services For adults aged 60+, Prairie State Legal Services provides assistance for non-criminal court cases such as family law, housing law, health care, needs-based government assistance, and some consumer law cases. Phone: (815) 965-2134; web: Southeast Kane County T.R.I.A.D. T.R.I.A.D. aims to increase awareness of crimes against senior citizens. They sponsor programs for seniors to reduce fear of crime and to educate citizens about preventative measures they can take to protect themselves. They also aim to improve communication and understanding between seniors and law enforcement. Phone: (630) 256-5293; web:

RestwithAssured a little help from... Martin Avenue Pharmacy 1247 Rickert Drive, Suite 100, Naperville, IL Phone 630-355-6400

16 | Celebrating Seniors

Incontinence Products: • Adult Diapers, Liners, Bibs & Pads • Bed & Furniture Protectors • Catheters & Supplies • Disposable & Reusable Underpads • Cleansing Products • Pull-Ons

Community Contacts, Inc. Community Contacts seeks to provide utility bill assistance, weatherization and housing rehabilitation for eligible households in Kane County. Phone: (847) 697-8800; web: Senior Services — Naperville Township residents; (630) 355-2786 Lisle Township residents; (630) 968-2087 Wheatland Township residents; (331) 229-3917 DuPage Township residents; (630) 759-3411 Kane County Assessment Office; (630) 208-3818 Winfield Township residents; (630) 231-3591 Milton Township residents; (630) 668-1616

are met. Loaves and Fishes Community Pantry; (630) 355-3663 Calvary Church Food and Clothing Pantry; (630) 585-3232 St. Thomas the Apostle; (630) 355-8980 Lisle Township Food Pantry — For Lisle Township residents only; (630) 968-2087 Green Harvest Food Pantry — Plainfield-based, serves Naperville residents; (815) 416-1109 DuPage Senior Citizen Council’s Meals on Wheels; (630) 6200804, (630) 407-6500 (#2) Salvation Army Golden Diners; (630) 232-6676 Senior Services of Will County Meals on Wheels; (815) 723-9713


Resources that provide public transportation programs and resources that assist seniors with the cost of transportation. Information on classes to assist the ma-

Programs to help ensure seniors’ basic nutritional needs


ture driver with passing driver’s license renewal examinations is also provided. You may also want to check with your local county or township for additional resources. Ride DuPage, general information (630) 407-6500 (#2) Ride-In-Kane Transportation Service; (630) 892-1999 Naperville Township resident registration; (630) 355-2786 Lisle Township resident registration; (630) 968-2087, Ext. 11 Wheatland Township resident registration; (331) 229-3917 Milton Township resident registration; (630) 668-1616 RTA Senior Reduced Fare Card Aurora residents; (630) 892-8444 Naperville Township resident registration; (630) 355-2786 Lisle Township resident registration; (630) 968-2087 Wheatland Township resident registration; (331) 229-3917 DuPage Township resident registration; (630) 759-3411


111 Flinn St. Batavia


2000 W. Galena Blvd. Aurora

Leaders in the Legal Community Representing Families & Businesses Corporate & Business Real Estate, Land Use & Development Wills & Trusts Probate Family Law, Adoption & Guardianship Also available to practice in: Civil & Commercial Litigation Appeals & Collection

Representing Clients in Kane, DuPage, Kendall, DeKalb, Will & Surrounding ng C Counties o ntties Member: Illinois, Kane & DuPage County Bar Associations, Kane & DuPage County Family Law Committees, Approved Guardian Ad Litem

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Winfield Township resident registration; (630) 231-3591 Milton Township resident registration; (630) 668-1616 Winfield Township Senior Bus Service — a service for Winfield Township residents, which covers a small portion of far north Naperville; (630) 231-3591 Illinois Secretary of State’s Office; (800) 252-8980 Illinois Benefit Access Program — The Seniors Free Transit Ride administered through this program as well as Secretary of State License Plate discount. Applications for this program must be submitted online. For in-person assistance with submitting an application, visit your township office. Naperville Township residents; (630) 355-2786 Lisle Township residents; (630) 968-2087 Wheatland Township residents; (331) 229-3917

DuPage Township residents; (630) 759-3411 Winfield Township residents; (630) 231-3591 Milton Township residents; (630) 668-1616 General Information; (800) 2528966 Naperville CARES Car Program — Clients in need of transportation may apply to receive a refurbished car that has been donated through the Naperville CARES car donation program. Due to the limited number of cars available, qualified applicants are generally added to a waiting list. (630) 369-0200 Rules of the Road — The Secretary of State, in cooperation with the Naperville Park District, offers Rules of the Road classes for anyone who is age 50 and over. These free classes are designed to help you pass your Illinois driver’s license renewal examination. The classes update you

on the current rules of the road and prepare you for the general written and road sign examinations. (630) 848-3613 AARP Safe Driver Course — Co-sponsored by the AARP and Naperville Park District, this program is a comprehensive driver retraining course geared to the specific needs of older motorists. You will learn the effects of aging and medications on driving, basic driving rules, license renewal procedures, local traffic hazards and more. Designed to improve your driving abilities through additional training, attention and practice, this two-day course helps you drive more safely and keep your driver’s license longer. Most insurance companies offer a discount for people who attend this class. Discounts may vary, so check your auto insurance policy or contact your insurance agent. (630) 848-3613

Information from the City of Aurora, the Aurora Township and the City of Naperville web sites.

LIVE RENT FREE FOR 3 MONTHS and LIVE “CHORE FREE” FOREVER Tour Jennings Terrace Senior Community and Enter to Win 3 Months FREE RENT! One lucky winner will receive 3 Months of Rent-Free living in one of our Independent Rooms or Suites. Plus, every resident wins a hassle-free lifestyle when you leave your cooking, cleaning and household chores behind and live in our safe, caring community. Enjoy 3 home-cooked meals each day, laundry, housekeeping service, Direct TV access, WIFI Internet along with activities, special events and more! Personal and Medication assistance is available as needed.

Affordable Rates for Everyone Just $1,665 for a 2-Room Suite 3 Months Free Rent for one Lucky Winner! Tour today for a chance to win! To qualify for the 3 Months Rent Free drawing: Winner must be age 50 or more, take a tour, complete an application and meet all Illinois and Jennings Terrace rental rules. Winner will be required to sign a one-year contract.. Entries will be accepted from April 6 - July 31, 2014. One entry per person. Drawing to be held August 1, 2014.

275 S. LaSalle St., Aurora • 630-897-6947 • 18 | Celebrating Seniors

etchell, RN Shannon S & Hospice ome Health or of VNA H

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Shannon has over 15 years of nursing experience. Shannon and her team love getting to know their patients and teaching them to help care for themselves.

Dear Nurse Shannon, My mother-in-law, who at 72 is in good health, is afraid of falling since her friend fell and ended up in a nursing home. She has limited her activity because of this fear. How can I encourage her to safely be more active and resume her normal routine? —Dutiful Daughter-In-Law Dear Dutiful Daughter-in-law, A fear of falling is actually one of the risk factors for falling, so you are right to be concerned. Restricting activity can lead to a decline in physical abilities, putting your mother-in-law at increased risk for a fall. ��� ����� ���� �� ��� �� �� � ������ ����������� �� ���� ��� ������� ��� fears with her doctor and have him evaluate her real risk of falling. If your ������������� ��� �������� �������� ��� ������ ��� ��������� �����cal therapy or instruct her on the use of a walker or cane. Working with a �������� ��������� ��� ���� ���� ������������� ������ ��������� �� ���� �� strength. A home safety check is another good idea. Does your mother-in-law’s house have railings along the stairs? Would grab bars in the shower help? How is the lighting throughout the house? A VNA Home Health nurse and physical therapist can work together with your mother-in-law, her doctor, and the entire family to help ensure she is safe and able to remain at home as long as possible. Give me a call today to discuss this further. —Shannon Call VNA at 630-482-8138 or visit us at PAID ADVERTISEMENT BY VNA HEALTH CARE

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Celebrating Seniors ABN/NAP 2014  

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