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riptide a packert production / issue number one

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riptide issue number one

Director of Photography Bob Packert Art Director Robert F. Parsons Cinematographer Patrick Ruth Wardrobe Stylist Lisa Michelle Prop Stylist Jennifer Dunlea Assistant Prop Stylists Condee Russo Amanda Antunes Hair Stylists Michael Albor donna hamilton Makeup Artist Bre Welch Assistant Makeup Artists Leland Morgan Amanda Harrington B-Camera Operator Darion Kosal Mao PA/Lighting + Cameras Joe Sinthavong Digital Tech/RED Camera joseph lingad Film Editor Don Packer/Engineroomedit Special Thanks Bird Almy Talent Bird Almy, Anna Boogaerts, Lucy Boogaerts, Michael Files, Anneliese Gartner, Kate Lovering, Claire Millar, Izzy Novarro, Adam Porris, Colby Radomski, Orla Roche, Adrian Zagaeski

Packert Photography / Represented by For bookings, (617) 797-1946 Robert Parsons Design / (617) 347-5125

A girl without freckles

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is like a night without stars!

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the water,

I am nothing.

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Flocks of seagulls, mist of the ocean,

great waves, and a beautiful sunset.

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One of the greatest

things about surfing is that you need only

three things: your body, a board, and a wave.

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riptide a packert production

Style is eternal.


a casual fashion magazine with a surfing vibe to it.