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Have you always been told that the only way to lose weight, get the great shape that gives you the confidence to step out onto the beach or poolside and to attract others involves long hours at the gym or pounding the roads. I certainly was and I have lost count of the times I have run over the hills where I lived and the number of sit ups I have racked up. But there is another way and I believe a better and more sustaining way that involves choosing and consuming the correct foods. Please bear with me a while because I am going to digress here ever so slightly. You see my Grandfather was a herbalist, but not recently, this was the 1960's a time when most people viewed herbalists with suspicion and distrust almost likening them to purveyors of black magic. Despite peoples attitudes he was quite successful and produced a number of remedies for various ailments, however, before treating anyone he would discuss their dietary habits and insisted that prior to, and during treatment, they consumed the following drink. - The juice of one orange - The juice of one lime or lemon - One teaspoon of honey - One teaspoon of Glucose - Mix in one well beaten egg He swore by the powers of this mixture but also had strong views on the benefits and dangers of food types and how the right balances could cure ailments and assist weight loss. Sadly he passed away taking his secrets with him, were he alive today he would be a very rich man as the world has woken up to the importance of food combining and his views are now widely echoed. Thanks for listening to that now back to the article. Have you heard of the "Weight Watchers Drop Diet", it is a diet I was given many years ago that originated from the Sacred Heart Memorial Hospital and was used for overweight heart patients who needed rapid weight loss before they could undergo surgery. This is a classic example of balancing foods types. A basic soup containing onions, peppers, celery, cabbage and other vegetables can be eaten in whatever quantities the patient desires. Then on each day of the diet you can, in addition, either eat fruit, baked potatoes, brown rice and a combination of other foods.

Now why would a hospital use such a diet, it wasn't selling it and had no intention of capitalising on some discovery; they used it because It Worked. Believe me food combing or food balancing call it what you like the reality is that it works, it works for a hospital and it works for you and me. This philosophy doesn't end with hospital diets, far from it there are real foods that help burn body fat and will give everyone the smooth body shape they desire. I am not talking here about producing a body fit to compete in a Mr or Miss Universe competition, this is about having the confidence to strip in public, wearing fashion clothes and feeling attractive. Try out my Grandfather's health drink, some baulk at the addition of the egg but I vouch for its benefits, and give the hospital diet a go. However, things have moved on somewhat, the subject has been studied scientifically and there are excellent products on the market that give you great abs without spending weeks at the gym. If you are interested take a look at the video at the link below. Oh, and stay healthy.

Grandad's health drink is packed full of protein, vitamins and energy, please get your Free copy of his recipe with my compliments. If you enjoy it, and I know you will, please pass the eBook on to friends and colleagues you can read about this Delicious Drink on my Squidoo lens. You will also discover the foods that promote weight loss and those that hinder it. Take a look at the video as you enjoy your Delicious Drink

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==== ==== Hi, Getting the right information on Losing Weight, Eating Healthy means knowing where to look for his information..... For more information visit: ==== ====

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