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Work with an interior designer to achieve your home building, remodeling goals By Di a ne Pet er son


to work with pictures. It used to be that home decorating magazines were the best source, but now there is also a website,, which has a lot of great ideas. It may not be any one thing you like about a room, but rather the feel, color, texture of the wood, tile, etc. that draws your attention. When you meet with the designer, bring your floor plans, even if you do not have them completely fine-tuned. Bring the pictures of the rooms you like, if you have some special furniture piece, art, area rug or something else you want to center things around, bring a photo. Think about your lifestyle. How many will be using a space? Do you want to downsize or

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re you thinking about building or adding on to your home? Do you feel a little overwhelmed with what to do or how to achieve the look you are dreaming about? Or, as is the case with many new homeowners, are you unsure about what you want or what you can get done on your budget? My best advice is to start with an interior designer who can help you through the process. By working with a professional, it can help you to stay in budget, get the best product for your money and help you not make costly mistakes. To get started and so you are both on the same page about the look you are after, it is helpful

An interior designer can assist with space planning for existing furniture. 6

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are you just starting a family? What makes sense to make your life easier? The choice of the right product for the right space can make a big difference. I like to paint the background first, looking at the big overall picture. Pick flooring, wall color and trim, then fill in the details such as cabinets, countertops, doors, lighting, hardware, plumbing fixtures, etc. In making these decisions, consider scale as an important element. Along with all the specs and finishes, a designer can also help you with space planning for your existing furniture and help you to know what pieces you still may need to purchase. What about window coverings? You may think this is one of the last decisions you have to make, but if you have a large bank of windows or large oversized ones that would function better by remote, you need to plan ahead and wire for them before the sheet rock goes in. The building process can be fun or it can be frustrating. Working with a professional can help you so you aren’t being pushed into making hurried decisions. You can enjoy the whole building experience. @ Diane is recognized as one of the area’s finest interior designers. Diane graduated with honors from the Parsons School of Design in New York. She is an Allied Member of the American Society of Interior Designers (ASID). Her career with Gallatin Valley Furniture Carpet One started in 1991. The South West Home Builder’s recognized her professionalism by titling her Parade of Homes with “Best Interior Design” several times. Diane’s clients are home owners for many of the finer homes in the Bozeman area as well as Big Sky.

At Home Summer 2014  

It’s LOCAL! Unlike other publications, At Home features stories about homes and businesses in the Gallatin, Park, and Madison County areas....

At Home Summer 2014  

It’s LOCAL! Unlike other publications, At Home features stories about homes and businesses in the Gallatin, Park, and Madison County areas....