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Your Donation at Work A Murray Club member does her homework during Power Hour. Your donation ensures she has school supplies and homework help, puting her on track to graduate high school with a plan for the future.

Volunteers 11 Contributors 12

Letter from our

Leadership As we celebrate our 50th anniversary, we’d like to extend our special thanks to you for your support. With your dedicated investment, our organization has grown tremendously since opening our first two Clubs in 1967. We continue to extend our unique and innovative programs to more kids who need us, and we couldn’t do it without you.

Because of you, we have had a remarkable and eventful year. We are working to acquire a new location in Price, Utah, forging numerous community partnerships, and seeing more youth succeed in academics, make healthier choices, and improve their communities. Your support allows us to do more! More kids have been given a safe place to grow and learn; more teens have acquired the tools to graduate high school and make the most of what lies ahead; more passionate volunteers and staff have worked tirelessly to ensure that every young person who walks through our door is able to build a

great future. We are incredibly grateful for your generous help in achieving these outcomes.

We invite you to review some of these wonderful results, made possible by your partnership with our organization.

Warm regards, LeAnn Saldivar President & CEO 1

Your Support is Life Changing Thanks to you, Riley has a bright future. Riley was raised primarily by her grandparents after substance abuse and domestic violence affected her parents. Rylie found safety and support at her Club in Tooele, and wants to eventually return to Boys & Girls Clubs to become a mentor in the lives of the Club youth who follow her. Boys & Girls Club programs -funded by donors like you- helped Riley thrive. “One counselor, Ms. Marsha Hill, saw that as my house of cards crumbled around me there was one card that stood tall... It was me! Those words have meant the world to me.” Your support has put Riley on the path to a great future. In February Riley became Utah’s 2017 Youth of the Year. She received a scholarship, and in July, she represented Utah at Boys & Girls Clubs of America’s Pacific Region Youth of the Year competition. This January, Riley is using her Youth of the Year scholarship to attend Salt Lake Community Colege and begin working toward her dream of becoming a neurosurgeon. You made Riley’s big moment possible. Boys & Girls Clubs depend on you to provide life changing opportunities and scholarships for exceptional youth like Riley. 2

Thank You

to our contributors Gifts received July 1, 2016-June 30, 2017

$25,000 + American Express Center For Community Development Terry and Ann Cononelos  Florence J. Gillmor Foundation  The George S. & Dolores Doré Eccles Foundation  Dora Gutierrez  Hank and Pat Hemingway  Lowe’s Charitable & Educational Foundation  Marriner S. Eccles Foundation  Pasker, Gould, Ames & Weaver, Inc.  The Richard K. & Shirley S. Hemingway Foundation  Mr. Jon and Shawnee Robinson  The Jeffrey & Helen Cardon Foundation  The Kahlert Foundation  United Way of Salt Lake  Wagner Development Fund  Walmart Foundation Chuck and Kim Warren  Kellie Williams  And Lennard Stillman  Zions Bank 

$10,000 to $24,999

“The Club taught me that I could be an anomaly and I could play my hand differently than it had been delt to me. The counselors at Club are the Ace in my deck.” - Riley, aka “Riley Smiley” 2017 Utah State Youth of the Year

Bamberger Memorial Foundation Curt and Synira Bowen  The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-Day Saints Foundation  Comenity Bank  Gina Dalton  And Larry Weiss  Tim and Candace Dee  Dan and Martina Devenport  Fidelity Investments  Robert and Cynthia Goates  David and Keeley Hellberg  IPG Commercial Real Estate  Warren P. King  Macy’s Thanks for Sharing  Dave Marquardt  Craig and Crystal Martucci  McCarthey Family Foundation  Merit Medical  Merrick Bank  Ross Store  Sentry Financial Corporation  Beano Solomon  R. Anthony Sweet  The David Kelby Johnson Memorial Foundation  Verizon Foundation  Wells Fargo Foundation  Wheeler Foundation  Richard and Marsha Workman 


Thank You Bob, for 39 Years of Service. This year, we are both happy and saddened to see long-time Boys & Girls Club champion Bob Dunn step down as Vice President. After 39 years of service to the kids in Salt Lake County, Bob has taken his first steps towards retirement. Though he will continue to help with special projects, we will miss his constant warmth and passion in our daily routine. We would like to take the time to celebrate his legacy of good work with Club youth. Bob’s incredible record of service has been honored at local and national levels. Salt Lake County Mayor Ben McAdams officially recognized Bob’s service to the kids of Salt Lake at the County Council meeting on August 15th, 2017, and Utah Senator Gene Davis also commended his service at a special meeting of the Utah Senate held at the State Capitol building on August 23rd. Boys & Girls Clubs of America presented him with the National Service to Youth Award—the highest award given to a Boys & Girls Club professional—on August 18th of this year. In his new role, Bob will continue his work with the Executive Leadership and Board of Directors in donor and public relations to support the kids in Salt Lake, Tooele and Carbon counties. “Bob has always brought a lot of heart and passionate enthusiasm to our organization,” said LeAnn. “He values the importance of community partnerships and has worked diligently to create and sustain highly productive relationships and partnerships for the benefit of the organization and the kids we serve. He has skills and long-term relationships with other non-profits, community alliances, school districts, and city and county government agencies that are vital to helping our Clubs continue to grow and thrive. We can’t let him retire completely yet!”


Thank You

to our contributors $5,000 - $9,999 C. Scott and Dorothy E. Watkins Foundation Cameron Construction  Comcast Mountain Region  Dee’s Incorporated  Deluxe Corporation Foundation  Dominion Energy  Edwards Lifesciences Fund  Goldman, Sachs & Co  Marvin and Yvonne Hendrickson  Herbert I. & Elsa B. Michael Foundation  Joy Global  Bob and Anita Kelez  Bret and Linda Laughlin  Lawrence T. & Janet T. Dee Foundation  Tarek and Tabitha Mango  Glenn and Amy McMinn  Midvale Mining Cafe & Catering  Christopher Millburn  NetDiverse  Nordstrom Cares  Optum Bank/Optum Health Financial Services  Ruthann Povinelli  Rite Aid Foundation  Rocky Mountain Power Foundation  Sam’s Club #6683  Silicon Valley Community Foundation  Lori and Mitch Smith  Sprint  Sweet Candy Fund for Health & Wellness  Tesoro  Utah Families Foundation  Walmart Community Giving Walmart Distribution Center  Stephen Warner  M.D. , P.C  Wex Bank 

“While the number of youth can be counted in the thousands, what means the most to me is the one; the one kid who walks into our Clubhouse doors and then walks out knowing that he has the power, tools and resources to change his life for the better.” - Bob Dunn

Lyle and Marie White 

$1,000 - $4,999 Mark J. Aberton  Advanced Telephone and Data  Aerotek  Adnan and Natalie Afridi  American Express Company/Employee Giving  Richard and Lynda Baldwin  Bank of The West  Perry and Katherine Bankhead  Bryce and Holly Baxter  Doug and Tracy Beck  Beehive Sport and Social Club  Colleen and Jim Larkin Bell  Peggy Bird 


CELEBRATING 50 YEARS 2017 marked the 50th Anniversary of Boys & Girls Clubs of Greater Salt Lake. The Murray Boys & Girls Club’s Board of Directors convened on January 26, 1967 to establish the first Boys & Girls Club in the state of Utah. Later that same year, volunteers met in Sugar House to organize the first Boys & Girls Club in Salt Lake City. These two Clubs would later become Boys & Girls Clubs of South Valley and Boys & Girls Clubs of Greater Salt Lake, helping thousands of kids build great futures over the following decades. In 2015 these two organizations merged under the name of Boys & Girls Clubs of Greater Salt Lake to become one of the largest youth-serving organizations in Utah. In 1968 the Murray and Sugar House Clubs served fewer than 200 kids each; today over 1,500 kids come to our Clubs every day in 8 locations across Salt Lake, Tooele, and Carbon Counties, and we had over 7,500 Club members in 2016 alone. We have dramatically expanded our reach while maintaining our commitment to high-quality youth programming in places where families need us the most.


We will continue our efforts to reach even more kids in the years ahead through a combination of innovative programs, rigorous staff development, and ever-improving Club experiences. We look forward to helping youth across Salt Lake, Tooele, and Carbon Counties achieve success in the years ahead!

Thank You

to our contributors

Thank you to our Richard and Lynda Baldwin Brian Belnap William Don Bennett Bob and Jennifer Bergman Bernard and Karen Bettilyon Jim and Jennifer Brass The Byrne Family Jeffrey and Helen Cardon John and Linda Cameron Terry and Ann Cononelos Gina Dalton and Loren Weiss Tim and Candace Dee Katherine and Ezekiel Dumke Bob and Krista Dunn Spencer F. Eccles Mike and Jenifer Gibbons Robert and Cynthia Goates CJ and Vivian Hadley Charlotte and David Hamblin Dugg and AnnMarie Hannon Tim and Stephanie Harpst Chris and Denise Hase David and Keeley Hellberg Hank and Pat Hemingway Bob and Anita Kelez Paul Keyser Michael and Alicyn King Warren Pat King Don and Sue Lewon Brad Libin

John and Carol Malouf Mark and Kathie Miller Craig and Crystal Martucci Glenn and Amy McMinn Chad and Heather Moore Doug and Myrna Mottonen Kery and Susan Oldroyd Bim and Cindy Oliver Art and Martha Pasker Lynn and Kathleen Pett Lon and Zoe Ann Richardson Jon and Shawnee Robinson Jonathan and Tina Ruga Pete and LeAnn Saldivar Bill and Martha Scott Mayor JoAnn Seghini Elizabeth Solomon Ken and Claudia Sperling Anthony R. Sweet Jesse and Elisabeth Theurer Dr. Stephen Warner and Eileen Boyce Chuck and Kim Warren Kellie Williams and Lennard Stillman Sam and Shelley Williams Jeff and Sonia Woodbury Richard and Marsha Workman Scott Young and Carolyn McHugh

$1,000 - $4,999 (Cont’d.) Rolayne and Brent Bowen  Chris and Chelle Brain  Larry and Deborah Bridges  Buehner Construction Inc  Lucas and Holly Burbank  Mr. John J. Byrne  III  John and Linda Cameron  Castle Foundation  CBIZ  William H. and Patricia Child  Steve and Stephanie Christiansen  Michael and ShirlyAnn Collins  B.R. and Ericka Cook  Frankie and Tami Corrigan  Matt and Miranda Dee  Nate and Gisele Dee  Gary and Kirsten Dodge  Randy and Carrie Drown  Spencer F. Eccles  E-Corp  Equipment Installers  Mr. J. Larry Erickson  Matt and Whitney Fisher  Bernardo Flores-Sahagun & Dana Williamson  John and Karen Freed  GAP Foundation  Devan and Alicia Garcia  Goldman, Sachs & Co. Matching Gift Program  Good Time Golf  Samantha and Greg Hammock  G. D. and AnnMarie Hannon  Brad and Jolie Hardy  Mr. Richard Hellstrom  Henry W. & Leslie M. Eskuche Foundation  Brandon and Lisa Higley  Hill Air Force Base  Debra and Mark Hoyt  Zan Hughes  Carson Huiskamp and Kirstin Kvam  Enes and Mubera Huskic  Iron Horse Concrete & Construction, LLC  Jean Brown Research  Jeps Foundation Trust  Paula Green Johnson and Peter Johnson  M. Richard Kay  Linda Kelly  KeyBank Foundation  Paul B. Keyser  Michael and Alicyn King  Stacey Kinley  Kiwanis Club of Sugar House  Larry H. Miller Charities  James and Evelyn Lee  Kris and Mona Liacopoulos  7

L O C AT I O N S 8














“The Club became a place where I was noticed. They became my family.” - Jeylani Hussein Capitol West Boys & Girls Club member


2016-2017 * Financial Statement ASSETS Cash & Cash Equivalents




Accounts Receivable


Prepaid Assets Restricted Cash & Cash

$4,957 $14,420

Equivalents Land, Buildings & Equipment, Net Other Assets


$5,032,293 $22,136




Accrued Liabilities


Long-Term Debt




NET ASSETS Unrestricted Temporarily Restricted

$5,792,723 $0

Permenantly Restricted






*Unaudited as of close of the fiscal year ending June 30, 2017. Audited financials will be available online at gslclubs.org.


Revenue and Expenses Expenses

Statement of Expenses for Fiscal Year Ended June 30, 2017

Program Services

Management & General



Expenses $4,572,902 $668,891 $463,875 $5,705,668 Percentage 80.1% 11.7% 8.1% 100%


Special Events: $334,167 - 4%

Foundations: $1,376,369 - 19%

Sports / Before and Afterschool Fees: $1,086,437 - 15% Corporations: $482,441 - 7% Individuals: $1,867,985 - 25% Rentals and Other Income: $7,983 - <1%

Membership Dues: $46,582 - 1% Government: $2,176,789 - 29%


Thank You

to our amazing volunteers In 2016 we had 518 volunteers in our clubs that gave over 10,000 hours of their time!

Board Members 2016/2017

Golf Tournament Committee

Executive Committee Kellie Williams, Chair

Chris Hase, Chair

Candace Dee

Alan Pohlman

Jill Tavey

Austin Wagstaff

Tim Peterson

Bill & Sandi Roberts

Chris Hase

Bryan Pett

Craig Martucci

Carson Huiskamp

Art Pasker

Kevin Engel

Scott Young

Leslie Wagstaff-Wilson Lynn Pett

Board of Directors

Robert Nguyen

Colleen Larkin Bell

Sam Melonas

David Bowen

Von Hunt

Gina Dalton Robert Goates Brad Hansen

Gala Committee

Brad Hardy Von J. Hunt

Breyann Cabrera

Frank Krause

Alicia Garcia

Sam Melonas

Frank Krause

Chad Moore

Crystal Martucci

Suzanne Mulet

Sam Melonas

Carla Nguyen

Sheri Putnam

Kris Pasker Bryan Pett Roseanne Reneo Mayor JoAnn Seghini Lori Smith Aisza Wilde


Terry Putnam Alicia Vought Aisza Wilde Dana Williamson

“There is never a dull moment at the Club and it is such a fun environment! The children are simply AMAZING, they bring joy to my face every day… I wouldn’t trade this experience for the world!” -Gilfern Gonsalves, Club volunteer

$1,000 - $4,999 (Cont’d.) Scott and Peggy Lilja  John and Carol Malouf  Manwill Plumbing & Heating  Spencer and Jackie McDonald  Sam and Kris Melonas  Microsoft Store SLC  Anthony and Jessica Mirabile  Chad and Heather Moore  Mountain America Credit Union  Mountainland Design  MSS, Inc.  Nestle Community Care Campaign  Dianne and Dennis Nielson  OC Tanner And Co  Old Navy  Kery and Susan Oldroyd  Mark and Lori Passey  Pathway Associates  Kathleen Pett  Pitney Bowes Bank  R.B. Rubber & Urethane  Rosanne and Jack Reneo  Rotary Club of Murray  Jonathan and Tina Ruga  LeAnn and Pete Saldivar  Select Health (Select 25)  South County Community Council  Spectra Contract Flooring  Ken and Claudia Sperling  Steiner Foundation  Suzanne S. Stensaas and Richard Kanner  The Steven B. Achelis Foundation  Sugar House Chamber of Commerce  Swire Coca-Cola  Sysco  Jill C. Tavey  And Travis Welton  Karma Thomson  US Bank Foundation  VFC, Inc.  Ms. Aisza and David Wilde  Workers Compensation Fund Scott Young and Carolyn McHugh

$500 - $999

Joseph Anderson  Bruce Baird  James and Jacquelyn Bateman  Bill and Barbara Bowen  Boys & Girls Club of Weber-Davis  Jim and Jennifer Brass  Buffalo Wild Wings  Build-A-Bear Workshop  Chris Burbank and Maura Carabello  Breyann and Eric Cabrera  Kevin and Meredith Cameron  John Chindlund  Larry and Karen Croft  Kimberly Douglass  Bob and Krista Dunn  E. Excel, LLC 

EnerBank USA Ensign Engineering & Land Surveying  Exchange Club Murray  Sherry and Kelly Facer  Farmer’s Insurance  Four Foods Groups  Christine and Brent Fowler  Carrie and David Francis  Ed and Barbara Gallacher  Mark and Marti Gaylord  Mike Gleeson and Marilyn Allemann  Carrie Gunderson  Steve and Kathy Hale  Hansen, Bradshaw, Malmrose & Erickson, PC  Stephanie and Tim Harpst  Larry and Margaret Holman  Nate and Carolena Hutchinson  E. Paul and Shannon Jacobs  Ned and Nichole Johansen  Justin and Hollie Jones  Ezra Jones and Debra Hummel  Jordan Enterprises  Ms. Rondi Knowlton  Broch Lassig  Matt Marr and Sophia Smith  Dianne May  Marc and Laura McCaskill  James McConnell  Florence and Jennefer Miller  Carla and Truong Nguyen  Oakwood Homes  Bim and Cindy Oliver  Order of the Moose  Kris and Beth Pasker  Plumbing Plus  R & R BBQ  The Regence Fund of the Oregon Community Foundation  Lon R. and Zoe Ann Richardson  Jr.  Chris and Cara Ridings  Salt Lake Veterinary Services  Jeff and Sarah Scott  Scott Hale Plumbing and Heating  Larry and Debbie Shelton  Mr. Gregory and Rebecca Skordas  Esq.  Tim and Denise Skuster  Tyson and Tracy Soffe  Kathy Stanton  Carol Sullivan  Technique Recovering and Repair, LLC  The Break Sports Grill  United Way of Greater Philadelphia & SNJ  United Way of Northern Utah  University Federal Credit Union  Utah Association of Realtors  Vanguard Title  Travis and Alicia Vought  Wells Fargo Community Support  Jim and Sally Wilking  Scott D. and Alice Williams  Lew Woods  Michael Worthen and Jina Tanner

Up to $500

Stacey Abel  Lolly Abello  Amy Absher  Samuel Adams  Todd and Lanette Adams  AEEC  Linnea and Robin Aguirre  Sue and Greg Alder  Alex and Ani  Kenneth Allen and Anna Garcia-Allen, Pod Michael Garcia  Ana Paula Amaya  Amazon Smile  Barry and Cherrelyn Anderson  Christy C. Anderson  Ian and Mary Beth Andrews  Ron and Kathy Aoki  John Arnold  Stephanie Arrington  Jessica Arter  Assumption Greek Orthodox Church  Andalin and Alan Bachman  W. Scott Bair  Megan Baker  Balance Rock Eatery & Pub  Brian and Jenny Baldwin  Dani Baldwin  Jeff and Shannon Ballard  Aaron and Joelle Bangerter  Brenda Barber  Sarah and Joseph Barfuss  Barnes & Noble Booksellers  Reina and Chris Barton  Margy Batson  Kristy and Duane Bayless  Brianna Beckham  Arlene & Devaughn Bell  Darin Bentley  John Bergstedt  Billie A. Sampinos Insurance,LLC  Cassie Bobst  Cameron Boice  Anthony Booth  Lousie and Corey Bott  Boulder Ventures Development Inc  David and Melinda Bowen  Boys & Girls Club of Greater Salt Lake  Ryan and Angela Brady  Buck Scott Brown  Brown County United Way  Callie Brwon  Terra Bueno  Barbi Buresh  Brian and Leeaine Burnett  John and Katherine Butler  Glade Butterfield  Carly Cahoon  Cambia Employee Giving Campaign  Cargill 


Thank You

to all of our contributors $1 - $499 (Cont’d.)

David and Susan Carlebach  Carr Family  Matthew Carroll  Christy L. Carter  Lindsey A. Casper  Jacquelyn B Cerva  Chick-Fil-A  Trudy Chlepas 


Cary Christensen  Patricia Christensen  Janelle Christofferson  Chronic Tacos  Adriana and Ryan Clark  David Colin  Mike and Karissa Coltrin  Combined Federal Campaign  Nichole and Tyler Conrad  Carrel Corbett  Andrew and Kimberly Corser  Sue Corth  Cory Cooper Farmers Insurance  Costco Corporate Match  Colleen Costello  Wendy and Dirk Cowley  Morgan Cox  Adam Crenshaw  Rhonda and Dwight Crews  Ann Crissman  Elizabeth Cuenca  Kyle Culver  Nicole Cushing  Joseph C. and Joann A. Cwik  Christy Dane  Geneal and Paul Dart  Nicole DeJong Howden  Dyana Delrio  Barbara DeSpain  Danny Diaz  Darlene Dixon  And Lori Frazier  Ryan and Janina Dodge  Mike and Corinne Dougherty  Warren and Cynthia Driggs  Olivia Dudding  Jessie Dunn  Jaimie Dunn and Diego Urzua  Cecelia Dunst Edmondson  Lindsey Ellertson  Timm Enniss  

Regina and Jim Essex  Cheryl Ewell  Sharon Fahrion  David and Anne Falk  Joy and Richard Fassio  Carolyn and Christopher Featherston  Laurel and Erik Fetzer  Bryan Finch  Fiserv  Sage Fitch and Russell Slaugh  Tracey Fitzgerald  Forsey’s Furniture Galleries  Erin Forste  Donald T. Francis  Fratto Investment  Fred A. Moreton & Company  Zoe French  Stephanie and Lee Gallegos  George and Lora Galloway  Donald Jay Gamble  Mike Garber  Jose Miguel Ramon Garcia  Colin Gardner  Joshua Garrard  Trudy Gerber and Ken Brown  Pete Giacoma  Mike and Jenifer Gibbons  Robert and Mary Gilchrist  Tauna Giles-Ames 

Elania and William Gillespie  Glory Light Center  Wayne Goates  Nick Godfrey  Janet Gomez  Angela Gorringe  Justin Gough  Grand Chapter OES of UT  David and Carolyn Grauer  Keith and Kelly Gray  Robert F. Greene  Susan and Mark Gregory  Neal and Sharon Grover  Oliver and Kathryn Gushee  Jessica Guzman  H & R Block  Mary Ann Haase  Blake Hamm  Dawn Sheridan Hansard  Brad and Karen Hansen 

John Hansen  Sarah Hansen  Terry and John  Hansen  Andrew and Clodagh Harding  Mike and Laura  Harmond  Tiffany Harris  Dr. Kevin Havlik and Carol Ballou 

$1 - $499 (Cont’d.)

Tim and Becky Hawkes  Kailey Hawkins  Health Choice Utah Inc., an IASIS Healthcare Company  Jared Heaton  Kim N. Henage  Dan Hess 

John Hille  Maren Hilton  Aaron and Jana Hixson  Frederick L. and Georgia Hobusch  Eliza Hogan  Chris Holfeltz  Hudley Family Trust  Amanda and Daniel Hughes  Elliot Hulet  Abdisalan Hussein  Lance Jackson  Tesa D. James  Camie Jarrett  Jennifer Jastremsky  Dave and JeuneElle  Jeffries  Michelle Jenkins  Alexander Jensen  Michael Jeppesen  Denise and Donald  Jewkes 

Jim Henrie Heavy Hauling Shawn and Larissa  Jimerson  John McGee Enterprises LLC  Craig and Becky Johns  Jocelyn Johnson  Taunya and Darrell Johnson  Steven and Christine  Jordan  R.F. Kaelberer  Lee Kapaloski and Susan Massey  John and Kasthuri Kateel  Benny Keele  Carisa Kelly  Carl Ketcham  Dennis and Cyndi King  H. Richard and Gene Klatt  Peter L. Klinge  Jr.  Mary Beth Koerner  Xan Kotter  Mark and Angela Kramer  Frank and Opal Krause  Kroger Community Giving Carl Kroonenberg  Machelle Lake  Michael Lane  Xavier Lara  Kimberly Lau  Paul and Carol Lawler  Curtis Lee  Mary Kay and Barry Lehto  Dave Leimsieder  Wendy and Reid Lewis  Donald and Sue Lewon 

Stacey Lindbald  Megan Lopez  Gabe Loredo  Joel Lorenz  Rebecca and Tommy Love  Kelli Lugo-Mancuso  Robert P. Lunt  Russell Lupinacci  Steve and Lisa Luzkow  Lisa Maclaren  Maicon  Lore E. Maloney  Maria Maloney  Laura Marsden  Aleyce Martin  Haley Marton  Norma Matheson  Alexis Matthews  Deborah and Lance Matticks  Scott McAlister  John J. McLaughlin  McKiniley McMillen  John and Patricia  McNamara  Asher Mehul  Derk Meima  Merchant Services  Stuart Merriken  Allison and Brad  Metcalf  Robert and Sherry  Michaels  Microsoft Matching Gifts Program  Midvale City Corporation  Jared and Lacy  Mietchen  Mitch Mildon  John Millburn  Maren Miller  Robin Miller  Donald Milne  Susan Arnold Mitchell  Kate Modzelewska  Spencer Molpher  Nathan Monett  Heather Morgan  Susan and Matthias Mueller


$1 - 499 (Cont’d.) John Mulderig  Andrew Munoz  Doug Murakami  Kari Murray  Roxanne Murray  Nicholas Myers  Seth Naylor  Nancy Neilson  Anne and Bill Nelsen  Tyler Nelson  Lynn Newey  Denell O. Ney  Nathan and Lori Nickerson  Nordstrom  Anne O’Brien  Laura Ochinero  Wilma Odell  Aaron Oglivie  Jaiden and Beckah Olsen 

Millie Olson  Orchid Dynasty  Richard Orcutt  Gregory K. Orme  Timothy Park  Kenneth and Marilyn Parker  Norton Parker  Kevin and Barbara Pasker  R. Kip and Terri Paul  Paypal Giving Fund  Aaron and Loren Peck  Mikell Pepper  Katie Peters  Kayla Peterson  Shelbey Peterson  Tim Peterson  Bryan and Brenda Pett  Gretchen Pettey  Craig and Valerie Plant  Ryan A. Plott  Barbara Polich  Ms. Marilyn Poulsen  Steven Poulson  Tyler and Nicole Poulson  Bruce Powell  Nick and Amy Powell  Priyanka Prasad and Nikhil Jaganathan  Stan and Jane Pratt  Leora Price  PricewaterhouseCoopers  Sheryl Pringle  Scott Quillen  Charles Quinn  Aljerino and ElizaBeth Rameriz  Chelsee Reeder  James Reese  Anna Resch  Emmanuel Riak  Karin Richens  Richard Riesenfeld and Elaine Cohen


Jennifer Rios  Jose Rios-Cano  Robert S. Carter Foundation  Bryce Roberts  Kyle Roberts  Zach and Megan Robertson  David and Wendy Robinson  Brian Roderick  Randy and Jackie Rodgers  Arlene Rodriguez Beck  Bill and Kim Roeder  Ross and Cecilia Romero  Spencer Romney  Shawn Rossiter  Chris Roth  Dana Rushton  Barbara Sadtler  Edouard Saget and Miriam Colon  Melinda Salinas  Salon Edge  Samsung Electronics North America  Arthur Sauter  Alex Schmidt  Alexis Schults  E. William and Martha Scott  Mayor JoAnn Seghini  Donald and Sandra Sessions  Melanie Seus  Eugene Shellenberger  Melinda Shelton  Senator Brian and Joyce Shiozawa  Samantha Simieona  Ted and Anne Lin Skeen  Aaron Smith  Patricia and Homer Smith  Paul Smith  Gay A. Smullen  Slovene National Benefit Society  Soakers  Eileen Sopko  Rick Sparks  Ron Sperle and Jacque Snow  Timothy Daniel Spight  Michael Spratt  Linda St. Clair  James Stanfield  Diane Stanger  Jennifer Morgan Stark  Andrew and Debbie Stone  Stringfellow  Sugar House Pub  Hailie Sullivan  Alana Sweat  Devin Sweeney  Barbara Tanner  Stephen Tanner  Mike Tavey  Evan Taylor  Teleperformance  Robin and Chris Telesco  The Life Card 

Julie The Waitress  The Williams Companies Inc.  Amanda Theobald  T Chris Toohey  ToNhu Tran  Julie Trujillo  And William Bennett  Perry and Jan Trujillo  Becky Trujillo-Carter  Mike and Carol Tuckett  Mike and Diana Tuft  Mindy Twibey  Pamela Underwood  United Healthcare Of Utah  UPS  Amy and Jeremiah Ursenbach  US Bank Foundation- Employee Matching Gift Program  Utah Sand & Gravel  Tracey and John Valentine  Michael and Laurel Vance  Jed and Betsy VanDenBerghe  Dr. Clark D. Vanderhoof  Vanguard Matching Gift Program  Tyler Vanhazelen  Brian Villasenor  Dave and Carrie Vuyk  Hollis Wacker-Leja  Ana and John Wagstaff  Greg Walker  Tammi Walker  Merrilee Harsh Wallace  Christopher Ward  Jan Ward  Jordan and Meg Ward  Jacob Waters  Olive Watts  Tim and Kathy Weiler  Josh Weiner  Bethany Weller  Dr. & Mrs. Jonathan Whisenant  Beverly White  Curtis and Peggy White  Ryan and Dionne Whitehead  Andrea Whitesides  Charlie Whiting  Jessica Whittaker  Kristin Wilson  Carrie Winberg  Dennis Winger  Debbie Winn  Brent and Nicole Wintch  Kevin and Jennifer Withers  Cissy Wolff and Ron Sawdey  Women of the Moose  Wood Floors Inc.  Kevin Worrell  Debra Wright  Herbert Young  Mark and Holly Ziegler  Zions Bank- Murray Branch  Nivia Zuniga 

Great Futures Capital Campaign Contributors We wish to thank and acknowledge the following individuals and foundations who have made a generous pledge of support our Great Futures Capital Campaign (pledges received as of June 30, 2017): Alan Bodily David and Melinda Bowen Carly Cahoon William H. and Patricia Child Terry and Ann Cononelos Wendy and Dirk Cowley Rhonda and Dwight Crews Lawrence T. & Janet T. Dee Foundation Gina Dalton And Larry Weiss Tim and Candace Dee Bob and Krista Dunn Carrie and David Francis Robert and Cynthia Goates Brad and Jolie Hardy Hank and Pat Hemingway The Richard K. & Shirley S. Hemingway Foundation Kim Henage Amanda and Daniel Hughes IPG Commercial Real Estate Stacey Kinley Machelle Lake Dave Marquardt Craig and Crystal Martucci Glenn and Amy McMinn Midvale Mining Cafe & Catering Chad and Heather Moore Carla and Truong Nguyen Pasker, Gould, Ames & Weaver, Inc. Mr. Jon and Shawnee Robinson LeAnn and Pete Saldivar Mayor JoAnn Seghini Lori and Mitch Smith Jill Tavey And Travis Welton The Jeffrey & Helen Cardon Foundation Becky Trujillo-Carter Wagner Development Fund Ms. Aisza and David Wilde Kellie Williams And Lennard Stillman

Special Thank You to local governments who support Boys & Girls Clubs: Midvale City Murray City Salt Lake City Salt Lake County Salt Lake County Health Department Taylorsville City Tooele City Tooele County Tooele County School District Utah Dept. of Health Utah Dept. of Workforce Services

Special Thank You to individuals who donated through United Way Workplace Giving Campaigns. Gifts are made July 1, 2016 through June 30, 2017.


179 E. 5065 S. Murray, UT 84107 (801) 322-4411 www.GSLClubs.org

Profile for Boys & Girls Clubs of Greater Salt Lake

Boys & Girls Clubs of Greater Salt Lake's 2015 Fall Newsletter  

Boys & Girls Clubs of Greater Salt Lake's 2015 Fall Newsletter