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In 2014, the Boys’ Club launched a three-year strategic plan. This collaborative endeavor sought to be expansive, comprehensive, and practical. Our goal: to provide a blueprint to systematically review and assess current programming, identify new resources, and implement needed changes in our practices and services. We made upgrades to our human resources, IT, and fundraising staff and increased our commitment to professional development. We reviewed and updated our organizational bylaws, and took steps to further engage our trustees and supporters. Perhaps most importantly, we drilled down and distilled the core of our work under the banner of BCNY’s 4C’s: Competence, Confidence, Character, and Connectedness. We even reconsidered our vision, and updated it to reflect our renewed focus on character development. As we enter our 140th year, we remain a vibrant and forwardlooking organization. We’re entering 2016 confident that we will continue to provide effective programs that help our boys build character and connect with their communities. As we wrap up our strategic plan this year, we will lead our boys by exemplifying the 4Cs we’ve come to honor. Sincerely,

Stephen Tosh 2


BCNY’S 4C’S Our vision is that all boys are competent academically and emotionally, connected to their communities, rich in character, and confident in their futures. BCNY’s programming is specifically developed to cultivate positive qualities in our members. These characteristics, based on the widely accepted principles of youth development, are known as BCNY’s Four C’s (4C’s): Competence, Confidence, Character-rich, and Connectedness. While all of our programs provide members with enrichment and growth opportunities, they are specifically designed to foster the development of our 4C’s, whether a boy is in the media center, on the stage, in the kitchen, or on the court. COMPETENCE is knowing how to do something and being able to demonstrate it. At BCNY, boys in tutoring are improving their academic competence. Boys in Teen Battle Chef are demonstrating their mastery of cooking. CONFIDENCE means believing in yourself and trusting in your abilities. Boys learning to swim are gaining self-confidence. Boys in Project Coach serve as sports mentors for younger members, acting as role models and experts. Being RICH IN CHARACTER means standing by your values and having compassion for others. Boys who participate in Steps to Respect learn to be tolerant despite differences, and boys in Real Men, BCNY’s masculinity program, are learning to face the pressures of adolescence with integrity. CONNECTEDNESS is being positively engaged in your community, both inside and outside of the clubhouse. Boys who take leadership roles in Youth Council are connecting to their clubhouse community, and members in Service Learning are learning about communities beyond the clubhouse.




Over 520 boys took 11,656 music lessons at BCNY’s Josie Robertson School of Music and Art. Boys who completed BCNY’s SAT prep program improved their test scores by an average of 21%.

662 members learned to swim. 54% of Learn-To-Swim participants tested advanced by at least one swim level. 1,194 boys participated in our sports and recreation programs, which include boxing, basketball, fitness, soccer, karate, wrestling, and yoga.


648 boys participated in our STEM programs, which includes hands-on construction projects and exciting experiments.

94% of boys who completed READ, BCNY’s early literacy program, quantifiably increased their reading ability. 4



Each summer, thousands of New York City students lose up to two months of learning, returning to school less prepared than when summer began. For low-income students, summer learning loss, or “summer slide,” is even more alarming. Hoping to combat summer slide, BCNY developed Summer Superheroes, an innovative literacy intervention program designed specifically for BCNY members. The program pairs 1st - 4th graders with teen mentors, BCNY members who utilize skill-building, oneon-one reading practice, and fun activities to provide literacy support and reinforce classroom learning. The program impact is significant: over two-thirds of participants demonstrate improvement, and about a quarter of them complete the program at or above grade level. Carl, age 8, participated in Summer Superheroes this year. Carl’s family speaks Mandarin at home, so it was particularly crucial for Carl to continue his English literacy work over the summer to ensure that he entered third grade truly prepared. Carl’s teen mentor Nick, age 15, received ongoing training and support throughout the summer. According to Carl, one reason he joined Summer Superheroes was for the chance to hang out with his teen mentor. At the end of the summer, Carl was prepared to go back to school and feeling confident. He even had a new favorite book: Plants vs. Zombies: Brains and the Beanstalk. “I like reading!” he announced happily. To learn more about Summer Superheroes, please visit us online at




Last year, BCNY members spent the summer having “Urban Adventures,” our summer camp theme. Boys explored the mechanics of skyscrapers, designed their own mass transit systems, participated in walking tours of new neighborhoods, visited great parks, and studied New York City’s many bridges.

Learning about currency at the Museum of American Finance

As a part of “Urban Adventures,” Harriman members visited all five boroughs and learned new things about each. In the Bronx, they learned about urban pollution; how to combat it, and how to turn it into art. In Brooklyn, they toured a sneaker exhibit at the Brooklyn Museum. They also visited the American Museum of Finance in Manhattan and took the Staten Island Ferry. For 11-year-old Elijah, the coolest part was visiting graffiti murals in Astoria, Queens, and meeting a local graffiti artist. “There’s good kinds and bad kinds [of graffiti]. The good ones are when someone pays someone else to do it on the wall. The bad ones are when someone does it illegally.”

Exploring the Financial District

By the end of the summer, the boys were New York City-experts—welltraveled and well-informed. After finishing a summer’s worth of urban adventures, they were already looking forward to the next adventure.


Experimenting with bubbles at the New York Hall of Science

BECOMING A REAL MAN ADVICE FROM BCNY TRUSTEE DOUG BAND Gilbert, Devonne, and George are all participants of Real Men, BCNY’s year-long masculinity program. Recently, the three teens spent an afternoon with BCNY Trustee Doug Band in his office at Teneo Holdings. The Real Men program empowers young men to break through limiting stereotypes of masculinity and make positive life choices, and role models like Doug Band serve as an important source of inspiration. Surrounded by mementos from Doug’s successful career as a former White House advisor, it wasn’t hard for the teens to be inspired. “[The highlight of the day] was getting a tour of his office and seeing all the cool pictures and memorabilia,” said Gil, age 14. The boys were thrilled by Doug’s stories of exotic places and interesting people, and took his advice seriously: “Being loyal is important because people back you up and help you out when you need it,” said Gil. By the end of the meeting, all three boys agreed that Doug Band is a Real Man in the most important sense: “A man is someone who acts with principals and morals and learns to be a leader. [He] treats people the way he wants to be treated,” said George, age 13. After the interview, the boys left with Doug’s final piece of advice ringing in their ears: “take advantage of what you do in life.” To read more about the teens visit with Doug Band, including a transcript of their interview, visit

Trustee Doug Band with Gilbert, Devonne, and George.



Leon’s mom saw a lot of potential in her 11-year old son, and enrolled him at Harriman Clubhouse in the hopes of keeping him engaged, enriched, and away from the influences of his dangerous neighborhood. The BCNY staff noticed the smart and outspoken young man, and approached Leon about applying to boarding school through BCNY’s Independent School Placement program (ISP). Leon joined ISP, and started imagining a different kind of future for himself. After nearly a dozen applications, challenging interviews, and weeks of waiting, Leon got terrible news: not one school had accepted him. Leon would be forced to enroll in his local high school, which meant coming home every day to the violence of his neighborhood. Leon saw himself getting sucked into that lifestyle, and worried that if he didn’t get out now, he never would; “you’re influenced by those around you,” he says. College was looking less and less likely. A week before school started, the Fessenden School offered him a spot for that fall, but he would have to repeat the 8th grade. Leon decided to enroll. It was a difficult transition, but soon enough, he was thriving academically and athletically. BCNY staff members visited regularly to help him and other members navigate the school and negotiate scholarships and financial aid. “[BCNY] had my back throughout,” he says. Now Leon is studying economics at NYU. He hasn’t forgotten the support he received from BCNY, and is paying it forward: last summer, Leon worked at BCNY’s Gardiner School, mentoring members like himself. “Maybe I can offer another kid the opportunity to excel.” 8


The day after Wanda’s son Davin turned 6 years old, she marched him to BCNY to register. Years before, when Davin was still a baby, a friend had told her about BCNY: they had great programs, affordable rates, and—best of all—stayed open late, which makes a big difference for single moms like Wanda. “I waited four and a half years to enroll him in the program,” she reports with a laugh. During those years, Wanda struggled to adjust her work hours around Davin. It wasn’t easy, and Wanda often felt breathless rushing from place to place, trying to finish her work, run errands, and make it to pick-up on time. BCNY clubhouses stay open until 9pm most evenings, which gives Wanda much-needed flexibility. “Once he became a Boys’ Club member,” says Wanda, “it freed me up to be present at work, or if I had other parental responsibilities I was able to leave him here [at the clubhouse] with peace of mind because I know he’s in a safe space.” And it isn’t just the late hours that Wanda appreciates. BCNY is “a one-stop shop,” she says; the breadth of programming offered means that Davin gets all the enrichment he needs right at the clubhouse. So far, Davin has learned to swim, taken up the drums, studied karate, and even performed in the clubhouse talent show. “He can do all of those things here at the Boys’ Club—it’s awesome.” Wanda describes BCNY as “a safe haven,” but she knows it’s even more than that. “The Boys’ Club is a place where Davin feels he can come and just be a boy. He can play with his friends, he can express himself the way he wants to, and he can have fun.” For Wanda, it was worth the wait.




1% 3%4% OPERATING REVENUE & SUPPORT 38% $4,557,287 Investment Returned



36% $4,382,508 Special Events (net)

7% 11%

19% $2,278,320 Contributions 4%



3% $348,389

Meal Reimbursement


Member Program Fees


>1% $18,428


Rental Income




62% $9,401,053 Clubhouse Activities 11% $1,648,175 Management & General


11% $1,680,102 Educational Services 9% $1,344,440 Fundraising 7% $1,071,019 Camp Cromwell and Gardiner School

Parent’s Group Fundraisers



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Mrs. Timothy P. O’Hara Mrs. Gunnar S Overstrom, III Mrs. Thorne L. Perkin Mrs. Robert S. Pitts, Jr. Mrs. Samuel F. Pryor IV Mrs. Thomas W. Purcell, Jr. Elizabeth Pyne Mrs. Alexander T. Robertson Mrs. John R. Robinson Shafi Roepers Mrs. James H. Ross Mrs. Alexia Hamm Ryan Mrs. Paul C. Schorr IV Mrs. Andrew S. Thomas Mrs. Lewis van Amerongen Mrs. Jon Ylvisaker Mrs. Eric L. Zinterhofer

HONORARY BOARD Mrs. Edwin M. Burke Mrs. Charles B. Grosvenor Mrs. William Lee Hanley, Jr. Mrs. Kenneth G. Langone Mrs. Alexander M. Laughlin Mrs. John J. McCloy II Mrs. Minot K. Milliken Mrs. Alfred Y. Morgan III

Mrs. Patricia S. Patterson Mrs. Nancy C. Phelan Mrs. Howland P. Rogers Mrs. William Simpson Mrs. George H. Tilghman Mrs. Wynant D. Vanderpoel III Mrs. Carroll L. Wainwright, Jr. Mrs. Thorunn Wathne


BCNY CLUBHOUSE AND OFFICE LOCATIONS ADMINISTRATIVE OFFICES 287 East 10th Street New York, NY 10009 (212) 677-1102 ELBRIDGE T. GERRY, JR. CLUBHOUSE 321 East 111th Street New York, NY 10029 (212) 534-2661


MEMBER SNAPSHOT • 3000+ Members, ages 6 – 20

HARRIMAN CLUBHOUSE 287 East 10th Street New York, NY 10009 (212) 533-2550

• Members come from 972 different schools

• 80% of members identify as Black or Latino

MARION MCMAHON ABBE CLUBHOUSE 133-01 41st Road Flushing, NY 11355 (718) 886-5454

• 81% of members qualify for free or reduced school lunch

• 46% of boys live in single-parent homes BoysClubNewYork

• BCNY provided 94,105 meals for members




2015 BCNY Annual Report  

In 2015, BCNY served over 3000 boys between 6 and 20. Read our Annual Report to learn about some of the amazing things they got to experien...

2015 BCNY Annual Report  

In 2015, BCNY served over 3000 boys between 6 and 20. Read our Annual Report to learn about some of the amazing things they got to experien...